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10 December, 2009

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(But first, you gotta fork over 535 Federal Reserve Notes. A bargain!). Maybe the people who gave the world to mankind (i.e., White folks) aren’t so great after all? But if Whites aren’t the superior humans, then who is? Did negroes give the world great literature? Did Mexicans invent electricity? Did Jews give us the […]

25 August, 2009

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Many of these books and articles come from Solar General: [VNN Forum thread]. More: [Here].

5 December, 2008

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“Who We Are” by Dr. William Pierce. A history of our people: (a .pdf file): [Here].

29 July, 2007

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An article about Metapedia, the White encyclopedia: [Here]. Also, Metapedia has apparently been attacked by trolls.

24 March, 2007

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by Michael O’Meara Note: The following is an excerpt from a longer, heavily footnoted article titled “Freedom’s Racial Imperative: A Heideggerian Argument for the Self Assertion of Peoples of European Descent,” which appeared in the fall 2006 issue of The Occidental Quarterly. Minor changes have been made for the sake of this format. Thanks to […]

18 September, 2006

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End of a Myth by W. S. Hogun You’ve heard the stereotypes: white men can’t run. They can’t jump. And they can’t fight, either. At least that’s what the PC media-machine would have us believe. So far it appears to have worked remarkably well. If you say it loudly enough and often enough, people will […]

14 April, 2006

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Hating Whitey, Campus-Style By Jason Antebi | April 13, 2006 Occidental College wants you to hate white people – in the name of tolerance and unity. The quirky private Southern California liberal arts college organized “Exploration of Whiteness Week,â€? which includes a number of events focusing on Whiteness, an underdeveloped discipline that seeks to […]

27 March, 2006

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[A reader writes..] Guilt-tripping whitey While never mentioning black crime. Or that whites are justified in their distrust of blacks. Or that this nation was based on race. Or that our “privileges” arises from our innate superiority. Or that we whites produced the technology on which the whole world depends. Or, that our societies are […]

25 March, 2006

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And racism, of course, is to be stamped out. This is a plain call for genocide issuing from jews like Ignatiev. The following is an essay printed at Editors’ note: While we did not write the following essay, we agree with the writer’s point of view. The White Anti-Racist Is an Oxymoron: An Open […]

25 March, 2006

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Harvard, filled with jews, rushes to disassociate itself from a legitimate study finding things the jews don’t want publicized about our unhealthy relationship with sick, vicious Israel. At the same time, Harvard has never renounced and continues to promote the jew Noel Ignatiev, founder of the movement to “Abolish Whites,” editor of Race Traitor. Here’s […]