Reader Mail: 21 January 2004


Subject: waking up from jew spell

Alex, I can remember distinctly in NYC. being in my apt cage watching an old war Movie at maybe 10 years old, and wondering about German side, as at the same time savage bastards made life dangerous for me on any journey, any where I went, you had to be looking all around you, and walking fast, no lolly gagging home.. The point is the Jewish people/media have whipped up angry whites leftist and NPR types to think Nazis equate the Saving's and Loan looting of U.S. in the 80's etc., and are the guys today pushing for our war's, it is a mass hypnosis of U.S. truly. I sincerly feel it my bones folks are waking as even the UPPER crust is have to help Jr. at 45 and out of work. Signed Dr. Joe


Subject: refuse-nikkis

Caption:From left to right: Eilat Moaz, Inbal Kaplan, Noa Levi and Dana Bar. They vehemently refuse to become cheerleaders for the boys. (Dudu Bachar )

Even in refusal, there is no equality

By Lily Galili

Female refuseniks have been part of the struggle from the start, and have the same ideology, but the army hurries to release them from service, while the young men go to jail. One evening two weeks ago, a small group of young people gathered at a private home in Tel Aviv for what seemed like another party of teenagers, all of whom knew each other well. But the pretext for the party distinguished it from similar gatherings of young people: it was a farewell to friends about to start jail sentences. Most of the participants were among the signers of the "Letter of the 12th Graders 2001" - about half of them boys and the rest girls - who refuse to enlist in the IDF. The following day, five of the boys reported to the army's Prison No. 6, where they began prison terms of one year for refusing to enlist in the army for reasons of conscience and their opposition to occupation. That same morning, the girls resumed their civil national service, which they are doing as an alternative to military service, because they refused to enlist for the same reasons as the boys.

"La petite difference" between the sexes, the subject of praise by the French, in Israel includes the assumption that the conscience of men and women is also different. This discrimination, as well as question of who is the winner here and who is the loser, has not escaped the attentions of the group of young male and female refuseniks. When they joined together to sign the "Letter of the 12th Graders," they became the sole egalitarian refusenik movement, in which there were an equivalent number of boys and girls. Later, the boys began serving and completing prison terms and became heroes, with an official website of their own and T-shirts adorned with their pictures.

Sitting in jail became a drama, the essence of their struggle, and at that point there began the charges that the girls were not doing enough to support the boys. As for the girls, they vehemently refused to become a group of cheerleaders for the boys. The crisis is now referred to in the past tense. All that remains is the fundamental argument over the essence of Israeli society, still captive to the macho mythology. "The court gave us a certain right when it sent us to jail, because protest is effective when it comes at a personal price. The army denies the girls the ability to pay this price," says Shimri Tzameret, on the eve of his going to jail. Noa Levi, Tzameret's co-signer on the Letter of the 12th Graders, who is doing her national service at the Alon association for social change through education, admits the argument took place in the group numerous times. "There are boys who think that it would be better if we, too, would go to jail, and that it is a privilege that is denied us, as opposed to others who think that women have a privilege that their conscience is recognized, although in a way that is actually very disparaging."

Two weeks later, the boys were already in jail, and only the girls arrived at a meeting that revolved on a feminist political axis, at the end of an exhausting day doing national service. The conspicuous absence of the boys was the most tangible expression of the manner in which the army maintains the images and the patriarchal power struggle, even when the subject is the refusal to serve in the army. The refusenik boys are still worth more and are worthy of going to prison, whereas the girls, who are ideologically speaking no less "criminal" than the boys, were sent to perform work that has a decidedly feminine dimension to it instead of army service.

"I always knew, in the most childish words, that I would not go to shoot people or hold a gun," related Dana Bar, 18. "It wasn't until I was in 10th grade when I first met a refusenik that I realized there was a name for it." Bar says she wrote a letter to the army's Conscience Committee even before receiving her first call up notice. "The committee was a circus. A few older men started to explain to me that I wasn't really a pacifist. I answered that in my opinion, violence is like a game of ping pong in which the ball goes from side to side, but if somebody would stop, the ball would stop," she says. "One religious man who was on the committee, started yelling at me - what did I know about tennis, because he happens to be a professional player. We argued a little, then they brought in my boyfriend, who I brought as a witness, and three seconds later I had my exemption." Bar volunteered for national service, which she is performing in the Tel Hashomer Hospital emergency room.


Subject: jew jewing jews

Leumi accused of holding on to Holocaust accounts

By Amiram Barkat

Bank Leumi is holding hundreds of dormant accounts of Holocaust victims, according to accountant Yehuda Barlev, the external examiner who has spent two years examining the bank's records on behalf of a Knesset panel set up to find and recover such assets. Barlev and other accountants yesterday told the committee documents show the banks knew how much money they had that belonged to people killed in the Holocaust. Documents were also found showing that banks used some of the money for their business activities. The panel hired the accountants from five separate firms in October 2001 to conduct the searches in five banks - Leumi, Hapoalim, Mizrahi, Discount and Mercantile. The committee promised the banks not to publish the findings before the final report was finished. But the completed findings the banks got more than six months ago have not been published because of their opposition.

The banks say the number of accounts discovered appears to be too many and the committee decided on an unfair formula to determine the real value of the funds, which were deposited before the outbreak of World War II more than 65 years ago. Leumi, the the main opponent to the findings, claims it doesn't have any accounts of Holocaust victims. Barlev accused the bank of spreading "myths" yesterday. He said that despite claims made by its lawyer, Ram Caspi, the bank has been foot dragging and creating obstacles for the accountants. A month ago, he said, the bank cut off contact with him and has not cooperated since.

Yesterday, when he began handing out a fact sheet to the MKs at the hearing, committee chairman Colette Avital, MK ( Labor), ordered him to desist and had the sheets collected. But the data he began to report said that at least 180 accounts have been identified without question as belonging to people who died in the Holocaust, and another 150 that are suspected as such. He said that after examining more than two million documents, he can say that the bank "definitely enjoyed" the use of the monies for its business activities and that "to a certain extent," the assets in the accounts contributed to the bank's profitability. Avraham Ravitz, MK (United Torah Judaism), complained that nobody from Leumi was present to respond, and said he "felt bad that the bank is in the dock here." He admitted he had "a small account" at the bank, so should recuse himself from the session. Avital said the bank was given an opportunity to attend and had an invitation to speak out at the committee hearing a month ago. Last night Caspi said two bank inquiries found not a single account of any Holocaust victim in the bank's accounts. Caspi also said that "Leumi will not pay a single agora that does not need to be paid in the absence of a court verdict or legislation.

The parliamentary inquiry has yet to determine how the real value of the assets will be determined. The professional teams are recommending linking all the funds to their value in 1939, with an annual four percent interest. The banks are only ready to consider a link starting in 1948 with a two percent annual rate. Not only the banks are worried by the work of the committee. The treasury fears that 60 percent of the bank accounts are in the hands of the State Guardian and state treasury. This is because most of the accounts owned by nationals of either Germany or the countries it occupied, were "nationalized" during the war by the British authorities and ended up in the state's hands when the British left. There have been reports that whatever the parliamentary committee rules, it could cost the state as much as NIS 30-50 billion. And there are warnings that whatever the committee rules could turn into a precedent for determining future claims made by Palestinian refugees in any deal involving compensation for lost property.


Subject: jew bus bombed

Jewish school bus firebombed in France

By Reuters

STRASBOURG - A van used as a schoolbus by a Jewish school in this eastern French city has been firebombed in what a community leader has called an apparent anti-Semitic attack, local police said yesterday. The van was attacked on Monday before dawn, 24 hours after unidentified assailants pelted a nearby synagogue with stones during the night, they said. There was no sign who was behind the two incidents. A local Jewish leader linked the two attacks to marches on Saturday protesting against a planned ban on Islamic veils in school led by an anti-Zionist Muslim leader from Strasbourg. "What I notice in both of these cases is the context and the timing, in connection with last Saturday's demonstration where several violently anti-Semitic speeches were given," said Pierre Levy, the regional representative of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish organizations.


Subject: Christianity v 'shrooms: quien es mas macho?

Well Alex, I'm kind of happy that you asked just how those pre-Christian pagans managed to multiply without Christian faith: I have in fact a rather original theory on this one.

(I'm personally in love with raunchy metaphors, so don't take this too seriously, but not too lightly either!)

In my view, Christianity has become, among other things, like a (life-saving) drug that the White race has grown addicted to, and cannot let go of it anymore without exterminating itself in the process.

Like, in the WW II, soldiers with really bad wounds were treated with morphine, and when they recovered, they had grown addicted to it: their state would have deteriorated again if they had "kicked the habit".

What I am saying is that in my opinion, pagan and "neo-pagan" are not the same concept: paraphrasing Rudyard Kipling, a pagan that has not YET known Jesus Christ is "half a devil, half a child" BUT a "neo-pagan" that HAS known Christ and still rejected Him is "100 % -devil". His spiritual state has went through a mutation, giving rise to a whole new species, Darwinistically speaking :=).

Or biblically speaking:

"To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life." (2 Corinthians 2:15) - meaning that those who will hear the Gospel and reject it will be considerably worse off than those who have never even heard it.

So, White people may have been able to reproduce BEFORE Christianity - but they won't be able to reproduce AFTER its demise amongst them - get my drift?

Pagan world has gone for ever, and our connection to it is much smaller than many would like to think, when compared to the Christian Middle Ages - even Oswald Spengler understood this! You simply can't cancel the critical Christian component to the Western civilization anymore, even if you'd want to.

