Reader Mail: 22 September 2005


Subject: VNN/F/TAA today

One of these days, VNN should hold a contest to see what reader can locate the article, story, movie or other media presentation with the most layers of Jewish reference. For instance, Nina Totenberg of NPR discussing Linda Greenhouse of the NYT's coverage of Ruther Bader Ginsburg's treatment of a Holocaust reparations lawsuit (four layers). And Chuck Schumer's comment on the whole thing (pushes it to five).

Here's a candidate: David Edelstein of Slate (check the editors) discussing Jonathan Safran Foer's novel, adapted to a movie (directed by Liev Schrieber) about the Holocaust, with references to klezmers and Philip Roth thrown in (at least four layers, possibly six).

Dont' miss the anti-Semite named "Alex".

Douglas Wright






















Subject: lions munch ziggies

Good News From Africa


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- A pride of lions has killed and devoured 20 villagers, wounded 10 others and eaten at least 70 cattle in southern Ethiopia in the past week, police said Tuesday. The attacks have forced at least 1,000 people to flee their homes in Hadia Zone, in the Southern Nation and Nationalities People State, 400 kilometers (250 miles) north of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, according to a police statement. "The lions are coming from the bush seeking food," in groups of two to four animals, according to the statement.

Lions attack and eat humans in areas where their wild prey has been reduced by over-hunting, deforestation and population growth. Older lions also become man- eaters because humans are a far easier prey than wildlife. "The 20 people were eaten by the lions while they engaged in their daily activities in their homes and nearby places," according to the police. "Killing these lions would be the only way to rescue the residents in the area and prevent other casualties," the police statement added.


Subject: cc Pansy Craig Roberts


Subject: We're on the brink of nuclear war...and your pee-pee is limp (re: America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup)

Hey Roberts-

You're such a coward. We're on the brink of nuclear war and you still can't bring your chicken-shit ass to use the term 'jew'. You'd much rather take cover behind the euphemisms (neo-conservative, neo-Jacobin, etc.). Only daylight will stop the jew. As always. What kind of a fucking pussy are you? It's the fucking jews, you useless ass. The fucking jews. You know that. But you're too much of a stinking coward to say it publicly. You still intone about "the Nazis". They were right, you asshole. Wake up. The United States and England (Roosevelt and Churchill, specifically) were the jew-bought-and-paid-for whores in that 'conflict'. The Germans were right. Hitler and Goebbles were the only ones speaking the Truth. You still bow down before these mother fuckers that are about to engage the United States in a nuclear, possibly world-ending, war. Hitler at least had the courage to point his finger and accuse. You're not a patch on his ass, you sissy, and don't you dare mention the honorable Germans. You, Pauli-girl, know the Truth, but are too scared to announce it. Even with the stakes. I don't understand why.... put your fucking pen away, you useless piece of shit. We're better off without it. And fuck you, and your children, and your grandchildren too. Heil Deutchland.

Chris Rabensteiner


Subject: smoky drifts off

Hideous Hebrew Holohate-monger Hurtles Hellwards.

Simon Wiesenthall, ex resident of nineteen Nazi 'Death camps' died today.

One only hopes that the remains of this allegedly gas proof and oven proof creature of pure hatred, is not permitted to further pollute the planet by being buried or cremated, but disposed of properly in a toxic waste facility.

P s: However, I weep at his passing, having hoped to see him hanged on piano wire- to which end would gladly have sacrificed my precious Bechstein.

John Bayldon


Subject: clever

white people are dumb and funny to laugh at. Kind of like ni..........


Subject: Pauli Coward Roberts

Pulled Punch #376

Alex, In this latest from PCR at LewPie's:

What ELSE did Mahathir Mohamad say, Pauli?


Subject: ARA dogma


Anti-Racist Action FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -excerpt

Why do you only focus on white racism?

We think that racism is two things: the belief that people can be divided into separate and distinct categories of "races" that can then be ranked according to which ones are superior or inferior to the others; and the power to act on this belief in a way that harms people. There is only one "race" -- the human race.

While "non-white" people may believe that races really exist, it is "white" people that hold the power to put such beliefs into practice to hurt people.

Science has proven that even though races are not real on any biological basis, racism is very real, and groups defined as distinct by racism face very real social, political and economic differences as a result.

This is why "white" people perpetrate the majority of hate crimes in our society, or why the victims of racism are almost always people of color.

Sometimes, "white" people are the victims of racism or racism occurs between different people of color. But compared to the amount of people of color victimized by institutionalized white racism, it's not hard to see where the real problem lies.

ARA chooses to focus its efforts where the most and worst kind of racism is happening. And that happens to be the kind of racism that victimizes people of color.


Subject: DawgAir

Here. Airliner fakes emergency so passengers can watch soccer game LIMA, Peru (AP) -- A chartered jet carrying 289 Gambian soccer fans pretended it needed to make an emergency landing so they could watch their team compete in the FIFA Under 17 World Championships, officials said Wednesday. The plane, claiming to be low on fuel, landed Tuesday near the stadium in Peru's northern coast city of Piura. "It truly was a scam," said Betty Maldonado, a spokeswoman for Peru's aviation authority, CORPAC. "They tricked the control tower, saying they were low on fuel." ======================================

Subject: defending Steele against jew Makow

Subject: In Defense of Edgar Steele, Dr. Makow:


September 21, 2005

Hi, Dr. Makow:

Re: "Why Jewish Bankers Love Anti-Semites - Edgar Steele's Racism"

Edgar Steele - like the rest of us scribblers who defend the truth - is reduced to BOLD TRUTH-TELLING because Marxian Jews have already won the culture wars!

TO REPEAT: Edgar Steele - like the rest of us scribblers who defend the truth - is reduced to BOLD TRUTH-TELLING because Marxian Jews have already won the culture wars!

In other words, there now is NO gain to the CAUSE OF SAVING white Western civilization by being clever and careful.

That's the crux of your piece, Dr. Makow: that Edgar Steele is not being clever - not being careful - to avoid offending ALL Jews and ALL blacks.

Marxian Jews may now shout "CHEKMATE!" across the land, as the West IS LOST to their CLINICAL INSANITY!!!

Yes, it is genetic, Dr. Makow. And THEY ARE clinically insane because of it, which assessment is not meant to offend you, as a Jew, but to drive home the point that EXCEPTIONAL CASES CAN'T LOGICALLY REFUTE THE GENERAL RULE:

Jews are insane!

Okay, let's say that - GENERALLY - Jews are not insane. Then, how do you explain Jews' meddling ability to undermine an entire world with revolutions and wars and social decadence?

If it's not genetic, then could it be demon possession, Dr. Makow?

If one examines the history of the predominant gene pool of so-called "Jews," the Ashkenazi, who have no bloodline to Abraham, one finds an ethnic tribe exhibiting a social character of sex-obsessed sociopaths, hell-bent on warring and taking others' possessions (( yeah, the Ashkenazim culture had been centered around warring and phallus worship )).

