3 August, 2020

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Scenario 1: Biden wins the Democratic Party nomination for president in mid-August. So, a man who is considered by many people to be more-or-less senile will control America’s nuclear arsenal. Legally, constitutionally and morally, that scenario can’t be allowed by the Republican Party. It would have to go to the Supreme Court and ask for Biden to be disqualified.

Scenario 2: Biden is rejected as the presidential nominee by the Democratic Party. That leaves Bernie Sanders (who had a heart attack in 2019) as the most popular and viable alternative to Biden. Assuming that he’d accept the position as nominee, Sanders is very radical and he’d never beat Donald Trump in the November presidential race.

Either way, the liberals are screwed.

3 August, 2020

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In 1975, they would have said: “Third-world countries” (e.g., Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Cambodia). Meaning poor, non-White countries.

Now, they say: “Developing countries” (it sounds less “racist”). They’re “developing”! But actually, they aren’t developing. They’re stuck in the same rut they were in 50 years ago. Only now they have cell phones and computers that were invented by White people).

2 August, 2020

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According to the smelly, subversive Jew, Karl Marx, the first phase of communism is actually socialism. The second and final phase of communism is “the higher phase of communism,” at which point the state can and will “wither away.” The state will slowly vanish. (Sounds nifty!). Under Marxist doctrine, “so long as the state exists there is no freedom. When there is freedom, there will be no state.” (Sounds nifty also!)

Here’s a question for Marxists and leftists: which socialist or communist country has achieved actual communism, i.e., “true communism” (that means: no state, complete personal freedoms and equality for all, and a virtual utopia)? Which country has achieved communism as envisioned/promised by Marx? Name the country or countries here:


(The answer to that question is, of course, this: NO COUNTRY HAS EVER ACHIEVED TRUE COMMUNISM! Marxism, in all its forms and types, is the biggest fraud ever to spring from a human brain. The Soviet Union had 75 years in which to achieve true communism, but even the Soviets couldn’t do it — not even after swallowing all of Eastern Europe [massive surpluses of goods/food would be required in order to reach true communism]. Your “Marxism” is fake from Square One. It’s bullshit. It’s total crap. People who preach Marxism should be labelled “mentally ill” by the government and shipped off to the giggle farm for a 30-year “re-education”).

2 August, 2020

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(This is edited from before; also, the links in the prior post have changed)


Liberals love democracy. They worship it. It’s so…equalizing. (That’s why they also love communism). So it was interesting for me to learn that a noted liberal, the late and talented rock singer Lowell George, regretted running his band Little Feat democratically. Funny! Too late George learned that democracy – like communism – leads to mediocrity. The less-talented rise and so the more-talented fall by default. That’s not natural. Democracy is the opposite of natural! A rock band, like a country, must be run by the most-talented people only. If “Steve” is the most-talented man in the band, then he should make the musical decisions, hurt feelings be damned. Running a rock band, or a country, democratically will only lead to trouble. (America was a White republic until about 1964. Now it’s a multicultural democracy).

2 August, 2020

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News quote: “One member had already bought 30 body bags. More body bags were on an order list, investigators say, along with quicklime, used to decompose organic material. On the surface, those discussing the plan seemed reputable. One was a lawyer and local politician, but with a special hatred of immigrants. Two were active army reservists. Two others were police officers, including Marko Gross, a police sniper and former parachutist who acted as their unofficial leader.”

However, as some people have already noted, the “body bags” part of the story sounds odd. Why would they need body bags for doing-a-Pinochet (whether with helicopters or not)? Sounds almost like a false flag. Maybe they needed body bags to transport bodies from Point A to Point B? (But isn’t it funny how “far-right extremism” is always called a serious danger by the media and the government, but “far-left extremism” is rarely mentioned, and when it is mentioned, it’s treated as harmless? And don’t forget: Pinochet’s, et al. Operation Condor was a response to left-wing extremism and terrorism! “Right-wing extremism” is always in response to leftism and Marxism. It’s “the cure” for “the disease”) [1].