Jesus Christ is a "offer you can't refuse" - collectively Christ-refusing Japanese are in decadent decay too, unlike the upward Chinese who are quietly building their new, post-Communist society on Christianity - something that I would love to see White people doing on the ruins of post-modernism, I'd really do!

Former senior correspondent of "Time"-magazine in Beijing, David Aikman (not jewish) has just released a book describing how China is on the fast track on becoming Christian nation, and how many Chinese intellectuals consider Christianity to be an ideal substitute for the Communist system:

"Lopez: Many of the Christians are elites — scientists, intellectuals. How did that happen?

"Aikman: Several of the Chinese students and scholars studying in the U.S. and other foreign countries become Christian. Many of these also returned to China and meet up with colleagues of similar professional attainment who were holding private Christian meetings. Those attending these meetings then began to invite others. Word spread that Christianity "worked," that is, that people who were Christian were genuinely concerned for each other's welfare and that prayers often produced remarkable physical healings from difficult illnesses.

"But another factor has been a very open-minded approach by many Chinese intellectuals into such phenomena as the remarkable historical primacy of Western civilization around the world. How could this happen? What were the core principles of Western civilization that enabled it, time and again, to correct itself rather than plunge into cyclical and eventually permanent decline? Many concluded that it was Christian ethics and the dynamism of a faith based on a profound hope in the future and a belief that history was not cyclical, as Buddhism and even Confucianism proclaimed, but linear, and with a specific end goal.

"Finally, Christians in the fine and performing arts have shown that there is a way out from the often-nihilistic cycle of modernism and postmodernism. This can be very attractive to artists who would prefer a hope-filled universe in which to develop their creative skills.




"Sweden's case is no different from the cases of the rest of the white countries. It isn't controlled by its own people."

- Sorry Alex, but I really don't believe that you can simply put all the blame for your poor situation on some outside factors like "jewsmedia", no matter how real they may be.

Have you read (jew) Robert Bloch's novel "Psycho", the one in which the film is based upon? In its first chapter, Norman Bates is arguing with his mother, accusing her of smothering him, of making him an emasculated slob.

The mother answers (quoting from the memory): "yes that's true, I wouldn't allow you go to the army, but had you been an any kind of man, you wouldn't have cared about me but would've gone anyway."

Likewise, Jews could say answer to the Aryan charge: "you have corrupted and emasculated us" thusly: "that's true, but had you Aryans been any kind of race, you wouldn't have let us do it!"

Get it? You can't simply blame your drug addiction just on the pusher.

"If the incentives are right, or if they want to, people will breed. "

- So, "I could easily do it, I'm not just on the mood right now" -excuse. This would sound a lot better from someone with actual experience in breeding, by the way.

"White people simply never will breed like junglos because they aren't junglos."

- Tell that to the (Christian!) German Amish people who can, like many sub-Saharan nations before the God-ordinated AIDS-plague, expect to double their numbers in 20 years.

Like Michael Hoffman II says in here:

"Our sickness has grown to such an extent that some elements of the white separatist movement have come to equate large families with a Third World mentality, when in fact, before circa 1930, white couples traditionally had huge families."


Ed. Note: Oy! The light I've seen. You should see from such light. Blind was I struck! I'm renaming myself Palex, and resigning my lofty commission that I might venture out among the dusky heathen to spread the Good News of His Coming! ... Now, all seriousness aside, do you not see in yourself the ur-Christian motivation? Admit it: you'd a thousand times more get off on me burning in Hell than you reaping rewards in Heaven? that is the heart of the Christian appeal, and always was. And don't pull out any b.s. about how it isn't because whenever they do surveys, they always find that every one of the jew-cocksmoking li'l budgers thinks it is going to Heaven, tho itz own book say the gate is narrow and the way strewn with doggie piles. Schadenfreude, not Science and Health, is the Key to the Scriptures, with no apologies to Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy. Thatz an in-joke for the C.S. in the crowd! Christianity is like gum on the sidewalk that isn't content to just sit there, like Family Circle at the bottom of the page, waiting to suck!, waiting for an innocent shoe to happen by, but like a tick must scrinch up and hoist itself bubble over bubble to a promontory from which it can spring onto hapless bystroller. You're like C.S. Lewis and Jesus - whether I the jury want to play your nasty little board game doesn't matter! I'm included in whether I like it or not, like a public shmuel fundraiser. Hey, groovy, you've got yr joltin' Jesus, I'm happy for you. Leave me out of and apart from your infernal didactic Dudisticism. As for "those who have heard the gospel and reject it...are considerably worse off." Again, who do you think you're scaring with that face? You're like a first-grader running around with a Halloween costume. See, the difference between a man like me and stupid christian pukes is that when I spread the bad news, I can point to actual examples proving my point. I CAN BACK UP WHAT I SAY. When I say, yeah verily, thou foolish liberal, thou hearest not mine evangel of loosed-nigger depredation, yeah it shall return unto you the robbings and murderings and rapings, fourfold and twenty. I can demonstrate. Christians can only threaten. And glower. And deny any room outside their jesusphere. It worked too...back before books. You really are crazy if you think the Nips are worse off for no Christ. In fact they're a standing refutation of the idea a society needs Christ the Kike in any way, shape or form. You say: Jesus Christ is a "offer you can't refuse"... Why can't I? In fact, I can. I do. The higher you move up the mental ladder, the less appeal Christianity holds. Itz a nitwit bewitcher. I doubt one Christian in a thousand has the mental equipment to judge what he's hearing. He just does it because he was taught to by his parents. Trace 'em back, ultimately, someone was threatened with death if they didn't go along, and since they didn't give a shit, they did. Yawn. If it wasn't Christ the Crutch, it would be some other sewage, so it's hardly worth getting upset about. The jews didn't corrupt and emasculate us, they misled us with lies -- they worked our gullibility more than our cowardice. They worked slowly and stealthily, and their aims and the results became apparent only slowly, by degree. And now we are waking up to what they've done, and it will go hard for them. As for the delicious gooks, hey, I'm not doubting christianity is marginally better than eating your dead grandma in a hearty bouillabase, but that's gook business, and those slant-eyed never were much for originality, were they? Perhaps one day when they're inundated with the greeks and slaves and jews and persians they'll catch on to the flaw. Confucianism may be bad, but christianity is fatal. Hey, but what do mere nations and societies matter against the Individual Soul? The whole is less than the sum of its parts. Does that make sense? To the solipsist, or libertarian, it does. BTW, you ought to clue in on just how jewed out Sweden's media really are. It's only partly a matter of individual character. The indoctrination forces arrayed against the average man are so much larger than anything historically known their influence cannot be dismissed with some gibe about Norman Bates. Nothing funny has ever come out of China. Yeah, sure, I'm ignorant of a thousand things, but I've never seen a single joke thought up by a Chinese. Where's the Chinese book that is 1/1000th as witty and funny as Schopenhauer or Nietzsche or Wilde? It doesn't exist. Orientals aren't bad and dangerous like niggers, at least the good gooks, they're just not interesting. Let them stay on their islands away from our country. We don't need them invading the U.S., which they most certainly are. As for the Amish, they're humans only in a reduced sense. They receive far less than their fair share of criticism. They survive only because no one with power is pissed at them yet. Now, I wouldn't do anything to them, even if I could, because they're an interesting kind of oddity. But as a personal view, I think they're less than fully human because the nature of man is to use his wings. These suckers have cut theirs off knowing they had them! They've, in essence, made animals of themselves. I want to see where the race is going -- that's the White spirit. Not inbreeding until my great-great grandkids are too cross-eyed to see the horse ass in front of them. Hey, if sheer numbers are where it's at, then ants and termites and bacteria have us beat. Whites reproduced in huge numbers in earlier centuries for reasons which have now faded. Yes, birth control and consumerism have reduced the birth rate more than was probably good, but in any case, there is not room for unlimited numbers of people to have ten-kid families. The Catholics say otherwise, but that's because the births serve their church, and they don't believe places like Bangladesh really exist. Catholicism has a lot of true tangled up with a lot of false. Just because Malthus or Ehrlich made some false predictions does not mean that something like carrying capacity does not exist. The essential Catholic position as best I can make out is that overpopulation is theoretically impossible. I regard that as stupid. People vary in quality. This variance tracks with groups. There can be too many people. The individual soul is not everything. The racial-national context that produces the environment in which the soul is brought into existence and in which it can thrive is more important than any single individual. The Catholic lies that each soul is equally unique and valuable and brought into corporeal existence by a god who will or will not provide for it depending on His fruity whim. Fuck God, I'll take my chances on me. I have a somewhat better track record, although that's not saying much. The only good thing about the Amish is that, if they don't turn into the human equivalent of plein-air cave salamanders, at some point someone can crack into their wacko community and salvage a few humans from 'em. God cause AIDS, eh? What are you, the world's only Finnish nigger? Do you keep a muti bowl full o' kid dicks locked away under your sauna bench to warble sacerdotal mumbo jumbo over while the rocks steam? Huge families go great with no-money, big-farm life. They go really shittily with high-tax, no-room suburban and city life. Conditions change, Whites adapt. Niggers and mexes breed because they're not capable of doing anything else and they're content living muddily as muds in the mud alongside mudlings. Whites have smaller families today, just as they had larger families back then, because they can...think. So much of Catholicism starts off good, but ends up bad. "Just wage" theory starts out as legitimate concern, ends up sniveling socialism. Children-over-money turns into Bangladesh on the Mississippi. Moral law turns into nor-jew-nor-greek-nor-nigger. Biology exists. Perhaps it can't force an apology out of the jew-fellating pope, but then it doesn't need to. It just makes its way, quietly and implacably as ever. Are there consequences of personal actions that are predictable enough to reasonably be described as moral laws? Yes. Are there consequences of races mixed together that are predictable enough to be described as biological laws? Yes. Does the Church admit the first and deny the second? Yes. Am I the thoughtful White man compelled to follow the church because it says I'll damn my soul to perdition for disobeying its moral teachings, even if these contradict proven biological law? Fuuuuuuuck No. The guy who built St. Peter's may or may not have been a Christian, but he was certainly an engineer. Stand with the church when it stands with reality, give it a flying kick in the buttress when it departs.


