22 April, 2022

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Jordan Peterson is a smart guy, but he’s going down a rabbit hole by embracing the Judeo-Christian religion. That’s what got the West into this (egalitarian) mess in the first place!

The idea that you “need” religion doesn’t work, because many good people are atheists. Peterson seems to be avoiding the fact that both Christianity and White Nationalism perform the same general role: “community solidification” and “giving people something to live for.” Why choose Big Jeeboo (which is Jewish of course) when you can choose Whiteness? Since the Western world is a White region, choosing White Nationalism is the logical choice. In fact, you could say that White Nationalism is “your duty as a White man.” Isn’t the West your homeland? Yes. Aren’t the people in the West your people? Yes. There you go!

(If you’re White, and you feel that you need a religion, only one will do: Cosmotheism) [1].

[Video, 1 hour].


[1] “Beyond this question of whether it is the race-mixers and Zionists or the pro-Whites who are the real Christians, there are the troubling issues of the non-European origin of Christianity: of the great body of Christian ethical doctrines which are accepted by nearly all the churches but which conflict with White spirituality and the needs for White survival, such as the Sermon on the Mount; and of the body of Old Testament and its Jewish mythology — such as the creation myth of Genesis; the “chosen people” myth, and Isaiah’s ravings against all non-Jews, together with his prophecies that the Jews will eventually rule the world and all other races will serve them — which comes along with most versions of Christianity.” — Dr. William Pierce on Christianity, 1982. Jews (or Israelites, Canaanites — you can call them whatever you like, we’re still talking about “the Jews”) wrote the Old Testament.

22 April, 2022

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Government official: “No worries! Nothing to see here! Move along, move along…keep moving…hundreds of young and fit athletes are supposed to collapse — Jesus wanted it that way! Vaccines?? What vaccines??”

“A staggering number of (young) athletes collapsed during games this past year”


21 April, 2022

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Is the Ukraine war America’s war? NO. Then why is Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden trying to make it our war? Does he want U.S. soldiers to die for corrupt Ukraine? Why are our White tax dollars supporting Jewboy Zelenskyy?

“Joe Biden announced an additional $800 million package of military assistance to Ukraine as Russian forces continue their military campaign to seize the country’s east. This follows the $800 million he donated last week. Biden also announced $500 million to assist the Ukrainian government. This will make $1 billion in aid to Ukraine’s government in the last month. Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe.”


21 April, 2022

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Ever notice how the UN and its armed brother, NATO, never ask the citizens what they want? They never say, “hey, citizens, do you want X or Y”? The UN is “Cultural Marxism posing as global democracy.” We citizens never get to vote on any UN ideas. Did you get to vote on any UN resolution within the last few years? Neither did I. Why not? What about “democracy”? Doesn’t sound very “democratic” to me. (I want to partake in some of that democracy! I wanna sit around a big campfire singing songs about equality and labor and class struggle and brotherhood and other cool stuff! Yaaaa! Sing it with me! “Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya, Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya, Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya, oh, Lord, Kumbaya.”).

Anyway, first (((they))) destroyed the public schools. Now they’re trying to destroy homeschooling [1].

“United Nations calls for more regulations to be placed on homeschooling”


“According to the UN report, the presence of “non-state actors” in education, which refers primarily to educators in the private schooling sector but also mentions parents involved in homeschooling, promotes “inequity” and “privilege,” and therefore the solution is for governments to consolidate “all” education into a “single system.”



[1] in circa 1940, the kings of globalism (i.e., Jews) decided that globalism was going to be the new foreign policy of every White Western nation, and they created two organizations to enforce that idea: the UN and NATO. The Jewish, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky (1893-1953) created the UN. Aside from Pasvolsky, approximately 60% of the “supplemental” UN founders were Marxist Jews, e.g., Harry Dexter White, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Victor Perlo, Irving Kaplan. From Chapter VII of the UN Charter sprang NATO. Globalism violates sovereignty. For example, the UN Security Council frequently violates the natural sovereignty of nations by creating “no fly zones” over certain countries (as if the UN owns the entire planet and can dictate airplane flights. As if!).