-from my collection of thoughts on America's steep moral/ cultural decline:

3) Civilizations rise upon fidelity to general truths and fall by their abridgment.

That's what Edgar Steele is doing, telling general truths about Jews and blacks. And, again, there is no good reason, at this point in the struggle, to avoid the GENERAL statements of which you disapprove.

16) One knows that civil society is in steep decline when the values that gave rise to it are discussed as if open to reasonable debate.

RACISM was once held in high regard among well-educated people, before Marxian Jews demeaned that term - but while holding firm to their own racist views! - and advanced MONGRELISM as the social ideal, which ism is an underying tenet of SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM.

Racism was (is) a requisite value to the rise of any GOOD civilization.

Racism was (is) a requisite means to the rise (security) of the West, and to every other past (present) civilization, without which ism we'd all look more like the chimps (( actually, one may now notice on the street such devolutionary features, common to mongrelist- type communities; an excellent example being the genetic outcomes in today's COMMUNIST/MONGRELIST Cuba )).

You appear to be a HYPOCRITE and LIAR to pull that race card on Mr. Steele, as EVERYONE IS RACIST!---and correctly so! And those who charge others with racism - while hiding their own - are the worst enemies of GOODNESS and TRUTH (( Rush Limbaugh is one of the worst offenders of that practice-0= )).

No, Dr. Makow, Edgar Steele and the rest of us TRUTH-TELLERS make a grave mistake in trying to be clever and careful in the face of such JEW-DIRECTED evil and BLACK-EFFECTED criminality.

The entirety of your premise is WRONG, as it actually plays more into the hands of Jewish bankers and black race-hustlers. How?---by keeping white men and women UNINFORMED and UNMOTIVATED about what's afoot among their race and within their civilization:

WHITES' GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE, at the hands of Marxian Jews and their minority charges:

Your White Face and Communism

There shall come a time when what the Edgar Steeles of the West say and write will fit at-large reality; a time when all white men and women see the truth of it; a time when what ANTI-SEMITES and RACISTS have been saying and writing for decades is obvious to everyone.

That time is nearly upon us, Dr. Makow.

Please step back from your prevarications; for the sake of the West!

Best Regards,



2517) They came for your good civilization, after they had set an unprecedented historical record of destroying host cultures; they came for your good civilization, after having wrecked European nations with revolutionary economic theories and resulting class warfare; they came for your good civilization, after you had been warned by your Founding Fathers not to give them a foothold here; they came for your good civilization, but you did nothing in the face of decades of declining moral and cultural standards at their hands; they came and conquered your good society – your race and its Western civilization – by using fiat currency and their Big Banks to dole it out to you; using open-borders immigration and forced integration to mongrelize your race; using every-outcome-must-be-equal egalitarianism to dumb down all curricula and tests; using affirmative racism to advance the welfare of non-whites at your expense; using ubiquitous pornography and resulting sexual promiscuity to rip apart your families; using abortion-on-demand slaughterhouses to free your women from any sense of duty to home and family; using confiscatory taxation to run federal programs that had been designed to subdue your race and culture—to make you fund your own destruction!; and, now, they – those Democrat-, socialist-, communist-, humanist-, ADL-, and ACLU-connected Jews – seek to silence you with thought-control-premised legislation, using so-called "hate-crime" and "hate-speech" laws to that evil end.

2521) If I were able to raise an army, I'd make my first order of business this: to round up those cowardly conservatives who write and publish for mainstream newspapers and magazines, as they are the PRIMARY BLOCK to saving the West from Marxian Jews and their crime-inclined charges.



Reply Reply - Reply All Reply All - Forward Forward - View Source View Source - Previous Previous - Next Next - Message: 485 / 497 close this window From: The Truth To: Subject: Rape w/o Race, SE Chicago? Negro. Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 09:33:15 -0700 (PDT)

[Long rap sheet at the tender age of 27, Anthony -- get this, the Chicago Tribune didn't include this little detail, but the Chicago Sun-Times did: Anthony DARNELL] McNeal [McNeal without Darnell almost sounds White, doesn't it? ... but neither paper ever states victim's race, nor that of the rapist] made and received calls on the stolen phone, and detectives interviewed some of the people he talked to, leading to a stakeout of his Southeast Side [of Chicago? 7000 block? ALL NEGRO] apartment, police said.

The woman answered the door that morning and was forced back into her [almost ALL WHITE northern suburb bordering Chicago, Evanston] home at knifepoint, police said.

McNeal raped her and stole valuables from the apartment, police said. He forced the woman to ride with him on a CTA elevated train into Chicago where security cameras [I don't know 'bout y'all, but can I have a look?] showed him in the sporting goods store and forcing her to take money from several ATMs, investigators said.

Here from the Sun-Times,

Convicted burglar Anthony Darnell McNeal walked up and down an Evanston street two weeks ago, pushing several doorbells before he was buzzed into a building in the 900 block of Sherman, police said.

Inside, a 32-year-old woman thought it was her husband -- who had left just minutes before -- returning for something he forgot.

... He [Anthony Darnell McNeal] was arrested Sunday evening in the 7000 block of South Creiger, wearing the same shirt he wore during the alleged attack and a pair of shoes he had purchased while with the victim, [Evanston Deputy Chief of Police Joe] Bellino said.

Welcome to the Kwa, y'all!


Cell phone use leads to arrest in rape

By Brian Cox

Special to the Tribune

Published September 21, 2005

Police are crediting the use of cell phone records for the arrest of a Chicago man accused of raping an Evanston woman in her apartment this month. Anthony McNeal, 27, of the 7000 block of South Cregier Avenue was being held without bail after a hearing Tuesday before Cook County Circuit Judge Mary Maxwell Thomas in Skokie. Records from the woman's stolen cell phone and security camera photos led to the Sunday night arrest in Chicago, police said Tuesday.

He is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, home invasion and armed robbery in the Sept. 9 attack on a 22-year-old woman in the 900 block of Sherman Avenue, authorities said. Records from the woman's stolen cell phone and security camera photos led to McNeal's arrest, police said Tuesday. "I think the cell phone was probably the key thing," Evanston Police Chief Frank Kaminski said. "It was really keen investigative work by the detectives." After the rape, police stepped up patrols, handed out fliers and went door to door talking with Evanston residents.

"People were nervous," Deputy Chief Joseph Bellino said Tuesday. "It's important to remember these sorts of things could happen anywhere and people have to be on their guard." McNeal, who was on parole after an August release from Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg where he had served nearly 6 years on a burglary conviction, is due back in court Friday. "He has an extensive criminal history including prior charges of aggravated robbery," Assistant State's Atty. Vicki Klegman said.

"He picked the victim at random. It was a crime of opportunity."

McNeal was arrested near his home wearing shoes he bought at a Chicago sporting goods store with the woman's credit card, Bellino said. He said McNeal was carrying a Walkman taken from the woman and she identified him in a lineup. McNeal made and received calls on the stolen phone, and detectives interviewed some of the people he talked to, leading to a stakeout of his Southeast Side apartment, police said. The woman answered the door that morning and was forced back into her home at knifepoint, police said.

