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Glad to see you back! I hope the Jews are frothing at the mouth! The paper hasn't published that letter I sent you yet where I replied to the Rabbi. I've sent it twice. No wonder the Kikes get away with being the only ones heard!



Subject: kill the jigs, free the watermelons

Sitting here laughing at the latest earnest -- anonymous -- letter urging us all to trust no one in the White Nationalist movement. "Don't talk to David Duke, NA, Turner, Matt Hale or any other public figure. Don't talk, period. Just act. Save our race and America by killing the Niggers."

Sounds perfectly safe for Jews to me.

-- a VNN reader


Subject: tracking the wild boolie


Hey driving through the Chicago ghetto isnt all bad. Especially if you need to teach some liberal White an object lesson about blacks. Words of caution about them never resonate stronger than when surrounded.

Not to mention in chicago, they positioned the public housing in the wierdest places. Cabrini Green, mostly gone now, right between near north and lincoln park. Used to take Clybourn from to and from Lincoln Park all the time, right through there. I think Ida B Wells project is there too, still infested.

90-94 runs just west of Robert Taylor Homes. They've been tearing these down, but every trip to or from Chicago to or from Indiana requires driving past 30 story bauhaus nigger-cubicle socialist monstrosities, with fire-blackened faces, and "cages." Those are open spaces with fence links which I am told are beside elevator bays.

Driving on or off the Skyway to lakeshore, a nice shortcut is by "Stony Island." You can drive by Farrakhan's mosque, right at the foot of the skyway. This neighborhood used to be for shit, but Calypso Louie's muscle, combined with the Community Reinvestment Act (ie, bank shakedown law) has made it seem more hospitable to human beings.

As for the really bombed out areas, way off the beaten path of the highways, if you really want to scare the shit out of yourself try taking a bike ride. Hmm, what an adrenaline rush. Kind of like making a dash through the gorilla habitat at the zoo. Well, dont forget your cell phone. I wouldnt want to get a flat.

Racist Whites face no added danger in boolieville. Why not? A, they dont know you're racist, B, they think all Whites are racist anyhow, and C, dont wear your klan get-up and if you're just passing through in your secure, non-descript vehicle-- quietly, quickly and carefully- they'll be too lazy to pick on you.

There's no better way to learn the virtues of the White race than making a tour through the jungle.

Tim K


Subject: cryptokikus benjamima

about the list of crypto jews.

why not just call some of these more despicable persons "White traitors" and leave it at that? Calling somebody a Jew without proof makes one look bad. If there are good sources for some of these, I'd like to know. Some I've heard myself, see below.

But Queen Diana? That's a new one. I doubt it. May have been feckless, but a jewess? Ack, I hope not.

On the other hand, Churchill's partly Jewish origins were a real suprise, which I derived from a note in Irving's second book on Churchill. That is more what I have in mind in the way of proof.

I read Metzger's similar comment on the queen mother, and it was pretty funny. But as I recall, his source was not a historian or ethnologist as I recall. In that update she was said to be a drunk and a fag-hag too.

if Torquemada was a Jew, which I have heard, he was the one mean-assed Kapo because the whole point of the Inquisition was the rooting out of crypto-Jews. I tend to think he must have done a pretty good job of it, for all the invective heaped on the Inquisition and the Church for this incident. Good vocab from this era: "Limpieza de sangre" laws protected "purity of the blood" from "marranos," archaic spanish words meaning pigs, who were "conversos" (jew converts) practicing Judaism in secret. A bigger problem in Portugal than Spain.

The entire "second wave" of conquistadors "once the Indians were pacified?" Then I guess they werent conquistadors. I seem to recall reading a credible report that there were quite a few jews on Columbus' crew, but the "entire second wave?" Most White folk with Spanish backrounds despise the Jews and would get they nezes out of joint at that one.

MacDonald's book "A people that shall dwell alone" is a great source on crypto-jews as I recall.

Tim K


Subject: Quebec

National Alliance in CanadaQuebecer on Race etc:

I was born in the dying days of the Duplessis government. I am what the Quebecois call a 'pure laine' or 'pure race'; a member of what multiculturalists like to call the 'tribe'. Like most of my generation in Quebec, my soft nationalism was tempered by socialism and an almost Pavlovian rejection of racism.

Although multiculturalism was being implemented by the Trudeau government, I still believed that Canada's problems were a struggle between two European people: the descendents of the conquerors and the conquered. I opposed multiculturalism completely, but did not really think that it could gain ground. I suppose that I thought that multiculturalism was yet another trick by the 'English' to impose their vision of Canada on Quebec, rather than a genuine policy.

In 1980, to pursue graduate studies in physics, I left Quebec and began to experience the multiculturalism, which I had once instinctively rejected. In the ensuing twenty-one years, I have worked and lived in several nations, experiencing first-hand their life and customs, including the United States, France, Switzerland, Australia, the People's Republic of China and Japan. My career first took me to California, which was to be my official residence for more than a decade. It was in California, where I first had children, that my political awakening began. For the first time, with my relatively small salary, I was confronted with the public school system. I suddenly realized that my children would be raised and educated according to principles totally alien to me. Like most Quebecois, I had naively believed that the United States was a country based upon European principles. Since the Americans did not have an official multicultural policy, and still talked about the 'melting pot', I assumed that our western heritage would be transmitted to my children as the soup into which everything was supposed to melt. The forces of multiculturalism, however, were hard at work in the United States. A visit to the Berkeley campus to hear insane talks on Post-Modernism, the Fayerabend philosophy of science, and the influence of Feminism on Newton's law of Gravity, convinced me that I had been living in a sheltered environment. In Fayerabend's own words, we must "free science of the dogma of rationality". And indeed, it appeared that society was freeing itself from any kind of rationality!

People must understand that in physics, as well as in other hard sciences, one is largely sheltered from the effects of political correctness. Even in decadent California, physics departments have virtually no Blacks. I have attended conferences with thousands of attendees, where there was not a single black face in the crowd. This is because the powers that control us understand very well the connection between hard sciences and technology: armaments, television, the Internet, the mass media all require technology. Our enemies cannot risk creating department of Black physics, Native American chemistry or Ethiopian mathematics, without jeopardizing the awesome power they wield over the lemmings. We were allowed to pay lip service to affirmative action, while at the same time operating in a European world.

During a return trip to Canada, I experienced the second phase of my awakening: the realization that multiculturalism had been triumphant in English Canada. Multiculturalism had converted the elite and educated classes in so-called 'English Canada', just as it was attempting to do in Quebec. As my colleagues started teasing me about Bill 101 and Quebec's tribalism, they proudly mentioned to me the existence of shopping malls in Ontario where, they maintained, not a single word of English could be found: all Chinese! Their pleasure and pride were genuine. All these people were Anglo-Saxon and White. All of a sudden, I found myself asking them about English Canadian culture and how we were supposed to protect it, how we were to maintain a European culture in their part of Canada. They parroted the usual garbage about Canada being a country of immigrants, without a culture truly its own. This sickness was summed up by a statement by a Canadian academic who declared in Toronto, "I do not really know what Canadian culture is; and if I knew I probably would not like it." For Quebecois, statements implying that there is no English Canadian culture, that Canada is a sort of sponge, are shocking in the extreme. They are shocking because they represent a deep change of heart amongst Anglophones. How can they understand Quebec nationalism and accommodate it if they now deny themselves any similar feelings? In any event, for me the enemy was no longer the 'English' but something more global and more sinister. I was dealing with a new plague, a plague without borders.

On returning to Quebec, I found my home in the middle of the Lionel Groulx controversy. Canon Groulx was an important figure of Quebec Nationalism from the pre-Quiet-Revolution days. High schools, colleges, lakes, and scholarships all proudly bear the name of Groulx in Quebec. So here I was, on an airplane from Toronto to Montreal, reading about the Metro Station Lionel-Groulx and the attempt of B'nai B'rith to force the city of Montreal to rename it. The official reason given by this Jewish organization was anti-Semitic statements made by the late Canon Groulx. All of this had come to the forefront with the publication of the 'Traitor and the Jew' by Esther Delisle, in which she attacked Groulx for being anti-Semitic. She was joined in her crusade by Mordechai Richler and other anti-nationalist figures. Fortunately, in the recent words of multiculturalist Bill 'Pit' Johnson, "Tribalism is rampant in Quebec, especially at the top." Because of this, the francophone press and political elite viewed the charge of anti-Semitism as a Trojan horse. The true target, they believed, was present day Quebec Nationalism, not B'nai B'rith's misgivings about a historical figure.

Unfortunately, most Quebeckers still saw the attack on Lionel Groulx, and political correctness in general, as 'English Canadian', rather than as part of a campaign towards the destruction of White nationalism, wherever it is found to flourish. The attempts to change the name of the Metro station have failed to this day. I was pleased to see articles in the mainstream media, some by Foglia in La Presse, putting the blame directly on B'nai B'rith and on the Grand Tribunal Permanent de l'Antismitisme. Apparently in Quebec we could still say what we thought, knowing that no local court would dare send a 'pure laine' to jail on behalf of a special interest group, no matter how powerful. For how long, however, can Quebec defend itself against forces much larger than itself?

The most important feature of Quebec nationalism, so disliked by the multiculturalists, is the conviction that Quebec is our sole homeland. In 1945, Walter N. Sage, the president of the Canadian Historical Association, said correctly, "The French Canadian recognizes only one homeland - Canada, and one loyalty - to his native land. His cultural background is not ours but he will yield to none of us in his devotion to the land of his birth."

The word 'French' in 'French Canadian' refers to the language we speak and no more. Our culture is grounded in this North American piece of land and has been so for centuries: whether a 'pure laine' is called Claude Wagner, Daniel Johnson, or Claude Ryan, he is a French Canadian in this sense. We are no more 'French' that the francophones in Belgium or Switzerland. So while a Chinese-Canadian can see himself as part of this 'multicultural mosaic', we see ourselves as the canvas on which the mosaic is being applied. Slowly but surely the canvas will become invisible and we will vanish as a nation.v My political journey had brought me to depressing conclusions. I had enough. I gave up completely and decided that only my children's well being mattered. I started to hate my own people and hate my race. So I left for more racist and more nationalist pastures. My children are not Westerners anymore; after years in Japan they are culturally Japanese. But, in a way, they are more like their grandparents than any of their Canadian counterparts: they work hard, they study hard and they live in a crime-free environment. They behave like normal children should: respectful of authority, hard working and capable of delaying gratification. They do not see the 'prom' as the culmination of their high school studies, as their Californian friends would. They know about Virgil, Homer and Marcus Aurelius in addition to Japanese historical figures. How paradoxical that I had to renounce my own culture nearly completely in order to communicate to my children a modicum of Aryan pride and values.

Exile is the greatest punishment for a free man. I never thought I would one day become a 'canadien errant.' My hatred for the forces responsible for my own fate grows steadily every day. I wrote at the beginning, that I did not consider myself a racist. But now, I do believe that race plays an essential part in our life. At the very least, it cannot be dissociated from culture completely. Quebec and the rest of Canada cannot expect to assimilate dark masses of people coming in unless it sets strict limits on individuals that cannot be easily assimilated. The power to 'fit in' must be stronger on these immigrants than their racial tendency to congregate. The multicultural state, however, encourages just the opposite: it reduces the sense of identity and the natural innate racist tendencies of the native population and reinforces that of the alien immigrants. Look at the United States: Hispanic pride, Asian pride, Native pride, all politically correct words! What about White pride? Never utter these two words if you care about your job!

The situation in Japan is not necessarily rosy either. Japan is undoubtedly in a state of economic as well as cultural decay. A book by the dilettante intellectual Alex Kerr, 'Lost Japan', won the 1994 Shincho Gakugei Literature Prize for describing the terminal state of Japan's culture. In Japan, families would rather visit Tokyo's Disneyland or Osaka Universal Studio, than spend a single day in historical Nara or Kyoto. They are completely unaware of the horrible damage this trash culture has done to the West, and will do to Japan. Japan is still better off than Quebec or Canada, however. Thanks to its relative cultural and racial homogeneity, Japan will find the inner collective strength to revitalize itself. We, the non-Japanese minority, are sufficiently small in numbers, and thus must live by the Japanese proverb: the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Would you, my dear fellow white compatriot, dare to say this to the owner of that Chinese mall in Ontario?

Most cultures, white and non-white, when losing their ancestral land or language, through immigration or conquest, perish. There is one notable exception to this rule: the Jews. Their fantastic ability to survive within decaying host cultures is unique. We are not so lucky. Like most races we will die if cut off from our roots. We now face extermination. We must regain control of our societies: it is a matter of life or death. I have not lived my life in total accord with National Alliance ideology, but I now believe that ignoring race is suicidal. Encouraging racial pride in non-white immigrants, while working overtime to denigrate any equivalent pride in the native population, is not only suicidal but criminal. Perhaps the recent terrorist attacks in the United States and the future ones that Canada will certainly suffer, will shake all European Canadians from the criminal grip of our enemies and their multicultural allies, so that no one needs to choose exile as the only way to raise a family free of Hollywood degeneracy and the poison of multiculturalism

Quote of the Month

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." G.K. Chesterton


Subject: Christianity, by Christians


There's no business like Marjoe's bidness

One step up? down? sideways? from muti hoogy-googy.



CPTWC E-list / Number 33 / Aug. 4, 2002

This e-list largely focuses on one race -- Jews -- because Jews are the West's biggest problem. Please send this e-list to a friend.



1 Yiddish word


3 E-list items (topics, in order: Brady Gun Law; No More Zack?; Noble Savages)


Yiddish word:

"tikkun [also tikun] olam" -- a mitzvah [commandment of the Torah] that requires Jews to go out and remake or "fix" the world -- as if it were broken -- to better suit Jews, at the expense of all non-Jews, of course.



