Reader Mail: 28 February 2005



Hi Alex,

Thanks, Donaldo (ZR), for your comments.

Here's a good Xian story for you. There is this guy I know. A Xian. A Xian of the worst kind. He's "100%': sure there is a god. God is all knowing, all powerful, etc. If we do not accept jesus, we will scream forever. (Oh, and by the way, while we are screaming our lungs out, god still loves us!) God knows out future, but yet we have free will, etc. There is no possibility whatsoever he may be mistaken.

Anyway, he was commenting on how some people praise, or attribute certain things to Satan. He then says that even Satan's works are directed by god! And, he said this NOT as a complaint about god. Meaning, while he attributes Satan's works to god, he does not BLAME god for Satan's evil deeds!

In other words, it is admitted that Satan is evil. That his works are evil. But at the same time, he claims Satan is only, albeit unknowingly, doing god's work. But, god is still the good guy! You would think I am making this shit up!

A Xian is the number one best example of a walking contradiction. As far as I'm concerned, you can feed them all to the lions. I'd rather see the jews win as opposed to whites winning if it meant saving Xians.

Well, as my brother once said, referring to Xians, and the Big H: They (the jews) got so many people to believe that some guy was the son of the guy that created the universe. Getting them to believe in the Big H was child's play!



Subject: no hubris

Cultural Health, Necessary First Step to Jew-Disease-Eradication

(Apollonian, Feb 05)

Thanks for VNN's mainpage essay by "Max Hadden," "Arrogance and Ignorance," of 28 Feb. But Max has some serious problems for his arguments. The proper antisemitic program, which intensive and most explicit antisemitism I whole-heartedly endorse, must be coupled, first of all, with a positive program consistent with white-Aryan Western culture, that founded upon Aristotelian Objectivity in most general cultural terms, hence then in proper tradition of the natural law ideal of Cicero and William Blackstone. My diagnosis and remedy/plan is accurate and best; Max Hadden is the quack. Judaic hubris-insanity-narcissism and obsessionate fraud take advantage of white-Western subjectivism and indulgence in neo-Pelagianism, the "good-evil" moralism delusion as from J.J. Rousseau and Immanuel Kant.

Thus in general, our positive program isn't better symbolized than by means of good old Christianity. This Christian theme then isolates the Jews and properly places them on the defensive. Hadden's way merely isolates white folk, while the Christian method keeps outstanding nationalists and patriots in the forefront of leadership in the larger front-effort against the kike disease-of-opportunity. Hadden just needs to learn to (a) understand Christianity better, and (b) make use of it more competently and with less prejudice. Linder is correct for his intensive repudiation and criticism of "Judeo-Christianity," but needs be wiser for his apprehending the real inspiration. Such proper apprehension/appreciation isn't really difficult, and patriots must begin to get serious therewith and leave off with too much Hitler romanticism.

To attack Jews without attacking their special weapon, the Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed") Counterfeiting scam is exactly like attempting to attack Popeye without depriving him first of his trusty can of spinach. Indeed, it is my thesis that Judaism is mere front for the general scam known as the Fed, fractional-reserve money and banking (f-r m & b). Further, it is precisely the purpose of both the Jews and money-power who make use of those diseased and psychotic, narcissistic, obsessionately self-pitying pukes to let the kikes be attacked, villified, etc., for the very purpose of distracting and diverting from the real, fundamental, and essential problem, the Fed scam instrument which caps and crowns the large cultural fraud-complex, the subjectivistic-Pelagian degeneracy in Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

In the first place Max has some facts wrong: Hitler, whom I consider quite an outstanding hero, even though he was victim of fate and history, received MASSIVE funding fm the West in the whole period before taking office in 1933; this is documented in Who Financed Hitler, I believe is the title of the work by the Pooles, the brother and sister (Susan, I think) team of researchers, and so indicated in other works too.

Any decent scholar would merely acknowledge the overwhelming evidence adduced by numerous sources--for which source material Hadden is quite short for reference, I'll observe--including especially the magnificent Antony C. Sutton, that the money-power, as Hadden rightly observes, was desperately striving for another war and thus so manipulated the US and Britain against Hitler and the Germans. Hjalmar Schacht was one agent of this money power, I understand, whom Hitler finally removed, but didn't fully evaluate correctly, I'm afraid.

In hindsight the historian and patriot must admit uncle Adolf made some mistakes like, for example, not letting Danzig go, to continue building up for the inevitable war, and then gratuitously declaring war on the US in late 1941. Overall, Hitler failed to make a sufficient philosophic-type case against the kikes so as to help American patriots to preventing the US from going to war against the magnificent German heroes and defenders of civilization and humanity. We must not fail to make this philosophic case, thus I forthrightly assert Christianity, that magnificent general artistic/cultural vehicle for objectivity against kike subjectivism/Pelagianism and fascism.

Now let me get to some specific points made by Max in his essay who was otherwise pretty fair as he generally quoted me quite accurately and in-context. Max uses the example of "city government" in L.A., Cal. in connection with our hero, Ernst Zundel. But Max's example is absurd and poisoned at the proverbial "well." First, any city government should safeguard Christianity--that's the way to begin to attack the Jews. Removing illegal immigrants is the way to go for the spics, and fighting crime works best against the blacks, queers, and communists.

Like with "English only" and non-funding of illegals, like the two successful instances in California, it must start at local level, and if the Feds resist, so much the worse for them--don't doubt they look bad. And if at first one isn't successful, hey, ya just gotta "keep on keeping on." Don't be childish and too willing to give up. Ditto for dear Ernst Zundel who's a great hero and has succeeded in permanently making the kikes and Feds look like the puke they really are, don't doubt.

Regarding RPUSA, it's false analogy by Max: their failure is not due to advocacy of Fed-removal or anti-17th amendment, but other things, as Max well knows. And yes unquestionably it's all got to go together: one of the great things about Fed-removal is removal of those scummy Jews--did RPUSA think of that approach?--did Max? Max makes so little sense--how does he know such Fed-removal didn't account for what success the RPUSA did have?

Regarding Christianity of founders, which is absolutely true and eminently verifiable, note it's Max's denying such facts who's plainly grossly absurd, and note he gives no sources to back his absurd opinion--give it up, Max. I offer facts and premises for my conclusions Max, you're the one who fails pathetically.

You're anti-white if u knowingly play the Jew game and attack them without properly leading the people to first take away the Jews' invincible weapon, the Fed, like first one would have to deprive Popeye of his can of spinach. The Jews love being attacked as they're totally sick, perverted, masochistic puke who pretend gentiles are "envious" of the hook-nosed, kinky-haired kikes, which additionally justifies them for being "persecuted." This is yet another essay explaining things for you Max; you gotta start getting smart here, sometime, eh?

CONCLUSION: Max is well-motivated, I guess, but he has to be honest, logical, and consistent: it's not only a matter of physical race, but also philosophy and culture. The Jews are a disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of a sick Western culture in Spenglerian Decline in subjectivism and Pelagianism. The large cultural conflict/battle then is objective vs. subjective, and we need simply adopt rule-of-law ideal with greatest consistency possible culturally, in the abstract, and then practically and politically. The Fed is the epitome of this putrid degenerate culture of fraud, and removing this sickness of subjectivism and its epitome is the key to being free of the Jew-disease. Finally Max, please learn to spell "Apollonian"--1 p and 2 L's, for gosh sake.

Sincerely, Apollonian, combat-scholar/theologian-of-giftedness, Christian-patriot

Ed. Note: You are the last one qualified to talk about others' hubris. Yeah, Hitler's looking up at you. You understand jews, not him. Look at photo of the guy. He was no product of money. Any idiot can see that. Well, most idiots.


Subject: Zundel

Visit to Ernst Zundel & Text of Judge Blais Decision

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

What follows is the full text of government hatchetman Mr. Justice Pierrre Blais who was plainly sent in by the government to uphold the absurd findings of his former employees in the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS). Blatantly ignoring the wording of the CSIS Act, which defines a threat to national security, Blais, the former spookmeister has led Canada into truly totalitarian Third World territory where a threat to national security is seen as any dissent against the state.

Blais finds no evidence of Mr. Zundel being violent or of promoting or supporting or funding violence. Instead, for opposing the regime in his home country, Germany, he is deemed to have been destabilizing that government. Thus, dissident is destabilization. . Equally totalitarian in its departure from the CSIS Act's definition of threat to national security - acts of serious violence against persons or property to promote one's views - Blais has decided to criminalize the entire immigration reform movement across the West. He tosses around labels, such as "White supremacist" and concludes that such dissenters are violent. Thus, because Ermst Zundel had contact with a myriad of people across the "rightwing spectrum:", these associations make him guilty and, therefore, a threat to Canada's national security. I'll be dissecting Ottawa's hitman's rant further later.

Today, Wolfgang Mueller and I visited Ernst in prison about 5:00 p.m. tonight. It will likely be the last time we'll see him in Canada as he's almost certain to be deported tomorrow evening. Another supporter and I brought his two suitcases to Immigration "removals unit" and hauled away for storage a great deal of material that he'd had.

The result here in Absurdistan is disappointing but not entirely surprising.

As always, Ernst Zundel was in good spirits.

