Reader Mail: 11 December 2004










Subject: Hmong victims site

Hi Alex:

Here is a website honoring the 6 white hunters who were murdered by the gook. You might want to suggest that your readers leave a message on the site. I left a message asking why the Hmong can organize as a race against "white backlash", yet the true victims, the white hunters, cannot. They can do it, if they do not mind being called racists and haters!



Subject: Golden

Someone wrote:

"Mr Linder:

Your correspondent needs to study racial science. With a name like Golden, being head of the local Georgia schoolboard, and suing his tresspasser for extortion; it is a safe bet that the individual is not White."

It might be a safe bet if we didn't know from other sources that he is white. I saw a picture of this guy, and he is Aryan. In fact, oddly enough, the only time I ever had occasion to appear before a school board in a legal proceeding, there was a Golden on the board, and (contrary to my expectations) he turned out to be fully Aryan as well. I know Goldens who are Jewish, but not all are.

-- BT


Subject: Catholic names jew



Who really cares what Hollywood thinks? All these hacks come out there. Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. Its not a secret, OK? And Im not afraid to say it. Thats why they hate this movie. Its about Jesus Christ, and its about truth. Its about the messiah.

Hollywood likes anal sex. They like to see the public square without nativity scenes. I like families. I like children. They like abortions. I believe in traditional values and restraint. They believe in libertinism. We have nothing in common. But you know what? The culture war has been ongoing for a long time. Their side has lost.

Ed. Note: That is a great quote, and Donohoe deserves credit for it. He has slurred E. Michael Jones, who is the straightest Catholic I know of on the jew question, but this quote is dead on. More, more, more!



NYTimes Workers Charge Racism, Anti-Semitism Special to the Jewish Times 12 Dec 04 (Whippany, N.J.) - Nine New York Times employees, including a Jewish man, are charging that they were subjected to racial and religious discrimination at the paper's Edison, N.J., printing plant. Their lawsuit, filed in Middlesex County Superior Court on Nov. 3, includes complaints that supervisors aimed racial and religious epithets at employees ?? or ignored such epithets coming from others ?? and that Hispanic, black, and Jewish employees were denied seniority rights, promotions and pay scales commensurate with their years of service as well as plum assignments that would have enabled them to pick up overtime pay. The newspaper maintains "a hostile and pervasive work environment" based upon "the widespread use of racial and religious epithets" and the "disparate treatment" of employees "based upon race, color, national origin, and religion," according to the 16-page complaint. The Times management has denied the allegations. The Jewish plaintiff is Harvey Alpert, a 53-year-old resident of Marlboro, N.J., who began working at the Edison plant as a chauffeur in 1977 and is now a floorman. The complaint alleges that, like the other men bringing the suit, Alpert was "subjected to very offensive epithets" that included being addressed by a colleague as "a (expletive) fat Jew Bastard." The same colleague is alleged to have said "I hate that Jew bastard. I want to kill him." The lawsuit further alleges that on one occasion, a supervisor overheard Alpert talking on the phone with his father about his dying mother. According to the complaint, the supervisor ordered Alpert to "get off the (expletive) phone, you (expletive). I don't care whether your mother is in the hospital." The complaint also charges that supervisors within earshot of the alleged language, "instead of taking action to correct such behavior, condoned and encouraged same." The other complainants, two Latinos and six African-Americans, also alleged that fellow employees addressed them as "nigger," "coon," and "spook." "This stuff is highly pervasive and of long standing in the sewer where these people have been working," said one of the plaintiffs' attorneys, Jeffrey Bernbach of White Plains, N.Y., in an interview with New Jersey Jewish News. "The New York Times has long been aware of it and has done nothing to clean it up." The workers filed suit after the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in August that there was merit to their claims of racial and religious discrimination at the Times printing plant. Such a finding is normally a legal prerequisite for taking on-the-job bias claims to court. Here * * * * * * * * Sounds like David Schulman has been reading VNN and stole the name of one of your regular contributors for his novel Quirky crime solver's promising debut THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD: A Gritz Goldberg Mystery. By David Schulman. John F. Blair, $22.95, 272 pages, hardcover. By Jane Davis Special to THE DAILY 12 Dec 04 "Grits or bagels?" is not the normal query one expects to hear in a Southern town but is so very appropriate for this first novel introducing a quirky but appealing crime solver. David "Gritz" Goldberg is a psychiatrist with his own set of problems. An obsessive-compulsive, he eats the same lunch at the same table in the same cafAS every day. His practice is in the same office where Zelda Fitzgerald sought treatment. There is even a rumor of her ghost prowling the halls. And he has noticed a special perfume that seems to flood the room sometimes, even when there is no one else there. He got his "Gritz" sobriquet when he was a child and his aunts would visit from New York, laden with rare delicacies such as bagels, lox and pumpernickel which he stubbornly refused, preferring grits, gravy and even pork. Now, he lives in a house provided by the institution he works for, sharing it with his teenage daughter and son and ex-mother-in-law who moved in as housekeeper when her own daughter divorced Gritz. At 75, she whips up a mean chopped liver, plays mah-jongg wearing tie-dyed T-shirts and protests the incursions of Wal-Mart into her town. Only occasionally does she try to fix Gritz up with a "nice Jewish girl." Gritz's lunchtime routine is upset one day when he receives a call that a man is threatening to jump off the roof of a historic downtown hotel. That's not the case he discovers. The man is T. Royal, a 70-something black man who used to take care of Gritz as a child so his parents could run their clothing store. T. just wandered onto the roof, a bit disconcerted after confronting the ghost of a long-dead friend, Mordecai Moore. Moore was accused of murdering a young white woman in that hotel 65 years earlier and executed for the crime. Now that T. Royal has returned to Asheville to retire, Mordecai is determined to have justice. Even then, rumors abounded that important deals were made under the pretext of a poker game where Mordecai just happened to act as waiter. Soon, Gritz is drawn into a conspiracy of silence that has lasted all these years involving Willard Dudley Paully, a white supremacist who admired Hitler in the years just prior to the war. Someone else killed the girl and Moore became the scapegoat so that powerful moneymen could protect their identities and the purpose of their meeting so many years ago. In the pursuit of Truth and Justice Gritz and T. meet an aged mute computer whiz who lives in a nursing home, a wacky massage therapist who reads auras and paints landscapes on her toenails, nearly resort to exhuming a grave and uncover far more secrets than they ever imagined. Local politics, the synagogue and even the presidency have a part in the conspiracy. The characters are well-drawn and believable, even at their kookiest. Like his hero, David Schulman has a background in the clothing business. After running his own chain for 27 years he decided to fulfill his dream to become a writer. (He can still judge a 42 long at first glance.) There is much research behind his plot that makes the whimsicality of some characters even more delightful. I look forward to more in this series. Here ======================================


Community Takes Stand Against Hate Crime Linda Russell 11 Dec 04 A series of hate crimes against one Topeka family has community members taking action. Women in action organized a meeting this morning to discuss the issue. Organizers of today's meeting say a Logan Middle School student was assaulted by other youths because of his race. It all started in October, off school grounds, and it's escalated from there. A march for child safety in early November has led to danger for one Topeka family. The mother of the assaulted child and the group, Women in Action, organized the march. After the event, more problems arose. Women in Actions says a white hate group is terrorizing the woman. She has been the victim of two assaults, and her family has suffered threats, burglary, and vandalism. Women in action called a meeting at the Hillcrest Community Center to bring attention to hate crimes. "We're gonna come here and keep coming here and get this resolved, but we need everyone to do whatever you can to get this out," says member, Shirley Wishom. Topeka Police Chief Ed Klumpp attended the meeting to hear the public's concerns. "The people need to be able to express what their concerns are. I need to hear that, and I need to be able to respond to that and understand that," he says. Klumpp says the Topeka Police Department is investigating the case and working with federal authorities and the district attorney. He also assures citizens, the police department will do everything it can to solve the case. "A lot of frustration comes from the people wanting answers to what we are doing, and if i give too much detail on what we're doing, it will be ineffective and we'll never get this case into court." Women in Action says it will continue to bring attention to the issue of hate crimes in Topeka. They will hold another open meeting next Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the Hillcrest Community Center. Here ======================================

Subject: cc jew Shamir

Professor Shamir WEZ:

I'm glad that you liked the Sanhedrin story. You will of course be immediately advised of any more breaking news on the subject.

Check out this essay! You may reaccept Zionism! It is time for Israel to leave the nest. This essay is from another Zionist after my own heart. (S)he goes by the nom de guerre "The Shadow". This passage moved me:"We never ignore the plaintive cries of others, whether they be Mexicans struggling to come here for the first time or Jews struggling to leave for the last time.".

I hope that you are having a wonderful Chanuka. LIBG! TYIJ!

28th in Kislev, 5765
Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian


From: Israel Shamir
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 11:56:32 +0200
Subject: Re: Sanhedrin on Temple Mount

I am grateful for this piece of news - could not find it anywhere else.



No Hate in Our Hearts

by The Shadow

10 December 2004

Does a bird that pushes her fledgling out of the nest hate the fledgling? Certainly not. The mother pushes the fledgling out of the nest for the fledgling's own good.

Does a president who sends Marines to live and die in Iraq hate the Marines? Of course not. The president sends Marines overseas for the good of the country.

Does a pope who asks missionaries to live and die in the Belgian Congo hate missionaries? I should say not. The pope asks the missionaries to serve in such far-flung places because it is the will of God.

Jews have always been unhappy in America. They are unhappy in a country that displays the Christ Child in public places. They are unhappy in a country where Black people live separate from White people. They are unhappy in a country where borders sometimes keep out the citizens of other countries. Clearly, when we help the Jews leave America, we don't hate them. We help them leave for their own good.

Americans suffer at the hands of the Jews. Jews denigrate our religion. Jews teach our children what we know to be dangerous and untrue. Jews fill the public square with sexual degradation. Clearly, when we help the Jews leave America, we don't hate them. We help them leave for the good of the country.

God created mammals to live in the Northern Hemisphere, and marsupials to live in the Southern. God created the Black people to live in Africa, and the Yellow people to live in the Orient. God created the eagle to live in the aerie, and the pigeon to live in the streets. Clearly, when we help the Jews leave America for a land that God Himself promised them, we don't hate them. We do the will of God.

Thanks to the greatness of the men we elect to the office of the president of the United States of America, the process in which you and I are now engaged has long been underway. The great Harry S. Truman was the president who actually made it possible for Jews not just here in America, but all across the globe, to go home again. President Truman was, quite literally, the godfather of the State of Israel.

Since the time of Harry Truman, every succeeding American president has, with the approval and the financial support of the American people, nurtured the once-fledgling nation to the point where she now stands as a colossus on the world stage, welcoming Jews home from everywhere and proudly providing armaments to struggling peoples of the Third World in their battles against the same oppressive forces the Jews had to fight off for two interminable millenia as they themselves struggled to reclaim a land that was theirs.

White Americans have much to be proud of. We never ignore the plaintive cries of others, whether they be Mexicans struggling to come here for the first time or Jews struggling to leave for the last time. We are a righteous people. And America is truly the shining city upon the hill.



Subject: jew Haber

Mr Linder:

For some reason, the only one of the physical sciences in which Jews excel is Chemistry. The Jew Fritz Haber was the one who discovered how to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere during WWI. Import of nitrates from South America had been stopped by the blockade. The manufacture of ammonia from air allowed the production of explosives to continue in Germany.

This must be due to their ancient reputation as well poisoners. You may remember the attack in Jordan a few years ago by Mossad agents. They sprayed a nerve agent in the ear of a Sand Negro. King Hussein demanded that the antidote be flown from Israel to save his life. They have apparently poisoned a Ukranian politician recently as well.


Two Israeli chemists awarded Nobel Prize for protein cell study

By Tamara Traubman, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service

Professors Avraham Hershko and Aharon Ciechanover received the Nobel Prize for chemistry at a ceremony in Sweden's capital on Friday. The two arrived in Stockholm at the beginning of the week for the "Nobel Week" of lectures and receptions. This is the first time Israelis have won the most prestigious prize in the scientific world. The ceremony was broadcast live on Channel 1. The scientists conducted research to determine how the human body gives the "kiss of death" to faulty proteins to defend itself from diseases like cancer.

Ciechanover, 57, Hershko, 67 - the first Israelis to win a chemistry prize - were honored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for their work in the 1980s that discovered one of the cell's most important cyclical processes, regulated protein degradation. The scientists will share the prize of $1.25 million with Professor Irwin Rose, 78, of the University of California at Irvine.

Ciechanover is director of the Rappaport Family Institute for Research in Medical Sciences at the Technion in Haifa, while Hershko, originally from Hungary, is a professor at the institute.

Rose is a specialist at the department of physiology and biophysics at the college of medicine at the University of California-Irvine.