Subject: jews spread hatred...and lies...for profit


Fanning hatred in Europe

Not since WWII have Jews and their institutions faced such attacks. By Keith Landy

A mere two generations after the Holocaust, the public expression of hatred of Jews has not only become tolerable again in Europe and elsewhere, it is in some circles politically correct, if not fashionable. While it is not Kristallnacht redux, anti-Semitism is resurgent throughout Europe and Jews and their communal institutions are under attack across the continent at levels not experienced since the end of the war.

Since the autumn 2000 relaunch of Palestinian violence and terrorism against Israel, Jewish schools, synagogues, centres and cemeteries have been firebombed and desecrated and Jews have been beaten on the streets from France to Belarus. Underpinning much of this renewed anti-Semitism is a pervasive attack on the core legitimacy of the state of Israel. It has become a badge of honour among elements of the European left ‹ including academia, intellectuals, non-governmental organizations, media, and the anti-globalization crowd ‹ to espouse a zealous brand of anti-Zionism, that is, the denial of Jewish national self-determination and of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state in the Middle East.

This has taken debate on particular Israeli policies (a hallmark of Israel's very own vibrant democratic polity) beyond the threshold of civil political discourse to become what some have termed the "new" anti-Semitism. With demands for a "one-state solution in Palestine" that would ultimately lead to the demographic disappearance of a Jewish Israel, calls for academic, scientific and cultural boycotts, accusations of "racism," "apartheid," and "neo-colonialism" and with invective laced with appalling Nazi images and phraseology, Israel has become the "new Jew among the nations."

The intertwining of anti-Jewish hate in much of the Muslim and Arab worlds and Middle East geopolitics has led to the troubling phenomenon on the continent whereby radicalized and disaffected Muslim and Arab youth, together with elements of the left and traditional right-wing extremists, have become responsible for much of the resurgent anti-Semitism. This was one conclusion arrived at by the Anti-Semitism Research Institute of Berlin's Technical University in a recent study commissioned by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a research agency of the European Union.

The institute's study also noted the clear nexus between the upsurge in European anti-Semitism and the vicious attacks against the legitimacy of Israel. The very nature of the current anti-Semitism, in other words, is precisely that the line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism has been so blurred that the two are often indistinguishable.

The centre, unfortunately and unjustifiably, has sat on the institute's report for many weeks and it only entered the public domain when the European Jewish Congress obtained a copy and posted it on the Internet ( In disseminating the report, the EJC observed that the stalled release of the study reflects "a failure to come to terms with the fact that anti-Semitism is coming from new and differing directions: Islamist, Arab and leftist."

Report co-author Juliane Wetzel was cited in the press as stating that the EUMC "refused to publish it (the study) because it clashed with political correctness." The centre has stated its plans to release the report in the first quarter of 2004. In correspondence with the European Union ambassador in Ottawa, the Canadian Jewish Congress has protested the suppression of the report and pressed for its earliest publication so that officials can get on with the task of implementing the study's blueprint for action to combat anti-Semitism and hate speech in Europe.

In the meantime, the EU, in conjunction with the World and European Jewish Congresses, is scheduled to hold a seminar on anti-Semitism in February. As a last thought, one should not be complacent about the situation in Canada. It has been a while since the chilling cries of "Death to the Jews" in Arabic were heard on the streets of Canadian cities. But just recently, CJC called on the British Columbia Hate Crimes Team to investigate possible violation of the anti-hate provisions of the Criminal Code by the Miracle, a Delta, B.C. Muslim newspaper that published a virulently anti-Semitic article by a notorious American racist of the radical right.

What has been encouraging is the condemnation of the Miracle by individual Muslims as well as provincial and national Muslim organizations. The B.C. incident reinforces the need for more emphasis to be placed on a return to civil discourse in Canada. Such discourse will engender an atmosphere of trust and respect while "Canadianizing" debate on contentious geopolitical issues, that is, develop a framework for talking with each other while respecting core Canadian values. This is a major objective of CJC and we will be taking steps this year to help make this happen for the benefit of all Canadians.


Keith M. Landy is national president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.



Whatz so great about perfection? Perfect's for polyester and marketing material -- for people with low standards. When I read something, I don't want smooth and refined, I want cut like a dog wants out. Show me something I ain't smelled before... Real readers read to be raped, and real writers rape. Most read to be jerked off. Coulter, Boortz, Limbaugh...gook masseusim all.



A suggestion. Why don't you give a list of all jewish owned businesses ie:Chapters, Starbucks Coffee shops etc.on your site, to your readers, so that people out there, if they so choose, can stay away from supporting these jewish owned companies. That should go a long way to supporting your cause, Yes/no?

What do you think about that idea and would you implement such a thing, thanks, Len..

Ed. Note: There are far too many. And even if a business isn't owned by jews, they're usually in its upper ranks and benefiting from its donations. Philanthropy is totally jewed out. Fortune's surveys show jews at about 1/4 of the richest Americans, so pretty much anything in the F500 is going to be jewed to the gillzim. The best way to hurt jews with your money is to spend as little as possible. And that on businesses as "White" and local as you can find. I recommend VNN readers do a spending analysis. Take one month and record in a notebook literally every penny you spend. Just for one month. Everything from biggest house note to smallest coffee purchase. Then take an hour to analyze it. Think. Very few people do this, but it actually is possible to think. And to use rational thought to understand your own behavior. To see your patterns. When you see your own patterns, perhaps you can change them. What do you actually have to spend money on? Very little. Buying new cars is a perfect example of what is probably the most widespread economically foolish decision outside of "college education" people make, besides paying monthly for blasting with the jew's cathode death ray. There are people who live in an apartment renting at $250 who own an SUV they're paying $400 on. You can probably walk onto any car lot in America with $2000 bucks in your pocket and walk away with a functional car that will get you 50,000 miles -- with $500 left over. And no monthly payment. Why pay a gigantic mortgage to some jew fucking bank when you could buy a smaller but serviceable house outright? And pay lower taxes and insurance - same thing for car? More and bigger makes you ZOG's nigger, as e.e. cummings might not have put it. You have to keep in mind that, even apart from jews, the world you live in is completely engineered by corporate and political bodies pushing their interests in the name of yours. They long ago perfected cow-milking. You think they didn't perfect you-milking too? FIRST? I'll tell you this, White man -- they know you about 1,000x better than you know yourself. Yeah verily, Zarathrustra saith: Hey, girl! I like that pussy smell. Mmm, pheromones! Mmm, animal vitality! You don't need panty hangdown Swedish Klitgaard -- complete with Odiferous Orifice(tm) detector! -- at $3.99 a squirt to go out among decent folk. Cosmetics, the whole thing, is largely "Cleft" bullshit, if you remember the SNL spoof for an ass spray. All consumer goods are cosmetics. What could possibly be jewier than "makeup"? I'm surprised they aren't selling eyeliner for pets yet. How many consumer goods aren't deodorant? Unsilently screaming, "If you don't buy me, you stink!..." -- literally or figuratively -- "...and no one will have anything to do with you!" THEY'RE FUCKING WITH YOUR HEAD!, just like shampoo, which exists not to clean your hair, but cleans your hair as a side effect of destroying it, creating damage that requires a raft of bottlings to fix! Don't think so? Ah, but you haven't thought about it at all, my dear little televitzim -- THEY HAVE. Down to the bittiest bit. Capitalism is one mean mother, and it weeds anything "mass" quick as hell. Only the milkiest suckers survive. Capitalist products "serve" "you" in ways you can't begin to imagine! Beat them? Out-think them? As well try to beat Vegas. Even as "war is the health of the state," as the Rockwells say, "disordered appetites are the health of the economy" -- as they decidedly do not say. Disordering mind and body and body politic is the function of tv. Omigod! I smell epiphanies, and thatz not daisies! We'd best cover the stench with Thoughtbegone, comes in a handy spray bottle, just $25.86, available at finer kum-n-go retailers nationwide. Thou shalt have good 'n' plenty o' gods besides an enlarged economy, which does nothing but make you get up and buy things five times a night, to replace those filched by influxing spicsicans. No, friendzim, the best things in life are found not in tv, but on top of a good woman or at a table with good friends. You can't buy the good stuff, no matter what the inflated tv titz say. I observe, and quite factually, those damned reincs be damned, we are all living for the first time. We're not experts at it. Even the best of us is mere cow-plus. We naturally look outside ourselves to figure out what to do. How the hell would we know? We never passed gas this way before, as the fag said, leaving the bathhouse after his thirteenth rectal encounter of the fresh annum. TV is our national intercom, teacher, explainer, leader. We are students chained to desks. We watch TV open mouthed. It teaches us -- yes, all the jewily-correct pol dogma and attitudes to strike -- but in tandem with sex-tied urgings to GET things. These tv producers have got their game down cold. The art of mass manipulation through mass propaganda is in the bag, baby. You can't avoid its effects on your neighbors. The only way to win -- by win I mean draw, by draw I mean lose slowly -- is not to play. More, better, louder! says tv - always. But we don't NEED any of the stuff. But they drive us into a frenzy. Tv is so loud and the pictures change so rapidly and the women are so beautifully shaped that even someone who knows what's going on is quickly drowned in the dazzle of it. To the extent America has a real culture, it is tv. There is nothing else here going on, really. But apart from serving as an instrument of Semitic control, televitz induces exaggerated and unnatural appetites in the hypnotized viewer, the better to turn him into a brainwashed slob who needs consumer goodies and government services. It's a cliche, but it really is true that the things you own own you. We all need some things, and some things are great to own. Material goods can provide genuine pleasure. But not that much pleasure that they're worth making your focus. Humans are not built to handle all the fun tv tells us we're supposed to be having. We're like little rats starved and set before a bunch of great-looking food, and then the scientists slip a glass plate in front of our nose so we can't get at it. Then they install a pay-per-slurp rat-feeder bottle that we can suck nutritionfree sugar water out of if we stand on our hind legs. See, you don't need tv. And you don't need the advertisers and their products. They do need you. The choice is yours. AGAPE FOR AGORA? I'm not down with that. Less is more, more or less - that's the bottom of sound philosophy I know. There's little money in giving people what they need; there's big money in giving them what they think they need, so get to conditioning their thoughts. TV functions as the amplifier to end all amplifiers; an unparalleled machine for controlling people by spreading false news about what their neighbors are doing. The commercial and political uses are obvious, and dovetail. You cannot separate yourself wholly from the effects of the machine, but you can live unplugged.


