Reader Mail: 23 February 2005


Subject: archived radio interview

Feb. 22, 2005 Broadcast of the Peter Principle on with Alex Linder


Subject: half-jew Maher on Christians

HBO's Bill Maher Says Christians Have Neurological Disorder, Are Crazy

Dear N,

Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, says that all Christians are crazy and are unenlightened because of their faith. Maher made the comments on MSNBC's Scarborough Country.

Maher said: "We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion.I think that religion stops people from thinking. I think it justifies crazies. I think that flying planes in a building was a faith-based initiative. I think religion is a neurological disorder. If you look at it logically, it's something that was drilled into your head when you were a small child."

"When you look at belief in such things--as do you go to heaven, is there a devil--we have more in common with (Muslin countries) Turkey and Iran and Syria than we do with European nations and Canada and nations that, yes, I would consider more enlightened that us."

Maher said he wasn't speaking only of evangelicals, but included all religious people. He said he agreed with Jesse Ventura "who had that quote about religion is a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers."

Because of their neurological disorder, he said Christians "do not believe in science and rationality." He went on to say the future does not belong to religion. One recalls the famous quote from the Beatles in the 60's that they "were more popular than Jesus."

According to Maher, the Bible is a book of fairy tales, calling the account of Jonah a fairy tale the same as Jack in the Beanstalk.

Had Maher said such things about homosexuals, he would have been immediately fired. But because he was speaking of Christians, his bigotry was acceptable to HBO, owned by Time Warner Inc.


Send Mr. Maher an email saying you regret he has such a low view of Christians, and will pray that he be "enlightened" as to the true nature of Christianity. Explain to him that Christians appreciate the good science does and most Christians are rational individuals.

Click here to send your email letter now!

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Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association


Subject: Hal Lindsey


More than 30 years ago, Hal Lindsey came to Memphis State University to give a speech about Bible prophecy and the soon-coming Temple. Actually, it was good as speeches go and was pretty interesting.

One of my fellow students, a very sincere and earnest person, called me to ask me if I indeed thought that the end was near, and that a temple was soon to be built. Well, I had read "A Guide to Understanding the Bible" by Harry Emerson Fosdick, and other books, so I knew that the Bible was not infallible, and that it was a very human document (which has been known at the very least for one-hundred fifty years). So I told him it was hogwash.

But why is it, I wondered, that so many people's "faith" depends on this contrived system of prophey with its contrived "evidences" and "fulfillments"? Two reasons, I think--sex and death. If the prophecys and fulfillments are untrue, then perhaps the Bible is untrue and the believer deduces that he does not have an iron-clad guarantee of eternal life. Ditto for sex. If the whole thing is untrue -- why, they reason, we become as wild beasts, fornicating in public.

This system of prophetic interpretation is quite modern. The ancient Christians did not believe in such things. They would probably laugh at it. They had nothing to do with Jews or their interests.

But what happens when the whole thing does not happen -- when Israel is shown to be evil or is destroyed, or when the temple is not built, or when the interpretation is shown to be false? That is when Christianity will break free from the control of Jews and their sympathizers -- a control that would never even have happened if people knew even a modicum about biblical literature. And that is when White Nationalists may see their biggest opportunity.


Ed. Note: The mind of the Buhliever is a mystery. I guess it gives people comfort to believe things that are ridiculous. Reality is more interesting than the Bible, for all its ridiculous demons and ridiculous flip-flopping between viciousness and injudicious mercy. I do think it's so impolite of Mr. Jeboo not to show up, us waiting 2000 years+ in our good clothes. Are all Christians flaming morons? No, but that's where the big show pitches its tent.


Subject: Iran, too

IAF: Israel must be prepared for an air strike on Iran

By Haaretz Staff and The Associated Press


Feb. 21, 2005

Israel Air Force Commander-in-Chief Major General Eliezer Shakedi said Monday that Israel must be prepared for an air strike on Iran in light of its nuclear activity.


Subject: gassy oven syndrome incorrect

Sylvia Plath had a mental disorder called "borderline personality disorder."

Others who had or have borderline personality disorder are Betty Friedan, the Jewess who wrote "The Feminine Mystique" Lady Diana Spencer, and Frank Lloyd Wright's noisiest, most difficult wife.

Details about borderline personality here and here

Borderline personality disorder results from physical problems in parts of the brain that are involved in civilized, forethoughtful behavior.


Subject: from Mueller letter

Germar Rudolf:


Dear friends and supporters!

We are looking for someone who can do some typing/formatting/layouting work for us. It is paid with $15/h. You needed to have a computer for it and certain software, some of which we can provide. We would give detailed explanation on what and how to do, so even if you are not an expert, with some trying almost anyone ought to be able to do this after a while.

The work requires in average 10-15 h. attention per week, but comes in batches, that is, sometimes there is nothing for a week or two, then a lot comes at once. However, you can spread it out as it fits into your schedule.

So in case you want to help and earn a few extra bucks, please feel free to get back to us.


Germar Rudolf
Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 257768
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 769 1121


"An obscure German Christian Democrat, Martin Hohmann, made a speech in his home town on 'German National Day', on the 3rd of October, 2003 (?). It does not appear that he was courting notoriety. Thousands of speeches are made in all corners of Germany and few are reported in the wider world."

For this speech Hohmann was later cicked out of his position in the party and in government. He dared expose facts which is politically incorrect and punishable in the Germany of today. I found it in Peter Myers letter and just read the translation:


At the end of his speech, Hohmann made the following observations:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen the strong and long-lasting marks left by Jews on the revolutionary movement in Russia and Middle-European states. It was that which led the American President, Woodrow Wilson, to the assessment in 1919 that the Bolshevik movement was "Jewish led". One could with a certain justification, looking at the millions who died in this first, revolutionary phase, ask about the "crimes" of the Jews. Jews were active in great numbers both at the leadership level and in the Cheka shooting squads. For that reason one could with a certain justification designate Jews as a "perpetrator people". That may sound shocking. It would, however, follow the same logic as is used when designating Germans as a perpetrator people.

My very honourable Ladies and Gentlemen, we have thus seen that the reproach against Germans, that they are simply a "perpetrator people", misses the point and is unjustified. We should in future together defend ourselves against this reproach. Our motto is: Justice for Germany, Justice for Germans."


Subject: The Peter Principle

EXCELLENT job on the broadcast!


Subject: jews Drudge and Wiener

I wonder what's up with jew Weiner and jew Drudge. Last week, Weiner hysterically told his huge radio audience that Bush was pushing for a greater Middle East war with Iran and Syria for the benefit of israel and not for the US! Then Sunday night, jew Drudge let a caller tell his radio audience that Zionists were calling the shots for Bush and pushed the US into the Iraq War and are pushing to expand it into Iran and Syria! jew Drudge then let the caller say that they should go to!

Hmmm...something smells gefelte fishy here. The only thing I can think of is that these American jews are attempting to divert blame by differentiating between American jews and israel jews/neocons for the Iraq, and soon to be Iran, fiascos and are very, very worried that ITZ COMING!


PS I heard you on the Peter Principle. Great job!!!


Subject: interviewv HI ALEX,




Subject: interview


I cannot say enough about your appearance on the Shank show, except to lament the fact that this hasn't been done sooner - and if only there had been a larger audience like you'd have on a mainstream talk show. Anyway, great job. I really enjoyed it. Twas the best spintro yet!



Subject: Mueller


By Walter F. Mueller

"Never forget" is the main propaganda tool of the Jews to keep the holocaust constantly in people's mind. Haven't you wondered, after almost 70 years, what the "state of the holocaust" around the world is?

It is still the mighty weapon of the Jews, to keep world leaders humble and on their knees. One would have assumed, after more than 60 years, that it has kind of slowed down, but in the contrary, more than ever; the world is faced with the Jewish monopoly on victimhood.

The Holocaust Industry! More than any other industry, it rakes in the money by alleging suffering and death of its clients. The whole world is paying its share, on top Germany and the U.S.

I often get criticized for constantly talking about the holocaust. I find it strange, because I am only responding to the weekly coverage of the mainstream media, about an event that allegedly took place more than 60 years ago.

The "State of the holocaust" has become a desperate one in Europe. As time has passed by, the new generation of Europe has grown tired of the constant tearjerkers and the appearance of yet another holocaust survivor to tell his/her lies. Especially Germany has put forth some tremendous opposition.

Add on, as the holocaust survivors die off, the Jews look for new ways to continue the cash flow. High-tech tools, such as CD ROMs, DVDs and computer programs make sure that the holocaust lie exists in cyberspace.

"Never forget" has been implemented in public schools, in Europe as well as in the U.S. Believe it or not, Germany will open the largest holocaust temple in the world this summer. Even so, the United States of America is still the leading country with the most holocaust temples.

I would say that the "State of the holocaust" is the strongest in the U.S. Wow, you might say, what about Germany? Yes, it makes a lot of sense to assume that the country, where the alleged holocaust took place, should have the strongest "state of the holocaust." Not so.

The United States of America gives more than $6 billion annually to Israel. It maintains a national holocaust museum, in addition to 137 holocaust organizations. It also has the only Nazi hunting office, still kept alive by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Jews own all of the propaganda and communication tools, which make it easy for them to brainwash the population. The top-holocaust promoter in the U.S. is the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith (ADL). It is so rooted in the public education system that teachers are required to take a course at the Holocaust Museum, to learn how to teach the holocaust to students. Even the United States law enforcement brass is flown to Israel for re-education.

In America it isn't any more just about the holocaust. Over a hundred years, the Jews have managed to force their culture and heritage into the mainstream.

