Reader Mail: 13 June 2004


Subject: today on VNNF

"It ain't what ya don't know, itz what ya know that just ain't so." Lower on this page you'll find disproved the lie there are no great White sprinters. Here at VNNF you'll find disproved the lie that serial killers are always always, usually, or mostly white. Ever hear of "Gang Lu"? Don't wait up for A&E to make a shockumentary about him. They only do that for "nazis" and "homeschoolers" and other categories of whites the producing jews want to genocide.


Subject: willing cattle appear in Spain

You Heard It Here First: Trendy, Shallow Club Goers into Ease, "Glamour" of Imbedded Microchips

I've got you under my skin

A number of VIP clubbers at a Barcelona nightclub have been implanted with a chip in their upper arm. But, as Andrew Losowsky reports, the potential uses of the technology could be wide ranging

Thursday June 10, 2004

The Guardian

'Let's dance," screams the DJ from his fake speedboat. Britney blasts out and the scantily clad crowd goes wild. Every weekend, Baja Beach Club in Barcelona is filled with bare flesh, much of it courtesy of their topless barmen and bikinied waitresses. But it is what's under the skin that's causing a fuss.


Subject: 300k for kikes in Gaza

$300,000 for Israeli settlers who agree to quit Gaza Strip

By James Burleigh

12 June 2004

Israel plans to pay an average of $300,000 (164,500) per family in compensation to settlers who leave the Gaza Strip, government officials said yesterday.



Subject: Hitler, the Pope, the ratzim

On Hitler, the Holy See and the Jews (Part 1)

Interview With Historian Father Giovanni Sale

ROME, JUNE 11, 2004 ( The Holy See was farsighted in understanding the dangers inherent in Nazism long before World War II, says a new book. The book, "Hitler, la Santa Sede e gli Ebrei" (Hitler, the Holy See, and the Jews), Jaca Book publishers, is written by Father Giovanni Sale. In it, the Gregorian University professor analyzes the relations between the Third Reich and the Vatican during 1933-1945.

Part II.


Subject: kahnservatism

Limbaugh vs. the Conservative Movement
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at 11:48 AM

About ten years ago National Review put Limbaugh on the cover and called him the leader of the conservative movement. The irony is that by that time the conservative movement was essentially dead, and people like Limbaugh were merely Republican Party hacks and hangers on. This is another of the Reagan administration's "accomplishments": movement conservatives got too close to government, so close that they began to like it. They ceased offering principled conservative arguments aimed at nudging the government in their direction. Thus, Limbaugh's "coronation" by Buckley signalled the end of genuine conservativism.

Evidence in support of this is a visit Jim Bennett and I made to the Heritage Foundation in 1985 to discuss our book, Destroying Democracy, with about two dozen Reagan appointees. The book was about the illegal use of tax dollars to fund partisan lobbying for bigger government. Every one of the "conservative" Reagan appointees said "we're with you, but if we tried to enforce the law such a political stink would be made and we'd probably lose our jobs." Some twentysomething smartass, know-it-all Heritage staffer lectured Jim and me like we were two idiot children on the strategy to keep these people in the government long after the Reagan administration was over. Well, it's been over for sixteen years, and these people are probably still there, and the strategy has failed. This is what happens when you abandon principle to political careerism.


Subject: brown-black warfare

Brown vs. Blackvs. America

By Steve Sailer

California lawyer Nicolas C. Vaca got his start as an ethnic activist by listening to Malcolm X lecture at Berkeley in 1963. But by the end of the 1960s, Vaca had discovered that, in the civil rights struggle, all minorities are equal, but one minority is more equal than others: "Before arriving in Washington I expected to encounter other Mexican Americans at the [U.S. Commission on Civil Rights], but I discovered that I, a summer intern, was the highest ranking Mexican American there."

Eventually, more Latinos elbowed their way into the lucrative business of being professional minorities. But they found that the dominant blacks weren't willing to allow them places at the table in proportion to their burgeoning numbers. Vaca became fascinated by how the black-Latino political conflicts that he saw all around him were swept under the rug in the media:

"For years I discussed these issues with close friends and fellow attorneysAnglo, Latino, and Blackas I waited for a book to appear that would address the conflict or at least go beyond pat analyses like 'Interethnic conflict can exist, but it is believed that there is more of a basis for cooperation than there is for conflict'and then drop the subject."

He eventually realized he would have to write the book himself. So he has: The Presumed Alliance: The Unspoken Conflict Between Latinos and Blacks and What It Means for America.

Vaca recounts some fairly well-known tales: for example, how in Los Angeles in 2001, South Central blacks teamed up with San Fernando Valley white conservatives to defeat Antonio Villaraigosa's bid to become the first Mexican mayor since LA was a dusty pueblo. He also gives the once-over to the convoluted story of how Fernando Ferrer's attempt to win the 2001 Democratic mayoral primary in New York City with a Latino-black coalition foundered upon his protracted and frustrating courtship of Al Sharpton.

More interesting are the fresher storiesabout how baldly Hispanics in Miami disdain blacks; and how dismissively the black ruling class in Compton, just outside of L.A., treats that suburb's Chicano majority.


Subject: no indictment for jew Sharon, he'll just eat it

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's attorney general has decided not to indict Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a bribery case involving a failed real estate deal, two TV stations reported Sunday....


Subject: have you asked your child-to-be if he wants to be a nigger?

Love is colorblind

In 50 years, interracial romance has won broad public acceptance [lie], but couples say issues still can come up


First published: Saturday, May 22, 2004

- Learn more -The encounter happened more than 30 years ago at a church in Harlem where John Lowen was doing some social action work. Sandra happened to be there, and when she saw John, "I heard a voice say this is the man I was going to marry."

The fact that John is white [sic] and Jewish didn't matter then to Sandra, who is black, and it doesn't matter now. [Yay!] "I didn't marry him because he's Jewish. I married him because he's my soulmate," she said. "Whatever people are thinking, I don't care or don't notice."

According to a 2003 Gallup poll, attitudes about interracial relationships have undergone a revolution over half a century. Seventy percent of whites now say they approve of marriage between whites and blacks [because they don't want to be executed], up from just 4 percent in a 1958 Gallup poll. And 80 percent of blacks and 77 percent of Hispanics say they approve of interracial marriage, according to the survey, which was conducted by Gallup for AARP and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. [And 100% would rather ride a Mercedes than a beanwagon.]

Additionally, 66 percent of white respondents said they would have no objection if a child or grandchild chose a black spouse. [if you believe that, you'll believe anything] Blacks (86 percent) and Hispanics (79 percent) were also accepting of their child or grandchild marrying someone of another race. The poll did not examine the attitudes of Asians, Native Americans or other groups.

All told, there are an estimated 450,000 black-white marriages in America today, compared with 51,000 in 1960, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau's joint Current Population Survey. [remarkable fact is that against decades of propaganda, Whites STILL detest niggers and don't want to mix with them. that they are forced to is proof we live in a Tyanny]

Here to stay

Interracial relationships are "unequivocally more accepted these days," and are not going away, said 43-year-old Adisa Azubuike, an Afro-Caribbean man who has been married to a white woman for 16 years. "There's more and more interaction and also a sense the taboo is not as strongly felt," he said. "When more and more people are doing it, it's less striking." The growing acceptance of interracial relationships is a sign that attitudes about race really have changed in America, say the Lowens, who live in Albany. John Lowen, 54, said people were not as tolerant in the 1970s, in the early years of his relationship.

"It was a shock for them, like how could you do this? Now they're loving and embracing," he said Lowen. "Now people are more excited, like, wow, there's really deep love there. They're inspired the races can come together." Sandra Lowen, 58, agreed that people seem to be more tolerant of interracial couples than they were 30 years ago.

"If you walked down the street, people assumed 'Oh, they must be co-workers.' But if you walked down the street holding hands, people knew something was up and assumed something's wrong," she said. "If we walked into a hotel, and especially when we say we want one room, people looked at us and raised an eyebrow. They were quite suspicious of the relationship." Nowadays, especially in larger cities, Lowen said, "People don't notice. If we go to the mall, people don't turn around."

Law changes

In the past, it wasn't merely that interracial relationships were frowned upon -- they were against the law. Forty states once prohibited the marriage of a white person to a person of color. The marriages were considered immoral and unnatural. [Back then, of course, America was civilized. Today, when every other person walks around with pants at ankles, things like ape-human menages don't stick out as much.] In 1948, a state court ruling made California the first state to say that bans on interracial marriages -- known as anti-miscegenation laws -- were unconstitutional. But as late as the mid-60s, Virginia upheld its law making interracial marriage a crime.

Then, in 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned anti-miscegenation statutes for good, declaring that men and women had a constitutional right to marry regardless of race. [it issued an edict. Tyrants do that. We now live under government of men rather than laws.]

The landmark case -- Loving vs. Virginia -- was brought by Mildred and Richard Loving, a married couple convicted of miscegenation in 1959 before a trial judge who declared, "Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix." The Lovings were given a choice of spending a year in jail or leaving the state for 25 years. They left, but they sued, ultimately leading to the Supreme Court ruling of 1967.

"That's not to say we suddenly started seeing blacks and whites walking down the aisles together," said California relationship expert April Masini, author of the no-holds-barred advice book, "Date Out of Your League." "But it was the beginning of a steady increase in mixed couples. "Though we can say that love is blind and hard to define, there are certain types of people who are simply attracted to other types of people, and this is true when it comes to race," Masini added.

Still, some problems

Azubuike, an Albany psychologist, said he didn't actively seek to marry someone of a different race and that he fell in love with his wife because of her "wit and intellect." He said some of his family members were upset about the match, and he lost four or five friends.

Azubuike has even had some people assume, based solely on the fact that he married a white woman, that he hates black women. "That's too much of a knee-jerk reaction and it's much more complex than that," he said. In addition, his wife has gotten "looks and stares" when she's with their 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter in public. For her, the attitude on the street can be "where did you get those black children from," he said. But when the children are with him, he hears, "Aw, they're cute." And there are times when the pressure from within the relationship is too much to handle.

Gail Byrnes said she was deeply in love with her last boyfriend. They had chemistry and were excited about the same things. But the guilt he carried during their seven-year relationship tore them apart three years ago. He hadn't cheated on or lied to Byrnes. He just couldn't deal with the fact that he was a black man dating a white woman. [yeah, right. niggers don't feel guilty; niggers be pushing up on pushing up on watermelons] "He was so committed to fighting racism, but he constantly struggled with what he thought was his betrayal to his race," said Byrnes, a psychiatric rehab counselor at the Capital District Psychiatric Center in Albany. She said she ended the relationship. "It was too painful for me. I felt like the other woman."

Stares and ignorance

Teroy Wilson, of Albany, a 26-year-old African-American who manages a nightclub, has dated women who aren't black, but he said he "doesn't really care what people say about me when people see me with a white woman." Wilson is no longer with the white woman he dated for a year and a half. He said that being in an interracial relationship was tough in the beginning, especially when dealing with stares and ignorant comments from people. "We went down South one time and we were in the airport and somebody yelled out 'There's O.J. and Nicole.' " Being in an interracial relationship is never easy, Azubuike said. "This added layer of racial difference is always a dynamic you have to address," he said. "When people meet me then they meet my wife, it's that hesitation, like 'Oh,' then they have to adapt. We laugh about it, but I'm not saying it's not bothersome sometimes."



Subject: PR parade

they forget to mention that this parade annualy costs the city millions of needed money because they destroy rape and make a cesspool of the city year in and year out!!!

NYC fetes Puerto Rico with raucous parade

NEW YORK -- Tens of thousands of people lined Fifth Avenue in a sea of red, white and blue Sunday to celebrate all things Puerto Rican in one of the city's biggest and loudest parades of the summer.



Subject: comment on Reynouard

"Truth can stand by itself. Only the lie needs the support of the state." Emil Maier Dorn

In a striking example of what academic freedom means in a liberal democracy, another academic has been imprisoned by the French state. In this instance, the offender had questioned the now-discredited canard of a "Nazi massacre" in a small French village. What happened, in fact, was that as the famed SS Division "Das Reich" was on its way to the Normandy front, several of its members were captured by the infamous Maquis and gruesomely mutilated and murdered. The SS men responded by going after the so-called Resistance, placing women and children in the village church, where they presumed they would be safe as they went after those responsible for that hideous atrocity. Unknown to the Germans, the sanctuary was being used by these thugs as storage place for high explosives, which detonated during the ensuing exchange, killing the hundreds who had taken refuge within the church. The following report recites the usual warmed-over wartime propaganda.


Subject: communism = judaism = anti-YOU-ism

Leftist Magazine Editor Morris U. Schappes, 97, Dies


Morris U. Schappes, a respected historian of American Jewry and longtime editor of the leftist journal Jewish Currents, died June 3 at his home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He was 97.

A longtime fixture in the world of American communism, Schappes first achieved prominence in 1941 when he was fired, along with 40 others, from the faculty of City College of New York for Communist Party membership. He later served 13 months in prison for perjury after refusing to name other party members before a New York State Legislature committee.

Schappes was part of a group of party activists who joined together in 1946 to found the magazine Jewish Life, which became an unofficial party organ. After Khrushchev's 1956 denunciation of Stalin's atrocities touched off a mass exodus of party members, the magazine was reorganized and relaunched in 1958 as Jewish Currents, with Schappes as its editor, a post he held for four decades. The magazine gradually broke with the Soviet Union and moved closer to Israel, especially after 1967.

Born Moishe Shapshilevich in 1907 in Kamenetz-Podolsk, Ukraine, Schappes was raised in Brazil and moved with his parents to New York in 1914. Earning his Bachelor of Arts at City College and his Master of Arts at Columbia University, he joined the faculty of City College as an English lecturer in 1928.

As a scholar, Schappes first achieved prominence for his work on the poetry and letters of Emma Lazarus, published in a series of books and monographs between 1944 and 1987. His broader historical studies include "A Documentary History of the Jews in the United States, 1654-1875," published in 1950 and still a standard reference work, and the popular "The Jews in the United States: A Pictorial History, 1654 to the Present," published in 1958.

A sought-after lecturer, Schappes had articles appear in Jewish Social Studies, The Saturday Review, Publications of the Modern Language Association and other journals. He was awarded the Torchbearer Award of the American Jewish Historical Society in 1993.

A sister-in-law, a niece and a cousin survive Schappes. His wife, Sonya, died in 1992.


Subject: Hate Jews attack Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's Vichy Ties Alleged

By Jennifer Siegel

First, it was the Mercedes, then it was the Swiss bank account. Now, women's beloved Louis Vuitton handbags may be the next high-class item to be tainted by the Holocaust.

According to a report in The Guardian, a new book alleges that both the company and members of the Vuitton family supported the Vichy regime, under which French Jews were deported to concentration camps. In "Louis Vuitton: A French Saga," author Stephanie Bonvicini claims to have uncovered evidence of the firm's collusion while conducting research for a story to mark the company's 150th anniversary this year.

According to the book, members of the Vuitton family actively supported Marshal Henri-Philippe Ptain's puppet government and made money from their business dealings with the Germans. The author also alleges that the family produced statuesque busts commemorating the Vichy government and that Vuitton's great-grandson, Henry, was decorated for his loyalty to the regime. "Part of the collaboration was due to the family's obsession with the survival of the company, and part due to the fact that there was a certain sympathy with the regime's right-wing views," Bonvicini told The Guardian.

The LVMH group, which owns the brand, currently has 314 Vuitton shops in 52 countries and recently has opened two new stores in New York. According to Bonvicini, the company was once "extremely keen" about her book, but distanced itself after learning of her allegations.


Subject: JTA on jewess BNP pol elected

British Jewish extremist elected

A British Jewish woman was recently elected to a local municipal council as a candidate for a far-right political party. A mother of two, Patricia Richardson, was one of three British National Party candidates to win seats on the Epping Forest Council, east of London. Richardson has denied that the party is anti-Semitic and promotes Holocaust denial. I think that is way, way back in the past, she told a London Jewish newspaper during the campaign.

Richardson says both her sons have been circumcised but retains few links with the Jewish community.


Subject: jew gets paper cut in France, world notified

Vandalism and violence in France

A painting by Jewish children at a concentration camp in southern France was vandalized. A historian visiting the camp at Rivesaltes, near the Spanish border, last Friday discovered that the painting, a depiction of country life produced by child inmates in 1942, had been hacked with a chisel. Around 4,500 Jews, Gypsies and Spanish republicans were held at Rivesaltes during the Nazi occupation of France, and more than 2,000 were eventually transferred to Auschwitz. Local officials and Jewish leaders gathered at the site on Saturday in a special ceremony of remembrance.

Meanwhile, in another anti-Semitic incident, an American yeshiva student was attacked and beaten near Paris last Friday. Yaacov Flint was treated for light injuries after he was attacked outside a railway station in the Paris suburb of Vincennes.

'Neo-Nazis' deface 1942 frieze by child Holocaust victims

By John Lichfield in Paris

14 June 2004

French politicians reacted with outrage yesterday to the desecration of a frieze painted in 1942 by Jewish children waiting to be sent to Nazi concentration camps.


Subject: conservatism and so-called property rights

1) re: your comments about conservatism being anchored by property protection now: as a result, do you think that the Nazis were "true conservatives" [i.e. the culture/people coming first?]. I think so.

2) I want to find out more about 'who created hate-crime-laws/Holocaust-denial laws in all Western countries.' [i.e. the names of the lawmakers/sponsors/activists, i.e. were they Jewish?, and what was the name/date/bill number of the legislation?, etc.]. I want to make a thread at VNN Forum asking WNs from all Western countries to post any info they have about those laws. Web searches give limited answers to those questions.

Ed. Note: The left has tried to make a distinction between human rights and property rights, much the way the jews try to drive a distinction between free speech and "hate" speech. But the right to own and dispose of property is about as fundamental a right as you can get, and only fools and tyrants would do away with it. That does not mean there are not circumstances the government may not control, but to underline that interfering with people in their papers, effects and possessions is no light matter.


Subject: Arabs hate U.S.-broadcast Jewvision

Network Beams America Into Arab Living Rooms

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON After two months on the air, Alhurra, America's Arabic satellite TV network, has become a favorite punching bag of Arab commentators and religious leaders throughout the Middle East.

Cartoonists ridicule it. Columnists dismiss it. One Saudi cleric went so far as to issue an Islamic edict outlawing Muslims from watching the network or even cooperating with it.

But the directors and editors of Alhurra Arabic for "the free one" don't seem worried.

"At this stage, any publicity is good publicity," said radio tycoon Norman Pattiz, who, as a member of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, spearheaded the creation of the new channel. "We've been out there for no longer than a whisper, and we are already having a tremendous effect on how the Arab media are viewing themselves. That's almost worth the price of admission, isn't it?"

Pattiz, founder and director of the entertainment empire Westwood One, two years ago established Radio Sawa, a federally funded radio station that replaced Voice of America's Arabic service with a controversial mixture of news and popular music broadcast through powerful transmitters to the Arab world. Sawa Arabic for "together" succeeded in carving out a niche on the Arab airwaves, paving the way for Pattiz to secure an additional budget of $64 million from Congress last year for a satellite TV network that would seek to advance freedom and democracy in the Arab world and improve America's image there.

