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First-Ever Quantitative Study on the Reach, Impact and Potential of Ethnic Media NCM & USC Survey


Apr 23, 2002

New California Media Releases First-Ever Quantitative Study on the Reach, Impact, and Potential of Ethnic Media Presentation of Survey (pdf)

Wall Street Journal Article (pdf)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 23, 2002 -- New California Media (NCM), an association of over 400 print, broadcast, and online ethnic media organizations, today released findings from the first-ever quantitative study on the reach, impact, and potential of media targeted to Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American communities. The study of 2,000 California residents was conducted by Bendixen & Associates, a public opinion firm specializing in research of political, social, and economic trends in Latin America and the United States.

"This study shows that ethnic media reaches 84% of the three largest minority groups in California," said Sergio Bendixen, President of Bendixen & Associates. "In a state where Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans make up nearly 50% of all residents, this information is a critical part of understanding how businesses can effectively reach this rapidly growing segment of the population."

The survey was funded by the James Irvine Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, and The Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Chinese American Voter Education Committee was also a key collaborator in shaping the survey. Findings are based on interviews with 2,000 Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American adult residents of California, and representative of the nearly 17 million ethnic Californians. The interviews were conducted between November 2001 and March 2002, by professional interviewers in twelve different languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Laotian and Hindi. The results were weighed to reflect the actual population figures of each ethnic group in California, according to the 2000 Census.

Following is a summary of the survey?s major findings: Ethnic television stations, radio stations, and newspapers reach 84% of all Californians who self identify as Hispanic, African-American, or Asian-American. These are Californians who said they watched ethnic television, listened to ethnic radio, or read an ethnic newspaper, and could correctly identify the specific media outlet. According to the findings, Spanish-language media reach 89% of California Hispanics, African-American oriented media outlets reach 79% of African-Americans in the state; and Asian-American media reach 75% of the Asian population of California (with the primarily Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean populations the most likely to listen to or read ethnic media).

A significant percentage of Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans in California prefer ethnic media to their English language or general market counterparts. Ethnic radio stations in California have huge audiences, and 43% of ethnic Californians prefer these stations (51% of Hispanics, 32% of African-Americans, and 26% of Asian-Americans). Ethnic television networks, stations, and programs were the top choice of 36% of ethnic Californians (43% of Hispanics, 27% of Asian Americans, and 14% of African-Americans). Ethnic newspapers also have a significant following, and are most widely read among the Asian-American population (34% of Asian-Americans, 23% of Hispanics, and 10% of African-Americans).

The type of news or programming that ethnic Californians listen to or read varies by outlet. News television programs are most popular with Californians that watch ethnic television, while music programming is the most important to those who listen to ethnic radio, and international news is the most important to those who read an ethnic newspaper.

Of significant interest to companies doing business in California is the fact that ethnic Californians are more likely to pay attention to advertising in the ethnic media than to ads in general market media. Forty percent of those interviewed say they pay more attention to television, radio, and newspaper ads in the language of their home country than to English-language ads. Sixty-six percent of ethnic Californians agreed that businesses that advertise in the ethnic media "seem to understand my needs and desires better than other companies," and 63% agreed that they are "more likely to buy a product or service advertised" in an ethnic oriented publication or program. Hispanics exhibit the strongest "advertising loyalty" characteristics, followed closely by Asian-Americans.

"This study accomplishes two things. First, the industry finally has some quantitative research that provides the extent of readership, viewership, and listenership that the various ethnic media have by the key ethnic groups," said Jerry Gibbons, Executive Vice President of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. "Second, it demonstrates that ethnic media and the advertising which appears in that media makes an emotional connection with ethnic consumers. Creating that special link with customers is critical to building your brand and developing long-term relationships. We believe this groundbreaking study will help marketers and their agencies make better choices about how to effectively reach their target markets."

"What is exciting about this study is not only the results, but the fact that it has created a model for multi-lingual polling of the new California," said Sandy Close, Executive Director of New California Media and Pacific News Service. This survey is the first in a series of quarterly polls by Bendixen & Associates to survey the new California. New California Media will partner with University of Southern California?s Annenberg School of Communication on the polls.

About New California Media

New California Media is an association of over 400 print, broadcast, and online ethnic media organizations founded in 1996 by the non-profit Pacific News Service. NCM?s goal is to raise the visibility of ethnic media as a major information source for California?s 17 million ethnic residents; increase the ethnic media?s access to the advertising dollar through a one-order/one-bill placement service; and promote an inter-ethnic editorial exchange. The New California Media Expo and Awards 2002, held on September 18 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, will showcase a who?s who of ethnic media throughout the state, as well as leaders in multi-cultural marketing, elected officials, advertising agency executives, and mainstream media. The Expo will include panels, workshops, and an awards banquet. For more information, visit the website at



Professor Shamir:

There is no end to the cunning of your race. This is a capital idea to control Sand Negro suicide bombers. A variation on this idea was used by General Pershing, of blessed memory, a hundred years ago in the Phillipines. He smeared pig fat on the cartridges used to execute Moslem terroists and and wrapped their carcasses in pgiskin. It put a stop to the problem. Let Israel be Gathered! THIS year in Jerusalem!

21st in Shvat, 5764
Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian


Rabbi Urges Pig Fat on Buses to Stop Bombers

Fri February 13, 2004 08:15 AM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A prominent Israeli rabbi has proposed hanging bags of pig fat in buses to deter Muslim suicide bombers who may want to avoid contact with an "unclean" animal, an Israeli official said on Thursday. The idea -- suggested by Rabbi Eliezer Fisher, a rabbinical judge, in a letter to police -- signaled the extremes to which some Israelis may be willing to go to stop Palestinian bombers who have killed hundreds of Israelis in recent years.

Judaism, like Islam, considers pigs unclean. But the ultra-Orthodox rabbi has ruled that special dispensation can be given for placing bags of lard in buses and public places in an effort to prevent attacks. Police had no immediate comment on the proposal.

Asked about the deterrent capability of pig fat on Israeli buses, Palestinian sources called it an exercise in futility. Islamic militants are told by those who send them on bombing missions that their souls enter Paradise instantly after they explode despite any contamination or defilement of their bodies. "It's not a problem if it saves lives," Israeli Deputy Public Security Minister Yaakov Edri said, referring to the breaking of Jewish religious law. "I personally support it," Edri told Reuters. "If it can deter even one suicide bomber -- then wonderful. Security authorities must consider it." An article on the rabbi's proposal published on the Web site of the Israeli newspaper Maariv drew dozens of e-mail responses from readers ranging from incredulous to complimentary.



This is the guy w that just got popped (or set-up) passing info to the Al-Q...

Letters to the editor from Ryan Anderson

During his time in Pullman, Ryan Anderson had three published letters to The Spokesman-Review. In them, he warned against allowing the government to take away personal freedoms, chiefly the right to own firearms. Those letters are reprinted below.

 This war could cost us our freedoms

Some compare our current situation with World War II. However, other than some very basic similarities, there is no comparison.

There are no hordes of enemy tanks and fighter planes. There will be no massive drives against organized, well-equipped, well-defined enemy armies.

Our evil mastermind is a monster of our own creation, much the same as the Columbine shooters. This needs to be a war of hearts and minds, where in order to win we have to defeat ignorance and hatred with information and cooperation. The retribution that is necessary needs to be quick, surgical and effective.

A war in Afghanistan will bleed us dry as it did the Soviets and the British before them.

I fear war for another reason, that being that the elements in our own society who would rob us of our individual liberties and freedoms can use the auspices of national security to steal them. Already in the past century we have given up an alarming amount of individual liberty to feel safe.

No amount of gun control, press restriction or racial or religious profiling will save us from a body count like that of Sept. 11. But if you get a chance to read some of the bills due to go before Congress, some people obviously aren't going to let that stop them from continuing their crusade to save us from ourselves.

Think before calling for indiscriminate war because it may end up being an indiscriminate war on us all.

Ryan G. Anderson

Pullman, Wash.

Published Oct. 5, 2001

 Militia means irregulars - citizens

Walter Becker (Letters, April 22) tries to offer proof that the Second Amendment only applies to the militia, but his reasoning is faulty.

What does he think the militia is? The National Guard? I think not; it's closer to being a standing army than was most of the Royal Army that invaded the then-rebellious 13 colonies!

A militia by definition is an irregular force. It usually includes all able-bodied citizens between the ages of 17 and 45. In simplest terms, a militia is a group of armed citizens who have banded together temporarily to defend their homes and community.

If we went with Becker's interpretation, the Second Amendment would grant a standing army and a police force the right to maintain weapons, a right that has no need to be declared in a document such as the Bill of Rights, even in the 1770s.

I am in favor of intelligent gun control. Should the United States adopt a system along the lines of Switzerland's, I could not be happier. To shooters and collectors like me, it would mean more well-maintained ranges, inexpensive ammunition and, best of all, one free weapon issued to every responsible citizen. But it's not going to happen. Why? Because too many people out there don't mean gun control, they mean total annihilation of private firearms ownership. Until gun control advocates start respecting shooters, we will have no choice but to fight you, tooth and nail, every chance we get.

Ryan G. Anderson


Published April 27, 1998

 Firearms not the problem

Once again our eyes and ears are inundated with yet another tragedy, this time in Arkansas, involving the cold-blooded murder of our children by our children.

Although I feel appalled by the carnage, I think I'm even more worried by the response of the citizens of this country. Rather than blaming themselves for allowing their children access to bloody video-games and graphically violent television programs, they choose to blame the easy culprits: firearms.

Our problem these days is that we want to generalize situations and fix problems with a cookie-cutter solution. I don't have all the answers, but I do have some. The solution to the gun issue is to have gun-control spearheaded by level-headed and responsible shooters, people who know and are directly affected by such regulations. Anything else will just be temporary, and doomed to both failure and tragedy.

I fear that my voice, however, is but a calm whisper in a room of angry shouts. Today I am a young soldier, sworn to protect and defend this country, but if tomorrow I find that this nation is no longer the one based upon the freedom I was taught to love, I'll have little choice but to go where I can live in freedom. When you people out there who would give up liberty for safety, stand up to be counted, you'll not find me among you, because you deserve neither. Free men can possess arms, slaves cannot.

Ryan G. Anderson


Published April 9, 1998



Dear fellow white people,

Why are so many of you wasting your time worrying about an enemy that cant be defeated especially when white people are doing nothing more than defeating themselves. White people continue to indulge in Jewish tools of destruction which include unhealthy habits which contribute to health and mental problems of the white race.Why are so many continuing to do things they know are bad for them such as eating junk food,drinking alchohol and smoking cigarettes.Then there are those who take it even farther by smoking dope and doing other drugs.Doing all this things allows you to accept your fate and tolerance of your enemies along with the problems that are a result of indulgence.Nevermind all the race mixers and other degenerates,their day will come just as long as true white people have the guts to take care of the problems within the white world and clean it up once and for all.

Building a white nation does not mean having power over other whites for control. White power doesnt mean showing how big and bad you are to other whites.White power does not mean using your ego against other whites especially the opposite sex for power and control.

Doing harm to your white racial brothers and sisters is the real issue here. Why do so many so-called white racialists frequent bars and clubs instead of finding better livelyhoods that dont end up in drunkenness,in-fighting,rape and jail time.Why do white racial organizations stoop down to the level of the JEW by selling drugs to support their so-called cause and then think they can do anything they want to other whites to show how much power they think they really have?

Everyone needs to look themselves in the mirror and see if they are really doing anything positive for their race.They need to stop worrying about unreachable outside enemies and look within their ranks and weed out the degenerate scum who are tearing the white racial world apart for their own personal gain.

The enemy can not be defeated if its tools of destruction have been accepted amongst your white friends and family.




a jewish filmmaker talks about the word 'nigger' and the reaction of the audience to a nigger joke.

About the N word...

Eli: I was in North Carolina to look at locations and I was at one guy's property. He was the nicest guy, giving us lemonade, really friendly. But he had this rebel flag up and I said, "Isn't that offensive to some of your neighbours? I mean you're the only white guy in the neighbourhood." And this sweet old man was like, "Oh you don't have to worry about the niggers around here. They don't mind that none." And my skin just crawled. You think you're going to be a New York Jewish guy going, "Racism's wrong! Let me tell you why!" But this guy has guns on his wall and he doesn't understand why that's an offensive thing to say. So you don't say anything to correct him, but then by not saying anything it's like, "Am I silently acknowledging that it's ok to talk that way?" So you say goodbye, and you just leave. And that's a real moment that I wanted to write to show that we're not in Kansas anymore. It's funny because people gave me more sh*t about that--I had to take it out of the script while I was raising money, because people would read it up to page 5, see the word "nigger" and close the script and go, "I'm sorry, your movie's racist. That's offensive." And I'm like, "Hitting a girl in the face with a shovel, ripping someone apart--that's all fine. But six letters coming out of one character's mouth explicitly to make people feel uncomfortable?" People are so up their own ass about racism. They would talk about "that scene with the N word", and I'm like, "You mean 'nigger'?" People are so afraid of being called a racist, and even while I was editing I had investors begging me to take it out of the movie. And I'm like, "This is a great joke! If you're offended by that, there are going to be so many other things that offend you in this movie. It's just the kind of movie it is." So then the first time we saw it with an audience and people went so f*cking crazy you couldn't even hear the dialog. They were laughing all the way through the credits. It was a very satisfying moment.



