Reader Mail: 3 November 2003

Letters: 3 November 2003










Subject: Thunderbolt of Truth

I received a courtesy copy of Bob DeMarias' new publication "Thuderbolt of Truth" in the mail. In exchange for this courtesy, I offer my humble thoughts.

First, thanks to Dr Bob for sending me a copy. Good luck with your publication.

As previously noted at VNN, the publication focuses on stories of true crime committed by non-Whites. The stories recount the facts in simple well written prose. The photographs tell the reader as much about race as anything. I didnt see any elaborate discussion of politics or Jews and so forth. That is not necessarily a flaw. I think that people who have taken this to be some kind of replacement for Nat Van mag are missing the intended audience. I dont speak for Dr Bob, and this is my own conclusion, but the target audience here is not "movement" types, ie, fully comitted racialists. I see a great potential for this magazine in the wannabee-cop, detective story, "SOF," GOA, Bull-Connor-policeman market segment. That is probably a market of a several million. Not a bad idea Dr Bob and I think it will aid in the struggle to advance our common racial interests, because it clearly identifies both the footsoldiers of the Enemy, and also describes the human suffering inflicted by the horrible crime wave that has been unleashed on our White communities since the sixties. We dont often dwell on this because it is so depressing, but it's hard to understate the magnitude of black on White crime since desegregation. People need to get up close to this problem or nothing's ever going to change. So I believe the thrust of the magazine is positive, even thought it focuses on the symptom not the disease.

This is a good example of two things that Alex has been suggesting at VNN for a long time. The first is "trying something different." The "movement" is in sore need of alternative approaches. Little is lost by such a venture, and much gained, if only experience. So bravo Dr Bob for trying a different approach. Regardless of whether this mag floats or falls, it will have been a success just for the example.

Another thing Alex has suggested at VNN, in my mind not through word but his own deeds, is Leadership by Example. This is not a new idea, and I consider it a sort of native American expression of the core notions underlying the Germanic leadership principle. Good for Dr Bob by exercising this sort of initiative.

Finally, it's a product. Make no mistake, we are long on ideas and short on execution. This is an executed idea which in and of itself enhances our collective vitality.

Finally, I think it's worth noting there is nary a word of criticism or comment at all about NA in this mag. So I dont think NA people should be very disgruntled. If anything, it reflects well on NA that Dr Bob was associated with the org for so long a time.

Here's the best line in the issue: "life is usually not as simple as a slogan." Good observation.

Thanks to Dr Bob again for the leadership and the free issue.

Tim K


Subject: to Haerne

Alex this note is for Fred.

I have a friend whose wife grew up in vladivostock. She is russian, german, and a wee bit of tatar ancestry. she's well educated in music and has made a fine wife for my friend who lives here in the US and they have many lovely children.

She is Catholic by faith and is aware of the generally subversive nature of the Jews and their role in Communism. I think she tolerates them on an individual basis when necessary, but definitely is suspicious of them as a group. Really, that seems to me to be about as far as most women go, not being naturally inclinded to politics.

Most importantly, she very uninvolved in the materialistic concerns and lifestyle of many American women, and is very focused on her family and home. Moreover, she appears happy to be so occupied.

Indeed, meeting her has caused me to take more seriously the position held by Francis Parker Yockey and Ernst Remer in the post war period concerning the threat that so-called US capitalism poses to Whites everywhere. What I mean, is that although this girl grew up in Soviet Union, somehow her feminine virtues seem comparatively intact compared to many western girls. I'm sure many others have observed a similar phenomenon.

All that being said, Fred, I've been to Stockholm, and my impression is that Scandanavia abounds with very fine female folk. I dont see the need to resort to Russians. Scandanavia needs more dads like you who can teach their sons to be proud of their own kind, and it will help preserve the type. Unless you're considering re-introducing some of the fire of the Kievan Rus into the bloodline....

Tim K


Subject: da jacksons

These idiots put up a "Save the Jacksons" meaning the parents. They put up an unmoderated message board, well, because they're stupid niggers. :)

You really should check out some of the responses, because they're quite hilarious.

Have a great night,



Subject: "The Hours"

Dear Alex:

Interesting article on Hours. I couldnt force myself to watch it. My wife wanted to watch it, but I think she fell asleep about halfway through, because I usually hear about it if she finds a movie amusing. I found "Frida" amusing, especially the part where Trotsky gets shanked.

Most American girls could get a good example from their own bloodlines, if they just knew about them. A little genealogical search can usually turn up an ancestor who birthed as many as ten of her own children, often not more than three generations back. Today's girls, worried about getting enough spending money to afford chic makeup, ought to consider how great-grandma birthed and raised those ten kids out in the middle of nowhere, with a husband who worked in the fields all day, and nary so much as a televitz and Elmo video to keep the tots occupied during her "breaks."


PS. Gals, I've personally changed over a thousand diapers in my short tenure as a father, so dont even go there.

Ed. Note: I told Gabrielle I would review it, otherwise I would not have watched it. The pacing is fast enough it doesn't put you to sleep, but it's not that good a movie. Bizarre thing is Woolf's nose, apparently Semiticized, because pics on google show a prominent shnozz, but not a jewish one. Well, what better proof of genius than a jew nose, eh? I didn't realize the nose was Kidman until the credits. The nose looms over her mouth like a cat over a mousehole. I kept expecting the thing to hop off and start sucking ants.


Subject: Elinor Caplan, jewess

Mr Linder:

Here is another case where an abcess on the body of society was lanced. Here is the cutie they found in Canada by the name of Elinor Caplan. She is Canada's Minister of Immigration. I extracted this from Mr Irvings website. Can you imagine Canadian Frog Jews using tax money to bring in more of their own? I fancy myself director of a new cabinet post called the Department of Emigration.

Zionist Rastafarian


THE other story is related and is very revealing with respect to how Joe Six-Pack unknowingly finances Zionist organizations while many Muslim organizations have been declared as illegal because they somehow "contribute to terrorism."

Again, in an article in Le Devoir (November 2, 2003), Kathleen Levesque writes that the Combined Jewish Appeal is the second largest beneficiary of aid received from the charity Centraide (United Way of Canada) even though it does not meet the financing criteria which are applied to the 324 other groups who receive moneys from this charity.

Since 1974, the Combined Jewish Appeal has apparently been receiving 3.4% of the Centraide's net charity revenues (over one million dollars in 2003). This percentage is said to reflect Jewish representation in Montral. Despite the fact that this aid is given to the Combined Jewish Appeal on the condition that it is not to solicit aid from citizens outside the Jewish community, the Combined Jewish Appeal managed to amass 43 million dollars last year.


Anyway, I find this special treatment outrageous although I suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg. In essence, people (including myself) have been unknowingly financing an organization which finances Israel and all this, while thinking we are giving money to the poor of Montral. Furthermore, this same organization will be "recommending" people in Latin America for immigration to Qubec by using religion as its primary criterion. Perhaps, they have been also recommending to the RCMP and CSIS who should be arrested under suspicion of terrorism and interrogated. Maybe, they will soon be running the province on similar "biblical" principles. As to Le Devoir, I would expect a charge of anti-Semitism to be soon leveled at its editor."


Subject: Churchill

Props to Winnie Jerome-Churchill, mon...

"Five years ago, the threat from Jamaican gangsters and black British-born crack dealers could have been dismissed as a local difficulty for a handful of inner-city police forces. But today, as the most authoritative study into the threat reveals, Jamaican organised crime groups have infiltrated almost every part of the country. The growth of violent Yardie crime - named after the Jamaican slang word for back yard - and offences committed by copycat black British gunmen has been identified as one of the biggest public order threats facing the police. A confidential report reveals that only seven of 43 forces in England and Wales believe they have yet to encounter "Caribbean" organised criminals. In Scotland, there are well-established crack dealers in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen."

Maybe Baloney Pony Tony can put on his famous Earnest Mask yet again and lisp a little more of that soothing bullshit about Wondrous Diversity. Yeah, that'll take care of it.

Jamaican niggers are perhaps the lowest niggers of all, and that's saying something. Right down there with New Guinea long pig conoisseurs and baby-raping muti monkeys. Should all have their filthy crocheted tumor hats blown off their goddam brillonuts with an H-bomb. Get rid of the monstrous stank and send them to Rasta Hell where they can join Bob Marley in felating Haile Selassie for the next ten billion years or so.

Now, that's what I call a two-fer.

N.B. Forrest


Subject: homeschooling

Dedicated parents can home-school their children well if they get the best materials.

First start off with a good traditional Phonics program based on European culture (rather than rap music), such as the decades-old Play-N-Talk program.

Then get a list of the best graded reading materials from an older source. I could post a list of those traditionally considered essential reading, if desired.

Then get good (possibly used) books designed for home-study, such as the Made Simple Series (Math's, English, Spelling, Biology, and many others) and the Teach Yourself Series (again many subjects). Try used book-sellers also for excellent materials, and libraries also.

My purpose here is not to sell particular courses, but to make suggestions. So much excellent materials are available for parents who are willing to search for it.

With computers and the Internet and books both old and a few more recent, the ability to home-school your kids is truly almost unlimited. Just Do It!


Subject: White church


Interesting and educational. I'm passing this to Alex. ( ) Like I've said before, Buddha is the best detergent I've found for washing jew-christian shit out of White skulls. You really ought to try a dose of him. There is still quite a lot of residue from the Pope and the Padres in your own head as we've discussed before.

I wonder if anybody is doing anything with Dr. Pierce's Cosmotheism. Maybe I'll see about starting my own church here. How about The Church of the Noble Path" We could actually teach a lot of folks the Right White views and even use it as an organization tool. When the JOG fucks with us, as they invariably will, we can howl about our First Amendment Rights. Mind you, as I've said before, when we do this, its not for any chickenshit "Restorationist" purpose, but rather to demonstrate to our Folk how utterly bankrupt the current regime is.

Good Work Pat!



Subject: jew Khodorkovsky passes shares in Yukos to Jacob Rothschild

Arrested jew Oil Tycoon Passed Shares to jew Banker

LONDON (Agence France-Presse) Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky's arrest, the Sunday Times reported.

Voting rights to the shares passed to Mr. Rothschild, 67, under a "previously unknown arrangement" designed to take effect in the event that Mr. Khodorkovsky could no longer "act as a beneficiary" of the shares, it said. Mr. Khodorkovsky, 40, whom Russian authorities arrested at gunpoint and jailed pending further investigation last week, was said by the Sunday Times to have made the arrangement with Mr. Rothschild when he realized he was facing arrest.

Mr. Rothschild now controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost $13.5 billion, the newspaper said in a dispatch from Moscow. Mr. Khodorkovsky owns 4 percent of Yukos directly and 22 percent through a trust of which he is the sole beneficiary, according to Russian analysts. From the figures reported in the Sunday Times, it appeared Mr. Rothschild had received control of all Mr. Khodorkovsky's shares. The two have known each other for years "through their mutual love of the arts" and their positions as directors of the Open Russia Foundation, Yukos' philanthropic branch, it said.

Russian authorities Thursday froze billions of dollars of shares held by Mr. Khodorkovsky and his top lieutenants in Yukos throwing control of the country's largest oil company into limbo and causing frenzied selling on financial markets. Russian prosecutors said owners of the shares are still entitled to dividends and retain voting rights, but can no longer sell their stakes. They said the freeze was necessary as collateral for the $1 billion that Mr. Khodorkovsky and his associates are accused of misappropriating during the 1990s.

Mr. Rothschild is the British head of Europe's wealthy and influential Rothschild family, and runs his own investment empire.


Subject: jew murders White


BOCA RATON, Fla. - A 16-year-old white boy killed during a innocent late-night prank was shot in the back by a Jew, according to emergency room records. The medical reports were released Saturday by the attorney for the teen's parents, who said they show he posed no threat to the Jew neighbor who shot him.

Mark Andrew Drewes and a friend had been knocking on neighbors' doors and then running away Oct. 25. He was shot by Jew-Jay Steven Levin, 40. "It shows he was running away," said the Drewes' attorney, Robert Montgomery. "Nobody was coming at (Levin)."

Montgomery announced Friday that he planed to file a wrongful death suit against Jew-Levin on behalf of Mark Drewes' parents, Gregory and Luciana Drewes.

Levin has not been charged in the shooting. His attorney, Bo Hitchcock, did not immediately return a phone message Sunday.

Mike Edmondson, spokesman for Palm Beach County State Attorney Jew Barry Krischer, declined to comment on the hospital report.


Subject: revolutionary letters


> > > > Well populism deserves it. From Blowhard Bryan to the present clowns, > > populism has a lot of garbage built in. >

> ### Wan't the first NS platform populist? >

Not really. Here, go look at it:

> > ### All well and good- at this point I'm actually open to new political

> philosophies. But I look before I leap, so I've gotta see some manifestos > and ideas. Genetics say, what do you propose? I am tired...