McNeal raped her and stole valuables from the apartment, police said. He forced the woman to ride with him on a CTA elevated train into Chicago where security cameras showed him in the sporting goods store and forcing her to take money from several ATMs, investigators said. "Obviously the victim complied because of fear," Kaminski said. "She was afraid for her life."

McNeal released the woman at the Wilson Avenue stop on the Red Line several hours after the ordeal began, authorities said. Kaminski said McNeal also was charged with battery for assaulting a female employee at the police station Sunday night during booking. He said the employee was not seriously injured.


Burglar charged with sex assault, battery

September 21, 2005


Convicted burglar Anthony Darnell McNeal walked up and down an Evanston street two weeks ago, pushing several doorbells before he was buzzed into a building in the 900 block of Sherman, police said. Inside, a 32-year-old woman thought it was her husband -- who had left just minutes before -- returning for something he forgot. Once McNeal got through the lobby and to the woman's door, he allegedly pushed his way inside, robbed the woman of jewelry, cash and other items, including her cell phone, and then raped her at knifepoint, Evanston police said.

On Tuesday, McNeal was formally charged in the crime. The woman's ordeal, which started about 8 a.m. Sept. 9, did not end with the sexual assault, police say. McNeal is said to have kept his victim for four hours, forcing her to walk with him to the L stop at Main and Chicago and board a southbound CTA train. They transferred at Howard Street and headed farther south to the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago, where the two disembarked at Wilson, Evanston Deputy Chief of Police Joe Bellino said.

Accused of attacking cop

McNeal allegedly forced the victim to withdraw money from several banking machines before taking her shopping at a clothing store, where he spent about $400, Bellino said. All the while, McNeal either held the knife on his victim or threatened to return to her home later and hurt her or her husband, according to Bellino.

"She was terrorized for a lot of hours. And was very fearful for her life,'' Bellino said.

Later, after the two re-boarded the L, McNeal reportedly released the woman, who immediately called police. McNeal, 27, was ordered held without bond Tuesday by a Cook County judge on charges of criminal sexual assault, as well as battery for allegedly attacking an Evanston police officer while being processed at the police station. McNeal has been convicted of burglary in the past and was on parole, Bellino said.

Caught through cell phone

Several pieces of evidence have linked McNeal to the attack, including his image being caught on a security tape at the store where he shopped and at the banking machines, police said. But the break for police came when McNeal allegedly continued using the victim's cell phone after releasing her. Police found the people he had allegedly talked to on the phone and were able to determine where McNeal had been staying on the South Side.

He was arrested Sunday evening in the 7000 block of South Creiger, wearing the same shirt he wore during the alleged attack and a pair of shoes he had purchased while with the victim, Bellino said. The victim identified McNeal in a photo and physical lineup. McNeal also is said to have given a statement, Bellino said.


Subject: Steele rant

Good audio rant from Steele for those with real player



Subject: computers

Hi, Jeff Rense:



Computer manufacturers have secretly installed tranceivers in some high-end models, including laptops, so off-line work can be monitored by satellite or proximity equipment.


Subject: multiCULT

Price Of 'Multiculturalism' - Swedish Girls Beaten, One Raped

From Jan Lamprecht

Some interesting rape statistics from Sweden below. 80% of rapes in Sweden are caused by immigrants. We're always hearing how the Swedes are supporting Africa and how Liberal and Politically Correct they are.

A journalist in Sweden sent me this most interesting story which has a photo which is a must-see. Violent and deadly crimes of all types have skyrocketed since the immigration flood began in Europe. - Jan

Here is the email -

Hi Jan,

This might be of interest to you.

(This is the original link, along with the photo):

The link story is about two Swedish girls who were brutally beaten and one of them raped on last New Years Eve in Gothenburg, Sweden. The picture shows the raped girl called Linda. The attackers were a bunch of black immigrants from Africa.

The two girls met the men when going to a party but couldn't find their way to it. The blacks suggested they'd accompany the girls because they knew where this party was. Since Swedish women are brain-washed since kindergarten that 'every one is the same' and just like any other Swede on the inside, they went along.

On the way, the girls "got" separated and were horribly beaten. One of the girls faked being dead and because of it escaped being raped.

Swedish police have finally, after 9 months, managed to find one of the attackers. In the Swedish main stream media he's been described as 'Finnish.' What they've been trying to hide is the fact that he's a black African with a Finnish citizenship.

These poor girls were actually on Swedish TV a while after they were assaulted. Spurred on by the reporters et al, they both exclaimed that the fact that the rapists were black had nothing to do with what they'd been subjected to...

80% of rapes in Sweden are perpetrated by immigrants and 80% of the victims are ethnic Swedish girls and woman according to any police officers investigating rapes when speaking off the record. Rape statistics in Sweden have sky rocketed since the start of multiculturalism.



Subject: Smoky Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal: 'Hatemeister'

Sept. 20, 2005

The Simon Wiesenthal Center serves up Six Million Lies and Legends about the Holocaust around the world daily. The Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual states that it concentrates on the scholarly study of the Holocaust. "Our definition of the Holocaust in its widest context includes: Nazi Germany and the Final Solution, 1933-1945; European Jewry during World War II; refugees, rescue, and immigration; displaced persons and post-war trials; and modern anti-Semitism." FOR THIRTY-FIVE years the international Jewish organisations have been harassing British historian David Irving and others. Again and again he has been shown examples of the furtive "backgrounders" and smear-sheets circulated by them in an attempt to blacken his name.


Subject: 9/11, thanks ZOG!

Fireman Admits Again: 9-11 Inside Job

by Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani

On the morning of September 11, 2005, New York City auxiliary fire lieutenant Paul Isaac, Jr. admitted yet again that 9-11 was an inside job. In fact, here is his exact quote to Lisa Guliani and myself: "I know 9-11 was an inside job, the police know it's an inside job, and the firemen know it too." Furthermore, Paul Isaac, Jr. (a well-known New York City fireman) told us in front of several others that he knows that 9-11 was an inside job, and then pointed to the other law enforcement officers standing there at the WTC with us and said that they also know - that they ALL KNOW. A police officer who gave a "thumbs up" gesture as we all left Ground Zero.

Think about the ramifications of this statement. One of New York's own firefighters revealed publicly that 9-11 wasn't the work of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but instead was planned, coordinated, and executed by elements within our own government. Isaacs also added, after pointing to throngs of police officers standing around us, that, "We all have to be very careful about how we handle it."

Preeminent researcher Jim Marrs (Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies) also quotes author Randy Lavello, who wrote the following about Paul Isaac, Jr.: "New York firemen were very upset by what they considered a cover-up in the WTC destruction. Many other firemen knew there were bombs in the buildings,' he said, 'but they are afraid for their jobs to admit it because the higher-ups forbid discussion of this fact.' Isaac, who was stationed at Engine 10 near the WTC in the late 1990s, said the higher-ups included the NYFD's antiterrorism consultant, James Woolsey, a former CIA director. 'There were definitely bombs in those buildings,' Isaac added."