"If the Spanish Republicans [Communists - Ed.] were to survive militarily, most foreign aid would have to be delivered secretly through France. Until Blum fell from power in mid-1937, [the Nazi leader] Goebbels often maintained that the Jewish Blum was coddling reds...."

-- of course he was coddling Reds; quote about the 1930s Spanish Civil War/Franco. Note that, once again, a Jew (French Premier Leon Blum) aids the Communists; Jews and Communism go hand-in-hand through history; do not forget that Communism came from a Jew (Karl Marx) and was spread by Jews (the Bolsheviks in Russia). Outtakes from The Historian magazine, online, Winter 1999.


Brady Gun Law: Who Installed It?

A lot of people are familiar with the 1994 Brady Bill -- which is now law -- that created mandatory waiting periods/background checks on all handgun sales in the U.S.

But few know about a more sinister side of that law, and also, who pushed that law in Congress.

First, that law mandates that anyone convicted of a certain MISDEMEANOR crime shall lose his Constitutional right to own a gun for the rest of his life. (Law officers are now exempted from this feature, an unfair double-standard, as if law officers have more rights than an average citizen).

Second, the key people who sponsored the Brady Bill were both of one race: Jewish, i.e. Senator Howard Metzenbaum and Congressman Charles Schumer [1].

In other words, two Jews had a direct hand in violating your Constitutional right -- repeat, right, not privilege -- to own a gun, if you were convicted of a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence at any time previously. That's right: a misdemeanor.

Let's take a look at this law: if you were convicted of simply shoving your wife in, say, 1963, you cannot legally own a gun today in America. And in some states, even "verbal abuse" is now domestic violence, e.g. Texas [2].

Of course, those two Jews were not the only Jews to lead the gun-banning crusade: other Jews also lead [keyword] the anti-gun movement in Congress, such as Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Frank Lautenberg.

One race -- Jews -- has led the assault on your gentile-created rights. In other words, non-Jews gave you certain rights, and Jews take away those rights.

[1] source:

[2] source:


Lack of Zack Is Whack,* We Say v Remember when the FBI's top suspect in the infamous anthrax mailings -- the anthrax-laced letters sent to Tom Brokaw, Senator Tom Daschle, etc. -- was announced? He was Jewish microbiologist Dr. Philip M. Zack.

At that time, some people referred to Zack as an Arab-disliking-Jew who was allegedly behind a conspiracy to frame an Egyptian co-worker at the U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Md.

We wonder aloud: why has this case been kept so very quiet? We cannot remember the last time we heard any real news about this case in the major U.S. media. v Could it be because Zack is Jewish, and that since America is now at war with Arab countries, such information could hinder America's "War on Terror" by re-directing the nation's focus onto Jews instead of Arabs? Could that feature also be why the infamous "Israeli art students" were quietly sent home to Israel instead of being charged with spying on America?

No doubt, we say.

America = Israel II.

*Negro-speak. Approximate translation: "bogus"


Those Noble Savages

We just watched two movies recently that had the same basic theme: that the American Indians were not really savages at all. Yep, the messages said, the Indians were kind, smart, gentle people who were on their way to engineering degrees when those evil White guys came along and murdered them just for sport.

The movie "WinterHawk" (1976) is similar in anti-European theme to "Dances With Wolves" (1990), except the latter movie is much more anti-White. Simply recall Kevin Costner's character saying that he was glad that he killed his fellow Whites. Glad!

Talk to the explorers Lewis and Clark for a different take on Indians. When L & C reached the final leg of their famous journey in 1805, they encountered some Indians with whom they traded goods. The following day, the Indians demanded their goods back -- as was common with Indians back then; hence the well-known term "Indian giver." (Yes, we know about Sacajewa, also spelled Sacagawea, the female Indian guide who aided L & C and who is now on U.S. currency for some "unknown" reason).

Further on that topic, we wonder how Whites "stole Indian land" when the Plains Indians were nomadic people who roamed -- they would set up camp in one place, then move after awhile. Most Indians had no permanent communities per se.

We admit that the U.S. cavalry committed a few cruel acts at times, but still, lies about various Indian/Cavalry conflicts abound -- such as that of the Wounded Knee "massacre" of 1890, which occurred after Indians displayed weapons after ignoring orders by the U.S. Army to disarm themselves; some say the Indians actually fired on the cavalry.

At any rate, regardless of conflicting accounts of that era, the idea that the American Indians were people who deeply respected human life, who were just as noble and kind and honest as Whites is pure bunk, and Hollywood of course knows that.



More information about these racial topics can be found here: (for mild-mannered text): ; ;; (for more aggressive text, with updated daily White news):



Who was Maurice Merleau-Ponty?

Crudely summarized, he is the most outstanding phenomenological philosopher of mid 20th century France. His premature death in 1961, led to his work being overshadowed by public figures such as J-P Sartre, Levi-Strauss and J. Lacan who were all Merleau-Ponty's intellectual contemporaries and colleagues. Also, the rise of structuralism in the 1960s, much of which was influenced by Merleau-Ponty's ideas, led to Merleau-Ponty being associated with earlier versions of Husserlian phenomenology and the neglect of Merleau-Ponty's profound existential reformulations of Husserl's latter thought, reformulations that many believe would have withstood the post-modern and post-structuralist critique of phenomenology. While both Sartre and M-P were strongly influenced by Husserl, Heidegger, Kojeve, Bergson, and Marx, Merleau-Ponty's phenomenological ontology was distinct from Sartre's in that it was grounded in the theoretical implications of Gestalt Psychology, psychoanalysis, and science generally. Whereas Sartre posed a Hegelian for-itself/in-itself dualism, Merleau-Ponty offered an ontology founded on the gestalt concept of figure-ground: the pre-categorical organization of the perceptual world. He strove to highlight the body-world relation, or somatic field, in a way that would bring Western philosophy "down to earth". Merleau-Ponty strove to push gestalt psychology to its ontological conclusions. In other words, he believed that Gestalt theory was more than an extension of natural science but was, moreover, of revolutionary implication not only to physics and psychology but also to the whole of the Western metaphysical tradition. It is unfortunate that M-P's integrative ontology has not been more appreciated by the natural and human sciences to which so much of his thought was addressed.



Dear Editor;

After reading Eileen Eliot's recent letter in your Dahloniga newspaper concerning the National Alliance I feel a reply is in order.

Ms. Eliot's letter is a typical example of media regurgitation. First of all the National Alliance is not capable of nor does it possess the resources to "brainwash" people as she believes. However, the media she so clearly imbides in has been doing so for decades. If we had the ability to "un-brainwash" the White public to stop accepting non whites into our midst, prevent white women from having non Euro children, reinvigorate national and racial pride as it was developed at this nation's founding, and jail all homosexuals for crimes against nature we would do so.

Secondly, LaRaza (meaning 'the race'), a Mexican advocacy group has as one of it's platforms the complete takeover of the Southwest through immigration and reckless childbirth. If that does not sound anti American and bigotted I can't find another example. What does Ms. Eliot think would happen if millions of poor whites swamped Mexico and attempted to change its cultural and racial makeup?

The "evil" National Alliance individual she mentions living in the Dahloniga area is a hardworking family man who isn't listening anymore to the media's lies the way Ms. Eliot does. As a matter of fact, as long as the "evil" National Alliance maintains it's right to free speech and assembly Ms. Eliot will as well. Which in this case is very unfortunate.

Victor Massolini

SE TN National Alliance proto-unit coordinator


Subject: letter to

Dear ipowerweb employee,

If you are a non-Jewish person of European descent, your company's decision to suspend VNN is a poor one.

The people at VNN are the patriots in a coming revolution. One that will halt the genocide that has reduced the American population from 90% White from 1850-1960 to the present 66%. By 2030 we will no longer be the absolute majority. The time to act is upon us! A nation's racial character is the prime factor in its quality of living. Try to remember: Haiti bad, Iceland good, Brazil in between.

VNN readers are not uneducated morons.

We have caught up with the facts that implicate Jews as the prime force behind the extremely rapid decline of European civilization since 1948. Of course, this has eventually happened to every nation in which the Jews have ever settled. Jews usually have to shuffle off at gunpoint or the tip of a sword after 75 years of pushing their luck.

Xenophobia does not produce anti-semites. Natural animal wisdom does. When backed into a corner Kill or be killed says the wolf mother to the pup.

You should be offering VNN all the help you can as to facilitate dispersion of these moral truths to all white genetic relatives. Yes, just as in the first American Revolution, the wars of words will soon be a war of actions.

Now it is your turn to wake up and join the right, white side. When the revolution succeeds you won't have to hang your heads in shame.

Please forward this to your chief executive as well as the employee responsible for the suspension.

VNN reader,

Rex McGee


Subject: Jew Koestler

Arthur Koestler - (1905-1983) Koestler is most famous for his work "Darkness at Noon", which was one of the earliest works detailing the failures of Stalinism. He also wrote a book on the "Khazars", a central Asian tribe which converted to Judaism in the 9thC. His central thesis, that Ashennazi Jews are significantly descended from the Khazars has been refuted by linguistic studies, historical sources, and modern genetic tests. Koestler was not an historian and his work on the Khazars was bad history--the few facts known about the Khazars were fitted to fit his pre-ordained thesis. Reputable scholars consider this work to be an amateurish embarassment (even those who think some "smallish" number of Khazars may have been absorbed into Eastern European Jewry). The Khazar story has become a prism for the viewer. Jews like the 'romanticism' of the Khazar story--a briefly powerful nation whose ruler chose Judaism over Christianity & Islam. Anti-Semites love to claim that modern Jews are "Khazars" for their own twisted ends. The truth is that not a great deal is known about the Khazars and what is known points to the fact that the Khazars had little lasting influence, in any way, on Jewish history or on the Jewish people. Each round of modern genetic tests has put another nail in Koestler's thesis and they have established that overwhelming majority of Jews, Sephardic or Ashkenazic, are of mostly Mediterrean origin--most closely related--as one would guess--to the other peoples of the Middle East like the Arabs.




Check this out:


Cant' wait for your site to get going again!

BiG White



Dear Mr. Linder,

I'm sorry that I never wrote this to you sooner.

I peruse your website every single day, and your comentary is incredible.

I just read the article about the nigger who ate his girlfriend's lungs, and, although totally grossed-out I am still laughing at your "Nigger too lazy to wait for the free cheese-wagon" synopsis. That was positively brilliant!

I used to live and work at the National Alliance, and Dr. Pierce also enjoyed your unique presentation of the news.

Some woman used to complain a lot to him that you were a misogynist, and he had me scrutinize your whole site. I found nothing wrong, not even a single syllable. I wrote back to her (with his permission) and told her to get lost.

Please keep up the good work!


Suzanne Flynn

Ed. Note: Thanks for the letter Suzanne, I'm very glad to hear it. Funny about the cheese: One time I was at my brother's and we were watching some ice skating and they had that blueblack Bonaly bonob ice-prancing, and my brother made some crack about dance of the free cheese at the exact moment the diminutive darky extended its clipper brie-ward, and I damn near had a thrombosis from laughter. Anyway, I'm glad Dr. Pierce was amused, because the whole point of VNN is to pound in his message -- daily. I know he had no problem with the occasional undraped tit because he told me so directly. I told him the first time I met him that what I liked about him was that he played it straight. By that I mean that unlike these kahns & libertarian inchalongs who are forever self-praising and being ickily mock self-deferential and fulsomely self-effacing like yicky three-inch frosting on a nasty cake, Pierce just played it straight with the facts, patient, careful REFUSING TO SWERVE FROM NAMING THE JEW AT THE ROOT. Whereas the self-patting kahns grinned their chummy grins, and always pulled up short at WHY. That's why Pierce will live in the minds and hearts of men who think, while these con clowns are flies of a summer, if you've read your Burke. That's the way it should be done: hard-core, full-bore, relentless as a rabid boar. If it comes to you naturally, be a comedian. If it doesn't, play it straight. Too many fall between the stools, with their wacky kaki-flavored shitwit and weak-tea lecherous English-prof whimsy. SAME MESSAGE, A THOUSAND FORMS. Look how MTV does it, take your example. As for crabby women, they be with us alway. Too myopic to grasp, they gripe. Bent on power-through-manipulation and back-bitching, they make their weary way through the world, aided by the Propasphere that relentlessly informs us She Is Always Right. Naw, she ain't! Begone, dearies! VNN careth nought for your ilk, nor shall we wear your yoke! A good woman like this Miss Flynn here knows what a man is worth -- and knows when to laugh at him when he's full of shit, as all men are. Laughter and fighting succeed, sexes both I tell you, crying and complaining fail. We will eat it all and shit whatz bad and reroof with the good! With the high, hard laugh, we make our way, down the snowy road, to sunlight and victory!



Re: Osceola braces for 'White Pride'


Hey Tim, you slimy little worm, don't you know that diversity is our biggest lie? Your propaganda piece is full of shit. I'll let you in on a little secret: less and less White folks are buying your crap. It's perfectly commendable, and in fact, encouraged by media and government alike, for every race to celebrate racial pride EXCEPT for White folks who founded and built this country. When Whites try to do it, *real* haters like YOU come out of the woodwork and attack them with this disparaging vomit. You label them as "haters" and "White supremacists" belonging to a "hate group". I challenge you to show me where any of these pro-White groups in their literature, websites, etc. refer to themselves as White supremacists.* I'll bet you can't.

Finally, you never fail to dig-up self-hating White dimwits to interview. It's the same old formula. Invariably these brainwashed liberals tell you what you want to hear by denouncing the activities of their racially-aware brethren.

BiG White

*The only supremacists are those of the jewish variety who coined this term (and sign your paycheck).