As far as genetics go, I say we use the knowlege we have at hand to encourage breeding healthy, capable people. Folks had a half decent idea of how to go about this with Mendel's work. Once you grasp Mendellian genetic basics, (and its not hard) then you begin to really appreciate Racialism. Have a look at this tutorial:

So, I propose combining industrial, technological, biological knowlege with Statecraft. We don't let private individuals get too much wealth at the expense of others. We build a State that actually takes care of its Folk, and defends them from foreigners. Law is where the most far reaching and revolutionary changes are to be made as far as the State's modus operendi goes. Now that we have computing power beyond the dreams even of Richard Nixon lets say, we can eliminate an awful lot of people from legal operations. Law can be encoded into program algorithms and administered from machines. We can thus eliminate a great many opportunities for legal corruption. We can actually give the people easy means of voting on matters they are quallified to vote on at a level where their vote is meaningful and useful. We can swiftly administer competancy tests to the voter and keep the boobs OUT of the political processes they have no business getting opinions about. This also allows for rapid promotion/demotion depending on a person's skill and knowlege.

You begin to see how computers really are a threat to those parasitic professions which thrive off our blood now. Creeps like Sanchez and Pillsbury know good and well that computers have rendered them obsolete and like I said, both of them will crawl into bed with the kikes rather than see things change in the manner that will rejuvenate our Folk.

Likewise, parasitic professions like priests are threatened by Science, above all any science that deepens our understanding of how humans behave. Why do you think the big governments of the world recently agreed to quash all research into cloning? You begin to see why zionism appeals to so many parasites of the status quo. As the supreme act of defiance of Reason, zionism is the banner for every professional liar on the planet. Well, judaism itself is rooted in just the same hostility to Reason. NOW you begin to appreciate why I advocate literally hunting down every kike on the planet and killing them. Many others also will have to be exterminated but the jews are the vanguard of superstition. Get them, and many of the others will be easily dealt with.




Jews and atheists have more in common than any other groups since not only do over 90% of todays Jews claim to be atheists. Even the remaining 10% do not believe anything in the Xtian Book not to mention most all Jew scientists believe in Darwinism.

This is a no-brainer but if atheists and Jews all believe in the same thing we have to conclude an obvious connection whether it is denied or not thus the final conclusion must be that these 2 groups are both one and the same.

We know Lincoln and Hitler were atheists who like all politicians use religion for their particular crowd. Unquestionably both of these satanic viper liar murderers often attempted to lamely use Xtianity even though both were known as atheists non-believers and both catered to their constituency.

There is a major connection between Jews/Satan, Lincoln and Hitler that has really never been studied in great detail even though the current world problems stem directly from this unholy Trinity.

We have to assume that Satan/Jews sit at the top of the hierarchy and Lincoln sits on his right hand side with the Hitler unholy spirit on his left side to complete the unholy triangle.

Atheists, Jews, and all pagans, race inferiors or non-Xtians of White Man Religion must fill up the lake of fire hell pit with the unholy Trinity.



Oh How Em_Bare_A$$_ing!

From what this "GAY" priest and the Arch Bishop says I think we will hear a lot more of this in the future as it becomes the norm for them to exit the "closet".


Gay bishop consecrated - Members of the US Episcopal Church have witnessed the worlds first consecration of an openly gay bishop.

...Robinson has refused to step down and repeatedly predicted that his consecration will open the doors for other homosexual bishops.

"There are extraordinarily gifted gay and lesbian people in serious positions of leadership throughout our church. They will be nominated as well. My stepping aside would not stop this one bit," Robinson said.

" I'm in very good company " - "GAY" Bishop Robinson

Reverend Gareth Williams, Vice Principal of St Michael's Theological College, Llandaff:

"If you were to expel all lesbian and gay members of the clergy, then the ministry of the Church would be deeply impoverished and may well grind to a halt .

That's the irony of it all, and it's all made a little amusing that 38 men dressed in purple dresses are having to sit round debating the rights and wrongs of all this!



Monday, November 03, 2003

So the Americans had their little immoral attack on the sovereign country of Iraq, based on a passel of lies which Bush and Cheney and the neocons still keep repeating; and destroyed the international law that had been carefully built up by fifty years of American diplomacy, not to mention the world-wide reputation of the United States; and the CIA bought off some of the Iraqi generals, and the obvious resistance slowed down; and Bush declared victory by saying that combat was over, but Americans kept dying or losing their limbs or their minds; so the White House website rewrote history to indicate that Bush had said that 'major combat' was over, and Americans continued to die; so he said 'Bring them on', and so on they came; and a sign of mysterious provenance screamed 'Mission Accomplished ' at the AWOL flyboy who now disavows the concept, as how could the mission be accomplished if Americans continue to die?; and the disgusting American media insisted that the Iraqi occupation is not - repeat not - like Vietnam, and mangled the results of polls to declare that the Iraqis like being bombed and occupied, and assisted the White House in covering up the number of grievously injured soldiers and the third-world conditions in which they are hospitalized; and George Bush is somehow too busy to attend any of the funerals, and the coffins come in secretly, as if Americans are ashamed of their dead, again not - repeat not - like Vietnam, and the Americans continued to die or lose their limbs or their minds; and the Americans started to turn into Israelis, bulldozing date palms, and arresting whole villages, and putting hundreds - thousands - of people into concentration camps without legal representation, and treating them abominably , and torturing them, and not telling their families where they are or if they are alive or dead, with the Red Cross being the only group that tried to discover this information for the terrified relatives; and somebody so mysterious that American intelligence is completely incapable,6903,1075980,00.html of discovering who - Baathists, deadenders, SpongeBob SquarePants, Syrians, Saudis, al Qaeda members, the Cat in the Hat, Europeans and whoever else you can think of other than normal Iraqis who love their American occupiers - is killing about an American a day, and grievously injuring many more; and blowing up embassies, and pipelines, and hotels and the UN, and the Red Cross, and aid workers; and almost all the international community (the UN, the Red Cross, Mdecins Sans Frontires) have had to leave; and just now the mysterious resistance is becoming confident, firing missiles right at Paul Wolfowitz, and finally figuring out how those surface-to-air missiles work, with hundreds more of such missiles unaccounted for in Iraq, and therefore many more successful attacks to come; with all of this completely unpredictable,1280,-3334726,00.html except by those experts who did predict it and were ignored or derided or fired (Larry Lindsey, General Shineski) by the neocons; and George Bush thinks the ferocity of the resistance means the Iraqis are 'desperate ', with Iraqi 'desperation' soaring with each passing day; and American 'success' now being measured by the number of American dead, with presumably the ultimate victory occurring when every last American soldier is dead or in pieces; and he realizes or has been told that Halliburton and Bechtel can't operate without the security of U. S. military presence, and so repeats over and over the mantra that the United States will stay the course, and won't leave until the job is done, the job being to steal every bit of Iraq that isn't nailed down, and pay for the stealing with billions upon billions of American taxpayer dollars; all of which reminds me that George Bush and the neocons resemble one character from the cinema, the Black Knight from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail":

"Arthur: You fight with the strength of many men, sir knight.

(The black knight does not respond)

Arthur: I am Arthur, king of the Britons. (no response)

Arthur: I seek the finest and the bravest knights in the land to join me at my court at Camelot. (no response)

Arthur: You have proved yourself worthy. Will you join me? (no response)

Arthur: You make me sad. So be it! Come, Patsy! (As Arthur and Patsy start to ride past the black knight, he suddenly speaks):

Black Knight: NONE SHALL PASS.

Arthur: (taken aback) What?

Black Knight: NONE SHALL PASS.

Arthur: I have no quarrel with you, good sir knight, but I must cross this bridge.


Arthur: I command you, as King of the Britons, to stand aside.

Black Knight: I MOVE FOR NO MAN.

Arthur: So be it! (draws sword. A short battle ensues, where Arthur, relatively unencumbered by armor, easily dodges the slow and heavy strikes by the black knight. Finally, Arthur dodges a strike, steps aside, and cuts the black knight's left arm off with his sword. Blood spurts from the knight's open shoulder.)

Arthur: Now stand aside, worthy adversary.

Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch.

Arthur: A SCRATCH? Your arm's off!

Black Knight: No it isn't!

Arthur: Well what's that then? (pointing to the arm lying on the ground)

Black Knight: I've had worse.

Arthur: You LIAR!

Black Knight: Come on, you pansy! (There follows an even shorter foray, at the end of which Arthur easily cuts off the black knight's right arm, causing it and the black knight's sword to drop to the ground. Blood spatters freely from the stump.)

Arthur: Victory is mine! (kneeling, praying) We thank thee Lord, that in thy mercy - ( He is kicked onto his side by the black knight.)

Black Knight: Come on, then! (kicks Arthur again)

Arthur: (on the ground) What?!?

Black Knight: (kicking him again) Have at you!

Arthur: (getting up) You are indeed brave, sir knight, but the fight is mine!

Black Knight: Ohhh, had enough, eh?

Arthur: Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left!

Black Knight: Yes I have!

Arthur: LOOK!!!

Black Knight: Just a flesh wound! (kicking Arthur again)

Arthur: Look, STOP that!

Black Knight: Chicken!!! Chicken!!!!!!!

Arthur: Look, I'll have your leg! (The Black Knight continues his kicking)

Arthur: RIGHT! (He chops off the black knight's leg with his sword)

Black Knight: (hopping) Right! I'll do you for that!

Arthur: You'll WHAT?

Black Knight: Come 'ere!

Arthur: (tiring of this) What're you going to do, bleed on me?

Black Knight: I'm INVINCIBLE!!!

Arthur: You're a looney.

Black Knight: The Black Knight ALWAYS TRIUMPHS! Have at you!! (hops around, trying to kick Arthur with his one remaining leg. Arthur shrugs his shoulders and, with a mighty swing, removes the Black Knight's last limb. The Knight falls to the ground. He looks about, realizing he can't move.)

Black Knight: Okay, we'll call it a draw.

Arthur: Come, Pasty! (they 'ride' away)

Black Knight: (calling after them) Oh! Had enough, eh? Come back and take what's coming to you, you yellow bastards!! Come back here and take what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!"

All those American and Iraqi dead, all those international agencies in flight, all those pipelines in flames? 'Tis but a scratch. All those American soldiers suffering in intolerable conditions waiting for medical treatment, and all those who have lost limbs or their minds? I've had worse. Of course, neither George Bush nor any of his friends or relatives are going to lose any limbs, unlike the fodder units he has sent into war. Military medicine now saves people who would otherwise have died (thus keeping the death rates lower than Vietnam levels), but leaving their bodies, not to mention their minds, in pieces. With each limb lost, Bush has to keep up the appearance that he is not at all deterred by the violence. Here is where the Iraq occupation exactly resembles Vietnam. The American right is still convinced that it was the war protestors who sapped the American resolve, and thus made it impossible for the United States to do what it could have done to win the Vietnam War. The Pentagon decided to lie about that war in order to deceive people into continuing to support it (and the Pentagon Papers were the unveiling of this lie). Right-wing nuts, neocons, warmongers, and Republicans (not that these categories are mutually exclusive) believe that the occupation of Iraq will be successful only if the doubters can be silenced or ignored. The neocons are deluded enough that they still believe their apocalyptic plan to reshape the Middle East to put Israel in absolute charge is still possible, but most of the Republican establishment just wants to buy enough patience of the American people to allow Halliburton and Bechtel to suck both countries dry. Therefore, the usual suspects in the disgusting American media and the Bush White House are wheeled out to underplay the rather obvious disaster that the Iraq occupation has become. It is the power of positive thinking applied to war. Put on a happy face! When Halliburton and Bechtel have made all the money they possibly can, Bush will say: "Okay, we'll call it a draw," and turn tail and flee. posted 4:12 AM



Subject: The poll

The results were part of a survey last month on Europeans' attitudes in the aftermath of the Iraq (news - web sites ) war, which also found that more than two-thirds of EU citizens think that the US-led war was wrong.

The Israeli embassy in Brussels voiced outrage at the findings, which said that 59 percent of Europeans see Israel as a threat to world peace. "Europeans seem blind to Israeli victims and suffering. Instead, they have put the Jewish state below the level of the worst pariah state and terror organizations," it said in a statement.

"We are not only sad but outraged. Not at European citizens, but at those who are responsible for forming public opinion," the embassy added. "Israel's desperate struggle for peace and security for its people has been distorted beyond recognition in often one-sided and emotionally charged media coverage." The poll had already prompted angry reactions after details were leaked by the Spanish daily El Pais last week.

The Israeli ambassador to Italy -- which currently holds the EU presidency -- told the daily Il Messagero Monday that the poll could have significant diplomatic consequences. "It seems to me that the only aim of this poll was to denigrate Israel at a very delicate time, and I think it will it much more difficult for Europe to fulfill its ambition to play a part in the peace process," said Ehud Gol.

The EU's Italian presidency tried to play down the results, insisting they did not reflect the official EU position. "The result of the survey, based on an ambiguous question, does not reflect the position of the European Union which has been voiced on numerous occasions," Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said in a statement.

"The EU is all the more annoyed since it is fully aware that the Israeli population is hit hard by terrorism," it said, criticising the "false signal" that the survey sent out. According to the Eurobarometer poll, based on interviews with 500 people in each of the 15 EU states, some 59 percent of Europeans replied "yes" when asked whether or not Israel presents a threat to peace in the world.

A total of 53 percent said Iran, North Korea and the United States pose a threat, followed by 52 percent for Iraq, 50 percent for Afghanistan (news - web sites ) and 48 percent for Pakistan.