Subject: free speech is anti-Semitic hate speech

Israel Versus Free Speech

In vandalizing a Stockholm art exhibit, Israel's ambassador to Sweden showed the true face of his government

"Free speech is everywhere the enemy of Israel's interests - and the Israelis know it."


Subject: Tolkien's REAL meaning...says VNN hater


I just want to say...holy crap this site is disgusting! A friend of mine told me about it when he came across the review about Lord of the Ring:The Two Towers and I was sickened. First of all, I pity this TC Lynch for thier view. I will say that along with donavin410 (a reader mail) I am a strong believer in letting people believe in what ever they want, but I have a stronger belief that you shouldn't judge people on race or religious believes. The fact that they would say that Tolkien's message was that non-whites are bad was stupid! This person praised Tolkien on his so-called "world to work towards," one of just white men and and how Orcs are an allegory for Jews. Clearly he wasn't saying this at all.

Tolkien wrote a leter 1941 to his son Michael:

"I have spent most of my life, since I was your age, studying Germanic matters (in the general sense that includes England and Scandinavia). There is a great deal more force (and truth) than ignorant people imagine in the "Germanic" ideal. I was much attracted by it as an undergraduate (when Hitler was, I suppose, dabbling in paint and had not heard of it), in reaction against the "Classics". You have to understand the good in things, to detect the real evil. ...Yet I suppose I know better than most what is the truth about this "Nordic" nonsense. Anyway, I have in this War a burning private grudge - which would probably make me a better soldier at 49 than I was at 22: against that ruddy little ignoramous Adolf Hitler (for the odd thing about demonic inspiration and impetus is that it in no way enhances the purely intellectual stature: it chiefly affects the mere will). Ruining, perverting, misapplying, and making for ever accursed, that noble northern spirit, a supreme contribution to Europe, which I have ever loved, and tried to present in its true light."

Second of all, upon visiting this site I am further disturbed by the outlook on humanity you people have. The Jews are not horrible people at all, niether are Blacks or any other races! No wonder peace is not possible in this world... Delete this e-mail or post it, I don't care, I know it wont make any difference in the future of this site but at least I said something! I am saddened and pity you.

A believer in Tolkiens REAL meaning.

Ed. Note: Ahhh, go forc yourself, bitch. Hitler invented the SS, than which no tougher, nobler men have ever given evidence of themselves in history. I mean, you read some jewish cunt like wiesel crying about a bunch of things most of which began and ended in his cranium or limo, and then you read something like "Stuka Pilot" -- my god, one is staggered at the understated courage, the persistence, the sheer inventive guts of these kids taking on the worst machine the world has ever seen. Tolkien invented...hobbits. Das hat mir aufgeSTOLZen! Or, WOW! HOBBITZ! They're furry, cute and tres populär! Just because old tolky-polky studied east frisian doesn't make him an expert on any northern spirit. He knew no more about Germany than what the jew-bought Churchill cared to report. No more than any other Englishman. The answer to anything you dredge up or throw is's England doing today? You don't know the answer, and you won't believe what I tell you, either -- or iether, as you'd no doubt spell it, being all edumacated and whatnot. Tolkien's old carel grounds are probably a white no-go zone today. Hitler wasn't a nob farting in a library, he was a man fighting in the street. He actually got out there and mud-wrestled with real-world orcs. And beat them. Hitler's example inspired and continues to inspire tens of millions of real men. Hitler, not Tolkien, has earned the title most hated by most hatable. The "Rings" aren't bad, even if, like me, you're not into elf fantasy, but, come on, let's not kid ourselves - their main appeal is to the dubious subset of humanity known as Trekkies. Comparing Tolkien to Hitler is comparing an apple to an orchard.




I really wasn’t going to write to you anymore, but then I saw this piece on the “Original Dissent” forum and just couldn’t refuse the temptation, especially since I remembered how you once used Sweden as an example on how White country could do just fine without Christianity, saying that “there are hardly any believers in there” or something like that.



Sweden So Degenerate Few Marry Anymore

[Hetrosexuals don't bother to marry in Sweden. Out-of-wedlock births are the norm. They scoff at us silly Christian Americans for continuing to support marriage and opposing homosexuality.]

Many Swedes say 'I don't' to nuptials Unions: A moral issue in America, marriage has no special appeal for some Swedish couples - gay or straight.

"Why is there such a gut-level reaction against gay marriage in America? Because this is a very religious country,' he says. 'Nine of the 13 original colonies had chosen to favor a Christian religion. You don't have that in the European countries."


Wild Bill


Re: Sweden So Degenerate Few Marry Anymore

According to the CIA Factbook for Sweden:

9.71 births/1,000 population (2003 est.) 10.58 deaths/1,000 population (2003 est.) If not for non-swedish immigrants, the birthrate would be lower. And, the birthrate of Swedes continues to drop.

The Swedes are commiting suicide, as is the whole white race.


Yessirree, Sweden surely gives us a glorious example of how well White nation can manage itself without Christianity, doesn’t it?

Jews and their colored cohorts haven’t perhaps yet invaded Sweden so thoroughly as they have invaded USA, but paraphrasing Adolf Hitler, they “have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down.”. (To a degree, they have already done so!)

Sweden in its present rotten moral state is a fruit ready to be picked by invading barbarians, spiritually unequipped to put up a resistance – unlike, say, still generally Christian nation of Greece, which I could quite imagine sternly repelling the “Camp of the Saints” scenario with its full military force.

Since I live right next door to Sweden, I can tell you that it is indeed even more secular country than Finland. I would, however, estimate that like in Finland, there is a portion of hardcore believers of at least few percents, who take their faith seriously - just like there is a White Nationalist minority in most White countries. Majority looks can be deceiving, especially in Western democracies, as you should well know.

White race has no future without a genuine Christian revival, neither in this world or in the coming one.


I’m glad to notice that you have found the fertile area of scientific revisionism (re Galileo business). Many people are so naïve that they really can’t believe that there could be such a thing as “science racket”. Humanists (who in this case are NOT just an euphemism for Jews) have rewritten the Western history, systematically belittling the (positive) role of Christianity in it –and all too many secular White nationalists accept THIS sort of historical reconstruction all too gladly.


Ed. Note: Um...correct me if wrong, but were white people around before Christianity? Yes? Then -- call me a scientist -- their existence is by definition not predicated on the existence of that peculiar body of jewish lies -- though their extinction may well be, given christians' actions these days. You do realize that, don't you, rhetorical jabs aside? It is my working hypothesis, subject to change in light of fresh evidence, that babies come from sperm in wombs, not from flicking your bic at the Dude Comeback concert. If the incentives are right, or if they want to, people will breed. Nazi Germany saw an increase in population, if I'm correct, and the professional Dudists will tell you he was horribly anti-Christian, although that wasn't the case. Where is the organized body of atheists pushing miscegenation, aid to Israel, and importation of bush boolies like your Christ-pusher Pat Robertson? If minority presence puts larger areas off-grounds for whites, then jesus-fellaters are objectively committing genocide against whites. You're like an accountant adding up largely fictitious credits and wholly ignoring glaring debits. Of course, reasoned thought is anathema to those who believe men come back from the dead. sounds so...silly when you state christian belief plainly. Like a really well garnished and presented steak, but when you take a bite, the meat is rotten. Hey, buddy: Jesus didn't come back from the dead. That is a fairly tale. It is believed by people who are either stupid, childishly sentimental, or selling something. Reality exists, no matter what christians slobber on about. Sweden's case is no different from the cases of the rest of the white countries. It isn't controlled by its own people. White people simply never will breed like junglos because they aren't junglos. Whites are not in any sense of the word dying out. There are 80 MILLION PEOPLE in Germany. Have you looked at a map? Do you see how small Germany today is? It's one hell of a lot more crowded there than America, else there wouldn't be Linders bothered to come over here. The problem is not that whites are dying out or not having babies, the problem is that Whites don't control white countries.