Subject: global warming

Impeccable source says humans NOT the only culprits in "global warming". If the earth is warming, it's only an instant in "earth time" (geological time). I keep pointing out that the earth was much warmer when the dinosaurs did their thing, so why can't it warm again? In fact there are climate fluctuations that we know of over vast amounts of time. No one can refute that, but they discount it. If we are indeed "between" ice ages, who gives a shit if it lasts 10,000 years or 20,000 years! Like we can predict what the status of humans will be in 10,000 years! I am all for preserving our environment for posterity, but concern for 10,000 years from now is not high on my list of worries!


Subject: fan letter


You're the best! Can't say enough about you. Your "spintros" are incredibly funny and insightful. I find myself thinking and laughing about them for days. Some are indelible etched in my brain. You're really on the right wavelength. Well, enough already. I'll let you go.

You can count on my support. I have been waiting for a real political movement like this for over 25 years.


Larry Edwards

Ed. Note: Thank you on behalf of the entire VNN staff. Immodesty compels me to agree...and to make us EVEN BETTER! I find a hearty mix of swagger and hat-doffing humility before FACTUAL REALITY works well. I do feel a groundswell toward our position. I feel writers out there are less afraid than they were two years ago, and I feel they are more willing to criticize Israel and put jews on the operating table where we can excise that extra organ they carry around in their herzim that makes them lethal, let alone obnoxious, to humans. Death to the Fake Opposition! NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


Subject: White lucubrations


Last night I sat down and had a conversation with the spiritual nature of the universe. Some would call it talking to God. It wasn't a long conversation, but I did look at the world and said that I'm going to go out tomorrow and get the signatures I need to get John's petition on track, and if you (the world) want to make it 100 degrees, want to make it rain, want it to thunderstorm, lightning, hail whatever, I'm going to get those damn signatures.

Around five o'clock this afternoon, having gone door to door in 100 degree heat, sitting in what had then turned into one of the worst thunderstorms I've seen in a while -- complete with hail -- I looked up at the universe and thought to myself: "You think you're funny, don't you. :-> "

But I persevered -- ironically, the story of Job occurred to me (though, again, I am not a Christian) -- and John and I met in Bethesda at 5:30.

Now, it is 11:15, and I am please to say that we were able to collect 101 in-district signatures today, and that we now have at least two volunteers joining us tomorrow at 10:00 for what may be an eight hour petition session where we are going to take down at least 150 more signatures in preperation for filing on Monday.

For those who don't know, 607 of our 1114 signatures were thrown out by the Board, and 507 out of 677 needed were validified. We need 170 good signatures on Monday to make this happen. We are going to file between 250 and 300. It is going to happen.

Now let me say this. There is a lesson here. The lesson is that God hates the weak. Even the Catholics know this. Let me explain:

Hatred of one's self is the root of lack of confidence. Lack of faith is the root of fear. If one has faith that being good and truthful is sufficient to give one a good life, and one loves one's self and wishes a good life for one's self -- meaning a life dedicated to doing the right thing -- then nothing can harm you, and nothing that is within human powers can escape your achievement. Not believing in one's self -- actively denigrating and doubting one's self -- is Wrath and it is a deadly sin.

Furthermore, laziness and lack of physical ability to perform tasks that require discipline are the sins of Sloth and the product of the sin of Gluttony. The reason I end up in charge of things is because when it comes to a choice of sleeping until noon or going out and walking three miles door to door in 100 degree sun, melting into a puddle in the process, smelling like crap and dry-heaving from dehydration, I choose to walk in the sun. There are others like that on this team; it is those of us who are most successful. Even if you are brilliant, if you don't go out and sacrifice yourself physically for your goals, you cannot achieve anything of value in life.

There is more I could lecture on, because I like the Catholic idea of sin -- it derives directly from the ideas of fellows like Marcus Aurelius, who said, on issues like Sloth, that is immoral to spend the day in bed when duty calls one out of it, and who said, on issues like truth and goodness, that no man has anything to fear in life since no one can lose anything but his goodness, and the ability to preserve or lose such a thing is dependent solely on the individual's own will.

Anyways, it is those principles which got me through the day today. I hope there are those of you out there who will take them for your own, and page me tomorrow morning, so I can tell you where we will be at 10 so you can meet us. Everyone -- even if you are volunteering for the Bassett or the Lancaster campaign, should be there. There is no rule against you carrying two petitions!

We need you. We need 69 more good signatures. I'd like to have 200 more total. If you folk don't show up, we are going to let the Democrat have a buy, and we should never, ever give that to them.


PS: Three things in brief:

1) I was physically assaulted while doing this today. It did not go well for the assailant, and he was dragged away by several onlookers, several of whom ran up to sign saying "that performance earns you some signatures." I've give folk some details on this later. This is the third time I have been actually assaulted while petitioning this campaign season. Personally, don't be worried for me -- I don't worry about these things.

2) A woman took me aside while petitioning today, and told me that she had worked for the FBI to put the fellow who is currently the leading Republican seeking nomination for Baltimore County Executive in jail for smuggling in stolen precious metals in the 1980s. She gave me a lot of details, and said the Washington Post had done a front page story on it (the date is out in my car). I am currently investigating.

3) I have not yet issued the boycott notice, because I have not been home all day. It has been expanded on slightly, and will go out hopefully Sunday, when I will put it on the website. I want everyone to know, as well, that I am serious about this. If a debate goes on, and you are an independent and you are not invited to participate, or if someone does a major article and they don't include something about you, then we need to have some TRT-styled pickets and demonstrations.

Someone did ask me if I ever had encountered a non-Jewish organization that excluded a candidate from a forum, and I have only encountered that once -- a crazy old guy with some retired federal employees union I can remember calling me on the phone and telling me that since he hadn't read about my candidate in the Washington Post, therefore my candidate didn't exist and I was lying. When I offered to fax him news articles, he got even more agitated, and claimed that no other papers existed than the Washington Post. So I did once encounter someone who, taking the word of a Jewish-owned newspaper, did exclude one of my candidates from a debate.

I will append a list of exclusions I am aware of to my official statement.


Subject: Indians like weeds

Indians are like weeds, says Fiji minister

Suva, Aug 3

A Fiji cabinet minister who likened ethnic Indians to "weeds taking up space" this week came under fierce attack from politicians, Fiji's ethnic Indian community and women's groups.

Minister for Women Asenaca Caucau made the remark in Parliament and Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's silence over the issue has not helped his government's image.

He says any action was up to Speaker Epeli Nailatikau. "He decides whatever goes in the house and I have left the matter with him," Qarase said.

Race relations are tense among Fiji's 830,000 people, 51 percent of whom are indigenous Polynesian or Melanesian, while 44 percent are ethnic Indian.

An Indian-dominated government was overthrown in a coup in 1987 and the first Indian Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, was overthrown in a 2000 coup.

Caucau told Parliament Monday that Indians were like weeds taking up space just as they were doing globally. She was speaking in Fijian.


Subject: They know where we are!

Dr. Pearce didn't die. He just retired from his job with the FBI. That is why there was no body, no funeral, no death certificate.

The whole NA thing was just a front used to covertly collect information about potential right-wing dissidents. David Duke is an informant for the FBI too. He supposedly is in "Russia", but I think this is another FBI retirement plan. Duke will be eased out and another flunky, perhaps Hal Turner will be positioned to continue to serve as the FBI's right-wing lightening rod.

As for Pearce, his first wife told several co-workers about Bill's FBI connections back when she taught at Mary Washington College. This necessitated her transfer from Mary Washington and Pearce's move from D.C. to West Virginia. The operation will go on without Pearce, but now the FBI has a new "front man" in Hal Turner. The way Turner's operation works is that when people log on to his website they are tracked by the FBI's carnivore system. Turner is keeping an archive of all calls to his web cast for review by the FBI's counter terrorism team. Also, regarding his "webcast" Turner claims listeners in the "200,000" range. However, if you do the math the bandwidth to supply that many people would cost millions. Turner's "program" rarely has more than twenty callers and they are usually the same guys. If you doubt this, just listen for one week and write down everyone who calls. Additionally, Turner will not take blocked calls. Why else would he be so eager to record who you are, where you are calling from and want to record your phone number as well? This Turner thing is a classic sham, sting-type operation to collect data. Do you recall how much fun the cops have when they get to play bad guys while they trap the drug dealers or the burglars trying to fence stolen goods? They put on quite a convincing show and laugh their asses off while they trap their targeted prey.

Now Hal has offered to host the VNN site. How benevolent.

The best tactic for racialists to use would be to act independently, like Eric Rudolph. Tell no one your plans, take out you target without emotional entanglements, or unproductive showmanship. Take the bastards out coldly and efficiently then quickly move to another area and your next target. Don't talk to David Duke, NA, Turner, Matt Hale or any other public figure. Don't talk, period. Just act. Save our race and America by killing the Niggers. Kill as many as you can as fast as you can. Each man act independently and tell no one of your actions, plans or past accomplishments. No federal agency can stop you as long as you act independently and do not disclose plans or past work to anyone, especially public figures like Turner, Hale and Duke. Now is the time to kill the enemy within our borders. Independent action is the only way. Let's roll!


Subject: fine sentiments


Regards,redneck Todd



I am new to your website. I have been reading your articles for about six months. I have learned that Dr. pierce's ideas on how to achieve our goals is directly related to this site. Please stay with the format you have here. It is first class and not too in-your -face. This is what attracted me to your site. I have gained a lot of knowledge that I would not have. If your site was like others I would have surfed by and wrote you off as a bunch of rednecks. You have made a turning point in my life and my families. I thank you. Keep up the great work. I will be donating as often as I can.


Subject: Kevin Kikener

And I will defend the Thousand Year Reich with the last drop of my blood and those of my children... as long as I don't miss Seinfeld.




Those of you who've read KMac's CoC are familiar with his drop-kick-to-the-thorax-critique* of "The Authoritarian Personality." Here's an online sample of the F-Scale test...


Yeah, I said it. Some among us may praise the virtue of "detachment and objectivity" for its own sake. IMHO, that's for fictitious folks on mountain tops, not men and women in the midst of an IV drip genocide. Perhaps I'm guilty of practicing an intrusive hermeneutic, forcing the "objective, detached" text to speak directly to a personally relevant, politically pragmatic reality, but I read KM's work as a full-contact sport. Objectivity and detachment, professional tone and academic rigor, these are not its virtue but its vehicle. They do not preclude explosive emotion and volatile active: they provoke it. Any gentile with blood in their veins sees through these rhetorical tools, these carefully ground lenses, to what is clearly revealed through them with finely focused white-hot intensity: a heinous crime, a premeditated mass-murder with malice aforethought in progress.

Valuing such a work "in itself," for its theoretical precision and intellectual rigor, while denigrating those who seek in it or leverage it toward a form of praxis, misses its point entirely. For such an appreciation to have any meaning whatsoever presupposes the continued existence of an audience able and/or willing to value it in this way. But precisely what the work foretells is the intentional, imminent disappearance of that very audience. To read the trilogy as anything but a call to war is to not "read" the trilogy at all. Of course that's just my opinion... I could be wrong...



Subject: Rick Desper

Re: Rick Desper

Rick Desper's friend wrote:

"I'm sure that everyone remembers the young man who was assaulted by an alley full of jewish and mongrel thugs in York, Pennsylvania, this January. For defending himself and attempting to escape when he was assaulted inside his pickup, Rick was sentenced to two years in prison, which he is now serving. This is a personal friend of mine and a brave warrior for our White race, please drop him a note of encouragement when you get the opportunity, I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from us."

Please fill us in on the particulars. How, o' how could someone be sentenced to two years in prison for fleeing an angry mob in fear of his life? An angry shouting mob that has just surrounded his vehicle, broken its windows with the intent to pull out the driver and beat him up severely or possibly even kill him? At least that was the story I recall reading. Didn't this man have the right to self-defense of any kind? The reason I'm so bent out of shape about this because it could easily have been me, or even YOU who are reading this! Like hell I would sit still while those vicious Assholes, Rejects and Agitators are beating on my car, breaking its windows and attempting to pull me out! That pedal would have been to the metal in no time flat! WTF is going on in this country?!!!

Also, I'm wondering about the competency of his lawyer. How come he didn't request a bench trial if he even suspected that the jury would be comprised of biased, vindictive minorities? Un-be-fucking-lievable!

What a travesty of justice!

BiG White


Subject: every jew a pearl beyond price

Free "Victims of Arab Terror" poster! A new low, jews leveraging victimhood to their advantage!

(tee hee)


Subject: reaching the sheeple

lol Funny you should talk about whiny jews and their agenda. My biggest beef is that White Racial Loyalists just go to chatrooms and message boards and talk amongst each other. Camaraderie is good but they also need to get out there and reach the sheeple, the Stepford Wives, so talking amongst ourselves isn't getting it done. I surf the web and just look for places to post and chat. Found this website where you play games to win real money and there's chat. They have chatrooms for everything, politics, pets, health and fitness, makes no never mind to me, once I stir them up in politics, I just move over to the next subject. lol I wander in and out of the different rooms and just look for an opening to do my thing. They did ban me when I got into it too heavy with a mud and some heavy-duty name-calling went on when it didn't like my free speech. lol But I just signed up under another name and went back. Well, tonight was kike night for me, laid it on about isn'treal, and some kike was in the room started whining and carrying on, but I usually get a lot coming to my side in agreement, in this instance they all ran to the kike and was was a bitch and fuck me, get out, turn here into Pogo, etc. Well, as usual the kikester had no defense and I'm sure that the 37 people in that chat were not all on the kike's side but saying to themselves, "I didn't know that about the jews." Not one counter-argument, just name-calling. So I told it, "Typical jew, when you've got no argument, or when somebody criticizes one of you piece of shit chosen ones, you resort to name calling. And with that I bid you all shalom and DEATH TO ISRAEL!" Poof I was gone. LOL

The best night I had was when I attached the muds, OMG, the people who came out in agreement. "you're so right, they are turning our cities and towns into war zones." And the muds of course would attack me but so many people would say, "Good for you, for telling it like it is." You have to say stuff like, "Why would you want to put out the welcome mat if they're going to bring crime? That's why Whites don't want blacks and hispanics in their towns." Anyway, I should arrange to have somebody meet me there and start up a chat like we didn't know each other. People usually come in and ask where everybody is from and stuff. I just usually get the subject around to it by where they live. Cincinnati and LA are the best cuz of the riots. jew york gets me into jew mode. lol If I open one person's eyes a day, I've accomplished something.