Countries lower down the list included Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Russia and Somalia. The EU itself was described as a threat by eight percent of respondents. The EU survey was presented in the form of a list of 15 countries, from which some 7,515 respondents were asked to say which ones they thought pose a threat to world peace.

Commission spokesman Gerassimos Thomas was repeatedly asked why the Palestinian territories were not included, while for example the survey asked Europeans about the threat from Somalia. "It is not a country," he replied when pressed over the Palestinians.

The European Commission said Israel's anger was "legitimate" but refused to get drawn into whether the poll findings were valid. "I think the (Israeli) reaction was a very legitimate reaction," the spokesman for the EU's executive arm told reporters. But he added: "It is not our task to interpret each and every survey. We don't place excessive emphasis on one poll result."


Subject: Israelis murdered cameraman, fresh evidence


Israeli army accused of Brit murder

By Roshan Muhammed Salih

Monday 03 November 2003, 22:31 Makka Time, 19:31 GMT

James Miller was an experienced cameraman used to war zones

British journalists have uncovered fresh evidence that Israeli soldiers may have murdered a British cameraman in the occupied territories. James Miller, 34, was killed in Rafah while making a documentary for an American cable channel.

An autopsy confirmed he was almost certainly killed by an Israeli soldier, despite the army's assertions to the contrary.

But revealing new video evidence clearly shows Miller and his team were carrying white flags and shouting to Israeli soldiers that they were British journalists.

Miller's death was preceded by the killing of American peace activist Rachel Corrie, and the shooting of British volunteer Tom Hurndall.

Israeli occupation

The two International Solidarity Movement activists were protesting against the Israeli occupation in Gaza.

John Sweeney, whose documentary When Killing is Easy was shown on the BBC on Sunday, said a serving Israeli soldier had no doubt Millers death was murder after watching the video tape.

The Israelis have got the best night vision equipment in the world thanks to the Americans, and they knew that James was a journalist because they had been calling out to him earlier in the day. Simple rules simply werent followed

John Sweeney,
BBC journalist

Sweeney said: James was the best operator in war zones that I have ever come across. When he was killed he was waving a white flag and pointing a torch towards it.

"A white flag is the most internationally recognised symbol of peace and surrender so he was clearly posing no threat.

The Israelis have got the best night vision equipment in the world thanks to the Americans, and they knew that James was a journalist because they had been calling out to him earlier in the day. Simple rules simply werent followed. He added: I dont think it is for me to say that the Israelis have a deliberate policy of killing impartial observers but that is exactly what the father of Tom Hurndall says in our documentary. But I do think the regiment that shot James is without doubt trigger happy.

Human rights journalism

And Sweeney, who was a personal friend Miller, said he is a great loss to human rights journalism.

James was very funny guy and very good man with a strong moral streak. He will be greatly missed. After Millers shooting Israeli defence forces claimed he was caught in crossfire, even though the video evidence clearly shows this was not the case.

Israeli military authorities are conducting an internal investigation into Miller's death and interviewing the soldiers concerned. But they are not talking to other eyewitnesses, or examining video evidence or the scene of the shooting.

Criminal investigation

Miller's family is pressing for a full criminal investigation, and the British government has backed their call. A married father of two, Miller last year won an award for "Beneath the Veil", a film about women living under the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Hurndall is 'brain dead' after being shot by an Israeli soldierHe started working as cameraman in 1995 and has worked as a cameraman, producer, and director in most of the world's hotspots. He was filming a house demolition in the Gaza Strip when he was killed. His death was preceded in March by that of Rachel Corrie, a young American peace activist, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah.

Peace activists

An army investigation into the death of a 23-year-old US national concluded it was an accident. And the Israelis said they would not take any disciplinary action against the soldiers involved.

Corrie had been trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. A month later British photographer and peace activist Tom Hurndall was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier. Hurndall was critically wounded in the Rafah refugee camp and was subsequently pronounced clinically dead. He is currently in a vegetative state at a London hospital. Palestinian medics and witnesses said Hurndall was trying to pull two Palestinian children out of danger when Israeli soldiers deliberately fired at him.


Subject: ADLpates on Zhirinovsky

Incendiary Remarks By Russian Extremist Zhirinovsky Condemned

New York, NY, November 3, 2003 The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned incendiary statements made by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the well-known leader of extremist Russian Liberal Democratic party, and called on Russian officials to speak out against such hate speech as the parliamentary campaign season begins. At a news conference, Mr. Zhirinovsky expressed strong support for the recent anti-Semitic speech by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, calling it "the truth," and saying that the largest media, banks and companies "are run by Jews" and that Jews have "captured power all over the world."

"We urge authorities on the national and local level to condemn these statements by Zhirinovsky and to speak out against the use of anti-Semitic and xenophobic rhetoric by politicians of all levels," said Alexander Axelrod, Director of ADL's Moscow Office, who is monitoring the Russian political scene for anti-Semitic rhetoric in campaigns for the parliamentary elections slated for December 7.

Mr. Zhirinovsky has a long history of anti-Semitic rhetoric. His most recent statements came during a news conference in Yekaterinburg on October 29, where he said:

"He (Mahathir) said the truth! There are more than billion of Muslims in the world, and they see that there is 4th World war is going against them. They see Israel as the main catalyst of this war, and this is not false. The media outlets who are publishing bad articles about Islam are headed by Semites. The biggest banks and world corporations are run by Jews... This is a national talent of the Jews. Jews, who are no more than 16 millions in the world, captured power over the world. All banks, companies, the key "pain" points - everything is captured by Jews, and in our country too.... Today anti-Semitism is a powerful tool for solidarity of Muslim nations faced common threat. This tool today is similar to the way anti-Communism was used in the past for Western courtiers."


Subject: Eduardo article

Age of Female Sentinels, part two by Eduardo



Subject: Moore and the Commandments that couldn't

The Jewnited States Supreme Court refuses to hear Alabama Moores case where the Jew atheist got the 10 commandments removed and he got the axe in Moore vs Glassroth ( Jew) Glad too see so many VNN atheists love working for the Jew atheists too.

Court Won't Enter Ten Commandments Fight


WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court refused Monday to enter the long-running fight over an enormous monument depicting the Ten Commandments and the renegade judge who wants to put it back on display in an Alabama courthouse.

The court quietly rejected appeals from suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who had argued the monument properly acknowledges ``God as the source of the community morality so essential to a self-governing society.''

Lower federal courts ruled Moore violated the Constitution's ban on government promotion of religion by placing the 5,300-pound granite monument in the rotunda of the state Judicial Building. In two appeals to the Supreme Court, Moore argued that lower federal courts do not have authority over a state's chief justice.

Moore was suspended as chief justice for defying a federal court order to remove the monument. He goes on trial before the Alabama Court of the Judiciary on Nov. 12 on judicial ethics violation charges.

Despite Moore's refusal to comply with the order, the monument was wheeled to an out-of-the-way storage room in August. Two weeks of protests by Moore's supporters followed. In recent weeks, demonstrators have carried the cause to the sidewalk outside the Supreme Court, with one protester dressed as Moses and carrying cardboard tablets.

The Supreme Court's action is not a ruling on the thorny question of whether the Ten Commandments may be displayed in government buildings or in the public square. It merely reflects the high court's unwillingness to hear the appeal.


Subject: oligarchs

David Irving comments regarding :

CALLING a spade a spade. That's what this article is doing. It identifies the leading oligarchs, the Russian billionaires have fled their native country, taking their ill-gotten gains with them, as Jewish -- a minor detail which no other western media outlet, to my knowledge, has dared to do. Of course visitors to my website are well aware of the common feature linking all these Russian gangsters, who have thrived on the chaos produced by the Soviet collapse.

I remember when I visited Moscow in June 1992 to bring back, as the first historian to do so, the Goebbels Diaries from the KGB archives, I was staggered at the despairing poverty of the masses -- people lining the sidewalks, literally shoulder to shoulder, selling whatever they could, doorknobs, lampshades, anything to get cash to feed their families. Meanwhile, the oligarchs were slithering in, maneuvering and networking, for a quick kill. The Russian mafia thrived on their backs, like an epidemic of disease-bearing lice.

Nobody, neither Forward nor this website, suggests that all Russian Jews are fraudsters, thieves, and embezzlers, just because these oligarchs have excelled in such trades. But when the next Big H comes, as seems more distressingly likely with each year that passes, it will be the ordinary Jews who are lined up to take the punishment, while the real culprits -- the Sharons, the oligarchs, the Wolfowicz's, have made good their escape.

The real Guilty Men will have long settled down to their comfortable exile, having flung their ill-gotten profits out of the window ahead of them, into the vaults of which ever new country is willing to receive them: in this case, it seems, Israel, Greece, and, to our own eternal shame, Tony Blair's United Kingdom. Well done Forward, for calling a spade a spade.

Ed. Note: Irving is wrong. When the next H comes, there won't be any jews, big or small, left.


Subject: Reed

Whiteness Studies: Ethnic Purgation, Academic Disaster

Dancing Bears, Clowns, and Cotton Candy

June 23, 2003

Oh good. In the Washington Post,* the trade journal of the coming vacuum, I discover a story on "Whiteness Studies." These, at what used to be the University of Massachusetts, are yet more un-courses that grow like mold on the wreckage of American education. They endeavor to make white students ashamed of being white. How useful.

An implement wielded to this end, saith the Post, is the Privilege Walk. In this the students or, more accurately, indoctrinees, are asked to take a step forward if they can answer "yes" to such questions as "Can you get a bank loan whenever you want?"

The Post: "You looked behind you and became really uncomfortable," said Naomi Cairns, a 24-year-old junior who stood at the front of the classroom with other white students. Asian and black students she admired were near the back. "We all started together," she said, "and now were so separated."

Which discomfort was of course intended. Whiteness is bad. In fact anything associated with achievement is bad.

The questions must have been carefully crafted to separate whites from Asians, who are smarter than whites, more industrious, less criminal, generally more successful, and consequently wildly over-represented in the better schools.

But...embarrassment over qualifying for a loan?

"Can you get a bank loan?" might be phrased otherwise. For example, "Has your family, by virtue of proven honesty, sense of responsibility, and the economic fecundity that comes of study, competence, and hard work, demonstrated that it would not be foolish to lend you money?"

The Privilege Walk is transparently designed to punish whites for having historically been intelligent, studious, and productive; for having contributed most of the things enjoyed, often at the expense of white taxpayers, by the shiftless, dull-witted, improvident, and parasitic.

Now, I like the idea of a Privilege Walk, but I believe we ought to make it an Earned Privilege Walk. What do you think?

"Take a step forward if the following statements apply to you:

You got into the university without benefit of affirmative action.

No one in your family has a criminal record.

You have read three books this year you didn't have to read.

You have ever read any book you didn't have to read

You have ever read any book.

You are majoring in a hard science, mathematics, or engineering.

You had 600 math boards or better.

You had 600 verbal boards or better.

You study more than an hour a day."

Since Whiteness Studies is explicitly aimed at segregating the races, how about this:

"Your racial or ethnic group invented (take one step for each): Computational fluid dynamics. Tensor calculus. The harpsichord. The theory of finite automata. Cardiac surgery. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism. Writing. The wheel. Counting past ten. Fingers. (OK, OK, I'll give you that one.)"


"You can spell 'polymorphism,' 'automata,' and 'ten' (one step each)."

The result would be an interesting electrophoretic trace. Anyone want to try it?

Next topic: In the Washington Times,** I find this lead: "The District's schoolchildren rank as the worst readers in the country and only slightly better in some grades than non-English-speaking children in the territories of Guam, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa...Only 10 percent of D.C. fourth-and eighth-graders last year were at or above proficient in reading ability."

Having lived for many years in and about Washington, I can decrypt the foregoing story. "Children" means "black children." The few white kids in school in the District generally go to private schools, read competently, and produce the Merit finalists. Whites are uninvolved in this scholastic catastrophe: The government of Washington is black through and through, has a high expenditure per student ($9,650 says the Times; the average salary of teachers is $48,651), and can therefore have any schools it wants. This being so, the presumption is that it is satisfied with what it has.

Newsweek:** "An astonishing 47 percent of Detroiters, nearly one out of two adults in this predominantly black city, are functionally illiterate. (By way of comparison, the figure for Vietnam is 6.7 percent and 1.7 percent for Croatia.)"*

Do you suppose they should have done their homework? Whites however should be ashamed because they can get a loan from a bank.

Black America is a vast, hidden, changeless disaster kept afloat by welfare and pretense. Nobody is even trying to do anything practical about it. While this goes on, the therapists of the University of Massachusetts beat their breasts conspicuously and waste the time of students. Do you sometimes suspect that some people are more useful than others?

Next: The stories are dying down now about Benton Harbor, Michigan, which blacks spent two days burning. It was the usual story: a black with a suspended license ran from the police, wrecked his motorcycle, and killed himself. The population began igniting things. It happens every few years with either blacks or Latinos rioting. Cincinnati, Miami, DC at least twice, Los Angeles, Crown Heights, Newark, St. Pete, on and on, city after city torched, the stories played down, no consequences to the rioters, and the expectant wait for the next conflagration.

Racially, things aren't working. Yet we have Privilege Walks. The Eloi play while awaiting the Morlocks.

