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4 December, 2014

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“Unisex bathrooms” on U.S. submarines? What’s next: an entire fleet of midget sailors in wooden canoes? (the enemy would be taken completely by surprise, you see…). [Article].

13 September, 2014

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Everything’s political today. Even food is political. You can thank Jews for that – after all, who’s been pushing “diversity” and “inclusivity” for the past century? [1]. [Article]. [1] the U.S. government now practices diversity and inclusivity as official policy. This really began in the F.D. Roosevelt and Truman administrations, e.g., a Jew, Assistant Secretary […]

18 July, 2014

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Diversity comes first, experience comes second in the new Air Force. [Article].

31 December, 2013

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I once heard an anecdote that happened during the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989. It seems that a couple of female soldiers were sent out on an errand by their superior officer. They left in a jeep/humvee and, at one point, the jeep got a flat tire. The girls could not change the tire […]