"I'm a bit like the crew on the crippled Bismarck," he told us. "The Bismarck's rudder had been damaged and it was circling, but it continued to fire shells at its opponents. I shall continue to write letters and use up my stamps tonight until the lights go out," he promised.

Depressed? Not Ernst Zundel. "Whenever I feel a little down, I think of our German soldiers in the Gulag or the thousands of German women molested by the communists" in 1945.

"I consider myself a man of destiny," he told us. "The little inconveniences they inflict on my 66-year-old body, after I survived cancer, bombs, a mob of 5,000, are nothing. Don't weep for me, Argentina," he grinned.

"I knew, in 2000, when truth was declared not to be a defence by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that Canada had been taken over by an oligarchy," He left Canada that year. "I vowed I would never set foot in Canada again. Canada is an occupied country."

Meanwhile, lead Defence Counsel, in addition to numerous print interviews, is burning up the electronic media as a passionate defender of freedom of speech. He was on AM640 (John Oakley's show) and AM570 (a Kitchener show) this morning. He will be interviewed by Peter Murphy of CTV today and on CBC Newsworld tonight. He has also been asked to contact Global and ARD TV station in New York. He was on Global and CFTO-TV on Saturday.

Paul Fromm



p.s. We still need your support. The Zundel case will continue in Germany. Please send contributions to help Ernst Zundel's defence to CAF?, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.


Subject: rise of the kike

Wolfowitz on shortlist for World Bank top post

By Andrew Balls and Edward Alden in Washington

Published: March 1 2005 00:43

Paul Wolfowitz, US deputy secretary of defence, has emerged as a leading candidate to replace James Wolfensohn as the president of the World Bank. Mr Wolfowitz is one of a small number of people being considered for the US nomination, administration insiders said.


Subject: here she is, miss lethally sick


Botswana beauty pageant crowns Miss HIV


Subject: Chicago 7 trial



Subject: diversity = death, in London too

Seems London has some problems, too. Note that there is no mention of exactly who is making up the gangs.

Gang terror on trains

By Dick Murray Transport Editor, Evening Standard

28 February 2005

Passengers fled in terror as a gang charged through London commuter trains smashing more than 100 windows. The vandals, believed to have been armed with iron bars, wrecked so many carriages that morning peak services were disrupted due to a shortage of stock.

When they finished with one train they boarded another and continued their spree.

Northfleet station in Kent was also attacked. Damage to equipment was so severe that part of it remained shut today. A spokeswoman for South Eastern Trains (SET) said: "This was just wanton destruction for the sake of it."

The monkey attacks on the trains took place in the Gravesend and Northfleet area. A spokesman for British Transport Police said five people, all believed to be male, had been arrested and were being questioned today. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of pounds.

The resulting disruption worsened already severe overcrowding on the busiest commuter lines in Britain, serving Charing Cross and Cannon Street stations. SET was forced to cancel five Metro trains and reduce the number of carriages on other services.

The spokeswoman added: "There were more than 100 windows smashed. We have had to cancel some peak services today because of the sheer volume of damage. "We were able to repair some windows - but our depots do not carry that amount of replacement windows." Police and rail chiefs are increasingly concerned about the huge increase in vandalism.

Latest statistics for the year ending last March show a 31.5 per cent increase in criminal damage on Britain's railways. There was a 14 per cent increase in violent crime. The South-East is one of the worst affected regions.

Long-distance Kent commuters also suffered more delays today because night engineering work, the responsibility of Network Rail, failed to finish on time. Early commuters on the Hastings line suffered long delays. Engineers, who should have completed their work by 4am failed to finish until 6.30am. This resulted in some cancellations and delays.

Engineering work over-ran in the Hastings and Robertsbridge area. There was also another late finish of work at Canterbury, which caused delays to early services into Victoria.



Holocaust Survivor Memoir Exposed as Fraud

by Mark Weber

From The Journal of Historical Review, Sept.-Oct. 1998 (Vol. 17, No. 5), pages 15-16:

Deborah Lipstadt, author of the anti-revisionist polemic Denying the Holocaust , has assigned Fragments in her Emory University class on Holocaust memoirs. When confronted with evidence that Fragments is a fraud, she commented that the new revelations "might complicate matters somewhat, but [the work] is still powerful."


A Holocaust survivor memoir that has received prestigious literary awards and lavish praise has been exposed as a hoax.

In Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood, Binjamin Wilkomirski describes his ordeal as an infant in the Jewish ghetto of Riga (Latvia), where his earliest memory is of seeing his father being killed. Wilkomirski also tells how he survived the terrible rigors of wartime internment, at the age of three or four, in the German-run concentration camps of Majdanek and Auschwitz.

First published in German in 1995, Fragments has been translated into twelve languages. In Switzerland, the country where Wilkomirski lives, the book has been a major best-seller. Two documentary films and numerous personal appearances by the author in schools throughout the country have helped promote the memoir.

The American edition was published by Schocken, an imprint of Random House, which heavily promoted the book with teachers' study guides and other supplementary materials.

Jewish groups and major American newspapers have warmly praised Fragments. The New York Times called it "stunning," and the Los Angeles Times lauded it as a "classic first-hand account of the Holocaust." It received the 1996 National Jewish Book Award for Autobiography and Memoir, while in Britain it was awarded the Jewish Quarterly Literary Prize, and in France the Prix Memoire de la Shoah.


Subject: Eberg and black wife



Subject: the coming crash of AmeriKwa the not so great

February 28, 2005

America's Superpower Status Coming To An End

By Paul Craig Roberts

The U.S. economy is headed toward crisis, and the political leadership of the country -- if it can be called leadership -- is preoccupied with nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

The U.S. economy is failing. The afflictions are serious. They could be fatal even if diagnosed and treated. America is losing the purchasing power of its currency and its ability to create middle-class jobs.

The dollar's sharp decline and projections of continuing trade and budgetary red ink are undermining the dollar's role as reserve currency. A number of central banks have announced that they will be diversifying their currency holdings and will not be buying dollars at the same rate as in the past.

This will put more pressure on the dollar. At some point, the flight will begin. Instead of buying fewer dollars, central banks will sell dollars, hoping to get out before the dollar hits bottom.

Suddenly, the advantage of being the reserve currency becomes a nightmare, as the world's accumulations of dollars are brought to market. An enormous supply and weak demand mean a very low exchange rate for the once almighty U.S. dollar.

Overnight, those cheap goods in Wal-Mart, which are the no-think economist's facile justification for Wal-Mart's decimation of communities, small businesses and employment, shoot up in price.

Interest rates will escalate, as the government struggles to finance its endless red ink. Heavily indebted Americans with adjustable rate mortgages will attempt to sell homes just as rising mortgage rates reduce buyers. Real estate assets, the rising value of which have been keeping the economy going, will give back gains.

The United States has lost its ability to create middle-class jobs, or for that matter, any jobs. During the last four years, the United States has experienced a net loss of 760,000 private sector jobs (January 2001 to January 2005). Think what this means for graduating classes and people coming of age to enter the workforce.

Ed. Note: Meaning of this is keep your powder dry, stay out of debt, stay liquid, save money, and wait. When the crash comes, jump in and buy the property you desire. Money is GOOD. Money is CONTROL. The more money you control, the better able you are to fight back against the jews.


Subject: jew Pearl


Mon., February 28, 2005 Adar1 19, 5765

Last Update: 24/02/2002 02:13

Pearl's father: 'Israeli connection' could hinder investigation

By Yossi Melman, Ha'aretz Correspondent and News Agencies

Professor Yehuda Pearl, father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, has told Ha'aretz that he fears that making public his son's Israeli citizenship could adversely affect investigative efforts by Pakistani police to apprehend the killers and track down the murdered reporter's body.

In a telephone conversation from his Los Angeles residence, Professor Pearl expressed regret and anger over the revelation by the Israeli media of his family's "Israeli connection." The U.S. media, which was aware of the information, complied with the family's request not to make it public. The American media was asked to comply with this request after information was obtained that confirmed reports that the 38-year-old reporter was dead.

Professor Pearl went on to say that he had not viewed the videotape in which his son's murder was documented and has no intention of doing so. He was told of his son's death Thursday by U.S. government officials after they had viewed the videotape and were convinced of its authenticity.


Subject: blood needed


It seems my German translation skills are less than stellar, and I apologize to all of your dear readers. All I have to say in my defense is 'Ich bin ein Berliner'.

Also, on a separate but no less more grave issue I have this to say; I know we speak of racial differences here, and a common way for the opposition to speak out against this is to say 'we all bleed red blood'. I myself am not convinced. I would kindly request that our jewish, black and mexican friends submit their blood for our testing. And we will need all of it. I feel if they are left with some blood, they may be hiding something, and this would make it appear that they aren't totally honest with us. No good relationship can begin or continue without trust. So please, if you are of the aforesaid groups, please submit your race's blood, in tamper proof jars, bags, or resealable buckets, and perhaps after testing said blood, we find it to be completely red throughout, we will reconsider our views, and return your blood to you.

