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Stan Sikorski Alex Linder, Theseus, Geoff Beck, Baby Cakes, Orion, Bud White 11-Aug-06 ftl_8-11-06_p1.mp3 34 MB
      ftl_8-11-06_p2.mp3 24 MB
Stan Sikorski Alex Linder, Geoff Beck 13-Aug-06 ftl_8-13-06_p1.mp3 25 MB
      ftl_8-13-06_p2.mp3 25 MB
Stan Sikorski Bud White 14-Aug-06 ftl_8-14-06.mp3 16 MB
Stan Sikorski Geoff Beck, Caller 15-Aug-06 ftl_8-15-06.mp3 16 MB
Stan Sikorski Alex Linder James Hawthorne, Caller 17-Aug-06 ftl_8-17-06_p1.mp3 13 MB
      ftl_8-17-06_p2.mp3 30 MB
      ftl_8-17-06_p3.mp3 17 MB
Geoff Beck James Hawthorne 3-Sep-06 ftl_09-03-06_p1.mp3 general discussion with a focus on British politics and parties 14 MB
  James Hawthorne   ftl_09-03-06_p2.mp3 5 MB
  Alex Linder, Byron Jost James Hawthorne, Cygnet, and Craig Cobb (Chain)   ftl_09-03-06_p3.mp3 26 MB
  ditto   ftl_09-03-06_p4.mp3 10 MB
Geoff Beck Alex Linder, Devere 11-Sep-06 ftl_9_11_06_p1.mp3 22 MB
  Alex Linder   ftl_9_11_06_p2.mp3 7 MB
  Alex Linder, Predator, Chain   ftl_9_11_06_p3.mp3 22 MB
Geoff Beck Alex Linder, Theseus 18-Sep-06 ftl_9-18-06_p1.mp3 17 MB
  Alex Linder Theseus, Lita   ftl_9-18-06_p2.mp3 21 MB
  Alex Linder,  Lita, James Hawthorne   ftl_9-18-06_p3.mp3 19 MB
  Alex Linder, James Hawthorne, Theseus   ftl_9-18-06_p4.mp3 23 MB
Geoff Beck Alex, News 25-Sep-06 ftl_9-26-06_p1.mp3 9 MB
  Alex, Bud White, News, Pendit   ftl_9-26-06_p2.mp3 12 MB
  Alex, Wewelsburg, Bud White, News   ftl_9-26-06_p3.mp3 12 MB
  Alex, Wewelsburg, Theseus, Bud White, News   ftl_9-26-06_p4.mp3 21 MB
Geoff Beck Alex, Pendit 2-Oct-06 ftl_10-3-06_p1.mp3 18 MB
  Alex, Todd, Pendit   ftl_10-3-06_p2.mp3 16 MB
  Jimbo!, Todd,  Pendit Alex   ftl_10-3-06_p3.mp3 15 MB
  Jimbo!, James Hawthorne   ftl_10-3-06_p4.mp3 15 MB
Geoff Beck Alex, James, Bootgrl 9-Oct-06 ftl_10-09-06_p1.mp3 12 MB
  Alex, James, Lee Gardner, Bootgrl   ftl_10-09-06_p2.mp3 8 MB
  James, Bootgrl, Lee Gardner, Theseus, Alex   ftl_10-09-06_p3.mp3 16 MB
  James, Bootgrl, Lee Gardner, Theseus, Alex, Todd   ftl_10-09-06_p4.mp3 14 MB
Todd V. Brian, Geoff Beck 13-Oct-06 ftl_10-13-06_p1.mp3 13 MB
  Brian, Geoff Beck   ftl_10-13-06_p2.mp3 12 MB
  Brian, Geoff Beck   ftl_10-13-06_p3.mp3 14 MB
Geoff Beck David Pringle 16-Oct-06 ftl_10-16-06_p1.mp3 15 MB
  David Pringle, Todd V. 16-Oct-06 ftl_10-16-06_p2.mp3 11 M
  David Pringle, Todd V. 16-Oct-06 ftl_10-16-06_p3.mp3 13 MB
Geoff Beck Lita 23-Oct-06 ftl_10_23_06_p1.mp3 Propaganda in public schools; 13 MB
  Lita, James, Todd 23-Oct-06 ftl_10_23_06_p2.mp3 Jews and their control of our historical narrative: 3 examples with sound bites; 15 MB
  James, Todd, Thesues,and Chain  23-Oct-06 ftl_10_23_06_p3.mp3 Open discussion: Bush's crime family and their misdeeds, Alex Jones,  Burudians and Bhutanese, revolution; 24 MB
Theseus Geoff Beck  27-Oct-06 ftl_10_27_06_p1.mp3 13 MB