Next: I saw a political talk show in which a Mexican-American politician talked about the Latino population in Texas. He wasn't hostile to whites. He was, however, pro-Mexican. He said (I may have the number slightly off) that sixty-some percent of kids under 18 in Texas were Mexican. In ten years, he said, when they reached eighteen, and voted, "there is going to be a huge political change." Yes. Specifically, Mexicans will own the state. (This is exactly what he meant.)

How bad this will be, if at all, depends on how relations develop. An ominous trend however is that Latino kids are dismal students and drop out of school. Other tensions loom. Latinos congregate in cities and, where they outnumber blacks, will displace them in elected office. There will be consequences.

Finally: A friend in California, an economist, tells me that whites begin to flee the state to avoid the taxes needed to provide social services for immigrants. Unfortunately Mexican doctors, engineers, shopkeepers, and taxi drivers do not swim the river. America gets those who can't make it at home. The ethnic cleansing of California, should it continue, will be fascinating.

Whence the productivity, the leadership for America's declining years? Latinos won't provide it, blacks can't, whites are gnawing their own veins, and there aren't enough Asians. But we at least have Whiteness Studies.


Subject: contrast with tobasco mama at bottom



Was watching a Jew rabbi TV show out of Chicago on Sunday just for the hell of it and it was incredible to listen to to these kike lie his ass off.

This was some casual dressed Jew rabbit without a skull cap running his fucking mouth about America and that the Jew actually was given this nation by their god and telling his audience to never believe for one second the lies about it being a Xtian nation.

This kike rabbit went on to say the Pilgrims performed Jew rituals when they landed at Plymouth Rock and were more Jew than they were Xtian.

It was hilarious to listen to this kike and watch the nodding kike heads in his arena. This kike said the Jews were given America as a surrogate promised land to everyones nodding approval.

Can you believe this fucking outrageous bullshit?

Kikes actually believe that America was their kike promised land too and that it was never Xtian but then again kikes dont believe in Xtians anyway and like all atheists thinks its a fake bunch of shit.

But this is appalling to watch and listen to what these kikes say and believe. Is there any wonder they dictate everything to the Gentile fish and dumbshits like Shrub after infiltrating and owning or controlling everything fucking thing in this joint?

To listen to this kike speak it was as if the rest of the non-kikes were non-human and worthless as hell. No wonder these bastards are willing to sacrifice Gentile lives and cash for their sakes since if you listen to them speak they dont even think Gentiles (whites) are fucking human beings and this is done is a matter of fact manner as if its common knowledge.

Anybody who thinks these kikes are not satanic viper liars and killers are only kidding themselves.



This is the closest I could find -- it's from Simon Shepperd's site. I couldn't find any direct attributions to specific Romans though


Today in America (and in the rest of the world) the Jews enjoy a very favorable image. They are generally viewed as a religious or ethnic group which struggles for "civil rights" because they have been unjustly persecuted throughout the centuries by evil and prejudiced Gentiles (non-Jews). This view stands in stark contrast to the way in which they have been perceived virtually everywhere throughout the centuries. To the Romans they were "hostis humani generis" (an enemy of the human race), and even Shakespeare depicts them very negatively in his works. Their almost universal reputation has been that they are a sleazy, Gypsy-like people who are compulsive liars and unethical to the core. They have been viewed as being vulgar, shameless, aggressive, imposing, domineering, shrewd, verbal, dishonest, money-grubbing, and exploitative of the decency and civility of Gentiles. It has been said that whatever the Jews touch becomes putrid.





The definition of the word "genocide" is the deliberate wiping-out of an entire people....or their culture. It need not mean that you must kill all of the people of a race or tribe [1].

Here in southern Arizona, you can often tell where someone lives by the name of the street they live on. For example, if someone lives on Baker St. or Jones St., it is likely that they live in an older section of a city. However, if the street that they live on has a Mexican name, e.g. Calle Valenzuela, it is very likely that they live in a newer part of that city.

Why that feature above? Because most -- if not all -- new streets in southern Arizona have Mexican names, like Placita Robles or Calle Sinalito or Camino De Campos.

Of course, this street-naming feature is not surprising to nationalists. All over America, there is a deliberate effort afoot to wipe out all traces of Whiteness -- in schools, in literature, and yes, even in public thoroughfares. All of the European features in the U.S. are dying off, deliberately. From Florida to California, schools and buildings are being renamed, textbooks are being revised, and TV commercials are being edited, all to wipe out one culture: the White culture. The culture that built the United States of America. The culture that gave the world almost all that it has.

Isn't that genocide?

[1] Article II of the 1948 U.N. Convention on Genocide:

"In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such:

(a) killing members of the group;

(b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."


Subject: 9/11 - jews knew

All along we've resisted that this 9/11 'conspiracy' story of either Israeli involvement in or knowledge of 9/11 should be seriously considered. And yet... And yet... And now this major investigation published today in Scotland in the Sunday Herald.

Thinking back to 9/11, Sharon had recently taken power after his little ploy to reignite the Intifada by personally visiting the Dome of the Rock along with hundreds of heavily armed soldiers. And Sharon himself has such a long sordid history of provocations and deceptions and bloodletting. Just think back to 1982 for the most public one; even Prime Minister Menachem Begin was taken for a ride by Sharon who at that time was personally pursuing one of his plans to suck in the Americans and recast the entire Middle East with Israel's imprint.

Then we did suggest that the death of Faisal Husseini was very suspicious in timing, manner, and place -- pointing a finger in the direction of the Mossad. And, thinking back some more, the Israelis do have quite a history of extraordinarily risky 'black' ops going back to the Levon Affair in the 50's and more recently the Pollard Affair in the 80's.

And then -- quite literally right under all of our noses -- in recent years the Israelis have ever-so-successfully infiltrated both the Clinton and the Bush Administrations with top operatives of their own in a rather brazen manner. Some of the Israeli-Jewish-lobby names are well-known in Washington if not beyond -- Abrams, Indyk, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Dine, Miller, Ledeen, Cohen. And the list goes on with dozens more at the crucial staff levels throughout Washington far more hidden from view; not to mention the sleepers and deep-cover operatives.

Indeed, there are many who believe that if not for Sharon and his not so little political army in Washington the US wouldn't be occupying Iraq today; that the near-genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinians wouldn't be of the kind and magnitude that it is; and that the 'War on Terrorism' wouldn't be the still-escalating 'Clash of Civilizations' that it is.

Though at the moment they don't seem too eager to remind everyone...the foreign leader George Bush has personally met and spoken with far more than any other (other than Tony Blair of the UK) is Ariel Sharon (9 times in person in fact not counting all the phone call and any secret rendevous).

So...maybe we should all think this one through again and thank the Sunday Herald for this most interesting investigative report. Oh yes, by the way, a multi-part investigation of this whole affair was once done by Carl Cameron, enterprising newsman connected with Fox News in the US. It was available for a few days at the Fox News website -- then they pulled it, spiked it, and it has disappeared from view. "This Story No Longer Exists" according to Fox News. Same thing happened when Ariel Sharon's top Media Man, General Ron Gissin, got a little tipsy one evening in Arizona last year and proclaimed he "was sure World War III is coming"...that story too got out in one newspaper, only to disappear from view a few days later.


Subject: then and now

The killing of 18 U.S. troops and the wounding of 21 others in Iraq on Nov. 2 brings to mind the successful attack by Viet Cong guerrillas on U.S. forces in Pleiku, Vietnam on February 7, 1965.

The Johnson administration immediately seized on that attack, in which nine U.S. troops were killed and 128 wounded, to start bombing North Vietnam and to send 3,500 Marines to South Vietnam. Unlike the U.S. advisory forces already in country, the Marines had orders to engage in combat, marking the beginning of the Americanization of the war. By 1968 U.S. forces had grown to over 536,000.

From the outset, my colleagues in CIA were highly skeptical that even with a half-million troops the United States could prevail in Vietnam. They were quick to remind anyone who would listen of the candid observation made by General Philippe LeClerc, dispatched to Vietnam shortly after World War II. The French general reported that, mainly because of the strong commitment of the Vietnamese nationalists/communists and their proven proficiency in guerrilla war, a renewed French campaign would require 500,000 men and that, even then, France could not win.

In 1965, similar warnings were blissfully ignored by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and the civilian whiz kids with whom he had surrounded himself. Then as now, the advice of our professional military was dismissed.

Civilian Whiz Kids vs. Military Professionals

While today's civilian leaders at the Defense Department hobbled through what passed for post-war planning for Iraq early this year, Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that post-war Iraq would require "something on the order of several hundred thousand soldiers." He was immediately ridiculed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz for having exaggerated the requirement. This evokes vivid memories of how McNamara and his civilian whiz kids dismissed our professional militaryand at such a high eventual price.

The poet George Santayana warned, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." What is increasingly clear is that neither the present-day Pentagon whiz kids nor their patron, Vice President Dick Cheney, have learned much from history. They encourage President Bush to insist, "We are not leaving;" and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to protest that this war is "winnable." But most of those with a modicum of experience in guerrilla warfare and the Middle East are persuaded that the war is not winnable and that the only thing in doubt is the timing of the U.S. departure.

After many weeks of refusing to admit the word "guerrilla" into evidence, Rumsfeld seems to have made his peace with it. Yet, when asked this past weekend on television who are the guerrillas are, he foundered, admitting in so many words that he hasn't a clue. I was actually embarrassed for him. A terrific debater and otherwise reasonably smart man, Rumsfeld was reduced to telling us once again that Iraq is the size of California and bemoaning the deficiencies in "situational awareness" and lack of "perfect visibility" into who it is that are killing our troops.

At least we were spared the usual claims that we are "moving forward" and will prevail "at the end of the day." Apparently even Rumsfeld could see how incongruous such banalities would have sounded after such a disastrous week.

Recent sloganeering is eerily reminiscent of a comparable stage in our involvement in Vietnam. We would have to "stay the course." We could not "cut and run"-though that is precisely what we ended up doing in 1975 after 58,000 US troops and 3 million Vietnamese had been killed. Why did we leave? Because Congress, at last, came to realize that the war was unwinnable.

Is This Guerrilla War Winnable?

When Rumsfeld was asked when he thought it might be possible to draw down U.S. troop strength in Iraq, he employed one of his favorite adjectives, saying that this was "unknowable"-that it all depends on the security situation. It is a no-brainer that U.S. troop reductions are unlikely anytime soon, but apparently we shall have to wait for Rumsfeld to acquire better "situational awareness" before he and his whiz kids are willing to admit this.

Instead of drawdowns, pressure will inexorably grow from those neo-conservatives already pushing for a larger troop commitment. Having learned nothing from history, from the U.S. intelligence community, or from the professional military, Rumsfeld's whiz kids may persuade President Bush that the best course is to send more troops to "get the job done"(and thereby seal his fate!). One small problem, of course, is the unwelcome fact that all too few troops are be available for reinforcement. But this kind of military "detail" would not likely affect the urgings of advisers like William Kristol and Kenneth Adelman.

A Bush administration decision to escalate (to exhume that familiar word from Vietnam) in that way would only provoke more widespread guerrilla attacks in Iraq and terrorist acts against U.S. personnel and facilities elsewhere as well. The U.S. troop presence in Iraq is the problem, not the solution.

And someone needs to dispel Rumsfeld's confusion regarding who is the enemy. It is every Iraqi with weapon or explosive who means to make the occupier suffer. The tools are readily available, and the guerrillas, whether homebred or from neighboring states, will not be quelledeven if 500,000 troops are sent.

Imperial Rome was able to work its will on lesser states, but for the most part Rome had a corner on the weapons. None of the subjugated peoples had rockets, mortars, or missilesand long lines were rare at guerrilla recruiting stations.

"No One Knows"

The most embarrassing part of Rumsfeld's interview with ABC's This Week came when he attempted to answer a question about how to reduce the number of terrorists. "How do you persuade people not to become suicide bombers; how do you reduce the number of people attracted to terrorism? No one knows how to reduce that," he complained.

Over a year ago, CIA analysts provided an assessment intended to educate senior policy makers to the fact that "the forces fueling hatred of the US and fueling Al Qaeda recruiting are not being addressed," and that "the underlying causes that drive terrorists will persist." The assessment cited a recent Gallup poll of almost 10,000 Muslims in nine countries in which respondents described the United States as "ruthless, aggressive, conceited, arrogant, easily provoked and biased." And that was before the war in Iraq.

How can we be so misunderstood, you might ask? A major factor is the Bush administration's one-sided support of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, whether he is bulldozing Palestinian homes, encouraging new Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, building huge walls to make impracticable any viable Palestinian state, or bombing Syria. Someone needs to tell Rumsfeld that Muslims watch it all on TVand then line up at the recruiting stations.

But no one will. There is no longer any sanity check. Sad to say, over the past year the director of the CIA and his malleable managers have shown a penchant for sniffing the prevailing winds and trimming the sails of their analysis to the breezes blowing from the Pentagon and White House.

The president's father had an acute appreciation for the essential role of unbiased intelligence, but there is no sign that the son understands this. Whether he realizes it or not, the analysis of the intelligence community has been thoroughly politicized, leaving him no place to turn for a check on Rumsfeld's/Cheney's whiz kids.

