27 April, 2006

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Dysgenics a Reality

Reverse human evolution plausible, testable, U.S. biologist says

A much-derided theory that five people who walk on all fours are products of “backward evolution� is plausible, and testable, said a U.S. biologist who weighed in on the controversy last week.


The debate erupted last month after a Turkish scientist proposed that the five siblings in Turkey, who also speak what he called a primitive language, had undergone backward evolution. The claim met with skepticism, even jeers, from some fellow scientists. But Keith Crandall of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, said the idea is nothing extraordinary, calling it a “nice and testable hypothesis.�

Reverse evolution occurs when an organism returns to the genetic state of its ancestors, said Crandall, who wrote a paper on the topic in the Oct. 2003 issue of the research journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. In that work, he wrote that reverse evolution is documented in various organisms, such as fish that lose their eyes after living in dark caves for generations.


27 April, 2006

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“Even if the world is turned upside down, the United States and Israel will see eye to eye.”
-Al Gore
“I have a 100 percent record – not a 99, a 100 percent record – of sustaining the special relationship and friendship that we have with Israel.”
-John Kerry
In this difficult time we must again reaffirm we are enlisted for the duration–and reaffirm our belief that the cause of Israel must be the cause of America–and the cause of people of conscience everywhere.
-John Forbes Kerry (grandfather’s name change from Kohn)
“Sharon just has him [President Bush] wrapped around his little finger,”
-Brent Scowcroft
The real reason America is in Iraq was revealed by Bush and Kerry in their recent debate on foreign policy. It can’t get any more clear than this:

BUSH: “A free Iraq will be an ally in the war on terror, and that’s essential. A free Iraq will set a powerful example in the part of the world that is desperate for freedom. A free Iraq will help secure Israel. A free Iraq will enforce the hopes and aspirations of the reformers in places like Iran. A free Iraq is essential for the security of this country.”

KERRY: “Soldiers know over there that this isn’t being done right yet. I’m going to get it right for those soldiers, because it’s important to Israel, it’s important to America, it’s important to the world, it’s important to the fight on terror.”

27 April, 2006

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[“‘Holocaust’ Remembrance Day” spreads like topsy. Remember the Holocaust and keep it holy… You dirty goyim, more than you deserve it is, that rabbidics allow you to waggle around on their planet. Surely every day is already Holohorseshit day, as literally not a day goes by that doesn’t feature all the Holonews you can eat, piping hot and stinky from the oven, sprinkled o’er with fresh  small dead black fish for extra stinky geshmaltzness. What a coincidence that the richest and most obnoxious people on earth are the greatest and noblest victims. There is a final solution to jewish holocaust lies: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.]

None of this happened by accident. Quite the contrary, it was planned, it was designed. It took the active participation of an entire country to accomplish, not the workings of a few evil leaders.

 If they are “Holocaust revisionists,” I suppose someone who claims two plus two is five is a “mathematical revisionist.” We call the person ignorant, stupid or some other less than flattering word, but not a “revisionist.”

Consider — for shock value — what the reaction would be if a group of “antebellum revisionists” claimed African Americans were never slaves? That blacks were never sold, lynched, beaten, raped and bartered?


Downplaying the Holocaust would be another tragedy
Chicago Sun-Times ^ | April 25 2006 | William Choslovsky

Posted on 04/25/2006 12:08:27 PM PDT by knighthawk

The Final Solution: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Buchenwald, Terezin, Chelmno, Sobibor, Majdanek, Belzec, Polish ghettos.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazis murdered 6 million Jews — 6 million girls, men, grandmothers, babies, uncles, neighbors, women, fathers, friends, sisters, colleagues, cousins, lovers, boys, mothers, aunts — 6 million human beings. Though Hitler’s main target was Jews, he also exterminated 5 million other people, mostly Catholics, homosexuals, gypsies and the handicapped, to support his master race ambition.

For perspective, and to humanize each of the 6 million victims, consider this: If you read each victim’s name — taking just two seconds per name — it would take you 139 days to complete the task. Start and you will not finish until September. But that is only if you never stop to eat, drink or sleep, much like the conditions the victims endured.

Most perished (were murdered) quickly in the gas chambers, gallows or execution lines. The rest were forced to perform labor so excruciating the likes of which adjectives do no justice in describing. Then there were the rapes, beatings, heinous medical “experiments” and brutal, arbitrary tortures.

None of this happened by accident. Quite the contrary, it was planned, it was designed. It took the active participation of an entire country to accomplish, not the workings of a few evil leaders. It happened in the “modern era” in the most civilized of countries, and it happened for only one reason: because they were Jews. Somehow, a few survived.

Note, the above description is hollow, it is weak, it is inadequate. It is all I can offer in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is today.

Amazingly, there is a group of individuals who deny the Holocaust ever occurred. They are called “Holocaust revisionists.” If they are “Holocaust revisionists,” I suppose someone who claims two plus two is five is a “mathematical revisionist.” We call the person ignorant, stupid or some other less than flattering word, but not a “revisionist.”

Calling Holocaust deniers “revisionists” wrongly suggests there is room for debate. It lends credence to asinine assertions. We are talking historical fact, not policy debates or competing historical theories.

Ideally, the “revisionists” would not warrant any attention. As my grandmother Baba Bella used to say, “If you argue with a fool, that makes two.”

Unfortunately, some of the “revisionists” possess an air of credibility. Take Northwestern engineering professor Arthur Butz, who penned a book in 1976 denying the Holocaust. Butz recently garnered much attention when he was paired with the good company of the president of Iran questioning the Holocaust.