Laureates warn on state of Israel's education system

In an impromptu news conference at Hershko's house, the two scientists cautioned against the state of Israel's education system. "Israel will always have limited resources so we have to focus on the important, innovative and ground breaking things," said Hershko, adding that "we couldn't do such things while the education system is collapsing."

Professor Ciechanover was sterner in his criticism. "Israel's academia is in a bad state. The Technion suffers badly from financial difficulties," Ciechanover said of his home institution, adding that he envied the American universities' budgets.

The winning of a Noble prize by Israelis was a rare event he said.

"We don't have oil, uranium or diamonds. Israel depends on its academia. All we have - the Israel Defense Forces, Rafael [the Armament Development Authority] and the high-tech industry - depends on what we have in our heads," Ciechanover said. "Cutting off this head is an act of suicide," he said. Ciechanover emphasized that the Noble prize winning research work had started 35 years ago, and that its development took ten years. "It takes years to train scientists to reach achievments. Scientists' time table is different from that of politicians. Hurting scientists will cost us a lot in the future," he warned.

Trio's work highly relevant for cancer research

Ciechanover and Hershko found that proteins that could cause disease are "labeled" for destruction with a molecule called ubiquitin which dispatches them to the body's "waste disposal" units, called proteasomes. The marked proteins are then chopped to pieces. When such degradation fails to work correctly, the result can be diseases like cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis. So research in this area may lead to new drugs for those diseases and others, the academy said. "We are not a building that stays still, we are all the time exchanging our proteins, synthesising and destroying them," said an elated Ciechanover. "Some proteins get spoilt. We discovered the process by which the body exercises quality control."

Lars Thelander of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry said the trio's work was highly relevant for cancer research. Ciechanover said it had already "led to development of numerous drugs for degenerative diseases and malignancies that big pharmaceutical companies are busy working on." In a conference call with the academy after the prize was announced, Ciechanover said the process will help introduce new medicines that can fight cancer and other diseases.

Hershko warned, however, that although the team's research has resulted in the approval of one drug, it does not mean that the professors have discovered a wonder drug for cancer. Ciechanover said he was overwhelmed at winning the prize. "I have never thought of money, we earn very small salaries in Israel," he said. "It is more the honor for Israel, for myself, that a small country can make it... I am as proud for myself as I am for my country."

The chemistry prize is the first Nobel chemistry prize to be awarded to somebody from Israel - but not the first Nobel Prize. In 1978, then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. In 1994, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shared the peace prize with Yasser Arafat. In 1966, Shmuel Yosef Agnon shared the literature prize with Swedish writer Nelly Sachs.



Re: VNN post 10.12.04

"Cause of Yushchenko's Illness Unclear"

Itz CLEAR now! BioKemikal warfare -- against useful goyim race traitors for the advancement of the kike. A real kryin' shame, itz, when a jewTewl can't even sit down and eat a meal among fellow kike licking 'friends'. Apparently some loyal Whites believe in 'keep your friends close... and your enemies even closer'.

-- V. Helsyng

Dioxin suspected in Yushchenko poisoning - (United Press ... Austrian doctors treating Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko suspect dioxin was used to poison him in September, Voice of American said Thursday. ...



Subject: Mueller letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

Christmas shopping wasn't really what I did today. It was my annual, once a year, Macy's visit. This year, I chose Downtown Sacramento, Westfield Shopping Mall. This is going to be cruel, but there is no other way to describe it.

Parking in the Macy's parking garage is already an ordeal. Then, you finally get into the mall with the escalator, making sure to tell your friends "Don't touch anything!" Specifically I mean the handrails of the escalator, because if you do touch it, you are sure to catch something.

I am not making this up, folks. But once we'd reached the top, a smell hit us that took our breath away. A mob of predominantly young blacks and Mexicans was swarming like horny pit bulls all over the place. Their hair moussed with olive oil, so tightly braided that they could only wash their hair every three months. I have not seen so many "butt cracks" in my life. They were all walking like they had a load in their pants.

Finally, we made it to Macy's, and this once upper middle-class, predominantly white department store has turned into a Metro Train Station in Mexico. One black kid made it a point to keep his hand on the big breasts of his girlfriend. She didn't seem to mind. Hip-Hop music was roaring down the loud speakers and Mexican and black families were scanning for items to steal. You think that is not true? Listen to this: I bought a package with three Calvin Klein boxers and there were strange things on it, made of hard plastic, and it could only be removed at the register. I asked the lady kind of joking: "Are you telling me that people actually steal underwear?" She looked at me, kind of pointing her finger at a large group of black people, saying: "They steal anything, and even worse, they leave their old underwear."

Summer clothing is 65 to 75% off at Macy's around this time. That's the only reason why I go there. God, I remember the exclusive atmosphere, especially around Christmas. Christmas trees everywhere. Today, some black girl, whose name is "Precious" just sprays you while you walk by with some perfume. At the men's shoes you find "Consuela", barely speaking English, however, trying to sell you the most expensive shoes.

As you walk by the different departments with the brand names, you see predominantly black employees, hanging out, like they are on vacation.

Up on the third floor I was checking their Christmas section, and it has become so tiny that I had a hard time finding it. Some Vietnamese guy named "Huang Lo", totally bored out of his mind, seemed to be annoyed by me asking a question. I gave up! As of today, I cannot decipher the singing Vietnamese language with pieces of English.

I needed some sweats for a Christmas gift for a friends kid. It was a nightmare. Black and Mexican kids were swarming the 8 - 20 section, insisting to get the most expensive brand name displayed.

"Mother F.....", "Nigger", and "girl friend" were some of the cusswords criss-crossing through the department. I finally found another sales clerk, asking where I might find sweat pants. A lost look in her eyes and then she just walked away. So, I decided to go somewhere else.

But we still had to fight our way back to the car. You pass Nike, Hilfiger, Armani, etc. and these stores are crawling with minorities. I am waiting for a sign in these stores to pop up, saying "We take food stamps."

By the time we had fought our way downstairs to the garage, I was so exhausted that I promised myself not ever to come back to this mall.


Tripp Henderssen's Christmas Message:


The hanukka Story

Baby Jesus must now compete with a potato patty

Chanukah as you know it was conceived in anger and hate of Christ and forced upon J-ws who thought Christmas," was a holiday worth celebrating", and thought, "it was just too bad that G-d had deprived the poor J-ws of taking part in such a meaningful and beautiful experience."

The villain in this enterprise was Rabbi Julius Eckman who in 1866 took the most minor of all J-wish holidays, Chanukah, the only one that is post-Biblical, but the only one that occurs in December, and made it a major holiday in a valiant effort to combat the Christmas Spirit.'

Eckman officiated in a number of Southern congregations and was appalled at J-ws and Christians exchanging gifts and "the illumination of their parlors in such an injudicious celebration."

This mamzer took his venom with him to San Francisco where he assaulted anyone guilty of "such a want of taste" rarely shown by "families of education and refinement." His rabid ravings were directed at those J-ws whom he called, "ignorant fathers" and "mothers whom nature intended to fill positions as honorable housewives in the kitchen, but whom fortune, by her freaks, had misplaced into the parlor." These J-wish mothers, whom according to the Rabbi, should have remained barren cooks, "betray their littleness of mind and their misplacement of fortune by playing such a ridiculous part as to be aping Christmas".

This Khazar with no blood-line traceable to Judah 'the hammer' Maccabaeus created a permanent animosity between J-w and Christian that will unfortunately last forever and worsen each year. This Herculean accomplishment was the result of his use of vile name-calling directed at those who would dare disagree with his silliness. A J-w who delighted in Christmas was "contemptible" and the reason for their conduct was because of the "imbecility of their parents", who were "playing the pygmy while they should prove themselves giants", by rejecting all things Christmas.

So we have here the history of a damnable hate-monger who single-handedly placed upon his own people a guilt-trip because they experienced feelings of love and joy along with Christians at this wonderful time of the year.

This Jesus-hater's vileness at first had little visible effect upon J-ws, however, they would later do such strange things as place a star of David atop their trees and call it a "Chanukah bush" to allay this 'Eckmanic' guilt.

Today many are so depressed, at this their most unhappy time of the year, that they must have psychiatric help. Thank you Julius.

Ref. Jewish Frontier , Dec. 1963, pp. 29 -31, Joys of Jewish Folklore, Eichhorn, pg. 445. Master Prophet, Bishop, James Floyd




From Norway - The New Strmer - Volume 5:


Visit my website at:

Please forward this article to all your friends.

The 6-Million-Heresy that will dissolve Jewry

The Rebbe leaned forward as if to measure me up and said with more than anger: "That means you are writing lies!" I did not answer immediately. The scolded child within me had nothing to say in his defence. Yet, I had to justify myself: "Things are not that simple, Rebbe, Some events do take place but are not true; others are - although they never occurred" From Elie Wiesel's book "Legend of our time" New York 1982.

Dear kindred and fellow Aryans

How the Zionists attempted to boot out their God with the "6-million-trick" and instead be worshiped themselves.

The word "holocaust" means burnt offering: "Amongst different animal offerings in the Jerusalem shrine there was one that was forbidden to be eaten neither by the donators nor by the priests for it had to be burnt entirely. The Hebrew word for this offering was 'ola' (literally translated: climbing up). The Greek translation of the Torah used the word 'holocauston' (entirely burnt) instead. The 'ola' was, as long as offerings were in effect and practised, the highest _expression of total devotion to God." [Yehuda Radday in "The Parliament", the official government weekly paper, Bonn, nr. 5, May 24, 1977, p. 19]

Ritual offerings belong to Jewish history as Abraham and Moses. Yaweh, God of Zion, demanded always the most gruesome deeds from his ilk, like ritual slaughter and the burning of slaughtered cadavers. This God mapped it out in great detail for his followers (Torah, Old Testament) describing how he wanted the burnt offerings to be served. He intoxicates himself by the stink of smouldering cadavers over burning wood as "an aroma pleasing the LORD". He then demands from his terrified subjects: "sprinkle the blood against the altar on all sides. From the fellowship offering he is to bring a sacrifice made to the LORD by fire: all the fat that covers the inner parts or is connected to them, both kidneys with the fat on them near the loins, and the covering of the liver, which he will remove with the kidneys. ... as an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing the LORD." [Leviticus 3:2-5]

But animal offerings, which were bad enough, were not enough to satisfy Yaweh's blood lust entirely and he upped the stakes by demanding human offerings. Moreover, he even ordered his followers to holocaust their own children: Then God said, "Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about." [Genesis 22, 2]

The Jews, being very intimate with God's predilections, pledged weighty holocaust offerings whenever they begged for a favour or for help in times of desperate straits: "And Jephthah made a vow to the LORD: 'If you give the Ammonites into my hands, whatever comes out of the door of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites will be the LORD's, and I will sacrifice it as a burnt offering'." [Judges 11:30,31]

For the permission to return to the Promised Land, God allegedly demanded from them a "6-Million-Holocaust-Offering", so the high priests interpreted a Torah prophecy that reads: "You shall return" (due to a spelling mistake the priests interpret it this way "You shall return, minus 6 million")

This self-imposed prophesy without fulfilment of this prophesy the return to the Promised Land would not be permitted led to the 1919 "6 million-prophecy-crash". Based on the Balfour-Declaration of 1917 the state of Israel was guaranteed, and the Diaspora-Jews would return to the "Promised Land". The leading Jews at that time expected 1920 a migration of their brethren into "their Land". But, before the return could take place, "6 million" of them had to disappear, according to the wrongly interpreted prophecy.

In fact, Jewish organisations proclaimed already in 1919 a "6 million-holocaust", taking place in the Ukraine: "Six million men and women are dying; eight-hundred-thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the law of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life ..." [The American Hebrew, Oct. 31, 1919, Nbr. 582]

Since the global political situation was such, that the founding of the state of Israel was not possible, the whole "6 million" idea of 1919 was simply put on ice. However, the fulfilment of this prophecy is now taking place in the courtrooms of Europe, where verdict after verdict against critical historians, serve as "judicial notice" proof that the holocaust-version of "6 million" Jewish victims murdered in the "burning ovens" of the Nazis "took place", meaning, that the prophecy is fulfilled and the "Chosen People" can now return to Israel with the permission of the Cabala.

Those "6 million", which must allegedly missing in order to return to the "Promised Land", is said to be Yaweh's way of cleansing the Jewish souls of all sins, since a return of sinful and unclean souls is not permitted. The cleansing of the "chosen" souls was to be administered in "burning ovens": "God said: Could I forget the holocaust-victims? Rabbi Tanchum, Chanilias son said: In the hour, when Hananja, Misael and Asarja stepped out of the burning ovens, the people of the world came together to strike the haters of Israel in the face." [The Talmud, Goldmann Publishers, Munich 1980, pages 138, 225]

In the face of Chutzpah, Jewish audacity and outright lies, resistance must be a national duty.