Subject: Frontline show on porn on the internet

I know it's mainstream, PBS/Frontline, and softened up quite a bit - no one saying WHO controls the pron industry, but it's still a fascinating show, shows how much in bed (ha ha!) the major corp's and the pron industry are with each other. Alex.


Subject: homo teaching sex "ed"

Student barred over objection to 'gay' teacher

But judge rules against district that hired homosexual to teach sex ed

When a Washington student objected to having a homosexual teach his sex education class, the school district attempted to punish the student by barring his reenrollment, but now a judge has sided with the student. The student, Lucas Schrader, had been enrolled in Kent Mt. View Academy, a charter school in the Kent School District near Seattle, for three years. Schrader's parents were required to apply each year for his admission to the school because they live in another district, according to the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy, which is representing the family.


Subject: more lies


18 Elul 5765, Thursday, September 22, 2005 5:59 IST

WWII-era grave found in Germany


Workers at a US Army airfield near Stuttgart, Germany have uncovered a World War II-era grave believed to contain the bodies of Jewish slave laborers used by the Nazis, German authorities said Wednesday. The skeletal remains of an undetermined number of people were found Monday during work on the airfield next to Stuttgart s airport, said Ulrich Heffner, a spokesman for police in the southwestern city.

Preliminary examination of the remains indicated that they were of the right age to be the bodies of Jews used as forced laborers in the area, Heffner said in a statement. According to Heffner, Jewish inmates from a camp adjacent to the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp were used as slave laborers at the airbase between November 1944 and February 1945, and more than 100 died of hunger and typhus during that period; nineteen were cremated at the time, and another 66 corpses were found in October 1945, shortly after the war ended.

Authorities are now trying to determine the identities of the bodies and are looking for possible witnesses as they look into the case. The dead would have worked at Hailfingen. It was one of more than 50 sub-camps in the extensive subsystem of the Natzweiler-Struthof camp where Jewish prisoners were to repair the runway of the old Echterdingen airfield for German aircraft, which were flying night raids.


Subject: first Katrina, then Latrina

After the storm came the carjackers and burglars. Then came the gun battles and the chemical explosions that shook the restored Victorians in New Orleans' Algiers Point neighborhood. "The hurricane was a breeze compared with the crime and terror that followed," said Gregg Harris, a psychotherapist who lives in the battered area. As life returned to this close-knit neighborhood three weeks after Hurricane Katrina, residents said they hoped their experience could convince political leaders to get serious about the violence and poor services that have long been an unfortunate hallmark of their city. "I think now it's a wake-up call," Harris said.

After the storm, the neighborhood association had to act as law enforcement and emergency response unit as city services collapsed and the police force was unable to protect them. Citizens organized armed patrols and checked on the elderly. They slept on their porches with loaded shotguns and bolted awake when intruders stumbled on the aluminum cans they had scattered on the sidewalk. Gunshots rang out for days, sometimes terrifyingly close.

For Harris, the first warning sign came on Tuesday, the day after the storm, when two young men hit his partner, Vinnie Pervel, over the head and drove off with his Ford van. "A police car drove up behind me and saw it happening but he didn't do anything," said Pervel, who heads the 1,500-household neighborhood association. Then residents heard that police vehicles were being carjacked and looters were taking guns and ammunition from nearby stores.

"We thought, 'Perhaps this is going to get really ugly,'" said Gareth Stubbs, a marine surveyor who lives across Pelican Street from Harris and Pervel.



Subject: jew-commie Hollywood

Hollywood just loves Communist tyrants, July 12, 2005

Reviewer:C.J. Griffin (Little River, SC United States) - See all my reviewsI used to wonder why Hollywood ignored the crimes of Soviet Communism, which easily rival the crimes of National Socialism, something they've shown us over and over and over again (certainly understandable). Not one major film has been made showing us the summary executions during Lenin's "Red Terror," the forced starvation of several million peasants in Ukraine, the torture and mass murder during Stalin's purges of the late 30's, the cold-blooded massacre of thousands of Polish citizens at Katyn, or the horrors of the gulag. But Hollywood has been plenty busy pumping out films on "McCarthyism" and the ghastly "blacklist." They're listed in this book: Guilty by Suspicion, The Front, The Way We Were, The Majestic, Marathon Man, The House on Carroll Street, Fellow Traveler, One of Hollywood Ten. This is all propaganda of course. The way they tell it you'd think it was one of the darkest and most tragic eras in human history. McCarthy and his ilk were no saints, and there were certainly excesses, but I don't believe anyone was murdered by McCarthy and HUAC. By contrast tens of millions were murdered in Soviet Russia. Apparently that's no big deal to the fools in Tinseltown who are constantly wringing their hands over "McCarthyism," the blacklist and the persecuted Hollywood ten. These crybabies wouldn't have lasted ONE DAY in the Kolyma forced-labor camps!

The Radoshes show us that Hollywood back in the 30's and 40's was filled with Soviet-sympathizing Communists who put out propaganda films whitewashing Stalin's mass murders such as The North Star, Song of Russia and Mission to Moscow. While the first two simply glossed over the Stalinist holocaust in Ukraine, the latter film actually GLORIFIED Stalin's secret police and mass purges. Can you believe this? Hollywood actually justified Stalin's killing machine! Think about that the next time some Hollywood leftist whines about the "horrors" of "McCarthyism."

While no one in Hollywood would dare praise Stalin now, quite a few do embrace other blood-soaked Communist despots. For example, Shirley MacLaine made a pilgrimage to Red China, then reeling in the aftermath of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution, and declared that Mao Tse-tung was a hero of all time. Someone should let Shirley know that her "hero" is the biggest mass murderer in history (see "Mao: The Unknown Story" by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday). And countless Hollywood "useful idiots" such as Robert Redford, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone and many, MANY others swoon over that thug Fidel Castro, who has more blood on his hands (15,000 killed) than the hated Augusto Pinochet (3,000 killed). Pinochet's crimes have been the subject of several Hollywood flicks - i.e. Missing, Of Love and Shadows, etc. None have been made on the mass murders of Castro and Mao. To add insult to injury Castroite Robert REDford was executive producer of "The Motorcycle Diaries," a saintly portrayal of Castro's chief executioner Ernesto "Che" Guevara in his early days. He later went on to murder hundreds of "counter-revolutionaries" at La Cabana prison, something that's highly unlikely to be portrayed in the next pro-Che film starring Benicio del Toro.

The negative reviews are beyond pathetic. McCarthy this... McCarthy that... blah, blah, blah... Of course they can't refute one thing in the book. They prefer myth, not facts. Hollywood was filled with Stalin-worshipping Reds (now Castro-worshipping Pinkos), the Rosenberg's were guilty as charged and Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy. Truth hurts - deal with it!