21 April, 2022

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If race/gender are “artificial social constructs” (as the Left claims), then America didn’t just put a Black female (Ketanji Brown Jackson) on the U.S. Supreme Court. We simply put a human on the court (as Scotty on Star Trek: “and what a fine human, too! Even Mitt Romney voted for her, although nobody knows why!”). So why is the Left so excited about her being placed on the court? [1][2].

But, if we did just put a Black female on the top court, then race/gender are not “social constructs” after all, but are real.

So, which is it? Are race/gender merely “social constructs invented by White men” or not?

“The Senator (Cruz) then points out that if you don’t agree with the Left, they will “demonize and attack you” regardless of your race, but if you’re a minority that agrees with their ideology, the Left will praise you and accuse anyone who disagrees of being a racist.”



[1] a quote from a “progressive” website: “On February 25, 2022, President Biden nominated Judge Jackson to become the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and the first Black woman to ever sit on the Court.”

[2] the central part of postmodernist philosophy is social constructionism (i.e., the social construction of reality) which was a Jewish movement: it was created by Jews such as: Edmund Husserl, Alfred Schutz, Max Scheler and later Peter L. Berger (who, like Scheler, was a convert from Judaism to Christianity). Other Jews who contributed to social constructionism were Emile Durkheim and Claude Levi-Strauss. Postmodernists believe that society is an artificial, “White male construct” designed solely to hold back and oppress Blacks, Browns and women. Postmodernists also believe that nothing is absolute or true: everyone has his own reality and no single reality is better, or worse, than another. This is reality denial. Postmodernist philosophy is a type of critical theory. It attacks White logic, White science and White reason. It’s also called “PostMarxism” or “language Marxism” and it’s dangerous because it’s limitless. Anything is possible with Postmodernist philosophy. It’s like a dream: there are no boundaries. If you believe “X” then “X” is true because that’s your personal reality, but then again nothing is true or absolute. Confused yet? That’s the idea: to confuse as many “useful idiots” as possible. Ditto “woke” and ditto “PC” and ditto CRT and Marxism and etc., etc. What the hippie gurus did with LSD, the Postmodernist philosophers do with words. Soon, the brains of their stupid followers will turn to mush.

20 April, 2022

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The Colossal Rape of the West (the CRW): this was a crime so huge in scope that it makes one dizzy to contemplate it. It was the biggest crime in modern history, involving hundreds, if not thousands, of people, as far away as China and Iran.

Let’s walk through it in steps (and mind you, this list isn’t nearly complete, it’s only partially complete. The “story” isn’t over yet).

1. Donald Trump sends the global Judeo-Left into hysterics in June 2015: he announces his presidential candidacy which includes saying “horrible” things about sweet, innocent, illegal Mexican aliens, and saying that he wants to pursue “America first” policies. OMG! Shades of the 1940s anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh!

2. Donald Trump wins the American federal election in Nov. 2016, sending the global Left into more hysteria.

3. The elite American Left launches an all-out effort to remove Trump from office. This includes federal government spying on Trump, fake impeachment efforts and especially “framing” Trump for “colluding with Russia.”

4. The Left tries to impeach Trump several times on ridiculous charges, but each time fails. These impeachment efforts are led by Jews, both in and outside of Congress.

5. Realizing that Trump cannot be impeached based upon leftist lies, the Left unleashes Covid-19 upon America and the West in Jan. 2020. Significantly, this virus-unleashing goes a long way in preventing “Trumpism” (i.e., right-wing populism) from spreading across the West and re-invigorating the Western world both politically and economically. A glorious, patriotic, 50-year “Western revival” was murdered in its crib. Yet, few people noticed. (Never forget: Jews don’t think locally. They think globally).

6. Using Covid-19 hysteria as a cover (“you must remain 10 feet away from all ballot counters”), the Nov. 2020 American federal election is stolen. Already, the Left has committed so many felonies that it will take decades to investigate and prosecute all of the crimes.