Well, hope all is well. I'm still sick about Dr. Pierce. I'm going to miss that Friday night radio show so much. You guys have a great organization, I know you will carry on.

Sieg Heil! :-)




The name of the country now expelling its farmers is Rhodesia, not Zimbabwe.

Rhodesia was built by Whites and torn down by niggers and jews, to be renamed something pronounced by ubanges with plates in their lips who talk as if they have shit in their mouths.

A. Ellis


Subject: half-jews


Subject: Is Christianity an Aryan religion?


I'm not sure where I read this thread; I believe it was in NNN, but the comment was made that Christianity is an Aryan religion.

I beg to differ

First; Christianity was born in Palestine 2 millennia ago by the followers of that jewish carpenter. His apostles spread his teachings (propaganda) all over the near east and west, drumming up support for this alien thinking. At the time, a popular form of Persian mythology was making inroads into Roman society and was a competitor to the new cult. This cult, not as semitic, but an eastern religion, was Mythraism. Mythra son of Mandrake was born of a rock in Persia. Sounds very familiar, doesn't it?

Second; Rome was battling the forces of the TRUE European faiths. Beliefs that originated in Europe and western Asia and had nothing to do with any semetic religions. Until the Roman Empire was on its way to becoming Christian, it could not hold off or conquer these fierce warriors. As the first millennium aged, the semitic forces in Europe finally murdered the old European ways and forced conversion to this alien cult. As with all European Royalty, they embraced this culture on advice of the jews they held in their courts. Charles Martel and Charlemane were two good examples. Later, The Hansiatic League became a well know gathering of jews. By that time, Europe's true religions had all but vanished.

I could go on, but it should be obvious that Christianity, like it's parent religion, and Islam are all semitic in origins and alien to the western European. The resurgence of the "OLD" religions in recent times is due to the Europeans' displacement by these semitic cults. The warrior in us must be resurrected.


Ed. Note: Am I the only one who suspects Jesus was probably an incompetent carpenter?



"I am distressed to hear about the latest suicide bombers in Israel," Bush told reporters before teeing off for a round of golf...



Subject: White campaigns

This is going to be a short note, as I am in so much physical pain from exhaustion I can barely sit here comfortably.

We did it. We gathered 240 good, in-district signatures out of 170 required. We also over gathered about 50 signatures that were not good that we struck from the petition before filing. We did something I wasn't sure we were going to be able to do.

I want to thank the following people:

John Latham
Mike Petrie
James MacArthur
Rose Coglilio (forgive my spelling, because I have spelled her last name wrong, and am to tired to go downstairs and look it up.)

Rose is a former Connie Morella campaign staffer -- she used to work in Connie Morella's office on the Hill. We met her petitioning. She fell in love with our campaign almost immediately. She is now volunteering to help us work the fair. She did a better job petitioning in an hour and a half (30 signatures), than many of our folk do in a whole day. I am impressed and incredulous.

We had a real rough day today. There were two other petitions -- Green and the Basset one -- being circulated, and the Democrats had also lined up in Bethesda and were distributing literature for their primary races. We had the police called on us twice -- once by the (Jewish-owned video chain) Blockbuster, who stated they didn't want petitioners on the sidewalk outside their store, and once by some angry, old, again apparently Jewish fellow who, after I told him John was pro-gun, told me I was "ruining Bethesda" with my "politics of hate." In both instances, the police officer who responded (who is a former student of John's), took our side and told the complaining individuals that the police have no authority under the law to interfere with electoneering on public sidewalks or in public squares and parks -- which is correct.

So that was today. 240 signatures, and some news volunteers. We'll see how things go in the counting -- but even if they determine the petition is short, that is not the final word on the issue (I have at least four more angles left to play on this if this one fails).

Things are good. I'm more tired than I've been in a long time. I'll talk to all of you later.



Subject: Steele article

Neolibs and the New World Order

by Edgar J. Steele

August 3, 2002

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." -- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 1591

"Flowerbelle Lee, What a euphonious appellation." -- WC Fields to Mae West, My Little Chickadee , 1940

One thing seems certain regarding George "Dubya" Bush's legacy: he will go down in history as having been the first US president to unite the American Left with the American Right. Against himself and his globalist handlers, that is.

Suddenly, I'm getting some of my leftist friends back, as they see me rail against the fascism now snaking its way through socialist America. They seem to think I have had an epiphany and become a liberal, once again. Maybe they are right, because I surely am no conservative, at least not in the mold now being blessed by the American media and government.

In fact, "conservative" is becoming a dirty word for me again, just as "liberal" has been for so long now.

Most of those who see themselves as being conservative don't seem to be paying very closeattention, however, because they still line up behind Bush, noting that, "He's our President,after all," and, "...a Republican, don't forget." They are taking the easy way out andforgetting the motives that made them conservative in the first place.

The term "conservative" has been hijacked, much as the word "liberal" was hijacked so long ago by socialists-cum-communists. And by the same people that did the hijacking then. They have reinvented themselves once again. That's why some have coined the term "neoconservatives," so as to differentiate the new Republicans from themselves. They now tend to think of themselves as "paleoconservatives."

Used to be, liberal meant that you stood for individual rights, liberty and freedom. Conservatives stood for business as usual, low taxes and hypercapitalism. Used to be, Republicans were the liberals.

Many forget that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Lincoln singlehandedly caused the South to be Democratic for nearly a hundred years, in kneejerk reaction to his apocalyptic war of aggression against the South. Republican became synonymous with Yankee industrialist.

As an outgrowth of the civil rights movement of the sixties, liberal interests became overrun by the control freaks that implemented the welfare state and entitlement mentality now rampant throughout America. They morphed into the anti-war movement of the Viet Nam era.

I was among the very earliest members of the Libertarian party back then, which was an attempt to rebirth individual rights and liberty. I recall how quickly it was taken over by the malcontents and Marxists of the antiwar movement, as was every independent movement. True Libertarians will dispute this and claim they are the only viable alternative, even today, but they continue to delude themselves. That was why I left, though I still considered myself Libertarian by philosophy, save only the open trade aspects, which clearly do not work (come on...just look at the results of NAFTA!).

Liberals today are synonymous with Democrats and virtually indistinguishable from Communists. Republicans are the new socialists. Indeed, the labels blur, because both parties are really the same and support fascism under Bush. Don't forget that Hitler was a socialist, by the way (Nazi...National Socialist).

Now you can see why I manage to enrage everybody. I didn't leave out very many in my name calling so far.

But, in fact, I left out the majority...the vast silent majority in America today, which stillfavors individual liberty and freedom. They are the ones I really stand up for now. Most of us literally no longer vote, either because we don't understand what the candidates stand for (and therefore won't support any of them) or because we do understand what the candidates stand for (and therefore won't support any of them).

We have no real label any more. There is a reason why those who have hijacked America today adopted the old labels, just as Indians wore buffalo skins so as to get close enough to the herd to bring down dinner.

Many of us become confused and think we really have someone out there representing us, due to the old labels. We don't, of course. Talk about taxation without representation!

We need a new label, one that conveys the correct mixture of idealism and support for personal liberty and freedom. One that borrows a little from every disparate group now bound up in this common cause, which includes so many Christians and freethinkers and academics and capitalists and students and professionals and union members and housewives on.

For a while now, those of us who have been speaking out against the growing tyranny in America have referred to ourselves as "the movement," the generic label so often taken in the early stages of any revolutionary groundswell.

Many of us in "the movement" believe that we are exceedingly small in number. We are not. It is only that an exceedingly small number of us are wise to the interlopers. We need to awaken the others to the buffalo-skin-wearers amongst us.

In the spirit of continual recycling, we could adopt the sole remaining old label not yetrecycled in this modern era: liberal. But, we need to twist it just a bit so as todifferentiate ourselves from those most recently bearing that label.

"Neoliberal" would work just fine and, until someone comes up with something better, that is what I henceforth choose to call myself.

As a neolib, I advocate:

Supporting absolute freedom of speech, religion and choice in all things.

Breaking the backs of big government, big business, big unions, big media and control freak groups of every stripe.

Favoring minimal government intrusion into private affairs and local control of local government for those intrusions. If you don't like the way things are run in one place, there will always be some place in America to which you can turn, unlike today.

Complete revamping of the legal system, particularly the judiciary, and release of all political prisoners and those convicted of victimless "crimes."

Supporting personal privacy, most particularly the sanctity of the family.

Stopping - indeed, reversing - the tide of illegal immigration.

Opposing the welfare state and the handout mentality.

Eliminating favoritism of all sorts. Equal opportunity for all citizens, not equal outcome.

Seeking reduction of the federal government to the role outlined for it in the Constitution.

Replacing the Internal Revenue Service with a universal sales and use tax, collected at the local level.

Extraction of America from the affairs of all foreign states and the elimination of all foreign subsidies. Ejection of all foreign troops from America.

Opposing government manipulation of economics, including the stock market, banking and the money supply.

And that's just off the top of my head...let me think on this for a while and I could come up with a much more comprehensive agenda.


Ed. Note: Interesting, but wrongheaded. There's no basis for sustaining a resistance to the Jewish Tyranny except an overtly racial one. We aren't neoliberals, we are Whites. Not pro-Whites, just plain Whites. THAT is the winning basis of resistance to the Jewish Tyranny. Note to Steele: you are a good writer and speaker, and you do fairly give voice to a body of newly awakened Whites. But you're hardly the first down this path, as I sometimes whiff from your writing. There's a huge and august and ancient body of literature out there dealing with the problems we face AND THE 'WHY' that you ought to stock up on and pay homage to in your writing, rather than inventing something confusing and sidetracking like 'neoliberalism.' You've named the jew -- The Test -- now don't retreat, keep moving forward. That is where the danger and the chance of success lie. That is where the leadership is needed.



Dear Urban Legends Research Center,

Anti-Jewish political activists are persistently claiming that only 4 Israeli nationals died in the World Trade Center attack. This number was gotten from a New York Times article on September 22nd, 2001, in which Alon Pinkas, Israeli consul to New York is quoted as saying that 4 Israelis were killed in the attack. However, the Jerusalem Post reported on September 12th, 2001, "4,000 Israelis missing from vicinity of World Trade Center." There was also a Fox New report by Cameron Crowe that has a quote, "US investigators believe Israel may have had foreknowledge of the September 11th attacks" (I can send this article to you if you want.

Neo-Nazis and racists have had a field day with this Here is an excerpt from a David Duke article at

Evidence of Mossad Treachery in the WTC Attack

The day after the attack on the World Trade Center, the Jerusalem Post, the most respected and famous Israeli newspaper in the world, reported that 4000 Israelis were missing in the attack on the WTC. The Foreign Ministry compiled the number from Israeli relatives, who in the first few hours after the attack, contacted the Israeli Foreign Ministry and gave the names of Israeli friends and relatives who worked in the WTC or who had business scheduled in it or its adjacent structures. Even without seeing the article in the Jerusalem Post, logic alone would tell you that there would be many hundreds, if not thousands of Israelis in the World Trade Center at the time of the attacks. The international Jewish involvement in banking and finance is legendary. For instance, two of the richest firms in New York are Goldman-Sachs and the Solomon Brothers; and both firms have offices in the Twin Towers. Many executives in these firms regularly commute back and forth to Israel. New York is the center of world-wide Jewish financial power, and the World Trade Center is at its epicenter. One would naturally expect the Israeli death toll to be catastrophic. The Jerusalem Post certainly thought so on September 12, 2001. Here is the beginning of its article:

Thousands of Israelis missing near WTC, Pentagon

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack. (The headline and first sentence of the Jerusalem Post article) 33

When George Bush made his speech before Congress, it turns out that he made a significant error other than saying that the WTC attackers did it because they "hated freedom." Bush made a point to say that in addition to thousands of Americans, 130 Israelis died in the WTC. The implication was to say that Israel shared in our suffering, and that we and Israel are in this thing together. Upon hearing the number of 130 Israeli dead, it seemed suspiciously low to me. If 4000 Israelis were at the WTC and the WTC death toll was about 4500 (about 10 percent of the 45,000 people normally in the buildings at that time), the Israeli toll should have statistically been around 400 and not 130.

As a place for doing business and for employment, the world Trade Center was not a minimum wage or a MacDonald's kind of place; it had highly paid, high tech and high level jobs and executive positions primarily in international finance, banking and stock trading. I asked myself how there could be only 130 Israelis dead, while there were an estimated 199 dead from Columbia and 428 from the Philippines?

In previous articles I wrote on the September 11 terror, I did not allude to these suspicions, because I have always taken pride in not writing anything I could not firmly substantiate. But, while researching this article on Israeli terrorism against Palestine and America, I discovered the most shocking fact I have ever run across in all my years of research and writing. I discovered a simple fact that has enormous ramifications in regard to the September terror attack.

Searching through hundreds of articles trying to track down the true Israeli death toll, I found a New York Times piece that clarified the precise number of Israelis who died in the World Trade Center attack. It turned out that of the 130 Israelis President Bush claimed had died in the World Trade Center, 129 of them were still alive. Only one Israeli had actually died. I was incredulous. "Good God," I said to myself, "only one Israeli!" Here is the pertinent excerpt from the NY Times:

But interviews with many consulate officials Friday suggested that the lists of people they were collecting varied widely in their usefulness. For example, the city had somehow received reports of many Israelis feared missing at the site, and President Bush in his address to the country on Thursday night mentioned that about 130 Israelis had died in the attacks.