Also recommended:

Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant by Humberto E. Fontova Hollywood Party: How Communism Seduced the American Film Industry in the 1930s and 1940s by Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley In Denial: Historians, Communism & Espionage by John Earl Haynes & Harvey Klehr The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America's Traitors by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel


Subject: diversity destroys

How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD

By Jan Golab

The LAPD was once known as "the world's greatest police department," due largely to its stringent character screening. Back in the era of Sergeant Joe Friday, LAPD candidates were checked out as thoroughly as homicide suspects. Even a casual relationship with any known criminal excluded a candidate from being considered as a police officer.

All that is now history. In a bid to appease racial activists and meet federal decrees, strict screening and testing measures were dismantled. New black and Hispanic officer candidates were hustled into the ranks at any cost. What former deputy chief Steve Downing called "a quagmire of quota systems" was set up, and "standards were lowered and merit took a back seat to the new political imperatives."

It was back in 1981 that the LAPD first entered into a federal consent decree that instituted quotas for female and minority hiring. To meet these demands, the standards for physical capability, intellectual capacity, and personal character were lowered. The result was that many incapable or mediocre recruits--even significant numbers with criminal links or gang associations--were accepted into the department.


Subject: NPI

Here's the link to the new White site:


Subject: where refugees are, state by state


A Look at Katrina Victims in Shelters

About 67,400 Hurricane Katrina refugees are in shelters in 25 states and Washington, D.C., according to the Red Cross and state officials.

LOUISIANA: 32,800 in 220 shelters

TEXAS: 16,000 on Monday; current number unavailable

ARKANSAS: 8,342 in shelters

MISSISSIPPI: 5,599 in 105 shelters

TENNESSEE: 544 in 9 shelters ALABAMA: 510 in 22 shelters

GEORGIA: 449 in two shelters

COLORADO: 430 in one shelter

ILLINOIS: 341 in five shelters

CALIFORNIA: 300 at one shelter

OKLAHOMA: 278 at Camp Gruber

FLORIDA: 269 in two shelters

WISCONSIN: 231 at one shelter


Subject: ANUS

American Nihilist Underground Society (anus) familiar with site? Good stuff, I believe. also "why the racists will win"...


Subject: obese nigs

Uh-oh. So much for the "athletic negro" stereotype:


Subject: China

First, the Chinese have not given up their determined pursuit of scarce energy assets. Chinese National Petroleum Corp. - China's biggest oil producer - succeeded in its $4.2 billion bid to buy Petro Kazakhstan. Petro Kazakhstan is a Canadian company, but most of its 150,000 barrels of production per day come from Kazakhstan, which is considerably closer to China than Canada.

This is simply Round 2 of China securing energy reserves closer to its borders. The CNOOC bid for Unocal was first, and failed. But the Chinese strategy hasn't changed. The second, successful, bid is more evidence that the bull market in resources is being driven as much by national strategy as it is by economic scarcity.

And in winning the bid, the Chinese beat out their Indian rivals on the subcontinent. It's bad news for India, because China has an additional $700 billion in currency reserves with which to conduct its global campaign for resource security.

While the Chinese patiently execute their strategy for economic competition with the United States, I'd be remiss if I didn't note the joint military exercises conducted by China and Russia in August, dubbed "Peace Mission 2005." Over 11,000 Russian and Chinese forces coordinated a mock invasion of a restive country. The exercises took place on eastern China's Shandong Peninsula, which is well north of Taiwan.

But make no mistake about the several messages being sent by both China and Russia. First and foremost is always Taiwan. A recent report published in the China Daily newspaper quoted a government report concerning the social instability sparked by a growing gap between rich, urban coastal dwellers and poor, rural farmers, who have not benefited from China's sudden prosperity. "China's growing income gap is likely to trigger instability after 2010 if the government finds no effective solutions to end the disparity," the article concluded.


Subject: Molly Yard

Here. Old man hating bulldyker dead at 93, Molly Yard, National Organization Of "Women." ======================================

Subject: Gary hideout


Nigger on the run for killing at least two White people, now has his hideout in "beautiful" Gary, Indiana. Lot's of luck finding good old Melvin! Am i saying all groids look the same? Yeah! You can't tell difference between Dennis Rodman & Nat King Cole or Harry Bellefonte (White hater) & Nelson Mendella (former communist president of South Africa & mass murderer of South African Whites) or Wayne B. Williams (serial killer of fellow niggers) & Opra (Negress talk show host) or Martin Luther King (womanizer & neo-communist) & Redd Foxx (Fred Sanford) or Jesse Jackson (nigger troublemaker) & M&M (White nigger=whigger-rapper)........Mike


Subject: Ireland these days

Hi Alex

Ireland - land of the political judiciary and thought crime.

Swastika spray-painter sent to prison

Irish Independent 22/09/05

A JUDGE who jailed a man for 20 months for spray-painting swastikas on three Dublin synagogues said he was sending out a signal that "racism or racial bigotry" was not to be tolerated in Ireland, a court has heard. David Hughes (40) of Fair Street, Drogheda, Co Louth, pleaded guilty before Judge John Coughlan in Cloverhill District Court yesterday to four counts of causing criminal damage to the synagogues and to one count of possession of a knife.

Giving evidence, Garda Michael Power said on June 24 last he was on beat patrol when he saw Hughes spray-painting a swastika on the gates of a synagogue on Rathfarnham Road in Terenure. On the same date, Hughes had spray-painted a swastika on a synagogue at Rathmore Villas in Terenure and the Dublin Jewish Progressive Congregation Synagogue on Leicester Avenue in Rathmines, Detective Garda Brian Grealy told the court. He also painted a swastika on the Rathfarnham Road synagogue on May 11, Detective Garda Grealy continued. The court heard Hughes was a single man, living alone in a one-bedroom flat, and that he had no previous convictions.

Grainne O'Neill, counsel for the defendant, said her client had no involvement with any organisations that took part in anti-Semitic activity. "His family confirmed (the offences) were completely out of character for him," she added. She said Hughes had spent time in the United States, where he took ill, and it turned out he had epilepsy. He was also diagnosed with schizophrenia and was attending medical care specialists for the last five years. "He has had a very difficult period since this happened. His father says his illness has affected him on a number of different occasions." One of the symptoms of his illness was that he heard voices, the barrister informed the court.

Jailing Hughes, Judge Coughlan said: "In my view, it's very important that a signal be sent out to all Irish people, north and south, that we do not tolerate racism or racial bigotry on the island of Ireland. "It's also very important that a signal be sent out to the international community that we do not tolerate racism or racial bigotry." The judge imposed four consecutive five-month sentences on Hughes, and the charge of possession of a knife was taken into consideration. Recognisance was fixed in the event of his seeking to appeal.

Cormac Murphy


The only difference between your president and ours is by degree. As you know Ireland allows U.S. troops to stop over at Shannon and U.S. planes to refuel there thus supporting America's illegal and immoral war against the sovereign nation of Iraq for the benefit of the terrorist state of Israel.