They have declared Hitler's propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels, as evil, however, they use his magnificent and ingenious strategies to brainwash the world. It is sort of interesting for me to see the politicians of the world, using Adolf Hitler's ideas, concepts and strategies, however, still claim that he was evil. George W. Bush's take-over of Congress and Senate, which gave him the powers of the Patriot Acts I and II, pale in comparison to Hitler's power in Germany. Yes, my friends, the "state of the holocaust" in the U.S. is safe and secure.

Never forget that every new President of the United States has to visit Auschwitz. The showplace of the holocaust pimps. In the U.S., the Jews have become bolder and more frank and even more impertinent. Even though the U.S. carries no legal punishment for "holocaust deniers", the Jews are the untouchables.

I think that the reason that the "state of the holocaust" is so strong in the U.S. is because there isn't a serious opposition.

Now, when one looks at the "state of the holocaust" in Europe, as I mentioned earlier, it is shaky. Increasing "anti-Semitism" has Europe's lawmakers proposing even more restrictive laws as already in place, to silence all critics of the Jews and Israel. Especially the Germans have realized that the real victims are they. In the U.S., holocaust-mania is part of the culture. In Europe it's passé'. No more! They have had enough. As the German's say: "Der Krug geht solange zum Brunner bis er bricht" (The pitcher goes to the well until it breaks). The German have realized that forcing the country to face up to the mass murder of their own people has its advantages.

Sure, a little bit of credit has to go to the Internet. Under the cover of anonymity, half of the European-Americans are "holocaust deniers." It makes me wonder sometimes why these Jews haven't put an end to the Internet yet. Maybe something is coming!?

You have to consider also that the U.S. has about 58 million German-Americans and they are so guilt-ridden that they run around with their tales between their legs. The strongest and openly opposition to the Jews comes strangely from several minority groups.

They're fighting for a bigger bone, because they are tired of the ones the Jews throw them. The blacks believe that slavery has killed more people than the Jewish "holocaust". And the Latinos are just tired and want a share of the victimhood. Of course they do, it's lucrative.

Remember, in the U.S., the evildoers are the Europeans. Somehow, European-Americans have emerged as the victimizers, without any victims. We all know that nothing could be further from the truth. The Native Indians massacred thousands of settlers and in every war, hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives.

But you see, the Jews don't want anyone to know. For crying out loud, it wasn't until last year that they allowed the first and only WWII memorial museum, dedicated to the 500,000 soldiers who lost their lives.

The "state of the holocaust" is becoming a worldwide religion, with the U.S. as its pope.


Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

You might consider adding David Cole to the list of famous Revisionists. He was active in the early 1990s and made a film of Auschwitz which featured an interview with Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director, Auschwitz State Museum. The Piper interview can be found on Germar Rudolf's web site

He also researched a number of other camps. He reported on his findings pointing out gross discrepancies between his discoveries and the official story.

He eventually was forced to go underground because his life had been threatened by the JDL. He has since reappeared on the scene no doubt due to the untimely death of JDL kingpin, Irv Rubin, in a Federal prison.

Mike Reisch



Tom Mysiewicz:


Heard a report on BBC Shortweave service indicating the explosives used may have a chemical signature similar to those "gone missing" from bunkers in Iraq. Could these explosives have gone to black ops groups (and a powerful Mid Eastern state) aimed at spreading discord in the region rather than insurgents? Would be interesting to see if this story has any merit.





"Basically, people are coming to reclaim the wealth that's been taken from their countries," said Howard Dodson, director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, in Harlem, which has just inaugurated an exhibition, Web site and book, titled "In Motion," to commemorate the African diaspora.


More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery For the first time, more blacks are coming to the United States from Africa than during the slave trade.

Since 1990, according to immigration figures, more have arrived voluntarily than the total who disembarked in chains before the United States outlawed international slave trafficking in 1807. More have been coming here annually - about 50,000 legal immigrants - than in any of the peak years of the middle passage across the Atlantic, and more have migrated here from Africa since 1990 than in nearly the entire preceding two centuries.

New York State draws the most; Nigeria and Ghana are among the top 20 sources of immigrants to New York City. But many have moved to metropolitan Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Houston. Pockets of refugees, especially Somalis, have found havens in Minnesota, Maine and Oregon.

The movement is still a trickle compared with the number of newcomers from Latin America and Asia, but it is already redefining what it means to be African-American. The steady decline in the percentage of African-Americans with ancestors who suffered directly through the middle passage and Jim Crow is also shaping the debate over affirmative action, diversity programs and other initiatives intended to redress the legacy of slavery.

In Africa, the flow is contributing to a brain drain. But at the same time, African-born residents of the United States are sharing their relative prosperity here by sending more than $1 billion annually back to their families and friends.

"Basically, people are coming to reclaim the wealth that's been taken from their countries," said Howard Dodson, director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, in Harlem, which has just inaugurated an exhibition, Web site and book, titled "In Motion," to commemorate the African diaspora.

The influx has other potential implications, from recalibrating the largely monolithic way white America views blacks to raising concerns that American-born blacks will again be left behind.

"Historically, every immigrant group has jumped over American-born blacks," said Eric Foner, the Columbia University historian. "The final irony would be if African immigrants did, too."

The flow from Africa began in the 1970's, mostly with refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia, and escalated in the 1990's, when the number of black residents of the United States born in sub-Saharan Africa nearly tripled. Combined with the much larger flow of Caribbean blacks, the recent arrivals from Africa accounted for about 25 percent of black population growth in the United States over all during the decade. Nationally, the proportion of blacks who are foreign born rose to about 7.3 percent from 4.9 percent in the 1990's. In New York City, about 1 in 3 blacks are foreign born.

According to the census, the proportion of black people living in the United States who describe themselves as African-born, while still small, more than doubled in the 1990's, to 1.7 percent from about 0.8 percent, for a total estimated conservatively at more than 600,000. About 1.7 million United States residents identify their ancestry as sub-Saharan.

Those numbers reflect only legal immigrants, who have been arriving at the rate of about 50,000 a year, first mostly as refugees and students and more recently through family reunification and diversity visas. Many speak English, were raised in large cities and capitalist economies, live in families headed by married couples and are generally more highly educated and have higher-paying jobs than American-born blacks.

There is no official count of the many others who entered the country illegally or have overstayed their visas and who are likely to be less well off.

Kim Nichols, co-executive director of the African Services Committee, which directs newcomers to health care, housing and other services in the New York region, estimates that the number of illegal African immigrants dwarfs the legal ones. "We think it's a multiple of at least four," she said.

Africans' reasons for coming echo the aspirations of earlier immigrants.

"Senegal became too small," said Marie Lopy, who arrived as a student in 1996, worked as a bookkeeper in a restaurant and earned an associate degree in biology from the City University of New York.

After winning a place in an American immigration lottery that his secretary had entered for him in 1994, Daouda Ndiaye recalls being persuaded by his six children to leave Senegal, where he was working as a financial manager. "I said, 'I'm 45, I'd have to build a whole new life, I'd have to go to school to learn English,' " he recalled. "They said, 'We want you to go and we want you to send for us because there's more opportunity in the U.S. than here.' "

His wife and two of his children have joined him in the United States, where he has worked as a sporting goods store manager and is now a translator.

That the latest movement of black Africans arriving voluntarily surpasses the total who disembarked in chains before the United States outlawed international slave trafficking is a bit of a statistical anomaly. That total, most historians now agree, was about 500,000, with an annual peak of perhaps 30,000, compared with the millions overall who were sold into slavery from Africa. Many died aboard ship. Most were transported to the Caribbean and Brazil, where they were vulnerable to indigenous diseases and to the rigors of raising sugar cane, which was harder to cultivate than cotton or rice, the predominant crops on plantations in the United States, where the slave population was better able to survive and reproduce.

Moreover, black Africans represented a much higher proportion of the population then than they do today. In 1800, about 20 percent of the 5 million or so people in the United States were black. Among nearly 300 million Americans today, about 13 percent are black.

Still, with Europe increasingly inhospitable and much of Africa still suffering from the ravages of drought and the AIDS epidemic and the vagaries of economic mismanagement, the number migrating to the United States is growing - despite the reluctance of some Africans to come face to face with the effects of centuries of enduring discrimination.

In the 1960's, 28,954 legal immigrants were admitted from all of Africa, a figure that rose geometrically to 80,779 in the 1970's, 176,893 in the 1980's and 354,939 in the 1990's. In 2002, 60,269 were admitted, including 8,291 from Nigeria, 7,574 from Ethiopia, 4,537 from Somalia, 4,256 from Ghana and 3,207 from Kenya.

To many Americans, the most visible signs of the movement are the proliferation of African churches, mosques, hair-braiding salons, street vendors and supermarket deliverymen, the controversy over female genital mutilation and the election last year of Barack Obama, son of a native Kenyan, to the United States Senate from Illinois. Especially in New York City, the shooting deaths of two unarmed African immigrants, Amadou Diallo from Guinea in 1999 and Ousmane Zongo from Burkina Faso in 2003, come to mind.

Immigrants arrive with their own perceptions and expectations, from countries where blacks constitute a majority at every level of society, only to discover that whether they are professors or peddlers, they may be lumped together here by whites and even by American-born blacks.

"You have the positive impact that race is not seen to be an absolute definer of people's opportunities," Kathleen Newland, director of the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan research group, said, "but that begs the larger question of what does it mean to have a black skin in the United States."

Agba Mangalabou, who arrived from Togo in 2002, recalls his surprise when he moved here from Europe. "In Germany, everyone knew I was African," he said. "Here, nobody knows if I'm African or American."

Ms. Lopy, who now works as a medical interpreter for the African Services Committee, describes herself as "African, first and foremost," though the identity of her children will depend on whom she marries and where. "I'll raise them to be African-something," she said, "but ultimately they'll define it for themselves."

Sylviane A. Diouf, a historian and researcher at the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center and Dr. Dodson's co-author of "In Motion," said that Americans have a more positive view of immigrants in general than they do of American-born blacks. Referring to African immigrants, she said: "They are better educated, they're here to work, to prosper, they're more compliant and don't pose a threat."

