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24 July, 2006

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Dear Raja, You keep on sending your messages from Lebanon, many of which are items of information we would not get from any other source. I’m sure all your friends world-wide wish you well and hope you and your family keep safe during the further outbreak of Jewish barbarism against your nation. I’m circulating this […]

24 July, 2006

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A perilous excursion into the distant past, starting seven whole weeks ago Hezbollah, Hamas and [The State of] Israel: Everything You Need To Know By ALEXANDER COCKBURN As the tv networks give unlimited airtime to Israel’s apologists, the message rolls out that no nation, least of all Israel, can permit bombardment or armed incursion across […]

24 July, 2006

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Fox interviews resting, smoking IDFs, a bunch of soft boys. They’re not precisely down, but they definitely look like they wouldn’t mind being elsewhere. They more or less honestly confirm that yes, Hezbollah fights. It’s not the usual shoot-the-kids-in-the-nuts,-call-it-a-day. This surprises them.  Turns out, they really aren’t any better soldiers than Hezbollah, though they do […]

24 July, 2006

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They already destroyed Al-Manar and Al-Nour, HezTV and HezRadio, now it’s a Lebanese station run by anti-Hez Christians. Dare we hope Squinty Pat’s 700 Club for the Clueless be next?

24 July, 2006

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Izzies prefer the nerf warfare of shooting fleeing civilians in buses and cars. Jews are like that. So are the christian warm-up humans who patronize and worship them. Article.

24 July, 2006

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Izzies are big men…from 30,000 feet, dropping American bombs from American planes. On the ground? Eh, not so much… Would you laugh as hard as I would if some of the God Partiers strolled into the U.S. across jew-opened borders and blew up a smirking neokike or two? Some good analysis from, of all places, […]

23 July, 2006

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Liberal gWaPo might defox some war coverage? Not likely. Not when fellow kikes are in the mix. Since Israel has inflicted far more damage on Lebanon than it has sustained, a heavy focus on the more than 300 civilian victims in that war-ravaged country could help tilt public opinion against the Jewish state. But that […]

22 July, 2006

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The Shame of Being an American by Paul Craig Roberts Gentle reader, do you know that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing in southern Lebanon? Israel has ordered all the villagers to clear out. Israel then destroys their homes and murders the fleeing villagers. That way there is no one to come back and nothing […]

21 July, 2006

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Saddam urges U.S. to leave Iraq in letter (Full text) BAGHDAD, Iraq — Saddam Hussein has urged the Americans to “save your country and leave Iraq” in a letter written in prison to the American people and released Friday by his lawyers. Saddam blamed President George W. Bush and pro-Israel groups for misleading the U.S. […]

21 July, 2006

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[Friday afternoon, jews were ramping up, apparently getting ready for ground invasion of Lebanon…] THE SIDE THE WEST IS NOT ALLOWED TO HEAR Leader of the Lebanese Resistance Speaks NSNS Friday, 21 July 2006 We have all heard the standard Zionist line about Hezbollah “terrorists” in southern Lebanon. With the Western media deeply imbedded with […]