In a world that is often ill-informed, ignorance can pass as fact if left unchallenged. If supposedly credible individuals like Butz are not condemned, then the perpetual lie soon becomes “truth.” Our silence is the source of their strength.

Insulated by tenure policies, Butz peddles hate using his university-sponsored Web site. Northwestern can ban hateful speakers as it did a few years ago when it prevented hate-monger Matthew Hale’s attempt to speak on campus. Butz has a right to his soap box, but the university need not provide it for him.

Consider — for shock value — what the reaction would be if a group of “antebellum revisionists” claimed African Americans were never slaves? That blacks were never sold, lynched, beaten, raped and bartered? Suppose these “scholars” claimed the whole idea of a black slave trade was simply a hoax devised by blacks to garner sympathy. How would we respond?

I would like to think that I would be joined by everyone, no matter their ethnicity, in obliterating such a lie. I would like to think that the “revisionists” would be called racists.

Most important, the lessons of the Holocaust are hardly static. Today — not 1944 — synagogues are vandalized in Europe. The Arab press publishes articles stating that Jews use the blood of Muslim children in Passover festivals. Arab children use text books demonizing Jews. Foreign “news” organizations “report” America and Israel orchestrated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Likewise, the lessons of the Holocaust are not limited to Jews. Long before Darfur, upward of 2 million Christians were butchered in the Sudan under the command, “convert or die.” Trains carrying Hindus are set afire in India. Jehovah’s witnesses are beheaded in the Philippines. A million Tutsis were murdered in Rwanda in 100 days in 1994. Coptic Christians are persecuted to near extinction in Egypt. Muslims were persecuted in Bosnia a decade ago. Saddam Hussein gassed Kurds. And so it goes. Millions killed not for anything they did, but because of who they were.

I relish the day when “Holocaust revisionists” like Butz can be dismissed and scorned, not given a university paycheck. Until then remember, two plus two is four. Do not forget it lest the victims of the Holocaust died in vain.

William Choslovsky is a Chicago lawyer.

27 April, 2006

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Statements like these beg a much bigger question to be answered:
How do you fake something such as the Holocaust?
He asked, so who among us would like to respond?
Forward responses here
Holocaust deniers don’t only hurt Jews, they hurt us all
Erin Out the Details
Erin Caballero

Posted: 4/25/06

As a Muslim, today isn’t just another day in the Bay Area. Today is a source of nasty political and religious debate. Today is an opportunity for anti-Semitism to rear its ugly head yet again. Why? Because today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Many within my adopted religious community deny that the Holocaust even happened, that it was all a hoax. Holocaust denial, also known as Holocaust “revisionism,” tries to present the viewpoint that the Jewish community falsified the event and/or greatly exaggerated the casualties of it to gain sympathy and support for the statehood of Israel, along with the “Zionist agenda.”

27 April, 2006

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No one truly knows, as the jews don’t report it in their papers.

Guantanamo “Was Filled With Jews”; “A Rabbi was Present at Interrogations”

Ibrahim Sen: “Torture time began. The Jewish commander Yasef said, while electrocuting my body …

Vakit: “You mentioned soldiers with skullcaps. Were there many of these at Guantanamo?”

Sen: “I can tell you. Ninety percent of the soldiers at Guantanamo wore skullcaps. They all had Jewish names. There were also 15 rabbis in Guantanamo that we counted. At least one rabbi was present during interrogations […]”


27 April, 2006

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The New Black Panther Party rally and news conference is being planned for Monday morning in front of an entrance to Duke at Chapel Drive and Duke University Road. Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, the group’s national chairman and the national spokesman of Black Lawyers for Justice, will be the keynote speaker.

Muhammad said plans are for the demonstration to include a march past the lacrosse practice fields and the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

Founded in 1989 in Dallas, the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense has chapters across the U.S. It preaches self-determination for a black nation through revolutionary changes. Among other tenets of the organization are calls to free all incarcerated black people, exempting blacks from military service, education that “exposes the true nature of this devilish and decadent American society,” and demands for trials by a jury of black peers.

26 April, 2006

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New one on me. Quote: “The great Lennon-McCartney tunes of their middle and later periods are ballads, music-hall spoofs, or jumped-up skiffle tunes.” [Steven King choosing Beatles as “Most overrated rock band,” American Heritage magazine, May/June 1999]


Jazz, folk, or country music played by performers who use unconventional instruments, such as kazoos, washboards, or jugs, sometimes in combination with conventional instruments.

25 April, 2006

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Please tell your readers to download this new white nationalist film about September 11th.

Awaken And Avenge WMV Torrent file

24 April, 2006

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[Fags with the upper hand are totalitarian. They will hear no criticism of their deviancy. There is no way 1% of the population could control the academy except for the help of the jews, who know that homos are invaluable in breaking down Normal White America.]

Freshmen required to undergo homosexual indoctrination

Mandatory ‘diversity seminar’ at university where profs ‘banned’ ‘Marketing of Evil’

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24 April, 2006

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[This is about as pure an example as you’ll find. No similar story would be written about the NBA bemoaning the absence of Whites; if anything, it would be written to make a point of Eastern Europeans pushing out niggers.]

Baseball rates C+ in diversity

Associated Press

ORLANDO, Fla. — The percentage of black pitchers in the major leagues last year was half of what it was in 1983.

The University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics said Thursday that 3 percent of pitchers, 1 percent of catchers and 11 percent of infielders were black last year, based on 40-man rosters listed in 2005 media guides. That compares with 26 percent of outfielders.

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