The results, at least in terms of infrastructure, are impressive: The network boasts an ultramodern complex of studios, newsrooms and editing rooms just outside of Washington built in only three months. A staff of more than 75 journalists was recruited in the Middle East, mostly from Lebanon, issued visas and flown to America. Correspondents were appointed in every major Arab capital, as well as in London and Paris. "We are building a CNN in Arabic with very little money and in very little time," boasted Pattiz at Alhurra's executive wing in Springfield, Va., overlooking the vast blue-lit CNN-style news studio. The network broadcasts 18 hours a day, seven days a week to the Arab world (it cannot be received in America) and will soon run 24/7.

The studio looks as good if not better than those of the Arab satellite news networks, with which Alhurra competes. The set is crisp and elegant. The presenters are polished, and the hourly newscasts flow smoothly. Some of the staffers were recruited from the competition, satellite networks including Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya, as well as local stations in Arab countries. "Some of the people I chose are known in the Middle East, they have not been burnt in any way, and are considered credible," said Mouafac Harb, who doubles as the news director of Alhurra and Radio Sawa. Combined, Harb said, he manages the largest Arabic news-gathering operation in the world.

"We are an undeniable part of the Arab media scene," said Harb, an energetic Lebanese-American with experience in both print and broadcast Arab journalism. "Now we have to build our credibility."

Which is to say: Now comes the really hard part. A TV operation that carries the stigma of the American government, officially stating in an Alhurra fact-sheet that it strives to advance the "long-term U.S. national interests," is trying to elbow its way into the living rooms of Arab societies, where attitudes toward Washington range from ambivalence to hostility.

"Sure, they may hate our policies," said Pattiz, "but our job is to present, not promote, U.S. policy. It is to accurately present it at a place where it may not be accurately presented, and then to have free and open discussion about it and let people make the determinations themselves."

That could be Alhurra's key to success, said Marwan Kraidy, a professor of international communications at the American University in Washington and an expert on Arabic satellite TV networks. "It is hopeless for Alhurra to try to get to Arab hearts. But it has a chance to get to Arab minds," Kraidy said. "Anti-American sentiments will not decrease by one ounce because of this, but if an alternative picture is portrayed in the region, then maybe among some people among people under the age of 30, who comprise about half of the Arab population particularly the educated liberal elite, this may have some influence."

What Alhurra should not be doing, Kraidy emphasized, is trying to capture the typically highly politicized and often Islamist audiences of Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya. "There is a niche out there for Alhurra, of both liberal intellectuals and younger, nonfundamentalist, open-minded Arabs, who have not yet formed their political outlook."

The challenge facing Alhurra was on full display last month, after Israel's assassination of the leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya immediately ran long, live emotionally narrated feeds from the Gaza Strip. In contrast, Alhurra took some time to interrupt a translated American cooking show and then updated the story with a matter-of-fact voice-over from the studio. Even critics agree, however, that Alhurra is not trying to sugarcoat America's difficulties to pacify and stabilize Iraq. Last week, when Iraqi militias displayed American and Japanese civilians whom they had taken hostage, Alhurra showed footage that was not broadcast on Al Jazeera.

Alhurra's directors say that they are not presuming to win over Al Jazeera viewers. But the Qatar-based success story is a pivotal point of reference and a near-obsession for the people running Alhurra. Take Harb, who has two TV screens in his office: One beams Alhurra's live feed; the other is tuned to Al Jazeera.

But Pattiz insists that Al Jazeera is "afraid of us," noting that days after Alhurra went on the air with a black Sudanese anchorwoman, Al Jazeera added a black Sudanese anchorwoman. Within days of the American network's launch on February 14, Al Jazeera also revamped its set to look as fresh and crisp as Alhurra's, according to Pattiz.

A veteran Arab journalist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the only way for Alhurra to become credible is to distinguish itself by bravely exposing the corrupt and repressive nature of Arab regimes. That, he said, can happen if its reporters take advantage of their association with the U.S. government by capitalizing on the semi-immunity that Arab regimes will have to grant them. "Al Jazeera attempted to expose corruption and tyranny, and had six of its bureaus shut down across the Arab world," said the journalist. "Which Arab government will dare kick out a reporter backed by America?"

Alhurra demonstrated such independence when it aired a debate between a Syrian reformist, who was banned from demonstrating against the Syrian regime, and a representative of Bashar Assad's government.

At the same time, by dwelling on the lack of freedom and democracy in the Arab world, Alhurra is developing a condescending, patronizing image.

"They are basically saying, 'Be free like us,' and people don't particularly like that kind of preaching," said Rami Khouri, executive editor of Lebanon's Daily Star, one of the Arab world's leading English newspapers.

"The others may be catering or pandering to public opinion, but they are straightforward commercial operations," Khouri said in a telephone interview from his Beirut office. Although "the propagandistic element is pretty low key, this is an ideologically driven operation," and therefore highly suspect in Arab eyes, Khouri noted. "The fact that the U.S. government is behind it just seems to me as too much of a handicap to make a difference."

Still, Pattiz maintained that it's premature to dismiss Alhurra and too early to conduct viewer polls. But, he added, initial anecdotal feedback, mainly from hundreds of viewers' e-mails, is positive.

"After being on the air for a month, we have already created debate within the Arab media industry itself as to their own standards and norms," Pattiz said. "If our mission is to promote pluralism and democracy, then hey: We have already begun."



Subject: Curves: jews fear not enough White babies aborted

Curves Controversy Raises Questions for Consumers Who Support Reproductive Rights

June 2, 2004 by Rachel Weisshaar, Communications Intern

Curves, a chain of health clubs targeted to women, is the world's largest fitness-center franchise and the fastest-growing franchise in the United States. The Waco, Texas, fitness company promotes a 30-minute, three-session-per-week fitness program designed to appeal to women of all ages. No mirrors are installed in the franchises, and members are encouraged to bring their friends. By virtually all accounts the franchise has rapidly become successful since its founding in 1995, and is now the country's second-largest franchise, after McDonald's.

However, recent articles in the San Francisco Chronicle, and other publications have spurred a controversy: Company founder Gary Heavin has reportedly donated millions of dollars to organizations with anti-abortion goals, including CareNet, which operates so-called "crisis" pregnancy centers that discourage women from considering abortion. Though Heavin, a born-again Christian, has not hidden his anti-abortion stance from franchisees, some reproductive rights supporters have cancelled their memberships to Curves or have expressed concern as a result of the news coverage.

Though Heavin has denied media reports that he is involved with the militant anti-abortion group Operation Save America, the organization posted a statement on its web site late last year thanking Heavin for his multimillion dollar donation to CareNet and other groups. "[Heavin] stepped up to the plate in a major way," the Operation Save America statement said.

Much of Heavin's wealth comes from selling the Curves franchises. Women's rights leaders point out that Heavin also collects a set monthly payment from each franchise, regardless of how successful (or unsuccessful) it is. There are concerns that individuals boycotting Curves will primarily hurt small business owners, many of whom are women committed to women's health issues who did not know of Heavin's views. The same concerns don't hold true for those considering new franchises; they should be aware of the company's anti-choice political affiliations.

"Women as consumers ... ought to do what they can do to inform themselves so that they can put their money where their politics are," said NOW President Kim Gandy, during a May 22 interview on NBC's Weekend Today Show.


Subject: Christians against jews

This is a text version of a new release. To read the HTML version with links go to:


Charles E. Carlson

A powerful new lobby tells the world its purpose is to direct Congress to act on behalf of the State of Israel. Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) is strictly an Israeli controlled organization that calls for a militant, no compromise solution to its Arab problem. What makes UCI unique among radical Israeli political groups is that it finds its support among prominent USA professing Christians. Some stumping Americans raise the UCI agenda in colleges and churches. In fact, the UCI "Christians" go far beyond the Israelis in their call for Arab blood. This paper examines who these Judeo- Christians are, their motives, and the impact on peace in the world.

Israeli political lobbies in the US Congress are hardly new. Upward to 100 pro-Israel PACs swarm over the American Washington, approaching every new candidate for Congress before his fur is dry. Most big campaigns have, in the past been orchestrated by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). As detailed in Andrew Hurley's book, Holocaust II Saving Israel from Suicide, former Congressmen have, for three decades, privately and occasionally publicly, called AIPAC the most powerful lobby in Washington. Few dare talk about it in public.

What makes UCI different from AIPAC is that its lobbyists are mostly celebrity Christians. Nevertheless, strictly Israelis and American non-Christians control the organization. This might be likened to a flock of turkeys laboring for the elimination of fox skin coats.

UCI does not stop with bending Congress; it openly and without reservation seeks to re-define Christianity to conform to Judaic requirements, seeking Christian support for Israel's policies vis-- vis the Palestinians, while openly declaring that its aims are to control the rest of the Middle East. The foxes, it seems, pay the Christian turkeys highly to perch on the low limbs.

UCI's attitude toward the Palestinians and Arabs, in general, suggests its solution can only be obtained by genocide. To some it would seem strange that prominent professing Christians would support this militant agenda, but in fact violence is endemic to a certain cult of militant-Christians and they are those who are part of UCI. They help spread the justifications for the liquidation of the Palestinian people throughout evangelical churches, and lately, in a major effort on college campuses.


Subject: Holocaust Remembrance Project

The Holocaust Remembrance Project is a national essay contest for high school students that is designed to encourage and promote the study of the Holocaust.

Participation in this project encourages students to think responsibly, be aware of world conditions that undermine human dignity, and make decisions that promote the respect and value inherent in every person.

The project serves as a living memorial to the millions of innocent victims of the Holocaust. The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation recognizes the moral imperative of teaching young people about this watershed event and the central importance of passing on to future generations a profound understanding of the consequences of the Holocaust and a sense of responsibility to the human community.

High school students across the United States and Mexico are invited to incorporate the project into their study of the Holocaust and to use it as a means to personally react to the messages of the Holocaust.

Scholarships and other prizes are awarded to students in first, second and third place categories. First Place winners participate in an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and other historic sites. In addition, scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded to the first-place winners.

This shit is yearly; links to essays here:

2004 first-place essay:

The Boys With Blind Faith

By Daniel Castaneda
Houston, TX

Those who will sow with tears, will reap with joy....A last greeting from this old world in the hope of seeing you again soon in a New World.

- Last Letter of Wolfgang Kusserow

Sometimes I hold my breath and dive down to the bottom of my fears and imagine writing a "last letter." The feeling is short lived; I quickly return to the surface for air and stay there because the gravity of the finite farewell is just too much for my comprehension to bear. Whenever I read the experience of Wolfgang and others like him, I marvel at the supernal strength given to them to be able to lay down their lives willingly, putting their faith in a higher order that goes beyond the earthly governments of this world. Maybe they felt the same fear. Maybe their blood ran cold at the thought of a metal bullet piercing their heart or a sharp blade having the sole purpose of severing human head from neck. Or just maybe they allowed a quite peace to take hold of their mind at the precipice of death to numb the pain and the fervent thoughts of family, friends, and home.

Wolfgang was only twenty and his older brother, Wilhelm, twenty-five when their lives were forcibly ended. Why were these young people made martyrs? For the simple reason that they refused to give allegiance to their national government and for denying Nazi Germany two more soldiers. As devout Jehovah's Witnesses, they were targets of Hitler from the very beginning of his regime.

About a year ago, my mother received a phone call from the principal of Sinclair Elementary. Apparently, there had been an altercation between my youngest brother, Abraham, and a first-time substitute teacher.

My whole family is part of the international association of Jehovah's Witnesses. Our beliefs are firmly rooted in the Bible and we do our best to live accordingly to its teachings. To the surprise of many, that's our basic practicing philosophy. Our religion has often been viewed as an unimportant Christian sect or obscure cult, mainly because we refuse to participate in holidays. Our neutrality to political issues and our absence in democratic government are also noteworthy standouts. The truth is, the Bible never mentions holidays and clearly states that true Christians should not be involved in this world's political system. The latter is derived from the Biblical teaching that our only savior is Jesus Christ and his heavenly father.

With that said, my younger brother had been taught to refrain from saying the pledge of allegiance at school. This deeply angered the substitute who happened to be a war veteran. To make matters worse, the nation was still recovering from the events of 9/11 and the man was obviously enlivened by the heightened sense of patriotism. After trying to persuade my brother to recite the pledge and salute the flag without any results, he became extremely indignant, yelling at Abraham and flying into a tirade of how America is the world's savior, democracy its salvation, and making an unneeded foray into how the Middle East had threatened our way of living. His rampage escalated to the point that the teacher next door had to come in and inquire about the situation. The teacher, who has known the family for more than a decade, tried to calmly explain our belief in the best way that she could and how the school had a reputation for honoring the views of Jehovah's Witnesses. This substitute, who hypocritically hailed democracy while imposing dictatorial methods, had the nerve to challenge her authority, so the only feasible resolution was for the teacher to take Abraham to her own classroom where he spent the rest of the day.

My mother put down the receiver and planned a mental scenario of what she would tell this man, making sure to include all the points needed to clarify and validate our beliefs. Needless to say, that conversation didn't go as planned and after a heated dispute, it was obvious that this man's stubbornness would continue to lock his close-minded brain.

Understanding the blind patriotism of men like that is almost as inconceivable as comprehending the blind faith of a little boy who's fat cheeks are tear-stained from a grueling interrogation. I don't know if Abraham really understood the gravity of his stance or the reasoning behind it (after all, as his older brother, it's my job to be cynical of his every move), but I do know that what must have been running through his mind; that whatever this act involved, it was something that would jeopardize his relationship with Jehovah God.

The persecution of the Kusserow family extended to the youngest of the children. PaulGerhard, Hans-Werner, and Elisabeth who were only eight, nine, and thirteen, were also made targets for ridicule for refusing to salute the German flag and give the common salute, "Heil, Hitler!" Elisabeth gave their defense from Acts 4:12, which says "There is no salvation in anyone else except Jesus Christ." For the extraordinary courage, they were taken from their parents and put in Nazi training schools, but their faith persevered. After the war, it was discovered all members of the family served a combined total of seventy-five years of imprisonment under the Nazi regime.

"This family is a perfect example of bravery. The strength of their faith truly is a testament to the human spirit." says one Jehovah's Witness from the Kashmere Congregation in Houston, Texas.

I only hope that the atrocities of the Holocaust serve as a reminder that faith should not have to be tested. We live in the world's most powerful democracy and it's the right of every human being to live as they please. In essence, Hitler's crusade against Jehovah's Witnesses was another form of his mind control. If we learn anything, it's the detriment tyrannical rule has on its subjects. There were people in Germany who sincerely believed in the teachings of the Nazi's and who believed that Hitler was indeed their savior. By eliminating free speech and freedom of religion, he was forcing people to accept this opinion as fact.

As Americans, it's our responsibility to become educated so something like this won't happen again. It's only when we learn to accept our differences, that we can truly become united. Otherwise, we'll end up in a world of darkness, where men are gassed, young boys are shot, and newborn sons are burned to ashes.

Works Cited

Castaneda, Abraham. Personal Interview. April 28, 2004. Castaneda, Saadia. Personal Interview. April 28, 2004.

Friedman, Ina R. "Elisabeth's Family: Twelve Jehovah's Witnesses Faithful Unto Death." In The Other Victims: First-Person Stories of Non-Jews Persecuted by the Nazis, 47-59. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1990.

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"Combined with the desire of Islam to conquer the world and put it under Allah's dominion...."

Ha, ha. Jews are funny.


Subject: Mueller letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

Most Sundays are always dedicated to Community News: Pleasure with business. Went to Sausalito, from there to Stinson Beach, and ended up in Petaluma, visiting the Hitler Museum. They just had received a shipment of a new book, entitled "German Insignia of WWII." It's beautifully done, in color and black and white, edited by Chris Bishop and Adam Warner.

This book is a must for everyone who collects insignia of German WWII. From the Death's Head to Hitler Youth, Luftwaffe, medal and orders, Nazi porcelain, daggers, swastikas, Nazi art, etc. etc., you will find it all in this book.

If you are collecting, you can look it up in the book or find new things you want to collect, but never knew they existed. For example, I have never seen any of the Nazi porcelain. I thought it was all destroyed. One of the more famous porcelain figurines was the figure of Athena, modeled by Professor Karner, for the Day of German Art in Muenchen in 1938. Also, a large amount of dog porcelain figures were also produced during the Nazi era. Did you know that the SS actually owned one of the porcelain factories in Allach, near Dachau? Himmler's personal interest in German and Germanic history even encouraged leading firms, like Rosenthal, to produce historic figures.

The book also features the art of sculpturing during the Third Reich. As you know, art was strictly controlled, however, sculptures were one of the favorite art forms of the Fuehrer. The incredible works of Arno Brecker and Josef Thorak are legendary. The eagle and the swastika were among the most common symbols, some of which were made in bronze or set in marble. The German soldier bust was one of the more famous party artworks. Carved wedding plates were a treasured momentum of German marriage ceremonies during the Third Reich. One of the momentous artworks was the massive bronze plaque erected beside Munich's Feldherrn Halle. The monument commemorated the 16 patriots who were killed during the putsch on November 9th, 1923. Many replicas were made and sold in stores throughout Germany.

Otto Schmidt-Hofer was one of the fortunate people who were commissioned to produce an image of the Fuehrer in bronze. Schmidt-Hofer used a dark green patina, which he applied to the sculpture. These items are very rare and can't be found anymore.

Now the daggers are a different story. During the Third Reich, daggers were almost like medals and given to soldiers, SS officers, etc. for special accomplishments. There was the original SS Service Dagger, or "Dienst Dolch". Adolf Hitler introduced it in 1933. Only SS officers were allowed to wear them. Then, the workman-like dagger worn by junior ranks. A Luftwaffen Dagger, the Naval officers dagger and the Army officers dagger. They are still randomly available in antique stores, and I have purchased several of them. But enough. The book provides you with the insights you need to recognize a true German Third Reich treasure. I forgot to ask if the book was available on the market. I purchased it there for $24.95 and the book is actually printed in Italy. Again, the title "German Insignia of World War II," edited by Chris Bishop and Adam Warner.


Speaking of Hitler art, a guy from Austria is offering a Hitler portrait, which he claims to be authentic. If you are interested, contact him:


Offer Adolf Hitler portrait

Dear Sirs,

On the occasion of Adolf Hitler` s visit of Klagenfurt in May 1938, this portrait was painted in the hotel Sandwirt.

Oil on cardboard 53 / 42 cm without frames.

Signed on the bottom left hand side by Clementschitsch.

Arnold Clementschitsch was born in Villach on June 18th, 1887 and died in Villach on December 10th 1970.