Dr. Dodson added, "They're not politically mobilized as yet and not as closely tied to the African-American agenda."

While the ancestors of most Caribbean-born blacks were enslaved, and slavery also victimized the forbears of many African-born blacks, the growing proportion of immigrants may further complicate the debate over programs envisioned to redress the legacies of slavery.

"I think there is a legitimate set of specific claims by persons born in the United States that don't necessarily apply to Caribbean or African populations that have come here subsequently," Dr. Dodson said.

"African-born and Caribbean-born brothers and sisters have realized that the police don't discriminate on the basis of nationality - ask Amadou Diallo," said Professor Charles J. Ogletree Jr., who teaches at Harvard Law School and has warned colleges and universities that admitting mostly foreign-born blacks to meet the goals of affirmative action is insufficient.

"Whether you are from Brazil or from Cuba, you are still products of slavery," he continued. "But the threshold is that people of African descent who were born and raised and suffered in America have to be the first among equals."

French-speaking Haitians do not necessarily mix with English-speaking West Indians, much less with Africans, and competition for jobs has been another source of tension.

"The Africans tend to be quite industrious and entrepreneurial and often take advantage of opportunities that might have been here for others before," said Kim Nichols of the African Services Committee.

"We're talking about very profoundly different cultures," Kathleen Newland said.

Analyses by the Department of City Planning, and by the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research, in Albany found recent immigrants often segregated from other blacks. The census found Nigerian clusters in Flatlands and Canarsie in Brooklyn and Ghanaians in Morris Heights and High Bridge in the Bronx.

"As with European ethnics at the turn of the century," Joseph J. Salvo, the director of the population division of the Department of City Planning, and Arun Peter Lobo, the deputy director, wrote recently, "ethnicity has been a powerful force in shaping black residential settlement in New York."

Immigration may also shift some of the nation's focus from racial distinctions to ethnic ones. "Certainly, South Africa showed us that minority status does not necessarily correlate to one's position in society, but rather that power and its uses are the issues," said Samuel K. Roberts of Columbia, a history professor who is also on the faculty of the university's Institute for Research in African-American Studies. "That being said, increasingly distinguishing between black Americans and black Africans may produce conditions in which we will be less prone to think of a fictional construct of 'race' as the distinguishing factor among all of us in North America."

How long might those distinctions last? "I guess one of the questions will have to be what happens in the next generation or two," said Professor Foner of Columbia. "In America, marriage is the great solvent. Are they going to melt into the African-American population? Most likely yes."


Subject: Bush ventures into Germany


Bush arrives for summit with Putin

German chancellor: No nukes for Iran

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (CNN) -- President Bush landed Wednesday in Slovakia for the final stop on his European tour, ahead of a summit Thursday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Lawmakers: Bush must lean on Putin

McCain, Lieberman want Russia out of G8

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Top lawmakers called on President Bush to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin on several key fronts during a summit this week, with one senior Republican warning on Sunday that Putin "is on the verge of isolating himself."

Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, cited Putin's turns away from democracy in his country, his support for the original winner of the discredited Ukrainian election and his announcement last week that he did not believe Iran presents a nuclear threat.

"I think [Bush] should say, 'Vladimir, you made a serious foreign policy mistake in your handling of the Ukraine elections, and you're making another serious mistake as regards to Iran,'" McCain said on NBC's "Meet the Press."


Subject: Black Book of jew-produced Communism

part of pgs. 452-453 of The Black Book of Communism, Harvard University Press, blah blah blah.

The history of Communist regimes is now extremely politicized, especially when parties and movements seek to rediscover their ancestors and traditions. The Pole Andrzej Paczkowski, one of the authors of this book, speaks unhesitatingly about a "civil war" in Poland over the search for origins, although happily this war is merely one of words. The past is manipulated and used as a tool as ancient myths and legends are reborn and new ones appear.

The myth of the number of victims is one that commands special attention. According to the French historian Robert Frank, the figure becomes a key symbol, a mathematical truth; it lends authority to discourses about death, and it transforms mass deaths into a kind of sacrament. Hence the special need for prudence among those researching new national or social mythologies.

The Hungarian Gyorgy Litvcin, director of the Institute for the History of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, has suggested that a politically aware interpretation of extreme points in history facilitates in-depth analysis of the political evolution of a country. He claims that a country's relation to the recent past can tell us much more about the democratic roots of certain types of discourse than it can about economic problems or other changes that might be under way at the time.

All memories are "created" to some extent, and the official version of events is no exception. Panels of legislators and decisionmakers select the traditions that will underlie new constitutions, choose the figures whose heads will appear on stamps and banknotes, determine the national holidays to becelebrated, the medals to be handed out, the events to be commemorated, and the names to be given to streets, squares, and public places-and, of course, draw up the curriculum to be taught in schools. The heroes and victims of the Communist period cannot be forgotten. Nevertheless, many post- Communist regimes have decided to put the Communist period in their history in brackets. This is hardly new in the twentieth century, as the Italian historian Maria Ferretti, who specializes in Russian memory, has pointed out: Benedetto Croce proposed a similar approach in order to bury the ghost of Italian fascism.38

Bracketing, however, is always an illusion, and whole decades cannot simply be buried and forgotten. These decades have molded the outlook of the vast majority of the citizens in each country, and they have also determined the course of social and economic development. Dispassionate analyses attempt to propose explanations of behavior, including the absence (or inadequacy) of historical self-criticism among individuals, groups, and whole peoples; the desire to avoid any reflection about collective responsibility (in the form of tacit support for the regime); or the presence of a "martyred people" mentality that excuses an entire nation for everything. (Alexandra Laignel-Lavastine has studied the idea of "collective martyrology" in Romania, which is accompanied by an "innocence complex" that causes everything to be seen as someone else's fault.)


Subject: date niggers, reap phun rewards

Amber alert issued for Mendota Heights girl A 17-year-old Mendota Heights girl was abducted by her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend, according to the Minnesota Crime Alert Network.

MENDOTA HEIGHTS - The 17-year-old girl for whom an Amber alert was issued this afternoon has been found, according to police.

Rachel Marie Zoccoli, of Mendota Heights was located by police tonight at approximately 7 p.m. The suspect's vehicle was also found, but the suspect was not, he is still at large.

The suspect is believed to be Craig George Sutherlin of St. Paul. He is black, and about 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants, black shoes, a black stocking cap, and a headband with a Nike logo.

Zoccoli just had a restraining order taken out against Sutherlin yesterday, police say. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Mendota Heights Police Department at 651-452-1366.


Subject: Minnesota #1: Hmongkeys doing what they do

Diversity is our Strength! Asian's, probably Hmongkeys, shoot Deputy Sherriff.

Deputy shot in Ramsey County; 3 arrested

Howie Padilla and Curt Brown, Star Tribune

A Ramsey County Sheriff's deputy was shot about 3:40 p.m. today while he was serving a warrant on St. Paul's East Side.

The deputy's name was not released, pending notification of his family, but preliminary reports are that his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, according to Kevin Smith, of the Department of Public Safety. The deputy, who was shot in the stomach, was in stable condition at Regions Hospital Friday in St. Paul and was undergoing surgery Wednesday evening.

All three suspects in the case were in custody within three hours of the shooting. Two of the suspects, one who was shot and another who was hit by a vehicle, were taken to Regions Hospital. The shooting occurred near the 1500 block of Ames Avenue. Officials described the suspects as Asian males dressed in gray T-shirts who had fled the scene of the shooting on foot.

Law enforcement officers from throughout the metro area, including Asian gang specialists, swarmed the neighborhood in search of the suspects. They set up a wide perimeter for the search and brought in canines to assist in the manhunt.

Radio dispatchers indicated that the suspects had indicated they would "shoot at any officer they see." Officers have recovered a gun.

The last time an officer was shot in St. Paul was 10 years ago when St. Paul police officers Ron Ryan Jr and Tim Jones were killed by Guy Harvey Baker, a drifter.

Danny Gillum, an area resident, was in his kitchen making dinner when he heard several shots. "It was like fireworks," he said. "I've heard shots before, but we don't hear shots like that around here. I've never seen anything like this," he said. The writers are at and


Subject: Minnesota #2: three more Aryans waste their lives to further jewish hate

Minnesota remembers three National Guard soldiers killed in Iraq

Jesse Lhotka Jason Timmerman David Day

Minnesota is mourning the deaths of three National Guard members killed by a roadside bomb blast in Iraq.

Today, the Minnesota National Guard released a statement confirming the deaths of Staff Sgt. David Day, 25, of St. Louis Park; First Lt. Jason Timmerman, 24, of Tracy; and Sgt. Jesse Lhotka, 24, of Alexandria. All three soldiers were assigned to C Company, 1st Battalion of the 151st Field Artillery unit based in Montevideo.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty ordered the U.S. and Minnesota state flags flown at half-staff at the state Capitol until sunset on the final day of burial for the three soldiers. The governor's proclamation said the fallen soldiers were heroes, and their service was deeply appreciated.

Day, Timmerman, and Lhotka, died in Baghdad on Monday. The guard statement said the three were helping two other soldiers injured in a military vehicle crash when an improvised explosive device detonated.

"This is a tragedy that affects us all in Minnesota," the guard's Maj. Gen. Larry W. Shellito said in the statement. "Through our grief, our efforts are squarely focused on doing everything possible to care for our families who have lost their loved ones."

Two other guard members were injured in the explosion. One soldier was recovering in a hospital in Germany, while the other was treated and has since returned to duty. It was the bloodiest day for Minnesota soldiers since the Vietnam War -- and the worst day for the state since combat began in Iraq in 2003. At the Legislature Tuesday, the House acknowledged the soldiers' deaths with a moment of silence.



