7 November, 2018

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“The Bent Pyramid” by Tito Perdue. A novel, but nonetheless it seems to read as being true-to-life. Fiction is important. It gives people ideas, and escapism as well:

“Ultimately, however, the author conjures a grim vision of a frightful future that is already pressing upon us — a future that, unless combated now, will obliterate Western Civilization.”

[Book Review].

5 November, 2018

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This is from July 2018, but no matter, the point remains. Wake up to reality, White people. The reality is: even when you don’t mention race per se, you still get called “racist.” So why bother to tread lightly about race if they’re gonna call you a racist anyway? See the point? (It’s shocking how England has been so quickly destroyed by Brown people. The Brits just let it happen. The Brits went from controlling half the world circa 1920 to controlling a small island where White people are afraid to tell the truth. Really sad).


5 November, 2018

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This is a great idea. I can think of all sorts of things that could be amended/repealed. For starters, why not repeal the unconstitutional/never-ratified 14th Amendment (deals with “civil rights”/birthright citizenship), the 19th Amendment (women voting), the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964, the genocidal 1965 Hart-Celler Act (immigration) and the 1996 Lautenberg Act (gun control)? Also, they could add more teeth to the 1st and 2nd Amendments.


4 November, 2018

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Election Day: that’s when all of the people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote (e.g., Black people, Brown people, college girls of both sexes, retards and half-wits) go into the polling booths and vote anyway. That’s called vote fraud, or, it should be called vote fraud, anyway. Why are Black and Brown votes allowed to “cancel out” White votes? Hmmmm?

3 November, 2018

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Lyrics: “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”

Yeah. Anyway, love John Entwistle’s bass. When turned up, this song sounds like thunder, pretty heavy stuff (they always played very loud), and, a great laser show at the end. [Video].

3 November, 2018

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A #TeamWhite podcast, recorded with Jan on 11-1-18. [click on the webpage for audio].

2 November, 2018

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“International officials with the United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency say President Trump must allow a caravan of Central Americans into the United States to seek asylum.”

Really? Who are these UN people? Is this the same UN that was founded by Jewish communists in 1945? (Yes).[1]. I don’t know if I’d give their words much weight. Why does the UN occupy U.S. soil anyway? (Yeah, they say that it’s “international” soil, but it’s not. It’s New York soil).


[1] many of the original UN founders were Soviet agents, which seems odd, given the UN mission statement of being dedicated to promoting peace and human rights. Was the Soviet Union peaceful and free? Did it champion human rights?

1 November, 2018

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Jews and leftists are always inventing funny things out of thin air (“global warming,” “hate crime,” “gay rights” and other baloney). Well, I can invent things, too. I just made a law: “The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act.” As an added bonus, I made the law regional in scope, and I even made the law retroactive back to 2000, hence the name. (Note: in case you wonder, “Is this law real?”, of course it is. I just invented it 10 minutes ago. It doesn’t get any more real than that).

The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act

An Act;

The purpose of this title/act is to control the spread of dangerous Cultural Marxist propaganda;

This title/act may be cited as “The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act.”

Whereas, a human cannot change his or her sex or gender;
Whereas, human “transsexuals” do not actually exist, biologically speaking;
Whereas, pro-“transsexual” propaganda, whether in written or oral form, is Cultural Marxism;
Whereas, it is harmful to Western societies to spread Cultural Marxism and pro-“transsexual” propaganda;

Beginning November 1, 2000, it will be unlawful to spread pro-“transsexual” propaganda in written or oral form in any Western country.

31 October, 2018

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How can a 7-year-old be “transsexual”? She or he (the kid was born a boy apparently) has not yet reached puberty, isn’t that correct? I assume it is since puberty usually begins at roughly 12 years of age. How can a child choose her/his gender? Does she/he even know and understand what “gender” means? Can children make such important legal decisions at age 7? This is just hard to fathom. If anyone had made this type of “trans child” claim in 1970, they’d have been taken away to the giggle farm by men in white coats. Make no mistake: the “trans” movement is a revolution, not merely a “natural,” slow evolution. Revolutions are created and led, usually by people named Weinberg, Silverberg and Goldstein.


30 October, 2018

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Trannies, trannies everywhere! They’re the “latest thing” — like the Beatles were in 1964. Anyway, sane people know that there’s no such thing as “transgender” (in other words, a person can’t change his or her sex). Yet, various Western governments today (e.g., in Canada, France and Denmark) tell us that there is such a thing as “changing your sex” and what’s more, damn it, you’re gonna believe that “official fact” or else have your children taken away by the New Bolsheviks. Brazen-lying-as-official-government-policy doesn’t bode well for the future of the Western world. What’s next? Will the sky be “officially” called green soon? Will concrete “officially” be called soft? Will snow be called yellow soon? (yeah, okay, according to Frank Zappa, sometimes it is yellow).