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26 July, 2007

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Some interesting stuff: [Here]

22 July, 2007

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White people need to receive positive, uplifting, White cultural messages on a regular basis. When they don’t, cultural rot sets in, and pretty soon negro music, Jewish TV shows and junk “art” is standard. As a little change of pace from the usual VNN news and spintros, here are some artistic items to consider. Item […]

12 July, 2007

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This guy’s palsy isn’t the issue. Is it good art? Is it Western? Does it reflect our culture, heritage and values? Further, how did Picasso – a member of the French communist party and a finger painter at best – become a god in the art world? [1]: [Article] [1] about modern art: [Here]

18 June, 2007

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BBC chief Michael Grade and BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob are both Jewish: [Article]