Reader Mail: 26 October 2004


Subject: Glenn Miller on radio today, 10/27/04,

I just did a telephone interview with Dan Claxton, of KFRU radio, Columbia, MO, regarding our recent tabloid distributions there.

The interview will be broadcast today at 5:20 PM (Central Standard Time), according to Mr Claxton. He assured me it WILL BE broadcast.

He said that anyone can listen via the internet ( I'll try to listen, but not sure if my computer and speakers, will allow it. Locally in the Columbia, MO area, it'll be on the radio, at 1400 A.M. radio.


Subject: on Glenn Miller and jew-led minority terrorists threatening Aurora Advertiser

I see on your website that [Glenn Miller] has posted something about his "friends down at the Advertiser" are going to run an ad. I just wanted you to know before someone calls down here and embarasses him, that ad was pulled and sent back to him with a full refund. I saw that he posted our work number on there for people to verify and if they want to know if his letter ran, yes, it did, but I was told under the assumption that it would be his last and the ad was pulled for legal purposes I believe. There is a federal organization out of St. Louis who watch dogs your website and chat rooms. They copied some stuff that Frazier was saying about the paper and I guess somehow linked the paper with your program. Anyhow, [the Aurora Advertiser] received a call last week that if we did not end communication with him, we would be sued and there would be boycotts of over 1,000 people down here in this small town to boycott our paper. I guess this happend a couple of years ago, and the employees here do not want to feel the wrath he causes in this small town. I just thought you would like to know this information. We get letters from Frazier all the time and we get letters from people responding. Most we do not would not allow and frankly, some of them are just too discriminating both ways, from him and from others. So, that's what I know. I appreciate you not including my name in anything, I could lose my job. Thanks.

Ed. Note: Welcome to the "land of the free." This is pure terrorism. Please write back and give us the name of the group. Why do you blame the honest Aryan for terrorism brought about by federal thugs, using Loo-coons as frontapes? Does the FBI know that a group of mandrills in St. Louis is attempting to deny the civil rights of White men in rural Missouri? Does it, perhaps, know and not care? Is it, perhaps, conspiring with same and organized jews to censor the news? Running an advertisement for our tabloid is perfectly legal, and the feds and the Loo-coons know this. Do not accede to "Justice" Department terrorism. It appears to me there is an actionable conspiracy to deny Glenn Miller and VNN their civil rights. Again, I issue a call for a good Missouri lawyer ready to fight.










Subject: a saddened jew - quick! wire it 'round the world!

Nazi doll saddens Holocaust survivor

`Painful, not necessary,' says Calgary man

Manufacturer defends toy as `cool figure'



VANCOUVERDolls depicting members of a Nazi SS combat division originally created to guard concentration camps are now available in Canadian stores. Auschwitz death camp survivor Sid Cyngiser is saddened by the toy. He doesn't think it should be on store shelves.

"It's a painful thing to see that. It's not necessary," said the 80-year-old Calgary man, whose grandmother, mother, father and sister vanished in the camps. "It's 60 years after the war and people are still busy with hatred." The `Totenkopf Division' doll, sporting military fatigues and the trademark death's head insignia on the cap, comes with a Walther pistol and gas mask. The packaging infers that the division fought in Normandy in 1944 as a tank unit which part of the division did.

The Totenkopf was, however, a group originally formed at Dachau, site of the first concentration camp outside Munich. It opened in 1934. Martin Kitchen, professor emeritus of history at B.C.'s Simon Fraser University, said the sale of the dolls is "most extraordinary." Kitchen said it was a "fanatically ideological group" numbering about 40,000 members at its peak.

"They were a nasty bunch," Kitchen said. "They were responsible for a number of atrocities on the Eastern Front." The figure is part of a World War II series from Plan-B Toys of Groveport, Ohio.

Other figures in the doll series include several Waffen SS figures and a variety of U.S. airborne soldier figures as well as regular Wehrmacht troops. The Waffen SS sniper comes with a recruitment poster.

The SS was the elite private army initially formed as a bodyguard for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Plan-B co-president Chris Borman said the company did not set out to offend anyone but was just portraying the Totenkopf troops that fought in Normandy.

"Everyone knows the Germans were Nazis in World War II," Borman said. "We picked them because they've got the coolest gear. It makes for a cool figure. "There's really no harm in it," he adds. "We won the war. We already know the outcome.

"That division was involved in some terrible things, but wasn't everyone during World War II? It's just history." Leigh Poirier, executive director of the Canadian Toy Testing Council, said her group wouldn't even look at a toy like this "due to its negative nature." "It doesn't promote positive play for children. Our mandate it to encourage that."


Subject: Anne Fwank of scrolls "saved"

Long-Hidden Torah Paraded Through Brooklyn


Associated Press Writer

October 24, 2004, 4:17 PM EDT

NEW YORK -- A 150-year-old Torah, hidden for a half-century in the former Soviet Union, was paraded through New York's streets Sunday on its way to its new home at a Brooklyn synagogue.


Subject: mark of the beast

To peruse this updated ADL serpentine/hexagram "jew" snake logo access website at:



:: Les "gay sceptic" s'invitent sur Pink TV ! ::

Palais de Chaillot, 25 octobre, 21h45 : Le tout-Paris est en émoi. C'est la soirée o il faut tre (vu). Animation, danseurs et lumire rose... c'est le lancement de Pink TV, télévision "gay", sous le double patronage de Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres (Ministre de la culture et de la communication) et Line Renaud (chansonnire chiraquienne). Arguments mercantiles et identitaires (!) sont alignés depuis des semaines pour justifier la création de la chaine rose.

Les militants des JI Paris, eux aussi, aiment tre vus dans les soirées hype de la capitale. Alors ils sont venus.

La quinzaine de militants se met rapidement en place au milieu de la foule qui se presse : déploiement d'une banderole "PINK OUT - Différence : oui, Exhibition : non" et tractage. La banderole obtient un vif succs (grce notamment la participation de Monsieur Lapin) ; intéret partagé par les nombreux CRS présents qui ne tarderont pas interpeller les gentils porteurs de banderole. Interpellation sans conséquence qui laissera le temps aux autres de finir de diffuser la pile de tracts, obtenant des réactions, plutot variées, de personnalités connues ou non.

Par cette action, les JI Paris voulaient rappeller que si l'acceptation de la différence, notamment dans la sphre privée, est une chose, la promotion, l'imposition et l'idéalisation sociale d'un nouveau modle supposé plus "tendance" constituent un tout autre problme.

Jeunesses Identitaires Paris

Reportage photos bientt sur



welcome to niggerland




Tell Apollonian that the Birchers are self deluding folks who dont mean well, they mean to hide their failure to name the jew behind ambiguous consipracy theories. They know the Jew, and fear him, and licketh his boots by their abominable moral cowardice.

Dont pay a single shekel to these boring frauds. Better to read the liberal press and interpret it onself, instead of having a half assed interpretation that substitues catch-words for JEWS.


Here is something Apollonian should read on topic of JBS, link and an excerpt:

The John Birch Society -- Exposed!

By John "Birdman" Bryant

Introductory note: In 1966, Prof Revilo Oliver (now deceased), who was co-founder (with eleven others) of the Birch Society and Associate Editor of its major organ, American Opinion, discovered that Robert Welch, the JBS's principal founder, was controlled by Jews, the purpose of said control being to harmlessly absorb and deflect the energy and money of patriotic Americans who wished to fight the 'international communist conspiracy', while leaving unmolested the Jewish-led conspiracy against America and Western civilization. In 1981 Oliver published America's Decline: The Education of a Conservative, in which he told the story of his discovery. Oliver's writings about this matter are lengthy, sometimes tedious, and, in a few parts, obscure; but I have taken the trouble to extract what I consider to be the most relevant parts of his two essays touching on this subject, and have reproduced these extracts below (the page numbers where the extracts appear are noted). I follow this with an essay of my own, whose purpose is to demonstrate that the Jewish subversion of the JBS is by no means an isolated phenomenon; and following this I reproduce a letter concerning these matters to John F Mcmanus, publisher of The New American, the JBS's principal organ and successor to American Opinion -- a letter which Mcmanus has so far not seen fit to answer.

While the reader will undoubtedly note Oliver's pessimism over the meaning of his discovery for the future of America and Western civilization, it is well to observe that the greatest hope for our struggle did not exist in 1981 -- the Internet.