It is a Greek tragedy; with the major character flaw of hubris planting the seeds of the ruler's own destruction. Rumsfeld eventually will write his memoirhis own version of McNamara's "We were wrong; terribly wrong"but this will bring no consolation to what may be the next one-term president back in Texas.

It is also tragic that the president does not read very much, for he would have found the following in his father's memoir:

"Trying to eliminate Saddam... would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible... we would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq... there was no viable 'exit strategy' we could see, violating another of our principles... Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations' mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land."

Real Power To The U.N.

As long as the occupation continues, so will the killing of U.S. troops and others. The way to stop the violence is to end the occupation; the only way to protect our troops is to bring them home. Whether or not U.S. policymakers can admit at this point that they were "terribly wrong," they need to transfer real authority to the United Nations without delay and support the U.N. in overseeing a rapid return to Iraqi sovereignty.

But, many protest, we can't just withdraw! Sure we can, and better now than ten years from now, as in the case of Vietnam. If it is true that we are not in Iraq to control the oil or to establish military bases with which to dominate that strategic area, we can certainly withdraw. As in Vietnam, the war is unwinnable... hear that? Unwinnable!

If the U.S. withdraws, would there be civil war in Iraq? One cannot dismiss this possibility lightly given the history of Iraq. But it is at least as likely that a regional-federal model of government that would include substantial autonomy for the Kurds in the north, the Sunnis in the center, and the Shiites in the south (something foreshadowed by the composition of the existing Council) could begin to function in relatively short order with help from the U.N. While some degree of inter-ethnic violence could be expected, chances are good that this model would still allow a representative national government to function.

We won't know if we don't try. Besides, there is no viable alternative.


Subject: Indiana doogas

Indy crimelab Dotheads delay and destroy DNA evidence in Third World America.

"The problem is there are only three DNA analysts to run the tests. A fourth analyst - Dr. Kuppareddi Balamurugan, known as Dr. Bala - resigned earlier this year after he was accused of tampering with another analyst's test. That revelation, along with concerns that Balamurugan may not have followed proper procedures on other tests, led Prosecutor Carl Brizzi to order the retest of 64 cases."




To whom it may concern......Mke Kaye


Subject: Sharon

Who is Ariel Sharon: A lifetime credo of killing unarmed civilians

Kill unarmed civilians then lie through your teeth: Ariel Sharon's been doing it for half a century. Azmi Bishara examines the career of Israel's prime minister

Azmi Bishara

Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 4 - 10 September 2003, Issue No. 654

Sofia Mohamed Mahmoud Shamasna, Amina Isa Abdel-Halim Al-Faqih, Halima Hassan Ahmed Taha -- three women from the village of Qatana in north western Jerusalem gunned down in an ambush while on their way to the village water well. Their names have never been published, and few people know, as perhaps no one knew at the time, that the person who gave the order to shoot them 50 years ago was Ariel Sharon.

In 1952-1953 Sharon was enrolled at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, about to become a student when he was recalled into the army to head a reserve regiment in the area of Jerusalem. Shortly after his appointment he assembled his officers and told them that the village women from Qatana were, without realising it, crossing into Israel when they went to fetch water from the well. The boundary between the Israeli settlement Ma'aliya Hahmishah and Qatana was not clearly demarcated, "Eric" told them, and in order to "correct that mistake" they would lay an ambush. "Eric" also instructed his officers to keep the plan secret so that it would not come to the attention of Central Area Command or General Staff.

The scenario was carried out precisely as Eric planned. Four marksmen were put into position at night and shot and killed two out of four women making their way to the village well. The Jordanian artillery opened fire on the Israeli villages in the vicinity and the Israeli artillery retaliated. The incident drew to a close with the intervention of UN observers in charge of monitoring the ceasefire. Later, when explaining the incident to his superiors, "Eric" expounded on the difference between shooting targets from a stationary position and taking aim at them while in motion during combat.

This account of events appears in Uzi Benziman's He Does not Stop at Red (Adama Books, Tel Aviv 1994, pp. 35-36). When I contacted the author to confirm the story he told me his sources were soldiers who had served in the same unit as Sharon. I then went to Qatana where residents corrected my information: three women were shot that night, not two. I asked what the names of the victims were. I had been unable to find them in any Israeli sources. I felt it important to record their names in this article.

Contrary to the impression among inhabitants of the villages of north western Jerusalem this atrocious crime was carried out before the creation of Special Commando Unit 101 in August 1953. Led by Sharon from the outset the purpose of Unit 101 was to mount retaliatory raids against Palestinian villages along the border with Jordan, against civilian targets in Gaza and along the ceasefire lines with Syria. Sharon personally engineered the merger of his unit with the 890 Paratrooper Brigade in January 1954, which was then incorporated, by Moshe Dayan, into the paratroop corps over which Sharon was eventually appointed commander.

It was Unit 101 that bequeathed the most notorious moral "password" in Israeli military history. When some Israeli soldiers voiced qualms over the ethics of targeting civilians in retaliatory operations, Shlomo Baum, deputy commander of the unit, responded curtly: "Our guns must be clean, not pure." In other words it was the soldier's job to make sure his artillery was in good working order and ready for combat, not to worry about moral criteria that had no place in the fighting creed of that unit. The soldiers of Unit 101 and then the paratroop corps became the model of the aggressive Israeli fighter. This unit formulated the moral creed of an entire army. Not that the model it set was emulated in all aspects, apart from its implication in lies and false reports, as we shall see.

The first attack carried out by Unit 101 was mounted against Al-Bureij refugee camp on the night of 28 August, 1953. Learning that its presence had been discovered, instead of withdrawing it stormed the camp and escaped from the other side, and thus found itself surrounded by unarmed civilians. The ensuing massacre claimed 43 Palestinian refugees, among whom were seven women, and wounded 22. Losses of Unit 101 totaled two wounded. Sharon had personally led the attack. In his report to his superiors he justified the enormous civilian death toll that resulted as follows: "The enemy opened fire on me from the northwest... I decided that it was better to pass through the camp and slip out the other side than to go back the way I came, because crops, gardens, barbed wire and guards made it difficult to move in that direction... I also decided that offensive action was better than giving the impression that we were attempting to escape... Therefore I invaded the camp with my group." (Benny Morris, Israel's Border Wars: 1949-1956, Aam Ufid, Tel Aviv, 1996, p. 273)

As the last sentence of his military report illustrates, Sharon would rather attack and kill civilians than appear to be retreating. The equation is clear and the price clearer. International ceasefire observers described the Bureij operation as "an alarming instance of deliberate slaughter". Israel's government at the time officially denied responsibility for the operation, giving Western diplomats to understand that it had been undertaken independently by Israeli vigilantes and members of the kibbutzim near the Jordanian border in retaliation against raids mounted by Palestinian infiltrators. The lie, by which Israeli officialdom took refuge behind Israeli civilians ostensibly acting on their own, was repeated on a grander scale in Qibya.

On 13 October 1953 Prime Minister David Ben Gurion met with Minister of Security Yitzhak Lavon and Moshe Dayan, head of operations in the office of the chief of staff, to discuss retaliation for the murder of a Jewish woman and her two children in a grenade attack on her home by a Palestinian infiltrator. Qibya was mooted as a suitable target and, apparently, there was a ready-for-use plan calling for the demolition of 50 out of the 280 homes in the village. However, what is of particular interest here is what happened to the order as it passed down the line of command.

The order issued by Dayan read, "Operation Shushna: Objective, carry out sharp-response reprisals against villages being used as bases for [Palestinian] infiltration operations. Task A: incursion into Naalein and Shiqba villages with the aim of destroying a number of houses and wounding their inhabitants. Task B: attack Qibya, occupy it temporarily, blow up homes and cause injury, forcing inhabitants to flee the village."

The order was transmitted by hand to Central Area Command, which reissued it as follows: "The aim of Chief of Staff is to mount sharp-response destroy-and- kill reprisal operations against Arab villages. The task: attack Qibya, occupy it temporarily, demolish homes and kill as many as possible in order to compel inhabitants to flee their homes... Invade Naalein and Shiqba, destroy a number of houses and kill inhabitants and soldiers."

Already the order had become more explicitly murderous than the original, as is obvious by the addition of "kill as many as possible". Working at the time in Central Area Command was David Alazar, operations officer (later to become chief of staff in the 1973 War). His counterpart in the office of the chief of staff was Rahboam Zaiffi , nicknamed Gandhi. The following is how Sharon, commander of the operation, interpreted the order to the forces that were to take part in it:

"The objective of Command is to mount sharp- response reprisal operations... The task: invade Qibya, occupy it, kill as many as possible and do as much damage as possible to property... Invade Naalein and Shaqba, kill inhabitants and blow up a number of houses."

In an article in Haaretz, on 8 June 1994, Ben Gurion's semi-official historian, Shabtai Tibit, attempted to vindicate the former Israeli prime minister. The metamorphosis of the operation command order he attributes to the military culture of the Palmach, the underground paramilitary organisation that fathered most of Israel's military elite. The formula, "kill as many as possible", (in Hebrew, "cause maximum loss of life") had been in use in Palmach since the Haganah, on 12 December 1947, adopted a policy of "effective defence" and "systematic retaliation". In practical terms, Shabtai suggests that no one can be held responsible for the bloodthirsty wording of the Qibya orders since such orders are deeply rooted in the Zionist military credo.

The operation was carried out after midnight on 15 October. Carrying 700 kilos of explosives the task force blew up 54 houses within three hours. Seventy villagers were killed, most of them women and children. Most of the victims died from bullet wounds. A significant portion perished beneath the rubble of their homes, having been given no warning to vacate.

The Qibya massacre triggered international outrage in the face of which Tel Aviv issued the following statement: "Over the past four years armies from the Trans-Jordan (read: Kingdom of Jordan) and from other Arab countries have been infiltrating Jewish settlements on the borders and in Jerusalem in order to commit murder and theft. Hundreds of citizens -- men, women, children and the elderly -- have been killed and wounded. Arab governments have sponsored these operations directly and indirectly for an obvious political purpose, which is to destroy Israel and make life in it impossible. Towards this end they have exploited Palestinian refugees, refusing to grant them citizenship and to help them order their affairs while the government of Israel has assisted Jewish refugees from Arab countries to settle in this country..." The statement continues in this sanctimonious tone until it finally states the government's position on Qibya: "Every one of us regrets the shedding of blood wherever it takes place. No one feels deeper sorrow than the government of Israel if blood has been shed in the retaliatory operation in Qibya. However, full responsibility for this falls on the government of Trans-Jordan. The government of Israel vehemently rejects the evil fiction that would have it that 600 members of the Israeli Defence Force took part in the operation against Qibya. We have investigated thoroughly and learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that no military unit, however small, was absent from its camp on the night of the destruction in Qibya."

The statement, delivered by Ben Gurion personally over the radio, is a boldfaced lie, accompanied by a stern sermon to others and adamant denial of any culpability. How reminiscent it is of the statements issued in the wake of the murder of Palestinian civilians, in which Israeli army officials declare that scrupulous inquiries confirm that no Israeli soldier opened fire and that responsibility lies elsewhere. Even so, Ben Gurion's statement raised some doubts in the West. Anglo-Saxon diplomats, in particular, found it difficult to believe that the head of a friendly democratic state could lie with such aplomb.

But then such are the dictates of the Israeli Machiavellian school: Israel must always show itself to be strong. Make the Arabs understand the high price they will have to pay for attacking Israel. Then justify these actions by lying through your teeth. This is the political and military school through which Sharon, who would later boast of the deterrent power of Qibya and similar operations, rose. In his introduction to the memoirs of Meir Hartison Sharon vaunted the achievements of Unit 101: "Its most outstanding achievements were in Qibya and Hebron. These operations altered the thinking of the army and restored its self-confidence. The operations had an immediate impact on the enemy. In the area of Lod, where there had been frequent enemy infiltrations causing much loss of life, calm prevailed for many years. The unit achieved a similar success in the area of Jerusalem." (Meir Haritson, Memoir Chapters, Levine-Epstein, Tel Aviv, 1969, p. 16)

Unit 101 carried out many other operations after it was integrated into the 890 parachute division. On 29 March, 1954 the unit invaded the village of Nahhalin, dragged four villagers from their homes in the middle of the night and murdered them. On 26 May it mounted a similar operation in Kherbat Janba, dragging people from their homes and shooting them with their hands tied behind their backs. Sharon's co-star in these operations, of which there are too many to recount here, was Meir Harzion, the unit's hero par excellence, its fiercest fighter and now a legend in Israeli military lore.

In his memoirs Harzion's account of the "adventures" of this period read as though they were a form of self-fulfillment. Harzion's sister and her boyfriend had been killed by a Bedouin when they were "taking a walk" that led them into Jordanian territory. Three weeks later, on 4 March 1955, Harzion took revenge. Along with three of his fellow paratroopers he crossed the border and made his way to the camp belonging to members of the Azazma and Jahalin clan, located eight kilometres east of the border. They shot and killed one Bedouin who tried to escape and captured five others. After several failed attempts to interrogate their prisoners -- none of the soldiers knew Arabic -- they killed four of them by stabbing them (or by slitting their throats according to another account). The fifth was released in order to tell the story.