Heil og sael




Subject: White Man On Trial For Protecting His Property From Trespassing, Thieving Nigger


This Golden is probably not a jew. If Golden were a jew, then ...

1. This article on the trial would not have appeared in this small-town newspaper, which is owned and controlled by jews. The whole matter would have been hushed-up quickly, behind the scenes.

2. The NAACP would never have taken a public stance against him.

3. The whole littany of alphabet enemies of our people -- among them ADL, SCLC, SPLC, etc. -- would have hired lawyers and press agents to represent Golden.

4. There would likely have been no charges or trial at all.

5. Golden would probably have missed the vehicle and instead shot somebody's pet duck, since jews aren't known for their great marksmanship with shotguns.

6. Golden would most certainly never have lost his job (if he were a jew).

Besides, (a) jews don't waste their time in the education field in small towns, when they can be pulling larger-scale business swindles; and (b) "Golden" is a very common gentile name, too, among thousands of families.




Subject: [Online Book] The Jewish Religion and its Influence Today.



Defense Takes Different Tack In Noose Hate-Crime Hearing


dsommer @

Dec 8, 2004

CLEARWATER - A key witness stuck to his story Tuesday in the case of a white teen charged with a hate crime for slipping a hangman's noose over the head of a black youth in a fast-food restaurant.

As a result, attorneys defending Louis John Giannola IV are trying a different tack in a bid to convince jurors their client's actions fell short of a serious crime.

Giannola, who turns 20 today, does not deny he draped a crudely tied noose around the neck of then-14-year-old Dionte Hall as Hall sat with two friends inside a Wendy's restaurant next to Largo High School on Jan. 14.

At an abortive trial in September, defense attorney Sami Thalji told jurors his client was joking around and had no criminal intent when he took a $10 bet that he did not have the nerve to place the noose around Hall's neck.

The next day, Thalji persuaded Circuit Judge Tim Peters to declare a mistrial after one of Hall's friends, Jason Cantone, unexpectedly testified that Giannola shouted a racial slur as he left Wendy's after the incident. Other witnesses said someone in a group of teens uttered the slur, and up until his trial testimony, Cantone had never mentioned it.

In opening statements Tuesday, Thalji told a new panel of jurors the testimony they would soon hear from Cantone would be inconsistent with his previous sworn statements and the testimony of other witnesses.

The defense attorney made no mention of the incident being a prank or a joke.

Instead, Thalji repeatedly quoted the words all witnesses agree Giannola uttered as he dropped the noose over Hall: "I'm getting paid $10 to do this."

Thalji also stressed that the girl who made the bet and later paid it off is of mixed race.

"Why this act was committed is the key question," Thalji said. "It was wrong, but it certainly wasn't a hate crime."




Shattered window in Jupiter: Accident or hate crime?

Store window with Hanukkah display shattered on Indiantown Road

By Kit Bradshaw

kit.bradshaw @

staff writer

December 8, 2004

"We felt this was a message," said Christina Royce, co-owner of Skeffington's Furniture in Jupiter, after someone allegedly threw a rock through the store's Hanukkah display early Saturday morning. "I know that the police said it could have been caused by the wind or temperature, but it wasn't that cold on Saturday, and our glass man said that it was impossible for that to happen to the window," she said. Saturday's winds ranged from 5 to 18 mph, according to the Jupiter Inlet District's Web site.

"We found a rock outside the window," said Royce, "but the police told us that unless we could verify that the object wasn't on the ground the day before that they couldn't conclude that it was an act of vandalism."

The Jupiter police arrived at the scene at 901 W. Indiantown Road just as design consultants Gregory Charles of Jupiter and Ashley August of Boca Raton were opening up and helping a customer. The silent alarm had sounded a few minutes before the store was opened, and neither Charles or August had noticed the broken window on the south side of the store.

"Ashley and I had kind of a 'battle of the displays' with Ashley doing the Hanukkah display and me doing the Christmas display," said Charles. "So we took a lot of pride in those two windows side by side, right on Indiantown Road, and when we saw the broken window it was like a slap in the face.

"There was glass everywhere, but luckily nothing was damaged but the window and nothing was stolen."

"I had worked really hard to make the window special," said August, "and because I live in Boca Raton I was able to go to the some local stores to get the Hanukkah items for the window. When the police said that it might have been a temperature change or another reason for the damage, it just didn't make sense to me."

Jeremy and Christina Royce have owned Skeffington's Furniture in Jupiter for a little more than a year.

"When we put up the plywood to cover the window, I felt like writing in big bold letters, 'Happy Hanukkah,' on the wood," said Christina Royce. "You know, this is America and this country is built on freedom of religion and freedom of expression, and if we want to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, we should be able to.

"And, as a Christian, if I want to put up a Hanukkah display I'm going to do it."

Royce said that the window should be repaired by today, and when it is, they have no intention of changing the display.

"We are going to keep both displays, Christmas and Hanukkah up in those windows throughout the holidays," she said. "There's no way we're going to take anything down because of this."




One Nation accused of racism

December 8, 2004

THE Federal Government [of Australia] has accused One Nation of an obscene act of anti-Semitism and referred it to the human rights watchdog.

One Nation's official newspaper, The Nation, blames an international Jewish conspiracy for forcing the Government to adopt tougher internet censorship laws.

"There is irony in the fact that the pornography industry is owned and run almost entirely by Jews," the article says.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Peter McGauran said today the article confirmed One Nation was run by racists and he had referred the article to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. "It is an affront to the overwhelming majority of Australians and, left unchecked, is a potential threat to social cohesion," Mr McGauran said today.




Nazi graffiti mars city Jeff Munson

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December 8, 2004

A rash of anti-Semitic acts of vandalism culminated Tuesday, the first day of Hanukkah, with the discovery of swastikas painted at Temple Bat Yam in South Lake Tahoe, prompting the FBI to open an investigation alongside police.

The FBI and South Lake Tahoe Police Department are investigating the vandalism discovered at Temple Bat Yam on Tuesday morning, which is being treated as a hate crime.

A plow driver discovered a spray-painted Nazi SS symbol, two swastikas and the words "Die Jew" on the temple Tuesday morning. It is the first instance of anti-Semitism experienced in the synagogue's 22-year history in South Lake Tahoe.

"This is a tight-knit community that really cares about one another, regardless of background. It is really not something we would expect from each other here," said the synagogue's rabbi, Jonathan Freirich, as he surveyed the damage.

More vandalism was discovered later Tuesday. Two swastika's were painted on road signs and utility boxes along Lake Tahoe Boulevard. A swastika was also found outside the city limits on Pioneer Road on Sunday.

There are no suspects in the crimes, however, South Lake Tahoe police said they want to question an adult white male who lives in the area. "We have received unofficial information of a possible person doing hate crime related graffiti in the community and we are actively following up to identify that person," said police Lt. Martin Hewlett.

While swastikas painted on road signs are considered vandalism, desecrating the temple is considered a felony hate crime and will be punished as such, police and federal investigators said.

"This is a high priority criminal investigation for the FBI. We will be following up logical leads," said FBI special agent and spokeswoman Karen Ernst from the agency's Sacramento office. "We are at the very beginning stage. It is important for us to get out there with the South Lake Tahoe police to find out what we can from individuals in the community who may know about this."

This is the first hate crime case this year in South Lake Tahoe, while in 2003 there were five cases reported, none of which were of an anti-Semitic nature, Hewlett said.

There have been a number of anti-Semitic incidents in the region, including fire bombings five years ago at several Sacramento synagogues and vandalism at a Reno synagogue as recent as Labor Day weekend.

Jonathan Bernstein, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco, said he doesn't know if the incidents were meant to coincide with the beginning of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday of lights.

"It's hard to know at this point," Bernstein said. "The Jewish community in general has a long history of dealing with anti-Semitism. It is certainly not ancient history for us."

Meanwhile, neighbors of the temple expressed both surprise and anger upon learning of the vandalism. "This is so terrible it is hard to believe this happened in this community," said Toni Farnham, whose home of 35 years abuts the temple's property.

"This is upsetting. You always think it happens in big cities and you don't think it could happen in your own community," said Bob Hassett, who has lived on Bode Drive near the temple for about 15 years. South Lake Tahoe resident Glen Foor said he isn't surprised the synagogue was targeted as he has had his own run-ins with a racist group called "Nazi Low Riders." The group is known by Lake Tahoe Police.

"This is sick. My grandfather flew with a fortress over Europe to end this kind of crap," Foor said. "This has got to be the most disgusting thing I've heard of in this community. We need to find out who did this and they need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law." Until Tuesday there have not been any reported hate crimes in South Lake Tahoe within the past 12 months according to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department. However there were five reported to police in 2003.

-- Jan. 11, 2003: A rock was thrown through a window of a business where the merchant had erected a poster of Martin Luther King Jr. in a window. There were no suspects.

-- Jan. 14, 2003: A fight broke out at South Tahoe Middle School between students of Hispanic and Filipino origin. Police said that the children were considered gang members. One student was arrested.

-- March 30, 2003: A man of Filipino origin was arrested and charged with a felony hate crime charge and drug possession charges after confronting a group of white men, attacking them with a pool cue and threatening them with a gun, which turned out to be a pellet gun.

-- May 18 2003: A white man was arrested in the Kmart parking lot after hitting a Hispanic man, saying to him: "Hitler killed Mexicans and Jews and I'm going to drop you next."

-- June 27, 2003: A fight between a black woman and a white woman erupted in the 700 block of Emerald Bay Road. Racial slurs were used. One woman was arrested and charges were later dropped because the woman who was hit did not want to prosecute.


* * *

One Nation accused of racism

December 8, 2004

THE Federal Government has accused One Nation of an obscene act of anti-Semitism and referred it to the human rights watchdog.

One Nation's official newspaper, The Nation, blames an international Jewish conspiracy for forcing the Government to adopt tougher internet censorship laws.

"There is irony in the fact that the pornography industry is owned and run almost entirely by Jews," the article says.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Peter McGauran said today the article confirmed One Nation was run by racists and he had referred the article to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. "It is an affront to the overwhelming majority of Australians and, left unchecked, is a potential threat to social cohesion," Mr McGauran said today.




Lawyer accuses Prescott staff of race bias

By Patrick Mcgowan

Evening Standard

8 December 2004

A leading Jewish lawyer was denied a job with John Prescott's office after being asked discriminatory questions during an interview, an employment tribunal heard today. Anthony Engel, 61, claims he was "shocked and unsettled" when asked while going for a senior post whether he had friends who were not Jewish .

The tribunal in Croydon was told Mr Engel, who is claiming racial discrimination, had also been questioned in July on whether he participated in other faiths' religious ceremonies, forbidden by his own religion. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister denies racially discriminating against Mr Engel.

The barrister, who also sits as a judge, applied for a high-level job in the Northern or Southern Rent Assessment Panels. Roger Henderson QC, for Mr Engel, said during a tape-recorded interview with a panel, the issue of race came up. "He was asked, 'Leaving aside professional contacts, do you have friends or associates or acquaintances among other cultures?'" Mr Engel said he had a very old friend who was a psychologist.

But the interviewer, Mary Burton, insisted she wanted him to talk about "other contacts in terms of other cultures."

Mr Henderson told the tribunal there was a 35- to 40-second pause before Ms Burton asked about the ethnic make-up of Mr Engel's home town, Warwick. He said there was a large Asian community and his children had gone to a majority Asian school.

The interviewer asked whether he had taken part in any of their religious festivals. Mr Henderson told the tribunal: "That is a question that bristles like a porcupine. A Jew or a Jewess should not participate in the religious ceremonies of others. It forced Mr Engel to say, 'I'm Jewish'."




Poll: Over 50% of Germans equate IDF with Nazi army

By ETGAR LEFKOVITS [from the J Post]

Six decades after the mass extermination of six million Jews in the Holocaust by Nazi Germany, more than 50 percent of Germans believe that Israel's present-day treatment of the Palestinians is similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews during World War II, a German survey released this weekend shows.

51 percent of respondents said that there is not much of a difference between what Israel is doing to the Palestinians today and what the Nazis did to the Jews during the Holocaust, compared to 49% who disagreed with such a comparison, according to the poll carried out by Germany's University of Bielefeld.

The survey also found that 68 percent of Germans believe that Israel is waging a "war of extermination" against the Palestinians, while some 32% disagreed with such a statement.

In a first reaction, the chairman of Yad Vashem's directorate Avner Shalev said Tuesday that the poll's results, which he termed "very worrisome," were indicative of a long-suppressed felling of anti- Semitism among the mainstream "so-called liberals" population which now, under the coating of anti-Israeli criticism, are becoming legitimate again. He added that the poll's results, which he said any objective person would repudiate, are also the result of the release of pent-up feelings of guilt built up from the Holocaust.