America's Decline: Chapter V. The Great Deceit (excerpted) p. 306

During his years as a master salesman, Welch had made many sales to confectioners and candy-manufacturers who were Jews residing in this country, and who, he said, complained to him openly and bitterly of the arrogance and financial exactions of the Jewish organizations to which they were almost enslaved. On that basis, he was, he said, convinced that it would be possible to induce a violent schism among the Jews in this country, many of whom, as the proprietors of very profitable businesses, would not only wish to escape the oppressive taxes constantly levied upon them by the B'nai B'rith and similar organizations, but would see, even more quickly than intelligent Americans, that the "International Communist Conspiracy" was preparing, by racial association, a hazardous future for them in this country ...

p. 308

The chances of inducing a schism among the Jews sufficient to impair their power over the United States seem to be minimal. If -- as seems quite improbable -- Welch ever attempted such an operation, he walked into a trap. That became apparent when there appeared a strange pamphlet that bore the title, "The Neutralizers, by Robert Welch."

p. 309

.... the obvious purpose [of the pamphlet] was to suggest that adverse criticism of the Jews must be inspired by the Communists and that there must be no discrimination among races: hate the wicked Communists, but love everybody else -- a proposition that has an oddly theological ring! The pamphlet was not implausible in some other respects, and, especially if withdrawn inconspicuously, as Welch once said he intended, would have done no great harm -- and it is given to few, if any, commanders never to make minor mistakes. But one soon began to hear reports of chapters and the contributors of generous subventions, who were being thrown out of the Society because they were known to have forbidden books, often without knowing they were sinning, since the Patriotic Pope in Belmont [ie, Welch: Oliver is unstinting in his sarcasm of Welch thruout the essay] had not published an Index librorum prohibitorum. To be sure, other motives were alleged for each expulsion, but after a large number of cases had accumulated, one could not miss the statistical significance of the one element that virtually all of them had in common.

pp. 310-311


Subject: God not only picks, he picks up the luscious, swivel-hipped kikinnen

To Alex at VNN, patriots and revisionistics:

The Relation With God: The Telling Difference for Jews Requiring Emphasis (Apollonian, Oct. 04)

Observe our gentile frustration as we see the Jews so confidently leading our people by the proverbial noses. This "nose-leading" is especially effective--and frustrating for us--as it regards "the greatest generation" of World War II era who murdered the Germans and enthroned the Jews as the present dictators of the world. But there is nonetheless a good way to expose the Jews, to demonstrate and describe most accurately the real character and mode of their hegemonic mentality, and it only needs the barest familiarity with Christian background to be able to so understand and describe. And don't doubt this description is absolutely accurate, effective, telling, and true, and will well-serve the purpose for exposition of the Judaic oppressor, especially for the average-type citizen.

Thus we simply consider the relation between ourselves and God, as from Christian point of view, which shouldn't be difficult for anyone even if he/she doesn't like Christians, and then compare this relation for the Jews--they are DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT.

For the Christian the relation with God is very much the relation of parent to child, rather disinterested. The relation with God is then not thought of very much. Christians rather consider God judges each individual--not in collectivistic terms, as by races and whole peoples and nations. When Christians say God "loves" us, it most usually means the "love" of such a disinterested parent; thus the Christian tends to feel relatively insignificant. But for the Jew such relation with God is dramatically different. For the Jew the relation with God is not parent-child, disinterested.

The Jew relation is first of all with Jews as collectivistic entity, the Jews as a people as a whole. Thus the Jew doesn't share the Christian's feeling of relative insignificance regarding the God relation. Further, and most dramatically important, the relation is NOT PARENT TO CHILD, disinterested. Rather, for the Jews, the God relation is God, the male-type character, who passionately LUSTS FOR THE JEWS, the Jews thought of collectivistically as a female-type entity, the "apple" of God's "eye."

It is thus absolutely essential for our people and all peoples to understand this great difference in the God-relation for the Jews distinguished from all other peoples. Thus it is the God-relation for Jews is different in both style and intensity. For the Jews, God cares for them much more than for any other people. God loves the Jews more than the goyim/gentiles. Thus whereas we gentiles worship God--for the Jews it is markedly different. For the Jews seriously consider God WORSHIPS THEM, and this must not be underestimated or in any way gainsaid.

Thus we understand when the Jews pretend God is a "jealous God"--it means for the Jews God will kill anyone who gets in the Jews' way, see--it means God will do miracles for the Jews. God is the Jews' "attack-dog," as it were--you'd better not mess with the Jews, see. "It"--this special God-relation--means the Jews' version of reality is what is really and most true as God loves them more than anyone else. Jew subjectivism rules--you can't be "anti-semitic," okay? But it's okay if Jews murder gentiles--gentiles don't count and don't matter--God doesn't care about them.

Christianity really was designed as a counter, antithesis, and antidote to the Judaic hubris/madness, but it fails if the gentiles indulge in their own styled hubris, especially the good-evil Pelagianist heresy/delusion/fallacy. Christianity was actually a simplified version of rationalism--only presented in religious STYLE. Pure reason has always been difficult for people, and the real cultural clash is objectivity, reason, and health versus Judaic subjectivism, hubris, and insanity.

Thus we see better the Jew psychology by means of theology. And we see the inability of the gentiles to understand the Jews. The Jews are taught by their elders and religion/culture to exceed and marginalize the gentiles, rendering the gentiles insignificant and contemptible. Thus the Jews' religion/culture and mentality renders them a superior place in the scheme of things guaranteed by their attack-dog God who's so "jealous" for them. Thus we see the profound HUBRIS OF THE JEWS--they really are insane. But note such insanity works, and it will continue to work unless and until the gentiles get smart and start taking the Jew religion/mentality more seriously.

CONCLUSION: Gentiles must learn not to underestimate the Judaic religion of absolute subjectivist hegemony, hubristic and insane though it really is--for it works nonetheless in the face of gentile distraction and inattention. Gentiles must see anti-semitism as serious and basic necessity of life, prosperity, and happiness. Knowledge of the Judaic enemy is essential, and Jew religious mentality must not be underestimated.

Sincerely, A., combat-scholar/theologian-of-giftedness, Christian-patriot



In general, I liked Mr. Steele's essay, especially the perspective on how big $192 billion is in a physical sense.

I am unhappy with Edgar for comparing the goons that pat me down and search my luggage in the name of "security" in airports, and the thugs in "Homeland Security" to the Honest and Decent National Socialists that made up the ranks of the Wehrmacht and the SS. This type of "Nazi = bad" rhetoric reinforces the Jew manufactured stereotypes that keep Whites under Kosher Kontrol(sic). We get enough Jew shit from the outside; we must strive to purge it from within.

On another note, is there a URL for the article that was submitted linking ADHD with TV watching? I'd like to get that as a reference.


Ed. Note: I don't have the link, but I'll post it when we get it. I agree - references to Nazis should be abandoned for NKVD or Cheka - jewish murder-police. It requires a bit of deprogramming, and NKVD isn't as snazzy as Nazi, but naming and blaming the jew, and pointing out the historical fact that jews produced the worst mass murder in human history outweigh everything else.



Israel has been voted the most dangerous country!

Dear Mr. Levin:

I find it amazing that you, a Zionist Jew dare accuse Michael Santomauro of exploiting the name Hitler because he mentioned it in association with Israel and the butcher who is running it. If you would like to speak about the exploitation of Hitler Mr. Levin, I think you might be better served at looking at how the Zionist Jewish community of the world has exploited "Hitler" and "Holocaust" and created an entire flourishing industry out of this tragedy. Jewish people are far from being the only massacred people in the world. They are however the only people to have exploited their massacre in order to extort money left and right from the entire world. Not a day passes by without a reminder of the "Holocaust"..., be it through a feature film, a television documentary, a book, a new museum, an interview or an article in a newspaper.

The real reason Mr. Levin you are annoyed at Michael Santomauro, is that instead of "exploiting" Hitler to maintain the "victimized-state" image which the Zionists have so cleverly created for Israel along the years, he did just the contrary. He drew attention to the increasingly obvious parallels between Hitler and Sharon and between the Nazi government and the Israeli government.... and frankly this is a quite obvious fact to the whole world, with or without Mr. Santomauro's remarks.

The Jewish people have no exclusivity over pain and suffering and there is nothing divine about the state of Israel. It is a state that was based on a violent occupation and extortion of other peoples properties. It is not because Hitler massacred the Jews that the Jews are somehow justified in their constant massacring of Palestinians (not "terrorists" as you like to brand them).

You mention in your email a two state solution for the Palestine/Israel conflict. What you need to understand Mr. Levin, is that the Palestinians, the Arabs and I dare say the entire world is tired of hearing Israeli or American Zionist rhetoric. After more than 50 years of negotiations with Israel, this is what we are seeing:

A.. Israel is still expanding by annexing territories that do not belong to it. Israel even cannot issue a Constitution because it is unwilling to define its borders according to International Laws and agreements and UN resolutions.

B.. Israel has spent billion of US taxpayer Dollars is building settlements for Jewish settlers coming from all over the world on the very territory it is required by law to give back to the Palestinians. Why invest in the occupied territories when you are supposed to be withdrawing from them..., unless you have no intention of withdrawing?

C.. Israel has and is still constantly destroying the Palestinian economy, agriculture, infrastructure, homes.... and for God's sake, Mr. Levin, Israel is even bombing every day the refugee camps that the UN provided for the millions of Palestinians who lost their homes thanks to the Israeli occupation!

D.. Israel has also taken over control of the Palestinian water resources and is giving the millions of Palestinians 20% of their own water while 80% goes to the 200,000 Israelis settlers!

E.. Israel is in violation of over 40 UN resolutions requesting Israel to withdraw from Palestinian land.

F.. Israel is condemned on daily basis by Amnesty International, the International Court of Justice and the Human Rights organizations for war crimes and violation of basic human rights and for its racist discriminatory laws against Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

G.. Last but not least, a new phenomenon has arisen in the world because of Israel. Israel manipulated, mislead and pushed the United States into a war with Iraq because Israel perceived Iraq as a threat ... and now Israel is doing the same again with Iran and Syria. Israel and the Zionist lobby is having the American people go to war on Israel's behalf! Israel is trying to make its own enemies become America's enemies when this is simply neither the case, nor in the interest of the American people.

Israel has been voted the most dangerous country of the world Mr. Levin and however much you may find this difficult to face, there is very little difference between Hitler's Nazi regime and Sharon's Nazi Israel.

