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27 August, 2014

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He might do that via an executive order. Not only would that be a big step in the racial “browning” of America, but, that would also give both the Mexicans and the liberals considerably more political power, since most Mexicans vote Democrat. Such an executive order may be unconstitutional, but it may happen anyway, because […]

11 August, 2014

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If the Republicans do pander to “Hispanic” voters, they’ll lose their core voting base: conservative Whites. But if they don’t pander to Hispanics, they’ll lose future elections as America becomes more multicultural. It’s a no-win situation for them. The future strongly favors the Democrats – unless, maybe, some populist party, with lots of money and […]

11 March, 2013

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[…] “Try suggesting to a typical God fearing, flag waving, Republican and Tea Party conservative that giving the vote to women was a bad idea, and watch him recoil in horror like a vampire looking at a cross.” [Article].

26 September, 2011

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It looks like tikkun olam has finally reached Saudi Arabia! A main difference between communism and democrazy is that the former will destroy your culture immediately, while the latter needs 40 years to do so. [Article].

26 August, 2011

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(Above: Asians at a homosexual rally) They don’t want feminism? Homosexual rights? Pregnant teenagers? Sleazy TV shows? Inflationary central banking? Retards voting? Endless advertising and blatant consumerism? How could any country not want to adopt Judeo-Democracy? [Article].

5 November, 2008

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Those of you who don’t believe in the worse-is-better theory – and there are many who don’t – are feeling pretty low today. So, in an effort to give you some degree of comfort, you should know that our hero, Dr. William Luther Pierce, also embraced the worse-is-better theory. Hopefully, Pierce’s words will help you […]

4 November, 2008

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This is a very low point in Western history. The largest and most powerful White country (i.e., America) will soon be commanded by a mulatto. Are mulattoes Western? By the way, if you subtract the female vote and the mud vote, Obama wouldn’t have won the election – an interesting detail.

31 October, 2008

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Some of you already knew that Jewish lawyer Norbert Schlei wrote most of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But what isn’t as well known is his involvement with the 1965 immigration act, a.k.a., the Hart-Celler Act, which was introduced into Congress by Jewish representative Emanuel Celler. The […]

21 October, 2008

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Obama is ahead of McCain by 10 percentage points in some polls. But there may be a significant difference between what White voters tell pollsters over the telephone and what those voters do once they walk into the ballot booth. Some of them may “chicken out” due to the race factor and vote for McCain […]

13 January, 2008

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The results of New Hampshire’s primary election are being questioned by both Democrats and Republicans. (It will be interesting to see how that might affect the Michigan primary on January 15th and the South Carolina primaries on January 19th [for Republicans] and January 26th [for Democrats]): [Article].