11 January, 2020

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Well, well. It looks like the Jews tried to stop innocent German people from moving to Australia in the 1950s. Isn’t that “racism”? I think it is.

“Jews, Nazis and communists down under: The Jewish council’s controversial campaign against German immigration”

Abstract of article.

Whole article.

11 January, 2020

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Paraphrasing a comment that I saw online, concerning the sky-high rent and housing prices in liberal San Franqueersco, which are driving out normal people: “Soon, the only people living in the San Francisco Bay area will be the wealthy and the poor.”

Yes. America used to have a huge middle class, living in suburbs, consisting of teachers, plumbers, firefighters, etc. But that middle class is quickly vanishing. Soon, there will be only two classes: rich and poor. No in-between. Thanks to leftist policies (e.g., mass immigration, high taxes, various socialist mandates), America is becoming just like England was for decades. No middle class. And as a result of that, there will be constant class warfare in America, i.e., it will be a place ripe for major communist and socialist movements. Perhaps that’s the big plan anyway? (And, speaking of rent/housing in S.F., why are the Chinese allowed to buy up homes for cash in S.F.?? That drives up the housing prices by increasing demand; more demand = higher prices).

10 January, 2020

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(Somewhere in an American city, 2:00 AM):

Elderly citizen, on telephone: “Hello??? Yes, I need help! Someone is breaking into my house right now! Please send the police!”

Dispatcher: “I’m sorry, but the police department has been abolished due to racism, xenophobia, classism and sexism. Try calling the water department. The number is 345-…”


10 January, 2020

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The Jews and their helpers are always banning “Holocaust denial™” somewhere. Now TikTok (a video-sharing social networking) has banned it. But that could be harder to do than TikTok realizes. The Jews have a very broad definition of “Holocaust denial™.” For example, if you say “6 million Jews™ didn’t die in the Holocaust™, only 4 million did,” according to the Jews, that’s “Holocaust denial™.” Never mind the fact that the government of Poland did just that in 1990 by revising the “6 million™” number downward by 2.5 million, so the official number isn’t 6 million™ anymore. But the Jews still claim it’s 6 million™! That’s what’s known as “Holocaust™ math.” It’s always “6 million™,” regardless! (I wonder if the Polish government will be charged with “Holocaust denial™” because of that: “In Poland, Holocaust denial and the denial of communist crimes is punishable by law.” — Wikipedia).

At any rate, because of this type of ubiquitous censorship, more and more people are questioning the Holocaust™. More people now know that the Jews (and not the militaries of the allies) spun a ridiculous tale about “6 million Jews™” being “gassed” in plain brick buildings with wooden doors, which never could have happened: wood is not gas-proof and HCN (Hydrogen cyanide) gas would have leaked from the doors, killing the Nazi guards, too. Sure, some Jews died at Auschwitz. So did some communists and some homosexuals. But they died from starvation and disease, not “gassing.” And the number of Jews who died at Auschwitz was in the thousands, not the millions.

Why would the Jews lie about the Holocaust™? For at least three reasons. One, to claim “the power of the victim.” That power has opened a lot of doors for the Jews, both political and financial. Two, to get Israel. Both reasons worked very well: to this day, Germany pays the Jews millions of dollars per year in “Holocaust reparations™” and the Jews now have their own country, complete with nuclear weapons! And the third reason? Jews are, as a people, notorious liars — they’re worse than gypsies, and that’s saying something. Indeed, phony “Holocaust survivor™ stories” are very common. Why do you think the Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries? In fact, they were kicked out of France five times.


10 January, 2020

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(Above: the north Atlantic ocean region. The Middle East is not there).

News headline: “Trump proposes NATO expansion into Middle East”. That’s odd, since he has criticized NATO as being obsolete [1]. It’s also odd since Trump previously posed as an “America-first” isolationist “outsider,” a man who didn’t use the standard war-war-war, globalist playbook.

NATO stands for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” Is the North Atlantic near the Middle East? No. Then why would NATO get involved in the Middle East? Trump wants NATO involved there so that the endless wars in the Middle East look like a worldwide, group effort rather than just an American crusade.

Screw Zionism. Screw NATO. Screw globalism. Let the Jews fight their own battles. Get America out of the Middle East, permanently.


[1] “What I’m saying is NATO is obsolete. NATO is — is obsolete and it’s extremely expensive for the United States, disproportionately so.” — Trump, on ABC’s “This Week,” March 2016.

9 January, 2020

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It’s true that Australia has had a three-year drought. But droughts are not unusual. There were droughts 10,000 years ago. Why are there brush fires now which have lasted for months? The media blames “climate change” — of course! It always does. But what’s the real cause of the fires? Two things, really. First, asshole humans have caused 85% of them, either on purpose or by accident.

According to a pie chart by the Australian Institute of Criminology [1], only 6% of brushfires in Australia are “natural” (e.g., lightening). The rest are caused by asshole humans, either on purpose (arson/suspicious, 50%) or accidently (careless campfires, chainsaws, discarded cigarettes, etc., 35%; the rest are “other” and “re-ignition” of a prior fire).