I am Egyptian Mr. Levin. After having taken back through a very costly war the land Israel occupied from us in 1967, Egypt and Israel signed a peace agreement and yet, Israel has been bombing our borders in the so-called pursuit of "terrorists" nearly every single day for the past 2 years. A few weeks ago in Taba and Nuweiba, out of all the tourists who visit Egypt, only Israeli tourists were selected and targeted for an attack and thus, jeopardizing Egypt's tourist industry and Egypt's national security.

There was a day when the ultimate ambitions of the Zionist-Jews was to establish a "home for the Jewish people in Palestine." Then Palestine was partitioned allowing you to establish the State of Israel on most of Palestine. That was not enough for you. Through massacres, you annexed militarily what was left of Palestine and made refugees out of the Palestinians in their own country. That was still not enough. You occupied the Syrian Golan Heights, you occupied Sinai from Egypt and then you went on to occupy the south of Lebanon. Look Mr. Levin at the maps of Israel on Israeli sites. Notice that they include within their borders the Golan Heights which are Syrian territory and regarded by the world community as occupied land. Notice that most Israeli maps no longer mention that the West Bank and Gaza are also "occupied territories". If they mention anything at all, it will be that they are "disputed territories". Israeli and American school children are being taught that the Golan Heights and the West Bank are part of Israel.... and now Israel is speaking of "Greater Israel"! And you come and give us again some rhetoric about Israel's desire for peace and a two state solution... No body any longer believes this rhetoric but the Zionist community and the ignorant.

People no longer have the patience for this rhetoric about Israel. People no longer have the desire to read about your false flag "anti-Semitic" operations in order to engender sympathy for Israel.... You may succeed in passing "anti-Semitic" bills. You may think you succeed in your suffocating people with you campaigns against academics and political analysts and people like Michael Santomauro who do not agree with you and who do not support Israeli behavior. The reality however is that the Zionist Jewish greed, violence and aggressiveness has gone too far and has turned against you Zionists and against Israel. With every passing day of aggression in the world due to Israel (ie. Iraq... and maybe even Iran), the Zionist movement is decreasing any possibility for Israelis to ever live peacefully, securely and in harmony with their Arab neighbors.

Cherifa Sirry





Tue Oct 26 2004 13:52:21 ET

Talk radio giant Howard Stern confronted his longtime FCC nemesis Michael Powell on Ronn Owens' KGO morning show on Tuesday morning. FCC Chairman Powell's interview on the San Francisco-based show (9-10am PDT) had been promoted in the media beforehand prompting Stern to unexpectedly call in for a tense 15 minute conversation. "The commissioner handled himself well, but seemed uncomfortable," Owens told the DRUDGE REPORT in between segments. "But he made no attempt to make me end the call.

"Stern was firm but respectable. There was no yelling."

According to Owen's producer Mark Silverman, Stern confronted Powell on his resume suggesting the FCC chair received the job because his father is Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell responded that he was as qualified as any other person who had filled the seat prior to him.

Stern also hit Powell on what he considers a media double standard over the topics that have gotten him in trouble with the Federal Communications Commission. Silverman paraphrased the conversation as he had just heard it: 'How come Oprah can do a topic and not get fined, yet i do topic and get fined?'

Quotes from the show are forthcoming as Owen's team get ready to field media inquiries.




Alex: I have stated in the past of "women" who were in the acting field in Hymiewood such as Marlyn Monroe, Tuesday Weld, Liz Taylor etc. who were shiksas by trade. One female i forget was Janet Leigh. Of all people, this good looking shiksa was married to Bernie Schwartz (switch-hitter-yid, Tony Curtis). I thought of this when i viewed the movie, PSYCO (1960) the other night, on the talMUDvision. The writer of the screenplay was Joe Stafano who has an Itailian sounding name, but looks & talks more like a sheeny, i don't know. As Stefano pointed out, this is the first film to give a full view, as well as the flushing audio of a toilet,( Not true, the movie, I WANT TO LIVE with Susan Hayward (1958) had the first flushing audio of a toilet) on the silver (or brown) screen. Makes you wonder.....Gene Shitskill



Hey VNN! You guys should check out the movie "the ring" (American remake version) for a possible review. It's underlying message is that the media can be like a virus which infects people and is spread by sharing the misery with someone else thus keeping you alive. A jew may have produced it but since it's a remake of a Japanese film it seemed to remain in tact (as far as I could tell)...Just a thought! Keep up the amazing work! Henry Penfield.



AFP, Oct. 24

PARISMore than 30 major French companies, among them airplane-maker Airbus, insurance giant Axa and supermarket chain Casino, have signed a pledge to fight discrimination on racial grounds when hiring workers and to boost ethnic minorities.

A total of 35 businesses have signed up to a "charter of diversity", in line with the idea of "positive discrimination" launched by Finance Minister Nicolas Sarkozy who, amid considerable controversy, appointed a Muslim to a senior local government post when he was at the interior ministry.

"I am for positive discrimination," Henri Lachmann, head of the Schneider Electronics group and a charter signatory said.

"We must openly encourage the hiring of people who are different and in particular those from visible minorities such as Arabs or Blacks."

France has an estimated five to seven million foreign inhabitants, chiefly of north African origin.

A recent unpublished academic study has revealed the extent of the problems minorities face.

Researchers sent out identical job applications with CVs (resumes) attached, one with a "standard" male or female French name, the other with a north African name.

The "standard" candidates were offered 144 interviews (75 male, 69 female).

The north African-named candidates were offered 14.

Candidates with "standard" names but living in parts of the Paris region with high numbers of north African inhabitants were offered only 45 interviews.

Some companies, such as vehicle manufacturers Peugeot-Citroen, have already taken steps actively to seek out non-French qualified staff and managers and senior technical staff from places with large first or second generation immigrant populations and to train executives how to manage them.

"Neither 'rigid quotas' nor simple 'good will', bound to fail," say the charter's organisers, but a point of departure.

The aim is to "mobilise, to involve businesses," according to Laurence Mehaignerie, who co-authored with Yazid Sabeg, the only business leader of Algerian immigrant origin, a report on "those left behind in the equality of opportunity."

The initiative has government support with the employment ministry suggesting diversity of recruitment might have to be imposed if voluntary measures did not show progress within two years.

But it does not enjoy public backing. A recent survey found huge opposition to positive discrimination on ethnic or religious grounds.

Only nine percent of the population at large were in favour, only five percent of human resources directors and only 12 percent of people living in areas with high immigrant populations.

European Union countries do not practise formal positive discrimination, though in some such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Britain businesses are or have been encouraged to take on workers of immigrant origin or from foreign countries.



Zionism: An Ethnic/Racist, National Socialist Ideology

Oct. 26, 2004
by George Pumphrey

Today, Zionism plays an influential role in the sharp right turn of international political/ideological developments. Much of this role is kept hidden by the fact that hardly anyone dares look at the facts, comparing the comparable, in order to obtain an orientation in this development. Comparison does not necessarily mean equating. But it does help make the differences and similarities clear.

The following are a few descriptive key words that show that the national socialist (Nazi) proximity of the Zionist ideology of the 1930s has continued up to the present.

* Obscurantism: ultra-reactionary:

The Zionist's policy towards civil rights, religious rights, even its lack of separation of church and state, its colonialist and eye-for-an-eye collective punishment military policies are obscurantist and reactionary. Today even the democratic veneer of Israeli society is being shed to prohibit the exposure of various aspects of Israel's history and current policy that do not correspond to the image particularly the newly arrived immigrants would like to have of the Israeli society. McCarthyism has already reached the Universities and the media is toeing the line in this endeavor.

* Belief in "superior race" / State propagated extreme chauvinism / dehumanization of another people / use of virulent Anti-Semitism:

The basis of the Nazi ideology was the belief that Germans/Northern Europeans/Aryans made up a "Herrenrasse" (a master race). The basis of the Zionist ideology is that of a Biblical "chosen people". On this basis "ethnic fidelity" is demanded: objectivity is discarded in favor of a fanatical belief in the facts as presented by the leaders. The political application of this chauvinism is to declare neighboring peoples as "Untermenschen" (subhuman beings). As was evident from the very beginning in the Zionist allegation that Palestine, a land without people should be made available for a people (Jews) without land. The ideological mythology created by Zionists to support their thesis of an absolute and unilateral right to security, prosperity and territorial expansion at the expense of its neighbors is at the basis of the Zionist state's disregard for basic standards of civilized behavior. This explains why Israel refuses to accept official northern, eastern or southern borders and why it has no constitution. A constitution has to define the territorial limits of its jurisdiction. Ben Gurion once defined Israel's territorial limits as the furthest point where Israeli soldiers have halted their advance. Zionists are answerable only to God. (Around 20 years ago it was said "to God and the US president".) The primary victims of Zionists also are Semites: both Arabs and Jews being made to pay for the false association in the minds of many that Jewish means invariably Zionist. But also the Israeli population at home, made to live in fear of their lives in order to maintain a policy of territorial expansion and occupation of Palestinian lands.

* Ethnic basis for citizenship / ethnic purity / opposes assimilation / claims to speak in the name of all members of the ethnic group / and determine their "common history" no matter how diverse this "common" might be.