But Friday, Alon Pinkas, Israel's consul general here, said that lists of the missing included reports from people who had called in because, for instance, relatives in New York had not returned their phone calls from Israel. There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried. (New York Times, Sept. 22)34

The very low death toll of 130 suggested that a number of Israelis at the Trade Center had been warned before the attack. When I found out the truth that only one Israeli had died, there could be no doubt that there had been a prior warning for many Israelis. Having only one Israeli casualty among the 4500 dead at the WTC is simply a statistical impossibility. Even if the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Jerusalem Post had grossly overestimated the number of Israelis in the World Trade Center by say 3,000 (400 percent), there still should have still been 1,000 Israelis there at the time of the attacks. Again, even if only a few hundred Israelis were present at the time of the attack, only one Israeli death occurring there is statistically absurd. Either September 11 had to be a big Jewish holiday, or a number of Israeli citizens had some advance warning of the impending attack.

Prior Warning to Israelis

The next thing I researched was to see if there were any confirmed warnings to Israelis prior to the attack. I quickly found an article in Newsbytes, a news service of the Washington Post, titled "Instant Messages To Israel Warned of WTC attack."35 The Israeli daily, Ha'aretz, also confirmed the prior warnings to Israel and confirmed that the FBI is investigating the warnings.36 The articles detailed that an Israeli messaging firm, Odigo, with offices in both the World Trade Center and in Israel, received a number of warnings just two hours before the attack.

Instant Messages To Israel Warned Of WTC Attack

Officials at instant-messaging firm Odigo confirmed today that two employees received text messages warning of an attack on the World Trade Center two hours before terrorists crashed planes into the New York landmarks.

But Alex Diamandis, vice president of sales and marketing, confirmed that workers in Odigo's research and development and international sales office in Israel received a warning from another Odigo user approximately two hours prior to the first attack. (From the Washington Post's Newsbytes)

So now we have powerful and convincing evidence from impeccable sources that Israel had foreknowledge of the attack. First, without a prior warning, there could not have been only a single Israeli victim at the World Trade Center. Secondly, there is clear confirmation that a company with offices in both Israel and the WTC received warnings immediately prior to the attack.

Who would have warned Israelis of the impending attack, if not Israel's Mossad? The fact that Israel's government had prior knowledge of the pending attack and had warned potential Israeli victims, but then deliberately let thousands of Americans die - makes the Israelis just as responsible for the carnage as the Arab attackers of the WTC. END QUOTE

My question to the Urban Legends Research Center -- can you refute the neo-Nazis? Thanks.


Rob Freeman


Subject: springy penis licking center on Hal Turner



In Hate's Pay

Behind shortwave hate radio is a group of entrepreneurial station owners who claim that they love free speech

by James Latham

In the anarchic world of underground radio, Allan Weiner is a certifiable legend. Weiner started to gain notoriety in the early 1970s with a series of unlicensed, or pirate, am and fm radio stations around New York. His attempts to sneak onto the air were repeatedly shut down by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - most spectacularly in 1987, when Weiner and a band of radio enthusiasts tried to broadcast alternative rock from a rusty fishing vessel anchored off Long Island. Coast Guard officers boarded the boat, handcuffed Weiner and shackled him on deck while dismantling his equipment.

Free-speech advocates jumped to Weiner's defense - and many were outraged again in 1994, when Weiner's second attempt at ocean-based broadcasting was routed off the South Carolina coast. Weiner's memoir, Access to the Airwaves, came out in 1997, with its back cover touting the radio pirate as a heroic free-speech advocate. Inside, Weiner struck the noble pose of a liberal-minded martyr. All I wanted to do, he wrote, was broadcast messages of peace, love and understanding to the world. Was that such a terrible crime?

After a 14-year quest to license a legitimate shortwave station with the FCC, Weiner finally succeeded in 1998. From his farm in little Monticello, Maine, station WBCQ began sending out radio waves that could be picked up in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and all of North America. At long last, Weiner was beaming out his message of peace, love and understanding with the federal government's blessing.

Tune into WBCQ four years later, and you'll hear the message being delivered in the exaggerated accent of an Italian-American New Yorker, to the tune of John Lennon's Imagine: Imagine there's no homos. I hate those little fudge-packin' nancy-boy pricks; Manolo, every time I see one, I wanna beat 'im in the friggin' head; You know what I mean? Then I'll rip his heart out, cut off his friggin' little [beeped out]; Imagine all the [gays], oh Manolo, just droppin' dead from aids... .

When the song ends, the regular voice of the show's host returns, chuckling. You don't hear music like that on any radio show, but you hear it here on 'The Hal Turner Show.'

And the place to hear The Hal Turner Show is WBCQ. Though there are 16 privately owned shortwave stations in the United States, Weiner's is the only one that sells airtime - Monday evening, 8 to 9 p.m. EST - to what Turner loves to call the most controversial talk show in the world.

But several shortwave station owners sell air time to radio show hosts with messages that would fit right in on The Hal Turner Show. Most owners, like Weiner, argue that they are simply supporting freedom of speech - not making a mint off hate speech. It's not a business thing, insists Jeff White, co-owner of Miami-based WRMI, which sends its mostly Latin American listeners a religious show that vilifies and ridicules anyone who's not a heterosexual Anglo-Saxon. The money we're talking about is insignificant.

Not insignificant enough to consistently turn away, however. Other owners are more matter-of-fact about their motives for airing hate-filled broadcasts. We do have to stay alive, says George McClintock, general manager of WWCR in Nashville, which claims more than 10 million listeners worldwide. Besides paying the bills, McClintock says hate broadcasters fill another important - and frightening - role: They draw an audience.

But Isn't Lynching Murder?

Why would a self-styled peacemaker of the airwaves run the most inflammatory show on shortwave? Questioned by the Intelligence Report, Weiner noted that Hal Turner has a lot of support and he has people sending him money so he can pay his bills. But Weiner insists that he doesn't air Turner's show just because he's a good paying customer. It's a matter of principle. The reason it's on, he said, is because of a promise I made my listeners [to be] open to all kinds of people.

Turner, a former real-estate salesman in New Jersey who failed in a 2000 run for Congress, certainly takes aim at all kinds of people. His frequent rants about faggots are only the tip of the iceberg. Turner talks about savage Negro beasts, lazy-ass Latinos ... slithering across the border with wet backs and bull-dyke lesbians. He has described Israeli soldiers as the spawn of Satan who deserve to be hunted down and killed. In the creative revision of John Lennon's classic song, listeners were asked to Imagine there's no cripples, with the faux-Italian voice adding, Christ, I wanna kill those goddamn little wheelchair gimps.

Hate murder is a theme of The Hal Turner Show, which last year repeatedly advertised an imaginary product called the Portable Nigger Lyncher.

Does the community where you live tend to be getting darker and darker? asked a voice with an overblown Southern accent. Are you looking for an evening of entertainment with your friends and family? Well, folks, this is the answer to your prayers. The one and only PNL - Portable Nigger Lyncher. Complete with two ropes and custom hand-tied nooses.

Such messages appear to clearly violate Weiner's hate-speech policy, posted on the WBCQ Web site. WBCQ Radio shall not broadcast any speech which incites hatred likely to lead to physical harm, it promises. The policy goes on to define off-limits hate speech as advocating or promoting ... killing.

Doesn't lynching count? Hal Turner doesn't build his whole show around this, Weiner replied. Besides, Hal does know that I am upset with his program. In fact, he said in all seriousness, he's put Turner on double-secret probation. Weiner also noted that he yanked a show featuring William Pierce, head of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, because Pierce talked about exterminating Jews.

Sad Testimony, Indeed

But soon after Weiner talked to the Report, Turner's show began carrying advertising for one of Pierce's latest brainstorms - Ethnic Cleansing: The Video Game. This time, the product was real. A few weeks after the ads started airing, Turner plugged the game with an enthusiastic description.

The media is in a tirade [sic] over 'Ethnic Cleansing' because it allows teenagers to dress up as either a Skinhead or, um, Ku Klux Klan member carrying an assault rifle ... and killing the savage Negro beasts that infest the urban area . You are also able to mow down the Third World, savage mongrels, ah, Mexicans, et cetera. Actually, the goal of the game is to come across and capture or destroy Ariel Sharon, the Chief Jew, who along with his fellow Jews are helping to destroy the United States with their sick, perverted multiculturalism.

You heard about it first on the Hal Turner radio show, worldwide on radio station WBCQ.

WBCQ's owner is himself Jewish. But while Weiner calls Turner's views wacko and ridiculous, he contends that we all have something to learn from tuning in. I think 'The Hal Turner Show' is a good lesson in people, Weiner said.

It's a sad testimony to the hearts of humans out there.

Helping Your Enemies

Such sad testimony is a programming staple on several shortwave stations based in the United States. Like the Internet, shortwave radio is a medium of choice for the radical right - and for some of the same reasons. The price is right, with studio equipment running as low as $1,000 and air time around $25 to $250 an hour. With 17 million receivers in the United States and a worldwide audience estimated at a whopping 2.5 billion, that's some serious bang for the buck.

Plus, as William Pierce once explained, shortwave is ideal for the far right because, unlike AM and FM radio, regulations on content are extremely lax. Commercial networks are hesitant to take any politically incorrect views, said Pierce, because they face a lot of pressure from Jewish groups.

Ironically, some of the small number of people who really do have power over shortwave programming - the station owners themselves - are among the very minority groups villified by Pierce, Turner, and other broadcasters of hate. The shortwave operators who air the most hate-filled shows include not only Jews like Allan Weiner, but also Catholics and Hispanics.

Take Miami-based WRMI. Founded in 1994 by four men - three of them Hispanic - WRMI's original mission was to air anti-Castro exile programming. Over the years, the station has broadened its reach with shows of special interest to listeners in Haiti, Brazil, Peru and other parts of Latin America. More recently, the station has branched out in a different way, broadcasting far-right shows like Herald of Truth.

Host Robert Hallstrom - call him Pastor Bob - preaches the dogma of the Christian Identity movement, which labels Jews the offspring of Satan, calls for executing homosexuals and deems Anglo-Saxons the real chosen people of God. People of color, including Hispanics, are viewed as soulless, animals created by God along with the beasts of the field as a sort of dry run for real humans.

'Nobody Seems to Mind'

Pastor Bob is theoretically doing a religious program, says Jeff White, one of WRMI's co-owners. We do air the program with a strong disclaimer.

Small wonder. In February, Hallstrom presented a program titled God's Immigration Laws. The pastor from Harrison, Ark., was agitated about the world's overflow from pagan lands that hate our God.

By violating God's laws, Hallstrom fumed, we have now created considerable blocs of unassimilable aliens who have also been given the vote. They hate all the ideals of this land to which they came only to get more money.

Why does WRMI deliver Hallstrom's hatred to an audience that is largely Latin American and, according to White, mostly young? I know that many would argue that he is spreading racism behind the cloak of religion, said White, a former public-radio employee who acknowledged that he and the other station owners find Hallstrom's message repugnant. But we have all types of programs, he said, and the people can sort it out for themselves.

That philosophy is mirrored by the FCC, which licenses and regulates shortwave stations. The FCC cannot prohibit such programming, said Audrey Spivack, a spokesperson for the federal agency.

That leaves it up to the station owners. But their decisions about whether or not to air extremism are anything but consistent. Though he acknowledges we've had a lot of [antigovernment] Patriot programming, for instance, White was quick to point out that Hallstrom is the only voice of the extreme right still on WRMI, the only straggler we have.

If we had a significant number of complaints about the program, White said, we'd take it off. But nobody seems to mind.

In fact, WRMI airs at least two other fringe-right shows, including Battlecry Sounding, hosted by Gen. James Green, who rails against liberated, jezebelized and lesbianized women and has offered on-air cures for the sin of sexual deviation.

White claims that he comforts himself with the hope that WRMI's millions of potential listeners will pay no attention to such messages. If you are broadcasting this stuff internationally, I think it goes in one ear and out the other, he said. I think most of the international listeners barely listen - not only to some of the racist stuff, but some of the other political programming that's targeted at a domestic audience. They don't listen to it.

In Tennessee, a Cornucopia of Hate

It's the best bargain in shortwave broadcasting: For only $25 an hour, you can air an hour's worth of vitriol on one of shortwave's most notorious stations, WWRB. This leader in fringe programming, formerly known as WWFV, was long nestled incongruously in the gently rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where David Frantz started beaming out a 50,000-watt signal from McCaysville, Ga., in 1996. Although he has since moved to Manchester, Tenn., Frantz still fills an extraordinary amount of his station's air time with antigovernment, anti-Semitic, anti-gay and racist propaganda.

Even William Pierce, whose infamous American Dissident Voices Allan Weiner axed from WBCQ, has a home twice a week on WWRB. In February, the droning, nasal voice of America's leading neo-Nazi could be heard on Frantz's station, predicting that more and more young people everywhere will see the Jews for the deceivers and corrupters and destroyers that they are.

If our race is to live and if our civilization is to survive, Pierce advised his worldwide audience, we must destroy them and those who work for them.

The destruction of gay people has also been strongly recommended on Frantz's station. The Black Brigade, co-hosted by Pastor John Lewis from his church in Cambellsburg, Ind., specialized in violent anti-homosexual rants until it went off the air last year. On one show, Lewis mused: In Columbus, Ohio, I think there are supposed to be 20,000 fags. Wouldn't that make a real barbecue to feed a bunch of gay sharks out in the ocean?