"The energies which bring about such answers come to protect feelings of guilt," Shalev said. 62 percent of respondents in the poll said that they were sick of "all this harping" of German crimes against Jews, while 68% said that they found it "annoying" that Germans today are still held to blame for Nazi crimes against Jews.

The survey, which aimed to determine what is "the cut off point" between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism, finds that while "classical" anti-Semitism in Germany is on the wane, secondary anti-Semitism, often couched in anti-Israel views are on the rise, especially among the Left.

The German researchers who conducted the polls conceded that the results showing a majority of Germans equating Israel's Policy with Nazi Atrocities "may be worrying," but concurred with Yad Vashem's Shalev that the media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinians conflict has made such analogies part of the public discourse.

"When you see an image in the newspaper, in a caricature, which is repeated day in and day out that Sharon is equal to Hitler than the image catches in your head because maybe you do not like Jews so much or maybe you hate Jews, and than this works out excellent," Shalev said, stressing that education of the young generation was the key to stemming such a tide.

In the survey, 82 percent of the respondents polled said that they are angered by the way Israel is treating the Palestinians, while 45 percent of those polled said that considering Israel's policies it was "no surprise" that people were against them.

The telephone poll of 3000 "non-migrant" respondents, which was taken in May and June, did not come with a margin of error.

"This is a very sad commentary about what is happening in Europe today which needs to send a very strong warning signal about how much work needed to be done to deal with these attitudes," said, Dr. Ephraim Zuroff, the Israel director of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Due in part to its blighted history, Germany is generally considered to be one of the more supportive countries of Israel in Europe.



Cast your minds back to the 1980s. If someone had suggested that White South Africa 'transfer' its negro funsters to other lands, the charge of "racism" would have been audible on Mars. Nevermind that Whites built S.A. as we know it.



Police probe racial incident at school in Fairfax, Oklahoma

Sam Lewin


Police in Fairfax have confirmed to the Native American Times that they are investigating a racial incident that took place on the campus of Woodland High School.

According to police and other sources, several students showed up on campus wearing t-shirts displaying white supremacist messages. The students were sent home, but one apparently returned with the letters "KKK" shaved into his head. The student began shouting anti-Native and African American slurs and at least one administrator had to physically subdue him until police could arrive.

The Fairfax Police Department is reluctant to release much information because the student is a juvenile, and the Native American Times is not publishing the suspect's name for the same reason. Woodland Principal Tom Scully refused to respond to a request for comment and there are indications that this is not an isolated incident at a school where just over half of the student population is American Indian.




Ukrainians Here Split, Too

Emigres in Brooklyn say both sides are anti-Semitic and are glad not be in election fray.

Walter Ruby - Special To The Jewish Week


As the Orange Revolution plays out in the streets of Kiev, half a world away in Brooklyn, Jewish emigres from Ukraine are reflecting the same split regarding that country's ongoing political crisis as their countrymen back home.

Those from Kiev and the western part of the country generally favor the pro-Western Viktor Yuschenko for president, while those from the east and south back the pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych.

But most of the emigres surveyed from both sides of the Ukrainian political divide believe both candidates are anti-Semitic or have anti-Semites among their high-level supporters. And most expressed relief that they are able to watch the crisis unfold from a distance rather than being caught up in it.

Ukrainian Jewish emigres here, who comprise a plurality of the more than 200,000 ex-Soviet Jews in the New York area, were interviewed as the country??s Supreme Court invalidated the Nov. 22 election runoff won by Yanukovych. His victory by 3 percentage points apparently was due to massive fraud by supporters. A new election is set for Dec. 26.




Man Found Not Guilty Of Hate Crime [writer obviously disappointed]


dsommer @

Dec 8, 2004

CLEARWATER - The man who thought it was all right to slip a noose over the head of a black teen took an emotional roller coaster ride Wednesday.

First, Louis John Giannola IV dabbed tears as his lawyer asked jurors not to convict him of a hate crime and leave him with a lifelong reputation as a bigot.

Then, Giannola exalted after jurors convicted him of misdemeanor battery on 15-year-old Dionte Hall but said he did not pick on the teen out of prejudice, a felony.

Finally, Giannola sobbed as he was led away to jail on his 20th birthday pending a January sentencing date on a misdemeanor that usually carries only a probationary term for someone with no prior record.




Dear Fellow Patriot!

I am hopelessly behind with my mail. To those of you who congratulated me on my work on "Who Owns America?" - Thank you so much. See, there you go, 34 e-mails taken care of.

Before I start gloating when responding to the latest attacks by Jews at revisionists, the Adelaide Institute, and myself, let me give you a foreword before the actual issues.

The last several months, German bashing has become increasingly vile and vulgar. Just yesterday I forwarded one of these letters. Whenever we attack the Jews, then it is anti-Semitism. Well, here is some of that anti-Semitism: Jews don't need a lot of explanation. They have been a disease throughout history. I personally am very proud whenever Jews attack me. Making a Jew mad is like getting a Christmas present. Today I got two. Just think, a race that has brought so much suffering throughout the world and is so much disliked, how could they ever attack anyone?

Whenever Jews are in charge, standards fall below a storm drain, and child molestation, feces, bodily functions in general, become normal. Let's not forget the corruptness that they bring to any business environment. But let's not waste so much ink. The Jewish race is best portrayed with today's Hollywood. Check it out yourself. Today's movie heroes are feces eating, urine-drinking and Aids-distributing idols. And if it's not bodily functions, then it is the holocaust lie that is promoted by Jewish owned Hollywood. Their sick imagination never stops. No wonder that they have been expelled from so many nations. Not because everyone hates them, but because they are a cancer.

So, if a Jew attacks you, treat it like a fly on a pile of horse manure.

And now, it's so good to be right! Dr. Mathis, PhD and member of the Holocaust History Project, reveals some insight about the "Albatrosses" of the revisionist community. He says, as you will see in a minute, that Michel Santomauro is Jewish. He knows, because Santomauro told him so, and also claimed that his grandfather was in a concentration camp. Dr. Mathis reveals all this in a letter, attacking the Adelaide Institute:

Find my comments under MUELLER'S RESPONSE:


Dr. Tben:

I'm writing not to gloat -- because I'd have preferred that your organization have fallen under the weight of the truth rather than attacks on free speech -- but rather to point out that you've never managed to fool anyone as to just what you are.

Just to address your points:

(1) Michael Santomauro told me five years ago that he was Jewish. He even claimed his grandfather was in a KZ. He was lying, of course, and not at that time identifying himself by name. The question that does arise, however, is why it is in some way libelous to call someone Jewish who is not.


(2) Santomauro confiscated several pamphlets published by the Holocaust History Project at a February 2003 address by David Irving in New York. So much for free speech and equal time. He then refused to debate me publicly without charging an entrance fee for the audience. Conclusion? "Revisionism" is a money-making scheme, and when it fails, people go broke.


(3) I find it interesting that you take issue with being called a Nazi or an anti-Semite, but then you name Willis Carto and Ernst Zndel among your important allies. These men are avowed anti-Semites, and everyone knows this. Zndel is a neo-Nazi -- he'd be the first to tell you this. In fact, the sheer number of Jew-haters and Nazi apologists in your "movement" is why it is doomed to fail, even if there were not laws against it.


(4) Ariel Sharon, as bad a person as I believe him to be, does not have the blood on his hands that Hitler did. The comparison is false. As for Nigel Parry, whom I greatly admire, "shitting" on Hitler, I say good for him. He, Ali Abuminah, and Hussein Ibish, all men of honor, united in opposing the vile anti-Semitism of "Israel Shamir." Finally, when you say that hatred of Hitler is hatred of Germans, you are essentially stating that all Germans were/are Nazis. Do you so hate yourself and other Germans to make such a comparison?


(5) Faurisson is an egotist and an obnoxious human being, poking at people and asking for "just one proof." Jean-Claude Pressac gave him a whole book, and he's still yammering.


(6) If Germar Rudolf's sham marriage fails to convince the INS, then he's not going to be publishing anything, now, is he?


(7) The SS and Gestapo repressed Jews with an iron heel. Even if one were to allow the ridiculous assumption that no, or very few, Jews were killed by the Nazis, to claim that the Nazis were good people is to undermine what Mark Weber has been saying forever: That "revisionists" don't deny a great tragedy befell the Jews of Europe during WWII. Of course, Weber is a neo-Nazi, so how much that's actually worth is questionable. And that's just another example of the Jew-haters being your albatross.


(8) This point would seem to say that whatever tragedy befell Europe's Jews (which you deny, but I digress) they deserved.

(9) Hitler was no genius. He was a brilliant orator, a smart politician, and a very competent foot soldier, but he was an ignoramus of a generalissimo, and for that, Europe paid the price of 50 years of Communist domination and Germany was utterly demolished.


(10) Your final point makes the same point that National Socialist White People's Party leader Harold Covington made nearly ten years ago: The point of "revisionism" is to rehabilitate National Socialism. Hard to do when you've got millions of dead bodies to "explain away."


Well, you had a good go at it, but truth won in the end. Sucks, eh?

Andrew E. Mathis, Ph.D.
The Holocaust History Project
The above views are my own are do not represent the official views of the Holocaust History Project or any of its individual members, except myself.


MUELLER'S COMMENT: As for Prof. Robert Faurisson, he is our lighthouse that shines throughout the stormy sea. Never does he waffle or compromise. That's why you guys hate him so much! That goes for Ernst Zundel too. And, by the way, Hitler bashing is German hatred.

Now to Israel Shamir. He is simply a German-hater and it is sickening to see how he milks the revisionist community. Let's see what he says:


..... a down-at-the-heel "Hollywood Nazi", for whom $3,000 for a speaking engagement is a lot of money and hot dog is a fine dinner. However, $3000 is too charitable - I would charge at least $30,000 for venturing into vicinity of this Sauerkraut-eater lest he turns the conference room into a gas chamber and farts us to death!


MUELLER's COMMENT: There we go again with the bodily functions. The Jews seem to be obsessed with it. As for Sauerkraut eater, yes, occasionally, but most of the time it's potato salad and pork roast - not kosher, of course!

Imagine that these attacks come from people who belong to a race that can't manage to support itself. For over 60 years now, they blackmail the entire world into giving the State of Israel money to stay on its feet. In most European countries, Jews live off the money they extort from the holocaust hoax. So, I say to Dr. Mathis and Israel Shamir, go back molesting children, as long as you still can.

But, this should be a lesson to all of you, who continue to support those who would like to make friends with Jews. You saw that even Mark Weber belongs to the kind of double-speaking crowd that tries to please the Jews. Michael Santomauro was no surprise to me. A year ago, I already told you that he was a hoodlum. Israel Shamir is a Jew, he can't help it. Add to this list Bradley R. Smith, because he also engages in double-talk. He wants to make holocaust revisionism crime-free, but also believes at the same time that the Germans committed a lot of atrocities during the war.

Don't waste your money on these plants. Give it to those who deserve it. Dr. Mathis, Michael Santomauro and Israel Shamir are just the tip of the iceberg. The only way we can stop them is if we stop supporting them.


Here is Germar Rudolf's response to Dr. Mathis:


Thank you. It is quite comfortable.

I am proud to have such enemies. That makes it easy.


From: Andrew Mathis
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 10:44 AM
Subject: Re: The End of Adelaide?

Call it a strong suspicion. When one comes to the U.S. and begins looking high and low for a wife -- and is stupid enough to document his search -- the INS gets suspicious.

You made your bed; lie in it.


----- Original Message -----
From: "CHP"
Subject: Re: The End of Adelaide?
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:51:53 -0600

> Sir!

> You wrote: "Germar Rudolf's sham marriage"

> May I ask what you can state to support that accusation?

> Sincerely

> Germar Rudolf


Subject: homo info

A good website about queers:


Subject: White sues UVa for pro-nig discrimination

White Applicant Alleges Bias at Va. University

Federal education officials are investigating a complaint that the University of Virginia's undergraduate-admissions policy discriminates against white applicants. The complaint was filed after the university, in Charlottesville, denied admission to a white male from New York for a spot in the fall 2003 incoming class.

"Many kids with far less qualifications had already been accepted to the university in the name of diversity," the student's father said in the complaint. "If my son had been a girl or a minority with his grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities he would have been admitted to the university."

University spokesperson Carol Wood declined to discuss the investigation by the U.S. Department of Education's civil-rights office yesterday. She said, however, that diversity is just one of many factors the university uses in determining admission.

It is the first civil-rights investigation in an admissions case since a 2003 Supreme Court ruling involving the affirmative-action policy at the University of Michigan law school. The court struck down the university's undergraduate formula as too rigid because it awarded admission points based on race, officials said.

