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1 March, 2020

Posted by Socrates in anti-fascists/antifas, Boasian Jews, Bolsheviks, Cultural Marxism, Eduard Bernstein, feminism, Feminists, feminization of the West, Ferdinand Lassalle, left-wing violence, leftism, leftist/liberal cruelty, leftist/liberal hate, leftists, liberal mindset, liberalism, liberals, Marxism, Marxism and equality, Marxism as anti-White, socialism, Socrates, Walkaway Movement, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline, White inventions, white nationalism, White philosophy, White thought at 12:30 pm | Permanent Link

More and more people are waking up to the fact that leftism/liberalism is not a political ideology per se, it’s merely an emotion-based weapon of destruction: a weapon used to attack White Western culture. Leftism is not about “diversity” or “equality” and “fairness.” It’s about tearing down the greatest civilization in world history: Western civilization. […]