He attended the Graphic College and Research Institute in Vienna. From 1909 onward studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. 1911 - 1912 he entered the Academy in Munich (with A. Jank). 1912 - 1915 he became the disciple of the Munich Theorist of Art Gustav Britsch. From 1918 onward he lived in Villach. In 1920 he took part in the fall exhibition of the Viennese Secession. He made friends with Herbert Boeckl and Felix Esterl.In 1928 he participated in the World Fair in Barcelona, in 1932 in the Biennale of Venice, 1933 - 1934 he stayed in Paris and the south of France. 1945 - 1948 he became the director of the Institute of Fine Arts in Klagenfurt. In 1947 he was awarded the title Professor. From 1956 onward he lived in Vienna. In 1964 he was awarded the Austrian Prize of painting.

Publications: "Ways and wrong tracks of a painter", "Rhythms and Rhymes". Major works: Arnold Clementschitsch was model and teacher of a large number of Carinthian painters through his artistic Oeuvre. The artist himself produced an extensive life` s work consisting of portraits, landscapes and street scenes.

Look for information on the Internet under Clementschitsch

The picture is privately owned and can be visited any time.

Please, let me know if you are interested in this special portrait or else one you know.

You can see pictures of the painting under the following internet-adress:

Yours sincerely,

Siegfried Fritz
9073 Klagenfurt / Viktring



Question by the Adelaide Institute:


John Kerry crossed himself before Ronald Reagan's coffin.

What do the Orthodox Jews think of him now?

Will this propel George W Bush back for a second presidential term?

Comment, please.




And from Dr. Toben:


Israel's use of torture must be exposed

Mustafa Barghouthi *

The pictures of American soldiers torturing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq have shocked the world. To the Palestinian people however, these photographs of hooded or naked figures come as no surprise. For the tens of thousands of Palestinians who have served time in Israeli prisons, the pictures only bring back memories of their own torture.

In many cases, the treatment of the Iraqis in Abu Ghraib bear striking similarities to Israeli methods of torture. Accusations are now circling in the world's press that Israeli security officers have actually assisted in training private US security contractors being sent to Iraq.

Regardless of whether there is any truth to these allegations, the world must recognize that torture is commonplace in Israel. It is not enough to condemn the actions of these American soldiers while ignoring the systematic human rights abuses imposed on the Palestinian people.

Like the United States, Israel lays claimto the highest moral standards, yet it is apparent that there are elements within the Israeli armed forces and indeed government for whom torture is a necessary and acceptable weapon. The two nations' refusal to accept the terms of to the International Criminal Court can only enhance the worldwide suspicion that these two countries wish to legitimize the torture of prisoners without ever being held to account by those they abuse.

An Israeli High Court ruling on 6 September 1999 prohibited a number of torture techniques. However, these methods were not completely outlawed. Instead the Court's ruling still allows the Knesset to enact laws that would give intelligence officers the authority to use such methods. The Court deemed the security difficulties faced by Israel to be grave enough to merit granting intelligence services the power to torture.

This "ticking bomb" excuse now gives the Israeli security forces carte blanche to abuse any prisoners in their care, including children. Human rights groups maintain that the use of torture in Israeli prisons has increased and become more systematic since March 2002. Violations of the Convention Against Torture are now commonplace as the military grip on the Occupied Territories has been tightened.

The Israeli army and police also receive the unconditional backing of the country's legal system, perpetuating the culture of impunity in Israeli prisons. The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel [PCATI] has found that the Israeli Attorney General has approved every case of torture as a necessary security measure. The High Court has rejected every single one of 124 petitions submitted by PCATI, against prisoners being denied access to legal support.

The thousands of statements given by former Palestinian prisoners bear witness to the relish with which their Israeli tormentors went about their task. Just as in Iraq, any humiliation or abuse is permissible if it goes under the spurious banner of security. The casual disregard for human dignity and international law within the Israeli army and police is as breathtaking as it is despicable.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, including the death or maiming of numerous Palestinian prisoners, Israel continues to deny that torture is used in its prisons. Over 7,000 Palestinian prisoners currently remain in Israeli prisons, many of them held without charge or trial. Most will have suffered some degree of torture before their release. It is shocking to recognize that around 650,000 Palestinians have spent time in Israeli custody since 1967, most of them adult males. This means that almost every second Palestinian adult male has been imprisoned.

The torture in Abu Ghraib prison, has shaken the Bush administration to its very core. Photographic evidence is all that is lacking to finally expose and condemn Israel's barbaric treatment of its Palestinian prisoners. This is the only difference between the two cases, yet the weight of evidence against Israel, in the testimonies of former prisoners and investigations by human rights organizations, is overwhelming. It is not enough to condemn the actions of American soldiers in Iraqi jails while thousands of Palestinians continue to suffer. Israel's use of torture must also be exposed.

* Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General Palestinian National Initiative












Walter F. Mueller


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"suitable mates for their blonde daughters." -- now that's what I call a great piece of rhetoric. Carry on.



Subject: RB Dusty Stamer

LINCOLN - Dusty Stamer used to be the fastest player on the Nebraska football team. The walk-on from Grand Island set the school record on FieldTurf in 2003 with a 4.44-second time over 40 yards. Nebraska's Dusty Stamer is also scheduled to run the 100 meters in this week's NCAA nationals. But Stamer was buried on the depth chart at I-back and eventually gave up his dreams of playing Husker football.


Subject: ADL conducts, Judenpresse plays along


Nun Who Inspired Gibson Is Moved Toward Sainthood

By Eric J. Greenberg

If it weren't for Mel Gibson, Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich might have remained an obscure figure, unknown to everyone but select Catholic scholars and a cult of the devoted.

But Gibson's inclusion of some of the 18th-century nun's antisemitic visions in his controversial blockbuster "The Passion of the Christ" has placed her in a spotlight of sorts, nearly 180 years after her death. "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ," a book attributed to the nun, has been selling briskly, leading many people to learn through the Internet about a nun of whom they otherwise might never have heard.

Then, this week, the ultimate honor was announced: The Vatican is planning to make Emmerich a saint. According to church officials, on October 3, Pope John Paul II will beatify Emmerich the penultimate step before canonization. German Bishop Reinhard Lettmann said the ceremony would take place in Muenster in western Germany, where Emmerich, an Augustinian nun, lived from 1774 to 1824.

The Vatican insists she is being honored for her virtuous and holy life, and not the problematic book, in which Jews are described as hook-nosed demons who tortured Jesus and who are responsible for his death. But both Catholic and Jewish critics are charging that the Vatican is sending the wrong message at a time when antisemitism is rising in the world.

Ed. Note: Day one the ADL issues statement proclaiming its "outrage." Always synthetic, and always amplified by the jew and ostensibly "free" press, always 100% in line with the jewish agenda. That is how your "free" press actually works, reader. ADL puts out a press release on day one, and a couple days later it's a "story" in The Jewish Week and, at above link, in Forward. Always the kike writers, editors play along with the ADL that some independent body is the one making the charge or expressing the outrage, to conceal the actual source of the synthetic snow machine. And in anything touching on religion, of course, the kikes will draw other religious leaders around themselves to disguise their agency, here the polack Kikelickowski. And they'll put the other guy first, see last paragraph: "...both Catholic and Jewish"... This is the kikely M.O. for smearing honest men, so that later they can claim they are 'discredited.'


Subject: Whites - best minds, best athletes

Here's a very good article concerning the rise of white athletes in one of the sports where whites are "forbidden" as part of the system's easily disproved fairy tale of "black athletic supremacy," from competing at the highest levels:


So many whites, even most racially conscious ones, seem to think there is a "tradeoff" --- whites are smarter, while blacks are better athletes, while the reality is that whites are smarter AND better athletes.


Minnesota sprinters take track world by storm

Mitch Potter took the baton from Adam Steele en route to winning the 2003 Big Ten 4X400 relay title.

Photo courtesy of University Athletics

By Chris Coughlan-Smith

Mitch Potter and Adam Steele share many things: a Minnesota upbringing, a close friendship, intense competitiveness, and world championship gold medals in a most unlikely event. The 23-year-old Gopher seniors were on the USA 4x400-meter relay team that won the title at last summer's World Track and Field Championships in Paris.

It was a stunning accomplishment. For decades, African Americans, West Africans, and runners from the Caribbean and West Indies have dominated the sprint events. Although both Steele and Potter had earned All-American honors in their freshman and sophomore seasons, their junior year "created literally a worldwide buzz," says University of Minnesota track coach Phil Lundin. "People were saying, 'What's going on?'"

Potter, who grew up in St. Michael, was named outstanding athlete of the Big Ten meet in May. Steele, of Eden Prairie, won the NCAA 400 title in June. Then Potter took gold in the 400 at the Pan-American Games in the Dominican Republic in July, beating many of the top runners in the Western Hemisphere. They also finished fifth and sixth at the U.S. championships, cementing their spot on the world team for the relay. At one point, they had the first and third fastest times in the world for 400 meters-at 44.57 and 44.58 seconds. "What makes it special is that they're Minnesota kids," Lundin says, "the kinds of kids people don't think can run like this."

Because the NCAA finals and the U.S. championships were scheduled on consecutive weekends, Potter and Steele had to run eight races in nine days to make the relay team for the world meet. "The critics said no college sprinter, especially the two white guys from Minnesota, would be able to make the U.S. team after all those rounds of races," Potter recalls. "That was just fuel for us."

"We get to a meet, we don't talk to anyone, we don't look at anyone, we keep our mouths shut," says Potter. Steele agrees: "We let the race speak for itself."

Potter is stockier, betraying his high school football and wrestling days. His blue eyes flash with intensity and his emotions show plainly. He is quick to laugh and quick to give himself competitive ultimatums. On the track, he rockets off the starting line. "I always knew I was fast," he says. "I know I am capable of doing anything I want to do, period. That's just the way I've always been.... But there are always a million variables that could knock me down or injure me."

Potter suffered injuries his first year that forced him, like Steele, to take a redshirt year. Then Potter set lofty goals for his first competitive season and told Lundin he would quit the team if he did not achieve them. He did, setting school records indoors and out in the 400.

"Mitch is wound about three turns tighter than Adam," Lundin jokes. Potter has posted impressive times each season, and has earned four individual and five relay All-American honors. But he has been plagued by injuries. Lundin, the national college track coach of the year in 2003, often has to adjust Potter's workouts to accommodate what he can handle from week to week.

Steele is thinner, looking more like the state distance running champion he was in high school. He is quieter and intensely watchful. Steele insists that while growing up he never had an inkling he was that much faster than others. "I had good coaches in high school and again in college who pulled me aside at the right times and helped me find the talent I had no idea I had," he says. In a race, Steele usually starts a little slower but runs down fading opponents in the home stretch.

Although Steele won two Big Ten titles and earned three All-American citations in the 4x400, he had advanced more slowly-until a breakthrough last spring. He could handle a large amount of training but needed to work on his sheer all-out speed. "The kid never thought he could run under 22.5 [seconds for 200 meters]," Potter says. "Then he came out at [a meet last May] and ran 21.12. It was a huge breakthrough and I think that's what convinced him he could he could race with people at the national level."

"It just clicked for him," Potter says. "He took six-tenths [of a second] off one day, another four-tenths off the next. Now that you've run that fast, you're never going back."

"I'm just fortunate to be here while these guys are here," says track coach Phil Lundin. "You won't see this kind of thing too often."

Although confident and competitive, Potter and Steele do not exude the cockiness that marks some sprinters, who are known to trash-talk before races and to celebrate success with grandiose displays afterwards. "We get to a meet, we don't talk to anyone, we don't look at anyone, we keep our mouths shut," Potter says.

Steele agrees: "We let the race speak for itself."

And the race is grueling. The lungs and heart struggle to provide oxygen to muscles that are going at almost a full sprint; after 30 seconds, the supply is far behind the demand. Arms, legs, and lungs begin to burn with oxygen debt. As a result, the race sometimes goes to whoever slows the least over the last 150 meters. Potter, as a pure sprinter, tries to get far ahead early, demoralize the competition, and hang on. Normally, he's successful. Steele charges hard at the end, as he did when he beat Potter by .01 seconds at the NCAA meet, still the only championship-level race where he's beaten Potter. At the Pan-Am meet, where Steele was fourth, Potter's first 200 meters were close to world-record pace. Although he slowed, he had enough to win by .02 seconds over Cuba's top runner.

In August, they went to Paris wearing the colors of Team USA. "I have a brother serving in the military in Korea," Steele says. "So I was pretty happy to be able to put the red, white, and blue on to represent our country instead of the olive drab. We thought about that a lot while we were over there. We really wanted to represent the U.S. well and be humble about it." Potter and Steele were given a chance to race in the relay preliminaries, and they came through, running the two fastest legs-at 44.3 and 44.7, respectively. But they ended up being left off the squad for the final.

"The other athletes had their coaches and agents there pleading their cases," Potter says. "There's a lot of politics in the selection, and we learned from this experience." Instead of a spot in the finals-and on the medals stand before 70,000 people-Potter and Steele were handed their medals later, without ceremony.


This year, they have a pair of goals: winning the NCAA 4x400 title (Minnesota was fourth indoors and second outdoors in 2003 and returns a third member of the squad, senior Mikael Jakobsson of Orebro, Sweden) and making the U.S. team for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. "Ever since I was a little kid I've dreamed about running in the Olympics," Potter says. "Every year I've counted down, getting myself ready. Now this is the year to do it."

Steele and Potter know that they have pushed each other to become better racers. But they credit Lundin with molding them: shaping workouts to take advantage of their natural strengths, to work around injuries and improve their weak areas, and to improve the way they think about the race. But Lundin deflects the praise. "I'm just fortunate to be here while these guys are here," he says. "You won't see this kind of thing too often."

From an article that originally appeared in Minnesota magazine, March-April 2004.

Ed. Note: How come there's no Nike ad celebrating the Aryan spirit of Potter & Steele? Phil? Are you just a semitically correct pussy who celebrates niggers? Phil?


Subject: fun facts about jews seeking global ban on free speech


U.N. Anti-Semitism Conference

On June 21, 2004 the U.N. will host a conference on anti-Semitism. As a result, we would like to point out a few things concerning anti-Semitism:

1) Jews were the world's first bigots. Long before the Nazis existed, long before any Muslim or Christian 'oppressed' them, the Jews were insisting that they were God's Chosen People and therefore superior to all other humans. The Jewish Talmud is full of bigoted comments about non-Jews [since Jews are both a race and a religion, such comments are racist rather than being simply religious-based]. The Talmud is also full of odd, and even sick, teachings [1].

2) Anti-Semitism is a reaction, not an action. It is a reaction to negative Jewish behavior. Indeed, remember that Jews have been kicked out of every country on Earth -- often more than once.

3) Since most Jews -- 90%, the Ashkenazim branch of Jewry -- are roughly half-Arab by race, Jews are only half-Semitic. Arabs, on the other hand, are fully-Semitic. Yet Westerners are reminded of Arab 'anti-Semitism' weekly.

4) The definition of anti-Semitism keeps changing. Today, many Jews insist that political criticism of Israel alone is anti-Semitism.

5) Curious terms are often used to describe anti-Semitism [[2]; note the word "evil" being used to describe anti-Semitism in this 2004 U.S. House of Representatives resolution; also note in that resolution the curious mention of law enforcement officers/"proper training"/the Holocaust -- what does "proper training" mean re: the Holocaust/anti-Semitism and who decides what "proper training" is? -- and also note #7, shown as "(7)" near the bottom and ponder what those Holocaust references mean 59 years after the Holocaust ended].


Subject: profitable jewish Big Lies/A. Frank

Anne Frank Forever

By Elizabeth Frankenberger

Anne Frank died in 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. June 12, 2004, would have been her 75th birthday.

When I first read Anne Frank's diary I was not yet 13 years old. Jewish tradition dictated that I was on the verge of adulthood, but I knew I had a long way to go. I was a neurotic girl with a hyperactive imagination and an ever-expanding index of fears: throwing up, choking, my mother dying, my brother dying, being teased about my hair, my cat dying, dying in my sleep, going blind, getting a sunburn, being teased about my last name. . . . I was dangerously self-aware, always connecting the dots of an impending crisis, the dispatcher of my own ambulance. But these concerns were all but shelved once I read "The Diary of a Young Girl" and learned what a real case of emergency was.

Before meeting Anne on the page, I literally could not have imagined her circumstances, much less her fate. For me, being Jewish meant that Santa skipped over our house on Christmas, just like God did in Egypt in the Passover story. But Anne's story seemed more real than anything I had ever read in my haggadah, or seen on any after-school television special. Could being Jewish really have been that . . . special? I was suddenly desperate to understand how one man's diary ("Mein Kampf") could have led to the events described in Anne's. I would look up HITLER, ADOLF in my World Book Encyclopedia, along with HOLOCAUST and HOLLAND, where Anne had lived from the age of 5, in the same volume. I would ask my father about my Nana, and why she fled HUNGARY. I would ask Nana about the family she left behind, and what Dad meant by "covered train." My mother would tell me about the time her college roommate felt her head for horns, and our rabbi continued to remind us that Jews have always been the Chosen People chosen for what? I wondered. But I didn't care much for the authoritative, vacant way adults spoke. Ditto for all those prayers to "God." The only one I wanted to hear from, and talk to, and identify with, was Anne. So I did what any curious, sheltered American girl might do: I went into hiding myself.

My Secret Annex took the shape of a small cedar closet beneath the basement staircase of my home. I made three visits to the site before settling in for good: First I delivered the provisions; next, a notebook, a pen, and a flashlight; and, finally, my cat. I might have lasted one whole hour, and that probably included one trip to the bathroom, another to the refrigerator. I wish I could say, now, that I realized then how lucky I was to be alive. And free. I didn't. Claustrophobia took over, and I began worrying that if I were to hyperventilate and/or suffocate and/or die, no one would know where to come for my rescue. It did not occur to me that the only thing Anne longed for more than an escape was the promise of never being found. How could I have missed the point?

I was living in the affluent yet culturally compromised suburb of Andover, Mass. Though I had my own special issues unmanageable hair, my parents' divorce, the Dramamine I'd take before getting on the school bus I did not have to live in secret from the Nazis, romantic as that notion may have seemed to me at the time. (Anne had a love affair with Peter, after all.) Anne's story was terrifying and uplifting, tragic and full of humor, mundane and transcendent but, mostly, it was true. I had wanted to make-believe her experience; I thought that doing so would bring me closer to her. Teach me about what it means to be Jewish. Make me feel grown up. What I didn't understand, and wouldn't until I was older, was that Anne and I already had something very powerful in common: our youth. Why didn't I know that was something to cherish?

I was not the first girl to sentimentalize Anne Frank. I am not the only one who dreamed of being her friend. I will not be the last reader to weep over the words "Anne's diary ends here." She does not need me to ensure her memory. Still, I pay my dues. When I'm stuck on a stalled subway car, I think: Anne Frank. If I'm out in the cold without a warm coat, I think: Anne Frank. When it's a sunny day, and I'm feeling too depressed/anxious/unattractive/heartbroken to go outdoors, I think: I'm lucky.

Elizabeth Frankenberger is the "Sects and the City" columnist at . She lives in Brooklyn.