Subject: the Anglos, the jews, and the Aryans


Thumbs up on the three recent articles, Strong Women, by Michael Polignano (Here.), The Future of White Women -- A Speculation by William Ventvogel (Here.), and When White Men Knew Their Place by D.W. (Here.) found all three of these to be so timely as to give me an eerie thrill of synchronicity. I wonder how many of us have recently confronted matters that have brought the subjects of these essays up near the surface of our minds? I know I have.

The two articles on women are masterpieces as far as I'm concerned. I can add nothing to them nor have any disagreement with them. D.W. asks a decisive question in his article that all Revolutionaries, indeed all Inmates of the G.A.T. need to address:

"Do Anglos have a particular weakness for Jews? One theme of the Jew-lead war on Iraq made itself depressingly clear: the Coalition of the Willing to Bend Over was really just two countries, the United States and Britain. The papers' daily array of photos, meant to moisten my eyes and hasten me to the yellow ribbon store, seem almost evenly split. "British" soldier here, "American" soldier there, skin black, sometimes White, helmet on and gun in hand, cradling an Iraqi child or looking fierce with his mirrored sunglasses on. Both Britain and the United States have a pathetic history of obsequy to Jewry. Both were instrumental in the creation of the Hate State (Balfour, Truman). Both have governments choked with slithering kikes: we boast Wolfowitz and company, while Britain's got the Jew Jack Straw. Both have shown murmurings of understanding on Jews (British pogroms and their expulsion by various monarchs, whispered American opposition to Jews that all but disappeared by the 1960s). But both eventually buckled and spread their legs for the long, greasy hook nose. Like mother, like son."

Based on my own research and bitter personal experience, I say the answer is YES! Even now as I type, the BNP slithers toward mainstream "respectability," setting itself up as a fly-trap for White Revolutionaries and maybe a front which might make life a tad uncomfortable for some darkies in the Jewnited Kingdom, but certainly not for the jew. As far as this goes, expect some heavy rhetoric from them about muslims, but only lip service, fading to the barest ritual about jews. I think we have seen similar ugly symptoms with certain groups in the Jew S. A., whether they can be arrested or not remains to be seen. I could name a certain WASP I've been long aquainted with who has taken up "terrorist snitching", starting with 9/11 when it made sure to be noticed that it was all for Bush's invasion of Afghanistan, on the flimsiest evidence that the Taliban even knew about the matter beforehand.

While I heartily endorse the sort of pan-Aryanism D.W. exhorts us to adopt at the end of his article, my attitude toward the WASP is, "prove to the rest of us Aryans that you mean it." The fact of the matter is that jews have been spreading money around anglo society, effecting their breeding for nearly 400 years, to a degree that they haven't enjoyed with any other Aryan nation with results very "good for jewz." I have not in my 41.5 years met a single WASP that could overcome its judeophile heritage, not one.

If there are any anglos out there who sincerely are willing and able to join the Aryan Race and indeed all non-jewish Life on this planet in the struggle to save ourselves, to save any non-jewish Life on this planet, then by all means do so. Just remain mindful that you Mr. John Bull are on Probation with the rest of us. You will have to work harder than you ever have, to overcome the stink of 400 years of collaboration with jews that you and your nation have accrued. I for one am not waiting. If I'm wrong, then I will admit it when I see clear, irrefutable proof of it.

The rest of us have plenty to do against the jew, for ourselves. Let all of ua Aryans join in this struggle. And let us become ARYANS, The Noble People, as we once regarded ourselves. German, Gael, Slav, Latin, Greek even Indo-Iranian, let us put aside our petty differences, follow the lead of those Aryans who best deserve it and march to Victory! And the first step toward that victory is to recognize that the old regime here in Amerikwa was fatally jew ridden from the beginning; that this isn't about restoring any rotten republic which betrayed us and our posterity before the ink was dry on its deceitful documents, but about establishing an entirely new, jew free Aryan Realm, first in North America, then hopefully encircling the Northern Hemisphere. The Age of Paper is DEAD. Let us write our New Aryan Law on a medium worthy of Aryan Accomplishment, SILICON! And above all, let the New Aryan Law be as the Ancient Aryan Law; let it be written in the beating hearts of Aryans. Plenty of jews and wanna-be jews have white complexions. White is just a color, just like green for money. Aryan is a State of Being and Becoming.

Gerald E. Morris



These pictures almost make him to be, well, human. (Can't have that--can we?)

Hitler with his dog: (click on picture for full page-scale)

Hitler with child:

Page with lots of WWII-era information (posters, pamphlets, etc.):

The good stuff:



The Jewish World Plague

by Hermann Esser

Die jüdische Weltpest (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1939) pp. 9-12.

Fundamentals of the Jewish Question

The treacherous murder of the young German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in the office of the German embassy in Paris on 7 November 1938 by a 17-year-old Jew named Herschel Grünspan is rightly viewed by the entire German people as a contemptible sneaky attack on Adolf Hitler's new Greater Germany. Eighty million people were touched in the depth of their being; justified outrage erupted. According to their own figures, the Jews, who had been living very well among the German people for centuries, were worth a total of 8 billion Marks. When the Reich government required them to pay a penalty of a billion Marks, the Jewish-democratic world press howled as if Jews in National Socialist Germany were starving and going to the dogs.


Subject: supermann

Was the comic character "Superman" merely meant to be clever Jewish propaganda?

During WWII, a German writer pointed out how the comic "Superman," created by the Jew Jerry Siegel, was used as propaganda to indoctrinate children. To see a cartoon about Superman battling the Germans during WWII, go here:

The term "Superman," known as "the man of steel," is of itself of general interest. You might also note someone else in that time frame when the comic character Superman was created who was known as "the man of steel." In fact, this is what "Stalin" (Steel) essentially means (not his birth-name, it might be pointed out). Regardless if that was the author's intent with respect to that phrase and Stalin's name, there certainly was subtle propaganda used in the comics of that era, just as there is today. Indeed, through the use of such subtle and repititive Jewish propaganda, these comics would help Jews to raise America's children to hate Germany and all things German during that era.

In more modern times, we see "Captain America," promoting a multicultural polyglot land to our children. Jewish propagandist Stan Lee is behind many of these cartoons, which feed America's children with pseudo-egalitarian information. In the book "Holocaust for Hire" (1979) about comic book character Captain America, who battled the Red Skull (an evil German who wears a hideous skull-mask, as we might expect), which was produced by the Jew Stan Lee, written by the Jew Joseph Silva, and packaged and edited by the Jews Len Wein and Marv Wolfman, it states in the beginning:

"Dedicated to the Ford Motor Company--for making all this necessary."

Obviously, they refer to Henry Ford and his brief, but valiant, battle with Jewish Supremacists. At one time, Ford fought the Jewish propagandists who were working to destroy America as we knew it--a peaceful, moral, and decent place to raise children. Taking a look at today's society, in which we fear to walk the cities, in which perversity rules the airwaves, in which publications depict women as merely sexual objects to be consumed, in which money has replaced God, and in which morality has been replaced with degeneracy run rampant, these Jewish propagandists have certainly had their influence.

One might say that they have won the "battle."

Let's briefly go back in time and take a look at what the "evil" Germans had to say about the Superman comic book in 1940. Let's take a quick passage through time and see what they had to say about it:

Das schwarze Korps, 25 April 1940, p. 8.

[This article was found at - ]

Jerry Siegel attacks!

Once there was a man who was so strong that he could stop a speeding locomotive with his ring finger, but he didn't do it.

—Folk tale from Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Siegellack stinks! [Literally "Sealing wax stinks, but also a pun on Siegel's name]

—Proverb from Massachusetts

Jerry Siegel, an intellectually and physically circumcised chap who has his headquarters in New York, is the inventor of a colorful figure with an impressive appearance, a powerful body, and a red swim suit who enjoys the ability to fly through the ether.

The inventive Israelite named this pleasant guy with an overdeveloped body and underdeveloped mind "Superman." He advertised widely Superman's sense of justice, well-suited for imitation by the American youth.

As you can see, there is nothing the Sadducees won't do for money!

Jerry looked about the world and saw things happening in the distance, some of which alarmed him. He heard of Germany's reawakening, of Italy's revival, in short of a resurgence of the manly virtues of Rome and Greece. "That's fine," thought Jerry, and decided to import the idea of manly virtue and spread them among young Americans. Thus was born this "Superman." On this page we present you with several particularly unusual examples of his activities. We see Superman, lacking all strategic sense and tactical ability, storming the West Wall in shorts. We see several German soldiers in a bunker, who in order to receive the American guest have borrowed old uniforms from a military museum. Their faces express at once both desperation and cheerfulness. We see this bicepped wonder in a rather odd pose bending the barrels of Krupp guns like spaghetti. "Concrete can't stop me," he shouts in another picture as he knocks the tops off pill boxes like overripe tomatoes. His true strength only shows itself in flight, however. He leaps into the air to tear the propeller from a passing German airplane. As we can see from the next frame, however, Superman has apparently made a mistake, since he seems to have encountered a Yid pilot. No German would say what the pilot says: "Himmel! Vos is diss?" The American answer "Well, here it is" seems to us not quite right. The right response would be something like "Laff if ya likes, I'm Simple Simon!" [The best I can do at translating "Se wern lachen, jach bin der klaine Moritz!"].

A triumphant final frame shows Superman, the conqueror of death, dropping in at the headquarters of the chatterboxes at the League of Nations in Geneva. Although the rules of the establishment probably prohibit people in bathing suits from participating in their deliberations, Superman ignores them as well as the other laws of physics, logic, and life in general. He brings with him the evil German enemy along with Soviet Russia.