Although Ben Gurion initially condemned the operation and ordered that the perpetrators be brought to trial no one was prosecuted. What concerns us here is that the Israeli army was involved in the operation and that Sharon had given tactical support to the perpetrators. He had furnished them with arms, food and ammunition, transported them in a military vehicle to the border and had some of his paratroopers pick them up again upon their return. Sharon had also instructed the four not to cooperate with the police. "We remain silent, under direct order from Eric," they told investigating officials.

On 22 June 2003, when discussing settlement construction in a cabinet meeting, Sharon told his ministers: "Build but stay silent. There's no need to go out and dance every time the approval is given to build... We have strong bonds of trust and confidence with the US" (Yediot Ahranot, 23 June 2003). One cannot help but wonder whether Sharon has advised his sons to avail themselves of the "right to silence" in the investigations currently under way into allegations of financial fraud against Gilad Sharon.



Jerusalem Post Says: "Kill Arafat"

Günter Grass: "Israel must not only get out of occupied territories. Even the seizure of Pa-lestinian land is a cri-minal act. This must not only stop, it must be revoked."

Following WWII Jews from around the world poured into Palestine. Jewish terrorists, and the many Jews flooded into Palestine, perceived themselves as the new lords of the lands. They bombed and terrorised the indigenous people from their own soil. They killed women and children, and many of those who did not voluntarily hand over the old, established and legally owned land to the intruders. "The Jews had no right to expropriate a single acre of Palestinian land. ... Yet their new state was necessarily founded on dispossession." (The Independent, London, Dec, 3,.2001, p. 15).

Gnter Grass, Nobel-Prize laureate, stated: "Israel must not only get out of occupied territories. Even the seizure of Palestinian land is a criminal act. This must not only stop, it must be revoked." (Hellweger Anzeiger, 22.10.2001)

Jrgen W. Mllemann, former German Minister and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats (FDP) said shortly before he was killed: "When a state makes up an execution list without a proper court hearing, that's state terrorism. So I am sticking to my claim." (During a phone interview with DPA from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Irna, 10.10.2001) Jrgen W. Mllemann, a parachutist, died on June 5, 2003, supposedly committing suicide by jumping to his death. Mossad earlier "wanted his political head" (stern, Mar. 10, 2003) for referring to Israel as a terrorist state.

The Jerusalem Post, the voice of the Israeli Government, bluntly calls on Israel to "kill Arafat", the democratically elected leader of the Palestinian people: "The world will not help us; we must help ourselves. We must kill as many of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders as possible, as quickly as possible, while minimizing collateral damage, but not letting that damage stop us. And we must kill Yasser Arafat, because the world leaves us no alternative." (quoted by IsraelNationalNews.Com - Sep. 11, 2003)

It reminds us of 1933 when, for the first time, Jewry declared war on Germany and called on the world to kill Adolf Hitler: "Judea declares War on Germany" (Daily Express, London, March 24, 1933, front page). The Jewish declaration of war on Germany was pronounced 19 days after Adolf Hitler won absolutely democratically the general election and only one day after he was even more democratically empowered by the "Reichstag" (parliament) to resolve the dire straits and poverty in Germany. Of course, no concentration camps were built and no restrictive Laws regarding the Jews had yet been passed at that time.

Later the World Jewish Congress and the Zionist leaders succeeded, according to the Torah True Jews, to initiate World War II: "The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany, initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress ..." (Rabbi Schwartz of the American Neturei Karta Movement, Friends of Jerusalem, stated in the New York Times, Sep. 30, 1997)

"To the Jews everything is unholy that is holy to all other people," wrote the illustrious ancient Roman historian Tacitus and wondered, that "Jews hate all other people like enemies." (Focus 38/2001, p. 130)




Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History


Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

Nov. 3, 2003 (Supplement)

Letter to Mel Gibson

This is to encourage you to spend 37 cents and 15 minutes of your time.

Please send Mr. Gibson a letter encouraging him not to fold to pressure. Please, he needs to know he has our support and nothing speaks louder than thousands of letters showing up at the doors of ICON Productions. Our message to him must be, "No compromises, please;not even a hint of compromise. Stick to the scriptures, the one and only authentic script."

Here's the address:

Mr. Mel Gibson
c/o ICON Productions
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Let's rock the boat!


Subject: Canada Customs, Firemen out of F451

It's hard to believe, but Canada Customs actually admits they're book burners. In a recent talk with a Customs agent -- of course, no one has a name -- one of our supporters asked what happened to banned books that the thought police confiscate. "We burn them," she replied.

Our supporter had received a "Notice of Detention Determination." In the arcane language of the Customs censors, inanimate objects like books and pamphlets are "detained," pending a decision. This particular determination found that David Duke's new book Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question and a flyer "The Dark Side of Diversity" are inadmissible.

David Duke, the former Louisiana state senator, is in good company, joining a growing list of thinkers and writers our politically correct thought police don't want you to read, including President Theodore Roosevelt and Martin Luther -- the religious reformer, not the political agitator of the 1960s.

The brave person conveying this book banning information is #16012. Yes, honest to God, a number! Consistent with the thuggish cowardice of the book-banning bullies at Customs, none of the book burners will own up to having a name.

The letter also advised our supporter that he might be liable for costs of storage and destruction of his own property! The threat was reminiscent of the practice by the Red Chinese during the Cultural Revolution madness to bill the family of their victims for the cost of the bullets needed to execute them! But, this is Canada. When our supporter inquired what these costs might be, he was assured that they were only assessed against people who brought in several hundreds of books. Such distributors would be punished by being billed for the cost of storing and destroying the books the thought police had stolen. Such costs did not apply to individual free thinkers bringing in banned books. Whew!

Our supporter asked what drew Customs' attention to his package of Duke's book and a few leaflets. With innocent irony, the Customs spokesman, actually spokeswoman, said they were on the lookout for Duke's publisher "Free Speech Press." Only in dictatorships and Canada is free speech a dangerous threat.

"We've been watching Duke for a long time," she added. Too bad they're not more diligent about watching for the drug smugglers in their own ranks.

The spokesman added: "We've been looking into all packages that look like books for a number of years."

Our supporter suggested that he should be allowed to keep his book, as he wanted his teenage children to be able to see for themselves what the controversy over racism and "hate" was all about. "Well, our laws don't allow it," he was told. However, the helpful Customs woman advised: "Use the Internet. There's hate all over the Internet."

Our supporter and his teenagers had better hurry before Canadian Human Rights Commission censor Richard Warman gets rid of all the "hate" on the Internet -- at least, those dissident or controversial sites with a Canadian connection.

Paul Fromm




Kameradinnen und Kameraden,

hiermit rufen wir alle revolutionren Nationalisten im Groraum Rhein-Neckar und aus nah und fern zur

Kundgebung zum
des deutschen Volkes

am Sonntag, 16. November 2003, nachmittags, im Rhein-Neckar-Raum auf.

Wir werden zum würdigen Gedenken und zur Ehrung der deutschen Soldaten vor einem Kriegerdenkmal mit Fackeln und Fahnen eine Kranzniederlegung mit Feierstunde und Ansprachen durchführen.

Die Veranstaltung wird als angemeldete Versammlung durchgeführt, der Rechtsweg ist gesichert!

Infos zu Ort, Zeit, Organisation und Koordination unter: 01 78 - 5 24 43 43 (Infotelefon) und/oder 01 79 - 6 79 31 85 (Mario Matthes)

Mit kameradschaftlichem Gru

i.A. der Nationalen Krfte Rhein-Neckar: Mario Matthes BDVG

NS: Aus gegebenen Anla - dem Gedenken und der Ehrung unserer Soldaten - fordern wir eine ordentliche Kleidung und diszipliniertes Auftreten.


Weitere Infos folgen....


EINLADUNGSHINWEIS! Geschlossene Versammlung!

Bewegung Deutsche Volksgemeinschaft (BDVG)
Postfach 13 37 - 74003 Heilbronn
Infotelefon: 01 78 - 5 24 43 43

Einladung zum Kameradschaftsabend

An alle Mitglieder, Interessenten & Freunde der Bewegung Deutsche Volksgemeinschaft (BDVG) / Gruppe HEILBRONN

Liebe Kameradinnen und Kameraden,

hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich ein zu unserem Kameradschaftsabend am Mittwoch, 5. November 2003 in Heilbronn.

Als Gast wird der Kamerad Gerd Ittner, Nürnberg zugegen sein, der uns über aktuelle Ereignisse aus dem Nationalen Widerstand berichten wird und uns "Perspektiven des Widerstandes" aufzeigen wird.

Auerdem geben wir unseren neuen Schlungsbrief aus und arbeiten ihn gemeinsam durch. Selbstverstndlich haben wir wieder eine Menge Propagandamaterial ausliegen und auch die neueste Ausgabe von "Volk in Bewegung" kann mitgenommen werden.Vor dem geselligen Teil des Abends erfolgt dann die Pflege deutschen Liedgutes.

Wir treffen uns bis 20 Uhr in Heilbronn. Genauer Ort zu erfrahren bzw. zu erfragen unter 01 78 - 5 24 43 43 oder eBrief

Mit kameradschaftlichen Grüen

Lars Kppler

NS: Bei Fragen, Anregungen und Sonstigem sind wir für Euch unter 01 78 - 5 24 43 43 erreichbar!



Professor Shamir:

I see that your Judenfuhrer is visiting your old country. He is my kind of guy for being interested in Jewish cattle raising. The only contact the Jews have had recently with cattle has been in the futures market. You will need a lot of Jewish cattle growers after the Gathering of Israel. Jewish Princesses are very well suited as milk maids. Milk cows are totally oblivious to their whining. They will need to keep the Sand Negroes from having sex with the cows.

I am pleased to see that your Judenfuhrer is getting Russia Jewish parents to follow the example of their children and make Aliyah. There is a good explanation of the Selah program at . It got me all excited. We need to start one for the U.S.A. THIS year in Jerusalem!

8th in Cheshvan, 5764
Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian


Sharon started his visit to Russia yesterday with a look-in on a dairy farm just outside the capital. The prime minister watched a calf being born, and visited a Russian milking center. Last night, Sharon met with parents of youngsters who have immigrated to Israel as part of organized programs such as Na'aleh for high school students, and Selah for university students, and also parents of those serving in the IDF.


Subject: racial demographics

Census' racial projections raise fears, researcher says

Thursday, April 06, 2000

By Monica L. Haynes, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

Will whites become a minority by the middle of this century as the U.S. Census Bureau has projected?

The inclusion of multiracial categories on the Census 2000 form may give the impression that the number of whites is declining even faster, now that people have 63 combinations of racial groupings from which to choose.

However, Mark Ellis, associate professor of geography at the University of Washington, doesn't think white people need worry about ending up on the bottom of the political and socioeconomic heap.

Yesterday, Ellis presented a paper titled "The Coming White Minority? Multiple Race Categories and the Politics of Projection" at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Instead of a multicultural majority 50 years from now, Ellis said demographers predict that some Asians and white Hispanics, whose socioeconomic status is more in keeping with white middle America than with people of color, will probably align with whites to become part of an expanded white population. Some demographers have called this hybrid group "beige."

Unfortunately, he said, this white/beige majority would result in blacks remaining a minority and in a continued racial divide.

About 150 years ago, people of Italian and Irish descent, among others, were not considered white, Ellis said. These ethnic groups eventually aligned themselves with the English, Germans and others who were categorized as white, to gain the advantages of whiteness.

"We want to see race in the future as we see it in the present," Ellis said during a session on the census. But that is not necessarily how things turn out, he said.

"Who knows what the future will actually be? When people make projections [they] get used to support an agenda."

As an example, he cited hysteria that resulted from projections that Latinos will become the majority in the United States by 2050. This led to conservatives pushing anti-immigration and anti-affirmative action legislation in California, which has a large Latino population.

There are positive aspects to making projections based on census information because it helps in planning infrastructure, social services and educational needs. But it's racial projections that get people excited, Ellis said.

In the 1850s, projections of a possible decline in the European population continued through the late 19th century and prompted Teddy Roosevelt's call to old-stock Americans to raise their fertility in order to prevent "race suicide" in the face of mass immigration from southern and eastern Europe, Ellis writes in his paper.

At that time, people were classified as either white or black. Eventually, categories were added for Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean and Asian Hindus. The immigration of other ethnic and racial groups resulted in even more categories being added. This year, for the first time on census forms, people are allowed to check more than one box to indicate racial identification.


Subject: French election

Led by a postman and a retired bank clerk, France's two main Trotskyite parties said yesterday they would merge for next year's regional and European elections, reports Philip Delves Broughton for the Telegraph. "Their alliance demonstrates yet again how French politics is being torn by its extremes, with an ascendant National Front under Jean-Marie Le Pen [pictured] and now a strengthened hard Left."

"In a poll yesterday in Le Journal du Dimanche, nine per cent of voters said they would definitely support the new alliance and 22 per cent said they might. By contrast, the once-mighty French Communist Party won only three per cent in the presidential elections and remains in an abject state.