Thank You,



Subject: Mueller

Dear Fellow Patriot!


by Walter F. Mueller

"With the Fuehrer and the D-2600 over Nuernberg for the Party Rally 1934. Hitler and I before returning to Berlin."

signed: Hans Baur, Chief Pilot of the Fuehrer, Captain and General Lieutenant

This is the inscription of an original, personally autographed photo that I received from a German couple as a gift, which knew Commander Hans Baur personally.

I have worked on this report for quite some time, however, due to the circumstances, I never put the final touches on it. Adolf Hitler's personal aircraft/squadron has always fascinated me, and Commander Hans Baur is definitely one of the greatest heroes of the Third Reich.

Contrary to the belief that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first head of state to have an airplane for his personal use, Adolf Hitler was the first. The use of an airplane for the Fuehrer was much more efficient than the use of German railways.

He obtained the first private airplane in 1933. A Junkers Ju-52/3M fe/DC2600. That decision was made already in 1932 for the presidential campaign of Germany.

The Fuehrer then selected Captain Hans Baur to become his personal pilot to fly him around Germany. Thus, the Fuehrer's personal squadron was born: "Die Fliegerstaffel des Fuehrers" or F.d.F. He made Hans Baur to be the commander of the F.d.F.

Captain Baur was free to choose his own crew, with the first base near the Wolfsschanze Airfield. The Fuehrer chose Baur because he was one of Germany's most experienced pilots. Baur was a dynamic organizer, who earned his first Iron Cross during WWI when he was 21 years old.

As Hitler's personal pilot, Commander Baur held the Fuehrer's life in his hands a thousand times. The whole story of the Fuehrer's Squadron evolved around Hans Baur. Here is a little anecdote about the commander:

He never made a decision without checking with his wife Elfriede. It is said that in February of 1933, Hans Baur arrived at Muenchen-Riem Airport, and received the life-changing message that the newly installed Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler had just appointed him to serve as the personal pilot for the Chancellor and an immediate reply was a must.

Baur replied:

"Yes, certainly, but I must first confer with my wife."

He drove to Munich, where he lived, conferred with his wife, and then accepted the appointment. Baur was a loyal party member and a loyal Hitler supporter. Upon his arrival in Berlin in 1933, his first task was to design a special aircraft for the Fuehrer. With the approval of the Director of the Lufthansa, Erhard Milch, two aircrafts were designed to meet the needs of Baur's request:

Ju-52/3M ce, named Oswald Boelche


Ju-52/3M ce, named Richthofen

The commander also designed a comprehensive security program for the Fuehrer's planes. Since it was the primary goals of Hans Baur to guarantee the Fuehrer's safety, the Chancellor made sure that Baur had the authority and rank necessary to make all arrangements for the head of state.

Then, the Luftwaffe had not yet been established, so the Fuehrer commissioned Baur as an SS Standarten Fuehrer (SS Colonel) in the Schutzstaffel (Elite Guard) of the party. In the coming years, Baur was in charge to provide flights and pilots for the entire cabinet and generals of the Fuehrer. Nevertheless, the D2600 remained Adolf Hitler's primary aircraft. Four planes served solely to transport the hierarchy of the Third Reich. Each plane was able to carry 17 passengers.

In 1936, Commander Baur moved the Fuehrer's personal squadron to Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. The squadron had now reached eight planes. Pilot Kurt Schuhmann was assigned for the personal use of Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess. Max von Mueller became Reichs Propaganda Minister Dr. Josef Goebbels' pilot, Peter Strasser flew for Admiral Erich Roeder, Graf Schilly for the Chiefs of Staff General Werner Frengel and General Walter von Braunitsch.

In early 1939, Commander Baur felt that the Fuehrer was much safer in the newly designed Condors. The graceful Condor was configured as a 26-passenger Lufthansa transport. Soon, the new Condor became the Fuehrer's new personal plane and was also registered as D-2600. The Condor served the Fuehrer until it was destroyed in an Allied bombing raid on July 18th, 1944.

Hitler's personal Squadron had a special insignia that was painted on the nose of all planes. A black eagle head on a white ground, surrounded by a narrow red ring.

Many historians give all the credit for Germany's aviation to Herman Goering, which isn't entirely true. The Fuehrer realized very early that a superior Luftwaffe was a must to remain in charge of Germanys sky. He encouraged progress in aviation through research and the expansion of the German aircraft industry. It was then when Hitler appointed WWI ace Herman Goering Air Minister, and charged him with the development of the Airforce.

Commander Hans Baur paid a horrible price for his loyalty to Adolf Hitler. He was arrested in 1945 by the Russian Army. He was tortured and then sentenced to 25 years of forced labor in Siberia. He returned to Germany in 1955, and still then he refused to denounce Adolf Hitler. Hans Baur made it clear that he thought that the holocaust was an invention of Allied propaganda. Baur, of course, was no war criminal. He was a responsible family man with an impeccable character and a patriot. Hans Baur commanded the Fuehrer's personal squadron with such strength that could not be acquired by any leaders of other nations for more than a decade. When you look at the concept of Airforce One and aviation technique of America today, think of Adolf Hitler. The U.S. government set up a special unit in 1945 under the command of Col. Harold E. Waterson, to locate advanced German aircrafts, engines, aeronautical engineers and planes. Once found, they were immediately shipped back to the U.S. The project was code-named "Operation Lusty."

Hans Baur died peacefully on February 17th 1993 in Bavaria. His wife, in an interview in 1995 said:

"He regretted nothing. He was loyal to the Fuehrer until his death. Very often he mentioned, if he has to do it over again, he would sacrifice another leg for the Fuehrer."

Ernst Z?ndel Prisoner of War

Ernst Z?ndel is to be warmly welcomed home by Germans who still want to be Germans.

The Jewish fighting force, ADL, has through its agitation ensured that Ernst Z?ndel has been a prisoner-of-war for over two years.

This place-change, from Canada to Germany, does not change anything for Z?ndel because in both countries the same enemy rules.

But on German soil this imprisonment generates new meaning because the US pretext that Ernst Z?ndel violated immigration laws has become irrelevant.

Also, the enemy in Germany cannot, as did the Canadian government, hide behind the feigned concern of 'national security'.

In Germany the enemy must openly declare, and thereby reveal its brutality that Ernst Z?ndel denies the details known legally as 'public knowledge' (Offenkundigkeit -judicial notice) of the Holocaust, and that he demands incontrovertible evidence to support the allegation that Germans on racial grounds, and by use of the insecticide Zyklon B, systematically exterminated millions of Jews.

Only after Ernst Z?ndel emigrated to Canada did he begin critically to analyze the anti-German atrocity propaganda, and for over a decade in the Canadian court system successfully fought for his right to search for historical truth.

He has thereby become a respected world-wide symbol of the unbroken will, the human spirit's continuing search for truth.

The energy and firm conviction that radiate from this prisoner will convince more and more Germans who still want to be Germans to participate in the battle against the 'judicial notice' of the Holocaust.

He will therefore be an example for these Germans who will assemble and armed with truth move against the strongholds of our enemy. Truth will set us free.

Horst Mahler

* * *

Adelaide Institute:


The university is investigating how thousands of documents lodged in the anthropology department relating to the Nazis' gruesome scientific experiments in the 1930s were mysteriously shredded, allegedly under the professor's instructions.


History of modern man unravels as German scholar is exposed as fraud Flamboyant anthropologist falsified dating of key discoveries Luke Harding in Berlin

Saturday February 19 2005

The Guardian

It appeared to be one of archaeology's most sensational finds. The skull fragment discovered in a peat bog near Hamburg was more than 36,000 years old - and was the vital missing link between modern humans and Neanderthals.

This, at least, is what Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten - a distinguished, cigar-smoking German anthropologist - told his scientific colleagues, to global acclaim, after being invited to date the extremely rare skull.

However, the professor's 30-year-old academic career has now ended in disgrace after the revelation that he systematically falsified the dates on this and numerous other "stone age" relics.

Yesterday his university in Frankfurt announced the professor had been forced to retire because of numerous "falsehoods and manipulations". According to experts, his deceptions may mean an entire tranche of the history of man's development will have to be rewritten.

"Anthropology is going to have to completely revise its picture of modern man between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago," said Thomas Terberger, the archaeologist who discovered the hoax. "Prof Protsch's work appeared to prove that anatomically modern humans and Neanderthals had co-existed, and perhaps even had children together. This now appears to be rubbish."

The scandal only came to light when Prof Protsch was caught trying to sell his department's entire chimpanzee skull collection to the United States.

An inquiry later established that he had also passed off fake fossils as real ones and had plagiarised other scientists' work.

His discovery appeared to show that Neanderthals had spread much further north than was previously known.

But his university inquiry was told that a crucial Hamburg skull fragment, which was believed to have come from the world's oldest German, a Neanderthal known as Hahnh?fersand Man, was actually a mere 7,500 years old, according to Oxford University's radiocarbon dating unit. The unit established that other skulls had been wrongly dated too.

Another of the professor's sensational finds, "Binshof-Speyer" woman, lived in 1,300 BC and not 21,300 years ago, as he had claimed, while "Paderborn-Sande man" (dated at 27,400 BC) only died a couple of hundred years ago, in 1750.

