Reader Mail: 10 November 2003


Subject: Jehovah's Witnesses

Mr Linder:

Any fool can read the latest Watchtower or Awake and see that the Jehovah's Witnesses are low life race mixers who love all of God's chilun. They refuse to serve in the military and wait for Jesus to save them. The Fuhrer, of blessed memory, locked them up in concentration camps for that reason. The Mormons are 10 times the saleman that the JW's ever dreamed of being. The JW's are merely useless pests. There is nothing wrong with giving them to the Jews for Shabbos Goyim. They do not regard the Sabbath as holy.


Zionist Rastafarian
Subject: "White Religion"

Any readers out there who are or were raised Jehovah's Witnesses? Anybody who can give us the inside scoop on this org, its views on race?



Subject: Kievsky article

Re: essay The Desperate Hermeneutics of Hymie by Kievsky/penis size:

Yep. Jews always attack a) your penis size; b) your sexual orientation; c) your mental health. Watch any TV debate between David Duke and a Jew, and you will see it. One-track zhid agitprop, itz.


Subject: Mueller letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

I can barely keep up with the "news" from Germany. A revolution is brewing, and an era of new revisionism has developed. WWII revisionism or "Opfer Revisionism", as I like to call it.

After more than 60 years, the Germans have finally overcome their fear and found a way to combat the holocaust lies without violating the many laws that forbid them to discuss the alleged Jewish holocaust.

Germans are now discussing the other holocaust. The real holocaust. A holocaust which was ten times more horrific then the Jews like to make us belief about theirs.

It is not illegal in Germany to talk about the cruelties that the Germans had to endure during and after WWII. It all started with the bombing of Dresden Trauermarsch (memorial rally), years ago, every year on the 14th of February, and continues today with the remembrance of the victims of the Allied bombing holocaust. The ethnic cleansing of Germans from the occupied Polish and Yugoslavian areas have also been getting great attention. Add on the treatment of German soldiers in the Allied death-camps and the brains of the Jews are spinning, trying to come up with an antidote.

Joerg Friedrich, German author of the book "Der Brand" (the fire), which discusses the Allied bombings of civilian cities, just came our with the follow-up book, entitled "Brandstaetten, Der Anblick des Bombenkrieges" (Places of Fire, The Picture of the Bombing War). It is already a bestseller and sold in the first week 180,000 copies.

Remember the Disney movie "A Bugs Life?" This is how the Jews are behaving right now. Running around amok, like ants, who just got invaded by grasshoppers. They realize that there is very little they can do to combat this new revisionism. Sure, they try, for example, Joerg Friedrich was forced to put pictures of bombed placed in London into his new book, however, the bombings of German cities and the horrifying pictures of charcoaled people, makes the London bombings pale in comparison.

Of course, while the world was forced to look at the universal victim - the Jew - for the past 70 years, the world refused to recognize the gruesome and criminal behavior of the Allies.

But, this is just the tip of an iceberg. While the American Lemmings are still sleeping, Germany and parts of Europe are engaged in a new battle. Guido Knopp, Germany's premier TV investigator, finished last month his three-part series on German prisoners of war, and the atrocities committed by the Russians and other Allies. He just started a new series, a documentary entitled: "Die Kinder des Krieges" (The Children of the War). The two government owned TV stations ZDF and ARD will carry the five-part series for the whole week.

The documentary shows things I haven't even known. If this would happen today, it would result immediately in charges of war-crimes. Guido Knopp's documentary points out that the Allies did not hesitate to even include children in their master-plan of murder. The plan was called "Kinder verschicken" (Children send-away) and was one of the most cruel methods with which the Allies tried to break the Germans.

In 1945, after the war was won, the largest slave market opened up. Every Allied power demanded their share of slave labor. Stalin demanded more than 500,000 to rebuild Russia, that he claimed the Germans had destroyed. Amongst those, he demanded the children and more than 150,000 were rounded up and shipped off to the Russian Gulag. Special Russian commandos (Sonder Kommandos) of the Secret Police rounded up these children by the thousands. The Russians are quick to point out that then Order 7161 made it clear that only 17-year olds (males) and 18-year olds (females) were allowed to be captured. However, the special "Greif Kommandos" (Grab Commandos) only care about the head money they received. Children not older than 7 years, ended up in labor camps in Russia. By the end of 1945, the Russians had rounded up 65,000 children, just around the area of Berlin. They were put in freight trains without heat, and sent off to Russia.

In his documentary, Guido Knopp presents eye witnesses, who tell horrific stories of the treatment of children. The Allies, of course, had no objection to Russia's demands. Many of these children either froze or starved to death on the transport to Russia.

Even though Guido Knopp tries very hard to blame it all on Adolf Hitler (you know the game, if he hadn't, then they wouldn't), the documentary makes it very clear what so many have said for years. That, what the Allies did to the German people after the war makes the alleged Jewish holocaust pale in comparison.

"Schlimmer als die Hoelle" (Worst than Hell) is one title of Knopp's five-part series. It shows Stalin's Sonder Kommandos, rounding up anyone in the cities that was alive. Of course, it was only women, children, and the elderly. Once rounded up, the kids were immediately separated, and shipped off in different trains into the Soviet Union.

German slaves were the new commodity after the war. Even 30,000 Germans ended up being shipped to Canada. 370,000 to the US, 150,000 to England, where torture and cruelty was just as bad as in Russia.

Those children who survived and finally came back home, have no clue where their parents or families were. Thousands of them disappeared in the Russian labor camps without a trace. The years of torture could be seen in their faces during the interview. Erika Auktum was 7 years old when kidnapped and forced to work in Russian labor camps. Klaus Einwert was 12 years old. Theo Nikolai, 14 years old, when kidnapped in Berlin.

"We were afraid to speak up. I saw hundreds of children die in the camps, of hunger, torture and rape."

Manfred Peters was fortunate to be already 16 when taken to the Russian gulags.

"We melted snow, so we could have drinking water, which the Russian guards refused to give us," says Mr. Peters in the interview.

Christel Schenk was 11 years old when arriving in the Russian labor camps:

"I got used to seeing children being beaten to death, shot, and simply used for sex. All I cared was to survive."

No matter what Chief Editor Guido Knopp's spin is, these documentaries are a wake-up call for the German people.

It is time for the Americans to face up to these atrocities, instead of building more temples to the biggest lie of the century.

Guido Knopp has put this all in writings, exclusively for the German TV Guide "Hoeren und Sehen." The report is entitled "Wie geschah es wirklich?" (How did it really happen?).

Of course, you will never see these documentaries in America, nor will ever any of the books be translated for the English speaking audience, let alone be required reading in schools. The Jews will make sure of that.


Walter F. Mueller


Subject: Internet future


It looks as though your theory regarding the ultimate fate of the Internet is correct.

What is the jewish problem with the Internet? Simple, it's free. So, how can this problem be exploited? Simple, create heaps of spam, pop-ups, and porn, and flood the Internet with it until people are confounded. And then what do we have here? Ah, the solution! Semitically-correct for your consumption...




Mr Linder:

That was most un-Christian for you to talk to Julia like you did. Comrade Kievsky seems to think that she is a Jewish Princess. My guess is that he is right. I know that I can get you to apologize is she will make Aliyah.

What do you think of the theory of Frank Zappa, of blessed memory? He swore that a Jewish Princess always squeaks when she comes. (Sheik Djabouti Album) Perhaps one of your readers can enlighten us. I do know that there is quite a market for Shiksa hookers in Israel. The Jewish Princess apparently whines too much for sex. It is their natural birth control. You can't stand their whining long enough to get them to come. Let Israel be Gathered! THIS year in Jerusalem!

Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian


Subject: new org

Hi Alex,

are you aware of this happy development?

This from Lady Zundel's daily Z-Gram:

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

November 9, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Today is a very special day - the day man landed on the moon, the day the Berlin Wall came down, the day one of my sons were born. There's more, but we'll reserve that for a later time, if you don't mind. For now, take note:

In Germany on this very day an organizational meeting takes place, perhaps this very minute, for the formation of "League for the Rehabilitation of Persons Persecuted for Disputing the Holocaust" (Verein für Rehabilitierung der wegen Bestreitens des Holocaust Verfolgten)

Under the guidance of famed Attorney Horst Mahler, this League is going to make tracks.

What's better yet, I have been given the honor of being its very first member, acting on Ernst's behalf. My signature has been e-mailed, and the annual membership fee is on its way. I feel very honored by this development, almost awed. We have entered a new era, and there will be legal fights ahead that will rock the foundations of the orthodox Holocaust claims with a magnitude we can only surmise.

It means that, for once, we will be going on the legal offensive and not constantly being forced to react!



I like to keep tabs on the enemy so I though I would visit It's the usual jew bullshit. "We're Gods chosen, Jesus was a scumbag, Goyim are idiots". Nothing informed WN's don't already know about the worlds eternal whiners.

But their is one section of their site that is something right out of a Monty Python skit. When I first read it I at first thought some clever VNNer had hacked just to make the beanie boys look bad but I was wrong! The Rabbi's actually write and have laws for this. ITZ called the laws of Niddah.

What are the laws of Niddah, VNNers ask? Well it's basically this: The jews, in addition to being penis and shit obsessed have a complex and detailed set of "laws" that pertain to the little womans, monthlys. Nooo, I'm not making this up. They really have laws for this.

Below are actual quotes from the laws of Niddah. Now picture this: John Cleese and Eric Idle(dressed up as a woman) go through the laws of Niddah, of course using those Monty Python silly voices.

"The first five days begin when she first sees the flow. She counts from the beginning of the flow, and continues until the flow stops. If it takes less than five days for her flow to stop, she still has to wait until five days are over. Even if she saw blood for only one day, she must wait five days until she can begin the seven-day taharah process.

The five days need not be complete five days. The first day might start in the middle of the day, if she first saw her flow in the afternoon. But whenever they began, they end on the night after the fifth day, as we will discuss below.

For example, if she first saw blood on Sunday, whether it was Sunday morning, or Sunday afternoon, or even Sunday evening ten minutes before sunset begins, Thursday is the fifth day. It is therefore the final day of the five days, even though that actually adds up to only four-and-a-half days.

If she sees blood on a Saturday night, Sunday is still the first day of the five days, and therefore Thursday is still the last day of the five days. Remember, our days begin when night begins. Gentile days go from midnight to midnight, but Jewish days go from nightfall to nightfall.

If she sees for more than five days, the "five" days end when she has definitely stopped seeing. (It is quite normal to see for six days.)

Once she has stopped seeing blood, she can begin the count of the Seven White Days. When I say "stopped seeing blood," I mean either a flow of blood or stains on her clothing. It means that she has completely stopped seeing blood.

The Seven White Days begin when the woman, before sunset, takes a shower or bath, and cleans herself thoroughly, everywhere, or at the very least in that area. She then waits a few minutes, and inserts a cloth (as explained a few paragraphs below) and checks herself. If it comes out clean, then the next day is the first day of the Seven White Days.

The Seven White Days are not simply days of waiting. The woman must check herself twice a day, once when she gets up in the morning, and once just before sunset.

The checking is done with a white, absolutely clean piece of cloth (about three or four inches square). Specially made cloths for this purpose are sold in various places. You can usually buy them at your local mikvah.

First, the woman checks the cloth very carefully to make sure it is clean of any marks.

When satisfied that it is absolutely white and clean, she places her finger in the center of the cloth, and allows the cloth to wrap around her fingers. When she inserts her finger, she pushes the cloth in so that every surface inside her is touched by the cloth.

She removes the cloth, and checks it again, very carefully. If it comes out free of any mark, no problem. She can begin the Seven White Days.

If the cloth has a mark, no matter how small, then it depends on the color.

A red color mark is obviously no good, and means she has to begin the count again. It means she is still seeing some discharge of blood.

A black mark means she must begin again, because blood can become black.

White or pale yellow are not a problem, and she can continue the Seven White Days.

Sometimes other enzymes and secretions can mix with the discharge, so colors may come out strange.

Colors like brown, dark yellow, gold, and pink, are very problematic. What we do is we bring them to a competent local Orthodox Rabbi who looks at the cloth and is able to determine whether it is Niddah blood or not.

One of the more intense series of lessons that many Rabbis undertake in their training is the study of Niddah checking cloths. A Rabbi who studies this field is trained to recognize the many possible colors that can appear on a checking cloth, and to know what they are. Therefore, Rabbis are very experienced in these matters, and you should not hesitate to bring a cloth with a questionable color to the Rabbi.

During the Seven White Days the woman should wear white underclothes, and use white linen on her bed. If she sees on them a stain of a questionable color, at any point during the Seven White Days, she must ask a Rabbi, because each case is different. She might even have to start the count of Seven White Days from the beginning.

So the sequence is as follows: The woman has her period, or as the Orthodox phrase it: the woman sees blood. She waits five days, or until the blood stops, whichever comes LAST.

Just before nightfall, she cleans herself, and checks internally. This checking is called the Hefsek Taharah -- the break for Taharah. If the cloth comes out clean, she can begin the Seven White Days.

Let's go back to the original example, and assume that she saw blood Sunday morning. Let's say the blood stopped Wednesday, and she didn't see even a stain. She should do her Hefsek Taharah on Thursday evening just before sunset. If it comes out clean, Friday then becomes the first day of her Seven White Days.

Friday, the first of her Seven White Days, she does another check when she wakes up in the morning. Friday evening, just before sunset, she checks again. Saturday morning she checks again, and Saturday evening just before sunset she checks again. And so on. She does this for seven days: every morning, and every evening just before sunset, until the following Thursday evening.

I mentioned above that the five days don't have to be complete. But the Seven White Days must be complete. Therefore, the woman goes to the mikvah the night the Seven White Days are over. This is the same day of the week that they began. In other words, if she began the Seven White Days on Thursday night, then she will be going to the mikvah on Thursday night, unless something goes wrong, and she has to start again from the beginning of the Seven Days again. This does not usually happen, but it can.