Sacrifice liberty, get security in return. What a deal.

Compiled from various news sources:

A Nigerian national charged in a California identity-theft case involving at least 145,000 personal and financial records of consumers was sentenced to 16 months in state prison.

Olatunji Oluwatosin is accused of being part of a fraud ring. Authorities say the con artists posed as legitimate businesses and tapped into ChoicePoint's database, where they got volumes of data on consumers.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Paul M. Enright sentenced Oluwatosin to 16 months in state prison, but gave the defendant 180 days credit for the time he had been held in custody.Five other charges against him were dropped. He could be deported after his sentence is served.

ChoicePoint, an Alpharetta, Ga.-based data firm, was tricked into selling credit and criminal history reports to identity thieves posing as businessmen. The incident involves a wide swath of consumer data, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, credit reports and other information.

ChoicePoint provides personal and financial data on consumers mostly to businesses, government agencies , nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, insurance companies and financial institutions.

Using stolen identities and faxing applications to ChoicePoint from Kinko's stores, the thieves opened up 50 accounts and for months received volumes of data on consumers, including names, addresses, credit reports and Social Security numbers — all the data needed to get credit in someone else's name.

The fraud artists used stolen information to set up businesses that looked legitimate when checked by ChoicePoint. The fraudulent companies opened 50 accounts and requested thousands of personal and financial records, which were sent either over the Internet or by mail.

The company on Tuesday said it had sent 35,000 notifications to California residents whose personal information may have been sold to the con artists. The next day, however, the company said it was sending out an additional 110,000 notifications nationwide.

Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Robert Costa told the Washington Post that the number of records involved in the ongoing investigation could be more than a half million nationally.

An Alpharetta, Ga.-based spinoff from the credit-reporting giant Equifax, ChoicePoint maintains databases that hold 19 billion Social Security numbers, credit and medical histories, motor vehicle registrations, job applications, lawsuits, criminal files, professional licenses and other pieces of sensitive information.

But ChoicePoint and other privately owned aggregators of personal information operate with virtually no federal oversight ChoicePoint maintains a dossier on virtually every American consumer, according to Daniel J. Solove, George Washington University professor and author of "The Digital Person."

More about ChoicePoint:


Subject: Canada news PDF

more jids messing !



Subject: Peter Principle interview

Hallo Alex,

Good job with the interview last night! Couple of comments regarding questions that were raised by one particular person named John... he said 1) don't you realize that you're playing right into the hands of the New World Order crowd when you promote racial conflict?, and 2) what does the White Freedom Party have to offer "third" parties don't? -- and he explicitly mentioned America's First Party in his list.

I'll make a comment about the second one first... the America's First Party, wouldn't you know it, is headed and was started by a Jew: Dan Charles. Their website is From his photograph, I'll note that Charles has an uncanny resemblance to the Jew Harold Ramis from the movie "Stripes". Talk about genetic dice. Scary.

Concerning the "Racism, and anything like 'Nazism', is part of the agenda of the NWO" nonsense... I've been encountering this stupidity more and more. I've pointed out in the past that this is what Alex Jones ( believes with his "Nazi USA" ideology as well as Jim Condit, Jr. and a host of others who contribute to Hell, Condit even believes that Hitler was half-Jewish! If these people would use their brains instead of believing Jewish propaganda, this kind of crap wouldn't happen. Let me try to make short shrift of this...

1) The NWO is globalism or internationalism... I think we can all agree with that. There are many organizations that already represent this possibility... the UN, the ICC, the World Bank, the IMF, et al.

2) The only way for this internationalism to occur is for national entities to cease to exist. Right? If nations would just give up their sovereignty to a central authority then the NWO exists. No longer will there be a One World or Third, but simple one global plantation of labor.

3) The way they are getting us to do this is to believe that "race doesn't exist", "race doesn't matter", and "the only race is the human race". If you believe this Jewish Marxist propaganda, then YOU are the ones aiding the NWO, not racists and "Nazis".

The races are not equal and to allow stupid and violent Negroes to live among Caucasians is what causes the racial conflict and stress. It would not be possible for there to be "racial tension" in a homogenous White society. And Blacks and other non-Whites could and should have their own homogenous societies. The problem is eliminated. So as anyone can see, the racists are offering the solution to the racial tension problems that exist, not causing it.

This idea that "racists are the problem" is a Jewish propaganda technique to move us toward the NWO. The people who are hurting us are the Jewish puppets like George W. Bush who will be accused of being a racist with all of his murderous military ventures against Arabs, but this is untrue. He's setting the stage, albeit he probably doesn't realize it, that will end up in the U.S. having to relinquish power to the NWO. "The Bush government is just like the Nazis", the Jews/Anarchist/Communists and now the "racism is evil" crowd chants too. Remember the Jew Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"? It's those evil White men. Woo-wooooooo (imitating a ghost). This is all bullshit. Clever propaganda. Don't be fooled John the caller and you others out there.

All you need to do to understand my point -- that the White racists and National Socialists are not the problem -- is look at the record regarding the war on Iraq. EVERY SINGLE White racist group in America and abroad (VNN, the National Alliance, the National Socialist Movement, the American Nazi Party, the British National Party, et al) said that we should NOT INVADE IRAQ. This is a fact. And we're supposed to believe Moore's lies and the White idiots who believe him that Bush is some sort of "closet Nazi" and that's the reason he doesn't mind invading Iraq? Incredible.

One other disturbing trend is the use of "nationalism" and "patriotism" to describe what Bush is doing. Nothing could be so wrong. What was meant by "patriotism" was love for one's people, NOT love for one's government and their actions. And what's being attributed to "nationalism" as having caused the war -- the rest of the world was againstus, but we invaded Iraq anyway, THIS IS what they're calling "nationalism" -- is absolutely off the mark. Real patriotic Americans and nationalists, and you don't even have to be a White nationalist to get this, would ask "Why were we attacked on 9/11?" and would answer, Osama bin Laden already told us, because of Israel and the Jews. The correct "patriotic nationalist" response would then be: kick the Jews out of our country and close Israel down. Set them up somewhere they won't cause trouble. Antarctica maybe.

The Jews are the threat to the American people, not the Arabs who are only a threat to the Jews. The Arabs are now a threat to us because we made them our enemies AFTER the Jews MADE US their servants.


Max Hadden

Ed. Note: Good points. This show probably has a mixed racialist/anti-NWO/constitutionalist audience. Anything talking about preserving or restoring is a pipe dream, at this point. My point to the one guy, I think John, would have been that we are already at race war, but the war is covered up by the media. They make it look like we are instigating it, when in fact we are simply urging Whites to organize and fight back. Anything focused on "retoring" the Constitution shows itself paper-fetishist and utopian. It doesn't work like that. The men produce the paper, not the paper the men. People ought to trust what they see and hear more than marks on paper, but they don't.



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With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

During his trip to Germany on Wednesday, the main highlight of George W. Bush's trip was meant to be a "town hall"-style meeting with average Germans. But with the German government unwilling to permit a scripted event with questions approved in advance, the White House has quietly put the event on ice. Was Bush afraid the event might focus on prickly questions about Iraq and Iran rather than the rosy future he's been touting in Europe this week?

The much-touted American-style "town hall" meeting the White House has been planning with "normal Germans" of everyday walks of life will be missing during his visit to the Rhine River hamlet of Mainz this afternoon. A few weeks ago, the Bush administration had declared that the chat -- which could have brought together tradesmen, butchers, bank employees, students and all other types to discuss trans-Atlantic relations -- would be the cornerstone of President George W. Bush's brief trip to Germany.

State Department diplomats said the meeting would help the president get in touch with the people who he most needs to convince of his policies. Bush's invasion of Iraq and his diplomatic handling of the nuclear dispute with Iran has drawn widespread concern and criticism among the German public. And during a press conference two weeks ago, Bush said Washington is still terribly misunderstood in Europe. All the more reason, it would seem, for him to be pleased about talking to people here.

But on Wednesday, that town hall meeting will be nowhere on the agenda -- it's been cancelled. Neither the White House nor the German Foreign Ministry has offered any official explanation, but Foreign Ministry sources say the town hall meeting has been nixed for scheduling reasons -- a typical development for a visit like this with many ideas but very little time. That, at least, is the diplomats' line. Behind the scenes, there appears to be another explanation: the White House got cold feet. Bush's strategists felt an uncontrolled encounter with the German public would be too unpredictable.

To avoid that messy scenario, the White House requested that rules similar to those applied during Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit two weeks ago also be used in Mainz. Before meeting with students at Paris's Institute of Political Sciences, which preens the country's elite youth for future roles in government, Rice's staff insisted on screening and approving any questions to be asked by students. One question rejected was that of Benjamin Barnier, the 24- year-old son of France's foreign minister, who wanted to ask: "George Bush is not particularly well perceived in the world, particularly in the Middle East. Can you do something to change that?" Instead, the only question of Barnier's that got approval was the question of whether Iraq's Shiite Muslim majority might create a theocratic government based on the Iranian model?

The Germans, though, insisted that a free forum should be exactly that. Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany's Ambassador to the United States, explained to the New York Times last week: "We told them, don't get upset with us if they ask angry questions."

In the end, the town hall meeting was never officially dropped from the agenda of the trip -- instead it was dealt with in polished diplomatic style -- both sides just stopped talking about it.

As an ersatz for the town hall meeting on Wednesday, Bush will now meet with a well-heeled group of so-called "young leaders." Close to 20 participants will participate in the exclusive round to be held in the opulent Mozart Hall of a former royal palace in Mainz, giving them the opportunity for a close encounter with the president. The chat is being held under the slogan: "A new chapter for trans- Atlantic relations." The aim of the meeting is to give these "young leaders" a totally different impression of George W. Bush. In order to guarantee an open exchange, the round has been closed to journalists -- ensuring that any embarrassments will be confined to a small group.