"It's deeply embarrassing. Of course the university feels very bad about this," Professor Ulrich Brandt, who led the investigation into Prof Protsch's activities, said yesterday. "Prof Protsch refused to meet us. But we had 10 sittings with 12 witnesses.

"Their stories about him were increasingly bizarre. After a while it was hard to take it seriously. You had to laugh. It was just unbelievable. At the end of the day what he did was incredible."

During their investigation, the university discovered that Prof Protsch, 65, a flamboyant figure with a fondness for gold watches, Porsches and Cuban cigars, was unable to work his own carbon-dating machine.

Instead, after returning from Germany to America, where he did his doctorate, and taking up a professorship, he had simply made things up.

In one case he had claimed that a 50 million-year-old "half-ape" called Adapis had been found in Switzerland, an archaeological sensation. In reality, the ape had been dug up in France, where several other examples had already been found.

Prof Terberger said that he grew suspicious about the professor's work in 2001 after sending off the skull fragment to Oxford for tests.

Further tests revealed that all of the skulls dated by Prof Protsch were in reality far younger than he had claimed, prompting Prof Terberger and a British colleague, Martin Street, to write a scientific paper last year.

At the same time, German police began investigating the professor for fraud, following allegations that he had tried to sell the university's 278 chimpanzee skulls for $70,000 to a US dealer.

Why, though, had he done it?

"If you find a skull that's more than 30,000 years old it's a sensation. If you find three of them people notice you. It's good for your career," Prof Terberger said. "At the end of the day it was about ambition."

Other details of the professor's life also appeared to crumble under scrutiny. Before he disappeared from the university's campus last year, Prof Protsch told his students he had examined Hitler's and Eva Braun's bones.

He also boasted of having flats in New York, Florida and California, where, he claimed, he hung out with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steffi Graf. Even the professor's aristocratic title, "von Zieten", appears to be bogus.

Far from being the descendant of a dashing general in the hussars, the professor was the son of a Nazi MP, Wilhelm Protsch, Der Spiegel magazine revealed last October.

The university is investigating how thousands of documents lodged in the anthropology department relating to the Nazis' gruesome scientific experiments in the 1930s were mysteriously shredded, allegedly under the professor's instructions.

They also discovered that some of the 12,000 skeletons stored in the department's "bone cellar" were missing their heads, apparently sold to friends of the professor in the US and sympathetic dentists.

Yesterday the university admitted that it should have discovered the professor's fabrications far earlier. But it pointed out that, like all public servants in Germany, the high-profile anthropologist was virtually impossible to sack, and had also proved difficult to pin down.

"He was perfect at being evasive," Prof Brandt said yesterday. "He would switch from saying 'it isn't really clear' to giving diffuse statements.

"I'm not a psychologist so I can't say why he did it. But my guess is that when he came back from the States 30 years ago he realised he wasn't up to the job of being a professor. So he started inventing things. It rapidly became a habit.'

Yesterday the professor, who lives in Mainz with his wife Angelina, didn't respond to emails from the Guardian asking him to comment on the affair. But in earlier remarks to Der Spiegel he insisted that he was the victim of an "intrigue".

"All the disputed fossils are my personal property," he told the magazine.

Missing links and planted stone age finds

Piltdown Man

The most infamous of all scientific frauds was unearthed in 1912 in a Sussex gravel pit. With its huge human-like braincase and ape-like jaw, the Piltdown Man "fossil" was named Eoanthropus dawsoni after Charles Dawson, the solicitor and amateur archaeologist who discovered it. For 40 years Piltdown Man was heralded as the missing link between humans and their primate ancestors. But in 1953 scientists concluded it was a forgery. Radiocarbon dating showed the human skull was just 600 years old, while the jawbone was that of an orang-utan. The entire package of fossil fragments found at Piltdown - which included a prehistoric cricket bat - had been planted.

The devil's archaeologist

Japanese archaeologist Shinichi Fujimura was so prolific at uncovering prehistoric artefacts he earned the nickname "God's hands". At site after site, Fujimura discovered stoneware and relics that pushed back the limits of Japan's known history. The researcher and his stone age finds drew international attention and rewrote text books. In November 2000 the spell was broken when a newspaper printed pictures of Fujimura digging holes and burying objects that he later dug up and announced as major finds. "I was tempted by the devil. I don't know how I can apologise for what I did," he said.

Piltdown Turkey

The supposed fossil of Archaeoraptor, which was to become known as the "Piltdown turkey", came to light in 1999 when National Geographic magazine published an account of its discovery. It seemed to show another missing link - this time between birds and dinosaurs. Archaeoraptor appeared to be the remains of a large feathered bird with the tail of a dinosaur. The fossil was smuggled out of China and sold to a private collector in the US for ?51,000. Experts were suspicious and closer examination showed the specimen to be a "composite" - two fossils stuck together with strong glue.

* * *

MI5 'foiled Polish plot to kill Hess'


MI5 uncovered a secret Polish plot to assassinate Rudolf Hess after his landing by parachute in Scotland during the Second World War, according to newly disclosed evidence.

The arrival of Hitler?s deputy near the Duke of Hamilton?s Lanarkshire estate in 1941 raised the question of whether British intelligence or members of the aristocracy were trying to broker a secret peace deal with the Nazis.

Although such conspiracy theories subsequently proved unfounded, some British-based Polish soldiers feared Hess?s arrival showed their country was being sold down the river.

After Germany?s invasion of Poland in 1939, many soldiers escaped to Britain and were stationed at bases such as one at Fort William, where there was a Polish military training school.

A group of Polish conspirators from Fort William were determined to prevent a deal between Britain and Germany over their homeland, according to the personal diaries of Guy Liddell, the director of MI5 counter-espionage during the war.

In the summer of 1941, 17 Polish officers and two British accomplices planned to travel south to Aldershot, where Hess was being held at a secret base. They made it only as far as the railway station before they were intercepted by MI5.

The intelligence historian Nigel West, who edited Liddell?s diaries, said that had the assassination attempt been successful, it would have led to the Polish community being severely isolated in Britain.

He said: "At the time, the Polish community were deeply concerned that the British were brokering a deal with the Germans which would allow the Nazis to occupy their country. They felt they were being left out of the war effort and did not have a proper role to play.

"The would-be Polish assassins were abetted by a British soldier called Alfgar Hesketh-Pritchard, who was something of an adventurer and was sympathetic to the Polish plight.

"He also discovered Hess?s location as he had contacts among his guards. After Hess?s flight, the Germans regarded him as a lunatic, but he was useful to Britain to provide information on Hitler, and his capture was a propaganda coup."

Due to the highly restricted nature of their content, Liddell?s journals were codenamed Wallflower and were for many years locked in the director-general?s safe at MI5.

The story behind Rudolf Hess?s flight to Britain is one of the most controversial of the Second World War. The event gave rise to conspiracy theories surrounding the alleged existence of covert peace plans by MI5.

Hess crashed his Messerschmitt at Dungavel, near Glasgow, on 10 May, 1941. On landing, he declared that he had come to meet the 14th Duke of Hamilton.

The duke knew Hess?s friend, Albrecht Haushofer, a member of the German Foreign Office who was determined to find a peace settlement with Britain.

But last year the 14th Duke of Hamilton?s son, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, the Lothians MSP, publicised other newly declassified documents which proved his father had no idea Hess planned to embark on his peace mission to Britain.

The possibility of a treaty being agreed with the British government is also denied by Liddell, who records on 9 June: "I think the Poles imagine that Hess may be making peace overtures and that this will be listened to by the British government. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth."

Liddell?s journal also reveals that British intelligence took 12 years to catch the communist spy John Cairncross, following a tip-off from a Russian defector.

Cairncross - the infamous fifth man in the Cambridge spy ring that included Burgess, McLean, Blunt and Philby - was not unmasked until 1951 after more than a decade of passing British secrets to the Russians, according to Liddell.

? The Guy Liddell Diaries (Vol 1 1939-1942), edited by Nigel West, published by Taylor & Francis

This article:













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Walter F. Mueller


Subject: naming the jew


Thanks for answering my questions. I see your point about genetic testing to help eliminate infiltrators. It is an interesting idea, especially considering the track record of nationalist politics in this country. Your comment about jewism being partly genetic but in large measure cultural is sort of where I was going in my thoughts about Americans. I believe that most are indeed moral degenerates and thus, assimilated jews. Out in areas like Kirksville there are probably decent people who just need to have their eyes opened. The fact that these people are indeed the majority in your area no doubt gives you faith. The people I refer to live in the greater NY area, which outnumbers the entire state of Missouri by about 4 to 1. So many people with Irish and Italian names around here who hate niggers also have jewish mothers, etc., or girlfriends. Naming the jew wouldn't work with them. Naming the zionist might. The latter approach would never solve the longterm problem as you illustrate. Blue state (jew state) America will never accept a candidate who names the jew. Red state America is designed to understand the message from the cause and effect of the racial problem, but most are evangelicals who just love their chosen people and their Bush war for Israel. The conundrum is maddening and begs the question: have we already lost here? Should we be moving to Europe to help the fight there, where a parliamentary system has made it possible to actually win seats in the legislatures? Who can credibly argue that any white man hasn't a claim to his real homeland - Europe?