I don't think Heinz was Jewish. I think it is a false assumption based on the name being German, and maybe the kosher connection. This article below makes me sick.

For what it is worth, Phyllis Schlafly (sp?) said in her 1964 book that a Heinz financed the very first meeting of the Bilderbergers.-H

May 25, 1999



New York, NY: The Orthodox Union (OU), the world's largest and oldest kosher certifying agency, will honor the H. J. Heinz company, the famous ketchup manufacturer, for having the vision and foresight to go kosher nearly eight decades ago, at its Centennial Anniversary National Dinner on Sunday, June 6, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York. The OU will present the National Centennial Kashruth Founders Award to Mr. William R. Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the H.J. Heinz Company.

"It took extraordinary insight, foresight and vision on the part of both the rabbis and the Heinz leadership to see that one day the kosher symbol would mean so much," said Mr. Johnson. "Our 76-year-old partnership with the OU has turned into a family," he added.

Back in 1923 - when the kosher food market was virtually non-existent in the United States -- Heinz Vegetarian Beans became the first product to display the OU kosher symbol.

Heinz was so committed to the needs of the kosher consumer that the company collaborated with the newly created OU Kashruth Division to design the OU, an insignia that is today the world's most recognized kosher symbol and can be found on over 220,000 products in 62 countries around the globe.

The OU insignia is prominently displayed on Heinz Ketchup, America's favorite ketchup. Heinz also owns Star Kist Tuna which is the only kosher pareve tuna, because unlike its competitors, it does not contain dairy ingredients.

"Heinz and the OU have been closely associated in the minds of consumers for over half a century, each representing the highest standards of quality and reliability," said Mandell I. Ganchrow, M.D., President of the OU. "Today's ever-growing kosher market - with over $30 billion in estimated annual food sales -- is largely indebted to pioneering companies such as Heinz," he added.

The OU will also honor the B. Manischewitz Company, the world's largest producer of matzo, at the dinner.

A leading global food producer, the Heinz Company boasts sales of more than $10 billion. Heinz's 50 affiliates operate in more than 200 countries, offering more than 5,000 varieties. Among the company's famous brands are Heinz, Star-Kist, Ore-Ida, 9-Lives, Weight Watchers, Farley's, The Budget Gourmet, Bagel Bites, Ken-L Ration, Kibbles 'n Bits and Nature's Recipe.

In the forefront of the ever-growing kosher food industry, the OU certifies 2,127 corporations with 3,999 plants. For more than 75 years, the OU has served as the uncontested symbol of excellence in kosher supervision, making kosher food from sushi to salsa available to consumers all over the world. Over 80 percent of the kosher certified products in the United States carry the on their labels.

Some of the famous companies that carry the OU include Coca-Cola, General Mills, Heinz, Kraft Foods, Nabisco Biscuit Co., Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble, and Veryfine Products.

Celebrating 100 years of service to the Jewish community of America and countries around the world, the OU is a foremost leader in youth work, advocacy for the disabled, synagogue services, adult education and political action.




In 1996, three million kosher meals were served on domestic flights.

Every year, kosher food products rack up sales of more than $33 billion -- yes, billion.

How did kosher get to be what New York's Rolling Stone magazine referred to as "one of the decade's hot food trends?" Some attribute it to the ever-growing popularity of niche marketing. Others say its because an increasing number of consumers associate kosher with "purity and cleanliness."

Regardless of the reason, one thing remains certain: kosher could not have been brought into the American mainstream without the combined foresight, vision and efforts of the Orthodox Union (OU) and the H.J. Heinz Company.

Back in 1923, when the OU expanded to become the only nonprofit kosher certifying agency, Heinz was the first major corporation to seek out kosher certification. It was only natural that the best ketchup and pickle manufacturer would join with the nation's best kosher certifying agency.

Heinz helped design and debut the OU, the OU's kosher seal of approval, on its now famous Vegetarian Beans. Way before the kosher symbol became a marketing phenomenon, Heinz exhibited a remarkable commitment to the kosher consumer.

Legend has it that Heinz would send a sleek limousine in the wee hours of the morning to pick up the local Pittsburgh mashgiach (kosher supervisor) so he could oversee the early morning run. In fact, the mashgiach became such an integral part of the Heinz operation, he eventually came to have his own corner office. "Considering the time, this was remarkable," said Daniel Butler, the grandson of Frank Butler, Heinz's first mashigach.

Today, there are nearly 500 OU kosher supervisors stationed all over the world, supervising the more than 2,127 OU companies throughout the globe. These companies which include many of the world's leading food manufacturers, cater to their consumers who rely on the OU for the highest standards of supervision.

Indeed, the structure of supervision established by Heinz and the OU nearly eight decades ago set a remarkable precedent: today companies throughout the world model their kosher supervision programs on the system first introduced in 1923.

"Heinz helped put kosher on the map," said Butler. "Heinz has taken the OU and incorporated it as their emblem of excellence in quality. Essentially, they have taken our Jewish tradition and made it their tradition," he added.



Founding Fathers approved this first amendment in 1791 has been changed and rather than argue about who controls the powers of America the new 1st amendment has been revised.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion *(other than Judaism) or prohibiting the free exercise thereo *(only with Jew approval), or abridging the freedom of speech *( only with Jew approval), or of the press *(only with Jew approval); or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,*(only with Jew approval) and to petition the government for a redress of grievances*(only with Jew approval)

This has been officially ratified in the year 2004 AD of the current ZOG with its ZOM (zionist occupied media) and all amendment modifications in order to protect the chosen ones.

Officially signed The Commander and Chief GW Bush
witnesses: Paul Wolflitz, Richard Perl

also witnessed by Ariel Sharon The World Commander of all goy and Chosen Ones.

wtinessed by: US Senators: Joe Lieberman and Barbara Boxer

Future works:

The chosen ones are currently contemplating moving Washington DC to Jerusalem and annexing Israel as the 51th state of America. No niggers though allowed in Israel.



Sharon to ask Bush for $2b for disengagement, fence The Prime Minister’s Office claims US demands for changes in the separation fence route mean NIS 1.5 billion will be wasted. Yoav Yitzhak 10 Feb 04 09:02 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will ask US President George W. Bush for $2 billion in aid next week to finance the evacuation of settlements in the Gaza strip and several settlements in the West Bank. With this money, Sharon intends to finance the construction of two settlements in the Negev, and compensation to those who will be forced to leave their homes. Sharon also seeks to finance a railway from Eilat to the center of the country in this way.

Sharon is also due to ask Bush for help in financing construction of the separation fence on a new route, close to the Green Line. The Prime Minister’s Office estimates that the aid request will be granted in part, and that even if it is granted, the aid will be given in the form of long-term loans.

The Prime Minister’s Office claims that the demand by the US that the route of the fence should be changed means that NIS 1.5 billion will have been wasted. Ministry officials therefore believe that there are grounds for requesting US aid in this matter.




This goes along with your religion posts.

1.) Gibson is espousing standard Catholic doctrine which is that the Roman Catholic Church was awarded the earthly franchise by Jesus when he called Peter the rock upon whom he will build his church. Each Pope is Peter's successor and is designated as "God's Vicar on Earth." As you might imagine, the Protestants have different views on the matter.

I haven't been to Church in 40 years, but would still argue the Protestant side. Call me a PROTESTANT non-believer. It's amazing how strong this training is. I still have vestiges of it. Gibson's training makes him believe his wife won't "make it."

2.) It also shows what Jewish power means. Here's a guy who will consign his wife to hell but will omit pertinent scripture in his movie. His fear of the Jews is greater than his respect for his religion's scriptures.


Mel on hell: Even the missus may miss out on salvation

Feb. 12, 2004 12:00 AM

Mel Gibson has come under fire for being hard on Jews in his film The Passion of the Christ, but apparently, he feels that Protestants are also doomed to damnation. In fact, it looks as if Gibson, a conservative Catholic, believes that his Episcopalian wife could be going to hell.

Gibson, interviewed by the Herald Sun in Australia, was asked if Protestants are denied eternal salvation. "There is no salvation for those outside the (Catholic) church," Gibson replied. "I believe it."

He elaborated: "Put it this way. My wife is a saint. She's a much better person than I am. Honestly. She's, like, Episcopalian, Church of England. She prays, she believes in God, she knows Jesus, she believes in that stuff. And it's just not fair if she doesn't make it; she's better than I am. But that is a pronouncement from the chair. I go with it."


P.S. I had a moment today that tied into your commentary the other day about Blacks as individuals and as groups.

I was laid-off from my job and had to process out from a department.

A Black lady asked if I was moving and I told her that, "No, I'm being laid-off." She put down the paper work, looked me in the eye, and said, "I'm sorry to hear that." It was quite sincere on her part and I must confess that I was touched.

After we were done, she looked me in the eye again and wished me good luck. Very sincere, very well meant.

It's too bad that they all aren't like that.



Letter from Michael Moore to George Bush on just released Mil Records!

An Open Letter from Michael Moore to George "I'm a War President!" Bush

Dear Mr. Bush,

Thank you for providing the illegible Xeroxed partial payroll sheets (or whatever they were) yesterday covering a few of your days in the National Guard. Now we know that, not only didn't you complete your tour of duty, you were actually paid for work you never did. Did you cash those checks? Wouldn't that be, um, illegal?

Watching the press aggressively demand the truth from your press secretary -- and refusing to accept the deceit, the dodging, and the cover-up -- was a sight to behold, something we really haven't seen since you took office (to watch or listen to the entire press conference, or to read the full transcript, go here).

More than one reporter pointed out that those pieces of paper your press secretary waved at them yesterday mean nothing. Even if they aren't forged documents, getting paid does not necessarily mean you showed up to do your duties. As retired Army Col. Dan Smith, a 26-year veteran, told the AP:

"Pay records don't mean anything except that you're in or you're out," said Smith. "It doesn't necessarily reflect what duty you've actually performed because pay records simply record your unit of assignment and then all of your pay and benefits per pay period."

Mr. Bush, this issue is not going to go away -- and I think yesterday's actions just dug you into a deeper hole. You're probably wondering why the heck this story won't just die. You probably thought that after I brought it up last month and then got slammed by Peter Jennings for uttering the "d" word, the whole matter would just disappear as fast as bag of blow being thrown out the window of a speeding car on a deserted Maine highway.

But your "desertion" didn't go away -- and here's the reason why. You have sent countless numbers of our sons and daughters in the National Guard to their deaths in the last 11 months. You did this while misleading their parents and the nation with bogus lies about weapons of mass destruction and scary phony Saddam ties to al Qaeda. You sent them off to a never-ending war so that your benefactors at Halliburton and the oil companies could line their pockets. And then you had the audacity to prance around in a soldier's uniform on an aircraft carrier proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" -- while the cameras from your re-election campaign ad agency rolled.

THAT is what makes this whole business of you being AWOL so despicable, and makes the grief-stricken relatives want to turn away from you in disgust. The reason your skipping-out on your enlistment didn't matter in the 2000 election was because we were not at war. Being stuck in a deadly, daily quagmire now in 2004 makes your military history-fiction and your fly-boy costume VERY relevant.

You still have not answered the questions surrounding your National Guard "service." Let me repeat them as simply as I can for you (all of them based on the investigative work of the Associated Press and the Boston Globe):

1. How were you able to jump ahead of 500 other applicants to get into the Texas Air National Guard, thus guaranteeing you would not have to go to Vietnam? What calls did your father (who was then a United States Congressman representing Texas) make on your behalf for you to get this assignment?

2. Why were you grounded (not allowed to fly) after you either failed your physical or failed to take it in July 1972? Was there a reason you were afraid to take the physical? Or, did you take it and not pass it? If so, why didn't you pass it? Was it the urine test? The records show that, after the Guard spent years and lots of money training you to be a pilot, you never flew for the rest of your time in the Guard. Why?

3. Can you produce one person who can verify that he served with you in the Guard during the year that your Texas commanders said you did not show up? Why have you failed to bring forth anyone who served with you in the Guard while you were in Alabama? Why hasn't ONE SINGLE PERSON come forward?

4. Can you tell us what you did when you claim to have shown up in Alabama for Guard duty? What were you duties? You were grounded, so what did they have you do instead?

5. Where are the sign-up sheets that would have your name and service number on them for each weekend you showed up? Aaron Brown on CNN told us how, when he was in the reserves, he had to sign in each time he reported, and his guest from the Washington Post said, that's right, and there would be "four copies of that record" in the files of various agencies. Will you ask those agencies to release those records?

6. If you were in fact paid for that time when you apparently went AWOL, will you authorize the IRS to release your 1972-73 tax returns?

7. How did you get an honorable discharge? What strings were pulled? Who called who?

Look, I'm sorry to have put you through all this. I was just goofing around when I made that comment about wanting to see a debate between the general and the deserter. I had no idea that it would lead to this. And there you were, having to suffer through Tim Russert on Sunday, saying weird things like "I'm a war president!" I guess you believe that, or you want us to believe that. Americans have never voted out a Commander-in-Chief during a war. I guess that's what you're hoping for. You need the war.

But we don't. And our troops in the National Guard don't either. I know you see the writing on the wall, so why not come clean now? We are a forgiving people, and though you will not be returned to White House, you will find us grateful for a little bit of truth. Answer our questions, apologize to the nation, and bring our kids home.