Second, Australia, like California, has adopted green Marxism-as-environmental-policy. That makes brush fires more likely to occur, and also much worse as well.

So much for “global warming” or “climax change” (heh, heh) causing the fires. In other words, without asshole humans behaving like total butt-heads, Australia would not be engulfed in flames right now and cute little koalas wouldn’t be getting roasted. Green Marxists, like regular Marxists, are dangerous fools who have no business running, or advising, governments.

8 January, 2020

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It used to be hard to get a divorce in America. But now, thanks to “no-fault divorce laws,” it’s very easy to get one. In a few hours, presto! Your marriage is over!

But I digress.

Years ago, a co-worker told me a sad tale. He said, “I just got a divorce. I have to pay my ex-wife big money.” I said, “wow, that’s too bad.” He said, “yeah, my ex-wife took me to the cleaners financially. She took half of everything I own.” He said, “I can barely afford a hamburger now. And the thing is, it’s my money — I was the bread-winner, not her.”

Later, I told another, older co-worker about what the first co-worker told me about his divorce, and I will always remember what he said to me. It was very interesting and is even more so now, in this age of anti-male court judges and every-woman-is-a-feminist-by-default. He said: “I would never, ever allow anybody to take half of what I own, what I had earned and bought with my money — not a wife, not a cousin, not a best friend, no one. I would consider that to be grand theft from me and I would not tolerate that from anyone. Why not cut off my left arm, too? I would not allow it. I’d kill them first.”


8 January, 2020

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Alex was just talking about Christianity and White people at Kirksville Today.com yesterday.

White people sorely need a new religion, one that isn’t ridiculous (e.g., think “Whites are really Israelites” or other similar nonsense).

Okay, here’s an idea for one. Here are 14 logical ideas/tenets for it:


— rejects Christianity because it’s an anti-White, Jewish-founded religion

— rejects Marxism and leftist socialism

— rejects Zionism

— rejects non-White cultures and peoples

— rejects egalitarianism/human equality

— rejects one-size-fits-all democracy

— believes that White people and White culture are superior to the peoples and cultures of the other races; it champions Western culture

— rejects feminism

— rejects globalism/internationalism, and embraces isolationism

— rejects corporatism/supercapitalism, but supports small capitalism

— rejects materialism and greed

— respects and reveres nature, but rejects “climate change”/”global warming” baloney

— respects and reveres the traditional family unit

— has or worships no god, i.e., is a nontheistic religion (because White people must see themselves as “mankind’s masters”; they must “worship themselves” in a general sense; our White skin is our uniform and our race is our nation; our religion must be merely an extension of those things; we don’t need strange, otherworldly gods; we should, however, adopt some sort of a deity, icon, symbol, figurehead, etc.) [1].

As for a name for this new religion, it must be a good one. Sadly, I don’t have any good names in mind. Maybe keep it simple and easy, such as, perhaps: “Eurmancraft” (“Eur” = European; “man” = male; “craft” = a practice or a craft that you work at and improve. Another possible name: Lindercraft, as opposed to Dukecraft which of course couldn’t work since Duke is a Christian; or maybe Linderism, which sounds much better than Pierceism or Oliverism).

Readers, feel free to add your own ideas below.


[1] some people will argue that a true religion requires the worshipping of a god. Not true. Nontheistic religions, such as Buddhism, don’t have gods. Some people have said that Nazism and communism were actually nontheistic religions

7 January, 2020

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Yeah, Zionism! Israel rools, dude! Freedumb! USrael above all! Sinai II! Why aren’t the U.S. troops being sent to our southern border to protect America from the Brown Mexican invaders? Duh.

News quote: “Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East. For many of the soldiers, it would be their first mission. They packed up ammunition and rifles, placed last-minute calls to loved ones, then turned in their cellphones. Some gave blood. The 600 mostly young soldiers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, were headed for the Middle East, part of a group of some 3,500 U.S. paratroopers ordered to the region. Kuwait is the first stop for many. Their final destinations are classified.”

7 January, 2020

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Government Fool #1: “We’re so desperate for ethnic diversity that we’ll import anybody into America!”

Government Fool #2: “Well, almost anybody. Evil White racists are not allowed in! Ever!”

Government Fool #3: “Yes. White racism is much, much, much worse than terrorism. Just ask any Jew!”

Any Jew: “That’s right! White racism must be abolished from this earth because another Hitler could rise up and HollowCost us! My grandfather was gassed by the Nazis! He was gassed 5 times at Auschwitz and 4 times at Dachau; he escaped death by holding his breath each time. He lives in Cleveland now.”

Article quote: “The federal government has brought nearly 1,400 refugees to the United States over the last year from foreign countries listed on President Donald Trump’s constitutional travel ban. In 2019, the State Department imported exactly 1,378 refugees from Chad, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen — six of the eight countries on Trump’s travel ban list, which also includes North Korea and Libya.”