  Geoff Beck 27-Oct-06 ftl_10_27_06_p2.mp3 14 MB
  Geoff Beck, James Hawthorne 27-Oct-06 ftl_10_27_06_p3.mp3 18 MB
Geoff Beck Bud White, James Hawthorne 30-Oct-06 ftl_10-30-06_p1.mp3 New Jersey Update; Aryan Matters 11; 22 MB
  James Hawthorne 30-Oct-06 ftl_10-30-06_p2.mp3 Aryan Matters 11; 12 MB
Geoff Beck Alex Linder, NorthHammer 6-Nov-06 ftl_11-06-06_p1.mp3 21 MB
  Alex Linder, NorthHammer, Rounder, BillyBob 6-Nov-06 ftl_11-06-06_p2.mp3 Rounder's Campaign for Congress; 19 MB
  Alex Linder, NorthHammer, Rounder, BillyBob, Yankee Jim 6-Nov-06 ftl_11-06-06_p3.mp3 21 MB
Theseus Geoff Beck, Kike Herder, Kievsky 10-Nov-06 ftl_11-10-06_p1.mp3 Minor microphone problems in this hour, clears up in subsequent hours;18 MB
  Geoff Beck, Kike Herder, Kievsky, North Hammer 10-Nov-06 ftl_11-10-06_p2.mp3 evil free talk live, a WN response; 18 MB
  Geoff Beck, Kike Herder, North Hammer 10-Nov-06 ftl_11-10-06_p3.mp3 20  MB
Geoff Beck James Hawthorne 13-Nov-06 ftl_11-13-06_p1.mp3 News roundup: elections,IQ,Nazi Rampage and Matt Hale;18 MB
  FS88; James Hawthorne; 13-Nov-06 ftl_11-13-06_p2.mp3 FS88 and; 16 MB
  FS88; James Hawthorne; David; BanishedWarrior 13-Nov-06 ftl_11-13-06_p3.mp3 Skype, Broadcasting shop talk, Aryan Genius and open mic conversations; 20 MB
Geoff Beck Alex Linder 20-Nov-06 ftl_11-20-06_p1.mp3 News and Alex
  Mich Bubba, Yankee Jim 20-Nov-06 ftl_11-20-06_p2.mp3 Mich Bubba
  Mich Bubba, Yankee Jim 20-Nov-06 ftl_11-20-06_p3.mp3 General discussion  
Geoff Beck James Hawthorne, Stan Sikorksi 27-Nov-06 ftl_11-27-06_p1.mp3 News roundup, New Jersey Update
  Alex Linder, Gaian, Stan Sikorski 27-Nov-06 ftl_11-27-06_p2.mp3 General Discussion
  Alex Linder, Mark_in_Cali 27-Nov-06 ftl_11-27-06_p3.mp3 General Discussion
Geoff Beck Bud White, James Hawthorne 4-Dec-06 ftl_12-04-06_p1.mp3 NJ update with Bud White; News Roundup with James Hawthorne
  James Hawthorne, Alex Linder 4-Dec-06 ftl_12-04-06_p2.mp3 General Discussion: Healthcare and White Nationalism
  Alex Linder, James Hawthorne, Briseis, Vic 4-Dec-06 ftl_12-04-06_p3.mp3 General Discussion
  Bootgrl, Alex Linder, James Hawthorne 4-Dec-06 ftl_12-04-06_p4.mp3 General Discusion: media matters
Geoff Beck Adam (WhiteManForWhiteLand) 11-Dec-06 ftl_12-11-06_p1.mp3 News Roundup and General Discussion
  Adam, Alex 11-Dec-06 ftl_12-11-06_p2.mp3 General Discussion
  Adam, Alex, Vic, Tyler, Mark, James, and Yankee Jim 11-Dec-06 ftl_12-11-06_p3.mp3 General Discussion
  Adam, Alex, Vic, Tyler, Mark, James, and Yankee Jim 11-Dec-06 ftl_12-11-06_p4.mp3 General Discussion
Geoff Beck Yankee Jim, BattleCry 18-Dec-06 ftl_12-18-06_p1.mp3 News Roundup: Yankee Jim - Alan Colmes and Battle Cry Interview
  Alex 18-Dec-06 ftl_12-18-06_p2.mp3 General Discussion
  Robert, KikeHerder, Vic 18-Dec-06 ftl_12-18-06_p3.mp3 General Discussion