7 September, 2019

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Gee, Goldberg, what a Cohencidence: I’ve had insomnia since 1988, ever since I learned that Jews, as an ethnic group, have led the movements to subvert White, Western culture (i.e., they founded feminism, communism, socialism, leftism, multiculturalism, “anti-racism,” gun control, etc.). So there’s some commonality there! [Article].

7 September, 2019

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The Jewish-led gun ban attempts are starting already: News quote: “Over in the House, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., has said his panel will hold a hearing on “assault weapons” in late September.” (When would Nadler find the time to do that, with all the Trump-impeaching he’s doing?).

A note for retards, vegetarians, soccer-moms and glue-sniffers: an “assault weapon/rifle/carbine” is a military rifle capable of firing in fully-automatic mode. That’s means it’s a machine gun, just like the U.S. Army uses. It can empty its magazine in 6 seconds or so, merely by holding the trigger back with your index finger until all of those evil bullet-thingies have flown downrange on their way to mow down innocent furry animals.

Most gun-owning citizens do not own machine guns/assault weapons/assault rifles. Most. That means “the majority of them.” Like, 98% of them don’t own any. Only someone with a Class III federal license can own one.

7 September, 2019

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(Above: Robert “Mudboy” Mugabe: “Would you like a banana? Oh, wait, I forgot. We don’t have bananas anymore. No more fruit. Well, then, how about a piece of moldy bread?” Blacks can only destroy. They can’t build or nurture. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe was the best country in Africa but Mudboy ran it off a cliff. Of course. And the global media said nothing when he did. Of course).

Henry Kissinger, 1976: “Look, Mr. Smith. All of the White countries have to commit racial suicide sooner or later. White countries cannot stand — that’s just not allowed anymore. The international community forbids it. South Africa will soon commit racial suicide as well. So, we might as well just kill Rhodesia and get it over with.”

Ian Smith: “Wait a second. The Jews have their own country. Why can’t Whites have White countries?”

Henry Kissinger: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Don’t be absurd, Mr. Smith.”

Mudboy came to power with help from the Jewish diplomat Kissinger, who brokered a political suicide deal in which White Rhodesia would dismantle itself and allow Blacks to become part of the formerly-White government within two years after September 1976. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe was quickly destroyed and all of the White countries in the world will suffer the same fate.

6 September, 2019

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Anytime in my lifetime? First Kate Steinle is murdered, and now this: [Article]. It’s time to end all immigration into America. Use National Guard troops to control the border if needed.

6 September, 2019

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Postpone, postpone, postpone. The oldest legal trick in history. The idea is to wear the other guy out, leading to his eventual defeat — winning by attrition, in other words.

But anyway…

Three years ago, the voters of Britain said that they wanted to leave the EU. A necessary move. Britain should be controlled by the British. Duh!

But powerful, wealthy elites have since decided that the British voters were wrong. Britain should be controlled by foreigners at the EU in Brussels, Belgium, they say. British sovereignty be damned! Screw the Brits! they say.

This is a classic battle between elites and normal people [1].

Elites can’t be trusted, because elites, since they live in isolated bubbles full of luxury and “yes men”, lack common sense and common decency. Elites may be “book smart,” but that does not translate to “having common sense.” Elites know nothing about the real world. Limousines, butlers, private jets and caviar are not part of the real world.

Elites and normal people: they are living on the same planet, yes, but they are living in very different worlds. The elite world is a fantasy world, like The Land of Oz.



[1] I once read a long and interesting essay about elite people vs. regular people. Many elites are psychologically warped, because they were never punished for bad behavior as children, and they were also shielded from the normal world. They were very spoiled. They grew up with a severe sense of entitlement and superiority; bad and irresponsible behavior was the norm for them during childhood and that continued into adulthood

6 September, 2019

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(Above: an abandoned factory in the Rust Belt, located in the Ohio/Michigan/Pennsylvania region; all of the jobs went overseas).

Why did American-made goods cost so much during the last 60 years? Labor unions. Why is the Rust Belt a giant, multi-state graveyard of abandoned factories? For the same reason: labor unions.

For decades, American cars cost way more than they should have. A car should have cost you $8,000, not $13,000. A hammer should have cost you $6.00, not $12.00. You overpaid for years.

Also, labor unions artificially shrink the labor pool. There are less jobs around.

The labor union movement in America was founded and run by Jews: Samuel Gompers, Sidney Hillman, David Dubinsky, Rose Schneiderman, Ralph Helstein, Lillian Herstein, Jacob S. Potofsky, Arthur J. Goldberg (a legal strategist and negotiator for Big Labor), Bill and Jackie Presser. Worse, there were many communists in the labor unions.

For decades, labor union dues were used to fund left-wing political causes.

(I will sort of agree with Stossel on one point: labor unions may have been necessary in the early years — e.g., in the 1930s, when a lot of families were starving; however, one could also make a counter argument: that more jobs would have been available if not for unions).


5 September, 2019

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“Look, Daddy, a rainbow!” How many kids have said that after a thunderstorm? Millions.

Rainbows used to symbolize wishes, hopes, innocence, wonder.

But now, ever since the fag lobby co-opted rainbows as homosexual symbols, they only symbolize sickness, decadence and filth. Now they should call them “rainblows.” (What would the Oscar-nominated 1979 song “Rainbow Connection” be called today? Could it even be written today?)

4 September, 2019

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Ann Coulter wrote, about leftists: “We’re dealing with people who are not honest brokers. We can no longer have any expectation of good faith, sound process or common sense. In this environment, it’s preposterous to believe that we can start putting asterisks on the Second Amendment and hope that it will survive. We can’t entrust our liberties to your dirty hands.”

Yes, indeed. I’ve been saying that for some time: leftists/liberals are abnormal people. So you’re not going to get normal behavior from them. Trying to bargain with them is a fool’s errand. [Article].

4 September, 2019

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Seen: a photo of the American flag and the California state flag together.

Is California even part of America anymore? I think California is part of Cuba now. California should change its state slogan from “Eureka” to “Viva Fidel Castro!” Or even better, “Viva Castrofornia!”

4 September, 2019

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Liberals politicize everything. Literally everything. Food. The weather. Dogs. Cars. Water. Lawn mowers. Straws. Trees. Everything. Why do leftists politicize everything? Because they’re assholes. They’re like Jews, but with different genes. [Article]. Liberals should be banned from politics by federal law. They’re like hyperactive children in adult bodies.