The guest list for the Wednesday afternoon gathering has been handpicked by several US organizations with offices in Germany. In recent days, the Aspen Institute and the German Marshall Fund have sent lists of possible guests to the German Foreign Ministry. The requirement was that all of the nominees had to be in their twenties or thirties and they must already have been in a leadership position at a young age. In other words: there won't be any butchers or handymen on the elite guest list, but rather young co-workers from blue chip companies like automaker DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank or the consultancy McKinsey. The fact that two American organizations are the ones managing the guest list suggests that the chat won't be overly critical of Bush.

One participant in the Bush round is 31-year-old Katrin Heuel of Berlin, an employee of the conservative Aspen Institute. Just a few days ago, she received an invitation from the Protocol Office of the German Foreign Ministry. She's a bit nervous about the encounter -- after all, Bush isn't someone she's likely to encounter in her daily life in Berlin. She says she hasn't heard anything about questions being scrutinized in advance or of any kind of script for the event. "I will ask very open questions about Iran, North Korea and Russia," she said, adding that she's excited to see how the president will react to the young people's questions.

Foreign Ministry sources said Berlin wasn't planning any briefing on the course of the chat prior to the event. And it's unknown whether the American staff will make any suggestions to the young leaders. Then again, the day's issue -- a new chapter for trans-Atlantic relations, seems to ensure that things won't get out of hand -- after all, this event is supposed to focus on the future and not dwell on prickly questions about the past.

With reporting by Matthias Gebauer in Berlin and Georg Mascolo in Washington.



Subject: Japanese textbooks

Why Tokyo's Adoption of a Rightwing Textbook Is Alarming

By Chung Chinsung (Translated from Korean by Emanuel Pastreich)

Chung Chinsung is Professor of Sociology, Seoul National University. In August 2004 she was appointed to a post at the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Emanuel Pastreich teaches in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Ilinois. His recent publications include work on the Internet and globalization.

The Tokyo metropolitan board of education decided Thursday to adopt a controversial history textbook and will put it into use next spring at a secondary school run by the metropolitan government. The decision could pave the way for the popularization of the textbook widely regarded as a whitewash and distortion of Japan's invasion history in the World War II. -- China View (Aug. 26, 2004)

At major intersections throughout Japan one can see the rightist groups with patriotic banners across their chests. They use relentless microphone-amplified diatribes to drive home their message as they stand atop their black vans. Their posters declaring "Worried about the Nation" has become a fixture of the Japanese urban landscape. After the Second World War such figures were considered comical. They seemed but hot-blooded nationalists; marginal crackpots far from the norm and with minimal influence. But before we knew it, the vague sense that perhaps their ravings contained a kernel of truth spread through Japanese society. Ironically, the far right has gained considerable power in Japanese society by insistently holding up the ideal of protecting the imperial system at the very time that civil society has achieved remarkable maturity in Asian nations.

Modernization was carried out under the auspices of the Japanese government in tandem with the war preparations so central to pre-war militarism. The trend throughout the world between 1910 and 1930 was towards socialism and labor activism. Yet such movements were ruthlessly suppressed by the government in Japan. Along the way, the rightist movement that had emerged within civil society was absorbed directly into the government.

After the Second World War, democratic reforms implemented during the occupation led to the revival of the left. After a brief period of reform in the immediate post-war period, the previously progressive political course went into reverse. The outbreak of the Korean War and the ensuing conservative mood offered the opportunity for the right to retake the stage. Although the rightists came back to life, they often lacked credibility. Like many Japanese social movements, their ideological and intellectual foundation was weak.

Social activists and the student movement were transformed into the political presence known as the New Left after the Liberal Democratic Party came to power in 1955. Japan was swept by a wave of social action in the sixties and seventies. Notable among them were the citizens' movement, the anti-Vietnam war protest movement, the Women's Liberation Movement, and others. Yet they soon faded from prominence, proving how short-lived citizens' movements can be. Civil society in post-war Japan developed on the two legs of economic growth and political stability. In recent years the central movements that have emerged are concerned primarily with the pursuit of quality of life. Such powerful groups as the food cooperative movement, consumer organizations and the pre-school education movement are distinctive in their ability to draw members from both the left and the right. These movements promote an improved and healthier life and consequently have a broad appeal. Consequently, the discourse of civil society in Japan has lost its ideological and theoretical dimension.

This situation started to shift again in the early 1990s when a series of international controversies rocked Japan. Korea led the nations of East Asia victimized by Japan during World War II, demanding recognition of, and settlement for, Japan's historical crimes. For example, the campaign to receive apology and reparations for the enslavement of Koreans as military comfort women grew into a Pan-Asian movement. Japan's ethical standing was seriously shaken by these charges and the climate at home rapidly became more supportive of domestic social movements. Progressive political movements that had just managed to scrape by as small-scale study groups before now teamed up with activist citizens' groups from other Asian nations. They demanded a full accounting of Japan's wartime responsibility. The social engagement thus generated was unique for post-war Japanese society in that women's groups, organizations of ethnic Koreans, peace groups, intellectuals and lawyers all joined in the campaign. They were tied together by a common thread: criticism of the imperial system.

Conservative groups launched a determined counter attack. With vast resources at their disposal, the rightists were able to bring together politicians, intellectuals and youths for their purposes. These neo-nationalist groups held that Japan was fully justified in its actions during the war. The right denigrated the citizens' groups and victims who came forth from other nations in East Asia and branded as treasonous the statements of domestic critics. Japanese political discourse lurched to the right. Although a healthy Japanese society had developed in the post-war period, ultimately, the lack of ideological foundations for the new order made possible the resurgence of the right.

In the early nineties the forces of the left and right counterbalanced each other in Japanese society. Recently, the balance has tipped increasingly in favor of the right. The rightists sharpened their rhetorical weapons in battles to suppress the demands made by former comfort women. Rightists also demonstrated their prowess in the battle over history textbooks. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the Japanese government had acknowledged certain controversial actions in World War II. Revisions appeared in government-approved history textbooks. In 1994-95, however, textbook policy took a turn to the right.

The government has denied Japanese responsibility for the Second World War in recent editions of some history textbooks and restored nationalist content. In addition, the obligatory singing of the newly approved national anthem "Kimigayo" in praise of the emperor, and raising the Hinomaru flag are required by law and rigorously enforced in formal events at many schools. A string of new laws, starting with the Emergency Security Law, have been implemented and serious debate concerning revision of Japan's Peace Constitution has ensued. As a result, rightist social movements have spread their wings and flown to every corner of the country. They carry out campaigns such as the demand for the revision of history textbooks and violently attack Japan's tradition of peaceful engagement with the world. Starting with the prime minister, a long line of officials now pays public visits to the Shinto holy place Yasukuni Shrine. The leaders and martyrs associated with Japan's conquest of Asia during the Pacific War are interred and honored there. Adjacent to the Yasukuni Shrine is the Yushukan Hall, a museum featuring exhibitions for the education of Japanese visitors about the "glorious Japanese race" and the new educational system.

At the same time, many citizens' groups that demand accountability for Japan's wartime actions have turned their backs on issues such as the punishment of those responsible for the crimes of World War II and the legitimacy of the imperial system. Participants in citizens' movements nowadays are often passive figures who have given up hope of successfully combating the rightists, but continue to find a certain personal meaning in ethical activity.

The long-term stagnation of the Japanese economy has nourished a mentality receptive to the arguments offered by the rightists since the 1990s. Japan has witnessed the demise of its legendary system of life-time employment. Foreign workers have entered Japan in growing numbers. The social disruptions resulting from such cataclysmic changes have proven difficult for most Japanese to absorb. At the same time, neighboring China is aiming the heavy cannons of diplomatic warfare at Japan over unresolved historical issues. The regional configuration of East Asia today demands a new role of Japan. Political conservatism and economic development can no longer simply work hand and hand without friction. Similarly, social movements in Japan cannot remain secondary activities subordinate to larger political priorities.

It is not immediately obvious whether the groups that once took such pride in their power such as the food cooperative movement or volunteer organizations will recognize their complicity in the swing to the right, or whether it is possible to have critical intellectuals in Japan.



America's democracy of double standards won't work

By David Hirst

The [Lebanon] Daily Star

February 21, 2005

U.S. President George W. Bush has proclaimed the spread of "freedom and democracy" in the Middle East a central task of his second term. The God-given right of all peoples, in the Middle East they are to be instrumental too, a panacea for all those ills that afflict not just the region itself, but the world. Since tyranny breeds hatred and "violence that crosses the most defended borders," democracy will extirpate them. Since democracies are good-neighborly, Arab democracies will embrace Israel in a final peace, and "regime change," for example via U.S. support for the "liberty" Iranians crave, will erase the menace of nuclear arms in the hands of "loathed" and "unelected" mullahs.

America as the champion of democracy is not a new idea - only the scope, fervor, and lofty expectations Bush invests it with. But nowhere has it had a more dismal record than in the Middle East, corrupted by strategic opportunism, selectivity and double standards, with friendly despots like Saddam Hussein supported against unfriendly ones like Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Bush has admitted such past flaws. In his State of the Union address he reserved his toughest words for Iran and Syria. But also singling out Saudi Arabia and the "great nation" of Egypt, he warned that democracy must encompass U.S. friends too.

Nonetheless, conspicuously absent from his list was the one country, Israel, which, if mentioned, would have done more to advance his entire, civilizing mission than any other. Clearly, he couldn't stray far from the maxim to which most American politicians deem it politic to subscribe: "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East." Moreover, it is from Israel, in the person of cabinet minister Natan Sharansky, that Bush draws inspiration for his democratizing crusade. In his book, "The Case for Democracy," the former Soviet dissident contends that nations should base their relations on the "moral clarity" that distinguishes "free societies" from "societies of fear"; so Arabs must be democratic before Israel can make peace with them. Sharansky's thinking, says Bush, is "part of my presidential genes," and his book was woven, almost verbatim, into the president's inaugural address.