Thursday evening, just before sunset, she checks again, and if everything is still okay, which by then it usually is, she begins the preparations for the mikvah. This involves a luxurious and relaxing hour of preparations, including a bath, followed by a shower, and other careful preparations. She cleans and cuts all her nails, both finger and toe, as well as making sure there is no food between her teeth. She must clean her ears, and every body cavity. She must remove all makeup. She must comb out all her hair completely. This means all hair she has everywhere on her body. Many women take the bath at home, and do the follow-up shower at the mikvah.

When going to the mikvah, she may not have anything between her and the water at any part of her body. Therefore she must remove all jewelry, makeup, etc. This is why she should not get a haircut too close to going to the mikvah, because sometimes small hairs are hard to get rid of after a haircut. There is supposed to be a woman attendant at the mikvah to help you check that you are ready for the mikvah. You may have to call the mikvah in advance to make sure she is there that night.

Immersing in the mikvah must take place after the Seven White Days are completely over, so you will generally be attending the mikvah after the stars come out in the sky, when we know that it is already definitely night.

When you immerse, you must make sure that all of you is immersed and is touching water. Even your hair must be under the water. One of the purposes of the mikvah lady is to make sure that you and all your hair have been completely and properly submersed.

When you return home, the first thing you should say to your husband is "I am tahora." This means he is now allowed to touch you, which was forbidden all the time of your niddah.

The night a woman returns from the mikvah she and her husband are required to have relations. Any other nights are really up to the desires and needs of the two. Biologically speaking, the best night to conceive is usually mikvah night.

If you need to find a mikvah, see the links at the bottom of my wife's article "The Jewish Facts of Life" (the link for it is at the bottom of this article).

There is one more aspect of these Laws that we must mention. The Torah also forbids relations on the day that a woman expects her period. This is called "veset," which means, more or less, "cycle." The day of her veset she and her husband must refrain from relations, because on that day she should expect her period. We call that "keeping her veset."

If for example she sees blood on the morning of April 1st, she counts thirty days. On April 30th she must keep her veset, and refrain from relations that day. She does an internal check with an examination cloth and looks for any drop of blood. If the cloth comes out clean, then that night (the following night -- i.e., the night of April 30th that becomes May 1st) she may have relations with her husband.

She should also calculate how much time has passed between her last two periods. For example, if she saw April 1st, and then saw on April 28th, then she has what we call a veset of a twenty-eight-day interval (counting both the first day she saw and the day that she saw the second). She should count twenty-eight more days, which would bring her to May 25th, and on that day she should refrain from relations. That day is her "Interval Veset." The next time, she counts the interval between her last two periods.

Most women wind up keeping their veset on both the thirtieth and thirty-first days. If your cycle is more erratic than that, see if your doctor can help. With your Rabbi's guidance, it may be possible to correct it without violating Jewish Law.

Keeping the Laws of Niddah properly are very likely to help you get that extra merit from Hashem that will help you conceive a child. And best of all, you will then know that he or she was conceived in the best of situations.


Steve B


Subject: Jehovah's Witnesses

I'm reading that watchtowerinformation site he linked to, interesting, they seem like a cult..... but what's EXTREMELY interesting is that the writers come from Brooklyn, quite a hotbed of our good friends the jews..... given the focus on armagedon by the nut christians, I wonder if these Witnesses have any connection of jews, the brooklyn thing is spooky

Ed. Note: Good question. I recall a professor of mine saying the Jehovah's Witnesses named Hitler the anti-Christ right off the bat and were severely persecuted for it. No idea who actually runs the church, or what its agenda is.



A Strategy of Lies: How the White House Fed the Public a Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Colonel Sam Gardiner (USAF, Ret.) has identified 50 false news stories created and leaked by a secretive White House propaganda apparatus.Bush administration officials are probably having second thoughts about their decision to play hardball with former US Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Joe Wilson is a contender. When you play hardball with Joe, you better be prepared to deal with some serious rebound.

After Wilson wrote a critically timed New York Times essay exposing as false George W. Bush's claim that Iraq had purchased uranium from Niger, high officials in the White House contacted several Washington reporters and leaked the news that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent.

Wilson isn't waiting for George W. Bush to hand over the perp. In mid-October, the former ambassador began passing copies of an embarrassing internal report to reporters across the US. The-Edge has received copies of this document.

The 56-page investigation was assembled by USAF Colonel (Ret.) Sam Gardiner. "Truth from These Podia: Summary of a Study of Strategic Influence, Perception Management, Strategic Information Warfare and Strategic Psychological Operations in Gulf II" identifies more than 50 stories about the Iraq war that were faked by government propaganda artists in a covert campaign to "market" the military invasion of Iraq.

Gardiner has credentials. He has taught at the National War College, the Air War College and the Naval Warfare College and was a visiting scholar at the Swedish Defense College.

According to Gardiner, "It was not bad intelligence" that lead to the quagmire in Iraq, "It was an orchestrated effort [that] began before the war" that was designed to mislead the public and the world. Gardiner's research lead him to conclude that the US and Britain had conspired at the highest levels to plant "stories of strategic influence" that were known to be false.

The Times of London described the $200-million-plus US operation as a "meticulously planned strategy to persuade the public, the Congress, and the allies of the need to confront the threat from Saddam Hussein."

The multimillion-dollar propaganda campaign run out of the White House and Defense Department was, in Gardiner's final assessment "irresponsible in parts" and "might have been illegal."

"Washington and London did not trust the peoples of their democracies to come to the right decisions," Gardiner explains. Consequently, "Truth became a casualty. When truth is a casualty, democracy receives collateral damage." For the first time in US history, "we allowed strategic psychological operations to become part of public affairs... [W]hat has happened is that information warfare, strategic influence, [and] strategic psychological operations pushed their way into the important process of informing the peoples of our two democracies."

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced plans to create an Office of Strategic Influence early in 2002. At the same time British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Strategy Director Alastair Campbell was setting up an identical operation in London.

As soon as Pvt. Jessica Lynch was airlifted from her hospital bed, the first call from her "rescue team" went, not to military officials but to Jim Wilkinson, the White House's top propaganda official stationed in Iraq.White House critics were quick to recognize that "strategic influence" was a euphemism for disinformation. Rumsfeld had proposed establishing the country's first Ministry of Propaganda.

The criticism was so severe that the White House backed away from the plan. But on November 18, several months after the furor had died down, Rumsfeld arrogantly announced that he had not been deterred. "If you want to savage this thing, fine: I'll give you the corpse. There's the name. You can have the name, but I'm gonna keep doing every single thing that needs to be done -- and I have."

Gardiner's dogged research identified a long list of stories that passed through Rumsfeld's propaganda mill. According to Gardiner, "there were over 50 stories manufactured or at least engineered that distorted the picture of Gulf II for the American and British people." Those stories include:

The link between terrorism, Iraq and 9/11

Iraqi agents meeting with 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta

Iraq's possession of chemical and biological weapons.

Iraq's purchase of nuclear materials from Niger.

Saddam Hussein's development of nuclear weapons.

Aluminum tubes for nuclear weapons

The existence of Iraqi drones, WMD cluster bombs and Scud missiles.

Iraq's threat to target the US with cyber warfare attacks.

The rescue of Pvt. Jessica Lynch.

The surrender of a 5,000-man Iraqi brigade.

Iraq executing Coalition POWs.

Iraqi soldiers dressing in US and UK uniforms to commit atrocities.

The exact location of WMD facilities

WMDs moved to Syria.

Every one of these stories received extensive publicity and helped form indelible public impressions of the "enemy" and the progress of the invasion. Every one of these stories was false.

"I know what I am suggesting is serious. I did not come to these conclusions lightly," Gardiner admits. "I'm not going to address why they did it. That's something I don't understand even after all the research." But the fact remained that "very bright and even well-intentioned officials found how to control the process of governance in ways never before possible."

A Battle between Good and Evil

Gardiner notes that cocked-up stories about Saddam's WMDs "was only a very small part of the strategic influence, information operations and marketing campaign conducted on both sides of the Atlantic." The "major thrust" of the campaign, Gardiner explains, was "to make a conflict with Iraq seem part of a struggle between good and evil. Terrorism is evil... we are the good guys.

"The second thrust is what propaganda theorists would call the 'big lie.' The plan was to connect Iraq with the 9/11 attacks. Make the American people believe that Saddam Hussein was behind those attacks."

The means for pushing the message involved: saturating the media with stories, 24/7; staying on message; staying ahead of the news cycle; managing expectations; and finally, being prepared to "use information to attack and punish critics."

Audition in Afghanistan

The techniques that proved so successful in Operation Iraqi Freedom were first tried out during the campaign to build public support for the US attack on Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld hired Rendon Associates, a private PR firm that had been deeply involved in the first Gulf War. Founder John Rendon (who calls himself an "information warrior") proudly boasts that he was the one responsible for providing thousands of US flags for the Kuwaiti people to wave at TV cameras after their "liberation" from Iraqi troops in 1991.

The White House Coalition Information Center was set up by Karen Hughes in November 2001. (In January 2003, the CIC was renamed the Office for Global Communications.) The CIC hit on a cynical plan to curry favor for its attack on Afghanistan by highlighting "the plight of women in Afghanistan." CIC's Jim Wilkinson later called the Afghan women campaign "the best thing we've done."

Gardiner is quick with a correction. The campaign "was not about something they did. It was about a story they created... It was not a program with specific steps or funding to improve the conditions of women."

The coordination between the propaganda engines of Washington and London even involved the respective First Wives. On November 17, 2001, Laura Bush issued a shocking statement: "Only the terrorists and the Taliban threaten to pull out women's fingernails for wearing nail polish." Three days later, a horrified Cherie Blaire told the London media, "In Afghanistan, if you wear nail polish, you could have your nails torn out."

Misleading via Innuendo

Time and again, US reporters accepted the CIC news leaks without question. Among the many examples that Gardiner documented was the use of the "anthrax scare" to promote the administration's pre-existing plan to attack Iraq.

In both the US and the UK, "intelligence sources" provided a steady diet of unsourced allegations to the media to suggest that Iraq and Al Qaeda terrorists were behind the deadly mailing of anthrax-laden letters.

It wasn't until December 18, that the White House confessed that it was "increasingly looking like" the anthrax came from a US military installation. The news was released as a White House "paper" instead of as a more prominent White House "announcement." As a result, the idea that Iraq or Al Qaeda were behind the anthrax plot continued to persist. Gardiner believes this was an intentional part of the propaganda campaign. "If a story supports policy, even if incorrect, let it stay around."

In a successful propaganda campaign, Gardiner wrote, "We would have expected to see the creation [of] stories to sell the policy; we would have expected to see the same stories used on both sides of the Atlantic. We saw both. The number of engineered or false stories from US and UK stories is long."

The US and Britain: The Axis of Disinformation

Before the coalition invasion began on March 20, 2003, Washington and London agreed to call their illegal pre-emptive military aggression an "armed conflict" and to always reference the Iraqi government as the "regime." Strategic communications managers in both capitols issued lists of "guidance" terms to be used in all official statements. London's 15 Psychological Operations Group paralleled Washington's Office of Global Communications.

In a departure from long military tradition, the perception managers even took over the naming of the war. Military code names were originally chosen for reasons of security. In modern US warfare, however, military code names have become "part of the marketing." There was Operation Nobel Eagle, Operation Valiant Strike, Operation Provide Comfort, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Uphold Democracy and, finally, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The "Rescue" of Jessica Lynch

The Pentagon's control over the news surrounding the capture and rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch receives a good deal of attention in Gardiner's report. "From the very beginning it was called an 'ambush'," Gardiner noted. But, he pointed out, "If you drive a convoy into enemy lines, turn around and drive back, it's not an ambush. Military officers who are very careful about how they talk about operations would normally not be sloppy about describing this kind of event," Gardiner complained. "This un-military kind of talk is one of the reasons I began doing this research."

One of the things that struck Gardiner as revealing was the fact that, as Newsweek reported: "as soon as Lynch was in the air, [the Joint Operations Center] phoned Jim Wilkinson, the top civilian communications aide to CENTCOM Gen. Tommy Franks."

It struck Gardiner as inexplicable that the first call after Lynch's rescue would go to the Director of Strategic Communications, the White House's top representative on the ground.

On the morning of April 3, the Pentagon began leaking information on Lynch's rescue that sought to establish Lynch as "America's new Rambo." The Washington Post repeated the story it received from the Pentagon: that Lynch "sustained multiple gunshot wounds" and fought fiercely and shot several enemy soldier... firing her weapon until she ran out of ammunition."

Lynch's family confused the issue by telling the press that their daughter had not sustained any bullet wounds. Lynch's parents subsequently refused to talk to the press, explaining that they had been "told not to talk about it." (Weeks later, the truth emerged. Lynch was neither stabbed nor shot. She was apparently injured while falling from her vehicle.)

Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers let the story stand during an April 3 press conference although both had been fully briefed on Lynch's true condition.

"Again, we see the pattern," Gardiner observed. "When the story on the street supports the message, it will be left there by a non-answer. The message is more important than the truth. Even Central Command kept the story alive by not giving out details."

Gardiner saw another break with procedure. The information on the rescue that was released to the Post "would have been very highly classified" and should have been closely guarded. Instead, it was used as a tool to market the war. "This was a major pattern from the beginning of the marketing campaign throughout the war," Gardiner wrote. "It was okay to release classified information if it supported the message."


Part 2 Transforming Language


Part 3 Targeting Critics And PsyOps


Part 4 Black Programs And The Future



Subject: blacks impinging on White freedom

White La. Judge Draws Fire for Costume

By DOUG SIMPSON, Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS - A white judge is under fire for going to a Halloween party costumed in blackface makeup, an afro wig and a prison jumpsuit with shackles around his wrists and ankles.