The Virginia complaint was filed in May 2003, one month before the high court ruling. The student, who was not identified, enrolled at another university. In 2004, black students made up 9.3 percent of incoming students at the university.


Subject: niggers claim they're unwanted at U. Georgia

'Hostile' Campus Discourages Black Students

Well-meaning folks at the University of Georgia (UGA) got an eyeful when they opened The Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday. A guest editorial, by UGA student Chantal Stepney, offers a no-nonsense assessment of a proposal that would include race among admissions criteria. "Black students don't want to come here (registration required)," Stepney writes. "Let me tell you why."

"Whether white students or university administrators admit it, UGA is widely perceived within the young black community as hostile and threatening I can tell you how shocking and horrifying it was to be called a racial slur when one of the friends of my white neighbor felt that he didn't need to move out of the entrance to my apartment.

"I can tell you how frustrating it is when my black friends and I are asked questions like, "Do you speak black English?" or "What kinds of products do black people use for their hair?," revealing that many whites here have a shallow perception of what it means to be black."

The university, she noted, is still a place where the old Confederate battle flag flies high. "Adding a race criterion to the admissions process may get more black students to come, but it will not keep them herea welcoming and more understanding campus will."



Privacy shocker Lori Coolican and Nicole Bergot Edmonton Sun Thu, December 9, 2004 Skinhead Daniel Sims has in his U.S. jail cell the SIN numbers of staff of the Edmonton law firm that sued him after he beat former broadcaster Keith Rutherford so badly he lost an eye. The SIN numbers - including that of high-profile Edmonton lawyer Tom Engel - are included in a 1,000-page immigration file Sims obtained this week from American authorities as he battles deportation back to Canada. Sims said the documents include financial information such as total income, taxes paid and Canada Pension Plan contributions made by Engel and his wife in 2001 - two years after Rutherford's lawsuit was concluded. "I got this from the U.S. Attorney's office but because the file is so big they didn't notice," said Sims, 33, from his Kern County jail cell in Bakersfield, California. "As far as me and Tom Engel, there's no way I should have this. I don't really want it." A stunned Engel confirmed the accuracy of the SIN numbers for himself and his wife when contacted by the Sun yesterday. He was mystified about how and why their private information got into the hands of U.S. officials. "Why would some government agency be gathering this stuff on me, my legal assistants, my partner ... and why would it turn up in Dan Sims's file?" said Engel. Sims, Mark Swanson and their white supremacist leaders were ordered by a Queen's Bench justice in 1999 to pay $8,620 to Rutherford's estate. Madam Justice Bielby also ordered the defendants, including the Canadian Aryan Nations Church of Jesus Christ Christian, and the Final Solution, to pay Engel, Rutherford's lawyer, $66,000 in legal costs. Rutherford's estate had been seeking $5 million in damages for the 1990 attack, when Sims and Swanson beat the former broadcaster on the doorstep of his Sherwood Park home. Sims was convicted and jailed for the attack in 1990. He subsequently moved to the United States. Sims was jailed south of the border two years ago when the Immigration and Naturalization Service - since transferred to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a bureau of Homeland Security - caught up with him. Sims said he's now being held as a "domestic terrorist." He's acting as his own lawyer and claims he should not be deported because he has dual citizenship. "I'm a U.S. citizen detainee of Homeland Security," he claims. Some documents in his U.S. immigration file appear to come from Edmonton city cops and Alberta RCMP, through a U.S. government office in Helena, Montana, said Sims. Spokesmen for the police forces said they need more information before commenting. And a spokesman for the Privacy Commissioner of Canada suggests the possibility the data changed hands through a legitimate information-sharing agreement between law enforcement agencies. But Alberta Privacy Commissioner Frank Work said his office will launch an investigation when there's a complaint from Engel. "What was the law-enforcement matter that justified ... disclosing this information to Homeland Security? It is a little hard, on the face of it, to see the connection (between Engel and Sims's extradition problems)," said Work. The Queen's Bench justice in 1999 limited the amount owed because Rutherford had by 1996 succumbed to cancer. Rutherford was targeted because of a 1960 show in which he played a Radio Moscow tape naming a Winnipeg man as an alleged Nazi war criminal. The man later hanged himself. Here ======================================


Damn jew atheists always scheming against WMR. U.S. communities fail to keep 'Christ' in Christmas By Jennifer Harper THE WASHINGTON TIMES 12/09/2004 Is America ready for C-mas? Christmas has been sanitized in schools and public squares, in malls and parades where Santa's OK, Jesus Christ is not. "Jingle Bells" rocks, but forget about "Silent Night." Some hope to assure the nation that it's all right to say "Merry Christmas." Champions of creches, live Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, greeting cards and salutations offer compelling evidence that December 25 is still a religious holiday not a violation of separation of church and state. They are ready to rumble. "Those who think that the censoring of Christmas is a blue-state phenomenon need to consider what happened today in the Wichita [Kansas] Eagle," said William Donahue of the New York-based Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. The Kansas newspaper ran a correction, he said, for mistakenly referring to a "Christmas Tree" rather than a "Community Tree" at the Wichita Winterfest celebration. "It's time practicing Christians demanded to know from these speech-code fascists precisely who it is they think they are protecting from dropping the dreaded 'C-word' " Mr. Donahue said yesterday. Some are particularly irked by public bans on Christmas carols. "The fact is, 96 percent of us celebrate Christmas. For a small minority to force their way and their will on the public majority is unconscionable," said Greg Scott of the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). "People are tired of efforts to sanitize religious expression. This policy against even instrumental Christmas music in schools violates common sense and is neither necessary nor constitutional," Mr. Scott added. Sworn to protect "religious liberty," the ADF has issued a seven-point legal primer citing court decisions made from 1963 to 2004 that neutralize the notion that the U.S. Constitution requires government officials to eliminate public mention of Christmas. They've sent their findings to more than 5,000 schools nationwide and enlisted about 800 pro-Christian lawyers to stand by, should lawsuits emerge. "The bottom line: It's okay to say 'Merry Christmas,' regardless of the legal threats from the American Civil Liberties Union and its allies," the ADF states. The Virginia-based Rutherford Institute, which also advocates religious freedom, issued a step-by-step guide to help the public understand the legalities of Christmas. "Whether through ignorance or fear, Americans are painfully misguided about the recognition of religious holidays," said John W. Whitehead, the group's president. "There is an irrational bias against anything remotely religious unless it's sanitized and secularized, and unfortunately, far too many parents, students and teachers erroneously believe they cannot do anything." Much has annoyed defenders of Christmas in the past two weeks. Denver, for example, refused to allow a Christian church float in the city's holiday parade, because "direct religious themes" were not allowed. Homosexual American Indians, Chinese lion dancers and German folk dancers, however, were welcome. The mayor of Somerville, Mass., issued a formal apology this week to anyone offended by a press release "mistakenly" issued from his office that called the town "holiday party" a "Christmas party." School districts in Florida and New Jersey have banned Christmas carols altogether, and an "all-inclusive" holiday song program at a Chicago-area elementary school included Jewish and Jamaican songs, but no Christmas carols. Meanwhile, a Kirkland, Wash., high-school principal nixed a production of "A Christmas Carol" because of Tiny Tim's prayer, "God bless us everyone," while neighboring libraries banned Christmas trees. Ken Schramm, a commentator with an ABC television affiliate in Seattle, dismissed it all as "P.C. smothering" yesterday. Down in Kentucky, local officials rejected the offer of Grace Baptist Church to stage a live Nativity scene in a public square. Such actions have not fazed the Chicago-based God Squad, a group of carpenters and volunteers who have built a giant Nativity scene at Daley Center Plaza in downtown Chicago every year since 1987, despite outcries from the ACLU, the American Jewish Congress and American Atheists. "Our Founding Fathers didn't intend to take religion out of the state. They took state out of religion," organizer Jim Finnegan told reporters when this year's construction began shortly after Thanksgiving. The Nativity is still there. ======================================


Just watched an amazing episode of Scarborough Country on MSNBC hosted by Pat Buchanan on the topic of Hollywood vs. America. Bill Donohue's first remarks were, "Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity." Then I think he said "They love anal sex" among other things. Buchanan was obviously sympathetic but the orthodox rabbi, supposedly a conservative in the culture wars, went ballistic, accusing Donohue of anti-Semitism and talking about how much he loathed Gibson's Passion. Great TV. Amazing just to see these issues discussed. ======================================


Little Johnny asks: "Daddy, how was I born?" Ol' DAD SAYS: Ah, my son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Well, you see your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on AOL. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a blessed little Popup appeared and said: "You've Got Male!" ======================================


"-- Police are looking for vandals who painted red swastikas " I wonder if this could be another case of jews doing it themselves. Swastikas, slur painted on synagogue SACRAMENTO, Dec. 9 (UPI) -- Police are looking for vandals who painted red swastikas and the message "Die Jew" at a South Lake Tahoe, Calif., synagogue on Hanukkah eve. The Nazi symbol was spray-painted at several other points around town, the Sacramento Bee said, on road signs and utility boxes. Rabbi Jonathan Freirich of Temple Bat Yam said one of the swastikas was painted on the main window of the temple's sanctuary and another was on a door leading into the synagogue. The vandalism, discovered Tuesday, apparently took place before a storm swept through the region, officials said. No tracks were found in the snow. The incident marked the second such vandalism at area synagogues in recent months. A similar attack occurred in Reno over the Labor Day weekend. ======================================

Subject: Who killed Dimebag Darrell?

They have yet to show the guy who did it. If he's black, you should do something funny like post a huge picture of him on the front page, since the media is censoring it. As I am a coward, do not post my email address. Thank you. ======================================

Subject: from Mueller letter

Schindler's List Update: I've reported to you a few weeks ago about American Historian David M. Crowe from the University of North Carolina, who published a book that destroys the myth of Schindler's List, as portrayed by Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg. Crowe researched his book for seven years and produces documents that prove that a Schindler's List never existed. In the contrary, Crowe writes in his book, there were nine lists, and four of them came from a corrupt Jewish Kapo, named Marcel Goldberg. The scene in Spielberg's movie Schindler's List where the manager of the factory was handed the list, is completely made up, writes Crowe. David M. Crowe also says that Spielberg's film is pure theater and so exaggerated that he looks like a retard. The reaction to Crowe's book, of course, has turned to attacks by the Jewish community. Michael Berenbaum, spokesperson for the Holocaust Museum, says that history was much more complex. Professional holocaust victim Eli Wiesel responded by saying that nothing is wrong with mixing facts and fiction. Hear, hear!! David M. Crowe's book about Schindler is now available from U.S. Publishing Westview Press. 706 pages, and will cost you between $25 and $30. The title of the book: "Oskar Schindler". ******************************************************* From Bernard Klatt: [START] re: (10) Your final point makes the same point that National Socialist White People's Party leader Harold Covington made nearly ten years ago: The point of "revisionism" is to rehabilitate National Socialism. Hard to do when you've got millions of dead bodies to "explain away." MUELLER's RESPONSE: NOW THIS ONE IS REALLY HILARIOUS. THE TYPICAL RESPONSE OF A "FACH IDIOT" WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS TAKING ABOUT. THE VERY NATURE OF REVISIONISM IS TO PROOVE THAT THE HOLOCAUST IS A LIE, SO THEREFORE, IT AUTOMATICALLY REHABILITATES NATIONAL SOCIALISM. AND YES, DR. MATHIS, WE ARE EXPLAINING VERY WELL AWAY THE MILLIONS OF DEAD BODIES THAT YOU GUYS INVENTED. The claim that "the real purpose of Holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again." did NOT originate with Harold Covington. He merely restated what he heard Deborah Lipstadt say on a TV show. I recall seeing a television program on revisionism a few years ago which closed with Deborah Lipstadt making some statement to the effect that: "the real purpose of Holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again." I normally don't agree with anything a Jew says, but I recall exclaiming, "Bingo! Got it in one! Give that lady a cigar!" At: --Bernard Klatt ======================================


Israel doesn't need "gas chambers" to commit Genocide on the Palestinians...JUST YOUR MONEY! 102655239 by R. Zuercher Dec. 9, 2004 Israeli genocide against the Palestinians is paid for with our money and now Our blood. Why would someone hate us so much, that they would kill themselves to kill us? Because our government gives billions of dollars in cash and military supplies for Israel to support the following: Israel practices strict racial segregation against all non-Jews, while Jewish groups and the Jewish media in the US demand forced racial integration in America. Israeli courts have reaffirmed the use of torture against all non-Jews, while Jewish groups and the Jewish media demand special rights for minorities in America. ======================================


The Big Hollywood Lie: Denying that Jews Control the Film Business Book Review An Empire Of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood A Look at The 'Powerful Jewish Lobby' by Mark Weber ======================================