But is Israel really a democracy? It is for its Jewish citizens, who enjoy constitutional freedoms Arab regimes suppress. But for the Palestinians it is not - a fact most aptly, and topically, personified by this self-same Sharansky, a hero of freedom in the White House, but an expansionist zealot at home.

The Israel that Palestinians know is the one that, in Mandatory Palestine, sabotaged all British attempts to install representative government until the Jewish minority was strong enough to impose its will on the Palestinia majority by force; the Israel that drove most of them out in 1948; the one that oppressed, in what amounted to apartheid in all but name, Palestinians who stayed behind, and then extended this system, in other forms, to the West Bank and Gaza after 1967.

Even if Israel's democratic deficit takes a very different form from Arab ones, it is no less hypocritical of Bush to demand democracy from the Arabs and not from Israel. Counterproductive too, because, without that, the reviving peace process will run into the same impasse under the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas as it did under Yasser Arafat. For if that so-called obstacle to peace has disappeared, others, like Sharansky, formidably remain. Land always lay at the heart of the conflict. Last summer, reviving an infamous, long-dormant regulation, the Absentee Property Law, Israel's ministerial committee on Jerusalem affairs, which Sharansky heads, decreed that Palestinians who owned land in East Jerusalem but didn't live on it were "absentees," their property forfeited to the Custodian of Absentee Property. Overnight, thousands of people were dispossessed, without right of appeal or compensation, of ancestral land worth hundreds of millions of dollars - perhaps half the area of East Jerusalem. The decree was secret, even as it acquired the validity of a cabinet decision, and was only exposed last month by the daily Haaretz.

"Undemocratic" was not the first description that sprang to mind; "[T]hieving racist discrimination," or "state stupidity of the highest order" was what occurred to the Israeli paper's commentators. But the very antithesis of democracy it was, for Palestinians obviously, but also for Israelis, willfully deprived of the right to know about, and debate, an action which could be as momentous, in its ultimate repercussions, for their future as for the Palestinians.

That the Israeli state was overwhelmingly built on such methods is a historical reality in which the Palestinians, through the Oslo Accord, have formally acquiesced. But that champions of democracy like Sharansky should go on applying these lawless methods to the 23 percent of original Palestineleft for the construction of a Palestinian state - on such a scale, in the future capital itself - is a fundamental assault on the very idea of peace and reconciliation between two peoples striving to share the narrow space between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.

So, too, is American tolerance of it. For the fact is that, while the Bush administration has complained about this scandal, and helped get Israel's attorney general publicly repudiate what he had secretly connived in, the despoiling and settlement of Palestinian land goes on, a process whose consequences Bush himself, reversing decades of American policy, last summer effectively blessed in what some Israelis called his "new Balfour Declaration." These double standards are counterproductive way beyond Palestine itself, so malignantly does Palestine permeate the politics and emotions of the entire region; so pre-eminent a yardstick it is, in Arab eyes, of all America seeks to do there. Tyrants have no better weapon. Take Egypt. When, last month, the secret police arrested a parliamentarian who was agitating for a genuine presidential election, not the single-candidate referendum in which the 76-year old Hosni Mubarak will this year again run, another pro-democracy parliamentarian begged America not to intervene on his behalf, for that would have only damaged his cause.

And take Iran, potentially a "new Iraq" writ large. Diplomacy might never get it to abandon its nuclear ambitions, but diplomacy which ignores the nuclear non-proliferation treaty's principle of universality, its provision that nuclear prohibition in the Middle East requires the adhesion of all its states, including Israel, certainly won't. Here the double standards are European as well as American. The threatened alternative, "regime change" and disarmament by force, would, said Iranian Nobel Peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi, be an "utter disaster" for human rights in Iran. And, one might add, for U.S.-led freedom and democracy in the rest of the Middle East.

David Hirst, a long time Middle East correspondent for London's The Guardian, is author of "The Gun and the Olive Branch: The Roots of Violence in the Middle East." He wrote this commentary for THE DAILY STAR.


Subject: and to oppose them successfully, we must consider the fine work of the...

"The neo-conservative ideologues who have dominated the foreign policy thinking of the Bush Administration and have been the architects of the war in Iraq (and Iran? and Syria?) are sounding more and more today like the Marxists of Germany in the 30s."


Subject: Pope does something half-right for a change


Pope: Gay marriage is 'evil'

ROME, Italy (Reuters) -- Homosexual marriages are part of "a new ideology of evil" that is insidiously threatening society, Pope John Paul says in his newly published book.


Subject: radio tonight

Hour 1
The Political Theory of Sustainable Development

Join Roy Avila's interview with Michael Shaw of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz in a discussion of the political theory behind Sustainable Development. Hear about the nature, operation and consequences of Sustainable Development policies. Find out what we can do. To listen tune in 8 PM to 9 PM (PST)

Hour 2
A Shining Victory

Oregonians in Action shocked state government officials and estabishment environmentalists with an individual rights initiative. With the landslide passage of Measure 37, voters in Oregon made a huge contribution toward restoring the critical idea that each person has a private liberty to use and enjoy their property. Tune in to host Michael Shaw and guest Dave Hunnicutt, Executive Director of Oregonians in Action, from 9 PM to 10 PM(PST)

The show can also be listened to via the internet at, where they will also be archived. Each week's broadcast will replay in Santa Cruz on Thursday on KFER 89.9 FM from 4 - 6 PM.


Advance Bulletin-- A Publication of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz

Some Santa Cruz County politicians celebrated the United Nation's Human Right's Day with typical public deception. Papers were handed out that OMITTED a critical part of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Uncle Sam

Upcoming Freedom 21 Events

2005 Freedom 21 Conference in Reno

The dates have been set for the 2005 Freedom 21 Conference! It will take place July 14-16 in Reno, Nevada. Reserve those dates in your calendar, because this event is something that don't want to miss! Click here for more details:


Subject: know your High Hate Holidays

Mr Linder:

I don't want your readers to get all excited for nothing and celebrate the Ear Festival on the wrong day. While this is the 14th in Adar I, there is also an Adar II this year. The real Ear Festival will be next month. The Jews add the extra month to keep their calender in step with the seasons. This is important in order to be able to swindle the farmers out of their crops. This story will have your readers in suspense until the real Ear Festival.

The Moslems are too stupid to add a correction to their calendar and their calendar it is now off by several years. Since they neither raise crops nor swindle farmers, this is not important to them.

14th in Adar I, 5765
Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian

Happy Purim Katan
Today is the holiday of Purim Katan, or Little Purim, which takes place on the 14th day of Adar I during a leap year in which there are two months of Adar. The little-known, yet important holiday of Purim Katan only takes place seven times in the course of the 19-year cycle of regular and “pregnant” years (as Jewish leap years are referred to) that make up the Jewish calendar.

Purim Katan is frequently overlooked by the popular Purim Festival, which takes place during the second Adar. However, the Mishna (the codification of Jewish oral law) teaches that “there is no difference between the first Adar and the second Adar, aside from the reading of the Megillah and the distribution of gifts to the poor (Megillah 6b).” The very last entry in Orech Chayim (Jewish Laws of Daily Life) concerns Purim Katan and says that it is praiseworthy to have a festive meal to celebrate the day.

Following Purim Kattan is Shushan Purim Katan, which begins Wednesday evening. Shushan Purim is regularly celebrated on the 15th of Adar II and it is the day Purim is celebrated in Jerusalem as well as other Israeli cities surrounded by walls in the time of the Joshua's conquest of the land.

All the days of Purim are a celebration of the hidden ways in which God runs the world and redeems the Jewish people, and the Jewish people’s refusal to bow down to oppressors. The Scroll of Esther, read twice on Purim, describes the saga of the Jews near-annihilation in Persia at the hands of a King influenced by an evil advisor, Haman. The megillah contains the phrase oft-repeated throughout the festive day: "And it turned about: the Jews gained the upper hand over their adversaries." (Esther 9:2)


Subject: Linder on The Peter Principle

I've just finished listening to the program. Alex, you were truly outstanding: cool, ready with the most vital jewfacts, and all delivered with a smooth-as-silk verbal style - absolutely crucial in any broadcast presentation, since even the slightest stammer or hesitation comes across as nervous uncertainty (the kiss of death). The only thing missing was some fucking kike caller for you to eviscerate hilariously.

Kudos on a magnificent perfomance!

N.B. Forrest

Ed. Note: Well, thanks. I did think it went well. I hope it made some of the individualist/Constitutionalists pause and ponder whether their views are utopian in light of factual racial differences. As for Zionism vs just-plain-jews, I could have brought out our side more strongly by pointing out that Zionism has only been around 100 years, but jews have been making precisely the same kind of trouble for over 2,000 years. Making them, as the Roman had it, the common enemy of mankind.


Subject: EURO hour with Stan Hess

Idaho EURO representative and EURO Hour Host Stan Hess presents : " EURO Goes to the Movies " Stan reviews " National Treasure " and " Finding Neverland " Goy Glasses are Required ... Bring your own popcorn ... Tonight .. Wednesday night .. February 23rd 2005 .. EURO Hour 6pm Pacific 7pm Mountain 8pm Central 9pm East Coast Time

Join us live on the internet ... You can listen by clicking on Real One . Winamps . Windows Media Player Software Programs . Reality Radio Network , your station for informative programming that is politically incorrect . Listen to this program Tonight .. Wed. night February 23rd , 2005 Thank You .... Stan Hess ... Host of the EURO Hour


Subject: 'liger'

Tiger Mates With Lion, Gives Birth to "Liger" Cub in Siberian Zoo

In what local zoologists are calling a miracle, a Bengalese tiger has given birth to a healthy tiger-lion cub at a Novosibirsk zoo.