White activists are optimistic about major victories for the pro-White National Front (NF). In forthcoming regional elections, Jean-Marie Le Pen, president of the NF, could outstrip the two main parties in his Southern French stronghold and become President of the region, reports Richard Carter for EUobserver. "In the area of Provence - Alpes - Cote d'Azur (the traditional stronghold of Le Pen's far-right Front National party), he could beat both mainstream parties - the Socialists and the centre-right UMP - and become President of the region next March. In the Ile de France region (Greater Paris), a recent poll gave his daughter Marine Le Pen a share of 33 percent of the vote. This could be enough for the Front National to take power in Paris.


Subject: Putin, Khodorkovsky, WSJ

Jew-owned Wall Street Journal Launches Attack Against Putin

Exposing itself for what it is, a house organ of Jewish insiders, The Wall Street Journal has launched another front page attack against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clearly, the Inner Party members who own Dow Jones & Company's TWSJ have put out the "contract" on Putin. In the Friday, Oct. 31st, edition of the The Wall Street Journal, on page 1, featured top column all the way down the left margin and then half-a-page on A-8, Journal hacks are deployed to do a hatchet job on Putin.

This hatchet job is motivated by Putin's efforts to rectify the thefts of the Oligarch Jews, most lately Mikhail Khordokovsky, the overnight richest man in Russia.

There is practically no reporting here. Most of the language is loaded. Facts are in short supply. It is a remarkable thing to see the world's most powerful financial newspaper throw journalism to the winds and go for the smear as if it were The ADL Bulletin.

Unfortunately, the already well-heeled Wall Street Journal doesn't deign to make its stories freely available online for linking. There's more money to make with their paid subscription. So....I'll key in some choice passages for your delectation. Notice the high standard of neutral journalism that the Journal upholds with the lingo it uses:

A sampling of The Wall Street Journal's impartial "news":

* (prosecutors) "threw the nation's economy into uncertainty and raised fears that President Putin's drive to strengthen Kremlin control over the country is heading toward authoritarianism." Para 1

* "Because the allegations involve business practices that were widely used in the constantly changing Russian legal system of the 1990s, business people and economists warned that owners of other companies could see their property rights challenged." Para 4

* "...the worsening conflict has dealt the Russian economy its worst shock since the financial crash of 1998, fueling capital flight and undermining the hard-won investor confidence that has been a key driver of the Putin-era economic recovery." Para 7

* "It has undercut hopes among global oil majors for securing new oil supplies as their current resources dry up and may add more pressure to already high oil prices." Para 8

* "Russian stocks plunged on the news of the share freezing Thursday, with the benchmark RTS index dropping 8.1%...and Yukos shares falling 14%..." Para 9 * "The Yukos case has caused increasing concern in Western capitals. ...the Yukos affair is the latest in a series of domestic Russian events fueling fears about Mr. Putin's commitment to liberal reforms." Para 10

* "...the White House's first public statement on the matter...said yesterday, 'The manner in which this case is being handled has raised serious concerns about the state of the rule of law and the business and investment climate in Russia." Para 11

* "Mr. Putin's support of the crackdown has crystallized fears in Russia that the former KGB agent isn't the restorer of law and order that many had hoped when he was elected in 2000 following the turbulence of Boris Yeltsin's presidency. Instead Mr. Putin increasingly appears to threaten the very foundations of the stability he's created in order to ensure the Kremlin's control of politics and society." Para 12

* "Political leaders and anaysts said the tension could undermine critical business support for the pro-Kremlin party in December's parliamentary elections and for President Putin's re-election bid in March." Para 13

* "The Kremlin has continued to strengthen its grip on business and society to levels that have many in Russia and the West worried. The government has further tightened restrictions on the media and has stage-managed elections to the point that Western governments have sounded alarms." Para 15

* "U.S. and European officials this week expressed concern that the Yukos case appears to be one of selective prosecution, raising questions about the rule of law." Para 28

* "In a sign of Yukos' clout in the U.S. - it is the Russian stock most widely held among foreign investors - a senior Bush administration official placed a call to a counterpart in Moscow to inquire about the case earlier this week. Yesterday, a Yukos representative met at the White House with an official of the National Security Council." Para 29

* "Before Thursday, Washington officials said they weren't sure if the jailing was a solitary, albeit politically motivated event, or a more serious assault on Russian capitalism. Now, officials are expressing a lot more concern and weighing how much public pressure they should apply." Para 30

* "Mr. Putin's uncompromising position hasn't provided much reassurance to investors. While some business leaders yesterday held out hope that the crackdown on Yukos isn't the harbinger of a broad Kremlin attack on private industry, others fear that more companies could be targeted, since the violations of which Mr. Khodorkovsky is accused were commonplace in the 1990s. A major review of the 1990s privatizations would shake the foundations under the companies that have led Russia's economic recovery of the last four years." Para 32

* "Government officials have expressed concern about the toll the conflict is taking on Russia's hard-won stability." Para 37 Notice the continuous use of un-named 'government officials' and 'analysts', as well as un-named 'Western governments', with no quotes, and no dates, to destabilize Putin's government. This, for daring to defy colossally disproportionate Jewish power over Russia's stolen wealth. Oh, and by the way, the words Jew or Jewish do not appear in this long WSJ article. This is common in Jewsmedia coverage of the Oligarchs. The Los Angeles Times just ran a whole series of articles on the Oligarchs without using the words Jew or Jewish, as far as my reading of the pieces detected. The whole Jewsmedia line now is to tar Putin as the next "evil one."

This is a classic and major case of a Jewish cabal targeting a threat to illicit Jewish interests. This is just like the cases we've all read about in the history books, but with the extra piquancy of happening right before our eyes on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.


Subject: NA in LV

Over the weekend a group of independent National Alliance supporters passed out nearly 1,500 flyers and several hundred 'Stop Immigration' stickers in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Flyers where passed out in five 'upscale' (read: mostly White) apartment complexes. The flyers were placed on cars in the southwest parts of the Valley known as Spring Valley and Summerlin. Also, the workers at more than six office complexes and commercial centers were given literature that may someday save their lives and futures. For example, the CitiBank at the lakes had several hundred flyers put on windshields in the employee parking lot.

There were three different flyers used: The 'Immigration or Invasion' flyer, the 'Dont Have Sex With Blacks' health warning, and the 'MISSING: a future for White children' poster.

Look for more voluntary distributions from your supporters in this area -- and be watching for positive citizen responses and media coverage tomorrow!


Letter from National Vanguard reader James Varner on the subject of Rancho High School (Las Vegas) principal Bob Chesto's attacks on the National Alliance and his simultaneous promotion of non-White organizations :

Mr. Chesto: I am writing this letter to you to protest your outrageous and unwarranted demonization and vilification of perfectly lawful pro-White groups such as the National Alliance. A principal should not be a hypocrite. With that being said, how can you attack these pro-White groups while at the same time you support and promote non-White organizations in your own school, such as an Asian Student Union, a Black Student Union, and a Hispanic Student Union? You are quoted as saying that these non-White organizations "give kids a sense of belonging and teach others about their cultures. The new America's here, and it's not just white."

Well, if the student groups at your high school were a true and accurarate representation of America, then the new America is here, and it is not at all White, since there is no representation for Whites at your school in the form of a club or organization. Don't the White students at your school deserve to have a "sense of belonging and teach others about their culture?" If you are such an advocate of 'diversity' and 'equality,' then how come there is no White Student Union to cater to the 46 percent White portion of your student body? It sounds like a double standard to me.

I would like to see this problem resolved. If you wish to salvage your reputation and credibility, I suggest you spearhead a campaign at your school to organize a group or a club on behalf of the White students. In this 'diverse' and 'equal' world we live in, Whites must be given an equal voice with the non-Whites. Otherwise, it is not truly equality. Instead, it is a blatant, anti-White sham. Surely, this is not what 'diversity' and 'equality' are all about, right? Surely, you are not promoting an anti-White agenda at your school, are you?


James E. Varner



Conversely, American "Patriotic Leaders" - used to being pissed on - advise their contributors to break no laws until the "right time/" tra, la....


US Helped Mossad Agents Flee Iraq After Blast

The Tehran Times


(Mehr News Agency) -- The U.S. Central Command helped 15 Mossad agents involved in the assassination of Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer al-Hakim to flee Iraq, an Egyptian weekly magazine disclosed on Monday.

Ayatollah Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Assembly for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SAIRI), was killed in a massive car bomb blast in the holy city of Najaf on August 7. The blast left 82 killed and more than 100 wounded.

The U.S. Central Command was sure that the agents of the Zionist intelligence service Mossad had planned and executed the assassination with the help of some elements from the U.S. and Iraqi spies, Al- Osboa' weekly said.

The U.S. Centcom acquired conviction about the plot after examining the explosives used in the operation; the explosives -- which were highly advanced -- are used only by Mossad, the weekly added.

As a consequence, the Mehr News Agency now initially breaks the story about the Mossad involvement in the killing of the prominent Iraqi Shiite leader.

An Iraqi political analyst said that evidence of Mossad involvement has been found at the Najaf blast site. The analyst, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Mehr News Agency that Zionist intelligence agents have made great efforts to infiltrate Iraqi groups in order to thwart efforts to create national unity.

After Saddam Hussein was ousted, the Zionist regime took advantage of divisions among the Iraqi Shi'ites and sent a large number of extremist Jews and Mossad agents to Iraq, with the help of the occupying forces, to infiltrate Islamic groups and obtain information, the analyst said.

He added that a few months ago, a Mossad agent who knew Arabic and was quite familiar with Iraqi Muslim groups made a great effort to infiltrate organizations in southern Iraq and even influenced these groups.

He stated that there are reports that the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is helping Zionist operatives in Iraq and is receiving direct help from U.S. troops, adding that there is a written agreement to this effect.

Saddam supported the MKO for years and ordered MKO members to spy on and wage war against the Iraqi Shia.

The main goal of the Zionists is sowing discord among Muslims, especially the Shia, because they are aware of the people's great attachment to clerics such as martyr Ayatollah Baqer al-Hakim, who have been making efforts to unite the people in order to prevent the domination of Iraq and the plunder of its resources.

While not ruling out the possibility of the involvement of extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda in the blast in Najaf, Mehr Agency's source noted, "Of course, I think the massive propaganda by the pro-Western media and the emphasis on blaming Al-Qaeda or remnants of the Baath Party should be considered a conscious effort to conceal the role of Zionist and occupying forces in this abominable atrocity."

He said that increased insecurity and the outbreak of a civil war among Muslims, especially the Shia, could be used as an excuse for continuing the occupation of Iraq, adding that U.S. troops' refusal to maintain security at religious sites is part of this plot. 28


Subject: money transferred from Whites to Israel


You mentioned we give Israel 1 million per hour. What source can I use to quote this from?



Ed. Note: There is no accepted source for how much we give Israel because the actual number is not known. The pubic figure is about $10 million a day, but for a number of reasons I believe that number is low, and so I go with my estimate, which is a million dollars an hour. And if I had to put my life on the line, I would guess that estimate is too low. For example, our Congress is going to approve Bush's $87 billion request. That is about $1,000 per family. Is that aid to Israel? Well, it sure isn't aid to you or me. We don't get anything out of this jews' war but dead friends and relatives.




U.S. military prohibits media filming of G.I. coffins in order to reduce any presidential election year coverage of the Iraq body count which could result in a negative constituency vote against warmonger George Bush !

U.S. Military Upholds TV Cover Ban on Iraq Coffins



Subject: voodoo: more proof that wez all bez ekwalz

"A woman pours hot chilli sauce on her genital area to show that she is 'possessed' as part of Gede, a festival held to honour the dead, at the national cemetery in Port-au-Prince on Saturday. About two-thirds of Haiti's 8 million people are said to practise voodoo."

Photo from The Guardian, November 3, 2003, p.20



Be sure that you're not thinking of this

When Tacitus wrote that Christianity was the "enemy of mankind,...."


Subject: 9/11

>>Their discovery and arrest that morning is a matter of indisputable fact. To those who have investigated just what the Israelis were up to that day, the case raises one dreadful possibility: that Israeli intelligence had been shadowing the al-Qaeda hijackers as they moved from the Middle East through Europe and into America where they trained as pilots and prepared to suicide-bomb the symbolic heart of the United States.<<

This story sucks Jew ass. Another false flag bit. Only ONE dreadful possibility? If there is to be only one possibility, it is that the 9/11 assault was a Mossad op from start to finish. Well, umm... ok, yeah, the Israelis knew, but that's just more proof that it was A-rab terrorists who hate us because of our freedomness. With Jews, even when you're right, you're wrong.

p.s. steel buildings don't collapse from fires.



Subject: evamalution


Subject: "jews are the enemies of all mankind"

APOLLONIUS MOLO. Rhetorician at Rhodes, First c. B.C. He taught Cicero and Caesar. Wrote a book on the Jewish question (now lost) branding Moses a charlatan whose laws were full of iniquity against non-Jews. Said: "The Jews are the enemies of all mankind. They have invented nothing useful, and they are brutal." Widely admired by Greco-Roman writers. (Josephus, Contra Apion.)