Subject: Tyndall on jew-friendly BNP

Do We Need Jewish Candidates?

John Tyndall addresses a vexed issue

It keeps coming back to haunt us - the Jewish Question, that is. So it has done for many hundreds of years and so it will continue to do as long as Jewish power is a major factor in the world.

I well remember my own induction into Jewish issues. It occurred when, as a young man in the late 1950s, I first became involved in British Nationalism. Essentially, I wanted to do something to lift up my own country and people; I had no wish whatever to become engaged in fights with Jews. I recall, with some embarrassment today, the rather pompous and precocious lectures I gave to others that they should steer well clear of any mention of Jews in an unflattering context lest this bring down upon us the charge of 'anti-Semitism' or, even worse, 'nazism'. I once wrote a letter to my then chief and mentor A.K. Chesterton containing some strictures of this kind. His reply stung me a little at the time, though when I think about it now it seems a masterpiece of diplomacy. Here was this upstart - a virtual know-nothing - presuming to tell him what was what on a subject on which he had been a world-acclaimed authority for at least 20 years!

But sobering experiences and enlightenment were not far away. I soon came to realise, in the course of being a keen activist in the patriotic movement, that though we may do everything possible to avoid conflict with Jewry, Jewry - or at least its politically organised elements - was determined on conflict with us. Protesting that one was not 'anti-Semitic' was of no avail; the moment one became involved and identified with the struggle for one's own race and nation - in my case the British race and nation - one became tarred by the Jews with the mark of the Devil. And, as I later learned, one became a name on a file in the offices of various Jewish organisations and a figure on the Jewish 'hit list' - perhaps not literally in the sense of assassination but most definitely figuratively, as an enemy to be watched, monitored and, when thought necessary, publicly reviled.


y opposition to the adoption of the Jewish candidate is based on the same considerations as those which led me to oppose the previous gimmicks and stunts mentioned. I do not believe that, in terms of practical politics, it will achieve anything useful at all. It will not win the BNP a single vote. It will not make it in the slightest way more popular either with the Jewish community in this country or the broader internationalist establishment of which that community is the driving engine. It will not gain the party any brownie points with the mass media.

The one thing that the adoption will achieve - and has already achieved - is to cause further alarm, dismay and disillusionment in the ranks of the BNP's most dedicated supporters and activists.

We must never forget that part of what is necessary to win is that we keep our movement together, united in conviction, strong in resolve and high in morale. Tactical manoeuvres that have a contrary effect are not politically clever; they are politically self-defeating.

This latest move has been defended on similar grounds to the moves made in the past. It will convince the public that the party is not 'racist'. It will nail the 'anti-Semitic' smear. It will scotch the allegations that the BNP is a 'nazi' party.

Well, so far nobody outside Mr. Griffin's circle seems to be listening. Immediately the adoption of the candidate, Mrs. Pat Richardson (ne Feldman), was announced, the London Jewish News published an article making it clear that the Jews were not fooled, and it quoted a Labour Friends of Israel spokesman, David Mencer, as calling the move "a sick stunt." Meanwhile top Jew Lord Janner reacted by saying: "The BNP are trying hard to be respectable but we know them for what they are - the direct descendants of Hitler's nazis." Then in a report in The Guardian on the 23rd March it was announced that:-

'MPs from all parties are hoping to use the horrors of the Nazi holocaust to attack right-wing extremists in Britain.

'Amid fears that the BNP could win a seat in the European parliamentary elections in June, MPs from all the main parties used visits to the Auschwitz concentration camp to warn of the dangers of embracing the far right.'

And the Board of Deputies, referred to earlier, is still busy in the anti-BNP war. It was announced last month that the Board was urging all Jews to vote in the forthcoming European elections to keep the BNP out.

Not an issue to voters There will no doubt be some simple souls who will protest that all this underlines the need for the BNP to parade its credentials as a party that is not 'anti-Semitic', hence the need for a Jewish candidate or two. But the thinking is fundamentally flawed. The claim, as can be seen, cuts absolutely no ice with the influential and the powerful. What then of the ordinary voters? Well, my own experience when the party's parliamentary candidate at Dagenham in 1994 was that never once was the issue of Jews raised in any one of the hundreds of calls I made when canvassing (nor, incidentally, was the question of whether repatriation of other ethnic groups should be obligatory or voluntary). What of more recent times? Take Burnley, the area of our greatest successes so far. Steven Smith, who more than any other single person was the architect of those successes, has confirmed to me that neither were Jews ever an issue in the campaigns in which he was involved. Public concern which led to BNP councillors being elected in Burnley was about the impact of other minority groups, particularly Muslims, on the town. Public knowledge there that the party had a Jewish candidate standing somewhere, he says, would have neither increased nor reduced the BNP vote in Burnley one jot. The matter would have been one of supreme indifference to the voters there. In the course of the victorious campaigns in Burnley the local and national media and the active left screamed loudly that we were 'racists'. This did not in the slightest way spoil our prospects, and may indeed have enhanced them. Then there is Steve Batkin, the BNP's victorious council election candidate in Stoke-on-Trent, another area where the party vote has risen enormously. Immediately prior to the local government elections in the city last year, the local newspaper persuaded Steve, against his better judgement, to make a statement denying the so-called 'Holocaust'. This was plastered across the front page on the eve of the poll. Steve still got elected! He acknowledges now that the statement was a mistake, but it didn't stop him winning! The issue simply did not impinge one way or the other on the concerns that occupied Stoke voters. Steve Batkin, like Steve Smith in Burnley, has confirmed that Jews simply weren't an issue on the doorstep in Stoke; asylum-seekers certainly were, and very much so. Knowledge that the BNP had a Jewish candidate, he has confirmed, would not have made the slightest difference either way. I have spoken to organisers in a number of other areas where the BNP has obtained good election results, and these, without wishing to be named, have said much the same thing. Jews have not been an issue. 'Anti-Semitism' or 'pro-Semitism' have been far from people's minds. But these matters are not far from people's minds in the BNP. For all the reasons I have given in the earlier part of this article, they are very much in the forefront. To those experienced in party activity and at the higher levels of political understanding, organised Jewry is perceived as an enemy of everything we stand for - not by our choice but by its choice. We would far rather it be otherwise, but that is the way it is in the world we live in. This being so, it is fair and honest to say that there is within the BNP a great deal of very powerful feeling over the fact that Jewry, while insisting on the right of the Jews to be nationalistic and 'racist', will not recognise the right of other peoples to be so - but, on the contrary, will not hesitate to sabotage the activities of those who assert this right. [...]

Rules of engagement

To round off this article, I would suggest a few basic ground rules that should govern the BNP's approach to the unavoidable 'Jewish Question'.

The first is that the party should not, under whatever perceived provocation, be drawn into crude attacks on Jews as a race - a necessity from the standpoint of avoiding prosecution, quite apart from its obvious moral ramifications.

In our behaviour towards individual Jews we should act with absolute correctness, treating them as we would have them treat us.

We should nevertheless recognise their self-imposed separateness and perception of themselves as 'special' and 'chosen' - something which their own leaders have made abundantly clear again and again.

Moreover, we should recognise that organised Jewry constitutes a formidable power in the world with an agenda of its own, dedicated to the pursuit of Jewish interests above and beyond any other interests. This is something for which we should not 'hate' Jews but should respect them. We should display the same single-minded dedication to British and white racial interests as the Jews do to Jewish racial interests.

When, and only when, the pursuit by Jews of their own racial interests brings them into conflict with our interests should we do battle with them, and in that event we should make clear what the nature of the battle is: it is not a battle waged by the BNP against Jews because they are Jews; it is one waged only against certain Jews who are threatening us.

We should on no account ill-treat Jews on grounds of their race, and we should make it clear, whenever the subject of Jews and the BNP arises, that in a future BNP-governed Britain Jews who mind their own business and do not attempt to use their power to damage Britain have nothing whatever to fear from us.

At the same time we should not make a taboo of the issue of Zionism and organised Zionist power. Within party circles and in our publications we should permit a frank and free discussion of this power - always provided that it is conducted in moderate language, that it avoids insults and that it excludes the emissions of obvious cranks.

No person or group should be attacked because they are Jewish but neither should any person or group be immune to attack because they are Jewish. If certain individuals or groups give us strong grounds to attack them for their actions, the fact that they may be Jewish should not exempt them from such attacks.

When all this is said, the BNP should, so long as it is legally permissible, exclude Jews from membership, and in any event should not appoint Jews to positions in the party nor select them as candidates for elections. They would not do it for us, and there is no reason why we should do it for them.

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Subject: the muzzing of Britain

Two mullahs and a G-string

June 13th 2004

Christians have long suffered repeated attacks on the personality of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Britain is largely a secular nation these days but the parodying of Christ in film and printed material certainly causes widespread offence and not just to devout churchgoers. However any complaints fall on deaf ears as it seems that Christians in particular and Britons in general are not worthy of having their complaints upheld and acted upon. However political correctness soon kicks in whereby institutions bend over backwards to accommodate the demands of all the recent and hyper-sensitive newcomers.

Underwear ads

In the dock this week is the Wiltshire based clothing company Triumph International, owners of the Sloggi brand of underwear. Sloggi are running a billboard poster campaign advertising ladies G-strings. The poster shows four women wearing the G-strings and high heels, alongside the slogan "It's string time". Step forward, the accusers, two muslim officials; one from Bury in Greater Manchester and another from Leeds. The posters, according to the accusers, were offensive to worshippers at their respective local mosques close to where the billboards displaying the Sloggi ad were located.

Sloggi's billboard ad not welcomed by Muslim clerics.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decided that the "nakedness shown in the poster" could offend Muslims if placed near a mosque or a place of worship. Triumph International, which owns the Sloggi brand, claimed it told its contractors to avoid using poster sites near mosques. The company was told by the ASA to "take more care with the placing of similar posters" in future. "It is certainly not our intention to offend", said a spokeswomen for Sloggi and the posters have been removed from the locations close to the mosques.

Vociferous theocracy

Owls in Oldham, a Boar in Derby, reindeer at Christmas and now scantily clad ladies near mosques. All incidents where it seems a small but vociferous Islamic theocracy deciding what is offensive and making complaints which the institutions are quick to uphold. One suspects that complaints by Christian worshippers, outraged by the same ads close to places of worship would not be upheld, and it might be worth someone testing this case. As long as Britain continues to accommodate the ever increasing demands of Islam, it will be swallowed by it.


Subject: BNP's Nick Griffin visits Sweden

Chairman's Swedish visit

June 13th 2004

After a busy round of media interviews (including two ITV news slots and a late-night appearance on BBC Radio Five Live) late on Thursday night and early Friday morning, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin made a lightning visit to Sweden as guest of that country's National Democrats party (Nationaldemokraterna).

The main purpose of the visit was for the BNP leader to speak at an open air campaign meeting on Saturday morning in Södertälje, 20miles from the capital Stockholm, in order to secure extra publicity for the final stages of the ND's European election campaign, with voting taking place on the Sunday. This objective was achieved, and time was also set aside for productive top level discussions about future co-operation between radical nationalist electioningparties across Europe.

Nick Griffin addresses ND outdoor campaign meeting in Södertälje.

Effective campaigning

The National Democrats were formed three years ago when the Sweden Democrats party was devastated by problems caused by infiltration and disruption by the security services. They have developed a very effective campaigning organisation with a strong and well-developed ideological training programme.

ND Party Leader Anders Steen with BNP Chairman Nick Griffin

The election campaign has not only given them a national profile, but has already generated around 10,000 enquiries - a huge number from a population made up of just seven million Swedes and one million immigrants. Travelling with Nick as guests of the National Democrats were his wife, Jackie, and two members of the BNP's security team.

All flew back to England on Saturday evening in order to be ready to attend the European election count for the North West region in Manchester Town Hall on Sunday evening.


Subject: Ireland votes to save Ireland; nation-wreckers weep

jews in Ireland bemoan referendum


Subject: DOWZ?

Mr. Linder and Readers: Anyone have info about Haven't been able to access for about two weeks now. P.M. in N.J.



Subject: Selma

I am sort of fuzzy about civil rights history. Didn't something happen at Selma? Wasn't it a march to end things like segregated restaurants? Or was it a shooting? Ho hum, I only eat at McDonald's when I'm on vacation anyway.

"He wasn't aiming, he was just shooting." Oh.


Pregnant woman wounded in McDonald's shooting

Sunday, June 13, 2004 Posted: 4:56 PM EDT (2056 GMT)

SELMA, Alabama (AP) -- Police arrested a man they say fired shots during his son's birthday party at a McDonald's, wounding his girlfriend's pregnant sister and sending customers scrambling for cover. Witnesses told police Lorenzo Walker had argued with the victim, Latoya Powell, before the shooting Saturday. Six bullets struck two cars parked nearby, Selma police said.

"He was shooting sideways," John Green told The Selma Times-Journal in Sunday editions. "He wasn't aiming, he was just shooting."

Brian Sharpe and his family had just sat down to eat when they heard the shots.

"The glass behind us shattered and this girl came up from the back and said she'd been shot," Sharpe said. "We just tried to get the kids out."

Powell, who was shot in the neck and upper body, was taken to a hospital in fair condition. A hospital supervisor declined to update her condition Sunday. Walker, 22, was being held without bond on charges of attempted murder and discharging a firearm into an occupied building....


Subject: quotes on media control and war mfts

"The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity much less dissent.

"Of course, it is possible for any citizen with time to spare, and a canny eye, to work out what is actually going on, but for the many there is not time, and the network news is the only news even though it may not be news at all but only a series of flashing fictions..." : Gore Vidal


"Following the same course that virtually every other major industry has in the last two decades, a relentless series of mergers and corporate takeovers has consolidated control of the media into the hands of a few corporate behemoths.

"The result has been that an increasingly authoritarian agenda has been sold to the American people by a massive, multi-tentacled media machine that has become, for all intents and purposes, a propaganda organ of the state.": David McGowan


"Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception." : Mark Twain. The Mysterious Stranger 1916.

- courtesy Information Clearinghouse


Subject: Larry Bird's comments

I wouldn't let the comments of Lady Bird get me too steamed. He obviously has swallowed too much booley jizzum in his career. The stuff goes to your brain and you start to worship the booley and you consider them to be your superior.

Basketball is a gay sport anyway so don't watch it. Hockey and Rugby are real men's sports. Created by normal men to be watched by normal men (although a lot of women like them too). These are sports that are too tough for the nigger. How many niggers do you see in Hockey? Answer very few and are relegated to positions which reqiuire no skating ability or no brains. Believe me if niggers could play Hockey very well, the jews would of put them in it too. Rugby is not professionally played here in NA but you can catch it on satellite or in the amateur circuit. It is an excellent game, highly entertaining, and very rough. Much better than American Football which stops and starts too much and is also very gay with those stupid uniforms showing their big nigger asses. There are very few niggers in Rugby. The players wear almost no protection and believe me they really get injured.

One last point. If you think Basketball is the "Ultimate American Sport" you are wrong. It was invented by a Canadian called Dr. James Naismith while he was living in Boston.


Subject: General Remer interview

The General Remer Interview

General Remer was not only one of the most brilliant generals of the German army in World War II, but at age 32 he was also the youngest.

General Remer took part in the offensive in the Ardennes Mountains on the west front and also decided the fate of great battles in the east; in the celebrated battle of Jagerndorf-Troppau in March 1945, with his scout division he destroyed several Soviet armies. As commander of the guards regiment, he defeated the coup against Hitler on July 20, 1944 in Berlin.

Remer had been an officer in the one hundred thousand strong German army before 1933. He was never a member of the National Socialist Party. As a soldier and as an officer, he fought to defend his country.

As Hitler had come to power in a democratic manner, Remer saw no reason to refuse to be loyal to the new government. He was repeatedly honored with high military distinctions (the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, the Golden Wounded distinction for his eight combat wounds, the German Gold Cross, the Silver Close Combat Medal for 48 close combats, the Infantry Attack distinction, the Bulgarian Order of Merit for the occupation of Skopje, and others). As Commander of the Panzer Scout Division, he reported directly to Hitler.

General Remer is a true friend of the Arabs and muslims. He follows the problems and worries of our Islamic nation closely, as an observer and a friend. He has been a military adviser of President Nasser in 1953-1954. After that he lived and worked for six years in Syria.

read the rest here:


Subject: Southron on Larry Bird

So Larry Bird telly jew sports ESPN that niggers or "african americans" as he calls them are the worlds greatest athletes?

This is the single most pussyfied race traitor lie ever told completely outshadowing especially his own NBA numbers that proved he was superior to all the niggers who played in his era before the thugs really took over but proves the wimp attitude white males are taking being relegated to fan status only as 99% of all fans watching the niggers play and worshiping these bastards who stole the game thanks to the jew owners and jew commissioners and jew sports media.

Niggers never pay to go any sporting events as the jew has turned the white world upside down with his nigger tool bitching agaobt for so long in the old days how the sports were all white with a few nigger tokens after 1948 and that was racist yet now the sports are all black and thats perfectly fine other than a few white tokens.

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What this fucking race traitor Larry Bird fails to say is why the nigger "african american" has become so good in athletics as the white coaches overlook intentionally white prospects to take the niggers on free rides to college and then the pros in the NBA and NFL that is all a carefully orchestrated jew plan since 1948 to use these high profile events to the masses on their stole televitz for fast action and excitement. Any look at the jew hollywood movies clearly show fast action films all pumped and hyped like these niggerized sports.

Also Larry Bird fails to say who trained all these niggers, many who have mixed white blood in them, and this would be the white coaches across the board in all sports whether youth sports, high school college or pro. Most white coaches are brainwashed to avoid white players.

Finally Larry Bird fails to make a comment about why only niggers in Amerikwa seem to be excelling pumped full of steroids and white coach training and why the niggers in their home nation of Africa are such puny weakling runts who can only excel in long distance running in world events at the Olympics.

Why dont Bird go into why pure blooded African niggers in Africa cant even fucking play soccer the biggest sport in that cursed dark continent?

There are only 35 million niggers who live in Amerikwa and 1 billion in Africa their original home or .035% of the total niggers in the world yet they are the greatest athletes in the world?

And oddly and coincidentally enough all this has occured since 1948 when the first nigger was admitted the pros with Robinson who was picked for the Brooklyn Dodgers by a jew manager in a jew city that led to an avalanche and the niggerization of all sports even including the latino nigger non-citizen who took over pro baseball.

What Bird fails to say also is how in the hell did whites get knocked out the sports they invented and created playing them for 100 years just coincidentally at the time the jews took over in Palestine in 1948 that has also seen the integration of schools and white mans religion knocked out of public places and public schools as the kike nigger tool takes over with his steroids and white training.

At the same time the jew has made the white male looks like a pathetic non athletic small dicked weakling inferior in comparison to the since 1948 superior athlete nigger with his big black dick to attract millions of white bitches to fuck these apes and have their muds.

