Reader Mail: 27 February 2006

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Subject: jews


"Funny, But I Do Look Jewish"

Note the more-than-significant mention of Jews-being-anthropologically-considered-a-race many years ago. The definition of "race" was "officially" altered with the specific goal of excluding Jews. That plan now prevents evil - no, wait, super-duper evil - "anti-Semites" from claiming that Jews behave alike due to their genes. Clever. Few people today refer to Jews as more than a religion, so the plan worked; in fact, we are sure that even Jews themselves are amazed at how well it worked:



Subject: Bushy the beloved


Thousands to protect Bush in India

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - About 5,000 personnel including snipers, commandos and U.S. marines using helicopters, bomb detectors and electronic jammers will protect President George W. Bush during his visit to India this week, officials said on Monday. The personnel would be part of a three-ring security cordon around the U.S. president and First Lady Laura Bush who are due to arrive in New Delhi for their maiden visit to the subcontinent on Wednesday, they said.


Subject: Tancredo

Tancredo Calls (jew)Specter's Bill 'Unmitigated Disaster'

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) assailed (jew)Sen. Arlen Specter's 13 million person amnesty that the Judiciary Committee chairman introduced today. (jew)Specter's bill, which is expected to be used as the basis of immigration discussions in the Senate Judiciary Committee next month, would grant a blanket amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the U.S., adds almost no personnel or equipment to secure the border, fails to significantly increase penalties for illegal employers, and overwhelms America's immigration system with countless new legal immigrants.

"Words almost fail to describe the threat this bill poses to our national and economic security," said Tancredo. "By legalizing the millions upon millions of illegal aliens in the , (jew)Specter makes a mockery of our laws and crushes our already strained legal immigration system. The American people will not stand by idly as this unmitigated disaster makes its way through the Senate."

In addition to its massive amnesty, (jew)Specter's bill does almost nothing to secure our porous borders from illegal immigrants—whether they come for work or for more nefarious purposes. For example, Congress has already authorized at least 10,000 new Customs and Border Protection officers; (jew)Specter wants to hire a paltry 250. Since 1996, Congress funded a functional entry-exit system for immigration screening (known as US-VISIT)—the Administration still has not implemented the program, and (jew)Specter's bill merely calls for a timeline for implementation. The House reform bill authorized more than 700 miles of border fencing; (jew)Specter's bill calls for yet another study into a fence.

"(jew)Specter substitutes studies for security and wide-open employment for enforcement. Waving the white flag and retreating from the border is no solution to our immigration woes," said Tancredo. "Apparently (jew)Specter thinks that if we make illegal behavior legal, our border security problems will go away. Appeasing lawbreakers does nothing to block terrorists from sneaking into the or root out terrorists who might already have gotten in."

On top of processing the 13 million or more illegal aliens, (jew)Specter's bill crushes the already strained legal immigration system with a new class of guest workers with no numerical limit and a loophole for student green cards.

"Millions more legal immigrants on top of a mass amnesty will overwhelm our agencies," said Tancredo.


Subject: Numberman article

Dear Alex: Wow. I'm really impressed with how hip & cool you are publishing a real jew beat poet. Is he a real live jew beatnik? Or just a jew beatnik wannabe?

Is VNN the lost Ginsburg archive?

Put out hundreds of thousands of copies of TAA. Link those copies to, and what do you get, jew beatnik poetry, and short shit shots from some jewboy named Linder. TAA as false advertising.

Btw, the new blog looks good. Let's put back on track!

Your faithful reader,

Ed. Note: Beatnik? It is fair to call Numberman's essay obscene, but his writing is far above beats in that itz intelligible, funny, and just plain jew-piercing. TAA funnels people to our forum. Something for all tastes is what we offer. Numberman's piece is brilliant, and lies fully within the VNN tradition. I love it!


Subject: cc PC Roberts



Begin my telling your readers that U.S. immigration policies are effecting a GENOCIDE of whites within their own civilization.

Begin by pointing out that "neocon" is code for ZIONIST, as Zionist Jews control America:

See my list of things to do in here:



Subject: halliburton gets contracts for "camps"



Subject: silver or gold?


by the Optimist

February 22, 2006



Subject: Barnhart on Germany

Another Libertardian, she complains about "white supremacists", then proceeds to outline all the things that have deteriorated under multiculturalism, precisely because of mud immigration and resultant societal degradation.


Subject: symbols on federal reserve notes

Jewish Power Symbolism

Documented by Garin Greene

Look at the back of the one dollar Federal Reserve Note. You will see on the right side the Eagle and the star of David above.

Note that the Eagle, which represents The United States of America, is below the six pointed star of David, which represents Israel.

This is declaring that Israel and Jewish power is above the United States. Signalizing that Israel and Jewish power controls the United States.


Subject: London's Livingstone

Ken, free-speech martyr

Oh, if only they'd sent Ken Livingstone on a racial sensitivities counselling course, instead of suspending him from office for four weeks. Can you imagine it? Ken, the most racially attuned man in Britain, a chap so implacably pro-Muslim, pro-Irish, right-on, anti the imperialist white hegemony, forced to sit on a blond wooden chair in some corporate hellhole while a lecturer, with the use of an overhead projector, attempted to address his inner core of racism.

"We're all racist, Ken, even when we don't think we are. Here's a picture of some black people. Now, Ken, what do you think when you see them? Be honest." If only the tribunal had a sense of irony. If only.