Corresponding to the extreme chauvinism of its state ideology, the Israeli State has established also its civic laws. The late professor, Israel Shahak wrote in his book, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion The weight of 3 thousand years," "The widespread misconception that Israel, even without considering its regime in the Occupied Territories, is a true democracy arises from the refusal to confront the significance of the term 'a Jewish State' for non-Jews. (...) By this official definition, Israel 'belongs' to persons who are defined by the Israeli authorities as 'Jewish', irrespective of where they live and to them alone. On the other hand, Israel doesn't officially belong to its non-Jewish citizen, whose status is considered even officially as inferior.

This means in practice that if members of a Peruvian tribe are converted to Judaism, and thus regarded as Jewish, they are entitled at once to become Israeli citizens and benefit from the approximately 70% of the West Bank land (and the 92% of the area of Israel proper), officially designated only for the benefit of Jews. All non-Jews (not only all Palestinians) are prohibited from benefiting from those lands. (The prohibition applies even to Israeli Arabs who served in the Israeli army and reached a high rank.)" Professor Shahak continues, " I suspect that the Jews of the USA or of Britain would regard it as anti-Semitic if Christians would propose that the USA or the United Kingdom should become a 'Christian State', belonging only to citizens officially defined as 'Christians'."

This combination of official exclusion of Gentiles from access to Israeli lands plus 70% of the West Bank, and the absolute right to the same property by Jews anywhere in the world at any time eventually also creates a situation similar also to that in Nazi Germany, where the "vital" necessity for territorial expansion becomes a primary issue in domestic and foreign policy. Under the Nazis this was called the need for "Lebensraum" (vital space or room to live) and led to the invasions of Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union.

* Needs anti-Semitism for ethnic cohesion and national unity & identity / Aims at removing Jews from Europe and elsewhere in the world / Territorial expansionist "Lebensraum"

Just as Nazis and other chauvinists preach "racial purity," Zionists also oppose and discourage Jewish assimilation in the predominantly Gentile societies that the majority of Jews call home. Intermarriage is also discouraged. In societies where Jews are fully integrated that means where the fact that they are Jews has neither a positive nor negative influence on their social possibilities it has been often found that at certain periods when Israel finds it to its advantage to rally support for its policies, or to destabilize the government in question, accusations of "anti-Semitism" will be launched by leading Zionist organizations. At times it has become clear that vandalism and even terrorist attacks against synagogues, cemeteries and/or members of the Jewish community bear the signature of Israeli secret services and/or their tentacles in the respective countries, in order to provide tangible evidence of the Zionist's concept of the "perpetual anti-Semitism" that Jews can only escape by coming "home" to the "Jewish State." Here again, Zionism finds common ground with the National Socialists: The Zionists also maintain that Europe (as everyplace else except Israel) should be made "Judenfrei" free of Jewish existence.

* Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fhrer" (one Folk, one empire, one leader) Considers "Diaspora" as 5th column:

Nazis formulated their ethnic policy in "One folk, one empire, one leader(ship)". Zionists claim to speak in the name of all Jews everywhere. They claim Israel to be the homeland of all Jews everywhere. It therefore logically follows that the state of Israel is the main authoritative political institution of the Jewish people no matter where they feel at home. This concept necessarily sees Jews in the "Diaspora" first and foremost as subjects of Israel and not as citizens of the nation and society that forms the center of their livelihood. (Their right to choose their homeland if usurped by the Zionists.) The Zionists do their best to help nourish the (more often unfounded) skepticism concerning the patriotism of the Jewish citizen by their fellow citizens which helps fulfill the objective of the Zionist ideologues: to isolate Jews in predominantly Gentile nations, to make them uncomfortably insecure enough to become pliant to Zionist needs. These needs range from functioning as members of Israel's 5th column to finally emigrating to Israel, "Heim ins Reich" (home to the empire) as the German policy even today is formulated toward ethnic Germans in the Diaspora.

* Demand for irrational / fanatical obedience to the leadership / Stands above all laws and standards other than the ones set by self (only for as long as is found advantageous)

The Zionists' chauvinism and their superior military power lead them to believe that in formulating and carrying out their policies, their adversaries have no rights that they are bound to respect. After all, their adversaries simply by virtue of the fact that they are adversaries are to be considered "subhuman" to the "chosen people" master race. They stand above all standards, other than those they set for themselves for as long as they choose to abide by them. All accusations connected with them fulfilling their "divine right" is perceived as simply the babbling of the envious, who covet their status "bestowed by God" himself. Therefore it is no wonder that no investigation was allowed into the possibility of a slaughter carried out at Jenin by the UN or any other (independent) institution. The word of the "Jewish State" is the next best thing to the word of God, himself, and should therefore be sufficient. Shimon Peres affirms that no massacre occurred in Jenin. There you have it: no investigation is necessary. (Joseph Goebbels is quoted as having proclaimed: "Christ cannot possibly have been a Jew. I don't have to prove that scientifically. It is a fact." Quoted by John Gunther, The Nation Feb. 6, 1935)

Yours for Peace and Justice,
George Pumphrey




Dutch people content now, but gloomy about future

25 October 2004

AMSTERDAM Although 80 percent of Dutch people are generally content with their lives, they are worried about crime and immigration and think society is going to continue to harden over the next 15 years, a report revealed on Monday. The Social and Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP) report also said that 30 percent of Dutch nationals are exceptionally happy with their own life, but pinpointed several areas of general concern, news agency ANP reported. Focusing on the expectations Dutch citizens have up until 2020, the report said Dutch society was rated an above average seven in 1999, but that figure has now fallen to five. The SCP said the Dutch population is concerned about criminality, norms and values, social security, safety and foreigners.

The 602-page report "The Netherlands Changes" said Dutch people expect society to harden and be increasingly performance-focused. Society will also offer reduced social security and fewer guarantees for the availability of healthcare. The population also fears criminality and ethnic tensions. Some 75 percent of the native Dutch fear that immigration will make social security unaffordable. Three quarters also fear Muslim fundamentalism. To combat terrorism and criminality, Dutch people are prepared to make concessions in the sphere of privacy. Some 85 percent are in favour of camera surveillance and greater use of DNA identification.

Fewer and fewer people are members of a political party and the political behaviour of Dutch people will become unpredictable, the SCP said. This will be a breeding ground for political unrest.

Three quarters of Dutch people want to work less and while they are confident about medical developments, they are concerned that healthcare waiting lists will increase, Dutch public news service NOS reported.

But Dutch wishes are opposite to expectations, with the population choosing for a society with a lot of community spirit and many of the characteristics that are presently at risk. "Hard from outside, soft from inside," the SCP noted. Some 50 percent of Dutch people believe the armed forces will disappear in the next century, while 25 percent believe the royal house will disappear, as will the feeling of being Dutch.

But the population is not overly concerned for the loss of feeling Dutch, because many traditions will remain. These include the Dutch language and typical Dutch treats such as the kroket, liquorice, herring and oliebollen (doughnut balls).


Subject: "Jury Duty"


Bravo to the good Mr. Smith for his fine rendering of the rillyo-dillyo behind jury duty in NYC. Which is, the heads are all brilly-o.

Douglas Wright



Professor Shamir WEZ:

I greatly enjoyed the cartoon about the Fuhrer and Uncle Joe, both of Blessed Memory. It is too bad that these great Zionists could not have worked with each other rather than duplicating efforts. While the Jewish Autonomous Region was a noble effort, Israel is the only proper homeland for Jews.

Thank you for the additional information on the meeting of the Sanhedrin council. Did you blow the shofar for them? Do you know why 71 Rabbis were picked to comprise it? I was excited to learn about Ribbi Yehudah and his "Movement for the Rebuilding of the Temple". As we know, Israel may not be Gathered until the Temple is rebuilt. I was a bit dissapointed that the Messiah must come before they can appoint the King of the Jews.

I found the link which had the attached photo of these two beautiful marble cornerstones. Lets get them laid on the next 9th in Av.

The talk of seizing the Temple Mount got me all excited. As you know, that land is needed to rebuild the temple.

"At that point, since it will already be clear that the Temple Mount can easily be seized, even by lightly armed civilians especially since Arab East Jerusalem seems now to have become a small island in a sea of surrounding Jewish settlements, cut off from support by the rest of the Palestinian Arabs by high walls then I think that very quickly the Hareidim and the Temple builders (including the Christian Zionists) will feel a moral imperative from Hashem to attack and seize the Temple Mount. (And this is especially so because the Muslims have built that underground mosque in the S.E. corner of the Mount, causing the walls to bulge outward dangerously and threatening a collapse.)"

This attached story will disgust you. A Jewish Princess who made Aliyah from your former adopted country has been harrassed because of her accent. This is the sort of thing that I would expect out of our goyim police, not from your co-racialists.

I saw your letter to Michael Santomauro. Actually, I rather like the boys in the JDO. They are fine Zionists who let nothing stand in their way. They could show a better example however, by making Aliyah themselves.

When I saw this letter near the end of the collection, I got all excited again. It is written by a budding Zionist who likes long sentences. Your co- racialists have shot themselves in the foot when they brought all of those Sand Negroes into France. Only Zionism will fix it now. Let Israel be Gathered! This year in Jerusalem!

12th in Cheshvan, 5765
Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian


Immigration police harass Israeli, because of her accent

By Ruth Sinai

T. doesn't scare easily - she did her army service in the Gaza Strip and is a very resourceful person. But her encounter last week with the Immigration Police left her both traumatized and furious. T. is a 25-year-old immigrant from the former Soviet Union and she is a secretary at a metalwork plant that occupies several buildings on a small street in south Tel Aviv.