Bird also fails to explain how the Caucasian white commies in the USSR and E Germany used to outrun, outjump, outbox, outplay, these Amerikwan mixed white trained niggers in every fucking event from basketball, track and field even the 100 meter sprints or 400 meter 4 man relay teams to even boxing and all other sports.

Yes we know VNNstein will protect their beloved nigger and allege the white commies were on steroids while not acknowledging that these niggers in kwa have been put in by the jew since 1948, trained by the whites, even mixed with superior white blood and how the white has been driven out of all sports he invented and created by the jew media and jew ownership of these sports who has made it a big money business all the while making the white athlete look weak and small dicked to mix the races with the gullible weak minded white bitches falling for these niggers to end the white male domination.

Bird also fails to say that niggers in Africa are the worst athletes because there are no jew maggots there since there is no European money potential other than in S Africa where the jew parasite owns the diamond mines in a white created nation.

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Jews or niggers never invented any sport on earth. They only leech off these white creation since 1948 even though the white commies have proven to be superior athletes in the world Olympics until the fall of the Iron Curtain.

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Just like the arab terrorists were freely trained in Kwa so have been these niggers with the jews puppet masters. One look at the silver spoon dumb shit cuntneticunt born elitist carpetbagger in the White House gives clear indication of why things are so fucked up in Kwa.

Pro sports are high profile and 99% of all the whores fucking the NBA NFL niggers are white bitches that is telltale to the jews delight who published the book by big nig Wilt Chamberlin bragging on fucking 20,000 white whores while in the pros. Its all relative.


Subject: jews in golf

jews in golf.........two 'powerhouse' players........B

American Amy Alcott was the top newcomer on the ladies' professional tour in 1975, and was a leading money winner in 1976 and 1978. Amy Alcott won 14 tournaments between 1983 and 1992. Her victories included three majors, the Dinah Shore Invitation in 1983, 1988, and 1991. For 12 consecutive years (1975-1986) she registered at least one Ladies Professional Golf Association victory. By the end of 1992 Alcott had 29 wins, just one short of automatic entry into the LPGA Hall of Fame.

After 13 years as a club professional, Bruce Fleischer returned to the tour and won his first Professional Golf Association tournament in 1991. In 1992 Monte Scheinblum won the National Long Drive championship. Entertainer Dinah Shore was the 1985 recipient of the Patty Berg Award for outstanding contributions to women's golf.


Subject: "we need victories, not martyrs"

Mr Linder:

This letter reminds me of the Birdman's Five Words:"We need victories, not martyrs."J.B.R. Yant

Zionist Rastafarian

[Then the guy in Colorado self-destructs in that armored bulldozer rampage. Some VNNer referred to it as an act of "White genius." It would have been an act of White genius to sue the living daylights out of the city government for racketeering, abuse of process and God knows what else and went home with several suitcases of money. But now the stupid fuck is dead and rotting in the ground and of no use to anyone. He sentenced his family to oblivion by depriving them of a father and breadwinner. And he DIDN'T EVEN LAY A GLOVE ON THE OTHER GUY - all he did was inflict property damage that was either insured - OR WILL BE UNDERWRITTEN BY THE LOCAL WHITE TAXPAYERS. Again - Gawd.]


Subject: jews make everything worse

The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money

By Ben Kaspit, the New York correspondent

Notes and translation by Israel Shahak

Rabbi Yosef Crozer fell because of his big mouth. "I launder money, a lot of money", he once told an acquaintance. "Every day I take $300,000 from 47 Street in Manhattan, bring it to the synagogue, give a receipt and then take a commission". The man who heard that story from Crozer was, how sad, an undercover Jewish agent of the U.S. agency for fighting drug use, DEA. A month later, in February 1990, Crozer was arrested by agents on his way from 47 Street to Brooklyn. They found on him prayer books, five passports, and also $280.000 dollars in cash in the trunk of his car. He traveled that route every day. He would arrive at the gold trading oflice on 47 Street in the afternoon, and leave shortly later, carrying suitcases and bags loaded with cash. From there he drove to the "Hessed Ve'Tzadaka" ["Mercy and Charity"] synagogue in Brooklyn, which was turned into an instrument for laundering millions of dollars, the revenue from drug sales in the New York area.

That was how Crozer made his living. Assuming that the commission for laundering money ranged in the area of 2-6%, Rabbi Crozer can be presumed not to have suffered from hunger. The investigators who questioned him faced a simple task, A respectable and pious Jew who never imagined that he will be interrogated, a son of a highly respected rabbi who headed a large yeshiva in city of New Square, Crozer broke down and cooperated. But then his lawyer, Stanley Lupkin, argued that his client, a pious Jew, had no idea that he was laundering drug money. Crozer, according to his lawyer, believed that he was laundering money for a Jewish diamond trader "who trades in cash and not for Gentile drug traders, and was using the situation to make some extra money just for his synagogue. It seems that this argument had some effect since Crozer was sentenced to one year and one day imprisonment. In exchange for a lenient sentence, he supplied his interrogators with valuable information which helped them to capture a person whom they had been seeking for a long time: Avraham Sharir, another pious Jew, the owner of a gold trading office on 47 Street, who was really one of the biggest sharks of laundering drug money in New York City . Sharir, an Israeli Jew aged about 45, to whom we will later return, subsequently confessed to having laundered $200 million for the Colombian drug cartel of Kali .

read the rest here:



Subject: no death penalty for Terry Nichols

Nichols Spared Death Penalty as Jury Deadlocks

Weekend Edition - Saturday audio

June 12, 2004

Terry Nichols, convicted of conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing, will be spared the death penalty. Members of a jury in McAlester, Okla., were unable to reach agreement during deliberations in the penalty phase of the trial. Hear NPR's Scott Simon and Scott Gold of the Los Angeles Times.


Subject: coming or going? govt has no idea

Powell blames system for data used to laud Bush administration

The Associated Press

Updated: 9:23 p.m. ET June 10, 2004

WASHINGTON - The State Departments annual report on terrorism mistakenly reported a worldwide decline when both the number of incidents and the toll in victims had actually increased sharply, the agency said Thursday. advertisement

Administration officials had used the findings announced last April as evidence President Bushs campaign to counter terror was succeeding. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday the errors were the result of new data collection procedures. "I can assure you it had nothing to do with putting out anything but the most honest, accurate information we can," he said. Department spokesman Richard Boucher said, "We got the wrong data and did not check it enough."

He added, "Our preliminary results indicate that the figures for the number of attacks and casualties will be up sharply from what was published." "Errors crept in and, frankly, we did not catch them," Powell said of the report that showed a falloff in the number of attacks worldwide in 2003. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said this week the administration had refused to address his allegation that the findings were manipulated for political purposes. Waxman had written Powell asking for an explanation. Boucher said a reply to Waxman was in preparation.


Subject: Southron on Reagan

While Reagan was the most anti-commie president of the 20th century with Nixon running a close 2nd this still aint sayin a lot since both Reagan and Nixon still had plenty of jews on their staff although nothing compares with the current silver spoon friedbrain Nam dodger AWOLer dopehead alcoholic frat party boy dumbshit kikepuppet named Bush as even Roosevelt was less a jew puppet than this little piece of shit that Daddy bought him the White House.

AReagan can be complimented for his support of the great heroic Sen. Joe McCarthy and his blacklisting of Hollywood commie kikes in the late 40s and early 50s as Mr McCarthy could smell the whole WW2 and Hitler deal was nothing but a world jewry setup from the gitgo designed to fake a holocaust to be used for sympathy for the next thousands of years in hollywood with their jew comrades in complete control.

Sen. McCarthy can be ranked up there with other great "yank" heros such as the great hero John Wilkes Booth who while being born a "non-southerner" that was completely beyond their control, rectified themselves with heroic deeds to get the real truth out to the public with Booths "death to tyrants" or McCarthys "clean the jew commies out of hollywood" statements that go down in history as great sayings.

One problem with Reagan although that was beyond his control was the bitch wife Nancy milking the world for sympathy factor in the last week and the stupidity in some of her stupid actions such as pretending to care so much for this 93 year old Altzheimers dead guy who didnt get the disease until he was 83 years old or well past the life expectancy of the normal male at 76 years.

Nancy was a bitch who actually stole Ronnie from Jane Wyman who he divorced to marry her in 1952 at the height of his alliance with Sen McCarthy who was a Democrat from Wisconsin and actually has accused the US Govt of having commies in the State Dept during WW2 along with the jew commies in hollywood.

Nancy Reagan should be awarded an academy award for he fake crying and showboating for this 93 years old corpse and trying to tie him in with Xianity when in fact she was mega elite wealthy in direct contrast to Xianity teaching. She will be on 50 million jew talk show in the future and maybe even get own talk show as a result of all this bullshit funeral crapola.

If they want to boohoo over a coffin they need to have more jew televitz coverage of the teens killed in Bushs neocon war where young infants are left without a father because of these fucking bastards all over Kwa. Forget the 93 years old stiff and his play acting faker wife Nancy. How long did she expect him him to live anyway? Damn. Fuck her.


Subject: Ireland Says No to Gravid Nogs, Gypsies

Here. Irish Citizenship Restrictions Tightened By SHAWN POGATCHNIK

Associated Press Writer

June 12, 2004, 3:29 PM EDT DUBLIN, Ireland -- Voters have overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to tighten Ireland's liberal citizenship laws, partial results showed Saturday.

With a third of ballots counted, nearly 80 percent of votes from Friday's referendum supported an amendment to stop granting automatic citizenship to anybody born on the island of Ireland, a rule unique among the 25 nations of the European Union.

To be approved, the government's proposed referendum required only a simple majority, and campaigners against the proposed amendment conceded defeat. The amendment will allow the government to pass a bill that would allow Irish-born children to receive automatic citizenship only if at least one parent is Irish or, in the case of foreign parents, if they have been resident in Ireland for a minimum of three years.

This measure would bring Ireland closer to the policies observed by other European nations, which offer citizenship based either on the nationality of parents or on a sufficient length of residence.

Justice Minister Michael McDowell, who led the government campaign for a "yes" vote to the amendment, argued that heavily pregnant foreigners were traveling to Ireland specifically to exploit the law and thereby gain a European Union passport too easily.

Opponents dismissed McDowell's evidence as anecdotal. And some said Irish voters would be hypocritical if they voted to make Ireland less welcoming to immigrants, since the Irish themselves have been emigrating freely to Britain, North America and Australia for more than a century.

But that cycle has dramatically reversed over the past decade of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity in Ireland. Tens of thousands of foreigners each year have been receiving work permits here, alongside thousands more who arrive illegally and claim asylum, largely from Nigeria and Romania.


Eire: YOU DID IT! Now Let's Build On the Success

In a fantastic show of racial and national solidarity, Eire's people overwhelmingly voted to restrict the citizenship "rights" of non-Europeans.

by D. Kearney

The "Yes" vote in the constitutional amendment referendum added up to 79.14% of the electorate, an amazing win considering that supposed "Irish nationalists" such as Sinn Fein, national pressure organizations, and even the hierarchy of the powerful Catholic Church (which urged "tolerance" while wisely stopping short of openly pushing a "No" vote) were opposing the amendment. The figures are interesting: while in mixed-race areas such as Dun Laoghaire (Dublin's port, with a fairly large non-White population) were "only" 70% in favor, all-White areas such as Longford and Meath were in the 83%-84% range. This is the inverse of such voting patterns in the United Kingdom and USA, where high concentrations of non-Whites tends to lead to greater pro-White sentiment.

In the Proposition 187 anti-Mestizo campaigns in California, rich, White areas such as Marin and Sonoma had some of the largest pro-Mestizo sentiment. This is due to two things: regional anti-worker capitalist agribusiness dependence on illegal Mestizo stoop labor, with these corporations funding anti-187 propaganda, and the "liberal," leftist politics of wealthy, self-hating Whites able to afford to live in splendid isolation.

The Irish figures show that racially, ethnically and religiously homogeneous communities retain a sense of self-awareness that is able to react decisively in their own interests, while dissipated, besieged White communities are not -- whether the dissipation is the result of non-White influxes or socio-economic selfishness. This is why International Zionism and its Globalist, capitalist allies are so intent on deracinating White nations as swiftly as possible.

Interestingly, while the Irish people rejected Sinn Fein's insane demands for autogenocide, they voted heavily for Sinn Fein in local and European elections! This is because SF pose as "Euroskeptics" against the European Union while the Fianna government -- which sponsored the highly successful "Yes"-vote in the referendum, is pro-EU.

What this tells White nationalists is that the people of Ireland are highly intelligent, with little misplaced "loyalty" to any one political party. What the nation needs now is a new generation of White nationalists willing to fill the vacuum the Old Parties represent: a non-sectarian organic organization that embraces the Protestants of Ulster and is willing to put the issue of RACE first on the Irish agenda.


[response from jewspeak-named 'Alliance for Children's, i.e., invaders, Rights']

Referendum passed with convincing majority

12 June 2004

The citizenshipreferendum has been passed with a resounding four to one majority. This is clear despite the count not being complete in two areas. The Immigrant Council has called for a forum on immigration to be set up immediately to examine all issues arising from the citizenship referendum. The Alliance for Children's Rights has said the Government must now honour commitments made during the referendum campaign to provide effective legislation, which will safeguard the rights of children. The Campaign Against the Racist Referendum has conceded defeat in the poll on citizenship. While accepting the result, the Campaign pointed to what it said were the huge discrepancies in the money spent by the Yes and the No camps. It also voiced concern at what they says will be the increase in racism brought about by this referendum.


Subject: coons bein' coons


Former radio deejay pleads guilty to sex with 12-year-old

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - Former radio personality Aaron Williams, known as "Aaron the Saint," has been sentenced to jail for a month after pleading guilty to having sex with a 12-year-old girl. Williams, 34, of Mobile, pleaded guilty to second-degree rape. Mobile County Circuit Judge Edward McDermott on Friday gave Williams a three-year suspended sentence and placed him on five years' probation. He was then ordered to serve 30 days in the Mobile County Metro Jail and immediately taken into custody. Williams could have been sentenced to 20 years prison. Court records show that Williams, a former disc jockey at WBLX 93-FM, met the girl in a bar, then carried on an almost yearlong relationship with her, claiming he was unaware of her age. Assistant District Attorney Steve Giardini said Williams should have attempted to learn the girl's age.

Aaron "The Saint" Williams


Subject: vote fraud in Britain


Elections cast into doubt by post vote turmoil

By Chris Boffey and George Jones

(Filed: 10/06/2004)

Four police forces are investigating hundreds of alleged cases of postal vote fraud that could cast doubt on the integrity of today's local and European elections. Last night the Electoral Commission, an independent body set up by Parliament to monitor elections, confirmed that it was investigating irregularities. Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, feared a repetition of scenes in Florida in the American presidential election when individual votes were scrutinised.

"There could be lawyers arguing in court for weeks or months," he said. Liam Fox, the Conservative Party co-chairman, said the Government's refusal to listen to advice had created a system open to widespread abuse. "The spectre of fraud and intimidation has been brought to the heart of the electoral system by a Government which possesses the toxic mixture of arrogance and incompetence." Ann Cryer, Labour MP for Keighley, West Yorks, feared that the majority of the ballot frauds were part of "a cultural problem" that faced Asians in the North. She said Muslims were coming under pressure from community elders to surrender their votes.

"People are going to homes, demanding that the voters give up their ballot papers - and that is what they are doing." She said the Asian community "tends to stick together" and, if one of its leaders knocked at the door and asked people to do something, "they by and large do it". She said: "It is the sort of thing I was anxious about in the early stages of getting the Bill through to have an all-postal ballot. But I did not dare mention it because you are accused then of being a racist. But the chickens are coming home to roost." It would be no surprise if the election results were challenged in the courts, she said.

Police in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorks and Derbyshire said they were investigating hundreds of alleged cases of fraud. Greater Manchester police were looking into allegations of malpractice in Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside. Two men, including a Liberal Democrat candidate, have been arrested over the Oldham allegations. Lancashire police were preparing to question 60 people over suspicions about 170 proxy vote applications.

Their investigations centre on claims that supporters of mainstream parties collected ballot papers door to door or filled in blank papers. In Derby, in the East Midlands poll area, allegations of fraud have been referred to the police by Michael Foote, the council's returning officer. They include a complaint that a postal vote was cast despite the voter being in India and not knowing about the election. Postal voting is being tried out in four regions of England: the North East, North West, East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside. At Prime Minister's questions the Tories accused the Government of "breathtaking complacency" after John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, played down concerns about widespread fraud, vote-stealing and intimidation in postal ballots.


Subject: what's effective and what isn't

Some months ago, Rich Brooks picked a fight with the other side, in re: a specific instance of corporate accession to the kosher tax scam. Brooks stepped on a landmine, hokey-doked himself and got it jammed up his butt. Yet he titled his report to VNN: "How I Made a Difference" [or similar words] Gawd.

Then the guy in Colorado self-destructs in that armored bulldozer rampage. Some VNNer referred to it as an act of "White genius." It would have been an act of White genius to sue the living daylights out of the city government for racketeering, abuse of process and God knows what else and went home with several suitcases of money. But now the stupid fuck is dead and rotting in the ground and of no use to anyone. He sentenced his family to oblivion by depriving them of a father and breadwinner. And he DIDN'T EVEN LAY A GLOVE ON THE OTHER GUY - all he did was inflict property damage that was either insured - OR WILL BE UNDERWRITTEN BY THE LOCAL WHITE TAXPAYERS. Again - Gawd.

Now - on to Terreblanche in South Africa: He got his ass thrown in prison for dusting up with some hapless dark coolies over, basically, stupid shit. How heroic! What leadership! Just think if he had instead 30 years ago architected a "Michael Collins" campaign against Joe Slovo and his gang of judeo-communist scum who were behind the ANC and the anti-White movement in general. Just think if for the last 30 years the kosherites were afraid to set foot in SA because they'd get a bullet in the ear at a local bistro or supermarket. As a matter of fact, the Afrikaners probably could implement such a campaign *today*. I'm not holding my breath - my guess is that Terreblanche will be back in prison soon for beating up some old colored lady or other act of statesmanship and military heroism. Double "Gawd."

Pass the bong while I reboot the computer to play "Ethnic Cleansing"; I bet you I can smash global Jewish power before Saturday Night Live comes on.


Subject: Guzzardi's latest

the shitskinning of Socal

Said Beltran, "We want to lower the dropout rate [23.6%]in three or four years. We want to produce a better environment (for) the Mexican children here."

Beltran really loves to pile on the insults. To suggest that the California Department of Education needs Mexico to "produce a better environment" for learning takes the cake!

An LAUSD teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, tells me:

"If LAUSD, and the U.S. for that matter, had any guts at all we'd be asking Mexico why, with their so-called academic expertise, so many of the illegal Mexican adults and children flooding into our country are barely literate in their native language. The underperformance of Hispanics in L.A. schools is a symptom of their lack of participation in the educational process. This is compounded by the district's social promotion policy... The District will continue to go the politically correct route by treating the symptom (no basic academic skills) by 'working with Mexico' rather than addressing the cause of the problem... Addressing these realities is the kind of thing that will get a politician or school administrator tarred and feathered."


