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5 December, 2007

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Dr. William Pierce once noted that even when Blacks score high on IQ tests, it doesn’t really matter, because Blacks still have difficulty thinking abstractly (which is why there are so few of them in sciences such as physics). Pierce said that most IQ tests don’t reveal the “true mental gulf” that exists between Whites […]

10 September, 2007

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The late Dr. William Luther Pierce was born on September 11, 1933. He died on July 23, 2002. Pierce was one of the greatest Western philosophers of the modern era. His ideas deserve careful and prolonged study. We offer some of his philosophy here: 1. “Why We Deserve Their Contempt” Text: [Here] Audio: (scroll down […]

3 September, 2007

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Text, arranged by year: [Here] Audio, arranged by year: [Here]

3 September, 2007

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Will your child attend a university where he’ll learn about “important” subjects like racial equality and the civil-rights movement? If so, maybe you should consider these comments, which are found in the important leaflet “The Roots of Civilization” by Dr. William L. Pierce. Does your child need four years of Marxist indoctrination? Perhaps he could […]

3 October, 2006

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While a White man gets eight extra years for calling a nigger a nigger (see lower on page), a judge worries that a jew who destroyed a giant company and erased billions in pension plans, yes, BILLIONS, is being persecuted – and cuts his sentence to six years! Only in AmeriKwa…a nation designed for the […]