Michael Moore



Subject: White Man Sentenced to 6 1/2 Years for Grass Fire, About the Same Average Prison Time That Convicted Murderers Now Get in the USA

Colquitt County man sentenced for cross burning

MOULTRIE [Georgia, ZOG-USA] -- A federal district judge sentenced a Colquitt County man to nearly six and a half years in federal prison with no option of early parole for burning a cross in front of a biracial couple's new home in the spring of 2002. [Meanwhile, this same rural Southern town -- according to the same issue of this same newspaper -- experienced overnight SEVERAL incidences of violent nigger burglary, robbery, and theft of citizens and businesses! Rather than yard fires, the niggers in this town MURDER and RAPE numerous White people every year here! How about "no early parole" for them?!]

Michael Craig Jordan, 29, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy against the rights of a citizen and one count of interference with housing rights in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. Judge Hugh Lawson sentenced him in November to 77 months for each count, with the sentences to run concurrently. [If this report and sentencing are correct, White people in Georgia should begin an immediate and mass demand for a recall of Judge Hugh Lawson.]

Jordan's co-defendant is scheduled to go to trial in April for his alleged participation in this incident, court officials said. [How many White men need to be sent to federal prison by the ZOG over one instance of a simple grass fire? How much of OUR money will the ZOG spend on this imprisonment?! I don't want one goddamed dime of my money to go toward jailing this fellow White man! Any White person who lives within 200 miles of any one of these kinds of "judicial" atrocities MUST take to the streets, protest, and make a physical resistance that cannot be ignored by sell-out politicians any more!]



The tables have been reversed. The white man is now the one oppressed by the racist black man and his jew controller. The jobs have all been taken from the white man and given to the black man and woman along with the white female who is getting fucked by the black male at increasing alarming rates.

The white male has been put in poverty and oppression by the black race and the jew and the spic who has flooded in by 10s of millions to create a new lower class while pushing the black race into the middle and upper class leaving the white male completely out of the picture.

Yes folks, this is the jew plan for the white male. You see the black male and jew can use the white female but has no use for the white male since white males have trained both the black race and jews along with spics in every aspect of what was once a white male dominated society.

Call it theft or call it stupidity but the white male has given the black race and jew and spic everything he once owned including the white female who now serves as the bearer of the mulatto mixed race who are increasing by the millions annually.

So where is the white male now after all the carnage and takeover of his once proud society?

The white male now lives under bridges and overpasses and in homeless shelters all the while the middle class black race lives comfortably in the cities and suburbs in middle class jobs after being educated at white tax payer supported colleges and univerisites and being then trained to perform professional white collar jobs through affirmative action or other govt programs.

This is no joke folks and is very real.

The white male who created a white nation and white society has been hijacked and pushed out into the streets while the black male has stole his job his woman and his life all with the sneaky snickering devilish jew blessing who also replaced him in sports to make him appear a weak frail small penis type.

Afterall white man religion created by white man for white man to rule and dominate in a white society has been taken out of the public places mainly by the jew legal system who has chipped away for 50 years at all white man religion symbols.

You see the jew knows what white man religion is all about. The jew knows white man religion is the backbone behind the white man dominance of the earth and we all know why jews consider white man religion as their biggest enemy and threat.

White man beware. Your world is dying fast and your empire crumbling. You are headed to the streets like many of your kind who have already met their fate.

Imagine a black male played Super Bowl where each black player makes mega millions to perform all the while a black female uses a white tool to display her tit in a dirty filty faggot sex filled MTV jew show and then it takes a black male Fed chairman of the FCC to complain in black DC to a black goverment.

Where is the white male in all this?

Its either black race or jew in the forefront of everything and every the white male in charge as president is nothing but a jew puppet.

It will only get worse.

Not only will the black race and jew take all the white male owns but he will then come and steal more from him and then mock him for decades and perhaps 140 years or more.

Maybe the non-southerner white male can now understand what the south has been put through since Marxist Lincolns castastropic reign and the subsequent 140 years of degradation.

But then again this time we are talking about not the south but about the whole white race and mostly the white male since the white female is of extreme usage to the black male and jew who have been raped pillaged plundered looted and ravaged.

If you think its bad now try to imagine what things will be like 20, 30, 40 years from now.

If you think the black race and jew or spics will stop now, better think again.

The book of Revelations was written during a similar time for white mans religion and only about 70 AD when white man religions people were being persecuted severly and it depicts very dark terrible times.

As matter of all those closest to the xian messiah were eventually murdered in very harsh ways. John the author of Revelations was hung upside down and then decapitated. Others were stoned or met similar deaths.

As a matter of fact the persecution of white man religion too place over 300 years and even the Romans would feed white man religion people to the lions as sport before Constantine converted them in the 3rd century knowing Rome was on its last miltary leg anyway.

There were 10s of 1000s maybe 100s of 1000s of white man religion people killed and murdered.

Thus the bottom line is white man religion is once again going through a similar period and there is clear evidence of the fall of white man and his religion to the infidels of the earth or the jews black race and spics.

Watch Planet of the Apes for symbolism as the apes kill off the whites and take over or read the history of the 300 years of white man religion persecution.

White man is in for another round of bad times and it could last 100s of years again. The signs are all around. It began with the division in the north in the early to mid 19th cenutry and the destruction of the FFs dreams after the south seceded who had no other option but to get out.

It continued through the 20th century in full force and new in the 21th century we see the clear future of the white man. He is headed down and white man religion has been hijacked and being destroyed by the jew viper satanic and his tools leaving the white man without a backbone.



Besides a fake aryan Hitler was a pussy. Now the ancient Romans were some kickass sombitches and took no shit from nobody especially some kike sombitches.

Compare Hitler and any Roman Emperor.

Kikes were laid to waste by the Romans like Titus or Hadrian and scattered for 2000 years as opposed to Hitlers bullshit that immediately gave them all they wanted and then the world.

Ancient Romans dont be fucking around.

Romans destroy Jerusalem and Temple

70 AD (1930 years ago): In 70 AD, the Roman Army, under Titus, destroys Jerusalem and the Temple, to suppress an uprising of the Jews. According to the historian Josephus, about 1.1 million Jews were killed. Others were taken as slaves.

The following is a description of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, according to Josephus, a Jewish historian who was living in Jerusalem at that time, in 70 AD (about 1900 years ago):

" And as for those that are already dead in the war, it is reasonable we should esteem them blessed, for they are dead in defending, and not in betraying their liberty; but as to the multitude of those that are now under the Romans, who would not pity their condition? and who would not make haste to die, before he would suffer the same miseries with them? Some of them have been put upon the rack, and tortured with fire and whippings, and so died. Some have been half devoured by wild beasts, and yet have been reserved alive to be devoured by them a second time, in order to afford laughter and sport to our enemies; and such of those as are alive still are to be looked on as the most miserable, who, being so desirous of death, could not come at it. And where is now that great city, the metropolis of the Jewish nation, which vas fortified by so many walls round about, which had so many fortresses and large towers to defend it, which could hardly contain the instruments prepared for the war, and which had so many ten thousands of men to fight for it? Where is this city that was believed to have God himself inhabiting therein? It is now demolished to the very foundations, and hath nothing but that monument of it preserved, I mean the camp of those that hath destroyed it, which still dwells upon its ruins; some unfortunate old men also lie upon the ashes of the temple, and a few women are there preserved alive by the enemy, for our bitter shame and reproach. Now who is there that revolves these things in his mind, and yet is able to bear the sight of the sun, though he might live out of danger? Who is there so much his country's enemy, or so unmanly, and so desirous of living, as not to repent that he is still alive? And I cannot but wish that we had all died before we had seen that holy city demolished by the hands of our enemies, or the foundations of our holy temple dug up after so profane a manner. "

Source: The quoted material above is an excerpt from "The Wars Of The Jews" Or "The History Of The Destruction Of Jerusalem", Book VII, Chapter 8, Section 7, written by the ancient historian Josephus. The text is from the "The Works of Flavius Josephus", translated by William Whiston.

Romans destroy and plow Jerusalem

135 AD (1865 years ago): In 135 AD, the Romans, under Hadrian, kill an estimated 580,000 Jews to suppress the Bar Kochva uprising. The Romans ran a plow over Jerusalem to completely destroy the Holy City. The Romans ban the Jews from living in Jerusalem.



Latest on Computer Viruses

New York Times Magazine, Feb. 8, 2004


Some academics have predicted the rise of ''cryptoviruses'' -- malware that invades your computer and encrypts all your files, making them unreadable. ''The only way to get the data back will be to pay a ransom,'' says Stuart Schechter, a doctoral candidate in computer security at Harvard. (One night on a discussion board I stumbled across a few virus writers casually discussing this very concept.)

Antivirus companies are writing research papers that worry about the rising threat of ''metamorphic'' worms -- ones that can shift their shapes so radically that antivirus companies cannot recognize they're a piece of malware. Some experimental metamorphic code has been published by Z0mbie, a reclusive Russian member of the 29A virus-writing group.

And mobile-phone viruses are probably also only a few years away. A phone virus could secretly place 3 a.m. calls to a toll number, sticking you with thousand-dollar charges that the virus's author would collect. Or it could drown 911 in phantom calls. As Marty Lindner, a cybersecurity expert at CERT/CC, a federally financed computer research center, puts it, ''The sky's the limit.''



... The elitists [read: global JEWRY] want to implement a world currency and destroy gold and silver as a monetary metal forever. We have the Euro, next is to be the North American Currency Unit and then the Asian Currency Unit. Ultimately the World Currency Unit that will finally deprive us of our freedom and sovereignty. Then that will be followed by political and economic union and then world government, which will further eliminate borders and sovereignty. Once the world is unified, there is no escape. The power of the one-world government will be absolute -- and because man remains sinful and corruptible, our new-world order will be tyrannical. Any world currency system means enslavement. ...

-- Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster 02/04



Here's where you put in your zip code for a movie theater near you, to see The Passion Of Christ. Good luck! I'ts not showing in my area....Mike Kaye



'Our criticism of the Hutton report is that its verdict of "suicide" is an inappropriate finding.'

No fewer than SIX MEDICAL SPECIALISTS wrote to the Guardian today (letter published below), contending that the medical evidence, as presented at the Hutton Inquiry, does not support the cause of death cited by forensic pathologist, Dr Nicholas Hunt. They are of the view that it is "highly improbable" that Dr Kelly died of haemorrhage from a slashed wrist.

If you wish to interview any of the medical signatories please send me an e-mail and I will provide you with a contact list with e-mail addresses & phone numbers. If you publish this letter, or an article based on it, please include my e-mail address as I wish to invite comment from other medical specialists.

Tel: 01425 638409


 Medical evidence does not support suicide by Kelly

Thursday February 12, 2004

The Guardian

Since three of us wrote our letter to the Guardian on January 27, questioning whether Dr Kelly's death was suicide, we have received professional support for our view from vascular surgeon Martin Birnstingl, pathologist Dr Peter Fletcher, and consultant in public health Dr Andrew Rouse. We all agree that it is highly improbable that the primary cause of Dr Kelly's death was haemorrhage from transection of a single ulnar artery, as stated by Brian Hutton in his report.

On February 10, Dr Rouse wrote to the BMJ explaining that he and his colleague, Yaser Adi, had spent 100 hours preparing a report, Hutton, Kelly and the Missing Epidemiology. They concluded that "the identified evidence does not support the view that wrist-slash deaths are common (or indeed possible)". While Professor Chris Milroy, in a letter to the BMJ, responded, "unlikely does not make it impossible", Dr Rouse replied: "Before most of us will be prepared to accept wristslashing ... as a satisfactory and credible explanation for a death, we will also require evidence that such aetiologies are likely; not merely 'possible'. "

Our criticism of the Hutton report is that its verdict of "suicide" is an inappropriate finding. To bleed to death from a transected artery goes against classical medical teaching, which is that a transected artery retracts, narrows, clots and stops bleeding within minutes. Even if a person continues to bleed, the body compensates for the loss of blood through vasoconstriction (closing down of non-essential arteries). This allows a partially exsanguinated individual to live for many hours, even days.

Professor Milroy expands on the finding of Dr Nicholas Hunt, the forensic pathologist at the Hutton inquiry - that haemorrhage was the main cause of death (possibly finding it inadequate) - and falls back on the toxicology: "The toxicology showed a significant overdose of co-proxamol. The standard text, Baselt, records deaths with concentrations at 1 mg/l, the concentration found in Kelly." But Dr Allan, the toxicogist in the case, considered this nowhere near toxic. Each of the two components was a third of what is normally considered a fatal level. Professor Milroy then talks of "ischaemic heart disease". But Dr Hunt is explicit that Dr Kelly did not suffer a heart attack. Thus, one must assume that no changes attributable to myocardial ischaemia were actually found at autopsy.

We believe the verdict given is in contradiction to medical teaching; is at variance with documented cases of wrist-slash suicides; and does not align itself with the evidence presented at the inquiry. We call for the reopening of the inquest by the coroner, where a jury may be called and evidence taken on oath.

Andrew Rouse Public health consultant Searle Sennett Specialist in anaesthesiology David Halpin Specialist in trauma Stephen Frost Specialist in radiology Dr Peter Fletcher Specialist in pathology Martin Birnstingl Specialist in vascular surgery,3858,4856799-103683,00.html



Yeah, jack-off columnist Roeper "must" use the term "White Trash" instead of black or jew trash to get a neokahn "point" across...Mike Kaye




The Yiddish Taproot

The following is an imaginary example of modern Jewish political discourse, designed for you filthy non-Jews, 2004 [1]:

Quoting: any imaginary, major Jewish-by-race news columnist at any major pro-Hebe/aka conned-swervative website: "The political Left has ruined America by doing X, Y or Z.....ohhhhh, what havoc the Left has delivered upon America..."