Subject: Diebold

posters mocking computer-stolen Bush election


Subject: playas be bawlin

it's all fun and games until an 8 foot gorilla gets its feewins hurt.

TV Host Kimmel Apologizes for Detroit Joke


TV Host Kimmel Apologizes for Detroit Joke

Fri Jun 11, 8:52 AM ET

DETROIT - Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show was pulled off the air for a night following a joke the comedian made about Detroit during the NBA Finals.

Kimmel was talking to ABC sportscaster Mike Tirico during halftime of Tuesday's game when he said, "They're going to burn the city of Detroit down if the Pistons win, and it's not worth it." Tirico, an Ann Arbor resident, immediately objected, telling him to be careful about making fun of Detroit.

ABC made the decision to pull Wednesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" from affiliates nationwide shortly after the program was taped that night in California. Grace Gilchrist, general manager of Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ, said the taped show featured more disparaging remarks about the city. "Frankly, we were shocked. We thought it was uncalled for," Andrea Parquet-Taylor, WXYZ's news director, said of Kimmel's remarks.

Kimmel issued a written statement to address his comments about Detroit, whose Pistons are playing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. "What I said about Pistons fans during halftime was a joke, nothing more. If I offended anyone, I'm sorry," he said. "Clearly, over the past 10 years, we in L.A. have taken a commanding lead in post-game riots. If the Lakers win, I plan to overturn my own car." ABC publicity manager Jennifer De La Rosa issued another apology from the comedian Thursday: "It was never my intention to cause anyone pain. I was trying to make a joke and I'm sorry it resulted in anything other than laughter."

Ed. Note: Today's letters page alone shows what a cramped, constricted, jewed-out world we live in. Make a joke based on the truth about niggers' actions, get your show yanked. Meanwhile, jews fly off to Europe to find ways to worked with the Old Continent to rescind the First Amendment. And every other ad on tv mocks white males as stupid, goofy, incompetent, and untrustworthy. Until we physically exterminate the jews, none of this will change, except that it will get worse. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.


Subject: Reagan's liberal legacy

I know you're sick of reading about tin-man Reagan but I thought you would perhaps find this article half-interesting. It's from the Ventura County Reporter out of California.


Subject: jew Marcuse, ZOG employee

If this doesn't make you angry, what on Earth might?:

Re: the Frankfurt School Jew Herbert Marcuse:

"In March 1943, Marcuse transferred to the Office of Secret Services (OSS), working until the end of the war in the Research and Analysis Division of the Central European Branch. Marcuse and his colleagues wrote reports attempting to identify Nazi and anti-Nazi groups and individuals in Germany and drafted a "Civil Affairs Handbook" that dealt with denaziification."


Subject: jigs jigging

Q. "How do you make the perfect Manhattan?"

A. "Get rid of all the niggers."

Joke told by a Mount Holyoke College trustee in the campus bar, early 1980s. Unfortunately, he was overheard, there was an uproar and he immediately resigned. (How do you make the perfect Board of Trustees? Bring him back! Today the campus is about 40% unfriendly foreign colored women and ungrateful domestic colored women).

At least he escaped with his life. But this one didn't!

"Police believe the killing was not a random act of violence. Coney was apparently an acquaintance of Devries."

Man Wanted In Livonia Trustee Killing

Suspect Allegedly Stole Victim's Car To Make Escape

UPDATED: 7:18 pm EDT June 11, 2004

A man suspected in the stabbing death of a Livonia trustee may be in Atlanta, according to police. Investigators obtained an arrest warrant Friday for Jamaal Lamar Coney, 21, of Ecorse. Coney (pictured, left) is accused in the stabbing death of Schoolcraft College Trustee Richard DeVries. DeVries, 64, was found slain in the bedroom of his Livonia condominium on Tuesday.

DeVries appeared to have been stabbed several times. Police believe the killing took place last Friday morning. Investigators say Coney stole DeVries car and apparently fled the state. He was reportedly last seen in the Atlanta area.

Police believe the killing was not a random act of violence. Coney was apparently an acquaintance of Devries. Coney is charged with premeditated murder, felony murder and armed robbery....


Subject: BNP self-description

We are NOT racists, nazis or thugs

Kirklees and Calderdale British National Party election candidates at a briefing in Yorkshire

BRITISH MEN and women sacrificed their lives in the 1939-45 war to protect our freedom. It was a time when the nation rallied together to resist Nazi tyranny and repel the German invasion of Britain.

People gave their all in the belief that their efforts would preserve something very special for future generations - the British way of life.

Sixty years on, we are now told that this British way of life is not something special, but something that we should forget about. We are not allowed to celebrate British culture. We are told to feel ashamed of our history. We are told not to fly our flag or celebrate our Christian religion in case it offends new arrivals to our country.

When we complain we are told we are racist and that our society is riddled with inherent racism.

The British National Party doesn't believe that it is racist to want your children to have a British and a Christian upbringing. It's not racist to want your children to go to school and learn to be proud of their history and the sacrifices made by past generations. It's not racist to want to be able to celebrate British culture and traditions in our own country.

But most importantly of all, it is not racist to want to protect our own very special way of life by calling for an end to any further immigration into Britain.

Whenever New Labour, the Tories, or their friends in the media attack the British National Party, they always resort to calling us silly names to try to smear us.

*They call us 'thugs', yet it is the thugs of the Labour Party who regularly try to harass and intimidate our candidates at election time.

*They call us 'nazis', yet the BNP is totally committed to strengthening democracy, many of our older members are World War Two veterans, and we have Jewish members, some of whom stand as BNP candidates at election times. But whenever they do, they get singled out for 'special treatment' by Labour party thugs and bullyboys. The 'New Nazis' are in New Labour, not the British National Party!

*They call us 'far right', yet our policies of re-nationalising the railways and rejecting GM crops are far more radical than anything New Labour can come up with.

*They call us 'extreme', yet it's Labour and the Tories who are the extremists, taking us into a war that nobody wanted and handing over our sovereignty to Brussels without even asking the British people if they could do so.

The BNP is made up of ordinary people who are fed up with being ignored by the old gang parties. Men and women who want their politicians to put the interests of the British people FIRST!


Subject: defend the West best by naming the jew


Few write to defend our white race and Western culture because left-wing Jews have silenced most would-be defenders by threatening name-calling and job/career loss. What is so frustrating, is the number of mainstream conservatives who have contacted me over the years with GREAT APPROVAL for my essays, yet each one dares not to be so truthful in his/her own commentary. Jews ARE THE CRUX OF THE MATTER of America's ( the West's ) steep moral/cultural decline ( as mentioned before, Zionist Jews control the Right and Marxian Jews the Left in America ). If we rightists are unable to expose and attack them for their evil works, America ( the West ) is finished - is lost indeed!




Subject: sayonara to Staples

No Staples for me

I paid $37.50 plus tax for 10 yards of bubble wrap at Mailboxes Etc. I don't know if this is expensive, but I didn't want to go to Staples. It's a shame though: our local Staples is a great store with all-white, competent, attentive help. ALL WHITE. I guess they aren't willing to put their liberal theories into practice or their whitebread consumer base on the line with diversity hiring.

Ed. Note: We had a Staples here in Kirksville for about a year. It got driven out of business by Wal-mart. Nobody makes cheap but reasonable-quality goods like Chinese slaves.


Subject: the destruction of Europe/Muslims

Is Europe Unable to Assimilate Its Growing Islamic Minority?

Peter O'Brien suggests that liberalism leads to xenophobia when it finds it cannot reshape people to its model of life.

Leslie Evans

"Muslims irk the European liberal because they refuse to convert." "We are none of us tolerant in what concerns us deeply and entirely." Peter O'Brien opened his remarks on the rise of anti-Islamic movements among mainstream Europeans with this quotation from Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He then went on to explore contemporary relations between Muslim immigrants and the mostly Christian mainstream of Europe in a May 24 talk in the Public Policy building at UCLA. O'Brien is a professor of political science at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. His visit to UCLA was sponsored by the Center for European and Eurasian Studies and the Center for Near Eastern Studies. It was cosponsored by the Southern California Consortium on International Studies.

Antiforeign Extremists on the Rise

"A wave of xenophobia has washed across Europe in the last decade," O'Brien said. He cited a poll in which 33% of Europeans described themselves as "racist." And he pointed to the large and growing voting blocs now going to right-wing extremists such as Jean-Marie Le Pen in France, Joerg Haider in Austria, and Umberto Bossi of the Northern League in Italy. "No longer making up a lunatic fringe, the xenophobes now garner a fifth or a fourth of the popular vote. Lithuania elected a Le Pen clone, and a woman Haider supporter in Austria got 47.6% of the vote."

Peter O'Brien dismissed the claim that either economic hard times or a response to 9/11 could explain the hostility to immigrants, particularly Muslim immigrants, in Europe. Unemployment was worse in the 1970s and it did not generate xenophobia, but the xenophobia did begin before Al Qaeda's attack in 2001.

The Liberal Basis of European Culture

O'Brien's explanation is that the European liberal tradition from the time of the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century has rested on a credo of conversion to a common set of secular rationalist values. When it runs into a population that just won't convert, it reacts with hostility.

The doctrine of liberalism, O'Brien postulated, assumed "that all persons properly exposed to liberalism will in due time embrace it. Opponents are expected to convert to the universality of liberalism. The failure of Muslims to convert leads to a loss of faith in liberalism and adoption of illiberalism."

The liberalism that O'Brien sees at the heart of European culture is that of Bacon, Newton, Descartes, and Locke. That is, a faith in reason, science, and a pragmatic empiricism. "The concept of free agency lies at the heart of liberalism. Free persons will necessarily perceive and assent to the truths of these great thinkers." But what if they don't? "Critics were defined away as irrational and unfree."

Because these assumptions permeate European -- and American -- society, much of the instrumentality of the state, including its educational institutions, is devoted to inculcating these values in a system O'Brien calls "technocratic liberalism."

"Opponents' minds needed to be properly molded," he said. But Muslim communities have resisted this. "Muslims irk the European liberal because they refuse to convert, even after generations. They congregate in ethnic ghettos, form their own exclusive organizations. They forbid their children to attend public schools or attend Quran schools to unlearn what is taught in the public schools. They wear distinctive clothes."

Peter O'Brien conceded that there are fundamentalist fanatics among Europe's Muslims, but charged that the media concentrates on these and does not discuss more reasoned Muslim critics. These are of two sorts: those who criticize hypocrisy and a double standard in the treatment of Muslims, and a deeper critique that rejects a nonreligious view of life.

A Double Standard toward Muslims

The first type charges that Muslims do not get the same basic rights and privileges as non-Muslims. O'Brien cited a British Muslim who says, "Islam is never allowed to speak for itself. They see only terrorism, arranged marriage, political despotism." Another asks if the persecution in Bosnia would have been tolerated if the victims had been Christians. Another complaint is that domestic violence is more tolerated by authorities in Europe in Muslim families than in Christian families. Or: "A French woman with a scarf is chic, but a Muslim woman with a scarf is a threat to civilization."

Throughout Europe, O'Brien pointed out, "Christian churches receive generous public subsidies but only in Belgium do mosques share in this." There is also frequent hostility by public agencies to approving plans for constructing new mosques. "There are 13-15 million Muslims living in Europe, but most mosques in Europe are cheap storefront places." Another example is that European laborers get smoke breaks but there are not prayer breaks for Muslims.

The Muslim Critique of Liberalism Itself

The above examples challenge European liberals but not liberalism. Peter O'Brien next turned to more fundamental criticisms. "Some Muslim critics contend that the free market has not liberated human beings but has enslaved them to consumerism. They say Western society has produced unprecedented violence and brutality, that Western man is spiritually empty and alone." He quoted a British Muslim leader as saying that "The Western civilization's highest value is its standard of living, it has no other value," and that "when aid is given to the poor it is only to allow the rich to export more at higher prices." Other phrases in circulation in Muslim communities include "institutionalized greed for mass consumption," "a sexually greedy civilization," and "the Western civilization is not a civilization, it is a disease."

Defining Nonassimilation as a Pathology. . .

O'Brien criticized secular liberalism for framing the discussion of adopting its values as one that has only one right answer. "Liberals focus on things that obstruct the Muslim way to liberalism. Many studies concentrate on migrating from traditional to modern societies. They argue that being transplanted overnight from villages to modern cities leads to disorientation. They see an unnatural defensive reaction from transplantation: 'frozen clock syndrome,' culture shock, psychotic overload. Such analysis divides Muslims and Europeans into two categories: rational Europeans and not yet free and rational Muslims."

. . . and Refusing to Be Liberated

Government policies have been formulated on the premise that full assimilation is the goal and resistance arises from failures to understand modernity. "There have been extensive governmental campaigns to integrate Muslims into society throughout the 1970s to the 1990s. Social welfare programs were expanded to include resident aliens as well as citizens. Some of these went so far as to offer free Islamic education in the public schools to undercut the Quran schools.

"These initiatives assist but do not empower their targets. Muslims are largely excluded from designing programs aimed at them. The Europeans know best what is good for the Muslim immigrants," O'Brien said. If the Muslim immigrants accept the assistance, "they accept the image of themselves as nonliberals. If they refuse they are seen to need further treatment. So many refuse to be liberated. Such resistance alarms liberals. Europeans see differences with Muslims as entrenched and possibly immutable. If they resist integration, their undesirable qualities musts be eliminated. Hence the turn to openly illiberal politics."

Some people in Europe, O'Brien said, have begun to cite the internment of Japanese in the United States in World War II "as a good precedent for dealing with European Muslims."

Four Possible Solutions

Peter O'Brien concluded by presenting four possible resolutions to the cultural split between secular liberalism and Islam in Europe. 1. Technocratic liberalism. "Europe can persist with what is has been doing in the hope of resocializing Muslims. This has not succeeded well for three long decades."

2. Pure liberalism. "They could extend immediately to Muslims full rights of citizenship with the understanding that the Muslims may use such rights to promote illiberalism."

3. Fortress liberalism. "Along lines of Samuel Huntington and the clash of civilizations, silence, sequester them, make them second-class citizens without the same rights as full citizens." O'Brien said this approach would mean embracing liberal Muslims while taking action against those who refused to change. Most advocates of this view also call for suppression of far right and racist Europeans. "The German government seems to be heading in this direction," O'Brien said.

4. Postmodern liberalism. This was Peter O'Brien's preferred course. "It presumes insurmountable diversity where no single metaphysical world view can be dominant," he said. "You cannot convert or contain Muslims, but don't worry about it. A rudderless Europe may not be a worse Europe."

O'Brien refuses to see that the Muslim critique of finance-capital-ruled multiracialist modern Europe as 'spiritless' and 'consumerist' and a 'dead end' is quite correct, and that each of his proposed solutions does nothing to change this; each also leads to the disintegration of Western civilization through the destruction of the culture, the people, and the gene pool which made that civilization possible.


Subject: more on Reynouard, Frenchman jailed for illegal filmmaking

Why a young French rises and defends the honour of Germany

From Vincent Reynouard

I was not far born in 1969 by Paris. My parents are both doctors. My family has not suffered by the war. At that time my father and my grandparents were in Algeria (at this time still a French colony). My mother and her parents lived between Paris and Saint-Jean-de-Monts, a village on the west coast of France. After my knowledge no Angehöriger of my family "has "collaborated" or has belonged the "Résistance". All have made nothing else, than to wait for the end of the war. In 1978 my father mayor of his village and member of the department council has become under republican flag. Today he lives completely secludedly. At home one spoke some of the war, of the occupying, from the freeing. My parents had repeated on these subjects only this what they had learned in the school, namely that the Hitlerismus was a criminal ideology, and that if the Anglo-Americans had not won the war we would live today in the purest slavery. I was educated in a " politically correct " family, and nothing pointed out to the fact that I would be one day a nonconformist researcher.

Vicent Reynouard, the truth about Oradour. The book can be acquired from VHO by which at the same moment the author can be supported best of all as if one with other publishing companies or traders orders.

At the age of 15 or 16 years the suspicion arose with me that one told a lie us with regard to the national socialism. I had found out namely that in the high school as well as on television by the discussion of the history of Germany between 1933 and 1945 the same names and the same catchwords were used over and over again, like "attack wars", "destruction camps", " Nazi's tables horror ", "Auschwitz-Birkenau", "SS terror", "Oradour sur Glane", "Coventry" etc. the history of the national socialism existed only of these catchwords and names which had become symbols: Auschwitz had become the symbol of the " hitlerschen race mania ", Coventry the symbol of the " criminal war of the Nazis ", Oradour sur Glane the symbol of the " nazistischen barbarity " in occupied France!

It seemed to me that this kind of the representation from an easy reason was to be rejected: history pursue, I was to the view, consists in it, the facts, namely all facts which one can experience to examine for the most careful to make to itself a picture which approached in his whole complexity very near the reality. The representation of the history which was content to enumerate a row of name which had been raised in the rank by "symbols" could be in my view only one wrong and biased historiography. If the Germans had won the war, they could have described with such methods her history, e.g., of the French opposition movement as follows: the "Résistance" in France was nothing else than one barbarity, and the symbols of this barbarity hot Voiron [1] and Tronais. [2] now if cannot be denied that the French "Resistance" had in her rows of numerous unprincipled criminals, nevertheless, one can dismiss just as little that there were people near them who were inspired by an ideal which seemed to them noble, and that they risked everything to lead her enterprises so that they did not add superfluous grief to the opponent. The truth was very complicated, like always, and one could not announce them by the fact that one put a few name or some as unumstölich given assertions in the world.

Because I no other information owned as those of the official media, my suspicion could not be confirmed. I was content to doubt in all silence and to keep my questions for myself.

However, everything this one changed suddenly in 1989 with the exposures about the outbreak of the German-Soviet conflict in June, 1941 and with regard to Katyns. I heard often saying that the surprise attack begun by Germany on the 22nd June, 1941 on the Soviet Union was the "symbol" of the " nazistischen aggressions ". One had also told to me that Katyn was the "symbol" of the " nazistischen war crimes to disarmed soldier ".

Now became in 1989 by the book of the Russian dissident, diplomat and high-ranking officer of the Soviet military Secret Service GRU, Viktor Suworow (pseudonym) of the ice breakers. Hitler in Stalin's calculation known, [3] that Stalin in 1941 the attack on the German empire planned. By the fact that Hitler attacked as former he has only preempted Stalin. There, came that in 1990 the Soviet government added officially her responsibility in the massacre of the Polish officers in Katyn.

Within two years two "symbols" had been overturned with it which had survived both half a century. I pulled out of this the end that in certain cases the truth was to be looked in the camp of the National Socialists, and the lie in the camp of the allies. Now one has always said to me, that J. Goebbels the big specialist of the lie was and that if the German propaganda was in the contradiction for the assertions of the allies the truth always lay on sides of latter.