State District Judge Timothy C. Ellender's costume stereotyped blacks as criminals and convicts, said Jerome Boykin, president of the NAACP's branch in southern Louisiana's Terrebonne Parish, where Ellender's court is located. "For a judge to take the time to paint his face black with shoe polish, put on an afro wig, a prison jumpsuit and shackles ... and walk around in public, I feel he ain't fit to be a judge," Boykin said Monday.

Ellender acknowledged that he wore the costume but said it was a harmless joke. "It's a tempest in a teapot," he told The Courier of Houma. Ellender did not immediately return a call seeking comment Monday.

The judge agreed to meet with black activists, elected officials and clergy this week to discuss the costume, which he wore to a restaurant in Houma, about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans, Boykin said.

The black leaders will decide after the meeting whether to file a complaint with Louisiana's Judiciary Commission, which can censure and dismiss judges who violate the state's judicial code of conduct. Ellender has been criticized in the past for keeping a shotgun in his courtroom and giving out unusual sentences. He sentenced a man convicted of accidentally killing his best friend to regularly place flowers at the victim's grave. He sentenced a youngster with chronic speeding violations to clean up trash from a bayou using the judge's boat.


Subject: weird plant news

Doctors find plant growing in boy's nose

Romanian doctors have found a plant growing in a four-year-old boy's nose.

The boy, from a mountain village in Vrancea county, had not complained about the germinating bean and was only in the surgery for a check-up.

Doctor Nicolae Moise, from County Hospital in Focsani, told Evenimentul Zilei newspaper: "As the boy didn't cry or tell his mother anything, it sprung to life and had little leaves when we found it."

The doctors said they had extracted many different things from children's noses and ears but never a living plant before.


Subject: police-questioned for questioning homos

Police to question bishop over gay 'cure' comment

By Chris Gray

10 November 2003

A bishop who called on homosexuals to seek medical help to change their sexuality is to be interviewed by police.

The Rt Rev Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester, will be questioned by Cheshire Constabulary after the force received a complaint about his comments in a local newspaper last week.

The Anglican bishop, who opposed both the consecration of the openly gay Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in the US and the proposed appointment of Canon Jeffrey John, a celibate homosexual, as Bishop of Reading, said he would encourage gay people to try "reorientation".

He said: "Some people who are primarily homosexual can reorientate themselves." He added: "I would not set myself up as a medical specialist on the subject - that's in the area of psychiatric health." Cheshire police confirmed yesterday that they planned to speak to the bishop. Assistant Chief Constable Graeme Gerrard said: "We are aware of the article put in The Chester Chronicle and have received a complaint."

He continued: "We will examine the issues raised in the complaint and will speak to the reporter and the Bishop of Chester before considering any further action."

A spokesman said the force would send a copy of the article to the Crown Prosecution Service to see if an offence had been committed.

The bishop's comments to The Chester Chronicle came as the Church of England faces the prospect of a worldwide schism over the consecration of Bishop Robinson, which was bitterly opposed by Anglicans in developing countries.

His comments also follow a study at Columbia University in New York which suggested some homosexuals could become "predominantly" heterosexual through psychotherapy.

The study was based on interviews with 200 men and women who said their sexual preferences had been changed by therapy, often provided by religious organisations.

Dr Forster, who is married with four children, was reported in his local paper stating that his opinions were based on the belief that children fared best in traditional families. "All the sociological evidence is that children fare better when raised in a traditional home by a man and a woman who have committed themselves to a life-long marriage," he said.


Subject: jew'd AmeriKwa


"The fact is that the world hates us for our wealth, our success, our power. They hate us into incoherence. The Europeans, Ajami astutely observes, disdain us for our excessive religiosity (manifest, they imagine, by evolution being expelled from schools while prayer is ushered back in)--while the Arab world despises us as purveyors of secularism. We cannot win for losing. We are widely reviled as enemies of Islam, yet in the 1990s we engaged three times in combat ‹ in the Persian Gulf and in the Balkans ‹ to rescue Kuwait, Bosnia and Kosovo, Muslim peoples all. And in the last two cases, there was nothing in it for the U.S.; it was humanitarianism and good international citizenship of the highest order.

The search for logic in anti-Americanism is fruitless. It is in the air the world breathes. Its roots are envy and self-loathing ‹ by peoples who, yearning for modernity but having failed at it, find their one satisfaction in despising modernity's great exemplar."

Ed. Note: Classic jewish projection. They think they are America. There is no functional difference between anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, now that they control the country. Do you want to go down with the jew, American? Because that is where all this is headed. Jews are genetically incapable of perceiving how little others care about them.


Subject: "White Religion"

Any readers out there who are or were raised Jehovah's Witnesses? Anybody who can give us the inside scoop on this org, its views on race?



Subject: responses to anti-German Peters in NYPost

Today's NYP nothing but Peters responses... most of which rip him for ripping Germans.

letters page...


Subject: November 9


Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the National Socialist Revolution in Germany, and of the deaths of sixteen heroes who with the Fuhrer marched that day from the Burgerbraukeller to the Feldherrenhalle in Munich.

They came from all walks of life but had in common a burning desire to restore the honor of the Fatherland, the spark of conscience and historical responsibility, and the knowledge that no matter how distant or unattainable the goal seems, the evil men do can also be undone by men.

Their names will never be forgotten:

Felix Alfarth
Andreas Bauriedl
Theodor Casella
Wilhelm Ehrlich
Martin Faust
Anton Hechenberger
Oskar Koerner
Karl Kuhn
Karl Laforce
Kurt Neubauer
Claus von Pape
Theodor Pfordten
Johann Rickmers
Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter
Lorenz Ritter von Stransky
Wilhelm Wolf

Heil Hitler!


Subject: depression

Very good commentary by Chittum referenced in reader mail. ( However, I think that the powers-that-be, including the Fed, will try almost anything to keep such a depression at bay. Why? Because it might trigger anarchy and loosen their iron-fisted grip on the massive control they now exert over so much of the globe. In addition, the USA is still the most sought-after venue for jews not living in Israel, and as I'm sure you know, there are more jews in NYC than in Israel! They will try to protect their own to some extent, and will want to continue to wallow in the success they have had in completely taking over the most hallowed institutions of academic learning in the world, the legal profession, medical profession and the like. They've not had enough time to thoroughly milk them, nor have they enjoyed membership in the most exclusive WASP clubs long enough for that to be "passee". They have a stake in the US which they won't want to abandon just yet. In other words, the US is not sucked dry enough to discard.


Subject: another soldier dies for Israel

jew directed US Imperial Legion making friends fast, more everyday. No yids from America killed or injured yet though, so that's good news -- at least they're safe


American-Appointed Iraqi Council Leader Killed, U.S. Soldier Killed in Separate Incident South of Baghdad

By Anthony Shadid and Fred Barbash

Washington Post Staff Writers

Monday, November 10, 2003

BAGHDAD, Nov. 10 -- Iraqis marched in anger through the streets here today after the killing of an American-appointed local Iraqi council leader by U.S. military guards under disputed circumstances.

Separately, the U.S. command here reported the death of an American military police officer who was attacked by a rocket propelled grenade while on patrol 40 miles south of Baghdad Sunday evening.

November -- only ten days old -- has now claimed 37 American lives. It's been the deadliest month since formal combat ceased in May.

The shooting of the Iraqi leader illustrated the inherently sensitive and increasingly tense relationship between the American occupiers here and Iraqis installed by the United States in official positions. The council was appointed by U.S. authorities here to help govern Sadr City, an impoverished, largely Shiite section of Baghdad with a population of about 2 million people. American troops guard the council offices.

The council leader, Muhammed Kaabi, was approaching the council offices in a car Sunday. American authorities and local witnesses agreed that he got into some sort of argument with soldiers who wanted to search the car he was driving. They agreed as well that at some point he got out of his car.

They disagree about what happened next, however. A U.S. spokesman here said the victim went for the weapon of one of the American guards and was shot by a second soldier in response. "The driver continued to fight and wrestled the soldier to the ground while still attempting to pull the weapon from the soldier," a military statement reported by the Associated Press said.

"The other soldier shot the driver in the upper leg. The driver was evacuated to a nearby military hospital where he died of his wounds. The incident is under investigation." Local witnesses said there was indeed a warning shot but reported no attempt by the leader to seize a weapon from the soldier. Whatever the truth, the hundreds of mourners who carried the coffin through the streets draped with an Iraqi flag were blaming the Americans. They chanted and wailed and carried signs condemning the soldiers.

The level of violence against U.S. operations in the so-called "Sunni Triangle" north and west of Baghdad prompted Gen. John Abizaid, head of the U.S. Central Command, to meet during the weekend with mayors and tribal leaders of Anbar province, the Associated Press reported this morning, quoting an Iraqi, Fallujah Mayor Taha Bedawi, who attended the meeting.


Subject: conservative Scruton

Why I became a conservative by Roger Scruton

The U.S. and England sided with jews over Germans -- today the entire White world, from Iceland to Australia, pays the price.




Sure, pushing a homosexual agenda is "good for jews", but isn't it also good for...homosexuals?

You're a fan of Occam's Razor. I've seen you use it before. So what is the simplest explanation for diversity? That a shadow cult of jewish puppet masters in secretly behind every destructive agenda in the country? Or that these diverse groups are simply taking advantage of opportunities as they see them?

The Black lobby sees the White lobby won't stand in their way, so they push for affirmative action. The Mexican's see that California is willing to pay for just about everything an immigrant wants, so the immigrants come. Each group simply advances their own group interest.

It may be secondarily "good for jews", but it is primarily good for those groups. Why look for a massive jew conspiracy when the simplest answer is usually best?

Ed. Note: The difference is that homos don't control the media. They're disproportionately represented among actors and writers, sure, and they chip in their lot to make it easier for sods, but in the end they're free riders on the "jewish industry" - Hollywood, but more generally anything on screen, over the airwaves, in print. Jews controlling our media believe that homoism is "good for jews." The jews build up homoism in the public eye. They say it is normal, they say it is valuable, they treat as reactionary and moralistic anybody who resists. They confer prestige on sodomists and second-basemen -- to advance their own ends. The homos run with this. But the context in which homos can prosper was created by kikes, not by homos themselves. And the jews do receive the direct benefits of pushing sodomy: a lax culture in which distinctions are deemphasized.


Subject: young men spending more time online, off tv

They're not watching jewVision, they're reading VNN

Surveys: Young Men Spend More Time Online



Subject: a White Thang


It's a White Thing -- You Wouldn't Understand, Pt. 2

We saw something interesting yesterday at a supermarket here in Arizona. We were paying for our groceries when suddenly, the White female cashier who was serving us ran from her cash register! Turning, we saw why: she was trying to prevent a Mexican girl from standing up in a shopping cart -- no, not from standing up in the main cargo area of the cart, but from standing up in the front, high area of the cart, where a woman often puts her purse, in that little shoe-box-sized space near the cart's handles.

But even more shocking about that event above was our realization that the Mexican girl's mother did not seem to sense any danger to her child before the White cashier came running. In fact, the Mexican woman seemed to wonder, "why is this White lady making my daughter sit down in the shopping cart?"

Folks, we learned long ago that the mental trait of cautiousness is much stronger in Whites than in minorities. And that trait is inborn, not learned. Yes, we know that your teachers told you otherwise and that your pastor also told you otherwise. But nonetheless, a Black person is more likely to smoke a cigarette while pumping gas, and a Mexican is more likely to ignore that cut on his arm rather than put iodine on it to prevent infection.

In 50 years, minorities will be running America and the West, since they are having far more children than Whites. And since, again, caution is not a strong point with minorities we must wonder if that West-running-by-minorities is such a nifty idea. Maybe you all better find teachers and churches that mention the topic of racial differences. What? You cannot find any teachers or pastors who mention racial differences? Why not? Obviously, someone made that topic taboo. But who?

The coming Amerikwa: a Marxist production steered by Jews and their useful idiots [1].

[1] more on the steering of America here:


Subject: Lewpus Rockwell

Lew, Lew. Imagine a normal government, how would it behave toward Iraq? Viewing things from U.S. interests, it would aim to secure those interests in its foreign policy. What are those interests? Oil. A steady supply of oil. What secures our interest in Arab oil? Friendly relations, a general understanding and respect between nations. A strong, secular Arab government, interested in trade, stability, and peace. Those are our interests in the Arab world. Now, what have we done? The exact opposite of what our interests would dictate. We've broken up stability, generated widespread hostility toward ourselves, created conditions in which religious fundamentalism - a logical rallying point against outside aggressors - must spread, jeopardized our only interest: our oil supply, and created general unrest, all at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars to ourselves and hundreds of American lives. Why? Why in the world would we do that? What possible motivation would there be for us to sacrifice all of our own national interests in such a way? What interests does our policy really reflect? If you wonder why normal conservatives won't take you seriously, it is because you don't answer these questions. You give them no reasons. You just spout rhetoric about the "war party" without ever giving a reason WHY. Whereas the "neo-conservatives" can come up with a new lie every day to justify their position, you're afraid to tell the simple, plain truth. So naturally the average American accepts the "war parties" lies: you offer no alternative, no refutation. What, do you think they're just going to accept the explanation that there is no reason, that they're just crazy? No, that makes no sense.

So again, if not ours, than what interests does our policy really reflect? What's the motivation for it? The answer is clear. Israel. A strong, nationalist Arab power, while good for America, is a threat to Israel, to it's present position and future expansion. That is the simple answer which explains our entire policy in the Middle East. It explains why we have wrecked our relations with the Arab world, why we spend billions of dollars a year to keep Arab governments corrupt, why we play them against each other to keep them weak and disunited, and why, when one gets strong, we attack them militarily. The interests of Israel. And it could not be more clear: the prime architects and planners of this war are Jews, just as the "neo-conservative" movement is a Jewish movement.