Fact: one race has led leftism, feminism, and communism in the West: Jews [2]

A major Jewish news columnist: "Hey -- that's anti-sandwich-spread!" [tm, the Jewish community; patent/trademark pending]; "that could lead to another.......HoloSwindle..and/or.....Auschwitz! Oy! God's Special Lapdogs might be oppressed once again!"

Jews: God's nation-wreckers. Gonna name the kike, or eat donuts? Riiigghht....what kinda donuts ya got? Glazed....or jelly?

[1] "Thus an Orthodox Jew learns from his earliest youth, as part of his sacred studies, that Gentiles are compared to dogs, that it is a sin to praise them, and so on and so forth."

"Gentiles are presumed to be congenital liars, and are disqualified from testifying in a rabbinical court. In this respect their position is, in theory, the same as that of Jewish women, slaves and minors; but in practice it is actually worse. A Jewish woman is nowadays admitted as a witness to certain matters of fact, when the rabbinical court 'believes' her; a Gentile - never."

-- the above quotes come from the book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," by Jewish/Israeli author Dr. Israel Shahak, 1994, Pluto Press.





Remember in the 80's when the filthy jewz pumped low interest money down the throats of mid-west WHITE farm families, just prior to a KNOWN pending economic resession... then brought the hamer down. Remember the auctions and 'Farm Aid' concerts? No pass for WHITEY then! And there won't be for WHITEY when the shit hitz the fan this time, either. You'll subsidise these jewToolz form whatever remains of what you have.

Althought Bill Bonner is too 'PC' to name the nigger out right -- make no mistake as to whom these 'homeyOwnerz' bee... THEY'RE FUCKIN' URBAN NIGGERZ!

Who will pay their debts? Not homeowners...not in Philadelphia.

"With a record number of Philadelphia homeowners unable to pay their mortgages," begins a report from the City of Brotherly Love, "city officials, the sheriff and advocacy groups are trying to convince a judge to suspend the city's foreclosure auctions."

"This is the worst time for foreclosures basically since the Great Depression," said John Dodds, director of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project, the group leading the moratorium drive.

"You can't keep letting hundreds and hundreds of people lose their home every week.

"Philadelphia Sheriff John Green said he would participate in a lawsuit to suspend the auctions, which this week saw a record 1,120 homes up for bid."

--Bill Bonner, Daily Reckoning



Albinos Of The World, Unite!

You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Brains

February 11, 2004

Being as I am an aspiring dead white male, I believe I could weary of hearing harsh words about what guttersnipes we are, and sludge, and sharpers, and impediments to civilization, and rapists and slave drivers and Marines: yes, and just no damned good. For one thing, I think we are a splendid lot. For another, I notice that most of the yapping comes from life's camp-followers -- from those who didn't and can't and aren't likely to. Yet they seem perfectly willing to live in a world that white European males built. It is not a dignified performance.

Now, graciousness is a trademark of this column. And a good thing, too, as otherwise I might say, "Them as can't compete can shut up. Talk to me when you have credentials. Now bugger off." But no. I won't say it.

I may think it though.

Permit me a suggestion to those who appreciate us not. (See? I'm trying to be helpful.) I address it to race hustlers, to bilious feminists of immoderate inutility, which is all of them, and to the gelding professors of the Ivy Leagues.

Look around you and see whether you can find anything, with a moving part, that isn't the work of white European males. You might start with your refrigerator, which you probably don't understand. What about your hair dryer? You do know how an electric motor works?

Yes, I know what the grade-school textbooks say. The electric motor sprang from the work of the Guatemalan Native-Peoples thinker Rigoberta Tloxyproctyl who, while planting cassava with a sharp stick, discovered the npn junction, foresaw the integrated circuit, and founded Intel. Previously she had invented the amniote egg.

From the same books you would conclude that the central figure of the Civil War was not Robert E. Lee but Sojourner Truth, that the Iliad was written not by Homer but by Marge, and that civilization had been invented by grub-eating, pre-literate if you are optimistic occasional cannibals of color in the Amazon basin who barely understand the engineering underlying the loincloth. (If engineering is what underlies loincloths. I've never looked.) Mendacity is no substitute for achievement.

Now, I suspect that these uprooters of white maledom don't appreciate their blessings because they don't understand them. Familiarity breeds a sense of understanding, but not understanding itself. If miraculous things are always there, it's easy to regard them as just part of the world, like bananas in the tropics.

Consider. If you showed a television set to a bushman in New Guinea, and asked him how it worked, he would say, "Hoo! Bad juju, boss. Heap spirits dey in it, talk talk." He would have the judgement to be astonished by what is, after all, astonishing.

Now imagine asking the same question of Al Sharpton, or Gloria Steinem or, let us say, the head of Harvard's Department of Micronesian Lesbian Studies, Carnita Tlacuache-Lombriz.

She: "Uh, well, waves. You know. In the air. Oppression, people of color, capitalism…."

Me: "Yes, Ms. Tlacuache-Lombriz! Splendid! You are on to something. But can you be more precise? What kind of waves? Surf, perhaps? Tidal waves, or little bitty shiny waves? As in a millpond."

"Well, no. Some other kind of waves. I think. Oppression, people of color…."

You would find that she knew as much as the bushman. She knows the same amount about her watch, refrigerator, automobile, microwave oven, and stereo. They are, to her, low-hanging fruit, or what money is to Democrats: something that is just there.

All of these things, note, are products of what such as Steinem call "male linear thinking." (It used to be called "thinking," until people noticed the albedo and steroid chemistry of those who usually did it.)

Here we come to part of the reason for their bad behavior: These folk are genuinely ignorant of things around them. To Ms. T-L, for example, a computer is a commodity, like soap. It's just there, has buttons, usually works.

And she is right. A computer is a commodity. But she has no idea why it is a commodity, or that this too is miraculous. She doesn't know, or avoids reflecting, that her laptop rests on an towering edifice of physics, chemistry, and electronics, of which she is blankly innocent, resting on mathematics and theory also elaborated by tens of thousands of -- yep -- white males whose books she has never heard of.

To the white male (ok, slightly geeky) mind, a computer is something quite different. It is a stack of intricately interlocking abstractions. At the bottom (somewhat arbitrarily) you find solid-state physics with its band theory and lattices and dopants and a lot of formidable physical chemistry; a level higher you have transistors, address buses, interrupt hierarchies and row latches; next, DMA and video controllers and file-allocation tables; then software, optimizing compilers and top-down programming.

These for the most part are not easy ideas. When they are easy, as programming is, the male response is to write programs so complex that they have to think about them in teams. Overwhelmingly these things arose from…white males, mostly European.

Other men (white, European, and mostly dead) of phenomenal brilliance developed the underlying math and theory: Gauss, Newton and Leibniz, LaGrange, Shannon, Hamilton, Galois, perhaps Minsky if you think finite automata actually have anything to do with computers, and Turing, none of whom Ms. T-L has heard of either.

Given that she probably couldn't solve a quadratic if you gave her a band saw and a large staff, she can't understand what it is that she doesn't understand. Nor, one may suspect, can Al Sharpton, nor those goofy alleged teachers who are always nattering on about how little boys need to be drugged.

But let me approach the matter from another angle. I propose (again trying to be helpful) that those who don't like white males try spending a week without the things that white males have foolishly provided for them, so that they can complain in comfort.

Ms. T-L could begin by taking her fillings out. (Dentistry is not low-tech. Try making a drill burr spin at 350,000 rpm or whatever the current figure is.) Then they could denude herself, preferably after warning bystanders, since everything she wears was made on machines designed by evil white males, using metallurgy and engineering demonically invented by other evil white males. Next she could toss everything electrical and mechanical. She would soon find herself sleeping in a hollow log and eating bugs.

Which would be marvelous. I suggest January. In Fairbanks.



Rob, I would not call you a Zionist because, unlike Dr. Pastore, I make no distinctions between jews and zionists. You are factually incorrect when you say that I don't have the balls to say I hate jews, because if you read enough of my writings at , you will find that I have declared many times my hatred of your parasitic race. I don't hide behind a pseudonym, but I can understand why many other pro-White writers need to do so to protect their families and livelihoods from jewish intimidation. If you want to talk about standing up and fighting, why don't you start by asking why jews and Israel are sending gentile American boys to fight against their enemies in the middle-east? I didn't notice any jewish soldiers among those listed as killed or wounded in Iraq! Thanks for writing, though, because I was getting tired of posting only letters of praise for me on my website. I find getting a little hate mail very stimulating at times.

Rich Brooks.

----- Original Message -----
From: Rob Jones
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 12:43 PM
Subject: Your book reviews prove you are a man without honor

I am a Jew. You would call me a Zionist. I have no problem with that. Unlike the people you support, we ONLY fight and kill to protect ourselves. You support the people who continually kill innocent women and children and then you say it couldn't those same people who killed all those people on 9/11, "they would never do such a thing". We don't load up women and children with explosives and send them out to kill children. You sicken me because your review and this evil book are just like those evil bombers. You are both without honor. I know the honor of my people and the dishonor of people like you. You hate Jews, but you don't have the balls to come out and say it. I have read the book "Stranger than Fiction" and it should be called "If you're an Anti-Semite, this is your book". The really sad thing is that bigots (like you) know that this is just a pack of lies. No legitimate investigation would use any of the so called "facts" that this book purports to be true. I am rarely driven to rage, but you and the so called "Dr" who wrote that evil book have done it with your lies and distortions. If the author had any honor, he would have used his own name and made himself available for rebuttal. But Gd forbid that you actually have to debate someone who actually knows the facts of the issue. I personally challenge you to debate this bullshit in person. I would challenge you to fight, but your kind would never agree to a stand up fight. Your kind will talk big, but when push comes to shove, you might try to hide and ambush me or maybe you would send a woman with a bomb under her dress to kill some of my child relatives, but you don't have the honor for a real fight. You are a fool who is evil and knows it, but doesn't care. You are destined for disaster because you have no honor.

With Utter Disdain,

Rob Jones



Shelly Shapiro's latest victim:



Thank u my dear sir, for being a nice little hate mongering fungus. A virus of the worst kind that modern medicnie is still battling hard to address and erase. Boy! how can u live with yourself? i mean, you do not have to appreciate ohters cultures (or even other races for that matter) but if you want to complain about peoples crimes and slip ups then at least be objective and fair: what about all the mass murderers, rapists, embezzellers (ENRON), crooked cops, child molesters, sodomists (white priests), etc, who hve just happened to be white?

Or are you just jealuos of Tiger Woods, for dating a "white" model (who just might have mixed heritage)?

Or the recent story in germany of the "nice, christian white male" who so decently ate another man ( he was even civilised enough to placed an advert for his request!)

I don't know what your point is, but i do think your anger should be directed some place else, ie Afgahnistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran. these are places where the white man has been and is still being out-smarted and killed daily, you dimb fuck!!!

So, please my nice little white shit, get your half baked, half educated ass ("showing off just 'cos you can read"), a real job and stop fucking with the people upon whose backs this great white country was built.




Krauthammer: America 'Sees Face of Armageddon'

WASHINGTON - One of America's leading journalistic foreign policy analysts warns that, as in the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, America in the post-9/11 world "once again sees the face of Armageddon."....However, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer says the biggest difference is that unlike the Soviet Union more than 40 years ago, "this time the enemy does not draw back."

That's because the Cuban Missile Crisis WAS A SHAM. You had goddamned Soviet jews bickering with goddamned American jews. There was never any real chance that a nuclear weapon could be fired. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a manufactured event designed to keep White heads down so that shitskins could be imported. Next to the holoco$t, the Cold War is the biggest hoax ever to be foisted, onto the White Man, by goddamned jews.

You don't hear a whole lot about the Cold War. It was such a big sham that the goddamned jews can't come up with even one credible White - proclaiming even one goal that was realised. You'll hear many Spy vs. Spy tales, but you'll not hear one word as to the reasons why. I've yet to hear even one documentary ask a Cold War fighter if it was worth fighting for. Do you know why that question will never be asked? The reason is because the whole Cold War was nothing but a lie.

The goddamned jews are in a panic. Unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis, America now faces the possibility of a real Cold War. The goddamned jews don't have a stranglehold over Russia like they used to. Not only has jewish influence weakened in Russia, but Uncle Shitskin continues blowing money on worthless wars and shitskins. Uncle Shitskin is hemorrhaging money so fast that nobody is even pretending that America can be anything greater than a turd-world country.

Goddamned jewish propaganda has been flapping its gums about how weak and inefficient the former Soviet Union was. They don't look so weak now, do they? Unlike America, Russia has been spending its Defense money on defense instead of breeding shitskins, forcing men to act like women, making braniacs flip burgers, and taxing innovation into oblivion. Uncle Shitskin's space program is a joke!

The Russians can field their Whites in impressive numbers. What can Uncle Shitskin field? Uncle Shitskin can't even meet its recruitment numbers right now. Just how will Whites be enticed to fight for Uncle Shitty? We can envision a future letter written to our Dear John.