Likewise in 1990 the official authorities of the museum of Auschwitz saw themselves constrained to admit that in this camp not 4 millions had died, how one this since 1945 stated, but at most 1.1 millions. Of course the media and the historians explained that this check changed nothing in the symbolized horror of Auschwitz. Maybe. Still, this also changed nothing in the fact that here again the victorious powers had lied by the fact that she says the figures and writes 260% had puffed out.

From the moment one question no more let go me: to how much other things with regard to the second world war had the winners likewise lied?

To find here the answer, I studied numerous nonconformist works. One day in 1990 a friend lent me two these works which punished the official version of the drama of Oradour sur Glane lies. Become keen [4] Through this very much on the truth, I decided to carry out an investigation for this affair. The results of the inquiries which were carried out with friends are contained in the book the truth about Oradour, Druffel publishing company, Leoni, in 1999. Our conclusion is unreversibly: the official representation, derzufolge a massacre intentionally by a company of the weapons SS has been committed, is false! No! The soldiers of the division " the empire " have not proceeded by chance in this place. No! They are not come in the intention to kill inhabitant. No! They have not killed the women and children in the church. These have been killed by an explosion of an ammunition depot which had been put on by Maquisards in the roof framework of the church, and during the day of the drama for still unknown reasons has exploded.

Here it concerned a new myth fictitious by the winners which has broken down. Again more. But not someone, because this myth was and is the symbol par excellence of the nazistischen barbarity in occupied France.

To get to know with my efforts, this at what I look as the truth, I had to answer to numerous objections. Some explained to me above all: " Do you want with the fact give to understand that the SS has committed no crimes in occupied France? What you make there, nothing else is than the rehabilitation of the Nazis. " In reality I want to nothing at all give to understand. I only prove that the symbol of the " nazistischen barbarity is based in occupied France " on historical deception. If the French want to continue stating publicly that the Germans have laid a criminal behavior to the day during the occupying, they must already show a whole bundle of unequivocal proofs and not the historical lies which became high-stylized " to symbols ". If they manage this, I would have no doubt to say together with all that the Germans have pursued a criminal policy in France between 1940 and 1944 systematically. If, nevertheless, they does not succeed, one must pull himself together to restore the respect of the occupying power, at least if it concerns this accusation. This is only raked, and nobody may rebel against the justice.

Another remark which one heard often was the following: " Nevertheless, it is not about it in which kind the women and children of Oradour have died. Even if you say the truth, her life does not bring back to them and also does not reduce the pain of the survivors. " I answered every time: " If the cause of death of the women and the children of Oradour of low importance is, why do the French authorities hide then since 1944 the real cause, while they give a wrong representation of the facts? And why above all they continue half a century ago protecting the lie, while they forbid all books whose objective consists in restoring the truth? " [5]

This question leads us to the core of the problem. The allies stated that they went in the name of the right and the justice in the war. Now, however, that has which fights for these noble values in hiding nothing - on the contrary. The property is not afraid of the light, it searches this. When Christ taught, he did not hide. He spoke publicly during the hellichten day, on open spaces or in the synagogues.

However, the winners of 1985 have lied. They have lied immensely, in numerous cases. They have lied with regard to Katyn, with regard to Oradour they have lied, about the causes of the German-Soviet war they have lied, with regard to Auschwitz they have lied (in the meantime, from 4 millions at most 1.5 millions have become). Today still they hold a part of her lies straight, and with it nobody tears off her mask to them, they hold back metric tons of documents. [6] you avoid the light of the truth and creep away before it.

In my opinion is this statement of the biggest importance, because she shows that this black-and-white painting, derzufolge the second world war did not tune the fight of the good - embodied by the allies - against the bad person - embodied by Germany of Hitler. At the end of my considerations I had to reach necessarily to the conviction that the national socialism was not the " absolutely bad person ".

One can introduce himself my tormenting question as the young French who had grown up in a " politically correct " family when this conclusion became in me inevitably. All my convictions flowed along. The truth, from now on I was persuaded of it, was concealed from myself for over 50 years intentionally. Now I wanted to get certainty.

The first light in this darkness arose for me by the fact that I had one day opportunity to read the " final report ", which the British envoy in Berlin, sir Nevile Henderson for whom British Legation had written on the 20th September, 1939. Although he was anxious to the national socialism very much hostilely reflected and to justify the war explained to the German empire, wrote this author: [7]

" Numerous social reforms of Mr. Hitler were in spite of her absolute refusal of the personal freedom of the thoughts, the words or actions, exceptionally advanced democratic reforms. The movement " strength by joy ", the measures in the area of the physical Ertchtigung of the nation and above all the organization of the working service, an idea which Mr. Hitler, so he said to me personally, from Bulgaria had taken over are typical examples of a benevolent dictatorship. [...] a big part of the relevant legislation [of the national socialism] will survive in a new and better wide [...] "

This judgment which is to be called absolutely rather summaryy has confirmed my notions. For the first time in my life I read a text in which one spoke with regard to Hitler's Germany of " exceptionally advanced democratic reforms ", from a " benevolent dictatorship " and from a legislation which would survive " in a new and better wide ". Now sir N. Henderson nobody was more superficial to announce from Goebbels in addition paid-up observer, the German propaganda. It concerned with him a British citizen who stood in the service of your majesty. He had spent several years in Germany and as an ambassador had collected numerous information. Consequently his judgment with an easy movement of the hand cannot be taken off.

This statement persuaded me of the fact that the truth about the national socialism was to be found only in documents which dated before 1945. I proceeded in the libraries and read there works from that time which acted from Germany. Except my fight of Adolf Hitler studied I above all the work of flat ares Santoro, in 1938 in Berlin under the title Four years Hitler's Germany. A foreigner reports, new Germany was published, as well as the work of Marcel Laloire, in 1935 in Brussels under the title. Social and economic reforms had appeared. I discovered numerous aspects of the national socialism which one had been hidden, above all his whole social policy unquestionably crowned by success.v Sir N. Henderson had not been mistaken.

In addition, I discovered with big surprise that the Jewish question took very little place in both last-named works, and that one did not speak in it at all of a pursuit, but merely about a legislation which prescribed an entire separation of Jews and non-Jews (the Jews had to have e.g. own schools). In this book from C. Santoro the question of the Nuremberg laws on one side (p. 81) had been discussed except some allusions at one or other place, while the whole work enclosed 336 sides. The remaining parts of the book dealt with the public finances, the traffic and the news connections, the social policy, the youth movement etc.

Bit by bit became conscious to me that the Hitlerismus was no ideology of the death, but the reaction of people to this, as we know today, the germ of the second world war in carrying dictation of Versailles and on the materialist world of mammon, a world which was embodied in the west by plutokratische America and in the east by the bolschewistische USSR. Announcement (for increasing click)

Now these both world views (which of the materialism and of the national socialism) could not exist side by side, because two main causes made the existence of a national-socialist regime in Europe for mammon intolerable:

First of these causes was a geopolitical one: in 1939 watched England, one of the main powers of mammon, over the fact that no land became in Kontinentaleuropa stronger than other countries on the continent, because this would have endangered by the fact that it controlled Europe the British interests. This doctrine which counted since centuries in England was known under the name of the " balance of power " (balance of the powers). Now Germany threatened this balance of the powers by the fact that it became strong politically and economically dangerously. Consequently England had to act. This thesis comes not from me, but from Anglo-Saxon. F.A. Voight wrote in 1943: [8]

" [The balance of the powers] is no doctrine. It is for Great Britain and the Empire the invariable condition of the survival. Tomorrow every power which holds the indisputable supremacy in Kontinentaleuropa can become a ruler over the British islands.

Neither the League of Nations nor any system of collective security, also not the disarmament, can change something in these facts. As soon as the balance of the powers is endangered, all collective systems break down, and Great Britain becomes if it is present not exactly to set, react. Thus this land reacted in 1939. The mechanism of the balance no more functioned, and on the 1st September of this same year, during the day in which Germany attacked Poland the League of Nations was undressed immediately to all his powers held up to now, and after this mechanism had broken down, the second world war broke out. England fought for the preservation of the balance - entirely from this reason and from none other. The thesis valid in general, derzufolge Germany war has led to control the world, is according to our opinion mistakenly. The empire wanted to be a world power, but " a world power his " is something else than " the world control ". England was a world power, however, did not control the world. "

The second reason was of purely political kind. Numerous countries, like France, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Great Britain and even America which ascertained the national-socialist success above all in the social area had to watch how with them nationalistic parties formed which won from day to day in ground. [9] Blinded from the German political and economic miracle which they compared to the repeated failures of her governments fought the men of these parties for the introduction of social structures in her countries which corresponded to those of the third empire. To Italy, Germany and Spain Europe completely got in danger to slip out mammon.

These are both main reasons, which is why this decided to destroy the national socialism. And because it was not possible to destabilize him from inside out, there was only the only possibility of the war. I know that many young readers will squeal here: " Not at all! The democracies have gone in the war to save Poland before Germany which had occured in this land. " If we want to allow to be decided this at first, however, we must put the following questions:

* Why has the British government delivered on the 31st March, 1939 leading declaration of guarantee in Poland to the outbreak of the second world war? [10]

* Why has England risked everything, so that no Polish authorized person appeared to negotiate with Hitler when of these sixteen reasonable and conciliatory suggestions on the 29th August, 1939 had laid out for the solution of the German Polish tiff which should be negotiated with Poland?

* Why has Great Britain torpedoed on the 5th September, 1939 the very last attempt of an Italian mediation which Hitler and France had accepted in the principle, and their purpose should be it to put the hostility by the fact that this German Polish tiff should be solved peacefully?

* Why has England, with France rejected in his wake, the peace offers of Hitler from the 6th October, 1939?

* Why have explained to England and France of the USSR not the war when this, after she had closed a nonaggression treaty with Hitler, occured for their part on the 17th September, 1939 in Poland?

* Why have the allies delivered in 1945 Poland (and other wide areas of the east) Stalin, to a man who was not known to respect the independence of the countries which had got in his sphere of influence?

For all which are of the view that England has gone in the war to save Poland all these questions remain unanswered. In reality the western democracies have reached not to the weapons to save the independence of small nations, but entirely to destroy national-socialist Germany. It does not lack of proofs for this. I state of it only two: on the 11th June, 1940 Winston Churchill closed a meeting of the highest representatives of the allies close to Briare (France) with the words that, even if France should be completely taken, the allies would dispose after all of the means which are necessary, to win and to destroy the national-socialist system. [11] a proof of the fact that one made himself together since beginning of the conflict in secret over Poland amusing. What it was about, was entirely the destruction of the national-socialist system.

In the conference of Casablanca in 1943 Churchill and Roosevelt decided to continue the war up to " unreserved capitulation of Germany ". This decision was from the most long-range and most disastrous importance, nevertheless, it made the empire fight up to the very last. Howard Schmidt, Hitler's interpreter during his conversations with foreign personalities, writes in his memoirs: [12]

" I was deliberate to me immediately [after the allies the demand for the unreserved capitulation had put] that the position of Hitler was exceptionally strengthened towards the German people and his allies thereby, while the opposition which had got just at the end of December [in 1942] by a statement Cianos hearing lost to power. I did not understand less clearly that this demand for the unreserved capitulation of the German opposition had moved inside an exceptionally hard blow [...].

Then I had often to the Italians and also Antonescu if these advised to close peace with the west powers or with Russia, to translate the words of Hitler: " You see yourselves that, if we should try to come to the understanding with one of our opponents we have to expect nothing else than the demand for the unreserved capitulation. ""

Admiral Dönitz explained on his part the following: [13]

" [The demand for the unreserved capitulation] was called that we would have no legal claims with a submission, but would be delivered to the mercy of the winner.

What would signify this, the demand of Stalin in the conference of Teheran pointed at the end of November, 1943 where he required that at least 4 million Germans should be sent for many years as manpower to Russia. [...]

What we possibly had to expect, pointed further the Morgenthau plan which was decided in September, 1944 in the conference of Quebec by Roosevelt and Churchill and which intended the destruction of the German industry and all German mines. Germany should become afterwards a pasture land.

Hence, of face of the demand of the opponent for unreserved capitulation it was for a leading German soldier who believed in 1943 or in 1944 that the war is to be won militarily no more to explain uselessly, Hitler, now he must finish the war and close peace. Since the soldier could have suggested for this to none other as the 1943 and 1944 not usual way of the unreserved capitulation. "

He writes page 424 - 425: [13]

" It was clear that the ending of the war would have signified the death of millions of person of the German civil population and from soldiers of the east front in winter, 1944/45 in view of the demand of the allies for a capitulation without conditions. [...] none of the deplorable refugees from the east would have agreed to be delivered to the Russians, no German soldier wanted to get in Russian captivity. The soldiers would have the order, to stop and to let arrest, not obeyed. [...] none of the leading men at this time could have signed So also the capitulation contract without knowing that he would be broken, but to know also without that with it a big number of German people in the east would have to become leave to her destiny and would have been destroyed - a decision which nobody could take on his conscience. "

On the 2nd April, 1945 when everything was lost, Hitler explained: [14]

" If we should be defeated in this war, it can concern for us only a complete defeat. Our enemies have so disclosed her war purpose that we may dedicate ourselves absolutely no illusions with regard to her intentions. [...] you will not forget her weapons as long, until it destroys national-socialist Germany, destroys, will have pulverized. It is, by the way, the will of the destiny that an unhappy controlled fight will end in a war like this in which two so contradicting world views are confronted with a complete defeat. This fight must be led on both sides up to complete exhaustion, and we know that we what concerns us will fight up to the victory or up to the last drop of blood. "

If the war purpose of the allies had consisted really in producing Poland (and other countries occupied during the war) again fully and completely, they would have acted in such a way, as for example the Germans after the war of 1870/71, while they would have been content to impose an adequate peace treaty on the vanquished government. The fact, nevertheless, that they have not hesitated with her demands to extend the war and to radicalize and they destroyed whole towns in Germany and in Japan by which millions of civilian and soldiers were killed only from the reason because they were Germans or Japanese shows that her real war purpose not the defense of the culture counted, but the destruction of political systems at all costs whose existence and success could not be tolerated. [15]

When in 1945 the weapons were quiet, the winners awoke completely amazed. They had pretended to have fought the esteem and the justice for the culture. Now, however, her crusade was one massacre to innocent. To demoralize the hostile civil population, they reached to terror attacks from the air. Hundred thousands from women and children died on the streets of Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshimas and Nagasaki, teared into pieces by the exploding bombs, as living torches which were lit by gasoline and phosphorus, suffocates in toxic gases, contaminates. Their bodies (or what are left of it) melted with the asphalt of the streets or had shriveled to dried out berbleibseln. In the cellars of the buildings which had become forecastle stoves mixed in big laughters which formed between the shriveled bodies, human fat with molten glass, while millions Germans from the east of her ground chase away, women violates, children and old men were massacred, millions, besides, died. Other about 12 millions which had the luck to reach this what had still been left from Germany were only completely spent and miserable figures.

Therefore, it was also no more enough that the winners, like in 1919, of the defeated persons demanded, to recognize, to have been the aggressors. To excuse the crimes committed with her warfare, it was absolutely necessary to discover even worse on other side. The English and American bombers had to be shown at all costs as the sword of man. The ally no other choice remained. If they explained not solemnly if they were the true rescuers of humanity not with which means also proved always, that they, they were nothing else than mass murderer. [16]

With it we have the origin of the concentration camp propaganda. This assertion comes not from me, but from the American Freda Utley. In her work with the title The High Cost of Vengeance she writes: [17]

" A very important American university professor whom I met in Heidelberg was of the view that the American military authorities when they came to Germany and saw the terrible destructions which had caused ours of all destructive carpet bombings were horrified with the thought that their exposures would lead in the United States to a complete change of the public opinion and prevent that one would submit Germany of the planned treatment because could be woken up for the vanquished sympathy and our war crimes be uncovered. This was, he believed, the reason for the fact that general Eisenhower journalists, to congress people and church men placed at disposal a whole aerial fleet, so that they could have a look at the concentration camps. Besides, it was his intention that the picture which the victims of Hitler offered should remove our feelings of guilt. This measure had succeeded certainly. Up to the today's day no big American newspaper has described our gruesome air raids and also not the terrible conditions under which the survivors vegetated in her ruins. The American readers were stuffed exclusively with the German horrors. "

This is the terrible secret which the winners of 1945 hide for over half a century. The second world war by no means was the fight of the civilization - embodies by the allies - against the barbarity - embody by the Germans, but entirely the titanische rings of mammon who could not endure it that one should have succeeded to people to rise again beyond the "democracy" and to regain his pride. And in this ring mammon has shown his true face, the crude face of somebody who to reach his purposes, does not hesitate to reach to the most inhuman means of mass destruction.

For all these reasons the young Germans to her past no more need to be ashamed. No! Their fathers or grandfathers were not more criminal, than they who had explained the war to them. No! Their hands were not pure less. No! Their conscience was weighted in not stronger masses. These facts are confirmed every time when the another horror story which the winners of 1945 have cobbled together flies up. In 1989 the so-called raid on the USSR has been exposed, in 1990 it was Katyn, then in 1999 these are the supposed 4 million dead people in Auschwitz, Oradour sur Glane. Tomorrow further fairy tales will break down.

Youth of Germany! Lift proudly your head! It is a young French who calls You for it. Together let us justice and historical truth ask.

Since as it already one of the bekanntesten followers Gandhis, Lanza del Vasto, has written: [18]

" [...] the justice and the truth are one and the same. The true justice stands about all, lies in all, is integrated into the order of the things, she rests in herself, she is a God.

The false is doppelbödig and contradictory, and just as the aberrations of the reason gebiert it illusions and idols, phantoms in which the people cling rather than to the truth, and which they torment they tear and they arouse mutually in an everlasting war which is called history. "

Vincent Reynouard is married, father by three children: 6 years, 4 years and 18 months old.

He is an author of both books Les Crimes Libérateurs contre la Paix (the crimes of the liberators against the peace), appeared in 1995 in which he demonstrates to the French audience that Hitler wanted neither the war nor wanted to control the world, and Le Massacre d'Oradour. The UN demi sicle de mise en scne (the massacre of Oradour. Half a century of stagings), appeared in 1997.

In addition, he has helped in numerous other works, how Délire mountain Nurem et Injustice mountain Nurem (insanity in Nuremberg and injustice in Nuremberg) from Carlos W. Porter, Le Mensonge d'Auschwitz par l'Illustration (the lie of Auschwitz in the picture) (different authors), Decaux raconte l'histoire you Kurt SS Gerstein of Henri Roques (Alain Decaux tells the history of the SS man Kurt Gerstein).

At the moment he is an employee in a French-speaking magazine, the V.H.O. France Informations.

His fight for the historical truth has brought something in annoyance and grief in him in France. From 1991 to 1998 he was condemned by French courts 5 times because of " denial of crime against the humanity ". The fines which were pronounced against him amount to more than 15,000 DM. In addition, on the 10th November, 1998 he was condemned to three months of prison because he has spread the Rudolf Gutachten in France in spite of ban of the Minister of the Interior. In 1997 Vincent Reynouard was dismissed as a mathematics teacher, above all because of his book about Oradour. After Vincent Reynouard saw himself constrained to leave France, live he, his wife and his three children impecunious abroad with a friend who has taken up them.