Now, no one is going to take you seriously if you don't point this out, neither the people who know it nor the people who don't. On the one hand, you look like a coward, on the other, your argument offers no explanation. You accuse Bush of lying about WMD - why? why would he? what motivation would he have? You say we attacked Iraq even though it's no threat to the U.S. - why? Unless you explain why, you're not going to be taken seriously. They give reasons. They say Saddam is America's enemy, that we're fighting terrorism, spreading democracy, etc. You give nothing, no explanation why they'd be doing what they're doing. So their motivation seems genuine. You haven't given any alternative. At least the left gives the reason of 'oil.' Even though that argument is senseless, it's at least something. You give nothing. Your explanation is that there is no reason for the war. Like 'Political Correctness,' it is a force of nature, not a tool which advances specific interests. That nearly all of the 'neo-cons' are Jews is just a coincidence, and that nearly all of the people in control of the mass media are Jews is also a coincidence, and the two are in no way related. The rise of neo-conservatism has nothing to do with its placement in the media, and the media has no effect on politics. Sure.

Sorry, but that won't do. You want to effect change on the problems you talk about? How do you do that without pointing to the source? How do you fight an enemy you can't name or see? who's methods strategy you therefore can't counter? Do you want to effect change at all? Or is it just about the pay check? You want status, respectability? Then you're just a part of the System you pretend to oppose.

A lot of people have already come to that conclusion.




Shocking photographs shame US occupation forces in Iraq

by Ernesto Cienfuegos

La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - November 10, 2003 - (ACN) La Voz de Aztlan has received a series of photographs showing "Black" US occupation soldiers in Iraq humiliating, harassing and handcuffing an entire Iraqi family in their home. The photographs which also show the handcuffing of Iraqi children have not been published in the US. The series of shameful photographs, which have provoked international outrage, are published by La Voz de Aztlan at .

It is not known whether the Afro-American soldiers were acting on their own or just following the orders from their White superiors. It is ironic that Black soldiers in Iraq are acting in this manner when they as a race are still suffering racism here in the USA. The most recent incident of blatant racism against Blacks occurred last Wednesday when a Goose Creek, South Carolina White police assault squad of 15 terrorized all Black, Stratford High School. Videos released today by the mainstream media shows 15 White cops with guns drawn terrorizing cowering Black teenagers in a hallway . In one instance, a White racist cop is shown jumping a Black student, dragging him and then handcuffing him for no apparent reason. The White Goose Creek Police Chief said they raided the school to look for "marijuana" but they found none. Goose Creek is in the heart of the "Old Plantation South" and was founded by Whites based upon slave labor owned by the landed gentry.

The USA occupation in Iraq is now rapidly sinking in a quagmire. The occupation, as in Vietnam, is now becoming more brutal as US troops are reacting to increasing and more sophisticated operations by Iraqi guerilla freedom fighters. As in Vietnam, the Pentagon is talking about winning the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people that will lead to the successful installation of a US "puppet regime". This will allow Bush and his cronies to freely extract Iraq's oil riches. The nature of "Guerilla Warfare", however, has thrown a monkey wrench into the Pentagon's plan.

In Vietnam a crucial incident that eventually led to the defeat of the USA was the My Lai Massacre. The My Lai Massacre occurred on March 16, 1968 when Company "C" of the US Army - 11th Brigade entered the village of My Lai and massacred entire Vietnamese families that included women, children and elderly people. The heinous massacre included the "bayonetting and disemboweling" of Vietnamese babies and the burning of their homes that consisted of humble "huts" made of bamboo and straw roofs.

The war against Vietnam was eventually seen for what it was. It was a racist war against what the White generals and the White Pentagon called "the gooks". In Iraq, there are added dimensions. Primarily, it is to take Iraq's oil and secondarily, it is being waged on behalf of Zionist Israel. There is, however, a racist dimension in the Iraq War as well. New military recruits are being trained in "boot camps" to hate the Arabs, Muslims and Islam in general. The NCO's in charge of preparing the "grunts" to fight in Iraq are constantly yelling epithets to dehumanize Arabs and to program the "grunts" to hate Iraqis and other Islamic peoples. Instead of using the derogatory phrase "kill the gooks", they are today using "kill the ragheads" or "kill the camel jockeys". In addition, the "grunts" are being told false stories that US Army Private Jessica Lynch was brutally "sodomized" by the Iraqi "animals", that she was a "virgin" and that they must avenge her honor. Iraqi doctors that saved Private Lynch's life said that it is absolutely not true what the Pentagon is saying about Jessica Lynch and her experiences in Iraq. Now that we know the lies that were utilized to justify the military assault on Iraq . . . who are we to believe?



Un-f---ing---believable. Georgie Porgie says Egypt and Saudi must democratize. Is he fucking kidding? What kind of diplomacy is this? Now he's throwing out 50 years of postwar wisdom by meddling in the internal affairs of Arab states. Only the zhids will be happy with this. Geo Is a Fucking Moron. The kosher neocons are clapping.


The funny thing is how al-Queda and Sharon's Israel openly court the same result: the advent of extremist governments in the middle east and a regional war for all the marbles.

Maybe we shouldnt be too concerned. Mabye, sooner the GOTTERDAMERUNG comes, the sooner comes a new day.

Tim K


Subject: spelling

my comment on this:

"decrepid" is not a word. decrepit is. spelling errors are ok for quick correspondence and not for permanent website introductions. also, I'm not sure about the usage.

well, alex, be inspired at least that you have inspired others. who knows where it will end....

Ed. Note: Kids should realize that spelling errorz are not small things, they are big things. Anybody intelligent will disregard you after the second mistake they see that they don't think is a typo. GET SHIT RIGHT.


Subject: "Why I am not a conservative"

Welcome to my internet site, my platform for editorializing on the issues of the day unimpeded by egalitarian and multicultural dogmas. I began writing editorials while a Junior at Emory University, and after a couple whacks I hit a hornet's nest with a column on race, IQ, and genetics. Now I am back to do battle with the Big Lies of our time: egalitarianism and social constructionism, i.e., the denial of immutable genetic differences between individuals, the sexes, and the races.

This site debuted on October 6, 2003, the third anniversary of the column that started it all. New editorials appear twice weekly. My most recent piece appears below, unless an older one is selected from the list on the left. Clicking the "home" button refreshes the page with my latest piece.

Feel free to reprint or distribute my columns. I only ask that proper credit and my web address be given.

Why I am not a Conservative

Earlier this week I was walking across the U.C. Berkeley campus with a friend who considers herself conservative. We agree on most issues, although we differ on our views about religion and related social questions. I met her for lunch at Sproul Plaza, Berkeley¹s traditional hotspot for soapbox oratory, where a hardcore Christian speaker had stationed himself. The speaker had a large sign proclaiming that we either had to "follow Jesus or go to hell." My friend rejoiced while he inveighed against the degeneracy and social decay that dominate Berkeley. I admired the man for bucking the trend but largely disagreed with his message.

Until about a year into college, I considered myself a Catholic and a Republican. Although I didn't agree with the Church's dogma in its entirety, I nonetheless viewed Christianity as a force for good in an increasingly corrupt, debased, and rootless world. I attended a Jesuit boys' high school, and was very impressed not only with the education I received but also with the school's attempt to develop a student's character as well as his intellect. The Jesuits are the most liberal order of Catholics, and even their religion classes were far from dogmatic, encouraging questioning and critical thought rather than blind acceptance. I supported the Republicans for the same reason I supported the Catholic Church: not because of what they stood for, but because of what they seemed to stand against.

I also saw the Republican Party as the defender of traditional American values. I remember watching Pat Buchanan's closing speech for the 1992 Republican National Convention on TV with my father. Buchanan looked at the Presidential election as a key battle in America's "cultural war," the struggle between those wishing to preserve core American values and those seeking to change them. He told the story of two soldiers who helped to take Los Angeles back from the Black mob that had taken over after the Rodney King verdict was announced. I was moved by his words, happy to know the Republicans stood for patriotism, morality, and law and order in a time of selfishness, decadence, and racial strife.

I supported the Republicans for the same reason I supported the Catholic Church: not because of what they stood for, but because of what they seemed to stand against. You see, I was a conservative. I worried primarily about social and cultural decadence and decline, and I saw the Church and the Republicans as bulwarks against them.

Only when I got to college did I abandon the Republicans entirely. I already knew that multiculturalism debases all cultures subjected to it, but I was unaware of how much evidence supported the theory that cultural differences between races weren't purely environmental in origin. At the same time I was making these discoveries, the Republicans seemed to be bending over backwards for the votes of minorities who would almost certainly vote for the Democrats anyway.

I ceased being a Catholic and a Republican as soon as I ceased being a conservative.

It seems laughable to be
concerned about whether the
Western classics are taught
in our schools, but to be
indifferent as to whether
any Whites are around to
appreciate them, much less
create new Western classics.

Today I am a conservative in only one sense: I wish to conserve the White race. But the conservative movement is no ally in this cause. Conservatives don't exactly support Whites becoming a minority, but they aren't willing to oppose it vigorously for fear of being called "racists." Instead, conservatives waste their time and energy fighting over far less important matters: school prayer, abortion, homosexuality, Confederate monuments, classical education, Constitutional law, school vouchers, etc.

Conservatives fail to recognize that everything in Western civilization worth conserving springs from the creative potential of the White gene pool. If that gene pool is destroyed, all of these things will be lost. Conversely, if the White gene pool is preserved, then even if present-day civilization is completely destroyed, we could eventually create a new and even better civilization. It seems laughable to be concerned about whether the Western classics are taught in our schools, but to be indifferent as to whether any Whites are around to appreciate them, much less create new Western classics.

Let's look at a few issues where conservatism is nothing but a liability to White nationalists.


Abortion. Almost all conservatives reflexively oppose abortion. But from a racial perspective, abortion in the present circumstances is a good thing, simply because non-Whites abort far more frequently than Whites, thereby postponing the date that Whites become a minority. Yet a guest columnist for the National Review mourns the fact that (miscarriages excluded) over one third of Black fetuses are aborted, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control.


Homosexuality. Recently the Episcopal Church in the United States ordained an openly gay Bishop. This decision was most vociferously condemned by African Episcopal leaders, who may sever ties with the American church. Most conservatives have sided with the Africans, but from a racialist point of view, this split is a very good thing. The Episcopal Church in the U.S. currently sends tens of millions of dollars to African churches and helps Africans to emigrate to the U.S. If the Church severs these ties, so much the better for Whites.


Patriotism. Most conservatives are patriotic. White Americans sick of the selfishness and decadence around them desperately want to believe in something higher than themselves. White people who are increasingly victimized by the present regime‹which bows to Jews and coddles non-Whites, which taxes them to support non-Whites at home and ships their jobs to non-Whites overseas‹still desire to think of America as their own. They cling to the very regime that is abusing and destroying them. This is why conservative Americans were so easily mobilized to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9-11.

The very Jews who preside over the ongoing poisoning of our cultural atmosphere, who sneer at all forms of patriotism except Zionism, who have subverted American foreign policy and placed Jewish interests above American interests, needed money and cannon fodder to kill their enemies in the Middle East. So, with a cynical spin of the propaganda dial, our "liberal" media became "conservative" overnight and patriotic Americans were stampeded into war. (And practically overnight, another Jew produced a book deploring America's "conservative" media.)

Now that the "glorious" and all-too-easy initial slaughter of Afghans and Iraqis is over and our occupation forces are sitting ducks for reprisals by the relatives of the dead, it is White Americans who are over-represented on the front lines and thus among the casualties. But Saddam's ultimate revenge might be the ruinous expense of this war, a cost borne disproportionately by Whites as well.

Unlike the anti-war left, I am not opposed to patriotism as such. In fact, I think it is noble. What I am opposed to is the obscene spectacle of White Americans being manipulated by their patriotism to waste their blood and treasure in a war instigated by and fought for the benefit of Jews. Patriotism just blinds us to the anti-White nature of the present regime. It is time we transfer our patriotism to the one entity that deserves it: our race.

Christianity has always been
dysgenic: encouraging the
smartest to become celibate,
the noblest to spill their
blood in senseless wars, and
the least valuable to be
fruitful and multiply for
they shall inherit the earth.

Christianity. Most conservatives are Christians, and even those who are not often cling to Christianity because they see it as an integral part of Western civilization. But it is not. Christianity is profoundly foreign to the European heart and mind. It is a product of Jews and the degenerate, racially mongrelized toiling classes of the Roman Empire. It was imposed by force upon Europe by ambitious kings who desired the meeker, more sheep-like populaces that the Christian virtues encourage. Christianity was made palatable to Europe only by blending it with indigenous pagan customs.

Christianity has always been dysgenic: encouraging the smartest to become celibate, the noblest to spill their blood in senseless wars, and the least valuable to be fruitful and multiply for they shall inherit the earth. Today, Christian churches aid the explosive growth of non-White populations, enable non-Whites to flood into White lands, and morally disarm Whites from resisting by telling them that there is no virtue in racial self-defense, only in racial suicide. But if we are meek, we shall inherit nothing: we shall cease to exist as a race.

Conservatism is nothing but excess baggage for White nationalists. In a time when present trends threaten in the long run the very existence of the White race, there is only one moral imperative and one political issue: our survival. In any political situation, there is only one question that matters: "Is it good for White people?"


Subject: desert reality of shitskin invasion

The greezers that come through this sector at the rate of about 100,000 a month have taken to lopping the tops off of young saguaro cactus to get a drink and to eat the pulp. Unfortunately, the cactus which takes 200 years to fully mature will never reach a height of more than six feet after being topped, if it survives at all. These are protected cactus. My neighbor got a 1000 dollar fine just for MOVING one on his property to a new location without buying a permit from the state gubment first. They also are decorating the cactus with dirty shit stained shorts and there are clothes laying everywhere as are literally hundreds of empty bleach bottles and dirty diapers. I am trespassing and risk arrest just for going out on this state land which I do occasionally just to do recon on what these fuckin spics are up to. Mexiswine must be stopped at some point or we can forget about the desert southwest forever. I was standing on a high peak on a power line road and looked down to see a beautiful little rainbow cactus growing out of a rock and snagged to it was shit-stained asswipe. This is what they leave behind everywhere they go. I had to turn in my neighbor for a wildcat dump in his yard. He is a spic who claims to be Castilian but I know better. Even the American spics are goddamn pigs.



