19 March, 2020

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Is the painting ugly and ridiculous? Is the “artist” worshipped in NYC and London? Then you can bet the “artist” is a Jew.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

More [Here].

19 March, 2020

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(Above: Kurt Cobain)

Here’s some armchair amateur psychiatry.

Ever since about 1973, divorce in America has been a popular trend. Millions of family homes have been “broken” on the altar of feminism and gender equality.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I know a little something about psychology. I know that childhood trauma usually stays with you forever, no matter how hard you try to forget it.

The late rock singer Kurt Cobain (1967-1994; cause of death = suicide) of the band Nirvana, was apparently deeply and traumatically affected by his parent’s divorce when he was 9 years old. Apparently, Cobain went from being a happy, carefree kid to being sullen and hostile in a short period of time. This is a common result of divorce, which takes a child from being in a warm cocoon to being in a cold, dark forest. It’s a severe, life-changing shock for a child. I’m convinced that, had Cobain’s parents not divorced, he probably would still be alive today, although granted that’s impossible to prove.

Today, thanks to “no-fault divorce laws” (in every state), you can get a divorce quickly and easily, in just a few hours. “Quickie” divorce laws originated in the Soviet Union. Here in America they were pioneered by a Jew named Fain.

(How ironic that Cobain believed in the ideology of feminism!).

18 March, 2020

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Federal government: “Americans must become race-blind. Diversity is our strength! Race doesn’t exist! Affirmative Action above all!”


2020 U.S. Census form: “Please list your race and the races of everyone in your household: White; Black; Hispanic; Asian; Hawaiian Islander; Other. Your response is required by federal law!”

18 March, 2020

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“Democracy” [Audio; duration is 23 minutes; click on the arrow at top left].

“Diversity Is Our Strength” [Audio; duration is 24 minutes; click on the arrow at top left].

18 March, 2020

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Don’t call Coronavirus what it is! That would be truthful! And it could lead to racism and xenophobia against slants! (Too late: there’s already racism and xenophobia against squints). Note for newbies: Jews and other non-Whites fear “official racism” (such as from a president, a congressman, etc.) much more than regular racism.


17 March, 2020

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Communist China (or more accurately Nationalist-Communist China) isn’t being held back by Western-style political bullshit such as feminism, multiculturalism, diversity, etc. That’s why it will soon take over most of the world. White people will be caught with their pants down. (I don’t know the exact year of this Chinese speech, but it doesn’t matter, because the goal of China is clear from it). And to think, White Americans “built up” China from being a poor agricultural state to being a global super-power in just a few decades. Such building-up was aided and abetted by Jews, naturally. [a .PDF file].

17 March, 2020

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This post was inspired by a disturbing thread a few days ago at Stormfront forum (SF), and linked to at VNN Forum, which called into question VNN owner Alex Linder’s ethnicity and his White nationalist (WN) credentials. As if Alex hasn’t been in the White nationalist movement since almost forever. (He’s been in the WN movement since about 1993, I’m guessing. That’s 27 years).

There has been a longtime feud between SF posters and VNNF posters, largely over ideology and style. At one point in time, links to VNNF/VNN were not allowed to be posted at SF [1]. The feud has been aided and abetted by trolls, some of whom, no doubt, work for Jewish organizations.

It’s time to try a new peace accord between the SF forum and VNN Forum. Here is the basic idea of the peace accord: you don’t criticize other WNs on other forums, even if you might disagree with them on some ideological issue. Everyone likes different food, so to speak. Different strokes for different folks.

To start/enter into this peace accord: if you are a poster at Stormfront forum or VNN Forum, you voluntarily agree not to make posts on those forums such as this:

“Don Black is a ______________” (insert derogatory word here)

“Alex Linder is a ______________ ” (insert derogatory word here)

“SF mod/poster ___________ is a big fat ____________” (insert derogatory words here)

“VNNF mod/poster __________ is a big fat ____________” (insert derogatory words here)

or any variations of the above. Get it? Go your own way. Leave other WNs alone on the SF and VNNF forums. Don’t fight each other. Don’t call each other names.

A great part of this accord is this: it polices itself, so to speak. You, the posters at SF and VNNF, are the “accord police”! Yes, the whole burden is on you, men. It’s the old honor system. No heavy-handed, mafia-like knee-breaking will happen! Yes, yes, right: the internet trolls who daily troll the WN forums in order to start fights (most of those trolls have 17 different screen names and have real names like Goldberg, Weinberg and Silverstein) don’t want this accord to happen. Ever. Ever, ever. They want WNs to go on fighting every day. Well, fuck the trolls. That’s why you, the forum posters, need to make this accord happen, and, remain in place: to jam up the Jewish trolls and agent provocateurs who want WNs to endlessly fight each other.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s call this new peace accord “SF/VNNF 2020 Accord.” Don’t fight. Be as one. Be united. Befuddle and piss off the Jewish trolls.


[1] there have been several half-baked SF/VNNF peace accord attempts over the years, none of which succeeded for more than a few days

16 March, 2020

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Irish band The Cranberries in an acoustic performance. Sadly, the singer Dolores O’Riordan is dead now. She drowned due to alcohol intoxication in January 2018. [Video; duration is 19 minutes].

16 March, 2020

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(Above: signs like this one were common in America in the 1920s. Today? Today Jews have “civil rights” and such a sign would get you sued, and maybe even arrested for “civil rights violations”).

The poor Jews. People sometimes complain when they behave badly! (But only in private. They don’t dare complain about Jews in public).

The Jews are always re-defining “anti-Semitism” so it’s hard to say if Jew-hate has actually increased [1]. Regardless, the simple solution for the Jews would be: “stop acting like Jews and people wouldn’t hate you.” But here’s the rub: the yids can’t stop lying, swindling, and starting wars. They can’t stop being Jews! Asking a hebe to stop behaving badly is like asking a mosquito to stop biting people. He’s gonna do it anyway! It’s like the scorpion and the frog story.



[1] since circa 2001, criticism of Israel has been called “anti-Semitism” by the Jews, which is ridiculous: Israel is above all criticism?

15 March, 2020

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(Above: the Jew, William Kashtan, posing as a White Canadian).

The communist party of Canada, just like in America and Australia, was led largely by Jews. For example, William Kashtan (1909–1993). He was general secretary of the Communist Party of Canada. Another big Jew in Canadian communism was Fred Rose (real name Fishel Rosenberg; 1907–1983). A Soviet spy, he was best known as the only member of the Canadian Parliament ever convicted of spying for a foreign country. Another powerful Jew in Canadian Marxism was Sam Carr (real name Schmil Kogan; 1906–1989). He was the editor of the Communist Party’s newspaper, The Clarion, and he was also a Soviet spy. “Carr” is today a “victim” of “human rights” abuses. Of course! The poor innocent Jew! And, I already posted about Joseph Zuken.