Asked about such programming, David Frantz refused comment. We don't respond to any of your questions, he told the Intelligence Report. But when his neighbors asked the FCC to shut down the station in 1998, claiming that its electromagnetic and radio waves were a public threat, Frantz did talk to the Chattanooga Free Press. He called the complaints a ruse, saying local citizens were trying to run me out because of the shows he was broadcasting.

We have been accused of being part of a militia, complained Frantz, who before his shortwave days had a top security clearance as a federal aircraft inspector. They tried to get DHS [Department of Human Services] to take our children away, and these clowns actually accused me of threatening the president.

Frantz noted that his station had been given a clean bill of health by the FCC. Anybody could buy a time slot, he said, even blacks, Indians, Jews, or the average person on the street.

Who's Getting the Message?

Though shortwave radio beams in under most people's radar in the media-saturated United States, it is one of the most powerful tools for communicating with a worldwide audience. Exact audience numbers are hard to come by, since there are no Arbitron ratings for shortwave. But Groupe France Telecom, the communications arm of the French government, published a report last year estimating that at any given moment, over 200 million receivers are tuned in to shortwave broadcasts. With much of the world unwired for the Internet, the agency concluded, Shortwave remains the only means of reaching a broad audience anywhere in the world.

Thousands of people tune into shortwave broadcasts as a way to learn English. Thousands of others, living in countries with authoritarian regimes, look to their shortwave receivers for an even more pressing reason: They want objective news sources.

What they will get, if they dial up WWCR out of Nashville, Tenn., might be the peculiar spin of Brother R.G. Stair. A self-proclaimed prophet of God, Stair sends out doomsday scenarios from the otherwise sleepy town of Walterboro, S.C., twenty-four hours a day on one of WWCR's four 100,000-watt transmitters. Much of Stair's airtime is devoted to claiming that disasters - both natural and terrorist - are being caused by America's growing acceptance of homosexuality. In 1999, he gave this example: The last two Gay Pride days have resulted in an awesome earthquake that shook the entire Western area of the country and a flood that devastated the entire Midwest.

George McClintock, general manager of WWCR, told the Intelligence Report that Stair's views on homosexuality are from a Biblical point of view. And according to the Constitution, he has a right to that point of view.

Stair doesn't stop with gay people. He has also targeted Catholics, calling them Mary worshippers and labeling the pope the great whore.

That doesn't seem to faze McClintock, either, despite the fact that he is himself a Catholic. Those programs are a relatively small portion of what we do, he said. Besides, McClintock said, Our job is not to make judgment calls.

What Would Ross Say?

Judgment calls abound on some of WWCR's programs. While Stair rains hellfire on gays, Catholics and those who tolerate them, Pete Peters preaches the anti-Semitic, homophobic word of Christian Identity with even more authority - and fire - than Pastor Bob Hallstrom. Peters, who founded the La Porte Church of Christ in Colorado, hosts two shows on WWCR-3, Healthy Trinity Today and Scriptures for America. On the latter, Peters instructed a caller in 1997 on the proper etiquette to follow: If you're going to talk about Jews on my program, talk about them as Antichrist Jews.

Though Peters has been a leading figure in the movement for more than two decades, McClintock insisted that Peters does not preach Christian Identity. He lives out in a ranch in Colo whatever it is out there in the Midwest, kind of isolated, and I think the worst you can say about him is he's living in the 1950s, kind of a Ross Perot individual.

Perot might not relish the comparison. Peters' Colorado church first came to national notice in 1985, when it was revealed that several members of The Order, the most violent far-right terrorist group of the '80s (see The Firebrand, also in this issue), had attended during their criminal heyday. Presumably because of the negative connotations attached to the term Identity, Peters has recently disavowed the word - but he hasn't changed his message in any discernible way. Certain Jews of this day attempt to take the Israel truth labeled Identity and make it into racism, violence, Nazism and hatred in the minds of the populace, he wrote online in 2000. Now that the meaning has been transformed by our enemies, it is now foolish for one to call himself an 'Identity Christian.' For lack of a better term, Peters has taken to calling himself part of the restoration movement now underway.

While McClintock is unruffled by Peters' hate-mongering, one of WWCR's most famous clients, the conservative religious group Focus on the Family, professed shock when they learned of the views that Peters espouses on air. Gosh, said press officer Paul Hetrick, the Bible teaches just the opposite. That is unbelievable.

Hetrick said he intended to check into WWCR's programming, since the Rev. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, was airing his daily 30-minute show in English and Spanish on WWCR-1. Less than a week later, Hetrick called to say his research was done.

We are sending a letter asking them to stop or discontinue airing our program, he told the Intelligence Report. We want to express our appreciation to you for calling this to our attention.

'Say Anything'

If station owners conveniently discount the impact their hate-filled shows can have on listeners, then they might want to talk to Pete Peters. The pastor from Laporte credits radio with indoctrinating him into Christian Identity. As he tells it, it all started on a drive one lonely night, when a young Peters turned his dial to the blaring voice of a preacher. That voice happened to belong to Sheldon Emry, who carried the torch for Christian Identity over am radio stations from the mid-1960s through the 1970s. Hearing Emry on the radio that night changed Peters' life forever.

Another radio fan, Timothy McVeigh, might tell a similar story if he could be reached for comment. Most people know the Oklahoma City bomber was a big fan of William Pierce, who in addition to his broadcasting efforts wrote The Turner Diaries, the pseudonymous novel that helped inspire McVeigh's mass murder. Fewer know about McVeigh's other shortwave hero, William Cooper, whose Hour of the Time served up global conspiracy paranoia, complete with ufos, most nights on shortwave stations including WWCR and WBCQ.

When he wasn't concocting a conspiracy, Cooper was recommending remedies: I think the American people ought to go there bodily, rip down the United Nations building and kick those bastards off our soil, he once proclaimed on WWCR. We're at war and I don't really care.

Supposedly quoting the Clinton White House, Rush Limbaugh called Cooper the most dangerous radio host in America after the Murrah Building was bombed. James Nichols, brother of McVeigh's co-defendant Terry Nichols, said during a 1996 court proceeding that McVeigh had regularly tuned in to Cooper's programs in the months leading up to Oklahoma City.

Hour of the Time came to a halt last November, when its host was killed in a shootout after critically wounding an Arizona sheriff's deputy. Cooper had holed up in Eagar, Ariz., since 1998, broadcasting relentlessly and claiming on the air that he had been pursued by Nazi jack-booted thugs ever since he failed to appear in court on charges that he paid no taxes from 1992 to 1994. His death came when authorities tried to arrest him on another warrant - this one accusing him of aggravated assault on a passerby.

For more than a month after the death of the shortwave extremist, Allan Weiner aired selections from Cooper's old programs on WBCQ. While that didn't do much for his reputation as a purveyor of peace, love and understanding, it did provide still further proof of Weiner's unguarded view of shortwave radio: You can just about get on the air and say anything you want.

James Latham is the co-founder of Radio for Peace International, a shortwave radio station based outside El Rodeo, Costa Rica, since 1987. He is also the host of Far Right Radio Review, a show that seeks to expose extremists and their hateful programming on shortwave radio.

Intelligence Report
Summer 2002
Issue 106



A theory just occured to me, which I thought I'd share with your readers.

My tentative conclusion is that if we put a stop to the racial mixing and miscegenation, we would thereby reduce homosexuality to its minimum automatically.


When White kids are growing up, it may well be that those having a strong aversion to interracial sex could sense the real threat to the survival of their own kind. This awareness that their own children would have to become race-mixers (in one way or another) might drive otherwise normal people to shun procreative sex and thus to fail to develop a normal appreciation for the opposite sex.

Maybe if we solve the race problem, the sexual orientation problem would practically take care of itself.

Ed. Note: Anything that detracts from White security and confidence will lower the breeding rate. That is why the jews fixate on getting pro-homo, pro-diversity, pro-promiscuity agitprop in every classroom. White stability is bad for jews. They seek to destabilize and deracinate, and thereby destroy us. DEATH TO THE JEWS.


Subject: rebel spirit

NB Forrest is still THE man and always will be! As one auther called him 'THE MOST MAN IN THE WORLD'. Being a nigger, jew.gook,spic. liberal and pussy polittions hater, I love your site! I did belong to a couple of those Hate groups but all they hated were other groups. Mr. Forrest is right, the scv just wants to be another ass kissing pc group. Too scared to take up the good fight. Where I live people are scared to be called Confederates! What happened to unreconstructed rebs with balls,jews suck em off! Well thanks for letting me blow off steam. A pissed off Rebel.



Rev. Jesse Jackson walked into the appliance section of a Sears Roebuck store. He looked around then shouted, " I want to see the manager right now!"

The manager of the department came out and said, "How can I help you Reverend?"

Jesse replied, "I want to know why all of your washing machines are WHITE?"

The manager immediately flipped open all the lids of the washing machines and said: "Reverend Jackson, yes, all of our washing machines are white but if you look inside, you'll find that all of the Agitators are Black."



NEW WORLD ORDER: No Males Need Apply

School is now just a 'girl thing'

By TED BYFIELD -- Edmonton Sun

Now that our liberal educators have spent at least 30 years softening, gentling and generally feminizing the school system, why are we so astonished to discover that boys are opting out of education?

We've gone to extraordinary lengths to assure them that they don't belong there, that unless they change and become more like girls, they aren't wanted. They don't change because, of course, they can't. More and more of them simply quit.

So why be astonished to see that 57% of bachelor's degrees granted by American universities this year went to women - 61% at the University of Calgary while 59% of those receiving graduate degrees were female?

Meanwhile, at the high school level, the male dropout rate soars high above the female, as does the male suicide rate and the male crime rate.

Officialdom is becoming alarmed. Something called the Business Roundtable, an organization of top American executives, has commissioned a study. "We simply can't afford to have half our population not developing the skill sets we are going to need," says a spokeswoman. Research teams are studying the problem from Harvard, the University of Michigan and the United Negro College Fund.

Heaven knows what conclusions they might reach. As with a great many other things, if the obvious explanation offends the politically correct, we aren't likely to hear it, and it certainly does.

The fact is that the elementary schools are run almost entirely by women. The junior highs aren't much different. The male-female teacher ratio in high schools is about 50-50. Why are we surprised to discover that a boy grows up convinced that education is a "girl thing"?

But it goes much deeper than that. At another conference last week, this one in Montreal, a British psychologist and researcher reported that studies show girls tend to fight with their tongues while boys fight with their fists. Thus was educational academe endowed with knowledge that could have been provided by any parent of both girls and boys since the dawn of history, but it's nice to know that our educators are discovering things.

They have yet to discover, however, that certain conclusions follow from this. Since boys are far more physical, their discipline must be more physical too. I taught for 10 years in a boys' school. The first thing you learn there is that for most normal males of a certain age three or four swats with a strap will accomplish more in 30 seconds than six weeks of heart-to-heart "counselling."

One also suspects that the mysterious disease known as ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, may be caused by a deficit of meaningful direction - meaningful, that is, in the sense of coercive. Over that 10-year stint, I could probably identify 50 boys, all suffering from what today would be called ADD. Every one of them was 'cured' when he found that if he didn't do the assigned work, things would become dreadfully unpleasant.

It is certainly odd that a disease that was absolutely unheard of before the schools were feminized has now become chronic. The favoured treatment is to hop up boys into educational acquiescence with Ritalin, a derivative of cocaine. Drugging children is seen as somehow more humane than spanking them.

Then too, boys easily assume that all the ancient human arts - song and verse in particular - are essentially 'girl things,' which of course is nonsense. But it's very difficult for a female teacher to overcome this bias, and one result is to render all the arts as something 'real men' aren't interested in.

Finally, boys more readily embrace what might be called absolutes. They're far more at home in a world of win-lose, pass-fail, good-bad than in a world of 'feelings' in the modern school.

Fix these things and you'll fix the problem of the opting-out male. But they won't be fixed easily because it means supplanting the whole philosophy of modern education - supplanting it, not with something new, but with something old.

For while what I've said here will appear extremist, radical, even demented to the modern educator, it is in fact the way human beings have been educated for every previous generation. He is the innovator, not I. And insofar as boys are concerned, his innovations are turning out to be catastrophic.


Subject: Framingham meeting advice for Kievsky: get 'Most Wanted'

Regarding the Framingham Human Relations Commission Meeting, I suggest that Andrei get a copy of the "Most Wanted" in Framingham and pass that around with his other stuff. Check it out on Court TV's most wanted lists. Out of seven persons only one has race "unknown" (he does look white), the others speak for themselves. The ones classified as "White" are obviously minorities and possibly immigrants.

What I find interesting is that they say only 1.7% are minorities on the Town Payroll, but they're awfully close to 100% on the Criminal List. Hmmmm... does that sound fair and equitable? - Or does it make Andrei's point crystal clear.

Betcha a buck that if he does circulate this list the next time the list is updated it will expand to include the whites that have warrents for non-support child payments, not showing up in court for traffic violations etc., and other non-violent crimes.


Ed. Note: Quite likely. "White" only exists when it's being discriminated against in employment or in favor of with hard-to-attribute crimes.


Subject: jews take over media, deny free expression

The Power of Broadcasting

The Age of Radio: "The stale formulas of every field of entertainment were being tried on radio, and many were succeeding in winning audiences and, to an astonishing degree, boosting sales, particularly of drugs and packaged foods. Meanwhile they were winning for radio a loyalty that seemed almost irrational. According to social workers, destitute families that had to give up an icebox or furniture or bedding still clung to the radio as to a last link with humanity." Erik Barnouw, The Golden Web (1968), p. 6.

Television: "Over the years, America's love affair with television has matured from initial infatuation to an accepted, and pervasive, part of everyday life. It happened very fast. The percentage of U.S. homes with one or more TV sets leaped from 1 percent to 50 percent in five short years (1948-1953), and passed 90 percent in the early 1960s. Today 97 percent of U.S. homes have TV--it is everywhere. And the average home has its set on six and a half hours a day, every day." Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh, The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows, 1946-Present (1979).