Oh, John:

Thank you for fighting for the Forces of Shit. I'm really proud of you John: fighting for the shitskins, fighting for good jobs being sent overseas, and fighting so that a mexican can be hired over you for that burger-flipping position.

But you know John, I just can't wait until you get home! Between MTV and all the dating shows, talking about love, ME SO HORNY! I just want you to know that Leroy also misses you. I got to thinking about it, and I just don't know why I haven't embraced diversity up until now. Leroy is proud of his black roots and only wishes to share that with me. I mean you are fighting for diversity after all, and Leroy wants me to tell you how proud he is of you. Leroy also helps me with the bills, because we both know your military paycheck just can't cut it. I just love driving Leroy's big Lincoln Navigator. Your money did help us celebrate your bravery several times.


Pussy Galore

If the Russians WERE TO FUND EVEN TEN FULL-TIME UNITED RACISTS, AMERICA WOULD BECOME A WHITE HOMELAND. For all of hymie's jewish programming, THEIR HOLD ON AMERICA HANGS BY A MERE THREAD. All it would take is for a little Russian money to swing by a few racists - the match to the fuse. The goddamned jews are panicking about a White racial resurgence in America and worldwide. So little stands between the White Man and a world without goddamned jews.

Even without Russian money, the Great White is growing. We shall grow with or without Russian assistance. Join White Revolution, and let's make the world safe for Humans! Go here to find out more!

More Cold War can be found here.


click here for more utterings of jewish animal krauthammer.




Iraq and the Gulf of Tonkin

By Arnaud de Borchgrave

The dust is not about to settle over the intelligence failure in Iraq. But it has already blurred our vision about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). There is still time to remind ourselves WMDs were not the principal reason for going to war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq; they were the pretext. And that's why irrefutable evidence was not the standard. Axis of evil regime change was the lodestar.

When this writer first heard from prominent neoconservatives in April 2002 that war was no longer a question of "if" but "when," the casus belli had little to do with WMDs. The Bush administration, they explained, starkly and simply, had decided to redraw the geopolitical map of the Middle East. The Bush Doctrine of pre-emption had become the vehicle for driving axis of evil practitioners out of power. President Bush made clear Sunday the U.S. was justified in toppling Saddam irrespective of elusive WMDs.

The liberation of Iraq, in the neocon scenario, would be followed by a democratic Iraq that would quickly recognize Israel. This, in turn, would "snowball" -- the analogy only works in the Cedar Mountains of Lebanon -- through the region, bringing democracy from Syria to Egypt and to the sheikhdoms, emirates and monarchies of the Gulf. All these new democracies would then embrace Israel and hitch their backward economies to the Jewish state's advanced technology. And Israel could at long last lower its guard and look forward to a generation of peace. That was the vision.

WMDs were weapons of mass deception that became the pretext for the grand design. As was a much ballyhooed, and later discredited, park bench meeting in Prague between an Iraqi intelligence agent and Mohamed Atta, the September 11, 2001, Saudi kamikaze. The amateur strategists in the neo-con camp knew a lot more about Israel and its need for peace than they did about the law of unintended consequences, writ large in Iraq, and in the Arab world beyond.

The neocons were not alone in misreading the state of play in Saddam's Baghdad. The dictator was so detached from reality that he was writing heartthrob romance novels and sending them to Deputy Premier Tariq Aziz, the only sophisticated literary person in his entourage, for editorial comment. As for WMDs, his scientists lied to him about the lack of progress in their laboratories and then got more funding for nonexistent programs. In a part of the world where telling the truth is considered the height of stupidity, even Republican Guard commanders were successfully disinformed about mythical WMDs capability being in other units than their own. We owe an apology to U.N. inspectors under Hans Blix -- they got it right.

The principal intelligence failure was in not understanding the state of decay in the Ba'ath Party regime that most probably would have fallen of its own accord with another year of anywhere-anytime-intrusive-inspections throughout the country.

A cursory study of Iraqi history would have demonstrated that democracy in Iraq without a strong hand at the helm is a recipe for civil war. One-person-one-vote would quickly give the dominant (60 percent) Shi'ites the majority and a license to run the country in close partnership with the clerical regime that runs neighboring Iran. But this is clearly unacceptable to the Sunnis (20 percent) and the Kurds (20 percent).

The Shi'ites control the oil of the south and the Kurds can easily take possession of the oil of the north. The three Kurdish provinces moved a step closer to a unilateral declaration of independence when twin suicide bombers killed 72 last Sunday at the headquarters of the two main political parties.

Kurdish independence would leave the Sunnis high and dry in the center sans oil. Dominant for 85 years, the Sunnis are not about to roll over and accept a state of their own in the middle of the country. And the Shi'ite clergy has told U.S. authorities it is not interested in a secular, Westernized Iraq.

The U.S. plan to rescue a unitary state in Iraq with Iowa-type caucuses in 18 provinces was also doomed to failure -- if only because Iraq is not Iowa. It also demonstrated one-person-one-vote elections are not the sine qua non of democracy the way they are in India, Western Europe and North America.

President Bush says, "I want the American people to know that I, too, want to know the facts" about what happened to WMDs in Iraq. Apparently, the president, too, was disinformed about WMDs being the reason he ordered U.S. troops into harm's way. Because this was no more the provocation given by the war's architects than the one put forward by the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that led to escalation of the Vietnam War -- and 58,000 American servicemen killed in action.

North Vietnamese gunboats did not attack U.S. warships in the Gulf of Tonkin, anymore than Saddam threatened to attack us with his nonexistent WMDs. So the leitmotif for Operation Iraqi Freedom was not WMDs, but the freedom of Iraq in the larger context of long-range security for Israel. Mr. Bush is right to change the rationale for war to isn't-the-world-a-better-place-without-Saddam? Of course it is. Was Iraq ever a threat to the U.S. homeland? Of course it wasn't. But hasn't the U.S. occupation of Iraq provided a force multiplier for al Qaeda? Of course it has. And the world is not a more peaceful place than it was before the occupation of Iraq.

The armchair strategists who pushed the war envelope in early 2002 dismissed any possibility of an insurgency after the liberation of Iraq. The entire population, according to this improvised conventional wisdom, couldn't wait to join forces with the U.S. Now, two or three U.S. soldiers are killed every day in Iraq; some $200 billion in unbudgeted Iraqi and Afghan costs have been added to the national debt; a resurgent Taliban, fueled by the opium/heroin trade, is spreading its tentacles again in Afghanistan -- all persuasive talking points for Democratic candidates on the stump.

The Bush Doctrine of pre-emption is now badly frayed at the seams. Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom have stretched deployable U.S. forces, including the guards and reserves, to the point where another pre-emption campaign would break the system -- and bring back the draft.

A steady stream of would-be jihadis, or Islamist holy warriors, is making its way into Iraq across the unmarked, mostly desert, borders of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Camel caravans trekking from the Saudi kingdom all look the same, whether they are carrying dates or detonators. It was also the very same terrain Desert Storm troopers used to turn Saddam's flank with a historic Hail Mary pass.

Saudi Arabia's 150,000-strong army could patrol more aggressively some 400 miles of a desert border that is largely unguarded. But the Saudis now worry more about internal threats to the regime than anything happening on their far-flung borders in the Arabian Peninsula.

Iraq's nonexistent WMDs were never a threat to anyone. But they have already struck a devastating blow to the credibility of the Bush White House. The Doctrine of pre-emption becomes inoperable without unimpeachable intelligence accepted by all as the coin of the realm.



Asylum: Time to go Dutch Kicked out ... 'liberal' Holland expels 26,000 illegals THE Government has finally responded to public fury by kicking 26,000 asylum cheats out of the country.

No, not the British Government. That would be too much to expect. This crackdown is taking place in Holland, the most tolerant and easy-going nation in Europe. Dutch politicians have finally stopped wringing their hands and are listening to their own voters. The scale of the deportation plans are huge for a country whose population is a quarter the size of Britain's.

A similar move by the UK would see the back of at least 100,000 people whose asylum claims have been rejected. And that would not include countless others who have over-stayed or slipped in via the back of a lorry. In Holland, even those who have settled and speak Dutch will be deported if their asylum claim has been rejected. The Dutch government has acted despite angry protests. One Iraqi asylum seeker stitched up his eyes and lips to win sympathy.

Ministers are under pressure after the 2002 assassination of popular anti-immigration campaigner Pim Fortuyn. He was murdered after a high-profile premiership campaign against illegal immigrants. The new laws were brought in on Monday despite claims that ministers were acting like Nazis in the 1930s.

Main targets will be immigrants from Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq where there is no longer any threat to their safety. They will be offered free air tickets and a lump sum for resettlement. Those who resist will be sent to a removal centre while counsellors try to persuade them to leave quietly. If that fails they face court and up to six months in jail. The tolerant Dutch will stop short of rounding up the most stubborn immigrants and shipping them out in handcuffs.

But on release from jail they will be refused state funded housing, healthcare and all other benefits. Why can't Britain do the same? Because nobody in Cabinet apart from Tony Blair wants to lift a finger to stop immigration.

Only 15,000 out of 250,000 failed asylum applicants in the UK are sent home each year. Labour can't even decide how to cope when 73million new citizens join the EU on May 1. Every other major country has banned them from working or taking benefits for up to seven years. Tony Blair wants to follow suit. Home Secretary David Blunkett says NO. Despite the Government's attempts to slash numbers, Britain remains the EU's top immigrant destination.

The issue will boil over at the worst possible moment for Labour -- as voters go to the polls in town hall and EU elections in May and June. Extremist parties like the BNP threaten to pick up seats across Britain. But a spring-time revolt may be only a starter for Labour. Tony Blair has warned ministers that along with violent crime -- often linked to immigrant groups -- this issue now threatens to dominate the next general election,,5-2004070306,,00.html



All dirty goyim GET OUT of Jewish universities NOW!!!

In America, there are only two universities of significance that were founded under Jewish auspices; they are Brandeis University in Massachusetts, and Yeshiva University in NYC. The original premise in the founding of these two universities is that they were to be institutes of research excellence BY JEWS, FOR JEWS. In other words, no dirty goyim were to be allowed entrance into these colleges. Since their founding, by the fault of some stupid liberal diversity-brainwashed Jewish administrators, these two colleges allowed wave after wave of goy dirt to be admitted, so much so that only traces of Jewish character and mental greatness are still present. This stupidity on the part of the administrators has had lots of negative ramifications. First of all, Brandeis and Yeshiva Universities have been greatly dumbed-down by the presence of so many gentiles (mexican goya beans in particular). Institutions which at one time had all-Jewish student bodies, each graduating class with an average I.Q. of 130, and were on the cutting edge of scientific research (particularly in medicine and the physical sciences), have had no choice but to dumb down their curricula to accomodate the average 85 I.Q. mestizo garbage and the dirty white gentile, a race whose average I.Q. is not even 100. Because they let the mentally inept greasy gentiles in, funds had to be diverted from Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Physics, and classes on brilliant Jewish philosophers like Maimonides and Spinoza to crap like "African Studies", "Mexican American Studies" and "European History...." As if anyone really cares about so-called "cultures" that ate roaches, had no alphabet, and couldn't even invent the wheel. Second of all, the general present day situation on college campuses is one where, thanks to you biologically violence-prone goy savages, our good Jewish students are in physical danger. You dirtbag white gentiles have turned college campuses into nazi breeding grounds, and our mentally gifted Jewish students are not safe.... The time may come where Jewish students will be too scared to set foot on college campuses for fear of physical assault (part of the greater goy intimidation plot against Jews). To stop this, we need our formerly Jewish universities handed back to us AND ONLY US. We need all the dirty gentile morons to pack up and get the hell OUT of the formerly great Jewish institutions Yeshiva University and Brandeis University. We need a higher education environment where not one iota of filthy goy influence even penetrates the walls. We must kick these gentile dimwits out by force, if necessary, and re-establish Jewish academic and research greatness in these institutions, as well as provide a safe haven for Jewish students who wish to pursue their college studies in peace without the threat of dirty gentile mob harassment.



SEMITISM GONE WILD The Psychopathology Of Neo-Conservatism: A Clinical History

by Ross Vachon

Victory, by New Years Eve 1945 was unquestionable, the Allies triumphant. The Battle of the Bulge was no stunning reversal of fortune. It was Germany's last gasp, the last bitter cry of the Thousand Year Reich. Like The Curse Of The Mummy, its sinister allure would last forever, 988 years shy of the mark.

Two decades earlier, what had the Vienna flophouse foretold? What was there but fetid exile sleep, someday the howling wind will come. Haphazard sketches, dust particles, a penny for your thoughts, where was the romance, the grandeur in that? No, the vainglorious artist manque had sprung anew in the devil's workshop, step on a crack- break your back. Divination by audition, alchemy, mesmerism, seance, prayer, shit-blind luck, it had always fallen right. But, D-Day + 1 had made the demon tremble. There'd be no more miracles, no more stays. By the first day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1945, Der Fuhrer was as dead a German as any other roasting atop the flames of a village pyre to a fine charcoal mist.




I guess this gives new meaning to the term "black Irish." What an absolute travesty and abomination; a foul by-product of this Marxian-jew created upheavel and perversion of everything that is wholesome, just, logical and sane.




Valentine's Day, which falls on Saturday, has in recent years gained popularity in India -- a predominantly Hindu nation whose constitution guarantee freedom of religion. "The faces of those not heeding our request will be blackened and their heads will be shaved," Ved Prakash Sachchan, of the militant Hindu organization Bajrang Dal, said Thursday in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh state. "We will not allow any foreign festival which is a violation of Indian culture."

