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17 July, 2007

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From Cathy Buckle…

14 June, 2007

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Blacks can’t successfully manage a country. In fact, Blacks can’t even govern a city properly, e.g., Washington, D.C. under “home rule,” which was such a disaster that the federal government had to step in and take over many of the city’s operations [1]: [Article] [1] the deplorable state of the Washington, D.C. city government in […]

5 May, 2007

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The following is from Cathy Buckle’s site (link at bottom). She’s a liberal White woman who lives in Zimbabwe. She has experienced, and documented in archived letters, the decline of the black-run state first-hand, although she continues to deny reality and insist that race has nothing to do with atrocities and daily indignities she and […]

19 December, 2006

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Rats. They’re not just for breakfast anymore. You go, ‘rilla.

24 August, 2006

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[from Daily Reckoning]

1 April, 2006

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[White zoopremacists and people with eyes refuse to believe in yooman igwality. There is nothing Whites can do to avoid being hated by coloreds. Grant them rights-to-feed, disappear from the face of the earth – no matter. They hate us because we are superior, and nothing will change their hate or our superiority.