It is exceedingly strange that Jews so quickly came to wield iron control over first, the movie industry, then radio, and finally television broadcasting--to the extent that authentic White sensibilities and group interests, the sensibilities and interests of the people who comprised the overwhelming majority of the nation's citizens, could find no expression at all through any of these media, even when ideas, beliefs and policies inimical to their very survival were being promulgated.

I've driven often through the Midwestern countryside after dark and seen the tell-tale flickering of blue light from television screens flash by from the interiors of farmhouses and small-town dwellings. These rural areas, all-White as recently as the 1980s, are now inundated with literally thousands of exotic non-Whites, non-Whites who keep pouring in by the day, by the month, by the year--from Mexico, from Somalia, from India, from Asia. And not a single word of opposition or dissent is spoken anywhere--and I mean anywhere. In fact, just about the only things that members of the shrinking, dying White populace have in common anymore are reflexive antipathy to (White) "racism"--a thing nonexistent, a boogeyman, a chimera conjured from within their collectively-addled minds--and a gushing, giddy attraction to all things non-White.

Paul Westman

A note on Erik Barnouw (1908-2001): Barnouw was the author of the three-volume A History of Broadcasting in the United States, of which The Golden Web constitutes volume two. A long-time professor at Columbia University, Barnouw was born in Holland and came to the U.S. in 1919. His racial views were pro-Jewish, pro-Negro, and anti-White. He follows the pattern of not identifying the vast majority of his Jewish protagonists as Jews, except when invoking the specter of "anti-Semitism." (He does, however, recount one incident highly reminiscent of today's politics: "[FCC] Commissioner Frieda B. Hennock had been appointed in 1948 by President Truman. At a time when he obtained from Congress almost nothing he requested, it seemed miraculous to observers that she won approval. The case involved sly politics by Truman. In nominating Frieda Hennock, he was inviting Senators to go on record as anti-feminist or anti-Semitic. They risked neither and confirmed her quickly.")

Another passage demonstrating Barnouw's smug knowledge of the racial dynamics at work in American broadcasting and politics is the following: "In the course of the preparations [Jewish NBC boss David] Sarnoff had in 1936 installed a new NBC president: Lenox Lohr, a military engineer . . . But Lohr was scarcely a happy choice. Sarnoff confided to public relations counsel Edward L. Bernays [also Jewish] that Lohr showed little saichel, or shrewdness. Would Bernays please do something about it?"

"Saichel"--as Barnouw tellingly refrains from explaining--is a Yiddish word that would not have been familiar to most readers in 1968, but would be immediately recognizable to Jews and to Whites "in the know."

Barnouw understood what was going on, but still employed his infuence within academia, broadcasting and filmmaking to advance non-White interests.


Subject: Free speech under attack by jews

Cairo: 3/8/2002

A new violation of the freedom of opinion and expression

After Garodi

The French judicial system suits Ibrahim Nafee with the charge of Anti-Semitism

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is deeply sorry to receive the news that the French investigation judge Bodan Tofino has summoned Ibrahim Nafee for investigation in the complaint presented by some Jewish organization accusing him of being Anti-Semitist. The 9th of August is determined to be the day of investigation before the Supreme Court in Paris. These allegations came shortly after an article written by Adel Hamouda on Al Ahram Newspaper titled Talks about Jewish cake made of the Arab bloods which the judge considered an incentive to hate the Jews.

EOHR is deeply worried about the French judicial systems response to such allegations, as some Jewish organizations kept on charging those who expose the crimes of the Israeli racism which is Anti-Semitism. It is worth mentioning that such charges began to make some propaganda to cover the crimes committed daily against humanity by Sharoons government. It is also worth mentioning that such charge being anti-Semitism is an accusation used by the Jewish organizations against human rights activists who exposed the racism of Israel in the International Conference against racism, held in Durben , when some Zionist organizations which participated in the conference tried to add an article to the declaration issued by the Conference Against Racism. This article stated that any criticism against Israel or its policy is anti-Semitism act. However, this article was rejected by most organizations participated in the conference after the Global Church Council suggested that this article should be abolished.

In this regard, EOHR refers to the trial of the thinker Rogee Garodi by the French Court by virtue of the racism law Jabson . This law issues imprisonment or fine sentences against anyone who denies the incident of the burning of the Jews in gas ovens Holocaust by the Nazis. This is the charge which was brought against Garodi because of what he has written in his book the legends which established Israel . In this regard, EOHR issued a statement on 15/1/1998 in which it points out that such trial is blatant violation of the freedom of opinion and expression. At the time when a thinker is presented to trial only because he expresses his opinion on historical facts, there was complete disregard of the real crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

EOHR assures its unchanged stance towards rejecting racism against any nation or people or group or religion or any call for hatred made by any party against another one. Also, it confirms that criticism against the Israeli policy and its racist practices must not, anyway, considered antagonism against Semitism or Jewish religion. It is known that the Jewish religion is recognized and respected by the Islamic nations and the Christian one.

As EOHR believes that the summoning of Ibrahim Nafee for trial is a gross violation of the freedom of opinion and expression as well as it is a submission to the pressures of the Zionist Lobby. In this regard, EOHR announces its complete solidarity with Ibrahim Nafee. Moreover, it urges the International, Arab, French public opinion and International Human Rights Organizations to stop this trial. It also appeals to the French judicial authority not to submit to the Zionists pressure aiming at hiding the real crime committed against humanity in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Subject: jews deprive innocent people of their civil rights

Soldiers on Sunday demolished the homes of suicide bombers and other militants, blowing up nine houses in West Bank four in the Jenin area, three in Nablus and two in Hebron. The army said the houses all belonged to militants who carried out or orchestrated attacks against Israelis.

Meanwhile, soldiers kept up a siege on Nablus, searching shops and houses for terrorists. The army entered the town's Old City early Friday, arresting dozens of Palestinians and destroying at least two houses it said were bomb factories. Three suspected Palestinian terrorists were killed and dozens were arrested in the operation, which is expected to continue for several more days.

Officials said Nablus had replaced Jenin as the main hub of terrorist cells responsible for recent attacks on Israelis. The operation in Nablus, which had been deferred at least once, began early Friday when armored personnel carriers brought troops, including units from the Golani and Nahal Brigades, into the heart of the Nablus casbah, covered by tanks and helicopter gunships.

The aim of the mission was to surprise terrorists , particularly from Hamas, thereby capturing as many suspects as possible in order to uncover and destroy the terrorist infrastructure in the casbah. Early Friday, troops discovered a bomb-making laboratory in the basement of one building. Inside they were found a Kassam rocket and a pipe bomb both ready for use, chemicals for manufacturing explosives, electric wires and timing devices, as well as pistols and ammunition.




People, I can save you all boatloads of time re: this issue. Here's how: NO JEWS, JUST RIGHT.


There. Done. See how easy that was? Easier than washing your hands.

Another good idea is to read VNN daily, for White news (



Subject: the hate the Original Haters produced


Nine people were killed, and 47 were wounded in a suicide attack Sunday morning, as a powerful explosion ripped apart a bus on Sunday morning near the northern town of Safed. The blast occurred at about 8:45 a.m. local time, on Egged bus no. 361, at an intersection near Mount Meron, and the site of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's burial site. It blew off the roof of the bus, and the vehicle then burst into flames, killing or wounding nearly everyone inside, witnesses said.

Six of the nine victims were identified Sunday evening. They are 21- year-old Mordechai Freedman from Jerusalem, Maiseen Hassan, from the village of Sajur; and 20-year-old Marlene Menachem from Moshav Safsufa. Freedman was buried in Jerusalem in the afternoon. Menachem was buried in Moshav Safsufa at 21:30 p.m.

Three of the victims were soldiers in active duty, media report said. They are 28-year-old St.-Srg. Rani Ranem, of the Druse village of Mughar; Sgt. Yifat Gavrieli, 19, of Adi; and Sgt. Omri Goldin, 20, of Mitzpeh Aviv. Ranem will be laid to rest in Mughar Monday, IDF Spokesman said. Goldin's funeral was held at 21:30 p.m. at Misgav.

Forty seven people were still hospitalized in Safed, Jerusalem, Haifa and Hadera Sunday night, two of them in critical condition, Army Radio reported. Nine of the wounded were still hospitalized in derious condition, the report added.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that it came as further retaliation for Israel's bombing of Hamas chief Saleh Shehadeh, where 14 Palestinians, among them 9 children, were killed. Hamas's first retaliation attack was the bombing last week at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, that killed seven people.


Subject: jewish murderers

If you check out the fates of these kike bolshies you'll notice that quite a lot of them ended up getting a neck shot in the basement of the Lubljanka prison and others were shipped to the gulags. And Trotsky got an icepick in the back of his skull, delivered by NKVD agent Ramon Mercader in Mexico city in 1939.

This site has a good article about Mercader and a pic of Trotsky post-icepick:

The demise of these kike bolsheviks is one of the more positive episodes of Soviet history. I suggest you rent the HBO movie Stalin, starring Robert Duvall as the Soviet dictator which correctly portrays the jewishness of many of the early Bolsheviks as well as Stalin's own known loathing of the jews (which ultimately sealed his fate when the kikes poisoned him, fearing another "Holocaust").

No wonder it was the jews who were the first to go. The kikes would have made a Schindler's List type movie about it if it didn't expose the jewishness of Soviet communism.

One of my favourite scenes from "Stalin" is when Beria (who was a murderous monster, though non-jewish AFAIK, he came from the Caucausus like Stalin) mimics the wimpiness of the kike Zinoviev who went to his death squealing like a pig and is carried in during a polit buro meeting by two NKVD guards and play-acts pleading for his life. This actually happened! Who said communists couldn't be funny?

The movie follows the real story of Stalin's reign with relative accuracy, though it focusses too much on Stalin's family life IMO (told from the perspective of his daughter who married a jew and later emigrated to the US where she turned against him) and not enough on the political events e.g. during WWII. But of course we can't have scenes of Churchill selling out Eastern-Europe to the Soviets in a jew-controlled movie. And it severely downplays the Ukrainian famine, even though it is mentioned they do not show starving farmers like they would show starving kikes in a Schindler's List type move. Just some batty old woman telling Stalin's wife "tell the Great Stalin what is happening".

Of course the movie "Stalin" also sort of drained down the Orwellian memory hole. I have a copy of it on VHS but AFAIK it has not been released on DVD. To dangerous to have even small references to the Soviet repressions in a movie, the viewerss might "fall in the trap of moral equivalence" and even start thinking that "Stalin was worse than Hitler" (which he was).

It is available from though so if you are interested in it, get it here before it is "sold out":


If you want to get a more detailed and less dramatized account of what happened, you should read Robert Conquest's "The Great Terror: A Reassessment".



Subject: White pride in Osceola

August 3, 2002

Osceola braces for 'White Pride'

Community quiet as activity steps up on Ash Road


Tribune Staff Writer

Several stop signs in the neighborhood near this weekend's "White Pride Fest" were altered recently to deliver an anti-Ku Klux Klan message, "Stop the KKK."

Tribune Photo/JIM RIDER

OSCEOLA -- Freight trains rumbled through on the tracks along Lincoln Way. Kids played in the sun and families held yard sales. By all appearances, it was a typical summer Friday afternoon in Osceola.

The town was quiet Friday, if a bit tense, as it braced for today's segment of "White Pride Fest," being held on an Ash Road farm. By some estimates, it might draw hundreds of white supremacists to the eastern edge of St. Joseph County for the three-day festival that ends Sunday.

All afternoon, fest-goers trickled in to the farm owned by Railton Loy, a leader of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Curious onlookers cruised by, too. So did the brown and tan patrol cars of Elkhart and St. Joseph counties' sheriff's departments.

But, at least by dusk, not much had actually happened.

"It's been quiet," said Danny Kling as he watched the preparations from his house two doors down from the Loys. "It's been quiet."

No one was sure how long the quiet would last.

Most of the fest's activities are scheduled for today, when the crowd is expected to be bigger. A counter rally will be held at Bethel College in Mishawaka from noon to 3 p.m. today. And police will be keeping an even closer eye on things in the neighborhood around the farm.

Sheriff's deputies from both Elkhart and St. Joseph counties cruised the roads around Osceola all afternoon. Freshly printed signs warned curious onlookers against stopping on Ash Road, and police said they would be on hand to make sure no one did.

With his family by his side, Osceola resident John Pendergrass said he doesn't plan to change his routine this weekend because of the "White Pride Fest" going on at a nearby farm. He said he does not support hate groups. "Hate's only going to lead to hate," he said. Tribune Photo/JIM RIDER

Nearby stores were getting ready, too.

The town's commercial strip, along Lincoln Way, was dark for much of Friday; the power was out after that morning's storm. But the lights were back on by dusk, and shops settled in for what they hoped wouldn't be a long day today.

Lisa Guthrie was getting ready to work the closing shift at the Tobacco Shop on Lincoln Way West. Then she'd come in again today to work all day. Klan members shop at the store regularly, she said, and she was not looking forward to today's traffic.

"I'm glad someone will be here with me," she said. "With that going on, I don't want to be working alone."

Others who would be working today weren't as worried.

At Smith's Fast Food Mart, a convenience store and gas station on the St. Joseph-Elkhart County line, Matt Johnson said he wasn't overly concerned about trouble on his shift.

"We're not doing anything different," he said. "Just as long as they stay south of the tracks, it's fine with me."

Closer to Osceola, John Pendergrass wasn't too worried about trouble at his house. But he didn't have much use for the festivities, either.

"Violence begets violence," he said. "Hate's only going to lead to hate."

That message was shared by a man walking up and down Lincoln Way with a pro-peace sign. Tim Bennett of South Bend was the only protester visible Friday afternoon; he hoisted a sign reading "All Colors, All Races," and walked.