Ken has been suspended by the tribunal for something he said to a Jewish reporter from the London Evening Standard. The tribunal decided that his comments brought the London mayor's office into disrepute, which perhaps suggests that they do indeed have a sense of irony.

The congestion charge, the speed humps, the bus lanes, the enormous surcharge Londoners pay to keep Ken in his hideous glass bowl by the river, his penchant for rabid, homophobic Muslim clerics, his platforms for Sinn Fein, his old Third World dictator beige safari suit and risible History Man moustache, his obsession with newts — hell, all that stuff is fine. But when he's a bit rude to some local hack he gets slapped with a disrepute charge.

The problem arose when Ken was asked a reasonable but politically tricky question by a reporter. When he found out that the reporter worked for Associated Newspapers, Ken disparaged the journalist's employer, likening him to a concentration camp guard who was "following orders" and in it "only for the money". If there is one thing that Ken really hates it's the Daily Mail — although his stand against a newspaper group that briefly supported Hitler and has (as Ken puts it) "waged war on ethnic minorities for 100 years" has not, in the past, stopped him from accepting lucrative commissions from it. But the reporter then announced that he was Jewish and was thus offended by Ken's allusion, not understanding perhaps that denizens of the far left always liken to Nazi Germany things to which they are opposed.



Subject: Töben WMV

The final send before Töben departs for Iran



Subject: good newz

1. Jewish Tolerance: Death to those who reveal the Jewish agenda

2. The obstacle of open debate on the holocaust is simply Jewry's fear of the truth. "The entrenched holocaust-legend is protected by a system of legal and extra-legal prohibitions"

3. Moslems taking over decadent Europe. The end of Jewry has now tolled. "Be prepared for the real holocaust"

4. David Irving denied the truth before an Inquisition-Court as Galileo Galilei did before him. Horst Mahler: "Inquisition is a crime. The 'judges' of Vienna are perpetrators of a capital crime and will be punished for that"

5. Cartoons, exposing the Jewish agenda are punishable by law. Cartoons, disparaging Mohammend are considered "freedom of expression"

6. For Fear of the Truth

7. War-Lie exposed: It was Stalin, not Hitler who wanted the war Khrushchev: "Perhaps the war would have never taken place. Reasonable politics could have avoided the war"

8. "The creation of a racialist and colonialist territorial entity that styled itself a 'Jewish State', came into being through violence"

9. "The Beauty of the Universe" Mozart, judged by the ensuing ages Mozart Year 2006: Tribute to the greatest musically genius

10. Economic Tsunami: "Bush would rather avoid massive popular unrest until his battle-plans for Iran are carried out"


Subject: "PNAC, Wolfowitz and the Iraq War"


PNAC, Wolfowitz and the Iraq War

Concerning Jewish neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz, the current Iraq War and a 1992 U.S. government report written by Wolfowitz. Note that this report was written 11 years before the Iraq War was created based upon bogus information from the Jewish-staffed Office of Special Plans [bold type ours]:

"...The report called for pre-emptive attacks and ad hoc coalitions, but said that the U.S. should be ready to act alone when 'collective action cannot be orchestrated.'....Wolfowitz outlined plans for military intervention in Iraq..." [scroll about half-way down the page]"


Subject: parallels



Some people might think that it's a big stretch to compare World War II with the current Iraq War. But many of the features between those two wars are eerily similar:

-- Both wars were "pushed" by America's Jewish community long before they actually occurred [evidence suggests that Jewish neoconservatives began pushing for a war with Iraq during George Bush, Sr.'s administration; ironically, or not, they got one with the 1991 Gulf War; also ironic is how Iraq was first told by the U.S. government in mid-1990 that its dispute with Kuwait was a local matter and not a concern of the U.S., which raises disturbing questions as to why America then went to war with Iraq over Kuwait less than a year later]. [1] [2]

-- Both wars used non-Jewish soldiers to fight against enemies of the Jews [America's "sudden, surprise" war with Japan was merely a planned back-door to war with Germany, as admitted by even some former Roosevelt staffers].

-- In both wars, Jewish government officials, Jewish journalists and Jewish-owned news organs in America played key roles in "paving the way" for combat, even if the number of such Jews was rather small. In other words, it wasn't "how many" as much as it was "who and where they were."

-- In both wars, opponents of, and in, the wars were called "fascists" [many Arab/Middle Eastern regimes are now cleverly referred to as "Islamofascist" - a term that didn't exist until recently].

-- In both wars, American government officials referred to the enemy as being part of an "axis" [recall the Bush administration's amusing use of the term "axis of evil" several years ago; granted, Mussolini himself used the word "axis," apparently before the American government did].

Of course, the above doesn't surprise us. Jews have a habit of "repeat behavior." In fact, it was such repeat behavior that got them kicked out of most of the countries in the world at one time or another.

[1] Wolfowitz/"Scooter" Libby/the Bush, Sr. administration:

[2] why does America ever do anything in the Middle East?, i.e. 1) it's done for Israel; or 2) it's done for oil


Subject: George Will on Irving

The Jews' favorite water-carrier, George Will, sort of defends David Irving - after the necessary condemning of "anti-Semitism" and "Holocaust revisionism," of course:


Subject: Free download - St. Simon of Trent program


Subject: Bush 'toons

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