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Your Average Narcissistic Jigabootlip -- Liked to Tell the Girls He'd Be Famous Soon
The Brief Life And Darkpawed Demonicized Death Of Aryan Beauty Lindsey Bonistall

by VNN Radio Investigative Reporter Craig Cobb

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Updated Audio! 6/17/05
Hot for answers, Craig Cobb gets the runaround from the cops, courts and housing authorities, as well as neighbors who "don't know nuthin'".
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The Beauty, Lindsey Bonistall before her vicious murder at the hands of a 'groid beast

Newark's Nefosky - "No Comment"

Jew Journalism Prof. Yagoda

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Lindsey Bonistall was an alluring ingenue, a White flower of a young woman just 20 years old. Her Dad and Mom sent her from prosperous Westchester County, N.Y., to the University of Delaware, where sparkling Lindsey majored in journalism under the Jew, professor Ben Yagoda.

Of course, Lindsey never had a chance to deal with the serious life-, cultural- and race-threatening issues we daily deal with on Vanguard News Network. She was just a kid. A child-woman. And I rather doubt her Jew professor Ben Yagoda was emphasizing White survival.

You see, some nigimal has been arrested for bursting into Lindsey's apartment (it was said to be just 200 feet from his apartment ..."We covet what we see every day" -- Hannibal Lecter), raping, strangling, and burning her corpse in her own bathtub. Oh yeah -- and he left some writing on the bathroom wall. The cops don't want to talk about the writing. Was it a thank you note to Lindsey, or hateful ebonics?

Court TV has a paragraph or two on Lindsey. But no photo of her or jigabootlip, James E. Cooke, as this brief intro is uploaded to VNN's server.

So this is Vanguard News Network's dedication to child/woman journalist, lovely Miss Lindsey Bonistall. We won't forget you, Lindsey. There is a White girl or a young White woman out there a lot like you. She will read something of your brief life and horrific perishing as we have very inadequately chronicled here on VNN. And she will dedicate her life to Our Racial Cause - the cause of Aryan people worldwide to establish our Own Homeland where we may live in peace amongst Our Own. She will have daughters like you. Sons, too.

Thank You, journalist Lindsey Bonistall. You've awakened a pretty White girl somewhere, even as you sleep.

She will maternally cast forward into all time almost -- but not exactly -- all the goodness, beauty and fineness that was once yours.

You changed her life for the better. She and hers are forever in your image and remembrance.

Interview Timeline

Call #1 - Christal Starrett: Employee of Payless Shoesource, University Plaza branch, Newark, Delaware. Christlall is the older half-sister sister to half-black Nikita and worked with James E. Cooke one day.

Call #2 - Nikita: 18-year-old younger sister to Christall. Same mother; different father. Gave James E. Cooke a ride home in her car not long before the rape, murder, and bathtub corpse burning of Lindsey Bonistall. Nikita had bad "vibe" from James E. Cooke -- got into a major argument with Cooke.

Call #3 - Grieving woman at parents' home of murdered Lindsey Bonistall. Believed to be Mrs. Kathleen Bonistall. Explicit identity enquiry not made because of inherent intrusiveness sensitivity to nigger-caused tragedy brought to this White family.

Call #4 - Diane: Believed to be, from her verbal accedences within the conversation, manager of the College Square branch of Payless ShoeSource in Newark, Delaware, where James E. Cooke was hired and "worked."

Call #5 - Captain Nefosky: Short on details (though he has apparently briefed the press before on the factual particulars such as Cooke's extensive felonious record and prison sentences)...and long on passive-aggressive contempt. Can't comment on accused's niggerism, but quick to disrespect and denounce Whites who complain about blackie killers, or simply stand up to live.

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