I by no means agree with AmRen and don't read it anymore because they censor their reader comments section. Vdare is also a joke. Both are kosher. If I came across as an emissary of their point of view then I didn't do a good job in presenting the argument. I think if you lived in my area you'd understand how difficult it is to get the message out. I'd estimate that about half the white people would be gung ho on the race issue, but less than 10% on the jewish question, based on my experience in the previous paragraph. Maybe Moran would be able to confirm that for you. In this environment, only a jew could lead whites out of this mess. It's ridiculous isn't it? That's why I complain about the quality of the whites we are trying to save. They don't want the truth or they are complicit in the problems that the aware suffer from. In Kirksville and points in the heartland and south this problem may not be as severe, but not in areas I have visited.

I spent last fall in the Shenandoah Valley and read lots of letters to the editor in the local papers leading up to the election. It was Bush country, big time. Very religious too, but more concerned with Israel than Jesus. I was scoping that area as a place to move to in terms of my politics, but came to realize that it's another version of the same problem. As one with Confederate blood, it sucks to see my distant cousins ready to fellate the zog by wearing its uniform and calling it patriotism. Ironically, I wouldn't doubt it at all if some of these boys (and girls) are serving in units that possess the history of burning Valley farms that may have actually been owned by their great-great grandparents. The people I talked to about the "liberal problem" were not able to examine the root of it due to their religious beliefs. It was at that point that I kind of threw in the towel. Only absolute violence will wake these people up.

If I am wrong about whitey and you and the WFP can wake him up then so be it. If you can't do it, then no one can. I think you have a lot of talent and believe in it more after hearing you on the radio. I think you have the ability to do more with it than Pierce could.

All the best,


"Who can credibly argue" - arguments have little to do with it; if they did, we'd be winning. Comes down to energy and will. Speaking for myself, I reject the jew system. I'm not living and believing the way they tell me to. What they do to me doesn't matter. I reject them. I reject their system. I'm going my own way. I don't care what Irish or Italians in NY with JAP girlfriends think. Waking people up is only one way to think about it; at the same time we simply live different and thrive, just as the Amish or Mennonites or Mormons do. The situation around here is the same as the rural areas you've visited. The pastors are mostly hetero faggots; Protestantism these days is watered down water. There's a real masochistic streak to Christianity, and these days it dominates, and takes the form of accession to jewish guiltmongering; getting in line with jews' lies about race and Israel. I came across a couple of lines in Blake that make the point:

He's a blockhead who wants a Proof of what he can't Perceive
And he's a Fool who tries to make such a Blockhead believe.

"Prove it's raining. Cite individual drops." Hey, if someone can't see the jew nexus, he's brainwashed and blind. All we do is lay out the information. Time and necessity will bring people around to it. There's not much more that can be done. We say what we say because it is the truth. We live White because that is the best way for our type to exist. I don't see reason for despair. Things can change very rapidly. I see more people coming around to our way of thinking all the time. Very many people are open to hearing the truth about Israel today, and that leads right into the truth about jews tomorrow.


Subject: gun control

Yet another Jewish legislator, this one named Bing, sponsors yet another anti-gun bill:

Bing mentioned as being Jewish:

About every 2 months in America, some Jew sponsors an anti-gun bill. What would Thomas Jefferson think?


Subject: brain sex

Summers' Remarks Supported by Some Experts

By MATT CRENSON, AP National Writer

Harvard University president Lawrence Summers has suffered acrimonious condemnation, and may have jeopardized his job, for suggesting that the underrepresentation of women in engineering and some scientific fields may be due in part to inherent differences in the intellectual abilities of the sexes. But Summers could be right.

Some scholars who are in the know about the differences between mens' and womens' brains believe his remarks have merit.

"Among people who do the research, it's not so controversial. There are lots and lots of studies that show that mens' and womens' brains are different," says Richard J. Haier, a professor of psychology in the pediatrics department of the University of California Los Angeles medical school.

Academia has been bitterly divided in recent years by the nature vs. nurture debate, and the Harvard president's comments last month at a National Bureau of Economic Research symposium squarely address aspects of that dispute that are so controversial the opposing sides almost never discuss them.

On one side are those who believe the sexes are equal enough in their intellectual abilities that any biological difference between them is vastly outweighed by social pressures and discrimination that discourage girls and women from pursuing science and engineering.

"When people hear 'biology' they think there's nothing you can do about it," says Joshua Aronson, a professor of applied psychology at New York University. "It's in that context that Summers' remarks are not helpful."

On the other side are those who believe that biological differences between men and women really can account for at least some of the underrepresentation of women in engineering and some fields of science.

"I think it's an outrage that certain questions - that real, important questions - can't be raised in an academic atmosphere, that research that's well-known can't be presented without some sort of hysterical response," says Linda S. Gottfredson, a psychologist at the University of Delaware.

In recent years, scientists have found that male and female brains are wired differently from one another, due to the role of testosterone and other male hormones during gestation. Brains growing under the influence of male hormones are slightly larger and have denser concentrations of neurons in some regions.

Male brains also contain a greater proportion of gray matter, the part of the brain responsible for computation, while women have relatively more white matter, which specializes in making connections between brain cells.

Brain-imaging studies suggest that both sexes exploit these differences to their benefit. UCLA researchers have done brain scans of men and women who scored in the top 1 percent on the math section of the SAT. As they worked on math problems, the men relied heavily on the grey matter in the brain's parietal and cerebral cortices. Women showed greater activity in areas dominated by the well-connected white matter.

"Maybe they're doing the math using the white matter," Haier says. "It's not completely unreasonable."

So men and women appear to use their brains differently in some situations. Does that make any difference in how smart they are?

The short answer is no. Average IQ is the same among men and women.

But it's the long answer, which considers different kinds of cognitive ability and speculates about how they are distributed among individuals in the two sexes, that has been raised in support of Summers' remarks.

Intelligence tests have found that men, on average, perform better on spatial tasks that require mentally rotating or otherwise manipulating objects. Men also do better on tests of mathematical reasoning. Women tend to do better than men on tasks requiring verbal memory and distinguishing whether objects are similar or different. The relative strengths even out, so on average the sexes are of equal intelligence.

Some studies also have suggested that the IQ distribution is more spread out among men. If that is true, then there are proportionately more men at the extremely brilliant end of the IQ scale - and the dull end as well.

So the reasoning goes like this: Fields such as physics require superb mathematical ability. Not just above average, but really out there.

If men do have a slight advantage over women in mathematical ability, as much of the current research suggests, and there are more men at the extreme ends of the intelligence spectrum, that suggests there is a larger pool of men who can do the heavy intellectual lifting physics requires.

But is the difference really biological, or are exceptional girls and women intimidated by cultural stereotypes and discouraged from cultivating their talents from an early age?

"If I had to guess, the real reason for the lack of women in the upper strata is that there's a comfort zone when you walk into a classroom and see a certain number of people like you," Aronson says.

Female physicists and engineers almost always live their entire professional lives outside that comfort zone. Aronson and his colleagues have shown that many of the performance differences between men and women, and also between different races, can be erased with minor adjustments that influence test takers' confidence. Tell a group of girls before a math exam that the test does not detect gender differences in mathematical ability and their scores increase. Tell white men before a similar exam that their scores are going to be compared to those of Asians and their scores drop simply because they think they won't measure up.

"This suggests there's something about the testing situation itself," Aronson says. "If there is a biological difference, then it's one that's awfully easy to overcome."

Whatever the reason, researchers have found differences in math ability between males and females from pre-kindergarten through adulthood.

Vanderbilt University psychologists who have been giving exceptionally bright 12- to 14-year-olds the SAT for more than 20 years have found that boys do exceptionally well on the math side of the exam. In a sample of 40,000 children who took the test, twice as many boys as girls scored above 500, four times as many boys scored above 600 and 13 times as many topped 700. The sexes were equally matched on the verbal portion of the test, which is scored on a scale of 200 to 800.

That would suggest there are differences between the sexes in innate ability, the Vanderbilt researchers have concluded in various scientific papers.

Though they declined to be interviewed about Summers' comments, members of the Vanderbilt group offered another possible explanation for the shortage of women in engineering, physics and related fields in the November 2000 issue of Psychological Science.

The psychologists followed up with one group of exceptionally talented people 20 years after they had taken the SAT. Male or female, all of the subjects had scored well enough on the test to handle just about any career they chose.

At the age of 33, fewer of the women had pursued careers in physics, engineering, computer science and related fields. But the women outnumbered the men in medicine, social sciences and the humanities. And the two sexes had earned advanced degrees at about equal rates, which suggests that although women may have been steered away from certain fields by biology, discrimination or a lack of role models, they had not simply dropped out but had fully achieved their potential in the fields they did pursue.

"Although equally achieving educationally," the Vanderbilt researchers wrote, "these men and women appear to have constructed satisfying and meaningful lives that took somewhat different forms."


Subject: Antagonistes-Hadden

Mr. Hadden:

Are you pulling my spiritual leg?

I wouldn't know where to begin.