On Wednesday, another Hindu hard-line group, the Shiv Sena, which is a part of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, waved bamboo sticks at a rally in Lucknow threatening to beat people who observe Valentine's Day. "We will not allow westernization of Indian culture as St. Valentine was a Christian and celebrating Valentine's Day would be a violation of Indian culture," Sachchan said. In the past, Hindu nationalists have accosted young couples and vandalized shops selling Valentine cards and gifts in Indian cities, while police have stood by taking no action.

Traditional Indian society does not approve of public displays of affection between the sexes, including hand-holding, and police often interrupt couples strolling or sitting together in public. Despite the threats, some people said they would not be dissuaded from celebrating Valentine's Day. "Such celebrations are not against Hinduism," Gujarat University student Anish Patel Patel said. "I will definitely celebrate Valentine's Day along with my girlfriends."



Engorged societal ticks are successfully removed from what is left of ruined shiksa-goys' minds. These people put the Irish travelers to shame, they want to charge for "hot-tarring" the roof of you brain with their used crank-case oil - and do it again and again.



When Kit Laney answered a knock on his door Saturday, law enforcement officers from the U.S. Forest Service handed him a piece of paper announcing his Diamond Bar Ranch in southwest New Mexico would be shut down Wednesday and his 300 head of cattle grazing there would be removed - one way or the other. Other Forest Service officials were busy nailing similar notices on fence posts along the highway and informing neighbors that after Feb. 11, they should not attempt to enter the Diamond Bar property.

Laney was not surprised. He knew someday there would be an on-the-ground confrontation to enforce a 1997 court ruling which says his cattle are trespassing on federal land. That day has arrived. Laney insists the land in question belongs to him; the Forest Service says it belongs to the federal government. So far, the federal court is on the side of the Forest Service. But Laney is not willing to throw in the towel and give up the land that has been in his family since long before there was a U.S. Forest Service.

Moreover, in New Mexico, there is a "brand law" that says, essentially, no cattle may be sold or transported out of state without approval from the State Livestock Board. Local sheriff Cliff Snyder has notified the Forest Service and other state and federal officials that even though the Forest Service has a court order authorizing the confiscation of the Diamond Bar cattle, they "cannot be shipped and sold without being in direct violation of NM Statute."

His memo also says "I intend to enforce the state livestock laws in my county. I will not allow anyone, in violation of state law, to ship Diamond Bar Cattle out of my county."

Last hope for ranchers?



I've been doing some research on Kerry's wife, 'the Heinz heiress'. People call her a jew, probably because they think Heinz is jewish but she only married a Heinz that died. (But see below, that name Thierstein is a bit suspicious.)

It seems the info on her is very scattered and hard to find but from what I read all over the net - She's supposedly a practicing Catholic by way of Mozambique or somewhere, but she looks and carries on just like an international jew/women's libber/former anti apartheid activist. According to rumors on the net, her Portuguese doctor father was Opus Dei. Her former husband, Heinz, I believe was Skull and Bones, just like Kerry. She was a Republican as late as 2002.

Michelle Malkin (I know, married to a jew) did a hatchett job on her: "She's the wife of front-runner Sen. John Kerry, Teresa Heinz. Formerly known as Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes- Ferreira, the hot-headed widow of the late Pennsylvania GOP Sen. John Heinz is self-aggrandizingly known among her wealthy liberal friends and fellow environmental radicals as "Saint Teresa" (and that's pronounced Teh-RAY-zah, you ninny!)."



A radical Hispanic movement's dream to retake the southwestern United States is becoming a reality with the aid of Mexican and U.S. policies, according to some immigration watchers. A massive influx of illegal immigrants is "importing poverty" and growing an ethnic community with greater loyalty to Mexico than the U.S., maintains Glenn Spencer, president of Voices of Citizens Together, a California-based non-profit group.

"Unless this is shut down within two years, I believe that it will be irreversible, and that it will most certainly lead to a breakup of the United States," Spencer told WorldNetDaily. "I don't think there is any doubt about it." A breakaway of U.S. states is a distinct possibility, according to prominent Chicano activist and University of California at Riverside professor Armando Navarro. In an interview with WorldNetDaily, Navarro would not answer directly whether he shared separatist aspirations, but said that if demographic and social trends continue, secession is inevitable.

"If in 50 years most of our people are subordinated, powerless, exploited and impoverished, then I will say to you that there are all kinds of possibilities for movements to develop like the ones that we've witnessed in the last few years all over the world, from Yugoslavia to Chechnya," Navarro said.

"A secessionist movement is not something that you can put away and say it is never going to happen in the United States," he continued. "Time and history change."

In a 1995 speech to Chicano activists, Navarro said demographic trends are leading to "a transfer of power" to the ethnic Mexican community in the Southwest. He notes that most studies show that within the next 20 to 30 years Latinos will comprise more than 50 percent of the population of California. This fact, and other cultural and social developments, are opening the door for "self-determination" and even "the idea of an Aztlan," he said in his speech.

Aztlan, the mythical birthplace of the Aztecs, is regarded in Chicano folklore as an area that includes California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas. Spencer believes the aim is to create a sovereign state, "Republica del Norte," the Republic of the North, that would combine the American Southwest with the northern Mexican states and eventually merge with Mexico.

"I see that as the overarching goal of the Mexican government and many Mexicans who want self-determination," Spencer said.

'America's Palestinians'

On its website, a group called "La Voz de Aztlan," the Voice of Aztlan, identifies Mexicans in the U.S. as "America's Palestinians." Many Mexicans see themselves as part of a transnational ethnic group known as "La Raza," the race. A May editorial on the website, with a dateline of Los Angeles, Alta California, declares that "both La Raza and the Palestinians have been displaced by invaders that have utilized military means to conquer and occupy our territories."

But the threat of secession is not merely from groups that might be considered on the fringe, Spencer insists, noting the declarations of Mexican leaders, up to the highest office. Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said in a 1997 speech in Chicago to the "National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group, that he "proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important - a very important - part of this."

Zedillo said that because of this fact his government proposed a constitutional amendment that allows Mexican citizens to hold dual citizenship. Spencer believes that the objective is to enable Mexicans in the United States to vote in the interest of Mexico. Ultimately, many Mexicans hope for a "reconquista," a reconquest of territory lost when Mexico signed the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo at the end of the Mexican-American War.

"One could argue that while Mexico lost the war in 1848, it will probably win it in the 21st century, in terms of the numbers," Navarro told WorldNetDaily. "But that is not a reality based on what Mexico does, it's based on what this country does."

Spencer argues that misguided U.S. policies and lax enforcement have allowed a steady stream of 1 million illegal immigrants a year to enter the country. Demographers agree that instead of integrating into a "melting pot," new Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal, are building a distinct, politically active community.

The problem is not that they have a voice, Spencer says, but that they increasingly are acting according to the interests of Mexico.

Spencer believes that the Mexican government played an important role in the legal quashing of a 1995 California voter initiative, Proposition 187, that limited taxpayer funds to services for citizens only. After a visit with California Gov. Gray Davis in 1999, former Mexican President Zedillo told reporters that he had a commitment from Davis to ensure that "the catastrophic effects which were foreseen with Proposition 187 several years ago will not come to pass."

Among other signs of Mexican influence on U.S. affairs, Spencer notes that less than two years ago, West Los Angeles businessman Eddie Varon Levy became the first person living abroad to join the Mexican Congress. Varon Levy said one of his goals as a member of the Chamber of Deputies was to establish a special attorney's office to defend immigrants' rights.

Border erasure

The U.S. has tripled its border patrol budget over the past five years, but the flow of immigrants has barely changed. At the same time, Mexican President Vicente Fox has pressed for an eventual erasure of the southern border and encouraged Mexicans who seek work in the U.S.

At a speech one year ago at a border post in Nogales, just south of the Arizona border, Fox said: "We want to salute these heroes, these kids leaving their homes, their communities, leaving with tears in their eyes, saying goodbye to their families, to set out on a difficult, sometimes painful search for a job, an opportunity they can't find at home, their community or their own country."

Under the Fox regime, Mexico has an Office for Mexicans Abroad that provides survival kits for Mexicans who seek to enter the U.S. illegally.

Some immigration watchdogs in the U.S. believe, however, that all this does not add up to a desire by the Mexican government to retake the Southwest. Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Los Angeles office of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, believes statements by Zedillo and Fox indicate "they are looking for some way to gain leverage with regard to American policy."

"They want to create one market where they will be able to send workers here without any restrictions, because it's in their interest to do so," Mehlman said. The incentive to cross the U.S. border is high. The average illegal worker can make about $60 a day in the U.S. compared to about $5 a day in Mexico.

Immigration hurts both countries

But Allan Wall, an American married to a Mexican and a resident south of the border for 10 years, maintains that immigration is not helping Mexico. "I see it having many bad effects where I live," said Wall, Mexico correspondent for Project U.S.A., an immigration reform group in New York. "It's kind of like welfare; it encourages people to use the U.S. as a safety (net) rather than solve the problems in Mexico."

On the U.S. side of the border, Mexican migrant workers are viewed by many lawmakers and officials as an economic boon. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has said that the illegal workers increasingly play an essential "anti-inflationary" role in the U.S. economy.

But Spencer argues that the most recent census confirms that the immigration tide is "importing poverty." Wall agrees that the influx is precipitating a demographic meltdown that could lead to a fracturing of the country. "The United States needs to drastically reduce immigration and go back to an assimilation model, where immigrants learn English and become American; otherwise it will be a disaster," Wall said.

Studies indicate most Americans believe immigration policy is not serving their interests, Mehlman said. "They're upset about it, but still haven't been upset enough to demand that the government change its policies."

Mehlman explained that the impact on the average citizen is not easy to assess. "Even though they are aware that this is not necessarily beneficial, it's hard to convince someone of how much it is costing in social costs, how much it might be costing in lost wages."

Polls show that most Americans want something done about immigration, said Spencer, but are afraid to speak out because they don't want to be labeled as racist, or anti-immigrant. "That's the weapon the other side uses against us," said Spencer, who served among Native Americans for many years. "It is very effective, and they know it, and so they use it at every opportunity."

Wall believes that the "whole discourse on immigration" must be changed. "We have to distinguish between being anti-immigrant and anti-immigration," he said. "Like any other public policy issue, it should be debated. Unfortunately the mainstream press is only giving us one side of the immigration issue."



Dear Fellow Patriot!

Guenther Deckert was sentenced again for calling the Jews a "race". Please see complete story at

and in English at


Violence in German schools has reached outrageous proportions. The discussion came on the forefront when 11 or 12 students tortured for seventeen weeks an 18-year old student. The 11 or 12 students were all foreigners, predominantly Turks and Russians.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, the students dragged the 18-year old German into the basement, beat him, sexually abused him, and tortured him. One of the favorite tortures was to put a bucket over his head and hit it with baseball bats. This all was videotaped for the enjoyment of other students. Finally, these multi-cultural students were caught and arrested and are now being charged with attempted murder, torture, and kidnapping.

This horrible incident brought the violent problems in German schools in the forefront. In many schools, teachers are in pairs, because they are afraid that the Turks would beat them up. In most cases, the violence is always directed towards German students by foreign students.

But, the violence of foreigners seems to be an enormous problem throughout Germany. The 2002 Police Crime Statistics reveal the following:

Every day, 2.6 German people are murdered by foreigners

Every day, 6 German women are being raped by foreigners

Every day, 31 German people are robbed and severely beaten by foreigners

and every day, 98 German people are randomly attacked, beaten and tortured by foreigners

And these are only the ones that are reported. The German police say that the numbers would triple if everyone would report their incidents.


Paul Grubach:



Investors Business Daily is a very widely read and very influential mainstream financial publication in the United States.

In the February 11, 2004 issue, p. A 14, there is an editorial about the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-IL. It claims that his government has adopted the "Nazi gas chamber" method of mass murder. It is stated that Kim has a secret "murder camp"--Camp 22--set up in North Korea's northeastern corner. Allegedly, there is a North Korean counterpart to the German Rudolf Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz that "supervised killings in the gas chambers." His name is "Kwon Hyuk," and he allegedly was "chief of management" of the camp. He "escaped" to the West, and told his story to the Western Media.

In a BBC documentary, he allegedly "witnessed a whole family being tested on suffocating gas and dying in the gas chamber." He was an "eyewitness" to a "mass gassing." Here is what he claimed: "Normally a family sticks together and individual prisoners stand separately around the corners [of the gas chamber]." He added: "Scientists observe the entire process [the mass gassing] from above, through glass." (Just like the Nazi scientists that looked through the "peepholes" in the "Majdanek" and "Auschwitz gas chambers!!!!!!!!!!!)

The article claims that Kim "gasses to death" critics of his regime and Christians (Just like the Nazis that "mass gassed Jews and opponents of National Socialism!!!!!!!!"). The article adds: "Reports indicate that those political prisoners who aren't killed by gassings are killed more slowly through forced labor." (Once again, a mirror image of the Jewish Holocaust story!!!!!! Jews that were "not murdered in the gas chambers were worked to death.")

The article also states that documents smuggled out of the country "show" that prisoners are transferred to "murder Camp 22" for the purpose of human experimentation of liquid gas for chemical weapons. (Another mirror image of the Joseph Mengele saga???)