Last Thursday, while she was walking from one building to another in the factory, two men in civilian clothes stopped her and demanded identification. When she asked who they were, one of them flashed a police identity badge. The two reprimanded her for not carrying her identity card, despite her contention that she was within her place of work. They took her back to her office where she produced her Israeli identity card.

At this time a company vice president, the financial comptroller and various employees arrived to ask what was going on. The police officers ordered them not to interfere. After T. presented her ID, they told her she was being detained for interrogation. "In front of all the company's employees, people who respect me and work with me daily, I was dragged off like a criminal, despite my employers asking why I was being taken. T. began to shake and asked her boss to accompany her. He was willing but the officers refused.

In a letter T. sent last week to the Justice Ministry's internal affairs investigation unit, she stated that the officers threatened her co-workers that if they interfered with a "police investigation", they would also be arrested. They took T. into a vehicle that also contained three men, two of them in uniform, and a woman - apparently a foreign worker under arrest.

The policemen handed T.'s identity card back and forth among them inside the car. "One said everything was OK, but another said they would just drive away," T. said. They began to drive and as time passed T. grew more and more afraid, fearing the police did not intend take her to a police station but to some other location.

When they saw T. was panicked, the police stopped the vehicle and demanded she sign a document verifying that they hadn't hurt her. T. demanded to read the document before signing, but the officers refused and told her to get out of the vehicle on the spot. T. demanded the officers take her to a police station or return to her to her place of work. The officers refused. When she demanded to know their names, they refused to give her pencil and paper to write them down.

The officers left T. on the street without her handbag, money or cellular phone, forcing her to walk the half hour back to her work place. "Where do two cops get the nerve to harass an Israeli citizen using force, contempt, and condescension?" T. wrote to the IA investigators. "What action do the police plan to ensure such instances - reminiscent less enlightened regimes under which the Jews have suffered - aren't repeated?"

Sigal Rosen of the Center for the Defense of the Individual called the incident the inevitable result of the present climate in which police harass foreigners with work visas, tourists and refugees. The Immigration Police said in response that officers are sometimes obliged to bother Israeli citizens to see their identification, especially those with foreign accents. "We encounter huge numbers of forged documents. We try to minimize the checks but they are unavoidable," said Chief Superintendent Orit Friedman, the Immigration Police's deputy spokeswoman.


Wouldn't it be much better for them and others if French and all other European Jews left Europe en masse and moved to Israel? What seems to justify this mass immigration is, among others, the fact that European Jews do not appear to be entirely happy in Europe. The proof that they are unhappy in Europe is their never-ending complaints of "antisemitism" (whatever this word means), their demanding as their natural birthright a highly privileged political, legal, and economic position for themselves in the European countries where they live, their frantic lobbying for extremely harsh legal measures against free speech, their vindictiveness and verbal and physical aggression against those who do not agree with what the Jews believe to be true regarding their treatment during WWII, and against those who criticize Israel's genocidal treatment of Palestinians (this great devotion to Israel - far greater than to Europe - seems another reason for the Jewish mass immigration to Israel), as well as their attempts to hush up and avoid any responsibility for the fact that Jews played the leading role in the horrible communist crimes against the Russians and the nations of East-Central Europe. So, after all, perhaps Premier Sharon is right when he encourages French, and, hopefully, all other European Jews, to move to Israel ?...



Subject: Mueller letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

The learning process never stops. Michael Santomauro forwarded everyone his letters of support. I wasn't surprised. I have known for a long time that there is a sub-group out there that attacks the Jews, criticizes Israel, but believes in the holocaust and the demonization of Germany's Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

It is strange. that's why I call it the "Fifth Element" or "Playing both Sides." I cannot understand, how one can hate the Jews, but subscribe to the holocaust? If you think that the holocaust story comes actually from the same people they so ardently criticize.

What's the explanation? I think they are simply hoodlums who play both sides.

The list of supporters of Michael Santomauro's comparison of Adolf Hitler to Ariel Sharon carries a few popular names. Popular in the sense of their own sub-cultures. They all believe that it doesn't matter what good Adolf Hitler did. The "evil" he brought outweighs it all.

Another very strange thing is that most of the "Fifth Element" people support the IHR. In return, Mark Weber has endorsed Michael Santomauro's policies of playing both sides. In fact, when asked by revisionist giant Prof. Robert Faurisson whether or not Weber believes in the gas chambers, he could not give a direct answer.

The same with Michael Santomauro, when he was asked if he believes in the holocaust. He also avoided a direct answer and said that they are playing with the numbers.

Israel Shamir is one of the persons who wrote a compassionate letter of support to Michael Santomauro. Not that I care, because he is a Jew and I despise them all, whether they are good or bad. In his letter, Mr. Shamir mentioned me. He called me a "Hollywood Nazi" who celebrates Hitler's birthday with Sauerkraut and Bratwurst.

I have not had much contact with Mr. Shamir. He used to inundate my box with his column and I told him to unsubscribe. Simply put, he is a con man who charges $3,000 for a speaking engagement in addition to $200 a day for him and his wife. He was solicited for the Sacramento Conference and I told him to shove it where the sun don't shine.

Barry Chamish, also an Israeli, highly critical of his own country, however, claims to have lost relatives in the holocaust.

I was not surprised to find Attorney Edgar Steele amongst the supporters of Michael Santomauro. Many times Steele also made derogatory remarks about Adolf Hitler. Again, strange, if you consider the circle, he is looking for clients.

Nelson Waller, another one who wrote a supportive letter and got quite belligerent about the "evil Nazis" and Hitler. I have taken him off my mailing list a while back.

Include in that pack also Bradley Smith and Michael Hoffman, who both try to please the Jews by maligning the German people.

In reality, my friends, it is just double talk. Michael Santomauro calls himself an amateur revisionist. Strange comes to mind again when you think that he just couldn't give a direct answer about the holocaust to the New York Times.

So, one has to wonder what they are up to. Are they just mentally retarded or clever con men? These are people who have no character and no guts. Trust me when I tell you that they are after your money. They criticize Israel and the Jews, and that's the hook with which they get you. Once you are on the hook, it is too late.

At the same time, they demonize Hitler and believe in the holocaust. So, they are talking both sides. Extracting money from everyone is the common denominator.

What was Santomauro thinking when his New York City roommate service went belly-up and he started to become a "amateur revisionist? In the Capitol of the Jews? Did he really think that he is going to be left alone? I am not sure why this was a big deal in the first place. We all have gone through it.

The bottom line: If you criticize Israel and the Jews, but support the holocaust lie and demonize Adolf Hitler, you are not any better than those you criticize. Israel was built on the holocaust lie. Without it, its economy would collapse. In my book, criticizing Israel does not open the door for you to come in.

As we have seen with the Michael Santomauro issue, the "Fifth Element" people are amateur crooks at best and traitors at worst.

I am a straightforward guy and I despise those who play both sides in order to gain favorites with one or the other. Here it is again: The holocaust is a lie. Adolf Hitler was a great man and did great things for the German people. Anyone who believes different is an enemy and we should not deal with them or support them in any way.

Unless you can bring me proof about the negative things you say about the Third Reich, stay out of my mailbox.


More responses to "Rehabilitating Hitler;"


Truth is our ally, and the truth is National Socialism was an experiment that failed. Despite it's twin atributes of anti-Communism/anti-Judiasm. Thanks,

Best wishes,

Revisionist Rich Salzer,
Chesapeake, VA, Planet Earth.


The truth is certainly our ally - but let's get it right -your idea that National Socialism failed is a myth, far from the truth. NS success was the envy of the world. It's principles were never defeated. The ideology lives and it still remains the only hope of saving the white race and European culture. The German military were defeated by an unholy alliance of Communism and Western nations which should have been Germany's allies, led by men whose outdated ideas and ambitions blinded them to the fact that they were destroying themselves and western civilisation's greatest champion. They are the ones best forgotten.

Derek Batchelor. London.


From Tom:


On rehabilitating Hitler...

Ever since the Romans lifted (on a wholesale scale) the culture and technology of the Eutruscans, we have failed to see anything close until the end of the Second War. While Hitler is demonizd, his National Socialist philosophy became the blueprint for post-war "social democracies" in Europe, Israel and elsewhere. For the guiding economic principle of National Socialism was to leave the means of production in private hands but to accomplish desired social goals through their regulation. Communism, on the other hand, sought to nationalize the means of production. Even FDR paid the greatest tribute to Hitler--imitation in the form of his later new deal programs.

It's also convenient to demonize a leader and people Americans (and the Russians) have "borrowed" a great deal from. For instance, the space program, jet technology, power steering, computer guidance systems, many plastics, SAM missiles, stealth aircraft, nerve gas, superhighways and the like.




From Chris Borleis:


To Mr. Robert Levin.


Your worries about the rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler in Reporters Note Book have come to my attention. You probably don't speak or read German. Would I be right that your sources of information are limit or at least one sided and bias?

In any case, you are Jewish. With a Jewish mentality, which differs from German and any other mentality, even American mentality, you submit to entirely separate identity. If you live in American, you are but foremost a Jew, a Jew in America. You probably admit that you don't identify with German sentiment.

You most likely don't share German culture, German national spirit or the common identity of a national soul other than a Jewish.

But you retained your identity for more than 3000 years, even by living in foreign countries. It is not my intention to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler here. He is an immense figure of the past and has proved to me one only thing: That is that people throughout the world prefer to live with their own people. Birds of the feather flock together, Jews included (ghettoes).