William G. Simpson, in Which Way Western Man?, said that the character of Jesus has receded too far back into history to really know him, or what he meant in some of his enigmatic pronouncements. I agree with Simpson. Really, no one knows what Jesus meant in some of his sayings because he left no commentary; and things, in the gospels, are written down without much regard for context. So every denomination has their own interpretation, or their peculiar slant on his words, and on Jesus, himself.. Actually, Jesus is rather plastic and moldable. You could argue forever about "correct" doctines and interpretations of Jesus.

My point was that we (racially-conscious Whites) have to take the concrete of the gospels, beat it back into a fluid mix, and pour it into the form of White Nationalism. Maybe this sets race up as the interpreter of the gospels, but I suspect the majority of Whites already use this system (or used to, anyway). I know for a fact that in the church I grew up in, the overwhelming majority of men passed their doctinal and moral beliefs through the filter of White racial consciousness. But they were men of the old school, men who had known physical labor, hardship and reality. And they did not get divorced, and raised decent children.

But, you know, it is probably too late. I have been pretty depressed today and I think it is because I know it is too late. Have you ever heard William Pierce's lecture, "On Churchgoers"? He talks about the reasons why White racial consciousness has all but disappeared from Christianity. I think only the tribulation of our race will erase those reasons.

But I think I will continue to pitch my tent on the grounds of a racially-conscious "modernistic" interpretation of Christianity. "Modernistic" Christianity does not discount scholarship, archaeology, and higher criticism-- and there is no reason why it should discount the scientific findings on the differences between the races and the sexes. And these are things that the men in the church of my youth just knew by common sense and experience.



Subject: relatives of Hale kangaroo judge assume room temperature


Judge's husband, mother found dead

By David Heinzmann

Tribune staff reporter

Published February 28, 2005, 9:25 PM CST

The federal judge whom white supremacist Matthew Hale attempted to have murdered found her husband and mother lying dead in her house when she returned home Monday night, police said.

Judge Joan H. Lefkow returned to her house in the 5200 block of North Lakewood Avenue after work and found the bodies of her husband, attorney Michael F. Lefkow and her mother, Donna Humphrey, lying in blood in the house, police said.

Detectives, U.S. Marshals and FBI agents rushed to the scene and were investigating the deaths as a "death investigation," police said. Other family members may also have been present when the bodies were discovered, neighbors said.

Police sources were cautious about describing the deaths Monday night, and said it was too early to say how the victims were killed.

Michael F. Lefkow was an attorney in private practice. He was deeply involved in the Episcopal church and ran unsuccessfully for Cook County judge in 2002. Neighbors said they did not know whether the judge's mother was living with the family. The Lefkows married in 1975 and have four daughters.

Hale, the 33-year-old founder of the World Church of the Creator was arrested in January 2003 and charged with soliciting Judge Lefkow's murder a month after she had held him in contempt of court. Based largely on testimony from Hale's "security chief," a jury convicted Hale of soliciting the judge's murder in April 2004.

U.S. District Court Judge James Moody is scheduled to sentence Hale on April 6. Hale is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the South Loop.

Evidence in the case against Hale included an email he sent the security chief, Thomas Evola, asking for Lefkow's home address. The address was posted on a white supremacist web site.

In a recorded conversation played at the trial, Evola, who was an FBI informant, talked with Hale about Lefkow and asked, "We gonna exterminate that rat?"

Hale first came to prominence in 1999 as a white supremacist and head of the World Church of the Creator. Over the Independence Day weekend, former church member Benjamin Smith went on a shooting spree directed at racial minorities, killing two and wounding nine.

The FBI investigated Hale's role but he was never charged. In 2000, the Oregon-based group TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation, more commonly called Church of the Creator sued Hale for trademark infringement. Lefkow ruled in Hale's favor, but a federal appeals court in 2002 ruled that Hale's group had violated the Oregon church's trademark.

Ed. Note: Revealing story. Shows the paper and the government are aware they acted against the law in what they did to Hale. Hearing footsteps, liars? Maybe one of the real murderers Lefkow released came back to haunt her. Why the leap to assume it was Hale's followers, as the govermedia obviously do? Knowledge of their complicity in perpetrating injustice is the only reason for the framing of this story.


Subject: Zundel and "hate" speech

Interesting article about intensifying German "hate speech"

Ingrid Zundel's Inspiring Speech !


Subject: libertarians defend Hoppe, not Zundel

February 28, 2005

Hi, Lew:

Re: your essay about professor Hoppe,


You defend Hoppe but not Zundel, and therein lies the CRUX OF THE MATTER of why the Left has taken control of politics and social evolution, as all aspects of the Right have abandoned REASON for MADNESS, have abandoned its OWN RACE and CULTURE for COMMUNISTIC-driven multiracialism and multiculturalism ( read forwarded message below ).

Defend POLITICAL free speech, no matter is source, such as in the case of Ernst Zundel (( by the way he's a truth-teller about the so- called Holocaust )).

You needn't reply.




Subject: Mossadism

Has Mossad achieved by guile what was too expensive to achieve by force?



Subject: Zimby farmers try to save land

Harare - Five years after Zimbabwe launched a controversial land grab programme to redress colonial imbalances, thousands of white farmers have mounted a last-ditch battle to fight a state bid to have them legally endorsed.

"We are fighting an attempt to legitimise an illegal process," Mike Clark, an official of the Commercial Farmers' Union said.

"The government wants the court to confirm the land seizures as legal but we will fight. Even if we don't get justice now, it will be recorded in history and we will pursue the matter when we have an independent judiciary," said Clark.

'The government cannot acquire the land without confirmation from the administrative court' Zimbabwe's administrative court is currently sifting through more than 5 000 land cases which it started hearing last month.

President Robert Mugabe's government embarked on its land redistribution programme in February 2000, compulsorily taking away prime farmland owned by about 4 500 white farmers to give it to the landless black majority.



Subject: biggest bomb yet

A suicide car bomber in Iraq has attacked a crowd outside a government building south of Baghdad, killing at least 125 people and wounding 130 others.



Subject: Hadden - Antagonistes

My dear Antagonistes,

What a joy to read your response! Seriously, your take on Christianity -- I'm assuming that you're a professed Christian -- is very refreshing to say the least. I apologize if I misunderstood your comments as I have a knee-jerk tendency to attack anything that absolves the Jews of guilt. (big smiley face) There are plenty of Whites who do things harmful for our race to satisfy their "spiritual" needs to believe in something miraculous (Swaggart, Hinn, Hagee, et al) and they are just as guilty as the Jews for conning gullible and spiritually-empty gentiles out of their money (it's just as bad as the "indulgences" of the Middle Ages).

If you have chance, please do me a favor... as you mentioned, the different branches of Christianity (Evangelicals, whom are the "fundamentalists", and the Catholic, et al) have differing views on the interpretations and what-not. The Scofield Reference was a perversion that's taken hold in the fundamentalist churches while the Jewish-Masonic infiltration of the Roman Catholics subverted them with Vatican II and their blood libel removal, etc. You also mentioned the "lost Israelites" idea, which is Christian Identity. Many Catholics -- real Catholics, like Hutton Gibson -- have been exposed to Ben Freedman's works wherein he says that the word "Jews" was inappropriately applied to people in Judea and thus Jesus was most likely not a racial Jew as we use the term today (I think the CI folks believe this too). Please, if you have the time and desire, could you tie all of these together and write an article for VNN in which you explain to us, me included, the details of what these subversions were, where the truths really lay, and what you believe the real Christian doctrine should be? I've thought about addressing this before, but I think you'd do a much better job at it.

Max Hadden


Subject: comedies

I wonder if Chris Rock will get any heat for the bit...Passion of the Christ is to Jews as Soul Plane is to blacks...

Oren Jacoby and Steve Kalafer

Sister Rose Thering's determination to fight anti-Semitism led her to take an active part in Vatican II and to denounce Church doctrine blaming the Jews for Jesus's death.

Robert Hudson and Bobby Houston

In 1963, a group of children in Birmingham, Alabama faced police dogs, fire hoses, and the threat of arrest to challenge segregation in their city.

Hubert Davis and Erin Faith Young

This film by the son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis tells the story of Davis's complicated relationships with two women, one black and one white, and the sons he fathered with each of them.


Drawing on hours of interviews and film footage, this portrait of gangsta rap star Tupac Shakur traces his brief life from his childhood with his mother, Black Panther Afeni Shakur, and his early musical promise to his meteoric rise as a recording artist and the many personal problems that dogged his success.


Subject: Irving to write on Himmler

David Irving: He's Writing 2 New Books

Andrew Pierce, in the London Times (2-10-05):

DAVID IRVING, the Holocaust denier, is planning a new book to try to restore his reputation -on SS chief Heinrich Himmler.


Subject: slaves who think they're free

Slavery in disguise

David Mullenax

Special to The Augusta Free Press

Americans have been inundated with the word freedom over the last several years.

Both of the main political parties in America talk unremittingly about human rights, dignity and the democratic process - each trying to outdo the other with optimism. U.S. politicians continually express through their dictums that America is a beacon of light to an enslaved world - the last hope for liberty. They assume, mistakenly, that no other nation in the world is actually free, and that our country has a monopoly on the concept.



Subject: jews are good know if you want drugs

Former LA gym owner arrested in drug money laundering case

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - The federal government is seeking to extradite a South African game farm owner for his alleged role in an international Ecstasy ring, authorities said.