Well, we really ought to ignore these fantasies of Jerry Israel Siegel, but there is a catch. The daring deeds of Superman are those of a Colorado beetle. He works in the dark, in incomprehensible ways. He cries "Strength! Courage! Justice!" to the noble yearnings of American children. Instead of using the chance to encourage really useful virtues, he sows hate, suspicion, evil, laziness and criminality in their young hearts.

Jerry Siegellack stinks. Woe to the American youth, who must live in such a poisoned atmosphere and don't even notice the poison they swallow daily.



Dean - married to a Jewess
Kerry - Jewish
Clark - Jewish
Lieberman - Jewish
Kucinich - dating Jewess
Bush - sucks the Jews off for a few gold coins



Faking It

A Brief Textbook Of American Democracy

Monday, January 19, 2004

While the United States is freer and more democratic than many countries, it is not, I think, either as free or as democratic as we are expected to believe, and becomes rapidly less so. Indeed we seem to be specialists in maintaining the appearance without having the substance. Regarding the techniques of which, a few thoughts:

(1) Free speech does not exist in America. We all know what we can't say and about whom we can't say it.

(2) A democracy run by two barely distinguishable parties is not in fact a democracy.

A parliamentary democracy allows expression of a range of points of view: A ecological candidate may be elected, along with a communist, a racial-separatist, and a libertarian. These will make sure their ideas are at least heard. By contrast, the two-party system prevents expression of any ideas the two parties agree to suppress. How much open discussion do you hear during presidential elections of, for example, race, immigration, abortion, gun control, and the continuing abolition of Christianity? These are the issues most important to most people, yet are quashed.

The elections do however allow do allow the public a sense of participation while having the political importance of the Superbowl.

(3) Large jurisdictions discourage autonomy. If, say, educational policy were set in small jurisdictions, such as towns or counties, you could buttonhole the mayor and have a reasonable prospect of influencing your children's schools. If policy is set at the level of the state, then to change it you have to quit your job, marshal a vast campaign costing a fortune, and organize committees in dozens of towns. It isn't practical. In America, local jurisdictions set taxes on real estate and determine parking policy. Everything of importance is decided remotely.

(4) Huge unresponsive bureaucracies somewhere else serve as political flywheels, insulating elected officials from the whims of the populace. Try calling the Department of Education from Wyoming. Its employees are anonymous, salaried, unaccountable, can't be fired, and don't care about you. Many more of them than you might believe are affirmative-action hires and probably can't spell Wyoming. You cannot influence them in the slightest. Yet they influence you.

(5) For our increasingly centralized and arbitrary government, the elimination of potentially competitive centers of power has been, and is, crucial. This is one reason for the aforementioned defanging of the churches: The faithful recognize a power above that of the state, which they might choose to obey instead of Washington. The Catholic Church in particular, with its inherent organization, was once powerful. It has been brought to heel.

Similarly the elimination of states' rights, now practically complete, put paid to another potential source of opposition. Industry, in the days of J. P. Morgan politically potent, has been tamed by regulation and federal contracts. The military in the United States has never been politically active. The government becomes the only game available.

(6) Paradoxically, increasing the power of groups who cannot threaten the government strengthens the government: They serve as counterbalances to those who might challenge the central authority. For example, the white and male-dominated culture of the United States, while not embodied in an identifiable organization, for some time remained strong. The encouragement of dissension by empowerment of blacks, feminists, and homosexuals, and the importing of inassimilable minorities, weakens what was once the cultural mainstream.

(7) The apparent government isn't the real government. The real power in America resides in what George Will once called the "permanent political class," of which the formal government is a subset. It consists of the professoriate, journalists, politicians, revolving appointees, high-level bureaucrats and so on who slosh in and out of formal power. Most are unelected, believe the same things, and share a lack of respect for views other than their own.

It is they, to continue the example of education, who write the textbooks your children use, determine how history will be rewritten, and set academic standards—all without the least regard for you. You can do nothing about it. (8) The US government consists of five branches which are, in rough order of importance, the Supreme Court, the media, the presidency, the bureaucracy, and Congress.

The function of the Supreme Court, which is both unanswerable and unaccountable, is to impose things that the congress fears to touch. That is, it establishes programs desired by the ruling political class which could not possibly be democratically enacted. While formally a judicial organ, the Court is in reality our Ministry of Culture and Morals. It determines policy regarding racial integration, abortion, pornography, immigration, the practice of religion, which groups receive special privilege, and what forms of speech shall be punished.

(9) The media have two governmental purposes. The first is to prevent discussion and, to the extent possible, knowledge of taboo subjects. The second is to inculcate by endless indirection the values and beliefs of the permanent political class. Thus for example racial atrocities committed by whites against blacks are widely reported, while those committed by blacks against whites are concealed. Most people know this at least dimly. Few know the degree of management of information.

(10) Control of television conveys control of the society. It is magic. This is such a truism that we do not always see how true it is. The box is ubiquitous and inescapable. It babbles at us in bars and restaurants, in living rooms and on long flights. It is the national babysitter. For hours a day most Americans watch it.

Perhaps the key to cultural control is that people can't not watch a screen. It is probably true that stupid people would not watch intelligent television, but it is certainly true that intelligent people will watch stupid television. Any television, it seems, is preferable to no television. As people read less, the lobotomy box acquires semi-exclusive rights to their minds. Television doesn't tell people what to do. It shows them. People can resist admonition. But if they see something happening over and over, month after month, if they see the same values approvingly portrayed, they will adopt both behavior and values. It takes years, but it works. To be sure it works, we put our children in front of the screen from infancy.

(11) Finally, people do not want freedom. They want comfort, two hundred channels on the cable, sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, an easy job and an SUV. No country with really elaborate home-theater has ever risen in revolt. An awful lot of people secretly like being told what to do. We would probably be happier with a king.



Dutch Race Policy 'A 30-Year Failure'

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The Telegraph - UK 1-20-4

"The worst mistake was to encourage children to speak Turkish, Arabic or Berber in primary schools rather than Dutch. The report concluded that Holland's 850,000 Muslims must become Dutch if the country was to hold together."

THE HAGUE -- Holland's 30-year experiment in trying to create a tolerant, multicultural society has failed and led to ethnic ghettos and sink schools, according to an official parliamentary report. Between 70 and 80 per cent of Dutch-born members of immigrant families import their spouse from their "home" country, mostly Turkey or Morocco, perpetuating a fast-growing Muslim subculture in large cities. The 2,500-page all-party report by the Dutch parliament was the establishment's tentative answer to the critique of Pim Fortuyn, the shaven-headed firebrand who warned that Holland's easy-going way of life was threatened by militant Islam and over-crowding. He was assassinated by an environmental activist two years ago.

While the report praised most immigrants for assimilating and for doing well at school, it attacked successive governments for stoking ethnic separatism. The worst mistake was to encourage children to speak Turkish, Arabic or Berber in primary schools rather than Dutch. The report concluded that Holland's 850,000 Muslims must become Dutch if the country was to hold together. It proposes cheap housing in the leafy suburbs to help ethnic groups assimilate with the rest of the 16 million population.

The major parties in the centre-Right government dismissed such solutions as insufficient. Maxime Verhagen, the Christian Democrat leader in parliament, said one had to be "either naive or ignorant" not to understand that the policy had led the country into a cul-de-sac. He said: "Immigrants in the Netherlands top the 'wrong' lists - disability benefit, unemployment assistance, domestic violence, criminality statistics and school and learning difficulties." For years Holland was seen as a glowing example of multi-ethnic tolerance, making huge efforts to make immigrants feel at home. Funding was provided for ethnic diversity projects, including 700 Islamic clubs that are often run by hard-line clerics. The simmering resentments erupted two years ago when Mr Fortuyn gave voice to an increasingly fearful majority.

The European Union's Racism and Xenophobia Monitoring Centre has catalogued a rash of anti-Muslim attacks, leaving girls too frightened to go out wearing head scarves. The violence has taken a more ominous turn since the September 11 attacks. The Dutch intelligence service, AIVD, has warned that the al-Qa'eda network is "stealthily taking root in Dutch society" by preying on disaffected Muslim youth with Jihad video cassettes circulating in mosques, cafes and prisons. Rotterdam has announced measures to deter more poor immigrants and is closing its gates to new asylum seekers for four years. © Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2004.




After reading "A British Reader's" letter about the Bush/ Blair Betrayals, I thought you might be interested in what a British actor in one of the most successful current movies had to say. Follow this link and start where the interviewer asks about "Tolkien's Catholic beliefs". Apparently Rhys Davies is already feeling some repercussions from this.

[VDARE.COM NOTE: John Rhys-Davies, who plays Gimli in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is being interviewed by film critic Jeffrey Overstreet. We extract the key passage.]

Jeffrey Overstreet's interview with John Rhys-Davies

Jeffrey: How much of Tolkien's Catholic beliefs and perspective resonate with you?

John Rhys-Davies: I'm burying my career so substantially in these interviews that it's painful. But I think that there are some questions that demand honest answers.

I think that Tolkien says that some generations will be challenged. And if they do not rise to meet that challenge, they will lose their civilization. That does have a real resonance with me.

I have had the ideal background for being an actor. I have always been an outsider. I grew up in colonial Africa. And I remember in 1955, it would have to be somewhere between July the 25th when the school holiday started and September the 18th when the holidays ended. My father took me down to the quayside in Dar-Es-Salaam harbor. And he pointed out a dhow in the harbor and he said, "You see that dhow there? Twice a year it comes down from Aden. It stops here and goes down [South]. On the way down it's got boxes of machinery and goods. On the way back up it's got two or three little black boys on it. Now, those boys are slaves. And the United Nations will not let me do anything about it."

