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2 July, 2020

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “After last week’s broadcast a listener commented that the people who pretend to be shocked by Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker’s expression of distaste for the denizens of Times Square and the New York subways are the same people who will never give an honest explanation of why they have […]

27 May, 2020

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“The Might of the West” by Lawrence R. Brown (1963). “The Dispossessed Majority” by Wilmot Robertson (1972/1976/1981). Here: [a .PDF file]. (Some selected quotes from “The Dispossessed Majority”).

23 May, 2020

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(Above: America’s White founders, as depicted at the Continental Congress circa 1776). A Black woman writes that Black women have been “long positioned at the bottom of the aesthetic and social hierarchy in the United States because of racist standards”… I’m not being funny. This is a serious question: Do Black people know what “Western […]

16 May, 2020

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Dr. Pierce on gun control; [Video; duration is 15 minutes]. Pierce: Why Society is Nuts [Audio only; duration is 12 minutes].

1 May, 2020

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What a great post for May Day! (aka, International Workers’ Day or “Communism Day”). Do you want to be a good human? Of course you do. You’re White! In order to be a good human, you must understand humans, in every possible way: socially, romantically, historically, racially. And in order to understand humans, you must […]

29 April, 2020

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In the early 1990s, Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance produced a comic book called “The Saga of White Will.” Sadly, the comic was not run as a series. It was just a single issue. I’m sure you’ll agree that White Will should be brought back, but on the web: a weekly comic series that follows […]

22 April, 2020

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The unabridged classic 1979 article from Dr. William Pierce. The Roots of Civilization (Attack!, Issue No. 59, 1979) Human intelligence has more than one facet. The relative degree of development of the different facets varies from person to person, and, much more markedly, from race to race. White Americans must learn to distinguish between these […]

18 April, 2020

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If you recall, I was just talking about “moral philosophy” the other day. On that same note: You know, the big philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle and Hobbes were great for their day. But their day has come and gone (an exception to that is Arthur Schopenhauer, who died in 1860). In 2020, White people […]

14 April, 2020

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Good work, men! Newbies, the trouble-making Jews are not genetically White. They are half-Arab mongrels [1][2]. [Here] and [Here; a .PDF file]. . [1] Jews are part of the Near-Eastern genetic clustering, in this case meaning Arab/Armenid/other. Most Jews in the world are Ashkenazim Jews. [2] Dr. William Pierce said that allowing Jews to control […]

8 April, 2020

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“Jewish Democracy” [Audio; duration is 24 minutes; click on the arrowhead at top left]. “Shakespeare And Democracy” [Audio; duration is 23 minutes; click on the arrowhead at top left].