In addition, each ethnicity has its own distinct traits and characteristics, most intolerable to other groups. A nation is therefore an organic entity and intruders with different heritage and culture cannot find sympathy therein.

And stable societies don't wish to live with Nomads. Blood and Soil guaranties the survival of the nation (group) and the maintenance of its immediately infrastructure and environment. I assume (please acknowledge that I don't state that I know) I assume that you will not be willing to make any concession towards the achievements of the Nazis and their leaders.

The suffering the German people endured after both wars is not your concern. Or the imposition of the VS Treaty, which I read three times, the whole German nation fought for its survival.

It is no wonder, that Hitler, what ever you might call him, was a wolf amongst wolfs. You people never mention Churchill, Stalin or Roosevelt in regards to war crimes. It is impossible for you to understand. If Hitler was a demagogue is beside the point.

We still are allowed to debate him without being compulsory silenced. The fact remains that he rallied the nation when in despair, to a solid bounty never have seen before. That was his first crime. The next was that he didn't like you people. But you never liked the German people ether. Is it no fair to say, we don't like each other?

You refer to Human Rights. Such a thing does not exist! We are at the moment participating in an illegal war. Or would you deny that you are indirectly responsible to at least a half a million Iraqis being killed by the sanction imposed on them alone. And a 2.3 millions of Germans have perished after the WWII.

You are most probably concerned of the fate of your own people.

Not the slaughtered Native Indians, the black African-Americans or the slaughtered Australian Aboriginals is your concern, but the Jewish people. Of all the Genocides the world has seen in the past, the Jews were the only one who benefited with restitution claims. Not only were they compensated eight times of their original demands they made according to Nahum Goldman in 'The Jewish Paradox', they got a National Jewish State out of the deal using the Holocaust as a bargaining point. And don't forget the sympathy worldwide they received in hindsight of the Nazi persecution they endured. Hollywood is never tiered to rally the world for more hatred against Germany and its people. The agenda is to demolish once and for all the national coherence, the basis of unity and identity.

If Germany has such abhorrent nationalistic obsession, one would ask why is it that over a one hundred thousand Jew have returned to live in Germany, the land of racism and evil past.

Christian Borleis




Walter F. Mueller



Political Bohemian Rhapsody



Defensive Racism: An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences

ProPer Press,
Dept F2,
PO Box 1255, Sagle, ID 83860, USA

A. Its Form

Published in October 2004 this 376-page hard cover book has a contents page, an introduction and 18 chapters -- but no Index, something that can easily be rectified if and when the book goes into a second edition. An index is essential for those who have little time to read a book from cover to cover because it makes it easier to pick out new thoughts and impressions. Glancing through an index can offer a concise summary of the subject matter. It also helps those who are self-absorbed self-seekers because they will run through the index and look for their name. If it isn't there, they give the book a miss. It's unlikely that I will ever reach that point of picking up a book, then run through the index just to see if I rate a mention, but an index is essential if one wishes to cross-reference subject matters and names.

I am coming closer to accepting the convention of including Bibliographical references within the text, but on a topic such as Racism it would have been helpful here to have a separate list at the end of the book. The argument that the book is not academic and that its purpose is to get the message across does not quite ring true. It would have eliminated the question of authority -- on whose research or opinion is Edgar Steele basing his opinion?

Fortunately the arguments presented by Steele in the book can stand on their own and do not really need any referencing. Steele's citing of legal cases that he personally conducted imbues his message with authenticity -- Steele is not just a talker! Clearly, the book's aim is to stimulate independent thinking and generate discussion. It is not intended to create behaviour that leads to one individual trying to outdo another in the name-dropping business. And, more importantly, Edgar Steele's voice within the covers of his book is clear and logical -- it is authoritative, he himself has become an authority whose work deserves to be quoted.

This does not mean that if he quotes someone within his text that the quotations should not be referenced -- they should. The David Irving 2000 London court case teaches all authors seeking that authoritative voice to cite the reference from where a particular quotation has been taken and which is designed to prove a further point made within the text. Common Law -- precedent cases -- offers the creative mind a wide choice with which to decorate one's view-point, one's considered opinion. Of course it will be up to the judge -- in this case the reader -- to decide the merit or otherwise of the argument presented.

During my many years of personal litigation someone advised me to lie because you cannot win a case without lying in court. I refused because truth-telling is the foundation of our society, of our civilization. Telling lies creates dis-trust and without trust basic relationships break down, and society begins to dis-integrate. It is then a quick slide into chaos, or into the authoritarian mind-set, as we have witnessed in the so-called western democracies, Australia, in the USA/Canada, and in Europe.

Politicians cannot be trusted anymore and so the ruled do not trust the rulers. The only way of then controlling society is by implementing draconian legislative measures so as to hide the rotten state of things from the people, but still pretend that the democratic game is being played. Legislative measures are then needed to control those disillusioned individuals -- who have attitude -- who wanted to trust and hear the truth. Various democracies enact specific legislation 'democratically', usually before Christmas and late at night in parliament when most members are either absent or asleep. The examples of the past decade have focused specifically on how to combat 'racism', how to combat 'terrorism', 'hate-speech', 'antisemitism', etc. In Australia before the election there was talk of needing a strong leader in times of crisis. I would have thought that a strong democracy does not really need a strong leader because the people are strong.

We seem to have reached the stage that flourished in the former Soviet Union, where dissent was a criminal matter and where truth as a defence against any allegations became irrelevant. However, as a society's moral and intellectual wellbeing is directly proportional to the state of its truth-telling, we are heading for trouble, for social upheaval. Little wonder then that those individuals who are currently at the helm of various social agencies in a number of these nominal western democracies are frantically devising legislation to keep the lid on the pressure cooker of lies. I still live in hope that some of them will realize that this pressure cooker has a safety-valve in the form of a simple maxim: search for truth.

So much for the importance of quotation integrity.

Typesetting is pleasing but Chapter 3 'Genetic Realities', p-25-35 pages are headed 'Cultural Imperatives', which is Chapter 4. I found no spelling errors except the usual of mixing the plural and the possessive of 1930s, 60s, etc. with 1930's, 60's.The former is the plural form but rarely seems to be used as in CD's, which should be CDs when advertising CDs for sale. Writing Adolph instead of Adolf is the fault of the spell-check!

B. Its Contents

Dedicated to those brave souls who have fallen in the struggle to achieve true equality for all races.


Edgar Steele says that for a European/white there is virtually no defence against the allegation of 'racist' -- that compound word which accuses, convicts and sentences. He suggests that instead of becoming defensive or a denier, one ought to study the obvious differences that do exist between the races. He invites his readers to read The Bell Curve, then to think things through and do independent research.

At the point of conception we are already genetically programmed and upon birth we have our half-filled 'luggage' that we then fill with goods from our cultural environment. He defines genetics as "culture and prior behaviour gone to seed", and claims this view can be adopted by both Creationists and Evolutionists.

This thought raises the problem of those who base their understanding on a fixed text, and will condemn anyone who does not share such orthodoxy. As this is a peculiarly US trait, I can understand Steele wishing not to buy into that argument, thus offering a starting point that is agreeable to all. However, the objective open mind will feel restrained by this imposed framework because it begins from a fixed source. Evolution fears not the unknown while Creationism has the comfort zone well packed against any unknowable entities. After all, it is ignorance of the unknown, that can unsettle individuals who require an authoritative source to keep themselves from falling apart, not to mention the difficulty of holding together a community -- pure brainpower does not!

It must be said that it is not possible to achieve total objectivity in any research, but it is understood that at least the attempt has to be made to distance oneself from personal considerations that may affect the outcome of an intellectual enquiry. The elimination of bias is far more easily achieved in the exact sciences (that are not exact) because there is always allowance made for the probability of errors. For example, some readers of The Rudolf Report found it disturbing that its author admitted that his conclusions are not absolute. But that is just the difference between those who uphold the 'Holocaust' gassing myth as an absolute, as a dogma fortified by specially enacted legislation that is then legally enforced. This is the stuff of which ideologies are made -- not scientific research results.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle brings, as a matter of focus, uncertainty to any result. Yet science and technology have overcome this uncertainty by producing the goods that reflect approximations to such an exactitude that most times airplanes do take off and land safely. Uncertainty should thus not activate any anxieties within us because the wonders of flying re-affirm the beauties of the human mind that made it all possible. Likewise the unknown is welcomed by any enquiring mind that loves to explore unfamiliar territory. The unknown should never be feared because fear cripples the intellect, and this sets in train the fear-of-fear syndrome. It is then just a brief walk away from scapegoating anyone who 'upsets', who 'challenges' another's world view with new information.

I find it odd that social scientists suggest that research results ought to be 100%, and this tendency has filtered through into our education institutions where teachers award students, for example 100% for a subject such as English Literature, where improvement is always possible, where any form of expressed thought could be re-written and clarified some more.

Steele alludes to this in part when he invites his reader "you should be agreeing with how irrelevant skin color differences are," something he finds uninteresting because there are larger issues to address. Is he a racist? Is the reader a racist? He says that by the end of the book these two questions will have been answered.