Here is an interesting article about the menace of terrorism, new police powers, immigration and multiculturalism in Iceland. Of course, the article is written by an Icelandic marxist. I wonder if the multicultural ideology has been so successful that the only defense against societies dominated by it is to resort to "anti-terrorism". ========== (fulltext) Sigurlaug Gunnlaugsdottir. "Iceland Government Pushes Bills To Expand Police Powers", in Militant (SWP), May 4, 2004. p. 2. Reykjavik, Iceland - Moving to further boost the powers of the Icelandic police, Minister of Justice Bjorn Bjarnason proposed new legislation at the end of 3/2004 that would enable cops to deny attorneys access to material related to the defense of their arrested clients. The bill would also allow police to wiretap phones for 24 hours before being obliged to gain a court order to continue their snooping. Over the last few years the Independence Party/Progressive Party government has introduced a series of measures reinforcing border controls and limiting the rights of immigrants. With this latest bill, they have begun increasing the latitude allowed cops in their "investigations." The legislation would remove requirements for police officers' names to be listed in police reports. Cops can decide whether to videotape interrogations and how long to keep the tape if they do. In a separate bill Bjarnason proposes strengthening forensics departments and centralizing police "technical data" into a national database. The minister championed these measures before the National Police Association Congress 4/13/2004. He also spoke on the official formation - made public 3/1/2004 - of a Special Force under the National Commission of the Icelandic Police, the official name for the State Police. Based on a special unit of the Reykjavik city police but tripling it in size, this force will be provided with the latest word in weapons and equipment. Two opposition parties, the Social Democratic Coalition and the Left Greens, have accused Bjarnason of taking steps to build an army in a country that does not have an official armed forces. Bjarnason denied the charge, but said, "There is not always a sharp distinction between the special force and armed forces." Emphasizing the policing duties of the new unit, he told the Frettabladid newspaper that its responsibilities might include "dealing with riots and other specialized tasks." Another bill lays the basis for more efficient surveillance and policing of immigrants in Iceland. Bjarnason has claimed that present laws allow too much leeway for marriages of convenience that make it possible for the foreign-born to gain a residency permit or citizenship. Among the organizations lodging protests have been the Multicultural Council and WOMEN, an organization of foreign-born women based in Reykjavik. The bill discriminates against immigrants, a WOMEN representative said, and dictates how "people should get to know each other and establish a family." The legislation would give police powers to search immigrants or their houses, without a court order, on suspicion of their having entered marriages of convenience. It stipulates that any person deported may be charged for the cost of their imprisonment. To cover these expenses, the individual's personal valuables can be confiscated. When individuals apply for residence in Iceland to reunite with their families, the immigration office can demand genetic proof of kinship. Katla Thorsteinsd-ttir, a lawyer who opposes the bill, said in a radio interview that applicants themselves would clearly have to pay for such tests. The Social Democratic Coalition and the Left Greens have voiced opposition to these measures, although they support restrictions on the foreign-born. Both parties joined the government in the flurry of "antiterror" propaganda following the 3/11/2004 Madrid train bombings - used in part to justify the increased police powers. While speaking against the Anglo-American invasion in Iraq, they back an intervention under UN cover. Neither of the two parties has objected to the unremitting buildup of a so-called Icelandic peacekeeping force, which expands continuously, drawing ever-greater sums from the yearly state budget - from 110 million kronur in 2003 to 245 million kronur in 2004 (100 kronur = $1.30). The peacekeeping troops have been the advance guard of the Icelandic rulers' increased involvement in imperialist military interventions abroad. Significantly, the government is included in the "coalition of the willing" - the list of 63 countries recognized by Washington as qualified to bid for reconstruction contracts in Iraq, on the grounds of their support for its occupation. Icelandic so-called peacekeeping troops are active in other imperialist-led occupations. Having just handed the international airport in Pristina, Kosova, to UN troops, they are now preparing to take control of the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, by 6/1/2004. An Icelandic officer has been heading up the UN security apparatus in Liberia since last fall. ======================================

Subject: Baby Gap How birthrates color the electoral map By Steve Sailer Despite the endless verbiage expended trying to explain America's remarkably stable division into Republican and Democratic regions, almost no one has mentioned the obscure demographic factor that correlated uncannily with states' partisan splits in both 2000 and 2004. Clearly, the issues that so excite political journalists had but a meager impact on most voters. For example, the press spent the last week of the 2004 campaign in a tizzy over the looting of explosives at Iraq's al-Qaqaa munitions dump, but, if voters even noticed al-Qaqaa, their reactions were predetermined by their party loyalty. The 2000 presidential election, held during peace and prosperity, became instantly famous for illuminating a land culturally divided into a sprawling but thinly populated "red" expanse of Republicans broken up by small but densely peopled "blue" archipelagos of Democrats. Four years of staggering events ensued, during which President Bush discarded his old "humble" foreign policy for a new one of nearly Alexandrine ambitions. Yet the geographic and demographic profiles of Bush voters in 2004 turned out almost identical to 2000, with the country as a whole simply nudged three points to the right. ======================================

Subject: hygiene comes to the dirtback,5478,11645495%255E661,00.html Bath time in Mulan: Natalie Kopp with son Jamie Dodd. Picture: Lex Ballantyne Desert town hails hygiene deal 10dec04 ABORIGINAL parents at a tiny outback settlement yesterday said they would gladly wash their children's faces twice a day under a deal with the Federal Government. Our idea, say outback Aborigines Victory for common sense PM "It's not blackmail -- it's our idea," said elder Rebecca Johns. Under the first shared responsibility agreement with the Federal Government, the Mulan community has promised to ensure basic hygiene and regularly put the rubbish out. In exchange, the Government will install two petrol pumps in the town at a cost of $170,000. Prime Minister John Howard yesterday defended the deal in the face of Labor accusations that it was paternalistic and patronising. "I think what has been talked about makes sense and will resonate throughout the Australian community," Mr Howard said. The Herald Sun yesterday flew to Mulan in the Tanami Desert, 700km northwest of Alice Springs. We found a proud and vibrant community with a no-alcohol policy. But the children are afflicted by high rates of illness, particularly the eye disease trachoma. "We needed fuel and we have health problems here. It's a win for us," Ms Johns said. ======================================


Local teacher told to remove Nazi flag from classroom After complaint from Jewish group: The flag was used in history lesson. Ray Hagar RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL 12/9/2004 Washoe County School District officials quickly ordered a middle school teacher to take down a Hitler Youth flag ?? emblazoned with a black Nazi swastika ?? from his classroom Thursday after complaints from the Jewish Defense League. "We take this symbol to be as serious as a heart attack," said Bill Maniaci, spokesman for the Jewish Defense League. "This is a symbol of someone who wants to kill Jews." Pine Middle School teacher Michael MacDonald said he put the flag up as an historical artifact in teaching his German language class lessons on the manipulation of youth in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Yet the Jewish Defense League protested after MacDonald kept the flag up for nine days. Although school officials have apologized, no disciplinary action is expected, interim Superintendent Paul Dugan said. Dugan, however, said he will meet with MacDonald today before announcing a final decision. MacDonald will be allowed to use the flag as a learning tool in the future, but it can only be displayed for one day, Dugan said. "If I thought that he had displayed the flag in a way to support that symbol of hate, I would not wait until tomorrow" (for disciplinary action), Dugan said. "But I have no reason to believe that he did it for anything other than an educational purpose. I do disagree with it being up for eight or nine days." The Jewish Defense League, however, would like to see MacDonald disciplined, Maniaci said. "What they do with him is their affair, but this should not be swept under the carpet and forgotten," Maniaci said. "I think he should be taken to task. All of us would be better served if Mr. MacDonald instead worked at the restaurant that bears his name." It marks the second time in four years that a teacher's use of a Nazi flag has led to controversy in Washoe County. In 2000, Vaughan Middle School teacher Kara Lake was forced to remove a German battle flag from her classroom ceiling, where it hung as part of a history lesson about World War II. District officials told Lake that she could only display the flag during class on the bulletin board as part of a compromise. Then-superintendent Jim Hager organized a committee to study the problem after the compromise at Vaughan was reached. Thursday, however, Dugan said he was having difficulty finding the committee's recommendations. MacDonald, who said he has used the flag as part of lessons in German and World War II history for at least 10 years, said he can't recall any guidelines that came from that committee. He called the flag a prop. "I approach the lesson as to how Hitler manipulated children," MacDonald said. "He gave them their own flag. He gave them their own uniform. He gave them their own songs. "Then we talk about the death camps under that flag," MacDonald said. "We talk about Hitler sending children to war under that flag, not knowing that when they said they would die for that flag, that they were really going to do it. "I show them pictures of the concentration camps, the bodies," MacDonald said. "I show them what really happened under that flag." Jewish leaders said MacDonald should be more sensitive in his display of historical artifacts. Some complained about a skull and crossbones symbol that was hung near the flag. Some felt the symbol was similar to the insignia that German Storm trooper officers wore on their caps while overseeing concentration camps during World War II. "No one is trying to censor education," said Rabbi Menashe Bovit of Temple Emanu El. "But to simply display the flag without commentary for a period of time seems almost like you are using the flag as a decoration. "If a teacher is going to fly any flag in a classroom, then it should be the U.S. flag, a symbol of freedom and justice," Bovit said. "For the learning experience to be conducted under a flag that stands for pure and unadulterated evil is a bad experience for children." Former Reno City Councilwoman Judy Herman, a teacher at Pine, said she complained to the Jewish Defense League about the flag after asking MacDonald repeatedly to remove it. She said her intense feelings about the flag compelled her to spit on it about a week ago. "It was a symbolic spit," she said. "It is offensive to me that he let it stay up as long as he did," said Herman, who resigned her seat on the city council in 1998 after moving out of her district. "It is far-fetched to think he was teaching about Nazism for three weeks in his German class." Here ======================================


Hate-crime enhancers dropped against two assault suspects Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers Posted Dec. 10, 2004 STURGEON BAY ?? Door County Circuit Judge Peter Diltz dismissed hate-crime enhancers Thursday in criminal charges against two of five men accused of assaulting a gay couple at Bley's Bar last June. Diltz said there is no evidence that the two men ?? Mark Sawyer, 48, and Robert Wagner, 42 ?? participated in the June 6 fight because the alleged victims where gay. But Mark Sawyer's son, Joshua Sawyer, 22, still faces the original hate-crime charges in the case. "I don't really find any inference that Mark Sawyer or Robert Wagner were aware or should've been aware that each of these victims were selected in whole or in part because of their sexual orientation," Diltz said. "I believe there were some strong inferences that they saw their son and friend engaged in a fight and they jumped in." Sawyer and Wagner still face criminal charges in connection with the fight, including felony substantial battery. A hate-crime enhancer increases the seriousness and penalties associated with any crime against a person. Wagner and Mark Sawyer still face up to four years and six months jail and $21,000 in fines if convicted. If convicted, Joshua Sawyer still faces the original maximum penalty in the case, 11 years in jail and $35,000 in fines. The remaining two defendants were not in court Thursday. Andrew Ostrand, 42, of Egg Harbor, plans to enter a plea in the case Dec. 20, while the fifth defendant Adam Bley, 24, of Sturgeon Bay faces trial Jan. 10 on a lesser charge of disorderly conduct enhanced by a hate crime. Here ======================================

Subject: German interior minister calls for 'European Islam' 29.11.2004 - 09:58 CET | By Honor Mahony In Europe's largest member state, a strong debate is taking place about the integration of Muslims and Islam into society. German interior minister Otto Schily told this week's edition of news magazine Der Spiegel that his long-term goal is that Muslims in Germany accept 'European Islam' - which respects the vales of Enlightenment and stands up for the rights of women. An intellectual-political examination of Islam is part of a programme that he wants to press ahead with for the integration of immigrants, Mr Schily told the magazine. He said that the Germany's regions should be more rigorous about the possibility of deportation when integration efforts fail. "They have to make more use of being able to deport hate preachers and similar figures than they have up to now", said Mr Schily. Germany's opposition Christian Democrats are also pushing for more discussion about German patriotism. According to German daily Handelsblatt, the CDU leader of Hessen, Roland Koch, said that the CDU should become the party "that safeguards German interests". Edmund Stoiber, leader of the CDU's sister party in Bavaria, the CSU, told the tabloid Bild am Sonntag that everyone who lives in Germany must respect the values there. "I can imagine that every foreigner who wants to become German swears an oath to our Constitution - something that is quite normal in many other countries", said the Bavarian leader. "Whoever comes to us and after two, three years is not prepared to speak German, cannot become a German [citizen]", said Mr Koch to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. The CDU wants to see a debate on patriotism at its party day in a little over a week. ======================================

Subject: contra mudsharks

Bwahaha, I love to ruin some mudshark's day, though this girl was seriously deranged, more than the usual lover of mud, it seemed. I can't wait until her pefect (sic) boyfriend gets the old call of the wild and leaves her with his STDs and slit-eyed, near-retard level offspring. That's the only thing that wakes these chicks up. You can see them every day pushing a cart at Mud-Mart with at least one dusky, Treasure Troll-haired little manimal tagging along, screaming and exuding snot. I love to walk by with my quiet, blonde, not-quite-two-year-old boy just to show them how it could have been. Sometimes they even have the sperm donor with them, dragging his knuckles with that perpetual ugly scowl.