Northwestern is highly respected academically too. A great place to send your college bound kids


3-foot swastika, charged slur discovered on wall of Norris

By Maren Dougherty

November 10, 2003

A swastika was found on an outside wall of Norris University Center Sunday morning, marking the latest incident in a series of crimes targeting certain ethnicities on the Evanston Campus over the last three quarters.

Located on the building's east side, the swastika was nearly three-feet high and accompanied by the phrase "Die Jews."

Around 1:40 p.m. Sunday, a facilities management worker used spray paint to cover the vandalism. Meanwhile hundreds of Jewish high school students and parents were gathered in Norris for FACETS, a college conference and fair co-sponsored by the Hillels of Illinois and the Fiedler Hillel Center.

Rabbi Michael Mishkin, Hillel's executive director, said although the vandalism would reflect poorly on Northwestern, he didn't think anyone was subjected to a direct physical risk.

"The biggest concern parents have, or we all have, is whether students are in physical danger," he said. "Fortunately I don't think that's the case."

Although the crime did not appear to be directed toward an individual and police declined to comment on the epithet's classification, Richard Goldberg, co-chairman of the ASG hate crimes task force, said he would hold an emergency meeting Monday.

"This last week has been a step backward in the progress we've made," said Goldberg, a Medill junior.

He said the task force has been analyzing NU's current policies and campaign to bring more unity to campus. The university has also strengthened its policies concerning hate crime offenders. Despite the efforts, Goldberg said, some criminals cannot be persuaded.

"People who hate don't need a reason to hate," he said. "They just want attention and publicity. We can't let them throw off our message of togetherness."

In addition to police, administrators also declined to comment on the incident Sunday.

At the FACETS conference, representatives from about 35 colleges provided information to prospective Jewish students.

Joseph Sunshine, a University of Arizona alumnus who attended the conference with an admissions representative for the school, said he was saddened by the appearance of the swastika. But, he added, it would not change his perception of NU.

"I think every school across the nation has had problems with hate crimes, if you look deep enough," he said. "I think there's trouble all around the world." But Chicago high school student Joanne Wolf, 16, said incidents of vandalism such as the swastika could ultimately influence her college decision.

"I don't want to go to a school where I'm hated," she said.




Slovakian fathers don't want their daughters marrying yids. A lot of 'em prefer to keep jews out of their neighborhood


....A survey conducted by the Markant agency [in the Slovak Republic] released in January 2001 shows that 37 percent of respondents would disapprove if their daughter decided to marry a Jewish person. When asked how they would react if a Jew decided to move into their neighbourhood, 19 percent of those questioned said they would be against it.



Barbara Simpson Talk Radio Host,

Christmas is just about gone, Thank the Jews and thank the Jewish Retailers. Christmas is just about gone!

Posted: November 10, 2003

The holiday suckers are back and it's worse than ever.

I'm not talking about people taken in by holiday scams, but people who are sucking the meaning from our traditional holidays and leaving them hollow remnants of meaningless drek. I saw it in mid-August when I stopped in one of my favorite stores, specializing in items from all over the world, including specialty food and wines.

It was summer, and then I went into the store and was hit between the eyes with their full-bore displays for Halloween. In August? Yes. Candy, masks, decorations. They had it all. I had it, too! I was disgusted. Talk about rushing the season. I thought that about took the cake, but I was wrong. It was just the beginning. Newspapers were filled with Halloween themes, recipes, party ideas and costume suggestions. People now decorate their houses ­ and not with just a few ghost pictures on the windows. Lawns are filled with graves and tombstones, trees are draped with cobwebs and hedges are strung with pumpkin lights. Halloween has morphed into a major holiday celebration for adults. Whatever happened to little kids trick-or-treating? The last time I was home for the annual begging, the only "children" who showed up were high-school students. A six-footer looks pretty silly acting like a 5-year-old.

By early September, it was "beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Normally, that would mean December. Not now. These days, Christmas hits at Labor Day and picks up speed from there. In fact, if you wait until mid-December to shop, you'll find everything picked over. If you need cards or decorations, you'll be lucky if anything's left. Stores begin Christmas clearances before the 25th. Sale catalogs arrive in mid-December. Talk about taking the glow off the holiday ­ especially if that special gift, for which you paid full price, is marked down 50 percent before you even wrap it!

One year, the day after Christmas, I went into the hardware store to buy a couple of bulbs for the Christmas lights. They had none. They told me they were already packed away for next year! This was the same store that had Christmas merchandise displayed weeks before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving? What's that? It's become one of the most ignored traditional American holidays. Thanksgiving commemorates the colonists giving thanks to God for their survival in the new world. Unfortunately, that part of the holiday is gone. It's become turkey day and football. The only stores really using the theme in advertising are supermarkets ­ get your turkey and trimmings. And don't forget the beer for the bowl games.

Even at that, the word "Thanksgiving" is rarely seen. When was the last time you saw pictures of pilgrims? Or anything about their giving thanks ­ meaning, to God. Don't hold your breath. God isn't allowed. Then there's Christmas. Oh. Sorry. Not now. Now it's the holiday season. There's Santa, maybe. A decorated tree. Yes. Stockings? Yes. Gifts? Of course, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Well, not really, but you'd never know.

In the public square you won't see anything concerning the true meaning of Christmas. No crosses, creche, Jesus, holy family, wise men, Bible or God. Religion has been stripped from the public face of Christmas ­ despite the fact that it and Thanksgiving are national holidays, the religious origins have all but been wiped out in public. In schools, children are not taught the truth of the holidays. In addition, there are no Christmas vacations, Christmas carols, Christmas pageants or displays. Everything is generic and non-religious.

The supreme irony is that virtually all decorations sold are made in atheistic Communist China, likely by slave labor. The hypocrisy is clear when the "made in China" label is on nativity figures and angels. Then, there's multiculturalism. The media do special features on Ramadan and Kwanzaa and, sometimes, even Hanukkah if they want to appear ecumenical. We will be "educated" up the wazoo on these ceremonies, but you'd be hard pressed to find any mention of Gospel readings of the birth of Jesus, who He was, midnight mass or the meaning of it all.

And now, we have to deal with the ABC-TV network news airing a one-hour special on a fictional theory of Jesus being married. Do you think they'd have the courage to do a one-hour special about the sex life of Muhammad? Like the drip of water wearing away rock, it's clearer than ever that the religious foundation of this country is clearly, and with intent, being subverted. We know what happens to a structure when its foundation is destroyed. That's what they want. We're too close for comfort.



Dear Abby,

In response to the letter you received from "Worried about my daughter in Fort Worth", her father is not a bigot. He just doesn't want his daughter procreating with a person of another race (probably a Negro)! Your Tribe, the jews, are the biggest bigots in the world in your homeland of Israel! Also, your rabbis discourage intermarrigage with the Goyim! Yet your Tribe pushed for Third World non-white immigration in all of the white countries. Your Tribe pushes miscegenation between whites and other races, especially blacks. This is done on your TV stations such as MTV, Nickelodian, ABC, NBC, CBS and in print and TV ads. Your Tribe pushed intergration (jews founded the NAACP), so white girls would be forced to associate with young boy-apes. Itz Coming!



the New York, Washington and LA media is hopelessly hostile to jews and that's why they can't get their message out


Bias against Jews assailed


THE JOURNAL NEWS November 10, 2003

SPRING VALLEY — Recent local and international expressions of anti-Semitism must be vigorously opposed, a speaker told about 100 people yesterday at the Holocaust Museum and Study Center's Kristallnacht commemoration. The use of religious and racial stereotypes on a political level in several nations demonstrates a growing trend of anti-Semitism, said Mark Weitzman, the director of Task Force Against Hate and the associate director of education for the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

"Germany is not the only place where anti-Semitism can be found," said Weitzman, who gave an overview of historical and current anti-Semitism. In addition to recent episodes in Germany, Weitzman discussed events in Ireland, England and Greece that he said were examples of a trend. While he acknowledged that there was room for legitimate criticism of Israel, he said that when that country is faulted and other nations are exempted from criticism, a bias is revealed.

"There is a lie there. There is a double standard, and that is the difference," said Weitzman, who wrote "Dismantling the Big Lie: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" with Steven Jacobs. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion — the anti-Semitic publication that purported to outline a Jewish plot for world domination around the start of the 20th century — continues to be the basis upon which anti-Semites across the world discriminate against Jews, despite the fact the booklet has been debunked, Weitzman added.

The information age has facilitated the dissemination of hate material, particularly on the Internet, he said. "Anti-Semites have become a lot more sophisticated," he said. Recent developments on some college campuses across the nation and as in American militias show there is anti-Semitic sentiment in the United States, Weitzman said.

Intolerance must be fought, he said, adding that every instance must be met with an outcry and action. He cited remarks by Spring Valley Trustee Demeza Delhomme, saying that when a politician and political candidate "could go on cable TV and make flat-out anti-Semitic remarks and not resign, then these kinds of things tell us that the climate has shifted somewhat."

Delhomme said in a recent cable TV show that all Jews have food stamps and Section 8, a federal housing subsidy. He said that his comments were misunderstood.

Weitzman also commented on remarks by then-Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and a European Commission poll issued last month. Mohamad alleged, "The reaction of the world shows that they (Jews) do control the world" and "There are not many Jews in the world. But they are so arrogant that they defy the whole world."

In the poll, almost 60 percent of Europeans surveyed felt that Israel was a larger threat to world peace than North Korea, Iran or Afghanistan. After Weitzman's presentation, several audience members asked him in-depth questions about his views on anti-Semitism, including what he believed was the root cause. He said he believed anti-Zionism was the driving force behind much of the anti-Semitism today.

Barbara Grau, the executive director of the center, said she was pleased with yesterday's turnout. After the talk ended, Joseph Kanusher of New Hempstead said he believed people's views about Jews were skewed. The image of "the Jewish people only being concerned about themselves" is "really not true," he said, noting that Jewish individuals and organizations have done a great deal of humanitarian work around the world.

"We are giving, caring, kind people," he said.



only 7000 wounded and sick so far in the Iraq adventure. From the Army's own newspaper....


Congressional delegation stops to visit patients at Landstuhl [hurriedly departs for haute cuisine dinner and cocktail party afterward]

By Marni McEntee

Stars and Stripes European edition Wednesday, November 5, 2003

LANDSTUHL, Germany — Six U.S. congressmen visiting Iraq to study small-business opportunities got a close-up look at the danger facing U.S. soldiers and its aftermath at a military hospital in Germany.

....The delegation made a stop at the military hospital in Landstuhl, which has treated more than 7,000 injured and ill servicemembers from the Iraq war. The congressmen met with several injured soldiers, one whose arm had been amputated by a rocket-propelled grenade, and another who was injured by a homemade bomb.




The Nation magazine

March 22, 1986

The Empire Lovers Strike Back



Recently, Norman Mailer and I chatted together at the Royale Theatre in New York, under the auspices of PEN American Center. Part of what I said was reprinted in these pages on January 11, under the title, not mine, "Requiem for the American Empire." I gave a bit of a history lesson about our empire's genesis, and I brooded on its terminus last fall, when Tokyo took over from New York as the world's economic center.

My conclusion: for America to survive economically in the coming Sino-Japanese world, an alliance with the Soviet Union is a necessity. After all, the white race is a minority race with many well deserved enemies, and if the two great powers of the Northern Hemisphere don't band together, we are going to end up as farmers--or, worse, mere entertainment--for the more than one billion grimly efficient Asiatics. In principle, Mailer agreed.

As expected, that wonderful, wacky couple, Norman (Poddy) Podhoretz and his wife, Midge Decter, checked in. The Lunts of the right wing (Israeli Fifth Column Division), they are now, in their old age, more and more like refugees from a Woody Allen film: The Purple Prose of West End Avenue. Poddy was the first to respond. He is the editor of Commentary (circulation 55,000, and allegedly falling; paid for by the American Jewish Committee). He is best known--and by me loved--for his autobiographical "novel," Making It, in which he tells us that he has made it because he has become editor of Commentary and might one day be a guest at the White House, as he has already been a guest of Huntington Hartford in Nassau.

Over the years, Poddy has, like his employers, the A.J.C., moved from those liberal positions traditionally occupied by American Jews (and me) to the far right of American politics. The reason for that is simple. In order to get Treasury money for Israel (last year $3 billion), pro-Israel lobbyists must see to it that America's "the Russians are coming" squads are in place so that they can continue to frighten the American people into spending enormous sums for "defense," which also means the support of Israel in its never-ending wars against just about everyone. To make sure that nearly a third of the Federal budget goes to the Pentagon and Israel, it is necessary for the pro-Israel lobbyists to make common cause with our lunatic right. Hence, the virulent propaganda.

Poddy denounced Mailer and me in the pages of the New York Post. According to him, we belong to that mindless majority of pinko intellectuals who actually think that the nation spends too much on the Pentagon and not enough on, say, education. Since sustained argument is not really his bag, he must fall back on the ad hominem attack, a right-wing specialty--and, of course, on our flag, which he wears like a designer kaftan because "the blessings of freedom and prosperity are greater and more widely shared [here] than in any country known to human history." Poddy should visit those Western European countries whose per capita income is higher than ours. All in all, Poddy is a silly billy.

Significantly, the one Yiddish word that has gained universal acceptance in this country is chutzpah. Example: In 1960, Mr. and Mrs. Podhoretz were in upstate New York where I used to live. I was trying out a play at the Hyde Park Playhouse; the play was set during the Civil War. "Why," asked Poddy, "are you writing a play about, of all things, the Civil War?" I explained to him that my mother's family had fought for the Confederacy and my father's for the Union, and that the Civil War was--and is--to the United States what the Trojan War was to the Greeks, the great single tragic event that continues to give resonance to our Republic.