Police arrested Meir Elran, 38, on Friday in Johannesburg, South Africa. Authorities were acting on a U.S. arrest warrant issued last year, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

As part of a joint international undercover investigation into the alleged drug ring, authorities have seized more than 300,000 doses of Ecstasy, with a total street value of $7 million.

Elran, who formerly owned a gym in the Studio City section of Los Angeles, is the 14th defendant charged in the case, known as "Operation Money Man."

The Israeli national is accused of laundering the proceeds from the alleged sale of the drug. Investigators also allege he paid for at least two loads of the drug that were being brought into the United States, said ICE Agent Buckley Thomas.

"Elran and the others involved in this ring trafficked Ecstasy and laundered their profits through bank fraud and real estate transactions," said Loraine Brown, special agent-in-charge of ICE investigations in Los Angeles.

Elran left the U.S. for South Africa more than two years ago, according to Thomas, and now owns a $3 million game farm there. The investigation began in March 2002, when U.S. immigration officials received a tip that a group of mostly Israeli nationals were selling Ecstasy in the Los Angeles area.



Subject: Pizza Hut nig assault

If there is even an inkling in your mind about the likely hood that Blacks and Whites will ever be able to "just get along," in the words of Rodney King, download this vid. Access story via link too.



Subject: Doonesbury toon

Every once in awhile you'll find a glimpse here or there that even otherwise 'mainstream' press, including cartoonists, understand what's going on. If you missed it, here's today's Doonesbury feature:

clearly, Garry Trudeau 'understands' and calls them by name: Perle, Rice (have to throw in a token righteous goyim) and, 'especially' Wolfwowitz! Bravo, keep it up Garry and let's hope at least some of his readers 'get it'. He's popular enough that the ADL/JDL can't get to him without a lot of stink - they'll probably look the other way, for now.....


Subject: Supreme Court jews give thumbs-up to prison rape

The morons on the Supreme Court screw whitey again.


February 27, 2005

SCOTUS: Segregation Worse Than Interracial Homosexual Rape! By Steve Sailer

Back when an affluent lifestyle featured plenty of steaks, smokes, and Scotch, Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court [SCOTUS] tended to do us the favor of dropping dead of heart attacks or lung cancer before reaching the age of severe mental decline.

Sadly, the clean living fad has taken its toll on the Court. As Linda Greenhouse reported in the New York Times (January 16, 2005):

"From 1789 to 1970, the average Supreme Court justice served for 15.2 years and retired at 68.5. But since 1970, the average tenure has risen to 25.5 years and the average age at departure to 78.8."

Today, Clarence Thomas is the only Justice under the age of 65. John Paul Stevens, who has been on the Bench for three decades, will turn 85 in April.

Of course, the Justices have staffs. But the SCOTUS budget is apparently insufficient to pay for grown-ups. So the Justices are aided by freshly minted law school grads, typically in their mid-20s.


Subject: Kurdistan?

Peter Galbraith is a neo-Con architect of the Kurdish alliance in the present war. He is a hardcore Zionist and was ambassador to Croatia when the he crafted (at a local level) the US-Al-Qaeda alliance in Bosnia against Serbia. Galbarith is a Judas goat and he is leading the Kurds in an abyss.

Galbraith is not a Kurd. But he will have the blood of thousands of Kurds on his hands.

The Kurdish perspective. Perhaps what should have been done 50-60 years ago by the nit-wit Brits will finally come to pass for the Kurds?

And, should there be any doubt about where all this is heading, the people of Kurdistan voted in an advisory referendum on Iraq's election day on whether Kurdistan should remain part of Iraq or be independent. Two million people voted (almost the same number as in the regular ballot) and 97 percent chose independence.


Subject: Whites in Australia



By Geoff. Muirden

One illustration of the way whites have to be denigrated in the historical record was the record of "protectors" set up to assist the aborigines who, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and even later, were regarded as a dying race. It seems strange, if the intent of the whites was to "genocide" aborigines, as now claimed, that they invested money to save them.

Their efforts are mostly denigrated in a book called My heart is breaking; a Joint Guide to Records about Aboriginal People in the Public Records Office of Victoria and the Australian Archives, Victorian Regional Office, published 1993. Jim Berg, writing in a foreword, gives the whites a backhanded compliment. He calls settlements, reserves and mission stations "concentration camps" but then admits that "if it wasn't for these 'concentration camps' all of our people would have been wiped out." Instead of being grateful for this, however, it does not stop him accusing the missions of "legal genocidal policies."

Another classic example of how you "can't win" is that on pp. 54-55 of the report, the whites are castigated for trying to isolate aborigines from Europeans, as "the board took away their freedom"; whereas between 1886 and 1910 the opposite way was tried, to absorb them into the white community, but we are told this too was a failure. So they are damned for trying to isolate them, then damned for trying to integrate them.

The irony of a lot of this, however, is the way it is published at a time when the white race is vanishing, and no concern is shown about this by these writers, some of them white, but only for the blacks. We are told it was not so much the (black) "race that was vanishing, however, it was their cultural identity." (p. 51) Why not show concern for the loss of cultural identity in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race whose identity is being undermined?


Subject: Peter Principle interview

Herr Linder,

First off I wanted to say that I was very impressed with your radio appearance. You were well spoken and in good humor. Well done.

Your comment about Calypso Louie got me thinking about that concept. You are of primary German descent and I possess a great deal of Anglo-Saxon blood. The laws of probability state that we have a jewish ancestor or two swimming around in our personal gene pools. I say this only because of the history of jews in Germany and England. Like you, I am a raging anti-Semite because what we call a jew today is indeed a malevolent creation, but what if a DNA test were to show a few jewish (or for that matter, nigger) genetic markers? Would it matter? Would that disqualify you from your mission? Would such test results really have you giving up the fight?

In line with that concept, is "naming the jew" really what it's all about? I say this because of our political infrastructure here and in historical reference to what happened in the Soviet Union when Stalin took over. If EVERY jew was thrown out of the country tomorrow, nothing we suffer under will change because the average American is an assimilated jew in a sense that he is a moral degenerate. How many idiot policemen are jews? Will the shabboz goy in Washington suddenly become constitutional small government philosphers if the jews were suddenly bulldozed into the ocean? I don't think so.

How many Americans themselves are part jew at this point? Is "naming the jew" going to resonate with them? Would they be more open to a message of "naming the zionist" as the Peter Principle host intimated? Left wing campus politics seems to indicate so.

I don't wish to take any wind out of your sails with all of this, it's just that America really is a "big fat jew" as I believe I read here once. Even a classic pro-south racist like writer Shelby Foote is a quarter jew. When I read that I almost fell out of my chair.

But of course you are entirely right when you state the nigger and mexican infestation as being jewish policy. How many "small jews" or "good jews" even understand that? Does "naming the jew" put a stop to it or does a cabal of jews who don't want diversity put a stop to it? Should we be organizing racist jews to fight the diversity jews? It seems like they are the only ones who would be allowed to do so. This is the conundrum that I see.

I am roughly the same age as you and believe that our generation is shot. The one coming up is the one that will have the ability to alter things, however will they be the minority when they are of age? Definitely. It would seem that they will participate in a revolution that overthrows the government OR will just be absorbed into the niggerized and judaized America that was so well portrayed at the Academy Awards last night.

You have obviously reconciled all these questions and I am curious as to how you came to your conclusions. I hope to hear about it.



Ed. Note: There is no one standard but what the group or person in question accepts - some say a single drop of jewblood queers the carrier. I would say that whatever the German nationalists did re jews is probably about right. I think they drew the line at grandparents. Jewism is partly genetic, but in large measure it is cultural. If someone acts, looks, and fights White, that is generally good enough. But the fact that we now have tools to measure precisely is important, and those tools should be used. And WFP will use them for its leaders. It's one more tool to weed out infiltrators, posers, and agents. Still, race is a ROUGH category, not an absolute. The libs and kikes use the rough part to claim that the whole category is bogus, but that's like claiming because red bleeds into oragne, there's no difference between the colors. There is. As for your hypothetical "if every jew was thrown out" -- yes, I'm familiar with this Jerry Taylor bullshit line, with the planted axioms that 1) jews aren't causing the problems VNN has documented they are; 2) those who through them out have ever said that that ejection was anything but step one. If there were folks with the power to eject jews, then they'd have the power to correct the other problems, wouldn't they? I find this argument exceptionally dishonest, as befits an AmRen approach. It smuggles in the assumption that jews AREN'T responsible for the problems we say they cause. Thus, it begs the question. And it avoids the fact that the ones glibly positing the ejection themselves are UNWILLING TO ENTERTAIN factual arguments that jews are indeed the cause of every major social ill in America. In a word, this non-argument pretending to be an argument is muy jewy.