7. Joe Biden, who was not legitimately elected, signs dozens of bills into law and appoints many dozens of radical federal judges. Biden also destroys Trump’s great American economy and ends America’s energy (oil) independence.

(To be continued…)

20 April, 2022

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Liberals have an entirely different concept of freedom. For the liberal
the idea of freedom is mixed up with the ideas of happiness and comfort.
That’s why one always hears liberals talking about things like “freedom
from want.” To liberals, a hungry man is not a free man. And of course,
in a certain sense of the word that is true. A hungry man is encouraged
by the pain in his belly to do something to get food. His options are
more limited — at least temporarily — than those of a man who is not
hungry. But that’s not the sense in which we use the word “free.”
Whether a man is hungry or not, whether he is poor or not, he is free as
long as he not prevented by the government from seeking food for himself
or seeking to alleviate his poverty.”


20 April, 2022

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Of course, it depends on how you define “work” here. If you define “work” as “destroying Western culture by design” then yes, leftism works perfectly! That’s what leftism is about: destroying our White culture. Tearing it down. Name one leftist program that improved America. You can’t. Look at California. It’s ruined. “The Golden State”? Not anymore. White citizens are fleeing California by the thousands-per-week, because they can’t take it anymore. There goes the tax base. Californians are currently flooding into Nevada, Arizona, Oregon. California will soon be in free-fall.

“Journalists won’t do research or ask questions about global warming claims, so I will do their job for them”


“The Medieval warming period, from 950 AD to 1250 AD occurred cyclically and naturally and the temperature was similar to or a little warmer than today, 1000 years later. There was a little ice age that occurred between 1303 and 1860 AD where the Earth cooled cyclically and naturally. After the little ice age, the Earth has warmed a little, cyclically and naturally, getting back to where it was around 1,000 years ago.”


20 April, 2022

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News headline: “EU To Impose Full Embargo On Russian Oil Next Week”

Meanwhile, “Joe Biden” is sending America’s surplus oil to….Europe. Under what authority? His own? He has authority?? Biden couldn’t find his left elbow now. Why isn’t the U.S. Supreme Court voiding Biden’s various unlawful orders?

News headline: “WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress OKs bills suspending normal trade relations with Russia and banning its oil, sending measures to Biden.” [Here]. Sending the measures to Biden? Again, someone with senile dementia cannot legally sign any such orders.

More [Here] and [Here].

20 April, 2022

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(Above: Buchanan circa 1978)

Roy Buchanan (1939-1988) was a great and unique guitarist, despite never becoming a household name. He once saw Jimi Hendrix play live and he thought it was amusing that Hendrix needed a wah-wah pedal to make his guitar “cry” when he (Buchanan) didn’t need one. Merely by manipulating various parts of his guitar, Buchanan could get any sound he wanted without fancy pedals. Hendrix apparently refused to jam with Buchanan because Hendrix felt that the older man would cream him in a guitar duel — and he was probably right [1].

Buchanan, a quiet and very religious man, apparently tried to kill himself several times previously (once in 1980 via hanging and once again circa 1986) before finally succeeding in a jail cell — via hanging — in August 1988. Buchanan’s brain was clouded not only by alcohol but by “sinner’s remorse” and Jesus and Hell and “God’s gonna get you for rejecting Him” and so on and so forth. Had he not been infected by the Jeebus voodoo, he might still be jamming today.

“(Roy) came from a deeply religious and very poor family — they were sharecroppers. Roy believed in heaven and hell — and in sin. I think he perceived himself to be a sinner and somebody who had turned away from God and, to a certain extent, was therefore doomed.”



[1] “Buchanan settled down in the Washington, D.C., area, playing for Danny Denver’s band for many years while acquiring a reputation as “…one of the very finest rock guitarists around. Jimi Hendrix would not take up the challenge of a ‘pick-off’ with Roy.” — Wikipedia, April 2022.