"Well, to me," said Poddy, "the Civil War is as remote and as irrelevant as the War of the Roses." I realized then that he was not planning to become an "assimilated American," to use the old-fashioned terminology; but, rather, his first loyalty would always be to Israel. Yet he and Midge stay on among us, in order to make propaganda and raise money for Israel--a country they don't seem eager to live in. Jewish joke, circa 1900: A Zionist is someone who wants to ship other people off to Palestine.

Midge was next to strike. But before she launched her attack, in something called Contentions, she put on her thinking cap and actually read what I wrote. I give her high marks for that. Unfortunately, she found my history lesson hard going. But then, like most of our Israeli fifth columnists, Midge isn't much interested in what the goyim were up to before Ellis Island. She also likes the ad hominem attack. When I noted that our writers seldom speak out on matters of war and peace because so many of them are paid for by universities that receive money from the garrison state, Midge tartly retorted, "He, after all, is not paid by a university but by those great centers of independence, the film companies." Since my last Hollywood film, The Best Man, was made in 1964, I have been "paid" by that American public that buys my books about the American past, a subject of no demonstrable interest to Midge and Poddy and their friends.

Midge was amazed by my description of how we seized territories from Mexico, including California; annexed Hawaii and Puerto Rico and, of course, the Philippines, where we slaughtered between 100,000 and 200,000 of the inhabitants. Interesting note: American imperialists froth if the figures for those murdered are ever in excess of 60,000 men, women and children, the acceptable statistical minimum for genocide. Then Midge, with that magisterial gooniness that marks her polemical style, told us, "that three of these conquered territories are now states of the United States, and a fourth an independent republic, is evidently beside the point--as, we cannot resist remarking. . . ."

Oh, Midge, resist. Resist! Don't you get the point? We stole other people's land. We murdered many of the inhabitants. We imposed our religion--and rule--on the survivors. General Grant was ashamed of what we did to Mexico, and so am I. Mark Twain was ashamed of what we did in the Philippines, and so am I. Midge is not because in the Middle East another predatory people is busy stealing other people's land in the name of an alien theocracy. She is a propagandist for these predators (paid for?), and that is what all this nonsense is about.

Since spades may not be called spades in freedom's land, let me spell it all out. In order to get military and economic support for Israel, a small number of American Jews, who should know better, have made common cause with every sort of reactionary and anti-Semitic group in the United States, from the corridors of the Pentagon to the TV studios of the evangelical Jesus-Christers. To show that their hearts are in the far-right place, they call themselves neoconservatives, and attack the likes of Mailer and me, all in the interest of supporting the likes of Sharon and Israel as opposed to the Peace Now Israelis whom they disdain. There is real madness here; mischief too.

"Well, one thing is clear in all this muddle,'' writes Midge, adrift in her tautological sea, "Mr. Vidal does not like his country." Poor Midge. Of course I like my country. After all, I'm its current biographer. But now that we're really leveling with each other, I've got to tell you I don't much like your country, which is Israel.

Although there is nothing wrong with being a lobbyist for a foreign power, one is supposed to register with the Justice Department. Also, I should think that tact would require a certain forbearance when it comes to the politics of the host country. But tact is unknown to the Podhoretzes. Joyously they revel in the politics of hate, with plangent attacks on blacks and/or fags and/or liberals, trying, always, to outdo those moral majoritarians who will, as Armageddon draws near, either convert all the Jews, just as the Good Book says, or kill them.

All in all, the latest Podhoretz diatribes have finally convinced me that the time has come for the United States to stop all aid not only to Israel but to Jordan, Egypt and the rest of the Arab world. The Middle Easterners would then be obliged to make peace, or blow one another up, or whatever. In any case, we would be well out of it. After all, the theological and territorial quarrels of Israel and Islam are as remote to 200 million Americans as--what else?--the War of the Roses.


Subject: JFK

Cat JFK fucked up everything for the southern cats with his democrat lib nig loving beat the hell out of the already beaten up south mentality. Cats in the south were tainted by that billionaire silver spoon up their ass ideology that is no different than carpetbagger connecticunt Shrub poser lib jew nig lover.

Kennedy was as jew as jew as jew can get with his filthy love of money and power control. His coddling up to the negro and jew who began their assault on the south with the infamous MLK coon and the other radical nigs like Malcomn X or Stokely Carmicheal etc is well documented.

The south had no problems with cats from the south but when the jewnigged northern cats in the JFK mold arrived in whereever but the great and glorious 60s everything became confused and in all the confusion have become quasi scapegoats with their tainting of these yank cats who are truely fucked up as hell like the rest of the race traitors.

Jew tv continues to depict the south in a negative light simply because the south was true to the core with its belief system that America was a white created nation as the white founding fathers wrote about.

It was jew tv who took this Gentile invented medium of live coverage and reeked more incredible havoc on the south which was a calm placid peaceful place even in spite of the Lincunt death and destruction violence 100 years earlier.

The south was just beginning to rebuild itself in the 60s and get back to its superior position from 100 years earlier when the jew tv took aim and began its massive renewed assault with its yank race traitor descendants like JFK leading the way.

All the south ever wanted was to be left alone like they had in 1861 and didne want niggers forced down their throats although nigs who lived in the south were satisfied and could have moved north to live with their white race triators like millions had already done yet these chose to remain south knowing the north yankjewnig vipers were nothing but typical troublemakers as usual.

It wasnt enough for the Lincunts to overtax and then destroy the south in the 1860s and then spend 100 years keeping the south in dire strait poverty while the jews in hollywood mocked them along with yanks all over but then the invention the tv created an entirely new mass venue for the jewviper and his race traitors to attack and invade the south once more after 100 years to destroy it and use it as its whipping boy.

Psychologists say those who tear others down to build themselves up have low self esteem and it is all a ploy. This is what has occured to the south at the hands of the jewnigyanks.

The south can sympathize with Iraq and its occupation by jewnig ZOG and the race traitor Conneticunt silver spoon Shrub liar although Iraq has seen nothing to what the south has been subjected to for 140 years of its occupation even though through it all the south has rebuilt itself enduring attacks to this day from the jewnigyank vipers.

Jews, thanks to the boy Hitler, bitch and whine still about the fake holocaust yet the south lost 25% of its white population in the Lincunt war not counting another 25% injuries.

If ever there was a true Holocaust and persecution it is the south at the hands of the jew vipers and race traitors not tomention a 140 years occupation.

Even the whinyass sand nigger Arabs have never experienced anything like the southern white race nation has experienced and 140 years of occupation and degradation.

Fuck the whinyass Palestineans and whinyass arab sand niggers. The south was totally demolished and 50% of its white race peopualtion sustained injury while 100% of its white race people sustained persecution and degradation at the jewnigyank hands.

And the northern race traitors in bed with the jew and nig complain that the south still fights the civil war? Get fucked and fuck off.

Also like everything the jew has bastardized the Gentile invented tv as if their fuckup in hollywood wasnt enough.

All Hitler worshipers can thank his little short beady black eyed ass for all that shit and more. Hitler was about as aryan as the pope is baptist.


Subject: Raimondo on Bush the Trotskyite

November 10, 2003


Is the U.S. really launching a 'global democratic revolution'?

by Justin Raimondo

It's just a coincidence that George W. Bush gave a speech announcing that the U.S. was leading a "global democratic revolution" on the eve of Leon Trotsky's birthday , but it is one that neatly illustrates the militant revolutionism at the core of American foreign policy in the post-9/11 era.

The proximity to Trotsky's birthday was fortuitous, but the venue of this revolutionary proclamation was not: it was a speech commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the brainchild of neoconservative ideologues, many of whom have their roots on the Trotskyite Left . Having given up the dream of revolutionary socialism for the more practical project of global "democracy," the troublesome little sect of neoconservatives, not so affectionately known as "neocons," is at last having its moment in the sun.

The NED was a sop thrown to the neocons during the Reagan administration, so they could have a little domain of their own, a small but strategically placed contingent of "Socialists for Reagan" embedded deep in the bowels of the U.S. government. The first President of the group, Carl Gershman, was a longtime member of the Social Democrats, USA , formerly the Socialist Party, a group dominated by the legendary Max Shachtman . The founder of "third camp " neo-Trotskyism, Shachtman broke with Trotsky in the 1940s and evolved, over the years, into a firm supporter of U.S. military intervention worldwide, while retaining – like Sidney Hook – his dedication to the "democratic" socialist cause.

As top advisors to the Lane Kirkland wing of the AFL-CIO, Shachtman and his followers burrowed deep in the labor movement, and lobbied extensively for the establishment of a government-subsidized "quasi-private" foundation that would help them extend their labor connections internationally, The effort bloomed in the Carter years, when the two parties agreed to share in the spoils, and bore fruit at the start of the Reagan years. The legislation establishing the National Endowment for Democracy mandated that most of its funding, at least initially, would go to the Free Trade Union Institute (FTUI), an arm of the AFL-CIO's International Affairs Department.

Aside from the subsidy, however, the benefits to the Shachtmanites were also ideological: from their perch at the NED, they could egg on the administration to confront the Soviet Union and agitate for the prosecution of the cold war to the fullest – all at taxpayers' expense. When the Soviet Union imploded, however, so did the rationale for the NED – and it narrowly escaped the budget ax . But post-9/11, the NED – along with the neoconservative movement – was given a new lease on life. Certainly George W. Bush's conversion to Shachtmanism, as evidenced by his NED address, represents the apotheosis of neocon dominance in Washington.

The odd combination of Soviet-style phraseology with ostensibly conservative rhetoric made for a speech of unsurpassed weirdness. On the one hand, the President celebrated the victory of capitalism, hailing the triumph of "democracy," "free enterprise," and "markets," and yet somehow managed to do it the style of a socialist orator out of the 1930s.

The U.S., according to Bush, was no ordinary country, nor even one especially blessed, but an "inspiration for oppressed peoples," whose acolytes worldwide "knew of at least one place – a bright and hopeful land – where freedom was valued and secure" – kind of like the Soviet Union was to the Commies of yesteryear. Here, too, are references to the necessity for "sacrifice" – a favorite theme of the old Soviet rhetoricians – including this Orwellian formulation:

"By definition, the success of freedom rests upon the choices and the courage of free peoples, and upon their willingness to sacrifice."

Freedom is, "by definition," slavery. War is peace. And Ignorance, as we all know, is Strength .

The speeches of the Soviet leaders, and their American imitators, were always filled with new "turns," announcing the most recent twist in the party line, and the Bush speech displays the same grandiose tic:

"We've reached another great turning point – and the resolve we show will shape the next stage of the world democratic movement."

America as the leader of a "world movement" – the idea is positively Leninist.

Full of revolutionary resolve, the U.S. must now focus on the Middle East "for decades to come," said Bush. For some strange reason, Mesopotamia does not yet share Montana's enthusiasm for democratic governance, and this is impermissible:


Subject: Asscroft

In an address to the annual conference of the Jew "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL), U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, who nominally oversees the Jew-dominated Justice Department, vowed to "combat facts about Jews." "This administration believes that acts of facts about the lies Jews tell, must be confronted, condemned and denounced," he said.

He says one example is Jew-lover Bush's condemnation last month of former Malaysian President Mahathir Mohamad's remarks at a meeting of Asian leaders charging that "Jews rule the world by proxy."

Jew-Abraham Foxman, praised Jesus-hating Ashcroft and Jew-lover Bush for their efforts in stopping facts about Jews from getting out

The Anti-Defamation League is a crime-linked Zionist organization accused of corrupting US police departments and spying on American citizens, working to promote the interest of Jews over the interests of Gentiles, and the interests of Israel over the interests of the United States. Under Nazi-John Ashcroft's watch, rogue Jew elements, such as those under the control of Jew Michael Chertoff of the agency's "Joint Terrorism Task Force," have insinuated themselves into the Jew-controlled US Justice Department and have engaged in purely political arrests and persecution of pro-White and anti-Zionist Americans.



jews are thieves



Subject: no Hitler need apply

Alex, just thought i'd let you know that Germans were not permitted to vote for Hitler (Or presumably any other NS figure) something which the MSN report conveniently omits to mention.

Mike, Manchester, England.

Ed. Note: Aha, I didn't realize that, but it fits with everything else. Thanks for letting us know.


Subject: Chittum

Prison Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?


Subject: Cornell moron

racism is gay


Subject: wealth and IQ,,170-888176,00.html November 10, 2003 The Times

The wealth of nations is mapped by their IQ

By Glen Owen

Research says that intelligence is the largest factor behind economic success

A COUNTRY'S prosperity is closely related to the average IQ of its population, according to research that has mapped global intelligence levels.

The study of 60 countries identified a clear correlation between assessments of national mental ability and real gross domestic product, or GDP.

The authors of the work said that the findings showed that international aid agencies should do more to improve the nutrition of pregnant women and infants — the most important environmental determinant of intelligence — to help to lift developing nations out of poverty.

Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, and Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere in Finland, tested the non-verbal reasoning abilities of a representative sample of the different populations. They found that the countries of the Pacific Rim had the highest intelligence scores: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore averaged IQs of about 105.


Subject: Dean comments

State Senator John Matthews, a black Democrat from Orangeburg, said Dr. Dean's comment would cost him with African-Americans. "I think he only apologized after he checked the polls and with his supporters in this state," he said.

He also suggested that Dr. Dean was misguided for even bothering with those who fly the Confederate flag. "I don't think it'd bring anything to the table to go after those voters," Mr. Matthews said. "They will never support Howard Dean. Most of the people supporting the Confederate flag tend to be right-wing, anti-African-American, anti-Jewish, anti-everything. Believe me I live here. I know."