If they want to take up with Vincent Reynouard Kontakt or help him and his family, they can write to him under the following address:

c/o Vincent Reynouard
Bote post ale 60
B-2600 BERCHEM-2


Subject: jews seek global ban on free speech

June 12, 2004

Hi, Melissa:

Re: "UN to hold first-ever conference on anti-Semitism"


Are you able to find all the ILLOGICAL (( Orwellian )) statements in that piece?

Do you ever step back and question your own firmly- held views about, say, the idea "anti-Semitism"?

For example, are Arabs Semites; and are they anti-Semitic to criticize Jews and/or Israel?

Also, how may one criticize anything Jews may do or say without being tagged "anti- Semitic" by them?

Are you able to list the social- engineering policies Jews have applied to American culture these past 60 years, which policies any conservative may be tagged as anti-Semitic for pointing out Jews' hand in creating them?

For example, the architects of both America's welfare state and family-wrecking feminism are left-wing Jews.

Can you name them?

And regarding so-called "Islamophobia," are you aware that attaching the term "phobia" to an opponent's position is a classic propaganda tool for burying the truth? (( ask yourself if Native Indians in America were xenophobic to resist whites' growing power and influence; yet, that term is applied to whites who resist an invasion of clearly ANTI-WHITE people of color )).

Then there is that wall that Israel builds to protect Jews from Arabs, but which idea of wall- building along the Mex- American border is de- cried by wall-building Jews as symptomatic of XENOPHOBIA (( and racism )).

Why aren't Jews in the U.S. calling for the FORCED INTEGRATION of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East, as they had done (( do )) for blacks and whites in America? :

Nearly all of the positions held by the ADL in the U.S. are Orwellian and destructive to good civil society.

Do you see that?

Do you see that--or, as feminist Gloria Steinem had declared on national television several years ago, do you believe "LOGIC DOESN'T MATTER!"?



Subject: on Lynn on eugenics

Eugenics: A Reassessment by Richard Lynn, 2001. Published by Praeger Press as part of the "Human Evolution, Behavior, and Intelligence" series edited by

Seymour W. Itzkoff.

This book is a remarkable achievement because it brings back eugenics at a time when it has already arrived; but no one is admitting to its triumphant return. Richard Lynn has finally announced its arrival and has produced a remarkable work that is complete, a pleasure to read, and leaves no doubt that we are entering a new era: humans are about to go through the most rapid genetic transformation imaginable, and the outcome of this apocalypse cannot even be imagined. Is this just hype like the Y2K scare? Hardly: it is real and it is here to stay and Lynn's book shows just how profound it will be. New human species will be born, and a racial/species war will precede the ultimate victory for those who have the ego-strength to see what is coming.

The Left, led by Marxists like Montagu, Boaz, Gould, Lewontin, Rose, Kamin et al., captured the reins of ideological propaganda and convinced the West that "race" did not exist and that eugenics was pseudoscience. They managed to do this through sheer force of character and the willing passiveness of the public to believe what they were told. Repetition and deception along with moral duplicity allowed these intellectual terrorists to neuter Western society into believing in an egalitarian and false human nature. We are just now freeing ourselves from those shackles that were placed upon us to keep us from challenging the very concept of racial differences and group evolutionary strategies.

The book covers eugenics from top to bottom so I will discuss just some of the most interesting or informative aspects of the book. First, Lynn finally puts to rest the notion that equates Nazism with eugenics and eugenics with the Holocaust. Many scholars have corrected this misinformation, and Lynn summarizes it elegantly. In short, Nazi Germany did not have a sterilization program for the mentally retarded or insane that was any broader in scope than other countries at the time. Per capita, Sweden had sterilized far more people, as did many other Western countries. When it came to euthanasia, there was basically one purpose when beginning in 1939 they needed to free up resources and make room in the hospitals for the war effort. Euthanasia had nothing to do with eugenics. And with regards to the Holocaust, the Jews were killed because they were seen to be behind the spreading of communism and they were viewed as a highly intelligent and capable race of people who would compete with Germany's goal of world domination. So as it turns out, Germany's eugenics' program was never very developed or aggressive: they had war on their minds. Other countries were much more assertive as eugenics was supported by socialists as well as the general public. But to make a case for Marxism in the last few decades, it was very beneficial to link the defeated and hated Nazis with eugenics and racism. When this stuck in the public's mind, radical environmentalism was on its way to being largely unchallenged.

Today, this mindset is still in place. In numerous articles and surveys, different racial groups are compared and typically the status of Blacks is compared to that of Whites, and the disparity is blamed always on racism or the government's failure to act strongly enough to make everyone equal. Never is the point made that different racial groups have incomes equivalent to their average IQs, with Blacks on the bottom and Jews and East Asians at the top. It is always taken for granted that different racial groups are on average equally intelligent, and yet only sociologists and cultural anthropologists still embrace this myth and perpetuate it through the media by routinely issuing new studies and surveys that ignore genetic differences. Lynn shatters the racial equality myth summarizing succinctly what is known today. He even includes a formula for estimating the expected intelligence of your children based on the parents IQ and the average IQ of the general population that the parents belong to.

He also tackles the "if everyone is intelligent, who will mow my lawn?" argument. With numerous examples, explanations, and hypotheses about a future world of geniuses, he puts this conundrum to rest. In short, even geniuses are capable of doing the dishes and mowing the lawn. If highly intelligent Jews can share the manual workload on an Israeli Kibbutzim, then a eugenic state of geniuses can also. I would also venture a guess from the evidence that the only intelligent people who would resist doing their share of the more tedious tasks would be those with the behavioral trait of low conscientiousness. And as I will discuss later, this is the only behavioral trait that probably has no benefit to society and should be bred out of the general population anyway.

Which brings us to psychopathy, conscientiousness and agreeableness. Once we all agree that a eugenics' program should reduce genetic disease and raise general intelligence, the only question left is should we tamper with human behavioral traits? Psychometricians, astonishingly, have settled on the use of the Big Five behavioral factors: conscientiousness, agreeableness, introversion-extroversion, open-mindedness, and neuroticism. Lynn puts to rest, as do many other psychometricians, any notion that the last three have any consequences in the workplace in general. That is, many different combinations of these three factors can be of benefit or a hindrance depending on the task. So Lynn concentrates on the first two that in combination results in a psychopathic personality.

He demonstrates convincingly that from all the available research, psychopaths along with low intelligence are responsible for society's problems with crime, drug addiction, unwed mothers, drug abuse, rape, child abuse, unemployment, etc. These people are the underclass. And they result from the combination of two behavioral traits. They almost universally have low conscientiousness and agreeableness or altruism. (Lynn explains that altruism would be a better term than agreeableness but that term has now "stuck" as the common descriptor for this behavioral trait). That is, people who are both highly unconscientious and disagreeable are pathological, and both of these traits are highly heritable.


Subject: jews hate Christians/stifle free speech

ADL Urges House Committee Members to Reject Amendment Allowing Houses of Worship to Endorse Candidates

New York, NY, June 9, 2004 A measure under consideration in Congress that would enable churches, synagogues and other houses of worship to make political endorsements is "unconstitutional, unnecessary and bad public policy," the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said today in a letter to members of the House Ways & Means Committee.

ADL urged committee members to strip the "Safe Harbor for Churches" provision from the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, saying the proposed amendment, which would create significant loopholes to 501(c) (3) political-campaign restrictions for houses of worship and their clergy, violates the Constitutional mandate of church-state separation.

"The proposed amendment is unsound as a matter of constitutional law and unwise as a matter of public policy," said Barbara B. Balser, ADL National Chair and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "The Safe Harbor for Churches provision threatens the integrity of our nation's houses of worship and political process."

In a letter to members of the Ways & Means Committee, ADL pointed out that the legislation is similar to a previous bill defeated in the House in October 2002. The League's letter raised the following points about the latest proposal:

* The measure is unconstitutional. Current law prohibits all non-profit tax-exempt organizations from participating in or interfering with political campaigns. This measure would exempt only Houses of Worship from certain violations of 501(c)(3), as well as permit their clergy to make "private" endorsements of political candidates. We believe this legislation is unconstitutional because a cornerstone of the First Amendment is that the government cannot prefer religion over non-religion. Furthermore, it would entangle government with religion by forcing the IRS to determine whether a religious leader's endorsement is made in a private capacity. Moreover, given the amendment's dissimilar treatment of religious and secular groups, it also raises significant equal protection and viewpoint discrimination concerns.

* The measure is bad public policy. By authorizing houses of worship a discrete number of "unintentional" political endorsements without losing their tax-exempt status, the amendment could foster substantial and unregulated tax-deductible indirect political contributions. It also raises the unseemly specter of religious institutions bartering votes for the promise of federal funds as well as the possible cancellation of social service grants to punish recipients that endorsed losing candidates.

* The measure is unnecessary. Supporters wrongly argue that, under current law, religious viewpoints are unduly muzzled in the public arena. Houses of worship, like other 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, are currently permitted to speak out on the full scope of religious, political and legislative advocacy; and to actively support non-partisan voter participation and voter education initiatives. Houses of worship, like all tax-exempt non-profits, receive a substantial benefit from the government. As recipients of tax-deductible contributions, it is reasonable to require that all of these non-profits remain out of partisan politics.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's premier jewish hate group, spreading anti-Aryanism through campaigns of indoctrination, spying, and censorship.


Subject: jews hate Christians/Gibson/"Passion"/Emmerich beatification

New Furor Over Gibson's Muse

Vatican's move to beatify anti-Semitic nun draws interfaith ire.

Stewart Ain - Staff Writer

In the wake of Mel Gibson's box office blockbuster "The Passion of the Christ," which sparked a crisis in Jewish-Christian relations, the 19th century German mystic whose writings Gibson relied on for the negative portrayal of Jews is about to become beatified, touching off a new storm of protests. "Why do this when it will be painful to us?" asked Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, who was Gibson's most vocal critic in the run-up to "The Passion." [Ever hear of a jew consider an Aryan's feelings? Jews have sympathy and compassion for jews; for everyone else they have hate.]

The Rev. John Pawlikowski, a Catholic priest and director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, pointed out that the "worst parts of the film about Jews and Judaism are supposed to have come from her writing." He was referring to Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich, who the Vatican reportedly is set to beatify Oct. 3. Such a move is the last step in a process that could lead to sainthood.

Although Gibson relied on the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke, the filmmaker said he also borrowed heavily from Sister Emmerich's book, which presents her own "eyewitness" accounts of the lives of Mary and Jesus, including the Crucifixion. The Catholic News Service reported that Peter Gumpel, a Jesuit in Rome who has championed her cause, said that in making the decision to beatify her, the Vatican ignored her writings. "She is being judged not on the basis of what she has written but, as always, on the basis of her virtues," Gumpel was quoted as saying.

Rabbi David Rosen, director of interreligious affairs for the American Jewish Committee in Jerusalem, said he wrote to the Vatican several weeks ago and received a similar response. He said the Vatican explained that "beatification does not mean that the person was 100 percent kosher, only that the actions attributed to the person are worthy of emulation." "More important is that they have acknowledged that that book that is the basis for Gibson's inspiration ... has nothing to do with the process of beatification," Rabbi Rosen said.

"Does that make us happy? No. Are we concerned about it? Yes, because in the wake of the Gibson movie one would have expected a certain degree of sensitivity on the part of the Vatican as to how it would be viewed," he said. In a letter last week to Catholic Church officials in Rome, the United States and Germany, Foxman expressed "great distress" over the beatification plans. He said Sister Emmerich's visions, as recounted in writings attributed to her, have "fomented hatred and anti-Semitism." And he said beatifying her "could cause harm to Jewish-Catholic relations," especially in the aftermath of the Gibson movie.

Told that the Vatican is saying it ignored her writings in deciding to beatify Sister Emmerich, Foxman said in an interview, "How do you beatify the good and ignore the bad?" Sister Emmerich lived from 1774 until 1824. As a child she is supposed to have received visitations from Jesus and John the Baptist. In 1799 she began to bleed from a ringlet of tiny wounds around her head. Three years later she exhibited the stigmata on her hands, feet and side, and became so weak and ill that after 1813 she rarely left her bed, according to an article by the Rev. John O'Malley in the national Catholic weekly America.

An examination of Sister Emmerich by civil and ecclesiastical officials found no evidence of deception. Six weeks after she died, her body was exhumed to make sure her followers had not stolen it. The body was found to be free of "corruption and odor," Rev. O'Malley noted. It was while she lay in bed that Clemens Brentano, a German poet, sat at her bedside and transcribed the words she spoke during her visions about the lives of Jesus and Mary. Nine years after her death, he published them in a book, "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ After the Meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich."

Efforts to beatify her began in 1892 but were halted in 1928 by the Vatican after questions were raised about whether the text of the book came from Brentano or were truly Sister Emmerich's visions. Speaking of Jesus, one passage in the book said, "His body was entirely covered with black, blue, and red marks; the blood was trickling down on the ground, and yet the furious cries which issued from among the assembled Jews showed that their cruelty was far from being satiated." Said another: "The Jews, having quite exhausted their barbarity, shut Jesus up in a little vaulted prison, the remains of which subsist to this day." Other passages labeled the Jews as "wicked" and "cruel."

The beatification process was resumed in the 1980s, but with the proviso that her writings be excluded from consideration. Her application languished until Gibson said in an interview last fall that her book had influenced his movie. Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, director of interfaith affairs for the ADL, said her writings profoundly influenced Gibson's work, giving him the idea to include Satan among the Jews; to include a scene of Jewish figures brutalizing Jesus and dragging him around with a bag over his head; to flip Jesus upside down while nailing him to the cross; and to make an earthquake that destroyed the entire Temple after the Crucifixion "because of the Jews' rejection of Jesus." "It is possible to present the Passion of Jesus without making it into an anti-Semitic screed," Rabbi Bretton-Granatoor said, adding that the movie made it appear that the entire Jewish community was allied against Jesus when that was not the case.

Rev. Pawlikowski said that if one takes seriously the statements of the Church and Pope John Paul II that anti-Semitism is a sin, they must be applied in a concrete way. "There is no indication that she changed her views, and unless you clearly repudiate her writings you give a halo to all her material, including the anti-Semitic material," he said. Sister Mary Boys, a professor of theology at Union Theological Seminary, said Sister Emmerich's writing "betrays all the prejudices and limitations of a 19th century peasant woman ... [and] reflect a very negative understanding of Judaism."

She speculated that because of the Pope's failing health, Sister Emmerich's beatification is being "driven in a power vacuum by certain right-wing groups." "I don't understand what they were thinking," Sister Boys said. "This is not a book that we want people to read as a commentary on the gospels. It is precisely an interpretation that the Church has been writing against for 40 years." Rabbi Jack Bemporad, director of the Center for Interreligious Understanding in Secaucus, N.J., said beatification is the Church's own decision and "does not reflect on a whole range of Jewish relations. ... Whoever they beatify, they beatify for very narrow internal reasons in the same way whoever we chose as Israel's chief rabbi is chosen for internal reasons."

"I don't think we should get involved in this," Rabbi Bemporad said. "What we should basically deal with is the issue of can they come out with a full and final statement that recognizes Judaism as a valid, living religion so that in no way can they ever view Judaism again as a fossil or something that could be superseded or anything like that." But Rabbi A. James Rudin, senior interreligious adviser of the AJCommittee, expressed concern that if Sister Emmerich does eventually become a saint it will have an impact on the Jewish community "because her writings are really anti-Jewish." "Here is a nun from a fairly recent time and her writings are just filled with anti-Jewish stereotypes and images," he said. "If someone [like this] merits sainthood, it is a damaging signal and a setback for Catholic-Jewish relations."

Rabbi Rudin said he was concerned as well about the timing of the Vatican's action, which will come just a month after Gibson's movie is released on DVD. Philip Cunningham, executive director of the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College, said that aside from her writings, he does not know much else about the life of Sister Emmerich. "She was sickly and bedridden toward the end of her life, and people visited her and were edified by the experience," he said. Cunningham added that he found it "puzzling that someone would be advocated for sainthood on the basis of not a whole lot of information. "I don't see how, at least in the current climate in the aftermath of the Gibson movie."


Subject: jews promote global Internet censorship


In their Decision on Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, Ministers at the Maastricht Ministerial Council recognized the need to combat hate crimes, which can be fuelled by racist, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet. They welcomed the offer by France to host in Paris in 2004 a forward-looking event, fully respecting the rights to freedom of information and expression, on the relationship between propaganda on the Internet and hate crimes.

The OSCE Meeting will stress the necessity of initiating a broad debate on the possible link between racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet and hate crimes, with a view to identifying possible best practices. Participants will include representatives from governments, international organizations, civil society and the Internet industry.

ADL speech suppression experts to testify as "experts"

Two leading American experts on hate on the Internet will be featured speakers at an international conference being convened in Paris by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to discuss the relationship between hate crimes and racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet. Brian Marcus, Director of Internet Monitoring for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and Christopher Wolf, Partner, Proskauer, Rose LLP and Chair of ADL's Internet Task Force, will provide their expertise at the OSCE sessions and in an official side event convened by the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH). Mr. Wolf will deliver a presentation on "The Nature and Extent Between Racist, Xenophobic and anti-Semitic Propaganda on the Internet and Hate Crimes" and will serve as moderator of an INACH session on "Dealing with Hate on the Internet." At that session, Mr. Marcus will discuss "U.S. Perspectives Dealing With Hate Crime and the Effectiveness of International Cooperation."


Senate passes bill to monitor antisemitism around the world

By: MARILYN H. KARFELD Staff Reporter

A bill requiring the State Department to monitor incidents of antisemitism around the world unanimously passed the U.S. Senate last week. Under the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, the State Department would have to compile a country-by-country list of violence, harassment and vandalism directed against Jews and Jewish institutions by November 15.

By increasing public awareness of antisemitic acts worldwide, governments will be better able to combat them, Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH), who authored the bill, said in a statement. The Senate passage comes a week after the conclusion of an international conference on antisemitism in Berlin attended by 55 nations.

The proposed legislation would also direct the State Department to include reports of antisemitism in the International Religious Freedom Report and the Human Rights Report, two existing annual surveys.

The reports would detail specific governmental responses to each antisemitic act. The State Department would also monitor each government's efforts to pass and enforce measures to protect Jewish religious freedom as well as endeavors to promote anti-bias and tolerance education.

The Anti-Defamation League applauded the Senate's passage of the bill and America's leadership in spotlighting the problem. "To fight antisemitism, we must have an accurate assessment of the scope and nature of the problem in varying regions," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL executive director, in a statement. "So many countries lack a formal mechanism to channel information about the problem or to register complaints."

Voinovich said a survey of the scope of antisemitism and annual public reporting will help governments fight it. "Education, strong protections for religious freedom, and an appreciation for the importance of tolerance are all necessary"... "to stamp out this evil."

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