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1 March, 2010

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This is good news. But every headline is calling Zundel a “holocaust denier.” If I question certain claims about the Great Depression, am I a “Depression denier”? The label is bogus, just like Jews are bogus: their history, their religion, their opinions and comments – all bullshit. Questioning the Jew-approved court historians – on any […]

18 February, 2010

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Think we have free speech in the West? Ask Ernst Zundel, who lived peacefully in Tennessee until the day he was deported to Canada. From there he was sent to the new, “democratic” Germany to serve prison time for saying things that the Jews don’t like: [Article].

7 October, 2008

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An arrest warrant for Mrs. Zundel for “thought crimes” has existed in Germany since 1996. Europe is a scary place: [Article].

31 December, 2007

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Not only did the German government go after Ernst Zundel, it went after his lawyer, too: [Article].

16 July, 2007

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12 July, 2007

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Came across this by Ernst Zundel…   The Nationalist Socialist movement was structured as an ideology behind a political party, although outwardly legitimized for the immediate emergency task of saving the German nation and its people from the allure of atheist Marxism. Hitler’s attempt, although recognized only by his most ardent enemies, was his tentative, […]

20 February, 2007

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This Canadian column is a classic in the annals of modern journalism. Glib repetition of the party line is all that is necessary for a column these days. No insight, no cleverness, no knowledge is needed to be a modern journalist. Just the Party Line, and willingness to enforce it. Women make the best modern […]

16 February, 2007

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Why I admire Ernst Zundel Why I admire Ernst Zundel By Curt Maynard How could anyone admire a man that publicly admits admiration for Adolf Hitler, that openly acknowledges himself to be a “Holocaust skeptic,” and who never apologizes for his political incorrectness and nonconformist views? Who could possibly approve of a man who has […]

17 December, 2006

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26, November, 2006 Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Dear C, Can you believe it, I just received the letter you sent me on 18, July, 2006 today, November 24, 2006!?! That’s four months and six days! This gives you an idea of what’s happening with my mail – it’s ridiculous! I also received several other […]

9 December, 2006

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Latest Zundel Letter 14, November, 2006 Dear X It’s less important to listen to what they say… It’s far more important to watch what they do! As we are heading for the final few gasping days of this enterprise [remember, I am not permitted to discuss the legal case against me] I thought I’d comment […]