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8 August, 2013

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Jew #1: “If Whites won’t associate with Blacks voluntarily, then we’ll force them to. HUD houses, race-blind realtor mandates, race-mixing and multiculturalism – I tell you, Sol, there’s no limit to how we can water-down the Whiteness of suburbia. We’ll bus Blacks to White neighborhoods. White people can’t avoid Blacks as long as we’re around!” […]

24 August, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “The health care debate continues to rivet the country. By most accounts, the sheer emotional intensity of the protests has forced Democrats to scale back their plans for nationalized health care. And who are these angry protesters? The vast majority of these angry citizens are White people — a topic I […]

5 August, 2009

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by Elizabeth Whitcombe. “The middle class is not an income bracket. It is a group of people who share values that strengthen the individual. Their strength makes the middle class the most difficult class to rule. Displacing the middle class has been the trend of recent history. Globalism concentrates wealth in the hands of fewer […]