"The sign says it all," he said. "It's too bad it's got to be about hate."

Staff writer Tim Logan:


Subject: activism today


Political Activism In The New Revolutionary Era.

What is to be done at the outset of the current revolutionary period? The current anticipated changes in demographics and our present weak position seem to close off most options. The task of delegitimation continues and is an unstoppable process. The demographic process suggests the real answer. We have to accelerate the pace of ancient regime collapse. The question is how to do this.

I am all in favor of legal public political activism. This activism has to meet several tests.

1. Is the proposed action legal? If you don't know what the law is, then get competent legal counsel (a tall order I know). Richard Barrett is a starting point. Edgar Steele is another source of advice and referral.

[Euro note -- Cross out Richard Barrett.]

2. Don't act in ways contrary to your beliefs, if you have some. For example, the accusation is constantly raised that Zionists will perjure themselves to advance their perceived interests or strike their enemies. Do you read this, do you mouth this and then not act on it? So why set yourself up for that process with a dumb stunt like going to heckle at a Synagogue where you know you are outnumbered and won't find any recruits anyway? The only white people there are mercenaries paying obeisance to foreign gods like Kenneth Lay of Enron used to do. You will neither cause Jews to stop being Jews nor can you outbid them.

3. The activity has to be reasonably calculated to recruit white people. Otherwise it's useless. How many recruits does anyone expect to gain by going to the Shalom Temple and trying to out-Jew the Jews? It's sheer insanity.

4. You must represent well. See for a practical example of this. We have to continue the process of asymmetrically legitimizing our alternative leadership.

5. No Lone Wolf-ism. Leave the Clint Eastwood Man With No Name mentality behind when you shut off the tube. Sure the Anti Racist Alliance is amoral trash. And yes the Talmudists' hate literature sanctions committing perjury when (a) it will advance their cause and (b) they can get away with it. So when you go to public forums to advocate pro-white interests, take friends as witnesses. Take other friends who don't appear to be friends with videocams to capture the moment. Wear a 'wire' or small tape recorder to capture those precious verbal threats uttered by complacent Judeo-Marxist haters. True, the local prosecutors at this point are almost all amoral mercenaries or Judeo-Marxists. Thus in terms of criminal prosecutions nothing will happen. Those snippets of tape though can still win acquittals from juries and dismissals from judges if worse comes to worse. They can also serve as good 'news' to report.

6. Be local muck-rakers. This is most important. ZOG installs compromised politicians both by design and by natural instinct. They're easier to control by means of blackmail and corrupt dealings. So dig out their secrets and expose them yourselves.

These shabbez goy allies that people consider the Zionists' strong point are actually their weakest link. First, Jews combine high levels of intra-group loyalty with total contempt for outsiders. This doesn't stop in their dealings with their allies in aggregate. This is enhanced by contempt for allies who are seen as betraying their own group. The one way nature of the USA-Israel Special Relationship is replicated at the level of individual political relations. This is why there's periodic dust-ups like Hillary's off-color references to "Jews" and "kikes". The alert student of politics noticed that this did not hurt her one bit in her New York Senate campaign. She knows the real deal and so do they. These are political alliances of convenience.

Second, Jews are utterly merciless with 'allies' who've outlived their usefulness. The case of the South Lebanon Army during the Israeli pull-out was a classic example of what's usually termed 'Jewish betrayal'. The Israelis literally slammed the northern border gates in the faces of most of their fleeing former mercenaries and left them to face the music alone with Hamas. The Israeli newspaper rationales were they didn't want them diluting the 'Jewish' character of Israel. The contrast with American (white) reaction to the South Vietnamese in 1975 could not have been more complete. While many view this instinctive Jewish attitude as a strength it can be used as weak point for political attack. Read on.

I've tried to draw attention to this next in the past. The political task of the moment is to eliminate the ZOG false front called the Republican Party. This is the peer competitor for the political leadership of white people. So long as it exists white patriots can never gain the leadership. The case of David Duke in Louisiana should have already satisfied most people on this point. Once Duke started winning legitimately the national GOP openly combined with the Democrats to frustrate the will of the electors.

This GOP entity is not that large in reality. The true number of hard core Republican activists is no more than 75,000 on the most generous estimate. That's right. In numbers the GOP is smaller than the actual members and sympathizers of the non-Movement. It's just better organized, much better funded and better led tactically. This small size is the reason 'soft-money' is so important to it.

At least 40% of these activists are located Inside-The-Beltway in think tanks, on Congressional staffs, headquartering the Washington offices of dozens of 'conservative issues organizations' and in lobbying firms. The remainder are concentrated in the state capitals. The numbers of real GOP true believers is so small they had to fly in Washington staffers to stage demonstrations in Palm Beach and Dade Counties in November-December 2000.

That 'Party' has no real roots in the nation. At this time it's a collection of rich country club a--holes (the 'Moderates') in league with money hungry Zionist Rapture Cult leaders (Robertson's so-called 'Christian Coalition'). The Moderates are the open borders fans. The Zionists preach rewards in the hereafter for their followers, but take cash up front for themselves. The antipathy between the 'Moderates' and the followers of the Rapture Cult leaders is unbridgeable. The GOP Moderate women are openly contemptuous of the others as 'tacky people' who 'shop at Wal-Mart'. The Rapture Cult leaders themselves are mostly off-shoots of the GOP Moderate class. Robertson himself with his Harvard background and Senator Daddy is a classic case.

The temporary loss (most will be back later in a more serviceable and loyal mood since non-whites have no use for them) of these Country Clubbers and their rich men's agendas will be more than made up by the accession of millions of working class whites currently voting their pocketbooks (so they think) with the Democratic Party.

Getting rid of this false front won't be that hard, either. Most political races can be decided by moving just a few hundred to a few thousand votes off to the sidelines. Buchanan almost cost Bush the election as it was. The few hundred or few thousand to split off in each case are followers of the Rapture Cultists. 'Expose' remains most effective among these people. ZOG needs 'help' it really doesn't want, in order to do this. Provide that help by detonating the stink bombs ZOG holds over these guys' heads as control mechanisms. Once you do that, the Jews will instinctively treat them the way they treated the South Lebanon Army. Here's how to do it.

Again see: Marc Slanger has done a good job on Morris Dees with this. There must be an equivalent website for every Republican politician in the country from precinct committeeman on up. Just because the local ZOG papers don't raise a hullabaloo doesn't mean unmentioned GOP politicians are squeaky clean. It means they're subservient. So dig. Dig out their deals in the real estate property records, the state corporate records, the UCC filings and the court dockets. It's what ZOG's own information gatherers do to find dirt. You do the same and then open your information website with fully accurate if not especially complementary info. As you gain more experience you can expand your 'news coverage' by analyzing local government contracting. This is where the real liquidity and real financial dirt is although sweetheart real estate deals remain a popular method of conveying bribes.

Fact: Virtually all city and county governments are just big nests of financial incest between self-interested parties. As long as they take the shekel, pay lip service to the Cults of Holocaustianity and Marxist racial equality and let in the ADL and SPLC to pervert the local police, then they're left in peace by ZOG Media with their squalid deals. The low voter turnouts in local elections compared to state and national elections helps this tendency along, as does ZOG Media's policy of benign neglect.

So gather your base information from the public records, publicize your website a little bit locally, get a P.O. Box and wait. Once it's known you're interested, the real dirt will soon be anonymously and spontaneously sent to you. This is how the big dirt on Morris Seligman Dees (his divorce proceedings) was obtained. An anonymous sympathizer screwed over by Dees mailed it in. Similarly you'll soon get material from disgruntled employees reporting on illegal alien hires, upset ex-sleep-in secretaries, ex-wives, current wives in divorce proceedings, former screwed-over business associates, betrayed ex-political allies, policemen anonymously sending you the names of black prostitutes to locate and interview, etc. Fact check, verify and publicize.

Learn a lesson from the Gulag Archipelago. What made life so miserable for the politicals in the Destructive Labor Camps was not the guards. The guards weren't even allowed to talk to the prisoners. What made life miserable was the NKVD security officer -- the Godfather -- and his corps of prisoner informers (stool pigeons). When the Ukrainian nationalists started arriving they immediately understood what to do. "Kill the stoolie." The Godfather at first took care of fleeing stoolies (just as the Israelis at first let in small numbers of SLA refugees). As the numbers of now 'useless eater' stoolies increased, Godfather stopped doing this. And being a stoolie suddenly lost its attractiveness to the self-seeker. Once this process was well launched the Godfather was cut off from all information.

This is the figurative (not literal, no illegality) political task now. Politically eliminate the Republican stool pigeons. This has to be done a precinct at a time.

All politics are local. So start getting locally relevant.



Ref: Editor's comments

Subject: the poofter with the mostest

'mondo covers the globe. Stand back. Listen to this: First out of the gate was, naturally, Andrew Sullivan, whose womanish lament had the ring of my old Auntie exclaiming "Oh dearie me, it's simply dreadful!" "Is Bush surrendering?" he demanded to know, on hearing the "dreadful news" that tens of thousands of living human beings would be spared: "If true, then those of us who have supported the war on terror need to revise our assessment of this president. He told the German press yesterday that there is no plan to invade on his desk. He said it almost proudly. His military leaders, in a sign of their determination to risk nothing and achieve nothing, are now leaking to the Washington Post that they have all but scotched a serious military option in Iraq."

To have to listen to this puffed-up poofter (and British immigrant) bloviate about the implied cowardice of our military leaders is part of the price we have to pay for our de facto policy of open borders.

I think Raimondo's about ready to write for VNN!


Ed. Note: Indeed, there is a strong similarity. In building our revolution we must demonize, polarize and destroy. The demonization is twofold: 1) the Jews, for reasons I need hardly go into; and 2) the fake opposition of "conservatives" and "libertarians." These must be destroyed as credible sources of resistance, and we do that by revealing the truths they suppress and fear, and the money ties that lead directly from their balls to jewish hands. It must be made crystal clear to the right half of the Bell Curve that the Repulingcunts are weak and useless and that only those who are pro-White and anti-Jewish are worth a damn. The rest are trimmers and clippers and sniffers, and we have no truck with them. Once we have destroyed the Reps, kahns and little terriers as "opposition," the spectrum will be polarized. Then we will move to destroy the Jews, rhetorically, in the streets and finally physically. But right now we must stridently insist that people choose: Choose between the Jews committing genocide against the White race, and the White Force resisting them, with the obfuscatory suckpoops toes-up and ex-eyed. Never give libertarians, cons or Reps. an ounce of room. Give them no credit, give them nothing but merciless ridicule and horselaughter until they give up the ghost.


Subject: Somalis in Lewiston, Maine


LEWISTON, Maine Once known for its lobsters, quaint towns and a population of reclusive New England Yankees, Maine has become the bastion of diversity.

Suddenly and almost inexplicably, Lewiston, located in central Maine, has become a favorite destination for immigrants from Somalia.

"One day they weren't around. They came -- next day they're all over the place," a local resident said. "It was quite a shock really. Now you see them everywhere around here."

Suddenly and almost inexplicably, huh? We think not...



Subject: Livonia

Re: Racist flier irks suburb, victims' kin

Livonia slayings used to promote supremacists' cause

Url: Here.

Author: Janet Vandenabeele / The Detroit News

Those very, very naughty White boys! How AWFUL for them to "exploit" the death of conditioned, self-hating Whites and their conditioned, self-hating families, itz!

But ignorant? Ha!

Genuine ignorance is the conditioned self-hatred of Whites seeking honorary non-White status for both themselves and their kin in life, as well as in death. Ask your readers to compare this destructive form of ignorance to the benign ignorance of naughty White boys and their MISPLACED concern for the welfare of honorary non-Whites in life, as well as death!



Subject: please review "Reign of Fire"

I love your movie reviews! Wonderful to see films reviewed from a white perspective. I recently saw, albeit a bit late, Reign of Fire. It's set in England (though really it's Ireland) and is about dragons. The dragons looked great! There is a glimpse of one Paki child, and one of the US soldiers is black, but he dies. Otherwise a white cast. Absolutely NOTHING offensive in it. The "couple" in the film don't even kiss! A good-looking film for those who enjoy castles and dragons and a bit of "Apocalypse Now"--please add it to your list :)



It is quite revealing that Beth Kennedy began her slobberings about israel and jews by pointing to the attacks of 911 as the catalyst that spurred her to research the subject. However, that was the one and only mention of the 911 attacks; in the rest of her ramblings she only spouts her slavish devotion to israel and jews. But wait! Doesn't she know that israel and jews had nothing to do with the 911 attacks? Isn't that what her beloved jews and their media and government puppets have been telling her for the last 11 months? Beth Kennedy is brainwashed. She has no capacity to reason, no capacity for logic. Her mind has been stolen from her.




Hi: I am a regular reader of VNN and must say I find it refreshing to find others who have seen what I have seen and who are able to make connections between events which are not always evident, given our controlled media. I urge you to run a search on Dori Laub. I learned more from him about the Jewish cause than anyone else I know. There's nothing like firsthand experience with the likes of an asshole like this to recruit for the cause. I pointed out 20 years ago yhat he was using his position to facilitate a Jew and third world invasion. After meeting him I have no doubt as to how the NAZIS came to power. I wish all Whites coul get to know him. GDG

Ed. Note: That's interesting. I've never heard of the guy.


Subject: Jews Try to Sneak One Past Kievsky

Jews try to sneak one past Andrei Kievsky. The Jewess at the Human Relations Commission told him "We're shut down for the summer," but as Kievsky well knows, lying is second nature to Jews.

The topic of the meeting is agitating for more employment of non-whites in Framingham's Town government. Third World people practice Third World forms of government e.g. dictatorship and corruption. They do the same thing when they get in positions of power in Amerikwa too.


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