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15 January, 2022

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Picture, in your mind, a little kid wandering down an alley. He finds a box. Inside the box is a loaded machine gun, dropped and lost by some buffoon during an Army training exercise. That kid has no idea what a dangerous weapon he’s found. Similarly, Western politicians have no idea how dangerous their NATO […]

9 January, 2022

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During World War II, Adolf Hitler allowed 300,000 British soldiers to escape capture/murder at Dunkirk (which was located on the northern-most coast of France). He could have easily slaughtered the Brits, but he didn’t. He played nice. Guess where “playing nice with the Brits” got Hitler? Dead, that’s where it got him! In a war, […]

4 January, 2022

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Who were the good guys in World War II? Your history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, told you that the “democratic allies” (all 47 countries) were the “good guys.” So did my history teacher, Mr. Weinberg. No, the “allies” weren’t the “good guys.” The “allies” ganged up on three countries (the Axis powers) who didn’t even want […]

30 December, 2021

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From the book “Churchill’s War” by David Irving, 1987; [a .PDF file]. “But it was the Anti-Nazi Council, later known as the FOCUS, that would ensure Churchill’s political and financial survival.” (page 58 in paper book edition, page 77 in .PDF). “The harmless-sounding A.N.C. (Anti-Nazi Council) had its roots in New York. The driving force […]

29 December, 2021

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“Okay, pickle-nose, you’ve been missing for 2 weeks! Do you really want me to believe that you’ve spent the last 14 days at a Marx Brothers film festival in Krakow?? Are you going to stick with that lie, or try another one??”

28 December, 2021

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Germany was destroyed once in 1944/1945, by the “allies” (the All Lies). But that wasn’t good enough. Now (((they))) are finishing Germany off for keeps. It’s revenge on every last, White German. (Jews and leftists are very vengeful people, in case you hadn’t noticed. They live for revenge). “Almost a million skilled workers leave Germany […]

27 December, 2021

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We talked about this in Political Science class: the reason there are wars today is because there is no isolationism anymore. In other words, globalism is causing all the wars. Look at WWII: 47 “democracies” (known as The Allies) banded together against the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) over an unpopular country called Poland […]

23 December, 2021

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12 December, 2021

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(Above: banker Paul M. Warburg) Inflation exists because normal White people don’t control America’s money system anymore. Greedy Jews have controlled it since 1913, when the wrongly-named “Federal Reserve System” was created by Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg (1868-1932) [1]. America’s central money system was already inflationary: “fractional-reserve banking” is, by itself, inflationary. It causes […]

15 November, 2021

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During WWII, German military men were gallant and kind — which was the very opposite of the pro-communist “allies’” (All Lies) behavior. U.S. General Eisenhower’s concentration camps for the German POWs treated them like animals (literally; many of the Germans lived in holes in the ground; the Germans were not protected by international law because […]