Chapter 1: Semantics

Steele believes there is no clear agreement what a racist is, for example, the Christian Identity believe that all non-Caucasians are Satan's "spawn". With such individuals it is not possible rationally to discuss the race issue because their belief system obstructs it. Reason and understanding are muted by a literal belief in the Bible. Likewise, he says, it is with the secular humanists who are blinkered by their belief in the equality of man that closes their minds to definite existing racial differences. Such individuals have "hobbled" their minds and further discussion is not possible,

For Steele the definition of a racist is simple: Anyone who believes in the existence of racial differences. He points to the misuse of the term by bigots who use it as a weapon of vilification against those they disagree with. This in turn exposes the labeller's basic problem, using words as a battle of the wills where reason and understanding are lacking. Steele invites anyone to set aside such preconceptions and to begin with him the intellectual -- rational and logical -- exercise of exploring, a journey that may lead to skinheads growing their hair again and to the readers feeling comfortable about calling themselves racists, without the negative connotations arising that are currently attached to the concept of race.

Chapter 2: Intellectual Myths

The fact that the human eye only perceives a fraction of reality reminds Steele of individuals who have never woken up to the fact that their own intelligence is also limited. He finds it easy to discern another person's intelligence -- "You knew who were the scholars and who were the dummies in school and you had them ranked."

He is reminded, however, that it is character that really matters, as exemplified by intelligent Arthur Miller and his disdainful treatment of Marilyn Monroe.

Then a delightful honest comment: "I've lived with the obvious difference between my own intellect and many others all my life and honestly do not consider that to make me one whit superior to anybody."

Most mature individuals reach this point in life where one's own limitations, one's blind spot keep them humble. The Marxist-feminist-religious ideology of envy and hatred is a worry here because they have absorbed all this politically correct ideology. Yet the politically correct who are promoting intellectual equality are denying a fundamental facts of race difference. Steele invites his readers to read The Bell Curve where this fact is explored through various IQ studies. He says:

"There is an average 15-point IQ difference between American Whites and American Blacks My own life experience bears witness to this fact and so does yours if you are honest, regardless of your skin color That does not make Whites superior to Blacks."

He riles against the government that has adopted the One World agenda, and that will bring much grief to the country, basically proving that superior intellect may actually be a liability.

He concludes:

"It is a myth that superior intellect makes one person better than another. Recognizing this myth is key to dispelling the next: It is a myth that there are no intellectual differences between the races".

Chapter 3: Genetic Realities

The autobiographical sketch is delightful at this point because Steele reveals himself to be a man of many talents -- living with wife and children on his ranch and raising animals, no, not just raising them but breeding animals! This work enables him to gain first-hand experience about how our genetic inheritance manifests itself. For him "instinct is genetically-encoded behaviour", i.e. genetics as the study of culture gone to seed. It also enables him to raise the nature-nurture debate and work out how much behaviour is inherited:

"How many other response patterns lie dormant in our DNA, just awaiting a stimulus that may or may not come?"

Thus appearance, intellect/instinct and behaviour are in large measure an inherited, a racial matter. Steele then stresses what is motivating him in writing this book about race:

"What I wish to focus upon in this book in drawing racial distinctions, ultimately, is behaviour. And that is where the critical DNA difference lies to discriminate based upon skin color makes no rational sense. To discriminate based upon behaviour, however, makes a great deal of sense."

Through this approach he, of course, reduces the Politically Correct lobby's work to one of manners -- and some may be familiar with the maxim from one of Oxford University's colleges: Manners maketh Man.

Chapter 4: Cultural Imperatives

Here Edgar Steele canvases the factors that influence an individual's character: nature/nurture, IQ/intellect/behaviour, evolution/creation, and not surprisingly, weather/climate. He correctly points out that the current multiculturalists still believe that equality between the races is a norm and that differences do not exist, something that is contradicted and glaringly evident in American ghettos where desolation rules. Were the authorities to adopt a different approach and acknowledge basic differences, then perhaps problems would be solved more readily.

He concludes:

"Descendants of race as brought together from different cultures and environments must live with the consequences of differing genetic backgrounds, though they share a similar milieu from birth."

Chapter 5: National Disaster

Unfortunately the politically correct deem race to be a matter of skin and economic class, something that is not borne out by human nature itself. This perversion is ruthlessly enforced through legislative means that creates thought criminals, those that still dare to think in racist concepts. This in turn, says Steele, drives the race problem underground where it is building up "plugged by societal condemnation and repressive hate crime laws. Witness the ever-growing resentment of affirmative action on both the left and the right in America aggravated by a sense of entitlement and victimhood engendered in so many minority groups".

He postulates that the realization is now there that so-called white separatists merely wish to live where certain desirable forms of behaviour are to be found, for example, low crime rates, good schools. He mentions South Africa and Zimbabwe as a case where the departure of whites has created chaos, where "The native population is well, going native".

Although the above is a physical fact, and accurately depicts the terrible suffering whites endure, I would consider it a little too simplistic because one has to factor in the multi-national force that thrives on social dislocation for the simple reason that this enables mineral exploitation. For example, Rhodesia under Ian Smith was not exploited because Smith managed to resist it up to a point, but it ultimately destroyed his country. Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe was immediately debt-enslaved by the IMF and World Bank, and social disintegration inevitably followed, with the race-card used to no good effect. I need not mention here the effect of so-called corruption. Yet we saw that factor operating so well in the dissolution of the Soviet Union when Gorbachev gave way to "free market pressure" because he obtained a payout with which to establish his own research institute -- an outright bribe. If one considers how easily the mighty Soviet Union was dismembered, one need to measure the criticism leveled at African countries where infrastructures are fragile and the climate oppressive.

Steele is spot-on when he says that the world liberal establishment, especially the American has "morphed into neoconservatives and now care only about killing the enemies of Israel (including hundreds of thousands of Arab children). They certainly show no concern about the murder of White children in Africa."

This fact highlights the ruthless nature of the Neocons and their form of world government, and Edgar Steele does not shy away from venting his anger at the form of racism called 'affirmative action' that has destroyed a once proud and efficient education system. He predicts that in another fifty years' time forced integration will have destroyed the US, and the only ones who are prospering are the Jews who are considered whites. He puts the date of the US's decline on May 17, 1954 when the US Supreme Court handed down the Brown vs The Board of Education of Topeka decision. The hollowness of equal rights and the belief that prejudice can be overcome through legislation speaks for itself. American's white children have been thoroughly dumbed down, thereby narrowing the racial gap downwards. The tragedy, Steele says, is that the "Blacks involved become convinced that active white racism is the real problem, not their own lack of aptitude or skills."

And then he mentions The American Coup that began 50 years ago "when the Zionist financial cabal decided it was possible to take over America as completely and thoroughly as it had Russia a mere half century prior to that time".

He warns that the pattern is the same because laws are already in place to limit free speech in the US, through the criminalizing of speech deemed to be antisemitic. Fro Steele, "It is no crime to demand racial equality in America unless you are White, of course. That is what must change."

America imprisons its citizen at a rate of 600% more than does China, something that Steele regrets because it has become an industry in itself, and that now includes political prisoners. The drive behind all this he says "is another racial group that is less obvious because of a lack of physical markers ".

Chapter 6: Masters of Disaster

Anyone who wishes to read a concise summary of the influence Jews exert upon every aspect of the USA will find this chapter full of interesting facts, but not referenced. Steele also mentions how he became an 'antisemite' after his little girl received a death threat. That was it for him, and so he does not cop-out by differentiating between Zionists and Jews. The fact that a Jewish employee of his nearly ruined him added fuel to his resolve to speak out. Likewise with the 9/11 tragedy where he considers the only question to ask is whether it was the US or Israel behind it.

Jewish overreaching, he claims, is caused by the Jews literally thinking themselves to be superior to all others. He mentions that matters that most Revisionists are aware of, for example the Jewish expulsions since 415 AD, and he wonders why these statistics that are found on Jewish websites, never state why these expulsions occurred, but always claim this was an act of persecution. The next question to ask is expelled for what?

Steele makes a harsh statement that he afterwards justifies: "Just as they were in Russia last century, Jews have become the American ruling class. Just as they did in Russia, they are bleeding America dry."

Anyone who has the disease to be persecuted will, of course, ensure that such persecution will come about!

Chapter 7: The Price of Empire

Human genetics and culture determine the inevitable and predictable decline -- that's the message of this chapter. It does not surprise Edgar Steele that most people who play the stock market get caught and lose their money for a simple reason: they refuse to see the fact of an up and a down. So it is with individuals who refuse to see that globalism has destroyed the homogeneity of the USA.

Chapter 8: Immigration's True Costs

In this chapter Edgar Steele traces in some detail the decline of American enterprise. It occurred through an influx of non-assimilating immigrants that leads to a breakdown of societal controls, for example in the past not having to lock one's home doors because crime was virtually unknown within segregated communities. He also mentions some anomalies occurring today: USA spends thousands in controlling Afghanistan/Pakistan check-points but does not seal its borders with; illegals are welcomed with open arms but its own citizens are treated like criminals.

Chapter 9: The Real Racists

Steele asks a vital question: Why do politically correct individuals refuse to admit that racial differences exist? Is this because of an inherent fear that some races are inferior or superior? If this is so, Steele argues, it is clear who the real racists are because "Theirs is a singularly racist outlook because of the negative implications they insist upon applying to racial differences the politically correct show they know the real score by the manner in which they handicap races they consider t be superior with such devices as affirmative action, quotas, profiling and diversity programs.".

Steeele elaborates this not often discussed point about the terrible condescension that accompanies any affirmative action has on minorities who do have natural ability. This is much like the feminists who through their ideological push have discredited the achievements of women who made it through the ranks without affirmative action. The resultant affirmative action' divide tearing at the American social fabric is fuelled by resentment and hatred. The ruling elites, of course, are not affected by this socially explosive climate.

