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25 March, 2007

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British Historian Denies WWII Gassings By Associated Press March 23, 2007, 10:57 PM EDT ROME — British historian David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for questioning the Holocaust, visited the Auschwitz death camp and renewed his claim that there was no proof it had gas chambers during an Italian TV program aired Friday. In […]

21 February, 2007

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By VNN Staff February 2007 Onward Christian Soldiers: 1920-1942: Propaganda, Censorship and One Man’s Struggle to Herald the Truth (Torrance, CA.; The Noontide Press, 1982, 203 pages, softcover) The American journalist Donald Day (1896-1966) is an interesting and important figure for White nationalists to study. He was a “mainstream” news reporter who had years of […]

2 December, 2006

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By VNN Staff December 2006 These days, World War II is often called the “good war” [1]. In other words, it’s said that the war was necessary in order to stop fascism, even though many people died in that conflict. [By the way, just for the historical record, please recall that Britain and America decided […]

20 September, 2006

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Fox News Coverage of Toledo Riot (#2) Fox News coverage of rioting at a National Socialist Movement (NSM) demonstration in Toledo, Ohio. Falsehoods and subversion in America Explains how propaganda about “anti-Semitism” in Soviet Union was not true, FDR & Socialism, and Jewish spies in America.

15 September, 2006

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In order to make possible a better understanding of the relations between Julius Evola and the S.S. cadres and, particularly, with their leader, Heinrich Himmler, and, beyond this, of Evola’s views on the setting-up of a new elite in the 30’s and during WWII, here is an article published in Regime Fascista on the 2nd […]

12 September, 2006

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The truth is slowly seeping out everywhere as another blood libel against the great German people is revealed as false.

8 September, 2006

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[Clips provided by Max Hadden] Fox News coverage of rioting against the National Socialist Movement in Toledo . Jewish Defense League in hysterics outside of court. Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky discusses brainwashing Jewish kids and the subject of loyalty. Explains the Jewish role in the “Russian”, actually Jewish Bolshevik, Revolution. Note: Clip […]

6 September, 2006

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A number of interesting clips, compiled by Max Hadden… 1) Defense lawyer Doug Christie cross examines Holocaust expert Raul Hilberg. Note: These are from Canadian public television broadcasts of the 1985 Zundel trial. 2) Defense witnesses Prof. Robert Faurisson, Dr. Russell Barton, Dr. William Lindsey and SS guard Thies Christophersen on the stand. […]

27 August, 2006

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It is a fact that: – Anne Frank died in a German hospital – Anne Frank’s father paid a novelist to write dialogue for her “diary” novel – jew-led USSR starved millions of Ukrainians The REAL “Anne Frank,” therefore, would be a theoretical early-teen girl writing about horrors inflicted on her village/nation by forces controlled […]

13 August, 2006

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[Jews’ War II speech… Pound was jugged as “crazy” man because we all know that anyone distinguishing between the Jewish Agenda and American interests is insane. Just ask Fox.] I think quite simply and definitely that the American troops in N. Africa, all of ’em ought to go back to America: IF they can get […]