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23 December, 2021

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It’s a known fact that men, as a group, have more geniuses but also more retards, compared to women, who are, collectively, more in the “middle of the road” (i.e., they have more average IQs). A new old saying: “if it comes from a university, it’s Marxist by default” [1]. Re: sex differences: see the […]

20 December, 2021

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Q: If gender is only a social construct, why would someone identify as “transgender”? In other words, why would someone say, “I transformed from one gender to another gender” if gender was merely a “social construct” (i.e., not real, not natural)? [1][2]. A: They couldn’t identify as “transgender” if gender didn’t exist! More proof that […]

13 December, 2021

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Rightists never update their thinking. They don’t need to. Western Civilization works. There’s no need to change it. But leftists frequently update their thinking: first there was the Old Left circa 1930, then The New Left circa 1964, and now there’s Woke. Leftism keeps changing. But it has to. Its failures must be hidden from […]

20 November, 2021

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Childish fantasies are great: you just believe something is true, and it is! (Or maybe not: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” — liberal president Bill Clinton, 1998, according to footnote 1,128 in the Starr Report). A 6-year-old boy: “I have a pet dragon. He lives under my bed! Sometimes […]

18 November, 2021

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First, you must call it what it is: Cultural Marxism (CM), a totalitarian movement that’s just as deadly (or even more deadly) than the old Marxism because it seems “harmless” in many ways. Interestingly, CM has the same initials as Carbon Monoxide (but that chemical formula is CO), an odorless, deadly gas that can come […]

11 November, 2021

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“We non-Whites know the truth. We know that we are, historically speaking, losers. We never accomplished anything important. We know that White people gave the whole world to mankind. That makes us feel very inferior and angry. White people even gave us democracy, the light bulb, and the computer! They gave us everything! Damn those […]

10 November, 2021

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“We see this as a historic moment. This is a huge achievement not only for her, for our organization, but for all women in the National Guard and the Army,” said Montana National Guard spokesperson Maj. Ryan Finnegan…” Golly gee! If you’re familiar with U.S. military tactics, then you know that snipers never work alone. […]

4 September, 2021

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Incredible. This is a real webpage. Big money says that, if you tried to form such a group in, say, 1975, it would not have been received well. [Here].

30 August, 2021

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You’ve heard of the New World Order. We all have. President George Bush Sr. even mentioned it (and positively) in a speech 30 years ago [1]. Well, Covid-19 was designed to help usher that in: One People, One Government, One Currency, No Borders, All Humans Are Equal, White Men No Longer Matter, etc. A kinder, […]

3 August, 2021

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Uh-oh! Little Johnnie isn’t being taught about “the joys of being a tranny” at home. Better fix that problem! [Article].