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3 October, 2007

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It’s becoming severe, and few people are opposing it [1]: [Article]. [1] about the history of Political Correctness: [Here]

29 September, 2007

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From 2001, but really worth revisiting. When you read it, consider the endless criticism of White culture today by the Jews and other minorities. They criticize Western culture because they know it’s superior. They feel insignificant when they realize what White people have accomplished: [Article].

21 September, 2007

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This is getting ridiculous. First, women wanted to work down at the office instead of raising kids at home. But now that they’re at work, they want the rules changed to suit them. That’s nonsense. The West was built by White men, and it must be run by White men. If you’ve got a womb, […]

19 September, 2007

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Racial diversity doesn’t seem to working out as promised by the Jews and their useful idiots, the liberals. In fact, it’s likely that within the next 30 years many liberals are going to be having second thoughts about racial diversity, when crime rates are sky-high and negro-staffed government offices can’t function properly. Indeed, Dr. Pierce […]

11 September, 2007

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The White race is the greatest race in history, and the non-Whites know it. That’s why they hate us. They’re jealous of us, and they fear our abilities. Non-Whites should be thanking us for giving them everything they have: the cars they drive, the telephones they use, the advanced medical care they get. Yet they […]

7 September, 2007

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This is mentioned for the benefit of new readers: the matter about Switzerland defending its culture and the UN whining about it (see the Feed item “Switzerland Protects Itself, Jewsmedia Shrieks in Horror” below) becomes more interesting when one considers the fact that Jews created the UN for their own ethnocentric reasons [1]. But now […]

31 August, 2007

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The Western countries are now suffering from a mental illness. Regardless of what the Jewish groups tell you, mentally healthy White countries don’t abandon their superior cultures to inferior people from foreign lands: [Article]

13 August, 2007

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This essay makes some great points. Nonetheless, this is a good time to ask: what have Christians been doing for the past 50 years besides praying? How on earth did the Jews thrive in the “Christian” West? [1]: [Article] [1] Dr. William Pierce on Judaism vs. Christianity: [Here]

3 August, 2007

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“It is as if the entire political, economic and cultural establishment throughout the Western world, left, centre and right, woke up one day and decided that we now live in the global age, that all cultural and religious differences are irrelevant and that the age of nation states is over.” Understood. But isn’t the multicultural […]

26 July, 2007

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Some interesting stuff: [Here]