Subject: South Park

Great commentary about that article.. After reading it.. I have come to the conclusion that nothing ever suprises me anymore... these CONservatives.. saying they are now on the leading edge.. that.. with their "blogs" or what "they" call the blogosphere storm (a ferocious burst of online argument, with site linking to site linking to site). Hmm.. last time I checked.. the site leading the way on that is.. VNN! Is it mentioned in this ragpiece.. NO... is John Kaminski.. NO... typical JEWING of the topic... shaping it the way THEY want it.. instead of allowing facts dictate how the picture REALLY IS.

About South Park... It is not the be all and all of "political incorrectness" -- what a laughable phrase... there is no such thing.. these idiots who say that they are "politically incorrect" are telling me that a phrase first used by the FUNNYmentalist RepubliCUNT Henry Hyde is the phrase used to "describe biting social commentary... try again JEWmbo.. try saying you are part of that "hip, politically incorrect crowd" when you name the JEW -- JEW Sone and Parker were riming hardcore on TV about winning a tolerance award from the FAGGOTS about "tolerance for gays" for this episode:

Episode 104:
Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride
Original Air Date: 09-03-1997
Guest Star - George Clooney as Sparky
Stan's got a new dog-named Sparky. Stan proclaims his pet to be the toughest dog on the mountain. Though while Stan thinks his dog is ready for fighting, Sparky proceeds to hump Sylvester like a little bitch. The other boys taunt Stan about his gay dog and Sparky runs away to find someone who will love him for who he is.

I will give the JEW and his ferry credit, though.. they do come up with some great stuff about the JEW.. this may be one of the best:

Episode 704:
Original Air Date: 03-19-2003
Everyones favorite delinquent minors are back when Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny find out that Earth is just one big intergalactic reality show thats about to be cancelled. When the satellite dish in Cartmans ass reactivates the four boys travel to meet the Joosyans (the heads of all the media in the galaxy) to try and convince them to not cancel their show. The network executives take them on a learning journey and they discover that Alien Executives are drunken perverted bastards.

There are downloads from the show... located at:

As an example.. does this remind you of someone... someone from that tribe that has, since the dawn of time... schemed to rule the world by PROXY:


On their last episode, another great scene occurred, when cartman had the JEW boy Kyle strap on explosives, walk into this buffet kitchen, then, via remote control, cartman blew him up. Unfortunately, it was just a dreamed up scheme. Of course, cartman is protrayed as engaging in homo type behavior at times.. but then again, you can't have a character saying stupid jew without some temperence on the JEW TUBE these dayz, itz.



Subject: cc julia






Subject: Findley book "Deliberate Deceptions"


From an book review at


"Deliberate Deceptions exposes serious concerns about Israeli-U.S. relations. Findley argues, convincingly, that Israel is an aggressive, hostile state that will stop at nothing to further its own ends at the expense of others. Israel suctions billions of dollars out of U.S. coffers, with special deals on loans and military hardware that no other country in the world gets. Israel also has the bomb and refuses to allow international inspections of its facilities in the Negev desert. Findley reveals Israel's spy networks in the United States, its cozy relationship with the South African government (during the Apartheid era), and its tendency to resell American military technologies for self-enrichment. The amount of statements and evidence Findley marshals is both amazing and disgusting. Where is the United States government when all of this is happening? It's in large part our government that reinforces this bad behavior. Politicians, according to Findley, are scared of Israel's lobby and influence. The result is that the U.S. turns a blind eye to these shenanigans."


Subject: Catholics

Many think its unfair to label catholics as jews although its a fact that most cats and jews turn to atheism to worship the same god of ignorance but there is the appearance of collusion especially after Martin Luther characterized both as fucked up.

Luther pulled no punches and unquestionably was the #1 enemy of the pope after he rebelled against what he saw was massive corruption. Luther had been the head of the entire catholic German nation and was 100% Aryan with incredible guts and steels balls creating a break away from what he saw as a religion that was nothing like its origins and instead had reverted to money and jew influence with the head jew pope a lying tyrant viper.

People question the catholics in America and mainly in the south where 50% of the people bought into the pope and mary bullshit but they fail to realize that southern catholics were not only set apart from Rome but also set apart in their mentality with a strong belief in their southern forefathers and southern founding fathers of Jefferson, Madison, Washington etc who created the idea of America.

Comparing catholics in the loyal south who were true to their original nation and all its concepts and their own white race of which Spanish catholic Columbus discovered for White Man Religion, as opposed to the northern rogue cats who hated the south wanting to overtax it and destroy it, is asinine to say the least.

Southern cats were far superior in every way to northern cats and were highly instrumental in preserving the ideals of the original America and the white race. They were never race traitor thugs. Protestants and catholics lived in perfect harmony in the south as assimilated patrons of the white race nation. Only after the rogue north race traitors created destruction and havoc did any theological differences arise and even then not a big deal.

The rogue jew north under the race traitor Lincunts took 100 years trying to mold the south into what they wanted it to be but it failed. Shrub is doing the same in Iraq and the arab world or so he thinks with his Lincunt jew brainwashing in carpetbagger style. Anybody with half a brain can see this.


Subject: ultimate jews' war

Are The Israelis Willing To Start World War III?

Exclusive to American Free Press

By M. Raphael Johnson 11-8-3

According to a recent article by veteran British military analyst Joseph Vialls, Russia has sent the most advanced and feared missile in the world, owned only by Russia and China, the P270 Moskit, also known as the 'Sunburn,' to Damascus and Tehran. This can only be understood as a counter to the Israeli threats to use nuclear weapons against their enemies. The Sunburn flies at an altitude of 60 feet and is nearly impossible to defend against. A few fired at Israel could make that state 'history.' Add to this a new Russian air force installation near the Kyrgystan/Russia border, coupled with a Chinese base just over their western border with Kyrgystan, and Armageddon may be on the horizon. All Russian jets at this new base just outside of Bishkek are equipped with Sunburn missiles.

Vialls writes: The gloves are off, and with America and Israel still unable to steal any oil from Iraq because someone keeps blowing the pipelines, Russian and Chinese firepower buildup suddenly slammed the door firmly shut on Caspian oil reserves in the old Soviet republics. For more than a decade American oil multinationals have been conducting 'joint ventures' in the former Soviet republics bordering the Caspian Sea, with the stated intent of pumping stolen crude oil out through Turkey, then on to western markets. Now this route has been blocked permanently, and America is in no position to do anything about it, because a large part of the U.S. conventional army is currently bogged down in Iraq, being shot at and killed on a daily basis.

For many who have been watching this region as a confrontation between the United States and Israel versus Russia largely over the control of the biggest gas and oil deposits in the world, a new front has been opened. As a response to this checkmate, Sharon recently visited Putin on Nov. 3 to meet with him concerning the nuclear issue in Iran. Quickly, Sharon permitted Palestinians to return to their jobs and eased their travel restrictions. Since the end of the Gorbachev era, the Russian oligarchs, nearly all Jewish by ethnicity (with the noticeable exception of Vladimir Potanin), have controlled nearly all key sectors of the Russian economy. This, of course, includes Russia's major ace-in-the-hole, oil and gas. The giant YUKOS conglomerate is presently one of the largest oil companies in the world, valued at about $40 billion.

YUKOS is the result of a 'loans for shares' deal brokered through the semi-coherent Boris Yeltsin in 1995. Here, the liberal Russian government swapped loyalty from the oligarchs in exchange for privatization at prices far below that of the market. This $40 billion giant was bought for about $300 million, thus looting the entire Russian economy for the benefit of a handful of Israeli citizens living in Russia. When YUKOS' chair, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was arrested at the end of last month, the American capitalist establishment went orbital. Forgetting the 1999 New York Times's expose on massive money laundering and fraud from YUKOS, the conservative establishment began to lionize oligarchy and, specifically, Khodorkovsky. Recently, The Financial Times weighed in with a giggly piece from Chrystia Freeland, which referred to the oligarch as a 'democratic activist.' About a paragraph later, the writer said - without irony - that the oligarch's model for economics is the robber baron factories of the early American 20th century. Fox News, on Nov. 3, referred to YUKOS as the most progressive corporation in Russia.

According to a Nov. 3 Agence France-Presse story, Khodorkovsky made a deal with Jacob Rothschild this year that control of the YUKOS giant would pass to Rothschild in the event of Khodorkovsky's arrest. However, the Russian government has frozen all YUKOS assets for the time being. It is significant that YUKOS's liberal pressure group, the Open Russia Foundation, is completely controlled by Rothschild now that its founder is in jail. As their official mission statement reads, "The motivation for the establishment of the Open Russia Foundation is the wish to foster enhanced openness, understanding and integration between the people of Russia and the rest of the world."

Their board of trustees includes Rothschild and Henry Kissinger. The Washington, D.C. launch of the organization included Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Librarian of Congress James Billington, one of the leading voices against Russian traditionalism in the academic establishment. Significantly, the Open Russia Foundation recently provided Yale University with substantial grants to study the Russian economy as well as providing the Carnegie Foundation with 3 percent of its entire operating budget. It seems that the drive to control the globe's energy is progressing. The American empire's battles in Serbia, Central Asia, Iraq and Chechnya are one and the same war. Other than fighting Israel's enemies, these adventures are also wars to control Central Asian oil and natural gas (one of the main pipelines from the Caspian Sea went straight through Serbia). The control of this wealth by the United States and Israel necessitates bypassing Russian channels. This means that the Jewish oligarchy in Russia would become the central actor in world politics. The Israeli/CIA complex was using Khodorkovsky to sell off the assets of YUKOS to Exxon/Mobil (as well as a smaller piece to Texaco), hence bringing Russia's pipelines into the hands of the western powers. The Nov. 5 New York Times also indicated that the Bush family's Carlyle Group was involved.

It was not long after Putin began threatening the YUKOS conglomerate that neo-conservative pundits such as William Kristol and Ariel Cohen began calling Putin a 'communist,' 'another Stalin' and 'tyrannical.' The basis of these wild accusations, of course, is the fact that Putin stands in the way of Zionist domination. From this, the roles of several other variables and players develop clearly. The State Department/Harvard University alliance was meant to 'deregulate,' or 'privatize' much of the Russian economy precisely to keep the Russian state out of the equation. Therefore, pro-Israel oligarchs (that is, Israeli citizens living in Russia) then benefited, placing most of the economy in their hands, and, by extension, Israel's. Russia's response has been to clamp down on further foreign penetration into defense and other sensitive industries, and specifically, to target those believed to be working for both the CIA and Mossad and attempting to control Central Asian oil.

It needs to be reiterated that where the (CIA goes, Mossad goes as well. Israeli and American interests have come together in the dominance of the Central Asian region and therefore, so have liberal ideology, the Beltway set, neo-conservatism, Ivy League eggheads, Christian Zionism, the Rothschilds and the American media.) Afghanistan through the Caspian Sea through to Georgia, Azerbaijan and into the Balkans (not to mention pipelines leading to oil-hungry China), have become one single theater of war over trillions of dollars in oil and gas wealth, incorporating every single power center in global politics. The battle against the New World Order is being decided in Moscow. Therefore, all anti-Russian alliances in the region, from Islamic fundamentalism to Slavic separatism to the George Soros 'Open Society' Foundation, are in the interests of the CIA/Exxon/Ivy League/NWO complex.

In Azerbaijan, for example, American elites have pushed for a 'democratic' state, that is, a state not under the control of pro-Moscow Heydar Aliev, thus leaving the country open to U.S. oil investment. Aliev, of course, is promoting Russian interests in the region, and thus, has become a tyrant in the Beltway mind. The American response to this situation within this region is to create the GUAAM pact, including, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Cohen gives us a clue as to why this entity was brokered under NATO auspices: "The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline will export up to 1 million barrels per year of high quality Caspian crude oil by 2005." In other words, billions of dollars of oil are slated to be pumped through this region very soon, and the economic/military alliance of GUAAM is the means to ensure American control over it.

This connects the Serbian, Afghan and Iraqi wars. Russia's response to Israel's terror threats against most of the Islamic world is fully understood as both a political and economic question. Further, increasing cooperation between Russia and India, as well as China, are clear markers that Putin, one of the few actually competent leaders in world politics, is building an anti-imperialist and anti-NATO alliance with the aim of countering American/Zionist moves for the world's oil and gas wealth. The interests, however, go even further than Zionist control over American foreign policy decision-making. Vialls writes on another topic: that the existence of the American/Zionist empire is based on the victory of American forces over the Russian and Islamic. Of course, both in Bosnia and Chechnya, the Mossad/CIA operatives have not hesitated to assist fundamentalists in fighting Slavic nationalism, largely because Slavicism is a greater threat with Putin firmly in the saddle. Islam, divided and leaderless, with a history of centuries of defeat and colonialism behind it, is only a potential force in world politics.



Subject: Fed


The Deliverer

Folks, we hope that you trust us when we tell you things in this e-list. For example, if we told you that the moon was really made out of green cheese, would you believe it? No? Ok, bad example.

Seriously, trust us when we tell you that one of the worst things to ever happen to America was the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system. Yep. A whole lot of power was delivered into a few hands. Never a good idea.

But the key part of the Federal Reserve story is: who created it? We have said quite a few times that "Jews created the Federal Reserve." And often when we say that, people sneer and call us "hatemongers." Well, here is a quote from a probably-Jewish university professor [1] about who created the Federal Reserve:

"Edwin R. A. Seligman, the Columbia University economist, said, 'it may be stated without fear of contradiction that in its fundamental feats the Federal Reserve Act is the work of Mr. Warburg more than any other man in the country.'" -- referring to Jewish banker Paul Warburg; from the book "The Warburgs," by Ron Chernow, Random House, New York, 1993, page 137, hardcover.

Zounds. Turns out we were correct about the Federal Reserve creator(s) after all [2]. Who'da thunkit?

If'n Ya Gots Jews, Ya Gots Big Problems.

[1] surname Seligman as Jewish here: and also here: Here.

