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4 September, 2021

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Incredible. This is a real webpage. Big money says that, if you tried to form such a group in, say, 1975, it would not have been received well. [Here].

30 August, 2021

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You’ve heard of the New World Order. We all have. President George Bush Sr. even mentioned it (and positively) in a speech 30 years ago [1]. Well, Covid-19 was designed to help usher that in: One People, One Government, One Currency, No Borders, All Humans Are Equal, White Men No Longer Matter, etc. A kinder, […]

3 August, 2021

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Uh-oh! Little Johnnie isn’t being taught about “the joys of being a tranny” at home. Better fix that problem! [Article].

29 July, 2021

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It should make you want to avoid going to a doctor. Is your doctor “woke” and “PC”? Then he’s dangerous. (Newbies, Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness is entirely a Jewish construct [1]). [Article]. . [1] Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism, and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory; so that’s read: Critical Theory>Cultural […]

29 July, 2021

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On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced to the world that he was running for president of the United States. This, by itself, worried the media bosses. Unlike most presidential candidates, Trump was not a professional politician. In other words, Trump was an unknown and unpredictable, politically […]

21 July, 2021

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by Douglas Mercer. “The Romans had their Imperial German bodyguards; the Americans have their Blacks and Browns. The enemies who rule Washington want a fully “woke” Praetorian Guard. The reason for the woke military and the purging of patriotic Whites from the ranks is this: They know that in ten years time they will be […]

12 July, 2021

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“Yaaay, capitalism!”?? Nope. It’s been ruined like everything else in the West. Any entity that isn’t overtly and staunchly right-wing will sooner or later turn Left. In just a few decades, capitalism turned red, rojos, Marxist (or nearly so). Everything is going Left. Soon my dog will be marching in the streets, making silly demands […]

2 July, 2021

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The “anti-racism”/”woke” movement was designed for Whites in general but White women in particular, because they buy into it more easily than White men do: “Ohhh, the poor Black felons! Those mean White cops just won’t leave them alone! Ohhh, such racism! Such hate!” For example, look at any photo of a BLM protest: most […]

30 June, 2021

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Woke Judge #1: “Do we free the Black man convicted of rape, or let him remain in prison?” Woke Judge #2: “Hmmmmm. Was the rape victim Black or White?” Woke Judge #1: “White.” Woke Judge #2: “Hmmmmm. Let’s favor Blackness. It’s 2021, after all. We must pursue maximum wokeness! White skin just isn’t woke enough!” […]

29 June, 2021

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Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are working hard to tear down White Western culture. The most successful culture in history. How is tearing down White Western culture “social justice”? How is dismantling the greatest culture ever created by mankind a good thing? Ponder that. That’s akin to searching out the greatest scientist on the planet and […]