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11 March, 2008

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“Instead of submitting anti-Semitism to the free play of ideas, instead of making it a topic for debate in which all can join, Jews and their liberal supporters have managed to organize an inquisition in which all acts, writings and even thoughts critical of Jewry are treated as a threat to the moral order of […]

12 October, 2006

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[November 1994] Bad news for Einstein aficianados. Recently discovered correspondence reveals that he treated his first wife, physicist Mileva Maric, whose father was a Serb and mother a Montenegrin, most shabbily. He never got around to marrying her until after their illegitimate child was born, a girl, who was immediately given up for adoption or […]

20 April, 2006

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[from Instauration, February 1998] The latest outrage perpetrated by feminists, especially those with pans like the pan-faced Betty Friedan, is what they’re doing to Barbie. They are raping that Aryan image of female perfection because she glows with an iconic beauty impossible for women to achieve. Imposing such unduplicable standards of perfection, we are told, […]