We revisionists should follow this story and get at the truth, because it obviously is a mirror image of the "Nazi Holocaust story."

Does anyone know anymore about this????

Paul Grubach



Gavin Oughton:


Re Mr Rabin,

The gentleman doesn't seem to understand that in the culture of my own people, and perhaps others, there is a demand for honesty and deceny. It's a leftover of old chivalric practices I suppose.

While enemy atrocities are deplored ( real ones that is ) Mr Rabin must understand we also require those on our own side to be truthful and not to bear false witness against an enemy. ( I think the zionists were on their own side )

Our own fathers and grandfathers were treated brutally by the Japanese. Ambon and Changi, not to mention the Burma railway made Auschwitz look like playpen is terms of mistreatment. I also admit one doesn't like to compare tragedies, but for many years now, I have seen " professional " jews writing history about the camps at the expense of others who fought the war.

These people seem to forget the war in Asia and the accompanying brutality of it.

These " professional " jews appear to profit from the suffering of their own people ( read Finkelstein ) and are running an extortion racket! Often the jewish victims were not sufferers of SS malice at all! Those in the Pacific war were treated brutaliy in captivity. No stories on TV every week about their suffering.

In Australia we used to have " VJ day ( Victory over Japan day ). Because of our commercial interests with the Japs, that was changed to " VP" day (victory in the Pacific. You don't hear us bitching and screaming!

All this nonsense about throwing babies in the air and shooting them! Ridiculous vicious lies, like the handless Canadians and the bayonetted Belgian infants of WW1. Remember Kaiser Wilhelm was known as Kaiser Bill, the " beast of Berlin "

All these lies were admitted after the war, but WW2 brought other equally ridiculous defamations against Germans, like the " pedal driven brain bashing machine " ( I love that one ), the electrocutions, and the human skin lampshades which were admitted to be manufactured lies. Young Irma Grese went to the gallows for possessing human skin Lampshades which never existed. " zionist justice?" When is Irma Grese going to be posthumously pardoned and when are the allies and the jews going to apologise to her family still living?

Churchill at one point wanted to attack Russia using Finland as the starting point. That would have been a better idea! An alliance with Germany against Russia. Instead we fight on the wromng side and see Saxon people behind the Irin curtain and are in a manufactured cols war for 40 years.

By the way, Mr Rabin. Have you jews apologised to the Russians for Bolshevism?. Have you jews apologised for ruining the German economy and causing hyperinflation?

Have jews apologised for administering a commo regime that murdered a lot more than the nazis were credited, often falsley, of killing?

The Germans have apologised. All they got for their good manners was a continuous bill for reperations payments which jewish victims never seem to see a dime of!

I hope there isn't another war. If there is, it may be because some of your neo cons bretheren have upset Asians so much, they ( the Asians ) will object and the neo cons may start a conflict with them.

If that happens, I suggest every jew in Tokyo or Beijing better forget about his luggage and just " piss off quick," because if jews ever go into an Asian labour camp, they'll be screaming for Germans to get them out!

Incidently. When the Russians were heading toward Auschwitz, and the Germans opened the gates and said, "those fit enough can come with us or stay behind ", many jews went with the Germans. I wonder why?

Gavin Oughton



Veteran revisionist Carlos Porter on slurs:


RE: Missamandea Green

You state that we should not use slurs, although the other races use them against us and themselves constantly (for instance in my article TO ACCUSE US OF HATE, CLICK HERE, which consists almost entirely of quotations from rap music lyrics, "black" "singers" use the word "nigger" or, alternatively, "nigga" 14 times).

I am very sorry that Missamanda is a burn victim -- since we seem to enjoy burning people to death in Irak, what makes her so special? -- but when she insists on winning a beauty contest (!!!) on the grounds that she is a "burn victim, fat, ugly and black", well, then, what else can you say but "isn't that just like a nigger?" What can you call her but "nigger"? "Niggerdom" (or "negritude" in French, except that "negritude" is supposed to be something positive) is an attitude of the mind as much as anything else. And she, forgive me, is a nigger, "in spades" (forgive the pun).

Also, where the hell does anybody get a name like "Missamanda"? Is she afraid somebody might call her just "Amanda" (almost certainly her real name), thus denying her the respect she deserves as a fine, upstanding "nigger" (excuse me, I mean black)? Another example of negative negritude.

Until the mid 1960s, the worst insult one Negro could call another was "black". "Nigger" was not considered much of an insult at all, unless used by a white man, and not always even then. I have heard Negros call each other "nigger" many, many times, sometimes repeatedly in a single sentence, often when they weren't even angry at each other! In the 1930s, the Negros decided that they wanted to be called "colored" (instead of black) then they decided that "colored" was "racist", so they decided they wanted to be called "Negro" (which simply eans "black" in Spanish), then they decided that "Negro" was "racist", and they wanted to be called "black"! Now it's "African American". Calling an American Negro an "African" used to be a "racist insult" used almost exclusively in the Deep South by the Ku Klux Klan, but now they pretend it's what they want. Just so they can have an excuse to accuse us of "racism" by changing their minds about what they want to be called every five minutes, and demanding that we keep step.

Same thing with geography. The blacks in the Belgian Congo changed the name of the country from the "Congo" to "Zaire" even though "Congo" is African and "Zaire" is of Portuguese origin. One cannot keep up with this kaleidoscopic name-changing game, and it is a complete waste of time to try.

And a game is all it is.


"Too honest or proud to feign, a love he never cherished..."



This comes from Harvey Taylor:


The origins of World War 2 - the views of four diplomats close to events

Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Britain during the years immediately preceding WW2 was the father of the famous American Kennedy dynasty. James Forrestal the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949) quotes him as saying "Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war". (The Forrestal Diaries, p129).

Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says "Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign… no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for." (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)

Hugh Wilson, the American Ambassador in Berlin until 1938, the year before the war broke out, found anti-Semitism in Germany understandable. This was because before the advent of the Nazis, "the stage, the press, medicine and law [were] crowded with Jews…among the few with money to splurge, a high proportion [were] Jews…the leaders of the Bolshevist movement in Russia, a movement desperately feared in Germany, were Jews. One could feel the spreading resentment and hatred." (Hugh Wilson: Diplomat between the Wars, Longmans 1941, quoted in Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, Hodder 1976).

Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin ‘said further that the hostile attitude in Great Britain was the work of Jews and enemies of the Nazis, which was what Hitler thought himself' (Taylor, AJP: The Origins of the Second World War Penguin 1965, 1987 etc p 324).



Revisionist News from Germar Rudolf


Liebe Freunde!

Soeben habe ich zwei Bücher als PDF-Dateien hinaufgeladen, verfaßt vom Österreichischen Ingenieur Herbert Pitlik. Beide Bücher können kostenlos über unsere Download-Page ( erreicht werden.

- Herbert Pitlik, Mauthausen: Behauptungen und Sachbeweise

- Herbert Pitlik, Auschwitz: Behauptungen und Sachbeweise

G. Rudolf

Dear Friends!

I just uploaded two books authored by the Austrian engineer Herbert Pitlik. These books are in German language only and can be accessed for free through our download page (

- Herbert Pitlik, Mauthausen: Behauptungen und Sachbeweise (Claims and Material Evidence)

- Herbert Pitlik, Auschwitz: Behauptungen und Sachbeweise(Claims and Material Evidence)

G. Rudolf



See you at the 2004 International Revisionist Conference in Sacramento, held on April 24th and 25th, hosted by the European American Culture Council, sponsored by the Adelaide Institute!

Organizer: Walter F. Mueller

Make your reservations today by contacting

Walter F. Mueller


Subject: Dresden Day


A Real Holocaust and Act of Terrorism

Fifty-nine years ago, on the evening of February 13, 1945, an orgy of genocide and barbarism began against a defenseless German city, one of the greatest cultural centers of northern Europe. Within less than 14 hours, not only was it reduced to flaming ruins, but an estimated one-third of its inhabitants -- possibly as many as half a million -- had perished in what was the worst massacre of all time. As Americans continue to bemoan the loss of fewer than 3,000 at Larry Silverstein's World Trade Center and the Pentagon as they themselves prepare to slaughter many times that number in an act of unprovoked aggression in Iraq, few know -- less care -- about the campaign of cold-blooded TERRORISM conducted against German civilians during World War II, culminating in the extermination of well over 300,000. The following account, taken from the Feb. 1985 issue of the NS Bulletin, tells us what a REAL holocaust is like.

Toward the end of World War II, as Allied planes rained death and destruction over Germany, the old Saxon city of Dresden lay like an island of tranquility amid desolation. Famous as a cultural center and possessing no military value, Dresden had been spared the terror that descended from the skies over the rest of the country.

In fact, little had been done to provide the ancient city of artists and craftsmen with anti-aircraft defenses. One squadron of planes had been stationed in Dresden for awhile, but the Luftwaffe decided to move the aircraft to another area where they would be of use. A gentlemen's agreement seemed to prevail, designating Dresden an "open city."

On Shrove Tuesday, February 13, 1945, a flood of refugees fleeing the Red Army 60 miles away had swollen the city's population to well over a million. Each new refugee brought fearful accounts of Soviet atrocities. Little did those refugees retreating from the Red terror imagine that they were about to die in a horror worse than anything Stalin could devise.

Normally, a carnival atmosphere prevailed in Dresden on Shrove Tuesday. In 1945, however, the outlook was rather dismal. Houses everywhere overflowed with refugees, and thousands were forced to camp out in the streets shivering in the bitter cold.

However, the people felt relatively safe; and although the mood was grim, the circus played to a full house that night as thousands came to forget for a moment the horrors of war. Bands of little girls paraded about in carnival dress in an effort to bolster waning spirits. Half-sad smiles greeted the laughing girles, but spirits were lifted.

No one realized that in less than 24 hours those same innocent chilren would die screaming in Churchill's firestorms. But, of course, no one could know that then. The Russians, to be sure, were savages, but at least the Americans and British were "honorable."

So when those first alarms signaled the start of 14 hours of hell, Dresden's people streamed dutifully into their shelters. But they did so without much enthusiasm, believing the alarms to be false, since their city had never been threatened from the air. Many would never come out alive, for that "great democratic statesman," Winston Churchill -- in collusion with that other "great democratic statesman," Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- had decided that the city of Dresden was to be obliterated by saturation bombing.

What where Churchill's motives? They appear to have been political, rather than military. Historians unanimously agree that Dresden had no military value. What industry it did have produced only cigarettes and china.

But the Yalta Conference was coming up, in which the Soviets and their Western allies would sit down like ghouls to carve up the shattered corpse of Europe. Churchill wanted a trump card -- a devastating "thunderclap of Anglo-American annihilation" -- with which to "impress" Stalin.

That card, however, was never played at Yalta, because bad weather delayed the originally scheduled raid. Yet Churchill insisted that the raid be carried out -- to "disrupt and confuse" the German civilian population behind the lines.

Dresden's citizens barely had time to reach their shelters. The first bomb fell at 10:09 p.m. The attack lasted 24 minutes, leaving the inner city a raging sea of fire. "Precision saturation bombing" had created the desired firestorm.

A firestorm is caused when hundreds of smaller fires join in one vast conflagration. Huge masses of air are sucked in to feed the inferno, causing an artificial tornado. Those persons unlucky enough to be caught in the rush of wind are hurled down entire streets into the flames. Those who seek refuge underground often suffocate as oxygen is pulled from the air to feed the blaze, or they perish in a blast of white heat -- heat intense enough to melt human flesh.


One eyewitness who survived told of seeing "young women carrying babies running up and down the streets, their dresses and hair on fire, screaming until they fell down, or the collapsing buildings fell on top of them."

There was a three-hour pause between the first and second raids. The lull had been calculated to lure civilians from their shelters into the open again. To escape the flames, tens of thousands of civilians had crowded into the Grosser Garten, a magnificent park nearly one and a half miles square.

The second raid came at 1:22 a.m. with no warning. Twice as many bombers returned with a massive load of incendiary bombs. The second wave was designed to spread the raging firestorm into the Grosser Garten.

It was a complete "success." Within a few minutes a sheet of flame ripped across the grass, uprooting trees and littering the branches of others with everything from bicycles to human limbs. For days afterward, they remained bizarrely strewn about as grim reminders of Allied sadism.

At the start of the second air assault, many were still huddled in tunnels and cellars, waiting for the fires of the first attack to die down. At 1:30 a.m. an ominous rumble reached the ears of the commander of a Labor Service convoy sent into the city on a rescue mission. He described it this way:

"The detonation shook the cellar walls. The sound of the explosions mingled with a new, stranger sound which seemed to come closer and closer, the sound of a thundering waterfall; it was the sound of the mighty tornado howling in the inner city."


Others hiding below ground died. But they died painlessly -- they simply glowed bright orange and blue in the darkness. As the heat intensified, they either disintegrated into cinders or melted into a thick liquid -- often three or four feet deep in spots.

Shortly after 10:30 on the morning of February 14, the last raid swept over the city. American bombers pounded the rubble that had been Dresden for a steady 38 minutes. But this attack was not nearly as heavy as the first two.

However, what distinuished this raid was the cold-blooded ruthlessness with which it was carried out. U.S. Mustangs appeared low over the city, strafing anything that moved, including a column of rescue vehicles rushing to the city to evacuate survivors. One assault was aimed at the banks of the Elbe River, where refugees had huddled during the horrible night.