New body to teach lessons of Holocaust

A HOLOCAUST Educational Trust, designed to teach young people about the dangers of intolerance and the murderous mistakes of history, was launched yesterday by President Mary McAleese.

She described the lesson of the Holocaust as the most important which future generations could learn, warning the "toxin of irrational prejudice" was at work in every corner of the world today.

"They need to learn [the lesson] well - to take it to heart, to become champions of tolerance, advocates of respect for difference, bulwarks against the voices which, even as we gather here today, are already poisoning young minds with contempt for 'the other'," she said.

Peter in Ireland


Subject: Greece pays for Greeks

First Greece, now France. The Greek government offers $2.000 (flat sum) for more then two children, the French government offers $916.00 a month for the third child....I guess Greece & France are now on the shit list of the Jews & their collaboraters....Mike


Subject: jews promote promiscuity

"Jews believe in fighting for social justice, for healing the world," said Mr. Waxman, who represents the heavily Jewish Beverly-Fairfax area of Los Angeles. " ACLU targets abstinence-only programs

By Cheryl Wetzstein

September 22, 2005

The American Civil Liberties Union yesterday began a campaign to urge officials in 18 states to reject abstinence-only sex-education programs. Many abstinence programs contain false or misleading information, discriminate against homosexual youth and promote religion, ACLU leaders said, citing a December report issued by Rep. Henry A. Waxman, California Democrat.

The effort began as Maine announced that it had become the third state to reject federal abstinence-education funding, because of new rules that conflict with state policy.

Maine officials said this week that they will forgo a grant offered through the 1996 welfare-reform law because it must be used for abstinence programs and because they prefer comprehensive sex education. They used the grants for abstinence ad campaigns before the rules change.

"This money is more harmful than it is good," Dr. Dora Anne Mills, director of Maine's Bureau of Health, told the Portland Press Herald. "You can't talk about comprehensive reproductive information."

She said Maine didn't take $165,000 in Title V abstinence grants offered in fiscal 2005 and would not take the $161,000 that becomes available Oct. 1 for fiscal 2006. Pennsylvania and California also have rejected the grants. "Maine likes to be in the lead in a lot of things, and I think this is one of these times when we have," Lynn Kippax, press secretary for Maine Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, said yesterday.

Abstinence-only programs define abstinence as "avoiding all genital contact and sexual stimulation" and teach teens how to set boundaries and practice self-control, said Libby Gray Macke, director of Project Reality in Glenview, Ill.

In contrast, comprehensive sex programs teach a "complete range" of behaviors, including oral sex and mutual masturbation, as alternatives to intercourse, she said. However, these behaviors put teens at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

The states targeted by the ACLU are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Wyoming.

Pennsylvania and California do not accept Title V abstinence funds, but last year, organizations in the two states received more than $10 million from other federal abstinence funds, according to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Meanwhile, abstinence supporters are hoping Congress soon will boost abstinence funding to a record $206 million, as proposed by the Bush administration.

They also are criticizing comprehensive-sex advocates for helping push the teen oral-sex rate to higher than 50 percent.


Subject: abortion

Dear Sir,

I would like to take issue with Evelyn Cleary in her pro-abortion stance.

Cleary says "But there is no scientific consensus as to when human life begins; it is a matter of philosophical opinion or religious belief. Sperm and eggs are potential human beings".

"Sperm and eggs are potential human beings"?

Firstly Sperm and eggs are not potential human beings on their own, they do not evolve into life by themselves. They need each other and if not fused, die of their own accord. They do not have the same status of an embryo which is a living entity. She like most pro-abortionists knows this.

"There is no scientific consensus as to when human life begins"

This is usually a retort from a pro-abortionist to an adversary in response that human life begins at conception. This would also be the retort if an adversary asserted that abortion was cold-blooded murder.

When does human life start?

As in the quote above Evelyn Cleary states she doesn't know, she cannot pinpoint a time, therefore she cannot state that an embryo is not human life at anytime after conception.

By implication she is stating that before a certain time the human embryo is not actually a human life.

If not then what is it?

Also is it less moral to kill it in this state knowing that it will evolve to a human being?

If the precise time to achieve human status was say five weeks, would it be permissible to terminate after 4 weeks, six days, 23 hours and 59 minutes - the deadline another 10 seconds and that would have been a human life?

Even that Cleary admits she does not know when human life starts, she is prepared to kill it.

Even if it were not actually human but was soon to become so she is prepared to kill it

When then does human life start? Let's examine this.

Is there any process involved after intercourse where the egg and are fertilised in the creation of human life?

No there is not.

So if there is no other process involved after conception then Human life can only start at conception - there's nothing religious or philosophical about that!

"But there is no scientific consensus as to when human life begins"

By her own admission she cannot and does not refute the assertion that human life starts at conception.

By her own admission she cannot and does not refute the charge that abortion is cold-blooded murder.

Further to the above:

She hides behind the smokescreen of pathetic side issues and excuses such as inconvenience, travel etc;

She undermines the sanctity of human life by comparing the status the foetus to eggs and sperm;

She undermines the sanctity of human life by relegating it subordinate to a career, high powered job etc.

By taking this public stance she not only condones but actually promotes the practice of cold-blooded murder.

Peter in Ireland

Abortion is another arrow in jew quiver together with queerism, niggerism, anti-semitism, immigration, feminism, holohoaxism and all the rest of the jewshite!!!


Subject: what does "hate" bill mean?

What does this mean for VNN?

If it is to impact your website, I would appreciate it if I could purchase a dvd of all your letters and all your comments since you began operations.



>>In a surprising move, the House of Representatives on September 14, 2005 >>approved "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005," >>HR2662, as an amendment to the Children's Safety Act, HR3132. It was >>approved 223-199. >> >> >>The Senate is expected to also approve a similar amendment within a month.

>> >> >>This federal legislation, orchestrated by the Anti-Defamation League of >>B'nai B'rith will lead to creation of a vast anti-hate bureaucracy in >>America, similar to what now exists in Canada. In Canada it is a "hate >>crime" to publicly criticize such federally protected groups as >>homosexuals and Jews. In Canada free speech talk radio no longer exists. >>It is even illegal now in some areas to evangelize or "proselytize" in >>public.

>>HR2662, S1145, while ostensibly punishing only violent hate crimes, >>nevertheless creates an anti-hate bureaucracy through several means: >> >>

>>1. It breaks down all barriers between federal and states, rights in law >>enforcement. It allows federal "thought police" to meddle, upon the >>flimsiest of pretexts, in states, enforcement of civil rights laws. >>

>> >>2. It requires all states to pass and enforce ADL-style anti-hate laws. >>

>> >>3. It enforces nationwide the working ADL definition of "hate" as being >>"bias" against federally protected groups, such as homosexuals. Such >>automatically makes the Bible into "hate literature" and preaching from it >>into "hate speech." Result: Bible-believing Christians become potential >>hate criminals.