Not sure if this is real, or where it's from. A similar quote which I know is genuine comes from the historian Tacitus, in which he says "they [the jews] regard mankind with the hatred of enemies." Tacitus is one of the best sources for ancient testimony on the jews. His account is in book 5 of his histories, here . "...all their other customs, which are at once perverse and disgusting, owe their strength to their very badness. The most degraded out of other races . . . they regard the rest of mankind with all the hatred of enemies..." "While the East was under the sway of the Assyrians, the Medes, and the Persians, Jews were the most contemptible of the subject tribes. When the Macedonians became supreme, King Antiochus strove to destroy the national superstition, and to introduce Greek civilization, but was prevented by his war with the Parthians from at all improving this vilest of nations..."

Tiberius Claudius:

"As for the question, which party was responsible for the riots and feud (or rather, if the truth be told, the war) with the Jews, although in confrontation with their opponents your ambassadors, and particularly Dionysios the son of Theon, contended with great zeal, nevertheless I was unwilling to make a strict inquiry, though guarding within me a store of immutable indignation against whichever party renews the conflict. And I tell you once and for all that unless you put a stop to this ruinous and obstinate enmity against each other, I shall be driven to show what a benevolent Prince can be when turned to righteous indignation. Wherefore, once again I conjure you that, on the one hand, the Alexandrians show themselves forebearing and kindly towards the Jews who for many years have dwelt in the same city, and dishonor none of the rites observed by them in the worship of their god, but allow them to observe their customs as in the time of the Deified Augustus, which customs I also, after hearing both sides, have sanctioned; and on the other hand, I explicitly order the Jews not to agitate for more privileges than they formerly possessed, and not in the future to send out a separate embassy as though they lived in a separate city (a thing unprecedented), and not to force their way into gymnasiarchic or cosmetic games, while enjoying their own privileges and sharing a great abundance of advantages in a city not their own, and not to bring in or admit Jews who come down the river from Egypt or from Syria, a proceeding which will compel me to conceive serious suspicions. Otherwise I will by all means take vengeance on them as fomenters of which is a general plague infecting the whole world. If, desisting from these courses, you consent to live with mutual forebearance and kindliness, I on my side will exercise a solicitude of very long standing for the city, as one which is bound to us by traditional friendship. I bear witness to my friend Barbillus of the solicitude which he has always shown for you in my presence and of the extreme zeal with which he has now advocated your cause; and likewise to my friend Tiberius Claudius Archibius.


(from Select Papyri II [Loeb Classical Library] (ed. A.S.Hunt and G.C. Edgar) (1934), pp. 78-89, adapted.)

Is that not amazing? That's 2,000 years ago. The exact same behavioral traits. I first read this in Revilo Oliver's "The Jewish Strategy."

The APOLLONIUS MOLO quote is from the large compilation "Anti-Zion" by William Grimstad, which contains a number of other quotes from notable pre-christian Romans, including Cicero and Augustus. That's the only thing I know about it.

I should write an article about this, the general opinion of jews in the ancient world, and probably will soon, unless you get around to it first. A good source is actually the Old Testament itself. Read the end of Genesis and beginning of Exodus. 1000+ BC Egypt, same methods and tactics as now, same gentile reaction.

Here's a link to the Histories . Book five contains the comments on the Jews. Here's Grimstad's Anti-Zion . Here's the Claudius quote .

The full Anti-Zion is attached, along with the relevant excerpts from book 5 of the Histories, and also an interesting article about a book on jews by author Eustace Mullins, which touches on their status in the ancient world. Another good source is National Socialist Deitrich Eckart's Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin, translated by Pierce, attached. It quotes from the Greek geographer Strabo, "There is hardly any place on the whole of the earth which is not dominated by the Jews." And, from Strom, the Greek historian Hecataeus of Abdera: "their way of living . . . was devoted to seclusion from humankind and hatred of non-Jews" quoted here .


Subject: German-American allows himself to be used by jews, pays with his life

WashingtonCharles H. Buehring came home last week.

He arrived at the air force base in Dover, Del., in the middle of the night, in an aluminum shipping case draped in an American flag.

When the military truck drove his remains across the tarmac, workers paused and removed their hats.

He was met by a six-member honour guard acting as pallbearers, to allow a "dignified transfer" to the Charles C. Carson mortuary, where he became one of an estimated 60,000 American casualties of war that have been processed there over almost five decades.

"It reminds us we are at war," says Lt.-Col. Jon Anderson, who describes business at the Dover mortuary as "steady." But America never saw Lt.-Col. Buehring's arrival, days after a rocket from a homemade launcher ended his life at age 40 in Baghdad's heavily fortified Rasheed Hotel last Monday.

Americans have never seen any of the other 359 bodies returning from Iraq. Nor do they see the wounded cramming the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington or soldiers who say they are being treated inhumanely awaiting medical treatment at Fort Stewart, Ga.

In order to continue to sell an increasingly unpopular Iraqi invasion to the American people, President George W. Bush's administration sweeps the messy parts of war the grieving families, the flag-draped coffins, the soldiers who have lost limbs into a far corner of the nation's attic.

No television cameras are allowed at Dover. Bush does not attend the funerals of soldiers who gave their lives in his war on terrorism.

Buehring of Winter Springs, Fla., described as "a great American" by his commanding officer, had two sons, 12 and 9, was active in the Boy Scouts and his church and had served his country for 18 years.

No government official has said a word publicly about him. If stories of wounded soldiers are told, they are told by hometown papers, but there is no national attention given to the recuperating veterans here in the nation's capital.

More than 1,700 Americans have been wounded in Iraq since the March invasion. "You can call it news control or information control or flat-out propaganda," says Christopher Simpson, a communications professor at Washington's American University.

"Whatever you call it, this is the most extensive effort at spinning a war that the department of defence has ever undertaken in this country." Simpson notes that photos of the dead returning to American soil have historically been part of the ceremony, part of the picture of conflict and part of the public closure for families until now.

"This White House is the greatest user of propaganda in American history and if they had a shred of honesty, they would admit it. But they can't." Lynn Cutler, a Democratic strategist and former official in Bill Clinton's White House, says this is the first time in history that bodies have been brought home under cover of secrecy.

"It feels like Vietnam when Lyndon Johnson was accused of hiding the body bags .... "This is a big government and a big Pentagon and they could have someone there to meet these bodies as they come back to the country."

But today's military doesn't even use the words "body bags" a term in common usage during the Vietnam War, when 58,000 Americans died. During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the Pentagon began calling them "human remains pouches" and it now refers to them as "transfer tubes."


Subject: "Mr. Death" review

Dear Sirs,

In your recent movie review Mr. Death you list some details and ask a question: Zundel's team flew the independent analyst Roth into Toronto to present his findings at the trial, but in "Mr. Death," they have him on camera claiming the wrong tests were done, and that the samples taken were too deep, as cyanide only penetrates 10 microns, or about 1/10th the width of a human hair. Who knows what the truth is?

To simply answer your question, Germar Rudolf knows. A excerpt followed by the relevant footnotes from a webpage for chapter 8 of his book The Rudolf Report (please excuse me if the formatting reaches you in poor jumbled condition.)



For his documentary movie Mr. Death on Fredrick A. Leuchter, Errol Morris also interviewed Prof. Dr. James Roth. In 1988, Roth's laboratory had analyzed the masonry samples from the alleged 'gas chambers' taken by Leuchter in Auschwitz for their cyanide content. During the trial against Ernst Zündel in Toronto that same year, for which the Leuchter report had been produced, Prof. Dr. Roth himself was interrogated as an expert witness. Ten years later, Errol Morris interviewed Roth about this event. During this interview, Prof. Roth did all he possibly could to distance himself from the possible consequences of the analyses performed by his company. His interview gained importance only due to the fact that the Dutch architectural Historian Prof. Robert van Pelt quoted Roth in his 1999 expert report prepared for the Irving trial. In it, van Pelt wrote about Roth's statements in Morris' movie:[516] "Roth explained that cyanide will react on the surface of brick or plaster, penetrating the material not more than 10 microns, or 0.01 mm, or one tenth the thickness of a human hair [...]. In other words, if one wants to analyze the cyanide concentration in a brick sample, one should take a representative sample of the surface, 10 microns thick, and no more."

It can be shown that Prof. Dr. James Roth is wrong for the following reasons:

1. It is a fact that the walls of the disinfestation chambers in Auschwitz, Birkenau, Stutthof, and Majdanek are saturated with cyanide compounds, and this not only superficially, but into the depth of the masonry, as I have proved by taking samples from different depths of the wall, compare in this regard especially my samples no. 11, 13, 17, 19b, and 23 in Table 19. They prove that hydrogen cyanide can rather easily reach deep layers of plaster and mortar. But even the other samples taken from the surface prove that Prof. Roth's allegation is wrong: Provided that most of the cyanide detectable today is present in the form of iron cyanide (Iron Blue and other cyanoferrates), as Prof. Roth assumes himself, his thesis would mean that 10% to 75% of the iron content of these samples are located in the upper 10 micrometer of my samples (0.010 mm), i.e., they are located in less then 1% of the entire sample mass, and the rest of the sample would have been massively deprived of iron. How this migration of a major portion of iron to a thin surface layer would have happened is inexplicable to me.

2. Furthermore, expert literature is detailed in that

a. hydrogen cyanide is a extremely mobile chemical compound with physical properties comparable to water,[322]

b. which can quite easily penetrate through thick, porous layers like walls.[409]

3. In addition, it is generally known that cement and lime mortar are highly porous materials, comparable for instance with sponges.[517] In such materials, there does not exist something like a defined layer of 0.01 mm beyond which hydrogen cyanide could not diffuse, as there can also be no reason, why water could not penetrate a sponge deeper than a millimeter. Steam, for example, which behaves physically comparable to hydrogen cyanide, can very easily penetrate walls.

4. Finally, the massive discolorations of the outside walls of the disinfestation chambers in Birkenau and Stutthof, as shown in this expert report, are clearly visible and conclusive evidence for the fact how easily hydrogen cyanide and its soluble derivatives can penetrate such walls.

As a professor of analytical chemistry, Prof. Roth must know this, so one can only wonder why he spreads such outrageous nonsense. That Prof. Roth is indeed a competent chemist can be seen from what he said during his testimony under oath as an expert witness during the above mentioned Zündel trial:[518] "In porous materials such as brick or mortar, the Prussian blue [recte: hydrogen cyanide] could go fairly deep as long as the surface stayed open, but as the Prussian blue formed, it was possible that it would seal the porous material and stop the penetration."

Prof. Roth might have felt obligated to attack Leuchter in order to avoid becoming himself a target of certain lobby groups who already managed to destroy Leuchter's career. That would explain why the truth temporarily dropped into a hole in Prof. Roth's memory while being interview by Errol Morris. It is also revealing that Prof. Roth mentioned during this interview, if he had known where Leuchter's samples originated from, his analytical results would have been different. Does that mean that Prof. Roth manipulates his result according to whether or not he likes the origin of certain samples? Such an attitude is exactly the reason why one should never tell an 'independent' laboratory about the origin of the samples to be analyzed, simply because 'independence' is a very flexible term when it comes to controversial topics. What Prof. Dr. Roth has demonstrated here is only his lack of professional honesty.


[516] Pelt Report, op. cit. (note 66), p. 307.

[322] W. Braker, A.L. Mossman, Matheson Gas Data Book, Matheson Gas Products, East Rutherford 1971, p. 301. I have left out some of the less interesting dimensions in this connection: heat capacity (20.9C): 2.625 J g-1 K-1 (Water=4.187 J g-1 K-1); dielectricity constant (20C): 114 (Water=78.5); evaporation heat: 28 kJ mol-1; evaporation entropy: 190 J mol-1 K-1; spontaneous combustion temperature: 538C; flash point: -17.8C; regarding dielectricity constants, see: R.C. Weast (ed.), Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 66th Ed., CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida 1986, E 40. However, under normal conditions (1 atm, 25C), hydrogen cyanide is not a gas. [409] L. Schwarz, W. Deckert, Z. Hygiene und Infektionskrankheiten, 107 (1927), pp. 798-813; ibid., 109 (1929), pp. 201-212.

[517] DIN 4108, part 3 to 5, deals with diffusion of steam into building materials. The most important coefficient for building materials is the so-called coefficient of diffusion resistance; this is a dimensionless number indicating, how much longer the diffusion of steam takes to penetrate a layer of certain materials compared to the time it takes to diffuse through the same layer of still air. This coefficient is valid not only for water vapor, but also for gaseous hydrogen cyanide as well as for any other gas. In the list of 100 different building materials compiled in DIN 4108 part 4, one can find lime and cement mortar with diffusion resistances from 15 to 35, in which case the resistance grows with increasing cement content, for gypsum plaster, the coefficient is 10, for brick walls 5 to 10, for glass wool mats it is 1. That means, if a gas diffuses through a layer of still air with a speed of 1 cm per second, it does take 15 to 35 seconds to diffuse through a 1 cm thick layer of lime or cement mortar and 5 to 10 seconds to diffuse just as deep into a brick wall. (I am grateful to Mr. C.H. Christmann for this reference.) In this regard, compare also the analysis about the porosity of masonry, graph 7, p. 183.

[518] B. Kulaszka (ed.), op. cit. (note 25), p. 363 (protocol p. 33-9291).

Excerpted from:

Germar Rudolf: The Rudolf Report. Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz
455 pp., in English (2003), US$30.00

Ed. Note: Excellent, thanks for the response. Seems to clear it up.

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