There's another thing that kills me about some of these people, like that guy who wrote in yapping about Jesus and how we must be Christians and so on. Where do these people get that? Racist=Christian? How'd that get started? If anything it should be the other way around. I consider myself a Christian, but I sure as hell won't attend any church around here with its love-thy-muddy-neighbor creed. When I got married the damned preacher showed up with a "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" tie on! Hey, bro, I'm praying for a Jerusalem in pieces. He was an old high school buddy and hated nigs, so I didn't say anything to him. People around these parts are wise to the coons for the most part, but they just can't get the jewish thing. Oh, well, I'm working on it. Thanks for all you do.


Subject: racially conscious Christmas

Have a racially conscious Christmas

12/11/04 update to



Arrest made in threats linked to racist gang

By Pamela Manson

pmanson @

The Salt Lake Tribune


A friend of purported members of a Utah white-supremacist gang who are facing felony counts was charged Wednesday with making a threat against a prosecutor in the case.

A federal indictment accuses April Dowding of mailing a letter in March to an assistant U.S. attorney, whose name is blacked out on public documents, complaining about the case against 12 men believed to belong to the Soldiers of Aryan Culture (SAC).

Dowding is a friend of some of the defendants and considers herself their sister, according to the indictment.

The indictment alleges the letter, dated Feb. 28, said: "You stupid bitch! It is because of you that my brothers are in jail for the Rico." It also mentioned the street where the prosecutor lives and concluded, "We will get you."

The letter was signed, "till the Casket drops."

The defendants are accused of carrying out violent crimes for SAC, a gang that allegedly operated a methamphetamine ring throughout Utah.

They are charged in a federal indictment, unsealed in December 2003, under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law for allegedly attempting seven murders and committing other offenses.

Eleven of them have been held in various jails for a year and all are scheduled for trial in April.

Dowding, who is charged with mailing a threatening communication and conspiracy to impede an officer, has been jailed and is to appear in court Friday.

After the alleged threat was made in March, Magistrate Samuel Alba assembled the dozen SAC defendants in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City and warned that he would not tolerate that kind of behavior. On Nov. 30, he brought the dozen men back and said another threat had been made.

Alba, who did not give details about the latest incident, told the defendants that they no longer could receive phone calls or have family visits in jail to prevent more threats from being relayed.

Alba's pronouncement set off a brief melee when the 12 defendants reacted angrily and federal marshals and court security officers had to subdue them.




City Council to consider Jackson (MS) airport name change compromise

By Laura Hipp

lhipp @

December 9, 2004

A compromise to add Medgar Evers' surname to the Jackson International Airport will be considered by the City Council on Tuesday.

The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority and Ineva May-Pittman, who requested changing the airport's name, reached an agreement shortly before a public hearing Wednesday. The proposed change is the Jackson-Evers International Airport.

"It was going to be a divisive situation for this city," Pittman said after the meeting. "I love this city, and we are progressing." More than 50 residents packed into the council chambers to discuss altering the airport's name, and most spoke of honoring the slain civil-rights worker's legacy.

"None of us would be where we are today or who we are today if it weren't for Medgar Evers," said Gene Young of Jackson. He was one of about a dozen who spoke. Jackson resident Harry Baird said the airport needs one distinctive name that identifies the city so cargo firms know its location.

Glenda Glover, airport authority chairwoman, said she agreed to the compromise because it left Jackson in the name. The airport has spent more than $200,000 marketing itself, and the city's name should be prominent, she said. "This is a wonderful day in the history of Mississippi," Glover said after the meeting.



Subject: free speech in Illinois endangered by crying jews

Chancellor: University of Illinois' student paper spews anti-Semitism


Staff Reporter

December 9, 2004

The University of Illinois' student newspaper, the Daily Illini, is in hot water with the chancellor over what he says is a series of items offensive to Jews in the last two years.

Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Richard Herman is demanding staff journalists undergo better training and do more to fight error. If they don't, he threatens to start a newspaper to compete with the campus paper, which is financially independent from the university.

"Seeing a newspaper intentionally or otherwise continue to spew out what is broadly seen as anti-Semitic comments is just not appropriate,'' Herman said this week.

Quote published twice

Despite the paper's status as a private business, the university repeatedly hears complaints about it from alumni and outside groups. The latest furor erupted after the newspaper published a letter to the editor last month in which a student claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once said he wanted to "burn every Palestinian child." Although the quote has been widely disseminated, Jewish groups say there is no evidence Sharon ever made the statement.

Wednesday, the paper's editors apologized for running the "inaccurate information."

What's most disturbing, some said, is the same quote appeared in an opinion piece by student columnist Mariam Sobh last year. In the spring, Sobh admitted the quote was false and apologized.

"They should make sure their editors are paying more attention to recent history so they don't repeat mistakes every semester," said Joel Schwitzer, director of the campus Hillel Foundation.

Use of 'vile' letter defended

In addition, earlier this semester, the paper published a cartoon that joked about big-nosed Jewish bankers. The cartoonist recently returned to the staff after a one-month suspension.

Two years ago, the paper published another letter, titled, "Jews manipulate America." At the time, the paper's editors vigorously defended their right to publish even though they found it "vile."

Herman said too many people think the school runs the paper.

University students are on its staff and serve on its oversight board along with university workers. The school allows distribution in campus dorms and other places.

Specific training for staff should cover better fact-checking along with sensitivity, Herman said.

In a meeting last week with Daily Illini publisher Mary Cory, a professional employee, Herman threatened to fund an alternative paper or help others who want to distribute on campus.

Outgoing Daily Illini editor Evan McLaughlin, of Palatine, admitted "it looks as if there is a pattern" of anti-Semitism at the paper, but he denied the paper had an agenda. He said the incidents were separate mistakes. Since publication of the letter two years ago, the staff does more fact-checking and takes more steps to verify letter writers' identities.

McLaughlin is working to ensure the paper's "institutional memory" is passed down through training manuals to future editors to avoid past mistakes.




Columbia taps lawyer to probe anti-Semitism

By Douglas Feiden

Daily News Staff Writer

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Famed First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams will help Columbia University probe mounting charges that top professors have intimidated or bullied Jewish students in their classrooms. Abrams will advise a six-member faculty committee investigating if the learning climate on campus has become hostile to the free expression of ideas.

"Professors have broad rights about how they teach classes, while students have the right not to be harassed or intimidated and to express their views without being insulted," Abrams said. "I will help in balancing the competing claims of academic freedom."

The Abrams assignment comes two weeks after a Daily News story documented how anti-Jewish and anti-Israel bias have entered the academic mainstream on W. 116th St. - and left pro-Israel students feeling silenced and marginalized.




Prisoner says staff didn't protect him

He's suing them for being placed near supremacist he killed in self-defense


atimmins @

Monitor staff

December 09. 2004

A black inmate who beat a murder charge for killing a white supremacist in the state prison several years ago is now suing four prison employees in federal court for allegedly failing to keep him safe behind bars. In opening statements yesterday, an attorney for James Skinner told jurors that prison staff knew what they were risking when they housed African-American Skinner with several Nazi sympathizers, including Eric Balagot, who had assaulted a Hispanic inmate and declared a race war during his first week in prison.

"It's not an easy job deciding where to put someone in prison," said attorney Michael Sheehan of Concord. "They made the obviously wrong decision." He said the four men being sued were told by a colleague not to put Skinner and Balagot together.

Skinner beat and kicked Balagot to death early on July 24, 1998, during a fight in the exercise yard outside the prison's maximum-security unit. There were no staff monitoring the yard, and the two cameras trained on the area were broken, according to Sheehan. It took corrections officers 30 minutes to respond, he said.

Nancy Smith of the state attorney general's office is defending the prison employees: Walter Davies, a unit manager; Lt. Daniel Shaw; Sgt. Keith Hardy; and counselor Jay Nagey. In her opening remarks, Smith said that none of the four men had assigned Balagot and Skinner to the same cell block and that nonecould have predicted the two inmates would clash.

"It will be wrong to reward Mr. Skinner for killing Mr. Balagot," she said.

Skinner was tried twice for Balagot's murder. The first jury could not reach a unanmious decision; the second one acquitted Skinner in 2000. Skinner was not in court yesterday and will testify by video camera from a Massachusetts state prison, where he is serving a life sentence for a separate murder charge. He is seeking monetary damages but has not specified an amount because in federal court, jurors decide damages.

Yesterday, a jury of four men and four women (there are only eight jurors in federal civil cases) heard the basics of the case but also got a glimpse of how the state prison assesses its inmates for potential problems.

In their first days in prison, inmates get a "delousing" shower and then are assigned a risk level based on their behavior in and out of prison. They are also categorized as either a predator, prey or as neither (also called normal.) The staff uses those classifications in determining where to house inmates. Before they make a final decision, staff also checks the prison's list of known enemies to make sure they don't put two foes together.



Australian Labor Party (ALP) has always supported Israel

December 10, 2004

Labelling the ALP anti-Semitic is palpably false and creates a dangerous political divide, writes Kevin Rudd.

Labor foreign minister "Doc" Evatt played a crucial role in the creation of the modern state of Israel through his chairmanship of the UN International Commission on Palestine in 1947.

It was the Chifley Labor government that in 1948 cast the first vote in support of the creation of the state of Israel through UN General Assembly resolution 181. And it was Labor's Arthur Calwell who pioneered a postwar immigration policy for Australia (where anti-Semitism was still rife) that welcomed more Holocaust survivors per capita than any other country, except for Israel.

More than half a century later, the modern ALP is intensely proud of its contribution to the creation of the state of Israel. Yet a minister in the Hawke Labor government, Barry Cohen, contends (on this page on October 25) that anti-Semitism is now "rampant" in this same ALP.




Racist fliers turn up in three Eugene neighborhoods

December 9, 2004

EUGENE, Ore. - Racist fliers have turned up in three Eugene neighborhoods in the past week, targeting gays, Jews and immigrants, among other groups. The fliers are the product of "cowards and bullies" and are not welcome in Eugene, City Manager Dennis Taylor said in a written statement. Some of the fliers are identical to those appearing on the Web site of a Portland-based white supremacist group called the Tualatin Valley Skins. The fliers were found in driveways wrapped in plastic bags that also contained gravel - a method of distribution recommended on the Web site.

Sara Rich, chairwoman for the city Human Rights Commission, said the hate fliers will be a topic at an upcoming International Human Rights Day event at Lane Community College. The human rights group plans to kick off a new anti-hate awareness campaign, prompted by the fliers and recent allegations of racial profiling by Eugene police.

"The whole tone in the community is, We're so liberal and so aware how could this happen in Eugene?" Rich said. "But it does, every day." Police Chief Robert Lehner said in a statement that the distribution of the fliers is being closely monitored, and promised prompt enforcement against any actions that cross the boundary between protected speech and criminal behavior.




Merchant of Venice movie anti-Semitic?

Friday 10th December, 2004

British Director Michael Radford's film of Shakespeare's famously anti-Semitic Merchant of Venice appears to accent the drama's darkest element. The full-length, R-rated movie stars Al Pacino in the lead and has already shocked English-speaking audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Viewers are served notice immediately that the film is provocative: An opening credit sequence features a crucifix rapidly juxtaposed with the sight of Hebrew texts put to the flame.

Writing in Thursday's edition of the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland accused Radford of insouciance for claiming he had not intended to make an anti-Semitic film. To hear the words 'dog Jew' shouted on Dolby Surround speakers, to see a Jew fall to his knees and forced to convert to Christianity on a wide screen, cannot fail to have a different, and greater, power (than a stage production), he wrote.

That doesn't mean that such scenes should never be shown on film. On the contrary, there should be films that take on anti-Semitism. But Michael Radford is not in that game. Amazingly, he told last week's Jewish Chronicle, 'I was never worried about the anti-Semitism of the play.' Many, though not all, of the critics have shared his insouciance.




Leafleting: Looking for a few white separatists

By Lisa Provence


December 9, 2004

Although Charlottesville is often depicted as a liberal community, that hasn't stopped a "white separatist" group from trying to spread its message here with anti-Semitic leaflets.

Matt Wilkinson spotted the neatly rolled, rubber-banded fliers in yards all over his Fry Springs neighborhood as he left for work November 30. One sheet blamed high gas prices on "Zion"; the other denounced the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, as "America's greatest enemy."