Jews aren't going to disappear unless someone throws them out. The throwers-out will have the ability to unplug the tv and make other changes in mass media that will turn things around in very short order. I don't think white people on average are morally degenerate. They are ignorant and know many things that aren't so, and many are too promiscuous, and have heads full of shit. But most people always were and always have been followers -- the same was true under the Nazis. At least as many went along because the nazis were Authority as actually believed in their ideas. It's always like that. The mass of people doesn't vary too much one way or another. In fact, the mass of people in the U.S. has at every possible opportunity indicated by its actions its disagreement with affirmative action, Mexican invasion, and the whole jew agenda. I honestly believe if we took power tomorrow, meaning that if we controlled the government and media, and we gave an address in strong decisive terms explaining the new situation, you would see a surge in Aryan spirit like you can't even imagine. If I spoke as dictator to America in the tone I used on the Peter Principle, I guarantee that scene in Pizza Hut would not happen. Because the "civil rights" bureacracies would be hanging from trees, and White men would know their rights were now protected, and they wouldn't be afraid of the repercussions of dealing with yard apes any longer. Because there's not one problem in America that doesn't have an easy solution -- and mind you, I say that as a Burkean conservative who is very, very careful not to mistake problems with conditions, i.e., things that cannot be solved (greed, lust, desire to drink/drug/gamble). Our invasion, crime, and education problems are race problems, and our race problems are a Jew Problem. I know how to solve the jew problem. You do too.


Subject: itz a small world: ooh! i wanna see the oven people!

Free, huh? Sounds nifty:

"Ten Free Things to do in Orlando, FL

You can spend plenty of money in Orlando. To get the most from your trip, consider some of city's great attractions which offer free admission. Parks, forests & gardens showcase the beauty of the area's flora and fauna. Several museums highlight area history, and a must-see is the Holocaust Memorial. Your family will enjoy these treasures and your wallet will, too!"

But wait...

"The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida 851 N. Maitland Ave, Maitland, FL. Phone: (407)-644-2451 Events of the Holocaust are displayed in chronological order. The Center also presents photographs and a memorial wall built in remembrance of the 6 million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis. (Admission fees and operating hours are subject to change. Other fees (like parking) may be charged. Always call ahead before making your visit)."

Weep fer free...or not.


Subject: Academy Awards

For those of you sick white liberals who cannot get enough of race-mixing on TV, the Jew inspired Academy Awards will fulfill your needs. How many race-mixing couples did you see? Self-hating white whores with a jive ass nigger on her arm.


Subject: White against White

"'Strange,' he told [Walther] Hewel, 'that we are destroying the positions of the white race in East Asia with the help of Japan, while Britain has joined Bolshevik swine in the fight against Europe!'"

--- 22 August 1941 quote of Adolf Hitler, from The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor by David Irving, page 92 (of 1990 Grafton edition)


Subject: Apollonian

Hey thanks much for mainpage space for my book-review for Griffin, David Ray. And good job as editor linking to previous reviews for Stinnet and Ruppert--this demonstrates VNN continuing as real scholarly enterprise with excellent depth, u know. Such as college students will find our VNN info quite useful I suspect.

And thanks for the "Max Hadden" attn--I do think it's good for the patriot-debate. "Max" was pretty fair with his in-context quotes, so I can't complain. But he still needs an argument, and I hope u'll consider my rebuttal, coming up forthwith.

Sincerely, Apollonian, combat-scholar/theologian-of-giftedness, Christian-patriot


Subject: "Independence Day"


Last night I watched a terrible movie titled Independence Day. ID is an agitprop movie so typical of the Jew's current science fiction genre. The movie features the standard, over-contrived plot of evil aliens thwarted by ever so clever Jews and Negroes, assisted by a few typically drunk and/or incompetent white men. The theme that runs throughout this movie is a Jewish favorite: we're all the same race, the human race, and we're all in this mess together; so let's all work together to ensure our survival - now will all the white volunteers step forward for their suicide mission briefing?

In contrast to the typical kind benevolent and intensely intelligent Negro president, this movie atypically portrays a white president, but the character's whiteness is downplayed by making him completely bland, much like our real president. The portrayal of the white president is carefully manipulated so we can all fully understand the motivation of well meaning and marginally competent white males. If the white male is to have a role in society, it is to assist the Negro and Jew heroes in their epic battle against truly evil outside forces - like terrorism maybe? In this movie the prez does this by actually flying an F-18 fighter into battle! It seems as if this prez was a fighter pilot before becoming president - just like Dubya! (More on this in a moment)

The other prominent white character is played by Randy Quaid. Quaid is a drunken crop duster (is there any other kind?) who still flies a Stearman (actually a Boeing PT-13, Lloyd Stearman was the designer.) The Jews have not quite figured out that ag-flying has come a long ways since yesteryear when the Stearman ruled. Today Stearman have far more value as flying replicas than they could ever hope to have as a profit making ag-plane. Perhaps that value is why Quaid spends half the movie towing a Stearman fuselage around behind his trailer trash mobile home. Of course to make Quaid a truly PC character he has to be a Vietnam vet who flew F-4s in 'nam, his drunkenness is the result of PTSD? PSTD? PDST? - Uh - combat fatigue, from previous alien abductions.

To add even more Tikkun Olam spice to Quaid's character, he is the father to a multicultural mélange of multihued children. In the end Quaid has to sacrifice himself to save his loving multiculti fambly - GAG! I did so enjoy seeing Quaid in the cockpit of a F-18 wearing a pair of WWII vintage AN-6530 goggles on top of his helmet. Vat a nize tribute to all those sucker Goyim who gave their lives for Jew war II.

By far the most obnoxious character in the movie was played by a Jew named Judd Hirsch. You might remember Hirsch as the star of the Televitz series "Taxi." In this movie, Hirsch has completed his metamorphosis into the jewiest of Jews. He is cast in that typical role that Jews always love to present themselves, the arrogant, yet somehow humble and self deprecating outsider who has cosmic insights on all natures human. A typical script segment that brings forth this marvelous characterization, Hirsch: "Come pray with me" Extra: "But, but I'm not Jewish!" Hirsch: "Vell no vun iss perfect!"

At the end of the movie Hirsch even takes to wearing an adorned Jew beanie. Why is it that, Jews often adorn their beanies with what appear to be boy scout type merit badges? "Vell, this vun iss for promoting miscegenation and this vun iss for my help with unrestricted immigration and this vun iss for general Tikkun Olam." If the Hirsch character in this move doesn't make you puke, nothing will; even Jew Jeff Goldblum's character is toned down by comparison.

How phony can it get? Why not have a believable plot - like the following: The American economy is failing, foreign central bankers are pulling their support and selling off the American debt they hold, as a result the dollar is plummeting in value. In the meantime the price of oil is rising to where the bovina will have to permanently park their SUVs. The economic situation is rapidly becoming untenable for the Jews, as they need increased funding for their proxy Golem to escalate their war in Middle East.

Another thorny problem will be the draft; in order to provide the ZOG's military with fresh fodder, conscription for the bovina is rapidly drawing neigh. This development will prove a to be very unpopular with many dissolute white children who sport tattoos, gothic clothing and multiple piercing. To their way of thinking, nihilism is just fine - as long as you don't let it get you killed in a stupid war.

Fortunately, due to the machinations of clever and farsighted Jews, the gubment's top level administration positions have now been stacked with chosen people like Michael Chertoff. Due to this brilliant and insightful move, the Jews now have complete control over the American government. However, the current president is beginning to look more and more like a loose cannon and in any event he is rapidly losing all credibility with the American people. Something will have to be done and due to the mounting economic and political problems it will have to be done soon. But vat to do? how do we keep the "honeycomb" functioning and still suppress the rising dissatisfaction of the bovina? What's more this dissatisfaction may rapidly peak towards possible revolutionary fervor when the dollar slumps to the point where shopping at Wal Mart will be more like shopping at Neiman Marcus.

Vat ve Choos need now is a monumental tragedy, a highly visible outrage of epic proportions. An outrage so monumental that the American bovina will immediately and unquestioningly fall into lockstep behind our patriotic, flag-waving, propaganda. An outrage so outrageous that the young bovina will fall in line to join the huge new escalation in the war on terrorism in the Middle East. In the next scene the Jews put their collective minds deep into the hive-minded metaphysical state of kalnorie and come up with a plan.

OK Maury, here is vat ve do, ve manipulate Condoleezza Rice into the position of vice president by having vats hiss name step down due to health problems. Then ve have Arab terrorists conviently assassinate Dubya, making Uncle Benjamin's converted Rice into instant American prez! With our empty box of Rice firmly in power, ve have the perfect mechanism for exerting our unquestioned control over the bovina. Thank Yahweh ve haff already properly conditioned the bovina with our movies so they will docilely accept our brainless Negress as their new president.

After ze empty box of Rice takes power, zen ve haff our boy Chertoff move quickly to implement the state of martial law declared by our converted Rice. The story for this, will be that a state of martial law is necessary to ensure America, and more importantly her precious gubment, is protected from the evil terrorism that resulted in the assassination of the beloved Dubya. Zen ve make Dubya a martyr for the cause, replacing Martin Loother Coon (itz ok, ve're Choos) day with Dubya day. Dubya's martyrdom vill begin our final consolidation of the socialist totalitarian state that ve once created in Russia. Oy Vey, vat a zimple plan and zo effective too! The bovina cannot help but swallow it hook line and sinker - like a hungry carp maybe! Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, don't miss it! Happy Independence Day - Suckers!


Arch Stanton

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