[1] Operation Condor was “the international state-sponsored assassination, kidnapping, torture, and murder ring run by U.S.-supported military dictatorships in South America in the late 1970s.” — www.fff.org. It involved 6 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

1 August, 2020

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I read with interest this passage in a U.S. military manual about insurgency (the bold text is for emphasis):

Re: insurgent terror tactics:“Terrorism is primarily used for its psychological effect on the community…Raids are conducted not only to harass police and soldiers, but to create a general feeling of insecurity among the populace. (Merely substitute “endless vandalism/rioting” for “raids” re: America in mid-2020. Why can’t Donald Trump use the U.S. military to stop the insurgents? Surely he has the legal authority to do so).


1 August, 2020

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(Above: the subversive Jew, Karl Marx. His ridiculous and deadly philosophy [communism] is still being practiced by idiots to this day! A White country that allows Marxism/communism to be practiced will sooner or later regret it).

A news headline read: “Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force” (July 31, 2020). But wait: there’s also “land redistribution” involved! (The first thing a Marxist government does is “redistribute land” — i.e., it steals land from Person A and gives it to Person B)[1].


[1] about “land redistribution” in communist Nicaragua, 1980s: “The goal of the agrarian reform was to reduce rural poverty and hunger by redistributing the land to landless peasants, and by creating co-operative farms, as well as state-run agricultural enterprises.” [Here].

1 August, 2020

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The Black people in America wanted “civil rights.” They got them.

The Blacks wanted to attend public schools with Whites. They got that with the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling.

They wanted Affirmative Action and other types of favoritism. They got them.

They wanted “housing rights” so they got the 1968 Fair Housing Act (since then, Whitey has been forced to rent housing to Blacks, by law).

They wanted to be cops and firemen and soldiers and Congressmen. They got all that.

They wanted welfare payments and they got many types of them (federal, state, local).

They wanted government-subsidized housing (known as the “Section 8” rent assistance voucher program). They got that years ago, in 1937.

They wanted to be called “colored,” then “Black” and then later “African-American”; they got that, too.

They wanted federal and state “hate crime” laws and they got them.

Bottom line: the Blacks have gotten everything they asked for. Yet they’re still not satisfied with their lives in America. They’re like spoiled children: they want more, more, more. Always more.

How ironic: Blacks still hate Whitey even after all the bending-over-backward (and forward!) Whitey has done to please them. The Blacks still loot and burn White-built cities, and they still rob, rape and murder Whitey with horrifying frequency.

What more do Blacks want? Do they even know anymore?

Will Blacks ever be satisfied? If history is any indication, no.

31 July, 2020

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Rep. John Lewis was like Jesus, only better: he was Black!

America has a long line of Black Jesuses: Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, just recently, George Floyd, and now Rep. John Lewis. You know your White country is in deep trouble when 3 former American presidents “honor” a dead, nearly-Marxist, negro troublemaker. Bush said: “John Lewis believed in the Lord. He believed in humanity and he believed in America…He’s been called an American saint” (which Marxist called him that?). Actually, Lewis was a professional race-hustler who, for example, used illegal Mexican children as political weapons against Donald Trump [1]. What sort of man uses illegal children as weapons?

[Here] and [Here].

[1] e.g., Rep. Lewis’ speech at the Atlanta “Keep Families Together” protest, June 30, 2018

30 July, 2020

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“You know, one of the biggest problems facing me or anyone else trying to inform the public in a way which contradicts the party line propagated by the television networks is credibility. I tell the average citizen something like, “In Israel it is legal to buy and sell slaves, as long as they aren’t Jews. The slave trade is big business in Israel, and it’s legal.” The average citizen’s response to this statement is: “I don’t believe it. That can’t be true. Everyone knows that Jews are liberals and are big supporters of human rights. They would never tolerate such a thing as the buying and selling of human beings in their own country. Don’t you ever watch television? If you did, you’d know that Jews just aren’t like that.” That reminds me of the refrain from a hymn I used to sing in Sunday school when I was a child. It went something like: “This I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Today, of course, television has replaced the Bible as the source of all truth for the great mass of people — certainly for everyone who is incapable of looking at the world around him and reaching his own conclusions based on the evidence.”


Audio: [Here].