Both were courtesy of the National Alliance, a group whose late founder, William Pierce, wrote The Turner Diaries, the notorious novel that reportedly inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

"I was shocked that somebody would spend so much time doing something so moronic," says Wilkinson, "especially in this day and age in Charlottesville." Across town, on Lexington Avenue near Locust, Nell Goddin unrolled the anti-ADL fliers left in her front yard. "Oh, my God," she exclaimed. "'Let's deport these arrogant Jews'? This is horrifying."

Nell Goddin was not pleased

Nell Goddin was not pleased to find that the National Alliance had left literature in her yard.

This wasn't the National Alliance's first visit to Charlottesville. Leafleters came through town earlier this year on Martin Luther King's birthday, startling many residents who found what they considered racist literature littering their front lawns.

However, that episode-- aimed at the supposed evils of interracial romance-- generated enough interest to establish a Central Virginia branch of the organization seven months ago, according to the group's chief operations officer, Shaun Walker.

Based in Hillsboro, West Virginia, Walker says most of the unit's members hail from the Shenandoah Valley -- with a couple from Charlottesville. Why leaflet here again?

"Charlottesville's got the mixed neighborhoods and quite a few foreigners-- Indians, Pakistanis," answers Walker. "People are waking up. We're getting the audience we want."

Some Lexington Avenue residents would disagree. "I find it appalling," says Deborah Murray, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. Live Arts director John Gibson didn't notice the fliers in his yard and believes the white-obsessed group is wasting its time. "I think those are seeds that will not sprout in the enlightened liberal atmosphere of Lexington Avenue," he says.

The Anti-Defamation League monitors National Alliance activities and estimates its national membership at 1,500.

"Of all the hate groups out there attempting to get their message out, they've easily supplanted the Klan," says ADL regional director David Friedman. "They make it easy for people to download their fliers. They're so highly organized, that's why they're considered dangerous." Friedman calls the group an "extremist" organization "deeply steeped with white supremacists and neo-Nazis."

"We're a white separatist, not a white supremacist group," specifies state National Alliance spokesman Pete Harwood, who says the latter want to rule over other cultures while the former prefer to live apart. David Miller is a member of the local unit. He declines to say whether he was involved in last week's leafleting and exactly how many people are involved in his group. "It's not our policy to give out numbers," he says. But he does offer one number: Approximately 500 fliers were distributed.

And to those who are offended by the National Alliance message, Miller points out that it's Constitutionally protected speech. He denies the National Alliance is an extremist group. "We feel our views reflect the silent majority," he says. "I would say the same thing to the Anti-Defamation League-- they're an extremist hate group advocating strictly on behalf of the Jewish population."

The ADL's intense monitoring of hate groups and hate speech has, in recent years, hit some unlikely targets-- including an August scolding of presidential candidate Ralph Nader for using the word "puppets" to describe the relationship of Congress and President George W. Bush to Israel. Friedman recommends reporting further leafleting to the police and to the ADL.

"Citizens should realize this doesn't mean they have the National Alliance in their neighborhood or that there will be an upsurge in hate crimes," he says. Still, he suggests realism tempered by awareness. "The danger is that individuals are capable of violence when they believe in the extreme positions of the National Alliance." "We don't advocate violence," Miller counters.

Unlike the Martin Luther King Day barrage, Charlottesville police got no complaints about the recent fliers, but after a reporter made them aware of the fliers, the police collected a few and filed a report, says Sergeant Mike Farruggio.

"I don't think this is a community where the National Alliance is going to get a lot of support," says Vice Mayor Kevin Lynch, who lives near Lexington Avenue. "Typically when you look at these groups, you find it's a couple of people with a lot of time on their hands."

America's greatest enemy? The National Alliance leaves its message in Charlottesville yards.



Subject: Europe's far-right holds coalition talks

Europe's far-right parties hold coalition talks

Ian Traynor

The Guardian

Friday December 10, 2004

Europe's extremist anti-immigrant parties should unite in a new pan-European movement under the leadership of the Austrian politician JAsrg Haider, a leading Belgian hardliner says in an interview published today.

Filip DeWinter, the leader of the extreme Flemish separatist party in Belgium, said moves were afoot to form a cross-border, extreme right grouping in the European parliament, pooling Mr Haider's Freedom party, France's National Front, his own Vlaams Belang, the Dutch New Right party, and Italy's Northern League.

The coalition should run on a single platform in the next European elections in 2009, Mr DeWinter told the Vienna weekly magazine, News.

Mr DeWinter, the head of the renamed Vlaams Blok which was branded a racist organisation last month by Belgium's supreme court and could have been banned had it not relabelled, said he had been discussing the move with Mr Haider. "I've had several talks with JAsrg Haider and have the feeling that he's interested in this cooperation," said Mr DeWinter. "I'm proposing to JAsrg Haider that he be the top candidate of our movement."

One of Mr Haider's key lieutenants, Andreas MAslzer, had a meeting in Antwerp last week with likeminded figures from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Italy. Mr MAslzer, an early strategist behind Mr Haider's rise in Austria, is now an MEP for Mr Haider's Freedom party.

In recent years there have been repeated tentative attempts by the extreme right to link up at the European level, but they have come to very little. Mr DeWinter said forces should now be joined to combat the "Islamisation of Europe".

Mr Haider is regarded as one of Europe's shrewdest and most successful extreme right leaders, taking more than a quarter of the national vote in 1999 and taking his party into government, triggering an EU boycott of Austria.

But in recent years his fortunes have declined steeply and he has been keeping a relatively low profile as governor of the southern province of Carinthia. Eager for the lime light, the Austrian may be attracted by the European stage.

Mr MAslzer said the merger of the nationalists was "a question of fate", pointing to parallel European associations of social democrats and liberals.



Subject: Christmas: a jew profit center

See here's proof, (even if it is self admission) itz not the Jews trying to ban Christmas, after all they own the bizness. Yahweh - I think I'm gonna puke.

Arch Stanton

Jews take credit for writing, singing Christmas songs


Atlanta Jewish Times

A Methodist dad wants to get into the Christmas mood. He plays a record of "The Christmas Song" and sings along to the familiar "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" refrain. Then he feels like a movie, and watches "White Christmas" with his family. Before bed, he reads his daughter the Caldecott-winning children's Christmas book, "The Polar Express." He's just had a very Jewish night. Not many people know it, but Jews have a long history of orchestrating Christmas, back to the early 1800s when French composer Adolphe Adam wrote the music for "O Holy Night."

"Christmas Song" composer Mel Torme was also Jewish. Chris Van Allsburg, a convert to Judaism, wrote "The Polar Express." And "White Christmas," a film about song-and-dance men who romance women for the holidays in a Vermont ski lodge, had a Jewish star (Danny Kaye), director (Michael Curtiz) and composer (Irving Berlin). Berlin, born Israel Baline, wrote "White Christmas" for the film "Holiday Inn" in 1942 and resurrected it for the Bing Crosby film in 1954.

Actor and commentator Ben Stein recently wrote an essay saying that Jews should feel no shame about having so much power in Hollywood, because it's a sign of how much they love America. He said the same about Christmas.

"I have always felt that no one loved Christmas like the Jews," Stein wrote in an e-mail. "No family tensions, no disappointments about the wrong gift, just that great Christmas spirit. For a Jew to be in America at Christmas, with all the love in the air, after two millennia of being hunted and killed at Christian holidays, is pure bliss, and I believe we feel it keenly."

Nate Teibloom, editor of, a Web site that identifies famous Jews, had a different reason for why Jews involve themselves in the Christmas spirit: the bottom line.

"There's a huge market," he said. "Virtually every recording artist puts out a Christmas album eventually, including Jewish recording artists. It's money in the bank. [However,] some Jewish recording artists tend to shy away from doing the religious Christmas songs."

One Jewish popular songwriter, who asked not to be identified, believes so many Jewish composers write Christmas songs "because it broadens the field of endeavor.

"Every year for a couple of months the recordings sell all over again. It's the old profit system, not an underwriting of another faith," he said.

Teibloom said Jewish songwriters dominated the popular music scene from around 1920 to 1965, around the time "Your Hit Parade" made Christmas songs into favorites.

"Tin Pan Alley rose up in Manhattan with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of songwriters turning out song after song after song," he said. They were bound to write Christmas songs, too."

"White Christmas" was one of thousands of songs Irving Berlin wrote in his career, Teibloom said.

"He wrote a song called "I Love Israel," Teibloom said. "He probably wrote a song for Arbor Day, too."

According to, Jeffery Tambor, the actor who co-starred as Mayor May Who in the recent film "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," was asked if he ever worked on a project as big and expensive as the Grinch film. He replied, "Maybe my bar mitzvah."

Speaking of the Grinch, remember the original animated version soundtrack with the great line, "He's a mean one, Mr. Grinch"? Contrary to what some might think, the Grinch was not Jewish -- but the songwriter was (Albert Hague).

There are even Jewish ornaments on the Christmas tree -- Hallmark features one of a miniature Larry Fine of Three Stooges fame.

But songs are by far the biggest Jewish contribution to Christmas pop culture. Barbra Streisand and Kenny G. (Gorelick) have put out hugely successful Christmas albums. Other Christmas carols written or performed by Jews include:

* "We Need a Little Christmas"

(Jerry Herman). * "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "A Holly Jolly Christmas" (Johnny Marks).

* "The Christmas Waltz" and "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" (Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne).

* "Silver Bells" (Ray Evans, lyricist, and Jay Livingston, composer).

*"I'm Getting' Nuttin' for Christmas" (Barry Gordon, performer).

So to all the Jews walking around the mall this year and getting annoyed by all the holiday music on the sound system: Quit blaming the Christians.


Subject: jew vipers located

nest of vipers located!

Top this: Students claim the dreidel record



Subject: crab on crab vivisection

look at this hooknosed jew growing crabs in the lab. Ill bet he'd like a way to grow more hooknosed jews in the lab like these other slinking, skittering, loathsome creatures.


Dr. Yonathan Zohar, director of the University of Maryland's Center of Marine Biotechnology in Baltimore, holds a female blue crab in the center's laboratory in a Thursday, June 12, 2003 file photo. The crab is one of those bred at the center that will produce more crabs that marine biologists will release into the Chesapeake Bay in hopes of boosting the Bay's decreasing crab population.


Subject: U.S. funds nigger museum

By Michael Kilian Washington Bureau

Plans for an African-American history museum on the National Mall moved closer to reality this week as the project received its first federal funding, enabling it to move ahead.

The Smithsonian Institution also appointed a board for the museum that includes Chicagoans Oprah Winfrey and magazine magnate Linda Johnson Rice, among other prominent African-American leaders.

"This is a wonderful gift to the country," said Lonnie Bunch, a black history scholar and former Smithsonian official now serving as president of the Chicago Historical Society. "It can help the country explore the challenge of the race issue that was so central to our history, and at the same time celebrate the wonderful contributions African-Americans have made to American culture."

Deputy Smithsonian Secretary Sheila Burke, the institution's chief operating officer, said the museum will fill "an enormous gap in an area that has long been given short shrift--understanding, appreciating and celebrating the contributions of African-Americans that have been so very important to the country."

Burke said she expected the search committee currently seeking a director for the National Museum of African-American History and Culture to make its recommendation "early next year." But she estimated it will take another 14 or 15 years for the museum to be completed--about the same amount of time it took for the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the World War II Memorial here to be built.


Subject: Bush, menorah man

t a menorah-lighting ceremony Thursday on the third night of Hanukkah, President Bush prayed for the safety and quick return of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq.

"Today, many Americans are sacrificing to bring freedom and hope to the oppressed," Bush said before three candles were lighted on a 4-foot sterling silver candelabrum. "In this holiday season, we pray for the safety of our troops, for the success of their mission and for their speedy return home."

The candles were lighted by Menachem, Chaim and Miriam Felzenberg, the three eldest children of Shmuel Felzenberg. Felzenberg is serving in Iraq as the senior Jewish chaplain with the U.S. Army's 84th Engineer Battalion, from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He is scheduled to return home in January.

The youngest Felzenberg girl played with the contents of her mother's purse and offered a toddler's unintelligible commentary, earning grins from Bush. "Well said," he joked. Hanukkah commemorates the Jews' successful rebellion against suppression of their religion under the Syrian-Greek empire in 165 B.C. Led by the Maccabee family, the Jews drove the Greeks from Jerusalem and reclaimed the Jerusalem Temple for religious services.

The story says there was only enough oil to burn the temple menorah for one day, but that miraculously it burned for eight days. Accordingly, Jews light the menorah on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. Bush also met in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building with about several rabbis and Jewish community leaders. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the president spoke of progress in the fight against terrorism, the administration's relations with Israel and effort to fight anti-Semitism.

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