Ed. Note: Burn a CD of our site, if you desire. The ADL attempts to murder the first amendment by stealth. Right now that means extending "hate crimes" legislation to cover queers. The ADL's goal is to erase, in the public mind, the distinction between words and deeds. With jewish effrontery, the ADL claims that speech = act, thereby giving the government the right, nay duty, to regulate speech. Their effrontery is not even-handed. Jews remain free to smear white males as "authoritarian personalities," dirt-eating, inbred hicks, pedophile priests. But you are not free to say that they get away with this because they control the media: that's anti-semitism, and they would make it actionable here as it already is in Canada and Europe.



No Place to Get Away from Them

I live in Helena Montana. Last week I discovered that our governor decided that we needed to host 500 Katrina refugees from New Orleans.

I was completely amazed but soon understood what kind of ridiculous PC capitulation our government engages in more than ever. I realize what having 500 New Orleans blacks in our community means. This place I knew is gone. I will never be able to feel safe in the small town again.

Helena is fairly densely populated but isn't spread out over a large area, due to mountains. One can see the whole city from a hill without turning one's head. The low income housing that has been set aside for these people is right in the middle of town next to one of only two high schools. I have seen the "diversity" my city has inherited first hand yesterday while driving to the store.

Two 20s something, gangsta-dressed, shaved-head, obvious (displaced persons) gang member, trash were waiting to cross the street in a residential area. They walked out in front of a car they could have easily waited to pass...only a few cars for many blocks. It was apparent they did this for the fun of it. One gang member wandered towards the front of the car and gestured, one hand on his crotch and one in the air, a display of simian dominance.

This gang maneuver was done to intimidate a stranger that had been forced to stop for these degenerates in a town where there has never been gangs. In all the years Ive lived in Montana I have never seen this kind of thing. I can only compare it to the mentality of someone publicly and deliberately poisoning a city's water supply and DARING anyone to say something about it.

I am sick of this scum loving, liberal political plague and so I have to ask. ..What can be done? Really?

I know there is an agenda for this to occur ... So what the hell? Karate and blowguns? Old-fashioned western vigilantism? Is it even possible to find a city in America that has enough sense to arrange its infrastructure to keep gangs, welfare generations and degenerates out? You'll notice I don't describe the color of this element... don't' have to. Anyone with an IQ above 80 knows what I'm talking about.

I guess I just want to know if there is something that can be done. I am sick to my stomach watching the liberal media lies and opportunistic political parasites mooing and yowling over the race factor in the New Orleans rescue. I can't really keep up with all the accounts of racism against whites and don't have the stomach for it any more.

Does anyone have some direction beside moving away and going somewhere that requires actual survival skills to live... somewhere that loser gang-member, welfare-receiving, culturally diverse groups will not be able to go? Do I really have to choose between living beyond the Arctic Circle or living with degenerate animals?

In the meantime, Montana is a state where many people have rifle racks in their pickups. It gets 40 below zero here and, up to nowthere has been a very small population of "minorities." Maybe, mercifully, the Louisiana scum will return to the cesspool it swam out of.

Eric in Montana

Ed. Note: No, there's nothing the locals can do, except at the margins. This is a NATIONAL, indeed a GLOBAL problem. The jews control our country out of Washington. There they set the agenda for all essential and most trivial matters. If you try to thwart their agenda, which includes race-mixing as you describe, their media will smear you as a hater, and their courts will lock you away if you try to act, even if it's in as minor a way as not renting your house to one of those coons. This is the situation we're in. WE LIVE IN A TYRANNY.


Subject: weather control?

With weather control, they're herding us like cattle...


Subject: jew Douglas statement


"I think the strongest anti-Semitism sometimes exists among Jews. To this day a German Jew often hates Russian or Polish Jews. There are German-Jewish clubs around this country that did not allow Russian or Polish Jews when they first started. Some have relented a little, but not all. I'm sure that when Hitler started, many German Jews didn't mind what he did to other Jews. They didn't expect him to turn on them. Isn't it ridiculous? But if anti-Semitism can exist among Jews, why shouldn't it exist among others?"

--- actor Kirk Douglas (neé Issur Danielovitch, son of Russian-Jewish immigrants), The Ragman's Son - An Autobiography, p. 23 (Pocket Books: New York, 1989)


Subject: Carter pipes up

Carter says Gore won 2000 election:

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter delivered a shocker at an American University panel in Washington Monday: He told the crowd he was certain Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election.


Subject: judeo-AmeriKwan tyranny

Robert Fisk Refused Entry Into U.S.: U.S. immigration officials refused Tuesday to allow Robert Fisk, longtime Middle East correspondent for the London newspaper, The Independent, to board a plane from Toronto to Denver. Fisk was on his way to Santa Fe for a sold-out appearance in the Lannan Foundation’s readings-and-conversations series Wednesday night.


Subject: who is White?


I just read T. S. Pyne's article and I have a working definition on who is White - one that will serve us until after the revolution.

A White person is someone who: 1) claims to be of wholly European ancestry and whose observed phenotype is consistent with that claim and does not contradict it, 2) who is able to produce State photo ID along with a certified copy of his birth certificate which indicates that both of his parents are White (maybe produce his parents' birth certificates also), 3) who, along with his parents and grandparents, does not qualify for Israeli citizenship, 4) for whom there is no scientific evidence of non-European ancestry in either his medical history or family background.

After we have won our racial struggle we can use the available scientific tools to look closely at the genome of each person we want to admit to our society. By looking at a representative selection of the non-European genome, we will at that time have a basis for comparison.

The idea of concentric zones is catchy - with the purist of our folk being in the center.


Ed. Note: Debate over who is next to useless at this point. After we win, we can define ourselves precisely. In any case, there are now genetic tests that provide reliable answers.


Subject: Smoky Wiesenthal, R.I.P. (the P is for pee)

More Mindboggling stuff on Wiesenthal:




"...Wiesenthal, who was not bound by any regulations, was invited to make speeches about the Eichmann case in the U.S.A. At first he was given a $500 fee per speech but in time the sum went up to $5,000. He was also given return air tickets and booked into the best hotels, because audiences were eager to hear about Eichmann's capture at what they believed to be first hand from a man who had actually taken part in it. I personally attended one of Wiesenthal's speeches in Toronto. He described how during the capture he had fallen into a ditch with Eichmann. He had given Eichmann several blows and then ordered the boys from the Mosad to drag him into their jeep, bind and gag him. The audience applauded Wiesenthal enthusiastically and like a seasoned actor, he bowed again and again.

After the speech I asked him how he was able to tell such a story. He replied "those nitwits want a hero for their money, somebody who caught Eichmann with his own hands. The Shin Bet (Security Service) agents didn't go hungry like we did in 1945-1955, with Isser Harel they stayed in the best hotels at the expense of the State of Israel. Now I've got to earn a few thousand dollars for my wife and child, and if for the sake of publicity and my fee I've got to fall into a ditch with Eichmann, so be it...."

