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17 March, 2017

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Seen: an advertisement for a TV show about slavery in America. Granted, it wasn’t intentional, but slavery was actually good for Blacks. Because of slavery, Blacks are now “modern,” “educated” and “Western”[1]. They no longer live in grass huts in the jungles of Africa. They live in White countries. They have indoor plumbing, refrigeration and […]

8 April, 2016

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Seen on the TV: a mention of a young, White woman who was murdered by a Black man during a robbery. That type of crime happens frequently. In fact, if you were to tally the number of young, White women murdered by Blacks in America since, say, 1955, the number would probably be around one […]

14 September, 2014

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As if Whites – the people who gave the world to mankind – need “privilege” to succeed or to stay out of trouble with the law. As if your average White person’s IQ isn’t 15 points higher than a Black’s. As if America wasn’t founded and run by Whites until rather recently. As if most […]

11 July, 2014

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Washington and Lee University was named after Robert E. Lee, the confederate general, so confederate flags are appropriate anywhere on that campus. But no, we must please the Blacks. We must care about what Blacks think about our flags. We must re-arrange our culture and our country to satisfy them. [Article].

10 September, 2013

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Every month or so, Whites must be reminded that they are all evil racists. Here’s this month’s guilt trip. (By the way, should a person earn a Congressional gold medal, 50 years later, for doing absolutely nothing to earn it? Dying isn’t a heroic or noble act per se). [Article].