Chapter 10: Wag the World

Steele clarifies that he opposes Jewish supremacists-Zionists, then lists the institutions controlled by Jews, thereby making the New World Order a Jewish conspiracy because "they are facts that are unprintable, because they involve Jews." He also criticizes Christian Zionists who are seen as 'useful idiots' by the Zionists. The subtle mechanism by which the 'tyranny of the false majority' establishes itself is clearly analyzed, with the Shabbats Goyim playing a crucial role. He implies that the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. was one such person. Steele also likens the current US political situation to Finlandization, i.e. to that of the role adopted by Finland during World War Two and after.

Chapter 11: Racists Everywhere

The following maxim still holds, if you are not a liberal at 20, then you have no heart, but if you are still a liberal at 40 you have no head. Steele elaborates on his own mental development and how it is natural to become a social conservative and embrace racial separatism as a norm. In a letter to a friend he spells it out, "I don't want my kids associating with White trash or knee-jerk liberals' offspring or the kids of religious extremists". Steele worries about the final loss of the Constitutional Amendments.

Chapter 12: The Truth Hurts

The fact that truth is no defence in court cases is a worry for Steele, and he relates a case that he fought in court --and won. He relates how difficult it is effectively to mount a defence against hate speech, even symbolic speech. It is alright for some, but not for Whites to use certain words.

Steele clearly indicates how hate crime laws protect only certain groups of people: Blacks, Jews, homosexuals, women and certain minorities. But worse of all is that the most bigoted, for example a Jew like Bernie Farber, who pushes censorship because Jewish feelings are hurt.

To date the internet still remains free, but through the forging of email and website addresses, those that fear the free flow of information will create spam, then introduce restrictive legislation with which to gain full control of the Internet. All the signs are already there for all to see in the USA.

Chapter 13: Defensive Racism

If Whites do not practice Affirmative Action, they will be labeled 'White Supremacists', and thereby give up their own identity, i.e. reject their European cultural heritage. The 'Defensive Racism' concept is used to signify survival and self determination, and it does not operate on a dialectic process where an individual is either with or against someone, as is the case with Zionists who consider anyone not with them to be antisemites. For example, it is in order to say, "When are you going to meet a nice Jewish girl and settle down?" But it is considered a racist comment to say: "When are you going to meet a nice White girl and settle down?" Steele advises how to put defensive racism into action.

Chapter 14: The Future

Reflecting on the past fifty years Edgar Steele concludes that the USA has changed for the worse in that the positive social and economic picture of the past has not been sustained for the majority and political correctness has hobbled the Whites. Racism and hate crimes are exclusively used against Whites, basic infrastructures are breaking down, the economy is floundering as "outsourcing" is institutionalized, four in every thousand are in prison and out of 300 million two million are imprisoned.

That's the bad news, he says, and for the 'worse news': the future for the White race is genocide, something he claims also applies to Western Europe, birthplace of White civilization. An economic collapse is inevitable because the One World concept needs borders that in the past confined economic damage. Fiat money is the prime example of a government intent on introducing one world currency. He also mentions the Jewish conspiracy against the White race -- trying to eliminate it through race mixing -- as exemplified by two quotes -- 1912 and 1952. Steele's book in fact postulates that this genocide need not come about if Whites resist race mixing. Add to that the living debt bomb and something will have to give. He sees this developing into massive social upheaval, and considers that to be the reason why today police stations have already been turned into military outposts, and the ensuing social breakdown will create a situation where "your skin color will be your uniform".

But Steele envisions an even greater crisis with the full-implementation of the Patriot Act, a foretaste being the current US adventure in the Middle East. And then he brings hope to his readers by proclaiming that the USA will come out of this crisis:

"We can do it. We will prevail. We did it before. What more proof do you need, in order to know that it is in our genetic predisposition? Because of that, we can do nothing else. Breeding shows. Character, above all else, counts. That is the legacy of our forefathers, a legacy which cannot be legislated away by Congress, judicially usurped by the courts or summarily seized by the Executive Branch. All the other stuff that has so incensed us at the moment is just words, just things, just stuff."

Chapter 15: Treading Water

Under this chapter Steele presents basic survival information that individuals will have to know when the social breakdown occurs -- arrive in the country with enough food, gasoline, bullets, gold! Safety for Whites is not to be found in the Southwest, Deep South, nor in any city, nor within 100 miles of any coast, "The more paranoid will want to stay at least 400 miles from Yellowstone Park White America [will] be carved from the Northwest and the heartland." Emigration is also an option, and he thinks that Russia is worth a consideration.

Steele is realistic enough to know that signing petitions, writing letters to politicians, voting, etc. is an absolute waste of time, not so joining a Patriot Movement.

Anyone who thinks Edgar Steele is alarmist and way off-beat in his speculation had better think again. It is this thought-pattern, of surviving, of developing a group strategy, which Jews have used for thousands of years.

Even at this very moment world Jewry is thinking about its own safety because Israel is a lost cause. Hence the legal protective measures already in place in Europe that aim specifically to protect Jews from any attacks, and the financial expenditures made in South America, in particular in the Chile-Argentine area of Patagonia.

This is all normal group survival thinking that Professor Kevin MacDonald so eloquently presented in his trilogy:

1. A People That Shall Dwell Alone -- Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples, 2002, ISBN: 0-595-22838-0. Writers Club Press -- 496p. (Orig pub 1994)

2. Separation And Its Discontents -- Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism. 2004, ISBN: 1-4107-9260-9 (e-book), ISBN: 1-4107-9261-7 (Paperback). 1st Books, USA. 448p. (orig pub 1998)

3. The Culture Of Critique -- An Evolutionary Analysis Of Jewish Involvement In Twentieth-Century Intellectual And Political Movements, 1998, 2002, ISBN: 0-7596-7222-9. 1st Books, USA. 448p.

In this respect Edgar Steele has something worth while to say as to how the White group can ensure its own survival. Or is Steele merely contemplating his own personal ageing process? I think not because MacDonald does mention the importance of having an altruistic appreciation of one's own group survival, i.e. family.

I have often wondered about this: Isn't this the only form of immortality that we have -- to leave behind our genetic information?

Chapter 16: World War III

Steele likens today's Middle East strife to a carbon copy of what happened twice in Europe: "Jewish interests are being pursued and vindicated, with America used as the bully boy."

He gives a brief overview of World War One and Two and mentions the central role played by the Jews in this 30-year war. The Middle East conflict he terms 'Judea against Islam', and he postulates that history will record it having started on September 11, 2001, with the World Trade Centre tragedy -- or perhaps to the first Gulf War of 1991. The period will be marked by rampant inflation, war will distract from depression, funding will be provided by Zionist bankers who will profit hugely from it all.

The fact that President Bush claims God chose him to lead the USA clarifies how Bush got the job. The 911 tragedy is considered to be a 'false flag' operation "to foment public fervor for war abroad". His comment follows the now standard skeptical framework that claims 9 11 was an insider scam, c.f. Eric Hufschmid's analysis.

Chapter 17: Money's End Game: Depression II

Under this 34-page chapter we find the standard analysis of how money is created out of nothing -- usury objectified. This system is contrasted with the Hitler "system of barter, e.g. German locomotives for Argentinean beef where the bankers did not get their cut of the transaction that would have been guaranteed if he had been using debt-based fiat money as a medium of exchange".

Steele predicts that gold will be the only safe investment, with silver just as safe, and central bankers will oppose it because their fiat money will be worthless, something they will oppose when they attempt to introduce a one world currency.

Chapter 18: New America

The Whites have become strangers in their own land, now strangers in a strange land where once proud symbols of nationhood have been removed. The classic example was at the WTC ruins where three white firefighters raised the flag -- so the photograph, but the statue has 'diversity' eliminate two of the Whites replaced by a Black and a Latino. It is the phenomenon called "La Reconquista" and the reclaimed southwest America will be called Aztlan.

"America's Zionist masters direct the efforts of the armed forces, both abroad and at home, which regularly are purged of anybody who gives the appearance of dissent. Police forces are under their direction and becoming increasingly militarized, Government workers of every stripe are being armed while America's citizenry is stripped of its weapons."

And so it goes on -- as Steele paints a disturbing scenario. So, you should read it for yourself -- get the book because it's well worth its price.


Swedish model Elin Nordegren with new husband Tiger Woods

A little while ago I sent the picture of Tiger Woods with his new wife through the system, and the reaction was predictable: total tolerance -- good on him if he has the money and the charm why should he stick to his own race? Why not move up to beauty? She, no doubt enjoys is fame and fortune. Then there were the primitive and crude snide remarks about the inferiority of one race to another, the dark side: uncivilized White triumphalism and supremacism.

I think in this book Edgar Steele has, in so many personal asides and in his penetrating analysis of actual current and historical events, dispelled the notion that White separatists are like the Jewish Supremacists who have utter contempt for anyone who is not a Jew. For Steele, as for me, the category of sentiment, of character is far more important than some kind of superficial marker such as skin colour. If the White race cannot retain its distinctive difference, then so be it. Edgar Steele hopes that there are enough Whites who will oppose their own extinction, even if it is only to thwart the designs of those who seek to dominate the world because their religion worships the master-servant slave thinking.

Time for you to order Edgar Steele's book, and even if you are not White, its content will illuminate for you what ails current USA.

Fredrick Töben


27 October 2004

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