"...According to Peter Novick and Yehuda Bauer, Wiesenthal fabricated the number of "non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust", five million.[1], [2],[3]


Subject: no future with niggers



Is Allah "Terrorizing" the USA?

by Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - September 22, 2005 - (ACN) As the monster Hurricane Rita approaches the Texas east coast, we should all be asking, "Is Allah terrorizing the USA?" . Is it possible that God is utilizing his mighty power over the elements to send a message to America? After all, God has often intervened in human affairs when the people have become greatly immoral and corrupt. The "All Mighty", we all know, caused the floods during Noah's time and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah when its people became so degraded that God had to destroy them.

During the past five years, the USA has suffered a series of catastrophes that makes one wonder whether God (or Allah as the Muslims call him) is saying to America, "Change your evils ways or suffer the consequences!". These catastrophes have been primarily caused by unprecedented weather changes but some like the huge forest fires in California and elsewhere in the west coast and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster have not.

Each catastrophe appears to have hidden meaning. This author wrote an extensive article concerning the eery synchronistic meaning of the disintegration, like a comet, of the Space Shuttle Columbia over Palestine, Texas. In the article, "The 2003 Columbia Disaster : The 'mother of all omens' for 2004 and beyond", this author wrote as an introductory paragraph, "January 1, 2004 will mark the end of a tumultuous year for the world and the beginning of a very uncertain future for all of mankind. There was one event, very early last year, that was a sign of the horrible subsequent events that are occurring in Iraq and possibly an ominous portent for 2004 and years to come. This event occurred on the first day of the Chinese New Year, February 1, when the Space Shuttle Columbia along with 7 astronauts, one a Zionist Israeli, came raining down over the town of Palestine in Texas, the home state of President George Bush." Things since then have been spiraling downward for the Bush Administration and the USA as a whole.

The next major disaster falling on the USA was Hurricane Katrina that devastated the City of New Orleans. This disaster had much hidden meaning as well. One major thing that Katrina was able to do, besides physically destroying the city, was to expose the ugly USA legacy of racism that exists in the "Apartheid South". The federal sluggish response to rescue the largely Black population was caused by deeply ingrained racism against the former slaves. Katrina essentially exposed USA hypocrisy to the world and especially to those countries like Iraq who the USA is supposedly "helping". If America could not help its own Black population in Louisiana and Mississippi, how can they say they are helping the people of Iraq.

The Bush Administration, like all other "White governments" before, care only about their White population, something that is being demonstrated right now during the evacuation of Galveston and Houston, Texas because of the impending Hurricane Rita threat . If FEMA and the Bush Administration would have mobilized to help New Orleans as they are presently doing in east Texas, Blacks would have not suffered as much as they did. To prepare for a potential catastrophe in east Texas, authorities have already mobilized an estimated 319,000 National Guard troops nationwide to respond to Rita if needed. God, again, appears to be exposing certain ugly realities that exist in the USA.

Yes, it appears that Allah or God is terrorizing the USA for its evil ways. Besides USA rampant homosexuality, the existence of sodomite Episcopalian bishops, and the perverted sins of pedophile Catholic priests, there is one major sin that this author believes is causing God to send his wrath against the USA. This major sin is the whole scale slaughter, in complicity with Zionists, of innocent children in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. If Americans continue to support the murder of Muslim children, they will eventually witness the murder of their own children by the hand of Allah-God!


Subject: This story, " I was a victim of racial violence in junior high" , Is actually from


Hold on a minute. This story, I was a victim of racial violence in junior high ( ) , Is actually from You must be kidding! This is one of the best satires I have ever read! Clearly a classic. Kudos to whomever wrote it! I challenge you (or any other inspired writer) to better it!

Would it be possible to have it engraved on America's epitaph?

Ed. Note: Yes, indeed. The 'eye reprocessing' takes the cake.


Subject: another jew-connected shyster

London, September 17, 2005

Holocaust lawyer in Austrian sex scandal

By Barbara Jungwirth

A HIGH-profile US lawyer who forced European governments and companies to pay compensation to slave labourers from the Second World War, says he is being deliberately smeared by an investigation into whether he had sex with under-age prostitutes in Austria.

Ed Fagan (pictured, below), who has brought class-action suits over the treatment of Holocaust-era slave labourers and over a train fire in the Austrian ski-resort of Kaprun, is among several men who have been connected with an exclusive call-girl ring involving underage girls from eastern Europe.

Mr Fagan told the Austrian weekly NEWS he had paid for sex with a woman from Lithuania, but says she assured him she would be 22 this year. He says he met the woman, Inga, through a man who has since been sentenced over the escort service affair. Mr Fagan says when he "noticed that the guy was running a call-girl ring, I didn't really care. I was more interested in getting to know this Inga".


Subject: writing these

Much of the writing that pours onto the desks of literary editors at both the serious-minded but commercial general magazines and the smallest, most fiercely independent quarterlies is inept, undeveloped, amateurish, crazed, obscene, unintelligible, or some combination of the above.


Subject: Goyfire fan

I love your goyfire show, you guys bring tears to my eyes, I have been hard on your forum in the past but I have also defended your GF show to NV people who seem to have a problem with you..


Subject: Goyfire quote

Let me tell you Goyfire listeners: All that matters to you, all that ought to matter to you is, what is good for Whites? What is good for me and my family? What is good for our community? Fuck the Jews! Fuck the Mexicans! Fuck the Illegals! Fuck the Niggers! Fuck the Africans down in New Orleans! All that matters is, what is good for us White People! Alex Linder, Goyfire, 9-9-05, MP3 Download 49MB


Subject: jews prefer Muslims to Christians


Thought this quote might be of interest:

'Despite the savage persecution they had suffered from the original followers of the Prophet, they still preferred Muslims to the Christians, and in areas where Christians were numerous, the Muslims took care to win the support of the Jews. The most vigorous resistance to the Crusaders came from cities such as Haifa, where the civil population was predominately Jewish.'

- Zoe Oldenbourg, 'The Crusades', 1966, p.145

Yep - Judeo-Islam. Silly Christlings, the chosen don't like you. They never have. Hell, according to Oldenbourg, the original Muslims 'exterminated almost the entire Jewish peasantry of southern Judea,' (ibid.) - and they still hated the Christians more!


Subject: Holocontest

Mr Irving:

You should have a contest for your readers to come up with a use for the holocau$t monument in Berlin. Post several photos of it from various angles to stimulate their imaginations. Discuss its construction details in terms of raw materials in case some of your readers propose turning it in to something else. I propose that it should be used as an anti-tank barrier.

First prize should be a copy of Hitler's War. Second prize should be a copy of Churchill's War. You should give away several copies of Debra Lipstadt's book, "Denying the holocau$t", as consolation prizes. You can get them cheap, since they are "remaindered" as you say.

Donald E. Pauly
Las Vegas, Nevada

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