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31 March, 2016

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In America, there are several things that you aren’t “allowed” to question. One thing is: any part of The Holocaust, no matter how small it may be. Another thing is: the sacred “right” of a woman to have an abortion on demand. To question any part of that “right” is to be an evil person […]

9 February, 2016

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And it isn’t just female voting that’s a problem, it’s female power in general: women have much more power today than they did in 1970. They control big businesses. They often hold positions of legislative power, and they often control households as well. That’s not a good thing. White men built Western culture and only […]

20 December, 2015

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In a democracy, negroes, retards and women can vote. Crazy, huh? After ancient Athens, democrazy vanished for centuries. Wonder why. Trivia: it was F. D. Roosevelt who started calling America a “democracy” [1]. Before that time, it was called a republic. Anyway, in a republic, the constitution is strictly followed, regardless of what the loud, […]

7 August, 2015

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The media bias against Donald Trump is increasing. According to the media, he performed poorly in Thursday’s political debates. But that’s not true. He didn’t perform poorly. I find it interesting that even the “conservative” media is treating Trump like he’s a threat to humanity. Trump’s anti-immigration stance has the cuckservative media just as worried […]

3 November, 2014

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Women are great, but because of the way their brains are “wired,” they can’t separate their emotions from their actions – this is a big problem when making important decisions. [Article].

19 September, 2014

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Now that Scotland has rejected secession from the UK, questions must be asked about the voting results: 1. How much impact did the various threats have on the voting? (Major banks threatened to leave Scotland if it split from the UK. Couldn’t that be called “vote/ballot tampering”?) 2. Was the vote tally accurate and honest? […]

11 March, 2013

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[…] “Try suggesting to a typical God fearing, flag waving, Republican and Tea Party conservative that giving the vote to women was a bad idea, and watch him recoil in horror like a vampire looking at a cross.” [Article].