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20 August, 2010

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I had a high-school basketball coach who used to say, “learn, and never forget, the fundamentals of the game.” That was good advice. Well, I disagree with Kurtagic here at the fundamental level. One of the reasons why White men are in trouble today is that they have forgotten a simple but very important fact: […]

6 November, 2009

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“The French leader, albeit with different research methods, is currently carrying out his own survey on national identity.” Of course, Jews (i.e., fakers) like Sarkozy and Levi-Strauss “become” French, English, Danish or whatever, changing their ethnicity to match their environment, like chameleons. (Newbies, a good example of that is Victor Borge, who is now a […]

24 August, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “The health care debate continues to rivet the country. By most accounts, the sheer emotional intensity of the protests has forced Democrats to scale back their plans for nationalized health care. And who are these angry protesters? The vast majority of these angry citizens are White people — a topic I […]

5 December, 2008

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“Who We Are” by Dr. William Pierce. A history of our people: (a .pdf file): [Here].

4 May, 2008

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Our culture – the greatest in human history – is dying off, largely due to feminism and birth control. Young women are choosing careers over kids [1]. But another problem is that men are failing to lead. They have become sissies. In too many families, women “wear the pants.” Of course, the feminist movement is […]