The conversation went on. "Look, boy. There is not going to be a World War between Russia and the United. The next World War will be between Islam and the West." This is 1955! I said to him, "Dad, you're nuts! The Crusades have been over for hundreds of years!" And he said, "Well, I know, but militant Islam is on the rise again. And you will see it in your lifetime." He's been dead some years now. But there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and think, "God, I wish you were here, just so I could tell you that you were right."

What is unconscionable is that too many of your fellow journalists do not understand how precarious Western civilization is and what a jewel it is.

How did we get the sort of real democracy, how did we get the level of tolerance that allows me to propound something that may be completely alien to you around this table, and yet you will take it and you will think about it and you'll say no you're wrong because of this and this and this. And I'll listen and I'll say, "Well, actually, maybe I am wrong because of this and this."

[He points at a female reporter and adopts an authoritarian voice, to play a militant-Islam character:] ‘You should not be in this room. Because your husband or your father is not hear to guide you. You could only be here in this room with these strange men for immoral purposes.'

I mean… the abolition of slavery comes from Western democracy. True Democracy comes form our Greco-Judeo-Christian-Western experience. If we lose these things, then this is a catastrophe for the world.

And there is a demographic catastrophe happening in Europe that nobody wants to talk about, that we daren't bring up because we are so cagey about not offending people racially. And rightly we should be. But there is a cultural thing as well. By 2020, 50% of the children in Holland under the age of 18 will be of Muslim descent. You look and see what your founding fathers thought of the Dutch. They are constantly looking at the rise of democracy and Dutch values as being the very foundation of American Democracy. If by the mid-century the bulk of Holland is Muslim—and don't forget, coupled with this there is this collapse of numbers ... Western Europeans are not having any babies. The population of Germany at the end of the century is going to be 56% of what it is now. The populations of France, 52% of what it is now. The population of Italy is going to be down 7 million people. There is a change happening in the very complexion of Western civilization in Europe that we should think about at least and argue about. If it just means the replacement of one genetic stock with another genetic stock, that doesn't matter too much. But if it involves the replacement of Western civilization with a different civilization with different cultural values, then it is something we really ought to discuss—because, g**dammit, I am for dead white male culture.

You do realize in this town what I've been saying [is like] blasphemy…

…but we've got to get a bit serious. By and large our cultures and our society are resilient enough to put up with any sort of nonsense. But if Tolkien's got a message, it's that "Sometimes you've got to stand up and fight for what you believe in." He knew what he was fighting for in WW1.

[With that, he departed our appreciative and applauding table, saying:] Try and put verbs in my sentences.


Subject: cartoon site

Dear Sirs,

I see by looking at the Reader Mail of 27 November 2003 that, under the subject heading of SIr Oswald Mosley, you have my web site address wrong. You also miss-spell "Mosley".

It should read The "www." was missing.

I also have a politically incorrect cartoon site at There is no "www." in that address.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Robert Edwards


Subject: Carol Swain's latest

Carol Swain wants to host a conference on immigration reform. she also started her own sort of Amren thing, called "The Veritas Institute." The way I interpret Carol Swain is that she is a bit of an innocent who still believes the lies of the civil rights movement and doesn't want to accept the fact that it was a cynical, jewish plot to destroy Whites and put jews on top. But I say we should be polite and patient with Professor Carol, and if I could, I would attend her conference and name the jew, and I urge others to do so. Also, bring copies of "Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" with you, as well as KMac's C of C, highlighting Chapter 4, of course.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Swain Newsletter"
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 10:22 PM
Subject: Professor Swain's Latest News and Upcoming Appearances

January 16, 2004

Dear Friends and Acquaintances:

I will be appearing on two local television shows next week to discuss immigration and the top news of the day. I also have other news to share.

On Tuesday, January 20th from 7:00-8:00 p.m., I will be appearing on Openline (WTVF-TV Channel 5) hosted by Scott Couch. I will be discussing President Bush's immigration reform proposal along with Jerry Gonzales, a representative of the local Hispanic Community. Mr. Gonzales is a practicing attorney. The local contact for Open Line is May Dean Eberling, Executive Producer. (615) 248-5241. Copies of the taped program can be ordered directly from the station.

On Thursday, January 22nd, 7:00-9:00 am, I will be reappearing on Teddy Bart's Roundtable. Other guests on the show that day include Bill Ivey and Mark Tipps. Teddy Bart's Roundtable is a news show. You can listen live on the radio from 7 to 9 a.m. at 1160 AM WAMB. There is a television replay from 4:00 - 6:00 PM on Comcast Channel 9.

On Friday, January 16, 2004 I appeared on the Steve Gill Morning Show. Mark Christopher was the guest host. The Morning Show airs on television and radio weekdays from 5:30-9:00 am on FM 99.7 WTN Nashville and on News Channel 5 from 5:30-8:00 am. Mark was generous enough to mention my new non-profit organization, the Veritas Institute.

Veritas is the Latin word for truth. The following link will take you to the website:

While you are at the Veritas website, do consider making a tax-deductible contribution of any amount. I am trying to raise funds to host a conference on immigration reform for April 2004. I will need to raise around $10,000 to cover travel and honorarium for the invited speakers. In addition, I would like to raise enough money to support the planned organizational activities.

On another matter, I am pleased to report that my article "Does White America Owe Black America and Apology?" is the cover article of the January 2004 edition of the USA Today Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support. I do wish each of you a blessed and prosperous 2004.


Professor Carol M. Swain

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7).


Subject: announcing Rich Brooks's new site, White Alert

Hi Alex,

I just want to announce that my new website, White Alert, is finally up and running. Most of the archived reviews and articles I have written for VNN went down the Bill White rathole, but all have now been restored and reside at I have also instigated a rating system of sorts for the movies I review, which I hope may generate at least a little polite controversy. I have only two columns, good movies and bad movies; these are respectively broken down into subcategories headed (in the case of "good" movies) by three or four Celtic Crosses, or, in the case of bad movies, by one or two Stars of David. Anyway, please check it out when you get a chance.

best wishz,
Rich Brooks

Ed. Note: Visit the site and let him know what you think, readers.


Subject: Vonbluvens

OY VEY! (01/20/04)

Jews and the DOT...Only Jews can decide what true art is (yea, right)...DOC's plan for white don't want to miss this!


Subject: Mueller

Dear Fellow Patriot!

First the correction. I have given the wrong link for the Spiegel article and the Auschwitz controversy. You will find the right one below in this Patriot Letter. Be patient with the Allen Williams website, it is the right one, it is just so busy. To make sure, go on Dr. Toben's website

He also carries the Auschwitz picture.


MLK Day was formally ended with another glory, glory, hallelujah coverage of the Jew-owned media. John Martin has forwarded me a poem he has written about MLK Day. It is in this Patriot Letter. You will enjoy it.


Speaking of multi-culturism, Oakland, California, the capital of black residents, found a new way to put "multi" in the culture. Urban designer Craig Tanner and Jewess Kimberly Bardakian created new designs to fill the niche of multi-cultural sports. The "UGG Gear", meaning Urban Golf Gear. The new logo on the designs will be a black golf player with dread locks, swinging a golf club. UGG Gear is designed to attract blacks, Latinos and other elements.

Now imagine, one would design "WGG Gear", which means "White Golf Gear". All hell would break lose....


David Irving's Action Report hit my desk and finally, I got to see the controversy about the waitress for myself. It's the one where Mr. Irving meets with Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review at Mimi's Cafe. When interrupted by the waitress, asking if everything was okay, Mr. Irving responded, and I paraphrase "not anymore, since you interrupted out conversation."

I looked at this over and over again, and I couldn't find a justification why some people thought that it was rude and arrogant of Mr. Irving. Have they ever met him? If not, they don't know what rude and arrogant is. I have met him and he treated me like scum. That was rude. But, veteran revisionist Arthur Butz, I call him the big baby of revisionism, took offense at the treatment of the waitress by Mr. Irving. Then, Dr. Toben posted it on the website and from there it went.

What a subject to spend this much time on. I know, I am doing it too, but only because I agree with David Irving 100%. Having been in the Gastronomie business since I've been 15, I can tell you that American restaurant/hotel/coffeehouses/motels etc. do not meet the minimum standards of customer service.

The group-hug and cant-we-all-get-along mentality has crept into this business and really screwed it up.

Today, when you enter any establishments, you either find young men with faces like a German crumb cake, or Mexican personnel who are literally pissed off that they have to serve you. Another very popular thing in America, especially for "in" coffee houses, is to hire part-time workers, which all come from colleges and high schools.

In the so-called "chain restaurants", like Mimi's, Macaroni Grill, South of the Border, and Chipotle, you'll find "Pepe" or "Jamal" serving you with anger written all over their face. Oh, and then, you go on the countryside and you'll find your typical white waitress, who calls you "honey" and "darling". You know, the kind who serves you gravy with the thumb in it, and licks the thumb afterwards.

Even in so-called "fancy establishments" such as Hyatt Regency, Hilton, etc. the service is outrageous. GO to any coffeehouse today. They make you get the coffee yourself, find the sugar and milk, and then have the guts to have a jar next to the register, asking for a tip.

But most annoying for me is when I sit in a restaurant, with a friend or other company, finally get my coffee, fixed it the way I want it, and every five minutes, stinking Pepe comes around and tops it off.

Gastronomie in America means big business. Everything is a rip-off. In most cases, the food is portioned and comes frozen in freezer bags, and is either warmed up by a microwave or hot water bath. Most restaurant chains are owned by the Jews, as well as coffee house chains, i.e. Starbucks.