In the last year of the war, Dresden had become a hospital town. During the previous night's massacre, heroic nurses had dragged thousands of crippled patients to the Elbe. The low-flying Mustangs machine-gunned those helpless patients, as well as thousands of old men, women and children who had escaped the city.

When the last plane left the sky, Dresden was a scorched ruin, its blackened streets filled with corpses. The city was spared no horror. A flock of vultures escaped from the zoo and fattened on the carnage. Rats swarmed over the piles of corpses.

A Swiss citizen described his visit to Dresden two weeks after the raid: "I could see torn-off arms and legs, mutilated torsos and heads which had been wrenched from their bodies and rolled away. In places the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to clear a path through them in order not to tread on arms and legs."

The death toll was staggering. The full extent of the Dresden Holocaust can be more readily grasped if one considers that well over 250,000 -- possibly as many as a half a million -- persons died within a 14-hour period, whereas estimates of those who died at Hiroshima range from 90,000 to 140,000.*

Allied apologists for the massacre have often "twinned" Dresden with the English city of Coventry. But the 380 killed in Coventry during the entire war cannot begin to compare with over 1,000 times that number who were slaughtered in 14 hours at Dresden. Moreover, Coventry was a munitions center, a legitimate military target. Dresden, on the other hand, produced only china -- and cups and saucers can hardly be considered military hardware!

It is interesting to further compare the respective damage to London and Dresden, especially when we recall all the Hollywood schmaltz about the "London blitz." In one night, 1,6000 acres of land were destroyed in the Dresden massacre. London escaped with damage to only 600 acres during the entire war.

In one ironic note, Dresden's only conceivable military target -- its railroad yards -- was ignored by Allied bombers. They were too busy concentrating on helpless old men, women and children.

If ever there was a war crime, then certainly the Dresden Holocaust ranks as the most sordid one of all time. Yet there are no movies made today condemning this fiendish slaugher; nor did any Allied airman -- or Sir Winston -- sit in the dock at Nuremberg. In fact, the Dresden airmen were actually awarded medals for their role in this mass murder. But, of course, they could not have been tried, because there were "only following orders."

This is not to say that the mountains of corpses left in Dresden were ignored by the Nuremberg Tribunal. In one final irony, the prosecution presented photographs of the Dresden dead as "evidence" of alleged National Socialist atrocities against Jewish concentration-camp inmates!

Churchill, the monster who ordered the Dresden slaugher, was knighted, and the rest is history. The cold-blooded sadism of the massacre, however, is brushed aside by his biographers, who still cannot bring themselves to tell how the desire of one madman to "impress" another one let to the mass murder of up to a half million men, women and children.


© 1985 NEW ORDER
PO Box 270486/Milwaukee WI 53227



I checked this with a student of Egyptian history, she confirmed most facts given here, except the part about the jews being Hyksos. -H

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Shock Secret Identity of Israel's Yahweh Revealed!

Posted By: M-Theory

Date: Tuesday, 13 January 2004, 7:58 a.m.

In a September 22nd, 2002 speech to visiting Christian Zionists, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon asserted, "This land is ours... God gave us the title deeds..." However, recent scholarly research, including discoveries by an archaeological team from the University of Tel Aviv, not only deconstruct the Biblical Old Testament and Torah stories upon which this claim rests, but grant previously unthinkable credence to an ancient historian's claim that the Israelites of Exodus were actually the Hyksos, and therefore of Asiatic origin.

To trace the foundations of this ongoing Biblical bonfire, we must go back to 1999.

All hell broke loose in Israel in November of that year when Prof. Ze'ev Herzog of Tel Aviv University announced: "the Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander the desert, did not conquer the land, and did not pass it on to the twelve tribes". Moreover, the Jewish God YHWH had a female consort - the goddess Asherah!

His conclusion that the kingdom of David and Solomon was at best a small tribal monarchy, at worst total myth, has made enemies for him in the camps of traditional Jewish and Christian belief systems. He asserts: all evidence demonstrates that the Jews did not adopt monotheism until the 7th Century BCE - a heresy according to the Biblical tradition dating it to Moses at Mount Sinai.

Tel Aviv University's archaeological investigation at Megiddo and examination of the six-sided gate there dates it to the 9th Century BCE, not the 10th Century BCE claimed by the 1960's investigator Yigael Yadin who attributed it to Solomon. Herzog, moreover, states that Solomon and David are "entirely absent in the archaeological record".

In addition, Herzog's colleague, Israel Finkelstein, claims the Jews were nothing more than nomadic Canaanites who bartered with the city dwellers.

The team's studies concluded that Jerusalem did not have any central status until 722 BCE with the destruction of its northern rival Samaria.

However, the real bombshell is Herzog's discovery of numerous references to Yahweh having a consort in the form of Asherah. Inscriptions, written in Hebrew by official Jewish scribes in the 8th century BCE, were found in numerous sites all over the land. For Yahweh, supposedly the "One God", to have had a female consort and, of all people, the goddess Asherah, is dynamite of wide ranging significance.


Subject: a jew jewing

Stab in the Back

By David Horowitz | February 12, 2004

The fact that the President is now on the defensive over the war in Iraq is both puzzling and ominous. The Democratic attack on the credibility of the Commander-in-Chief has gone on relentlessly for more than ten months, ever since the liberation of Baghdad in April of last year. This ferocious attack would be understandable if the war had gone badly or been unjust; if Saddam Hussein had unleashed chemical weapons on the coalition armies, or had ignited an environmental disaster, or if the war had resulted in tens of thousands of coalition casualties, or become an endless quagmire, or instigated a wave of terror across the Muslim world  ­ as its opponents predicted before it began.

But it did not. This was a good war and relatively costless as modern conflicts go. Its result was the liberation of 25 million Iraqis from a monster regime. Its cost was a third of the economic losses resulting from the 9/11 attack. Its relatively painless victory was a tremendous setback for the forces of chaos. The war destroyed a principal base of regional aggression and terror. It induced a terrorist and nuclear power, Libya, to give up its weapons of mass destruction. It induced Iran to allow inspections of its nuclear sites; it caused North Korea to consider negotiation and restraint. It induced Pakistan to give up its nuclear secrets dealer. It made the terrorist regime in Syria more reasonable and pliant. It sent a message across a dangerous world that defiance of UN resolutions and international law, when backed by the word of the United States, can mean certain destruction for outlaw regimes. In all these ways, whatever else one may say about it, George Bush¹s war has struck a mighty blow for global peace.

The Democrats¹ attack on the President¹s war, then, is an effort ­ whether Democrats intend it so or not ­ to reverse these gains. If the President is defeated in the coming election on the issue of war and peace, as Democrats intend, his defeat will send exactly the reverse message to the world of nations. It will tell them that a new American government is prepared to go back to the delusions of pre-9/11, that it will end the war on terror and return to treating terrorists as criminals instead of enemy soldiers. Candidate John Kerry has said this in so many words. It will tell them that the United States will no longer hold governments responsible for the actions of terrorists who operate from their soil, as did Ansar al-Islam, Abu Nidal, and Abu Abbas from their bases in Iraq. Or for supporting terror, as Saddam Hussein did when he financed suicide bombers in Israel. It will send a signal that tyrants like Saddam Hussein who defy UN ultimatums are likely to be appeased ­ the way they were under the Clinton Administration which had the vision to stop Saddam and the Taliban but not the will to stop them with force. It will announce to the world that the American government is now reluctant to risk even a few American lives to defend international law or stand up for the freedom of those who are oppressed like the people of Iraq.

The Democrats¹ personal attack on the President over the war is not only imprudent; it is also unprecedented. Never in our history has a commander-in-chief been attacked on a partisan basis for a war that went well, let alone so well. Never in human history has a leader been attacked on a partisan basis for liberating a people or inducing tyrants to give up their weapons of mass destruction.  The Democrats¹ attack on the President is an unprecedented partisan campaign over national security in a time of war. It is a campaign that apparently knows no limits, adopting tactics that are as unscrupulous as they are reckless. The commander-in-chief has been called a ³deceiver,² a ³deserter,² a ³breaker of promises,² a ³fraud² who ³concocted² the war for personal material gain, a leader who risked innocent American lives for a ³lie.² And all these accusations are made while the war continues! All these charges are made while terrorists plot to kill thousands of Americans with biological and chemical and possibly nuclear weapons! The Democrats¹ campaign is a stab in the back not only of the President but of the nation he serves and which he is sworn to protect.

No one knows what the future will bring. But no one can fail to have noticed that while the commander-in-chief has carried on an aggressive war against terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil. For two-and- a-half years while the commander-in-chief has waged this war that the Democrats have chosen to attack, the American people have been safe.

If the American people were now to elect a candidate who has conducted his campaign as an attack on the very war the President has fought to defend us, no one can doubt that our enemies will be encouraged and our lives will be in greater danger than before. Perhaps there have been elections with higher stakes than the one we are facing this year. But this observer can¹t remember one.


Subject: when did that become our problem?

An Unsavory Ally

By Erick Stakelbeck

How long can the U.S. ignore the plight of women in Saudi Arabia?



Subject: best o' LTE to Sucky Joe

I read about the students and staff at Amherst Regional High School in Amherst, Mass., who plan to perform Eve Ensler's ''The Vagina Monologues." Hard to believe there can be any debate about shutting this down.

In 1965, two elderly teachers at St. Paul's Johnson High School tried to shut down "South Pacific" because I performed a 16-measure belly dance, complete with grass skirt and coconut brassiere. And the musical contained the word "damn," deemed inappropriate in a public-school production.

Of course, that same Christmas we performed a Christian musical, complete with a nativity drama.

Times have changed ... dramatically.

Dave Racer

Whatever Hugh Hewitt has been smoking in his magic-mushroom pipe, tell him to share it with the rest of us. His "Win the war, lead the world" article was so far out in left field I honestly wonder what version of reality he attempts to live in.

Last time I checked, no war has been won. The Taliban and al-Qaida are resurging in Afghanistan. A massive guerrilla war is under way in Iraq, and it's going to get a lot messier. Militant Islam is still an ideology of choice for individuals that feel dissatisfied with the "West," meaning that nothing has persuaded them to change their ways.

As for "leading the world", as best as I can determine, the rest of the world is running away from the U.S. as quickly as it can. No developed nations have any ideas of "following" the U.S. into the 21st century. The ideas being espoused by this administration is exactly what is causing other nations great alarm.

Perhaps Hugh needs to stop talking to his closed-circle of friends and venture out into the real world in order to get a nice dose of reality.

L.K. Rainer

Seems that Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League has no problem with all the filth coming out of the leftist Hollywood producers ­ many of whom are Jewish ­ but has a problem with a biblically based true story produced by Mel Gibson. The truth is that the American Jewish community ­ who are mostly made up of leftists ­ are the ones who have a problem.

Ed Lebish

Rabbi Boteach is wrong, because he doesn't understand the facts of Jesus. The rabbi says Jews should look at Jesus as another rabbi, a wise sage and teacher.

That is not a possibility sir! Jesus gives us three options, and we have to pick one of them. Either: 1) Jesus was crazy, because He proclaimed Himself to be the Messiah, equal to God, and that wasn't true, but He believed it; or 2) He was a liar, because He proclaimed Himself to be the Messiah, equal to God, and that wasn't true and He knew it wasn't true; or 3) He proclaimed Himself to be the Messiah, equal to God, and that was true.

So Jesus was either the Messiah of God, the true Passover Lamb, the One sent to redeem us from our sins, or He was crazy or a liar. Those are your options ­ and a liar or a crazy man cannot be just another rabbi, a wise sage and teacher.

Pick one, Rabbi Boteach, but don't insult my intelligence, or the intelligence of logical Jews, by trying to pass Jesus off as something He couldn't be, and thereby lessen what He truly was.

David Mumma

I, too, am a Christian who is sick and tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils." I recently completed 19 months [of] active duty during Operation Enduring Freedom as a Naval intelligence officer. I am a patriot, husband, father and a grandfather who sees the future of this country being sold down the river of global and political opportunism. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the Bush administration's capitulation at the expense of freedom and decency.

I, too, have reached the conclusion that unless there is no legitimate conservative candidate for local or national office, I'll not vote.

The worst part of this is that as a student of Bible prophecy, I should know better than to let this stuff get to me because this nation will have to become insignificant on the world stage before the pre-return prophetic story fully unfolds. I guess the whole thing boils down to seeing the bad guys continually winning with the help of ignorant ­ or worse, evil ­ people whose sole focus is on self.

You're right! Maybe the only thing [for] Christians to do is pray ... maybe we should all stay home this go 'round and do just that ­ pray!

Mark Johnson

As a recruiter in Los Angeles, I'd like to share my insights. Yes, there seems to be a general increase in the number of job openings here in L.A. But here's what's not being reported by any news organization, including WND. The wages are ridiculously low. Many new jobs that only a few years ago would offer starting pay between $15 to $20 per hour are now being offered for $10 per hour.

Regardless of all of the so-called government statistics, in order to live in a decent apartment here and keep life and limb together ­ as a single man without an extravagant lifestyle ­ requires at least $40,000 gross.

Yet, I am starting to see job-seekers so desperate that they are willing to be the "working poor." I have heard that some of the national and international power brokers want to create a "level playing field" among all nations. Well, it's working ­ planned or not. Very soon, the wage scale and quality of living between Bombay, Mexico City and Los Angeles will be indistinguishable.

Ben Powell

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