22 May, 2006

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That’s why one clear message rings down more than two millennia of Western history: “Jews are poison!� Ignoring this message has been the biggest mistake we’ve ever made and the message now sniggered behind the hands of race-traitors like Bush and Blair is: “Let them eat kike!� But there’s reason for hope. Jews and their shabbas goys have tried to hold back reality with a dam made of lies, but the dam is leaking badly in a dozen places. The more it leaks, the weaker it grows; and the weaker it grows, the more it leaks. When it finally collapses, there won’t be room in the Jew-canoe for the present gang of traitors, criminals and parasites to ride out the flood.

The O’Farrell Column, heretical.com
16 May, 2006

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The Truth is No Defense welcomes Bill White of the National Socialist Movement for a special 65 minute interview.

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16 May, 2006

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The roundtable returns: Alex, Agis and Stan discuss the persecution of Whites speaking freely on the Internet, U.S. tips Mexico to Minuteman locations, Chicago highschool teacher blogs on nogs, TNB, Duke rape update and Berlin exhibition.

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16 May, 2006

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[Now complete]

The mater matrix pinches off an alumni mag three times a year. The latest issue is chock full of stubby brown goodness, like unto an ashtray at a cigar bar.

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16 May, 2006

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[This book came out in the early nineties, an excellent collection, uncompleted, of Mencken’s descriptions of the various writers, publishers and businessmen and others he knew in first few decades of the 1900s.]

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15 May, 2006

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Multiculturalism And Alligators

Better Than NASCAR

By Fred Reed

May 12, 2006

It is possible to derive an ashen satisfaction from watching really stupid people dancing on a tight rope over a den of alligators. At each resounding dental snap one yells “Yeeeeeeeee-ha! Told you so!� and reaches for another beer.

It makes a better Saturday night than a six pack and a bug zapper.

From the Washington Post: “Nearly half of the nation’s children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so rapidly, according to a census report released today.â€?

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15 May, 2006

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Discussed on Goyfire #32, taped yesterday (5/14/06)…

That truth, at least according to McCuen, is that black people are inferior to whites.

“Intellectually, yes they are,” said McCuen. “This has been confirmed over and over, and this is a generalization. Again, there are some blacks who are more intelligent than individual whites. But as a rule, that is true. I-Q tests prove it over, and over and over.”

The original article…

Reader responses…

15 May, 2006

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By Michael O’Meara

A year from now, the French will go to the polls to
elect their next president. This will not be a normal
election: Not just because all the totalitarian forces
of the Judeo-liberal system will be mobilized against
the one man who embodies the hopes of the French
nation; but also because it will determine if the
European heartland is to remain European.

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12 May, 2006

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The 15th episode of The Truth Is No Defensive is available for download. This episode is entitled: “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the earth. The trajectory to war, famine, and economic ruin.�

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11 May, 2006

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All submissions for VNN’s Mexican flag desecration contest have been judged. The details of the contest are here:


Recall, the rules stated

The contest is not limited to just Mexican flag desecration, but defilement of any national symbol of Mexico, or the Mestizo race itself shall be considered.

And so, we have a winner!

The presentation is entitled “Mexivasion:”

The artist wishes to remain anonymous.

Thankyou for your creativity and contribution. You’ve well earned the $100 prize.