To give you an idea, once we were visiting one of these coffee shops, and the person's name on the nametag waiting on us was "Superstar".

I can only hope that these "sensitive flowers" who think that David Irving was rude will never be in my company when dining out. Because I don't take any of these unprofessional attitudes of the multi-cultural personnel that is being called waiter or waitress.

In America, chefs are former dishwashers, who have graduated from the San Francisco Culinary Institute. They are an insult to anyone's taste buds, and can't compare to a Hotel Sacher, Cafe' Damer, The Ritz, or the Bayrischer Hof.

A good waiter or waitress comes to take the order, only replies to questions and comes back when she is asked to or when she/he knows that they don't interrupt a conversation.

America is the land of no decorum. Anything goes, as long as you pay the price.


Now, we received our first responses to yesterdays Patriot Letter. Please keep them coming. Let's discuss this as long as we can. Also, guys, I cannot forward responses that are 350k or 850k long. Be reasonable. We start out with Dr. Frederick Toben from the Adelaide Institute:


Sixty years after the event I wonder if the British government will get its act together and finally prove that which is so dear to its heart, i.e. that homicidal gassings, that six million Jews were gassed and that Adolf Hitler was responsible for the extermination-genocide of European Jewry. Only in this way will the British government continue to subdue and castrate the German spirit that derivative individuals fear so much.

Also, only this 'Holocaust' fabrication will continue to suppress the more virtuous British impulses, that opposed WWI and WWII, from coming to the fore.

It is no accident that the national archives has brought these millions of photographs to a wider audience because the British legal constraints on truth-telling have grown thin and too obviously self-serving to last for very much longer.

The National Archives action is the final fling at Germans - but it will fail to constrain the Teutonic spirit for much longer.

Fudging documents is nothing new for the British government - as we saw with Tony Blair's government and those Iraqi elusive WMDs when it fabricated that Niger uranium story to help bolster its rationale to intiate an aggressive-predatory war of resources.

The stock-phrases of 'freedom', 'democracy', and against 'dictatorship' begins to sound not only hollow but also deceptive. It is a classic example of cant, that quality some celebrate as a virtue. Democracy's own dictatorship merely sustains class thinking, among other things, that false consciousness so welcomed by the gullible and the lazy who fear the creative impulse from exploding anew - as it did prior to the outbreak of WWII.

Add to that the fact that the British government still refuses to release documents surrounding Rudolf Hess's peace Flight to Scottland, we should shift our focus away from the Zionist/Jews and re-focus on the British archives to find the truth about certain historical events. What kind of history is it that is locked up for years? Archive insiders have no doubt done their job to bring the written record in line with the fabricated facts.

But we should not stop short of chiding the British. The focus must also rest on the German government that through the Spiegel continues to flog the 'Holocaust' horse, as became evident when it slavishly picked up the British National Archive release of photographs. Germans went from national socialism to national masochism - and 60 years after the event are still there feeling guilty about something that never happened! That's not only sad or tragic - that's stupid!

Revisionists do not fear the release of these millions of images sixty years after the event because they know that Robert Faurisson's challenge remains to be fulfilled: show me or draw me Hitler's WMDs! We shall with some amusement watch the younger generation of interested individual researchers latch on to the images thus released and search for that elusive proof. It would make anyone who found the evidence an instant world celebrity. Revisionists recall the celebrities of the recent past: Jean-Claude Pressac and Charles Provan, for example, who served the 'Holocaust' lobby well, until their proofs disintegrated under the firm watchful gaze of Revisionists. The fight against superstition (Aberglaube) and for Truth continues unabated; the intellectual adventure continues to excite those who can tolerate such stimulation.

Fredrick Töben

Sunshine Coast
20 January 2004


Now this is a forward from Horst Mahler to Guenther Deckert and to me. It's an article that's awsome and is meant to be for my German readers:


Siegfrieds Wiederkehr

Eine Umfrage der Bielefelder Universität vom 5.12.2003 hat nun offiziell bestätigt, was vielerorts seit langem zu hören ist, insbesondere von den jüngeren Menschen:

Die Deutschen wollen in der Mehrheit nichts mehr vom Holocaust wissen. Das sei Vergangenheit, die allenfalls Großeltern betreffe oder interessiere, aber nicht jüngere Menschen, die auch nicht mehr bereit seien, dafür zu zahlen oder Schuldempfindungen zu hegen.

Ist es wirklich Vergangenheit? Weshalb konnte Martin Hohmann nicht mehr als CDU-Abgeordneter ertragen werden nach seiner Rede zum 3. Oktober 2003? Angeblich, weil er damit jüdische Empfindlichkeiten berührt hätte, und das sei nicht hinzunehmen! Denn, so Angela Merkel auf dem Leipziger Parteitag der CDU Ende 2003: „Zur ständigen Versöhnung der Deutschen mit sich selbst gehört die Anerkennung des Unaussöhnlichen, der Singularität des Holocaust."

Zuvor hatte Jürgen W. Möllemann auf einem Flugblatt – ach, so bescheiden – auf die verbrecherische Politik Israels, insbesondere von Ariel Sharon, gegenüber den Palästinensern hingewiesen. Auch dies nur die Mitteilung einer in vielen Medien wiederholt dargestellten Tatsache. Jetzt war es die F.D.P., die auf dem Hintergrund des von den Deutschen verübten Holocaust einen solchen Politiker nicht mehr ertragen konnte. Er büßte alle Ämter und schließlich sein Leben ein.

Und in Berlin? Wird nicht auch im Jahr 2004 an dem neuen, riesigen Holocaust-Mahnmal mit seinen tausenden Stelen weitergebaut, auf dem teuersten Baugrundstück der Bundesrepublik in der Hauptstadt Berlin, und auch von den jüngeren Steuerzahlern mitfinanziert? Nur Blinde können sagen: Der Holocaust berührt mich nicht mehr. Er ist Vergangenheit. In allen Medien ist es nachzulesen, was Friedman und andere Glaubensgenossen uns täglich vorhalten: Die Deutschen sind schuldig für alle Ewigkeit. Nur völlig unpolitische Illusionisten können das verkennen.

Vielleicht sollten sie sich einmal die heute an den Schulen genutzten Schulbücher ansehen. Da ist z.B. von der Vertreibung von Millionen Deutschen aus Ostdeutschland kaum etwas zu finden, jedoch umso mehr von den Schrecken der „Naziherrschaft" und dem Holocaust.

Der Weg in ein auch nach dem Völkerrecht rechtsfähiges Deutsches Reich und zu einer eigenständigen deutschen Politik ist durch ein schrecken- und furchterregendes Hindernis versperrt. Je mehr bis heute versucht wurde, es zu überwinden, zu übersteigen oder zu umgehen, umso größer und höher wurde es. Vorbeikommen ist unmöglich. Diesseits dieses Hindernisses deutsche Politik machen zu wollen ebenso.

50 Jahre gescheiterte Versuche sind unübersehbar. Doch immer noch gibt es Menschen, die meinen, sich vorbeimogeln zu können, indem sie hehre Ziele und umfassende Programme für ein wiedererstandenes deutsches Reich verkünden. Doch es bleiben ungedeckte Vorstellungen und Versprechungen, leeren Phrasen. Das Hindernis aber wächst. Wäre es nicht möglich, zu Beginn des Jahres 2004, 59 Jahre nach Kriegsende, das eigene Verhalten einmal wirklich kritisch zu ueberprüfen? Nur so nebenher läßt sich dieser Drache nicht bewältigen. Er erfordert den vollen Einsatz, zumindest von denen, die an den gegenwärtigen Zuständen leiden und sich immer wieder fragen: Was können wir noch tun? Was sollen wir wählen?

Es gibt nur eine Antwort: Keine Partei, sondern den ungeteilten gemeinsamen Einsatz zur Überwindung dieses Ungeheuers. Wer nicht mehr selber im Kampfe mit dem Drachen das Schwert schwingen kann, der kann die angemessene Rüstung bezahlen. Auch dies geht nicht so nebenher. Lieber jetzt auf Reisen und Lebensannehmlichkeiten verzichten, um jeden gesparten Euro einzusetzen, als später verzweifelt unter Orwellschen Zuständen garniert mit ein wenig Huxley - Brave New World zu seufzen. Dann ist es zu spät. Wer Deutschland liebt (Baldur Springmann) und seine Zukunft retten will, der kann sich nur noch voll einbringen, so oder so, als Drachenkämpfer oder als Zurüster. Über die schrecklichen Zustände zu klagen und gleichzeitig dreimal im Jahr nach Mallorca oder sonstwohin zu fliegen, das machen Schröder und Co, aber nicht deutschbewußte Leute, die hoffen und erwarten, daß es gelingen möge, den mächtigsten Drachen der Geschichte zukunftsrettend noch zu besiegen.

Für ein sinnvolles Arbeiten darf daran erinnert werden, daß das Reich eine Reichsregierung hatte und nicht 17 Regierungen (Bund und Länder), die alle vier Jahre zu wählen sind. Das behindert genauso nachhaltig eine jede Politik, wie das Neben- oder gar Gegeneinander einer Vielzahl sogenannter rechter Gruppen und Grüppchen. Hier werden wir uns zu neuen Wegen aufraffen müssen. Dies ist – so meine ich – auch Anliegen unserer Leser, denen wir für oft jahrzehntelange Treue und Unterstützung danken, dies auch in der Vorstellung, daß gerade sie aus innerer Überzeugung dies für die Zukunft verstärkt machen werden.

In diesem Sinne wünschen wir uns allen viel Kraft und Einsatzbereitschaft für das Jahr 2004

Ursula Haverbeck



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