[2] more Jewish banking fun here: and also here:


Subject: mixed-up hisps

Going Beyond Black and White, Hispanics Choose 'Other'

In Los Angeles, where Hispanics are the largest ethnic group, Ms. Arza-Goderich said she and her husband, who is also Cuban, have never discussed with their three sons "whether they are white, or moreno or what," she said.

"Race takes a back seat to what they listen to on their CD players, what movies they see," she said. "One is into Japanese anime. Another is immersed in rap. Basically it's the ghetto culture, but ghetto doesn't mean poor or deprived, but hip."

Her 16-year-old, Ray, has adopted a hip-hop persona and hangs out with Vietnamese, Indian, Chicano, white and black friends. Ms. Arza-Goderich said most of them had Asian girlfriends. "They say they're hot," she explained.


Subject: dumb nigs

genetic predisposition toward stupidity and lack of self control not the problem, it's poverty behind perpetual negro worthlessness. If we gave each one of them a million bucks they'd turn into responsible, articulate, law-abiding television niggers


Bisexuality, abuse, drugs behind AIDS spread among South's rural blacks, researcher says


The Associated Press


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -- Health officials have struggled for years to understand why blacks across the rural South are contracting AIDS at a faster rate than whites.

A research scientist at the University of Alabama has come up with an explanation, based on hundreds of clinical interviews conducted over nearly a decade: a deadly mix of bisexuality, abuse of women and drugs, all in an environment of oppressive need.

"Poverty is the driving force," the researcher, [jew] Bronwen Lichtenstein, said in an interview last week.


Subject: whining izzies

this in spite of $6 - $10 BILLION per year in handouts from Uncle. The "financial geniuses" can't even float "the only democracy in the middle east," a year round warm weather country with seaports on the Mediterranean. Turn israel over to the Germans for two years and watch what they'd do with it, even if they let the israelis stay


Israel faces a new enemy: poverty

By Ed O'Loughlin in Jerusalem

November 8, 2003

The Meir Panim branch at Jerusalem's central bus station looks like a restaurant. Inside, polite youngsters go from table to table serving meals. But while three years of recession and intifada have driven many Israeli restaurants to bankruptcy, for Meir Panim's 10 branches business is thriving - mainly because their meals are free. "We don't like to call them soup kitchens," says Amos Elad, a director of Meir Panim's founding charity. "In times like this there should be no shame in coming to us for a meal."

While the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict captures headlines, for many Israelis a more intractable problem is now the daily struggle to get by. Heavily dependent on high-tech exports, Israel's economy has suffered more than most from the world technology slump, while the intifada has slashed tourism. After enjoying annual growth of 6 per cent in the 1990s, Israel is in its third year of negative growth, and unemployment is set to reach a record high of 12 per cent. Job losses, welfare cuts and falling wages mean that one in five Israeli families, including many that were previously well-off, are now impoverished. Many depend on handouts to survive.

"When we opened here three years ago, we thought that we would have at most a hundred people eating here every day," Mr Elad says. "We thought that old people would come here, homeless, but in the last two years the numbers have increased and we are seeing young people, people who used to have jobs, people who had mortgages and who worked, and now they have to come to Meir Panim for their only meal of the day." The Jerusalem branch serves more than 400 hot meals a day, while another 800 meals are sent out to children's groups and as meals on wheels. This Thursday lunchtime, a cross-section of subdued men and women of all ages were working their way through a set meal of soup and salad followed by chicken, rice and peas.


Subject: 'Kwa

Warning To The World About The New America

By Baldknobber 11-7-3

For years I have told Americans to wake up and see what was happening to their country before it was too late for America. Now it is time for me to tell the world to wake up about America before it is too late for them. I have been aware of a disturbing change in the US government for the last 12 years. It seems that the world has slept through this change and does not realize what America has become. I will outline some major problems, go into specific subjects and cite examples of how America has changed, yes, we are indeed no longer free. Much of what is written in this report is from my own personal experience. This is a warning to the world to watch out for the new America. America is no longer the moral guardian you knew it to be, in recent years America has become a tyrant unprecedented.

Control Of Media The American press can no longer be trusted. When the Government passed the Telecommunications act of 1996, it allowed consolidation of the media and control of all information received by the people to a small group of sources. This showed itself as large media mergers and virtually all information was soon controlled by the same small group of people. In June of 2003 additional legislation was passed which now allows all the news to be controlled from a single source. The day I typed this I called CN8 live, a national cable news program to speak on the air. They took my personal information including name, address and phone number. They then hung up and called me back to verify that I really was at that address. They then said something that scared me half to death, They said that if I did not stay on subject and say what I told them I would say that they would "notify the authorities". I am someone who has called news programs frequently in the past, and that never happened before. Its obviously a new policy. So much for a free press.

Police Brutality

I know a man who manages a store close to where I live. His brother has a sixteen year old boy and seven year old girl. Outside his brothers house some police were beating a man who was laying down on the road and not fighting back. The sixteen year old opened the window and shouted at the police, telling them that they were doing too much and that they did not need to beat the man so hard. They did not let up, instead they kicked in the door to the house and assaulted the boy. So now they were beating up the man on the street and beating up the kid in the house. The seven year old girl ran to the officer who kicked in the door and tried pulling him off her brother. The officer pushed her away so hard that she hit the wall and broke her arm. It never made the news. This is not an isolated incident, it is the new America. Contrast this with the glossy happy-go-lucky "police are great and accountable for their actions" media coverage on shows like Real TV and "Cops", there is much more to the truth than we are allowed to see. In the past I had heard stories like this from strangers but did not believe them until I heard it from someone I knew well.

Indeed the foreign governments who have started to call the US a police state are much more correct than they realize. I am waiting for them to have the courage to say it without retracting comment. Asset Forfeiture America has a new policy towards personal property called "asset forfeiture". This is the act of confiscating property without a trial. The way it works is this: The police accuse you of a crime and take whatever they say you had in your possession when the alleged crime was committed. This could be a vehicle such as a boat or car, or a computer, or even your house. You have to go to court to prove your innocence to get it back, and if you win your case you have to pay a return fee which is usually 50% of the property value. If they take a car that was worth 12,000 you will have to pay 6,000 to get it back. If you cannot afford the 6,000 they will sell it at auction to "recover" their "funds". If you have a loan or mortgage on the property they sell at auction, you are still obligated to pay the bank for what you no longer have. This happens frequently and the evidence is easy to find. Go to Google and type the search term "US government auctions" or "asset forfeiture auction" or pick any state and add the word auction. The auctions are everywhere, selling property seized from people who were often judged by the courts innocent. If you are a property owner with tenants in a 200 room apartment complex and one of the tenants gets arrested in an apartment for possession of drugs or stolen property, or committing a crime such as calling a prostitute to his room, the city or state can take the apartment building away from the owner who was not involved in any way and say that the property committed the crime and therefore needed to be taken.



Subject: dangerous Christianity

I grew up around Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans (my community is mostly southern and central German), Scandinavians, Irish, Italians and the list goes on. A farming community, of course, in Canada. As school kids we got along perfectly and intermarried without any hitches. My dad told me that it was *Religion* that divided the community much earlier on. With the Catholics (we were German Roman Catholic) and Protestants disliking each other intensely. The teacher, from what I'm told, when my dad was a kid (1920s in those 1 room school houses) would make Catholics sit at the back on the classroom. And there were occasional fights that ensued, etc. All in all they were pretty artificial divisions and if a neighbor needs help, people of all classes and origins (including religion would help). The alien nature of Christ-insanity never cropped up its head yet or was subdued for the next generation.

The only way a "melting pot" works if people are of the same basic racial origins (i.e. indo-european). When you throw in niggers with bones in their noses then everything turns to shit.

Christ-insanity is the disease that threatened the farming communities, but it was overwhelmed with good European comradeship and kinsmanship. Destroy the disease in Europe and that may alleviate some of the symptoms of self-destruction. And speaking of symptoms, when I was a kid (I'm in my 30s) I remember the Catholic Church (they were all doing it, not just the Catholics) bringing in Humong (a near monkey primitive Asiatic from the jungles of Vietnam - even the Gooks hunted them)and Black as the ace of spades Niggers in as "guests" with families who *got off* on having their token Niggers or slant-eyed Hopsing with the idea of them sponsoring whole families and getting citizenship. Of course, I (being a kid) and most stupid Goyim had no idea the evil of this. Why? We're the good guys! We bring in sub-human savages and the Jesus Freaks say we're doing a "good thing". Needless to say they don't live in the area and moved to the big city once they got their citizenship and never thought to repay the kindness back to those whom they *used* for years (free vehicles, food, clothing, shelter, etc). Just watch, the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe will do the same shit they've been doing here (N. America) and Western Europe, given enough time.

What is the answer? Destroy CHRISTIANITY! How? Yes, I know, everyone's situation is unique and some of you may still be clinging to the Jew-inspired religion, however, it's a virus and an infection and is now getting into the critical stages for the white man. We are dying and this Jew virus is helping our death along, with another Jew virus neo-communism and many others too (when you lift the rocks there always seems to be a Jew connected).

We need to go back to our TRUE Indo-European folkways. Uncontaminated and before the advent of Charlemagne and Jesus Fetishism (Piros: Constantin destroyed great Eastern Roman Empire - Bizantium, by being first emperor to force christianity as official religion and start destruction of Hellenic civilization) or encourage atheism with it, of course, tied to racial awareness in some capacity. Then combine that with modern day knowledge of the programming of the human mind. I know you don't have a bloody clue what I'm talking about, let's just say if you think you'll appeal to these Cattle with "common sense" and "logic" then you are as much of a fool as your target. It has NOTHING to do with that and the Powers That Be know that. We need to be smarter, more ruthless (Piros: we are not ruthless and need not be, we must be firm, decisive and to execute our decisions to the end without any, as Serbs say, pizdoplacevnost = weeping-crying c*nt mentality) more vindictive and manipulative than them. Read one of the geniuses of the Renaissance, Niccolo Machiavelli. Only an Italian could have written that. It has beauty wrapped in pure logical ruthlessness. I don't think a German has the talent for such artful thoughts. We have to be Machiavellian in our thoughts, actions and deeds. We have no more fucking time to waste. Fancy websites with graphics won't get the job done. Waving placards and appealing to people's altruistic natures does shit. We need to be the Devil in order to bring about paradise. There is no other way and NO MORE TIME!

One tidbit, instead of raising money for useless causes, I heard something interesting the other day and I loved it even though the twit who was wailing against it (saying it was another "ZOG plot", I guess he likes being in a "Camp of the Saints" situation) was too stupid to see the *opportunities* this presents to us. Apparently, the UN has been injecting (I have no idea if this is true or not) mudlets in some 3rd world shithole with vaccine that have anti-fertility antigens in it. Now, put on your thinking caps and think............ Need I say more?


Subject: cc Julia

"Microscopic penis!" "Trashy Southern boys!" I mean, like, WHOA! You sure that ain't Courtney Love using a nom de cunt?

I think Li'l Julia should treat herself for her brilliant originality by putting on a Pink cd and getting the other nipple pierced.

N.B. Forrest


Subject: Eduardo series

Hi, Alex,

I'd like to extend thanks to Eduardo for his kick-ass series, "The Age of Female Sentinels". Set my thinking very much in motion in a number of new directions. Very grateful to the author. Tell him to keep up his wonderful work! We need more insightful exposs like that.

Also, great to see yourself continuing you part of the struggle, even after the recent stab in the back from Bill Weiss. You are a real Aryan!



Subject: homeschooling

homeschooling in NYC


Subject: diet

Native Climate May Influence Your Ability to Burn Calories

Your ancestors place of origin may determine how your body burns calories, according to a recent study.

In the study, researchers analyzed gene sequences from the mitochondria of 104 people. Mitochondria, present in all cells, produce energy and play a role in regulating metabolism. The DNA in mitochondria, which is inherited maternally, varies greatly by geographic region.

People whose relatives came from cold, arctic climates have gene adaptations that allow their bodies to produce more heat while burning calories. On the contrary, those whose ancestors came from warmer climates tend to produce little extra heat and use calories more efficiently. Researchers say that these adaptations are evidence of natural selection in which genes evolved to account for environmental stresses.

Mitochondrial gene variants helped natives to survive in their original environment; however, these adaptations may not be beneficial when people relocate to different climates. For example, those with ancestors from arctic climates have gene variants that allow their bodies to put out less energy, therefore keeping them warm more efficiently. However, if they move to a warmer climate this variant is no longer necessary.

Researchers say that these variants, which were once beneficial, may now be contributing to present day disorders such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases as people adopt different lifestyles than their ancestors.


Subject: Brits out of American journalism

Tina Brown's now written two weekly columns for the Washington Post, both widely ridiculed for the alarming, even for her, self-parody, and one only wonders how the next installment (Nov. 6) will embarrass her employers. As Jack Shafer noted in Slate last week, the Post's own ombudsman, Michael Getler, was so appalled that he blasted Brown in an internal memo. It read, in part: "I don't do columnists. But I'm granting myself dispensation to opine that this precious, egocentric piece [her debut effort from Oct. 23] was about the worst and most irrelevant thing I've read in my three years in this job."

Perhaps that's an indication that Brown's stint at the Post will have a shorter shelf life than even her disastrous Talk.

Ed. Note: There never was much to admire about Britain beyond a handful of writers, and there is absolutely nothing in 2003. FUCK THE SMITHSTEINS. FUCK THE JONESBERGS. All you snobbing, hypocriting, cheesily mincing faggot sniveldrivelsmiths calling yourselves journalists need to get the fuck out of America. This means you, Sullyglanz, Teena Brown. Anglomania is anti-American. Up until 1900, Britain was seen as our most dangerous enemy, and twisting the lion's tail was great sport. What happened when we abandoned the path of wisdom for the sodden trail of Anglo-Zionism? Look around you. England has nothing of value to teach America. If you seek lessons from an island nation, look to Japan. CYRILS RAUS.

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