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5 November, 2007

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Mr. Douglas S. Winnail c/o Tomorrow’s World P.O. Box 3810 Charlotte NC 28227-8010 USADear Mr. Winail, Reading your article “Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?” the words of Harold Nicholson came to mind. In his study PEACE MAKING written in 1919, he said: THE ANGLO SAXONS ARE GIFTED WITH A LIMITLESS CAPACITY, PARTICULARLY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, […]

26 October, 2007

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The “democratic” allies turned these victims over to the “partisans,” even though they must have known the fate that awaited the victims. Sadly, the habit of handing over victims to their “partisan” executioners was somewhat common in allied circles during and after World War II [1]: [Article]. [1] about Operation Keelhaul, a giant blemish on […]

22 October, 2007

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Actually, German expulsion isn’t half of the matter of German suffering during or after World War II. At least 9 million Germans were murdered in one way or another after that war, a fact that is rarely mentioned today. In other words, more Germans were “holocausted” than Jews. Indeed, according to Eisenhower’s own words, those […]

11 September, 2007

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Was Stalin to blame? By Tom Segev Mischa Shauli sat at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., completely beside himself. It had been years since the first time he heard about the existence of a document said to prove that Stalin, not Hitler, bore the main responsibility for World War II, and for years he […]

1 September, 2007

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America was on a path towards “isolationism” until the Jewish-engineered Second World War came along and wrecked that idea [1]: [Article] [1] about the A.F.C.: [Here]

1 July, 2007

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The truth of the matter is that America should never have picked a fight with Japan in the first place. F.D. Roosevelt’s Jewish cabal began a cold war with Japan long before Pearl Harbor was attacked – in fact, America planned to attack Japanese troops many months before Pearl. FDR and Company knew that going […]

5 May, 2007

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The correct name for the war that virtually doomed White culture by unleashing Big Jew. Sure, B.J. was powerful before 1945. But afterwards, Big Jew saw that the road to Domination Of The West – which was kinda bumpy before – was freshly paved and completely clear. Nazi Germany (and Nazi ideas in other White […]

25 March, 2007

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British Historian Denies WWII Gassings By Associated Press March 23, 2007, 10:57 PM EDT ROME — British historian David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for questioning the Holocaust, visited the Auschwitz death camp and renewed his claim that there was no proof it had gas chambers during an Italian TV program aired Friday. In […]

21 February, 2007

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By VNN Staff February 2007 Onward Christian Soldiers: 1920-1942: Propaganda, Censorship and One Man’s Struggle to Herald the Truth (Torrance, CA.; The Noontide Press, 1982, 203 pages, softcover) The American journalist Donald Day (1896-1966) is an interesting and important figure for White nationalists to study. He was a “mainstream” news reporter who had years of […]

2 December, 2006

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By VNN Staff December 2006 These days, World War II is often called the “good war” [1]. In other words, it’s said that the war was necessary in order to stop fascism, even though many people died in that conflict. [By the way, just for the historical record, please recall that Britain and America decided […]