The cub is a cross between the female Bengalese tiger and an African lion. The animal resembled a lion cub except that it had stripes, and has been dubbed a "liger", the Russian Information Agency Novosti reported.

"This was not the result of a scientific experiment," Novosti quoted zoo director Rostislav Shilo as saying. "It's just that the lion and the tiger live in neighboring caves in the Novosibirsk zoo, and got used to each other. It's practically impossible in the wild."

Shilo said that the "miracle cub" was christened Zita, and will remain in the zoo. But what will happen to the cub in the future, "no one can say".


Subject: financial problems just beginning for disunited states

The Daily Reckoning PRESENTS: America has become a country of risk-takers - and it's not solely homeowners and investors taking these chances..."trusted" government officials have made promises they can't - and never intended to - keep. So what happens when this all comes to a head? Dan Denning takes a look...


by Dan Denning

"America may be the dominant force in the global economy because we're a nation made of somewhat Crazy Eddies-gonzo businessmen and women who may be genetically predisposed to take big-time risks," says Daniel Gross in his review of a new book, The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (a Little) Craziness and (a Lot) of Success in America.

Gross writes a great review of what sounds like an interesting book. But today we wonder if American's might be a little too crazy for their own pocketbooks. The book, by John D. Gartner concludes that, "many of the components of the archetypal American character-optimism, entrepreneurial energy, religious zeal-fit the hypomanic profile." Gartner says writes that because America began as a nation of immigrants, Americans may be "culturally and genetically predisposed to economic risk."

Whether it's genetic or not, Americans are taking on more risk than ever. Here a risk, there a risk, everywhere we look we find a whole nation at risk. Investors, new homeowners, and would-be retirees take on big risks with Puritanical zeal.

What a moment in financial history we observe, dear reader. A quick scan of today's headlines show all the large themes of globalization and history picking up speed and converging. Americans are getting older, and realizing they can't pay for rising health care costs, or for the comfortable retirement of the Baby Boomers.

China has overtaken the United States in consumption of basic agricultural and industrial goods. It's pushing OPEC to max its output. The competition for the world's oil gets more intense with every passing day. But China itself must compete for oil with India and Japan. All this competition is one reason why buying long-dated oil calls is so appealing.

But the flip side of the contest for the world's energy resources is the impending crisis in America's retirement resources. American policymakers are finding out, quite plainly, that State-sponsored retirement schemes are unsustainable. Alan Greenspan said it yesterday in his prepared remarks to the Senate Banking Committee. The Chairman came out swinging for personal retirement accounts. He told Senators that "the existing structure is not working," and that personal accounts were "a good thing to do over the long run."

The nitty gritty of it is that the near future will find too few workers paying too many retirees too much money. Or, if you prefer Fed speak, the "benefits promised to a burgeoning retirement-age population under mandatory entitlement programs, most notably Social Security and Medicare, threaten to strain the resources of the working-age population in the years ahead...the demographics are inexorable, and call for action before the leading edge of baby boomer retirement becomes evident in 2008." Greenspan also warned that if the problem isn't dealt with now, it might drive long-term bond yields up. Perhaps the Chairman has been following the great bond debate between the at-odds editors of the Rude Awakening. Short-term rates have risen, but long-term rates haven't, even as America racks up a $600 billion trade deficit. Even Greenspan is befuddled. "For the moment, the broadly unanticipated behavior of world bond markets remains a conundrum. Bond price movements may be a short-term aberration, but it will be some time before we are able to better judge the forces underlying recent experience."

We will save you the wait and point out that recent experience aside, when a nation becomes a credit risk, bond yields go up. There may be many small reasons to explain why yields are not rising today. But tomorrow, we find it hard to imagine a scenario where it gets cheaper for the indebted American government to borrow for increasingly expensive social welfare plans, not to mention global warfare plans.

Alarmingly, it's not even Social Security that may blow up the yield curve on the long end. It's Medicare. A new Harvard study reports that since 1990, medical spending in America has gone up from $696 billion to $1.7 trillion last year, or about 15% of GDP. The Bush Administration's prescription drug benefit is going to end up adding another $1 trillion to the Medicare burden in the next ten years.

Not only is Medicare going to eclipse Social Security in terms of Federal spending, it might go bankrupt even sooner. The Harvard study projects that if the Medicare hospitalization trust fund will run out in 2019, well before the Social Security trust fund.

How do stocks react to all this gloomy sociopolitical forecasting? They go up, of course. A new Merrill Lynch survey shows that global fund managers are bullish on stocks and pouring cash in. The survey of 320 fund managers found that one in more had over 65% of their assets in stocks and that the average stock allocation was 55%.

Yet foreigners actually bought $27.8 billion less in U.S. financial assets in November, according to Treasury Department figures released yesterday. Foreigners still bought about $61.3 billion in financial assets. But analyst Peter Frank at ABN Amro said, "It was a steep drop, but the market had already been expecting a much smaller number. If that's the start of a pattern, it's bad news for the dollar."

That sounds familiar. Bad news for the dollar. Bad news for interest rates, eventually. And bad news for anyone who depends on the American consumer for economic growth. But even that may be changing.

China has overtaken the United States in the consumption of basic agricultural and industrial goods, according to a survey from the eccentrically named Earth Policy Institute. According to the survey, China consumed 64m tons of meat in 2004, while McDonald's gorging Americans only choked down 38m tons of red meat. China used up 258m tons of steel, compared to 104m in America. And China burned 40% more coal than America.

Granted, on a per capita basis, Americans are probably not cheating themselves at the dinner table (or at the breakfast table, or at the lunch counter, or at the snack bar, or at the desert cart.) And granted, China gets more energy from coal than America because China has a lot of coal. With oil above $45 it is cheaper to burn what you own than buy what you don't.

But don't think the Chinese are backing away from the oil sweepstakes. OPEC said yesterday that rising Chinese demand would force the cartel to boost global output to 30.1 mbpd. OPEC's capacity, by the way, according to the OECD is about 31.5m bpd. Not much slack is there?

In two stories we see two proofs of the same idea. Everyone knows Social Security is going bankrupt, but pretends otherwise. Everyone knows there are more competing for oil that's already being pumped at peak capacity. Prices have risen, but geopolitical temperatures haven't, at least not yet.

Here's the question: at what point does a future inevitability become a clear and present force on asset prices? When will the lurking knowledge that the American government has made promises it can't (and has no intention of keeping) propel U.S. bond yields into double digits? And when will the nervous struggle for the world's oil, conducted politely and with fake smiles and behind the scenes deals for access, turn into an ugly public spectacle? Or are we already watching the opening act?


Dan Denning
for The Daily Reckoning

P.S. We scarcely mentioned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They have exited stage right in the mind of investors as the oil and bond stories take center stage. But if there is an unassuming villain in this drama, it's the GSEs. A sharp and unexpected spike in long-term yields would be just the plot twist to rip the mask off of America's financial economy and begin the sudden popping of its many bubbles.

Kind of reminds you of Hamlet at the end when all the main characters die on stage. Fortinbras, the King of Norway arrives on scene and speaks the final lines of the play:

"Take up the bodies. Such a sight as this becomes the field, but here shows much amiss. Go bid the soldiers shoot."


Subject: Nouvelle Droite - in English

Check out Nouvelle Droite - New Right - English articles

Click here: Nouvelle Droite - New Right - English articles

Tons of great reading.


Subject: jew Summers

Summers' Speech Released—Finally

Harvard University President Lawrence Summers finally has released the text of the notorious speech he delivered last month that mentioned the scarcity of women in the sciences. Most of the controversy that followed focused on one remark: Summer's "best guess" was that "intrinsic aptitude" played a role in the lack of gender parity. But it's the rest of the speech that really concerns Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who complains that Summers' tone throughout the talk is "of patronizing regret." The prestigious university's leader insisted, "I would like nothing better than to be proved wrong." But he added, "When major diversity efforts are mounted, and consciousness is raised, and special efforts are made, and you look five years later at the quality of the people who have been hired during that period, how many are there who have turned out to be much better than the institutional norm who wouldn't have been found without a greater search. And how many of them are plausible compromises that aren't unreasonable, and how many of them are what the right-wing critics of all of this suppose represent clear abandonments of quality standards." Was Summers implying that embracing diversity means lowering standards? Robinson thinks so. "He's telling women and minorities at Harvard that they're suspect, that they may well be unqualified, and that their presence is just tolerated," he writes.

For every detractor, there is someone who has come to Summers' aid, defending his right to hypothesize and chastising the media and women professors for overreacting. Shouldn't institutions such as Harvard, they say, promote this sort of discussion? While academic freedom (registration required) is sacred, Robinson writes, "Summers isn't just an overcaffeinated economics professor, bloviating in a seminar or holding court at the faculty club. He's the president of Harvard. He sets policy and has absolute power over careers, and now he has put himself on the record as extremely skeptical, to say the least, about any 'special efforts' to increase diversity."

On Thursday, the same day Summers reluctantly released a transcript of his speech, more than 100 women scientists from Yale University brought the controversy to their campus. They marched to the office of their president, Richard Levin, to complain that he had not joined the scores of critics of Summers. The Yale women also signed a petition complaining that Yale does not give women the tenure they deserve, the New York Post reports.

With trouble brewing on two Ivy League campuses, there was good news last week about women in the most male-dominated field among the sciences. A report released Friday by the American Institute of Physics found that after they earn a bachelor's degree in physics, American women are just as successful as men at climbing the academic ladder. The figures support Summers' point that discrimination in hiring doesn't seem to be a major factor in the lack of women in the sciences, The New York Times reports. But according to the study, there is a major problem earlier on; nearly half of high-school physics students are girls, but women account for less than a quarter of college graduates with physics degrees. "That's where the drop-off point in physics is," says Rachel Ivie, a sociologist and an author of the report. "That's where they need to look."

Ivie also took Summers to task for his comment about genetic capabilities (registration required), suggesting that the academic has not followed the continuing progress of women in fields such as physics. She told the newspaper that while women earned only 18 percent of the Ph.D.'s in the United States in 2003, that number far exceeds the 1970 percentage: 2.4. "If it's differences in innate ability, I don't know what innate abilities would have changed so quickly," she quips.


Subject: queer "marriage" on Simpsons

As Goes Springfield, So Goes the Country?

The long-running animated hit "The Simpsons" is known for taking on and poking fun at divisive social issues. But Sunday's episode, in which Homer conducts dozens of same-sex marriages after the town of Springfield legalized the unions in a bid to woo gay tourists, has garnered extra attention from newspapers and activists on both sides of the gay-marriage debate. The episode, which also sees Marge's sister Patty come out, represents a significant moment for the contentious issue, says Ray Richmond, a television columnist who co-edited the anthology "The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family."

"The issue was mainstream to some degree, but now that they've deigned it worthy of the show it is interwoven into the fabric of popular culture," he said. "'The Simpsons' bestows upon something a pop culture status it never had before, simply by virtue of being ripe for a joke."

L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Parents Television Council, criticized the show for taking on the topic, although he admitted that he did not watch the episode. "You've got a show watched by millions of children. Do children need to have gay marriage thrust in their faces as an issue? Why can't we just entertain them?" he asked. Fox did include a parental advisory, The New York Times reports.

Marty Kaplan, associate dean of the University of Southern California's Annenberg School, said the episode serves notice to conservatives that this issue is not going away. "It's saying to those who demonize homosexuality, or what they call the homosexual agenda, anything from 'Lighten up' to 'Get out of town,'" he said. "It sounds as though they're saying that what the religious right calls 'the homosexualist agenda,' as if it were creeping Satanism, is: these people are your neighbors in the Springfield that is America."


Subject: jews poison wells - not just figuratively

Professor Shamir WEZ:

It looks like your ancient race of well poisoners is at it again. I would think that you Wise Elders of Zion would put a stop to this since it plays right into the hands of the anti-Semites.

Also note that one of your co-racialists and countrymen has been sending out half of the spam originating in your country. He even attacks your fellow Jews as well as the goyim. He is the kind that Eichmann could deal with. LIBG!

14th in Adar I, 5765
Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian

By Amira Hass, Haaretz Correspondent

Vandals foul Palestinian village's water supply

The Madama village's spring was deliberately contaminated and its water supply system was sabotaged 10 days ago, village council head Ayed Kamal said Sunday. This is the sixth time in the past three years that the spring, the only source of water of the village's 1,700 residents, and the water system, has been deliberately damaged. The village is located near the extremist Yitzhar settlement and its outposts.

An Oxfam delegation, accompanied by an Israel Defense Forces unit for protection, set out last Thursday to gauge the damage. The Oxfam group needed protection after armed Israelis opened fire on workers repairing the spring and water pipes on two previous occasions during 2002.

Talia Somech, a spokeswoman for the IDF's civil administration, told Haaretz that the IDF learned of the damage only during the visit on Thursday and that the matter would be passed on to the police.

Kamal told Haaretz that 10 days ago a group of Israelis, some of them armed, clashed with shepherds near the spring. That evening the water stopped flowing to the villagers' houses. On Thursday they found that the water pipes had been broken and the cement encasing one of the water wells had been smashed to pieces. The debris had been thrown into the well. A number of times from the end of 2000 to the end of 2003, the villagers had no water to their homes after unknown perpetrators smashed the water pipes and threw building waste into the water holes.

Oxfam volunteered to finance the pipes' repair, but they were vandalized again. Oxfam then encased the pipes above the surface with concrete and built an iron cage around the water holes to protect them. However, once again the concrete and pipes were smashed and the drinking water fouled with dirty diapers and other waste.


Subject: Whites emasculated in their own country

25 Years Later: Turner Dairies Fiction is Reality


Those of you who have read the Turner Diaries may recall Dr. Pierce's fictional account of White office works sheepishly submitting to the orders of enraged Nigs. In that passage, the Black co-workers order the whites to line up and get on their knees. The Nigs then go down the line of whites cutting their throats one by one as the Whites offer no resistance.

I see "real-life" accounts of this happening in Iraq today as Muslim insurgents line up captured Iraqi national guardsmen and policemen and shoot them in the back of the head - one by one:

WMV video

Cut and paste web address into browser window or click on to see videos. Well worth the wait.


But, I never thought that whites would act in a similar manner -- however the video below will show you just how far most whites have sunk.

The security video shows a Big Nig beating an average-sized white man in the lobby of a pizza shop. Several other large white men are also waiting for their orders. Notice how one other white guy (standing by the door) is at least as big as the Nig. However, no white man comes to the aid of their fellow white under attack. In fact, if you watch, you will see the other white men in the lobby turn away from the beating or actually move out of the way so as to give the nigger all the room he needs to beat the white man. Then, the big white guy at the door puts up his hands as if to say, "I don't what no trouble buddy," and allows the Nigger to exit the shop unmolested. I wonder what would have happened if the Nig had decided to take out ALL the cowards - one by one? Would the whites each have waited patiently for his turn to be cold-cocked? After watching the video, I believe each one might have.


The Jews' mind control is almost complete. Now you can see clearly that most Whites will not come to the aid of other whites even when they out number the nigger doing the beating! Do the cowardly whites in this video fear being "sued" by a Jew lawyer or arrested by the ADL-controlled police for the "hate crime" of defending a fellow white, or do they fear being called "racists" and loosing their jobs or standing within the community? Whatever their fear, it was strong enough to stifle their willingness to help or outrage at the Silver-back gorilla's savage behavior.

This is a disturbing view of reality. A bestial nig enraged in an instant after his woman is "dissed" (disrespected) by "the man." He is only doing what his kind has done for eons. But his kind has been loosed upon us by the Jews' laws and our treasonous white liberals.

Take Care and Good Hunting,
Michael Beaver

Remember the late President Richard M. Nixon's assessment, "...[T]he Jews are an irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards." (Recorded in the White House Oval Office on Feb 1, 1972)

Adolf Hitler's prophetic insight: I don't see much future for the Americans. In my view it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities.... Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together--a State where 80 per cent of the revenue is drained away for the public purse--a country where everything is built on the dollar? (Hitler's Table Talk, Jan. 7, 1942)

Ed. Note: You are right. The only whites who will live through coming horrors are those who will fight. Words, constitutions, individual rights - meaningless. Willingness to fight, physically and verbally, is all that matters. There is no hope in conservatism, for they are beaten curs. There is every hope in White racialism.


Subject: the market

RE: Arch Stanton's ' market letter, VNN RM 02 22 05

Hi Arch. The (K)ike that runz our e(K)ahnomi(K) system is much more (K)lever then you give him (K)redit for... and less obvious. Read on. You've been jewed alright, you just don't realize it. Remember the example of boiling a frog in a pot of water? --V. Helsyng

' The Crash that Was '
-- Ronald Vida

" Most bearish analysts (including me) have thought that a severe correction in the stock markets is long overdue. I predicted a crash in January, 2005. In January, investors pulled out $29 Billion--and stock prices barely budged. There should have been a crash. The crash would have set off a series of events as you describe in Rooster 2. The crash didn't happen. What in the world is going on?

Well, believe it or not, the crash DID happen. Stocks are worth about 40% less today than they were 2 years ago. You are probably asking, "How can that be? Stock prices are about the same as they were 2 years ago." I didn't say that stock prices had crashed. I said that stock values had crashed. Let me explain.

Over the past couple of years, Alan Greenspan and the Fed have been quietly devaluing the dollar. The vast majority of Americans haven't even noticed. Only if one travels to, or trades with a different economy do they see that their dollar is only worth 60% of what it was two years ago. People in different economies who invest in dollar-denominated securities have seen their securities shrink 40% in value.

American stock prices are denominated in dollars. Therefore, the true value of American securities is 40% less than it was 2 years ago. Stock prices have stayed about the same as they were 2 years ago, but each of the dollars that make up the stock price is worth about 40% less. This devaluation means that stock prices must rise about 40% in order to have the same value they had 2 years ago. The crash DID happen! Stock values dropped 40% because of the devaluation of the dollar, but stock prices stayed about the same.

Well, you ask, "Why didn't stock prices crash when investors pulled out $29 Billion in January?" "...



Subject: attempted dissing by dead Pim's jilted boyfriend

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. That you are a black gay sexual trapped in a person with a white colour.

Willem v.d.Reus


Subject: from ICH

Why butchers from Mainz are not allowed to speak with the President: : The German State Dept. in Berlin rejected a town meeting in which the questions were previously agreed upon, so now Bush is meeting with hand picked leaders of American institutions in Mainz/Frankfurt. Translated from German.

Thousands of Germans March to Protest Bush Visit : Demonstrators pulled a float portraying a prisoner being beaten at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison through the German city of Mainz on Wednesday. The float featured a woman in military fatigues whipping a "prisoner" in an orange jumpsuit -- a replication of abuse by US troops at the Baghdad prison.


Subject: Syria today

What the CIA's Nazi Files Can Tell Us About Iraq: Since the attacks of 11 September 2001, the American public has endured an astounding avalanche of official lies, half truths, pseudo-events and sheer balderdash that will surely enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Syria minister warns of Bush 'plot': "What has happened in Lebanon is an inseparable part of the plan to restructure the Middle East. This causes real worries to the people of this region," Shaban told Aljazeera.


Patrick Seale: Who killed Rafik Hariri?: If Syria killed Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister and mastermind of its revival after the civil war, it must be judged an act of political suicide.



Subject: interesting blog material


Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

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