8 October, 2020

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You can usually count on Jane Fonda to say something outrageous — she’s done it many times. Now she is saying that “the coronavirus is God’s gift to the left.”

But that Fonda quote raises a question.

First, America experienced the Russia Collusion Hoax in 2019 (which didn’t succeed in removing Donald Trump from office).

Then right after that came the Great Impeachment Circus in late 2019 (and that didn’t remove Trump from office either).

Then right after that came the Big Coronavirus/Covid-19 Scare (but that didn’t work much against Trump either).

Then came months of coordinated rioting, looting and burning in the big cities, which began overnight (but that didn’t work either).

Then came a virtual tsunami of “Black Lives Matter” propaganda — indeed, it was a propaganda record for the history books: on every TV network, in every magazine and every newspaper, on billboards coast-to-coast, on T-shirts and on yard signs, Blacks became innocent, wonderful and even god-like, and, correspondingly, there came a giant wave of attacks on White people in the West (both verbal and physical attacks; all White people are now classified as evil creeps who support returning to slavery and who support “White supremacy”; so are all cops evil now — even though some cops are Black and Hispanic).

Then, Trump actually got Covid-19 (but that didn’t work either; much to the dismay of the Left, Trump survived Covid and he’s still in office).

Here is the question: was all of that above just natural happenstance? All of those things occurring in a string, one after the other: was all of that just a coincidence? I wonder. I normally don’t believe in giant conspiracy theories, but now, I do believe in Cohencidences.

7 October, 2020

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1. Several million “positive Covid-19 cases” in America have been false positives [1]. They weren’t real. But the media never reports this.

2. Most of the so-called “Covid-19 deaths” in America were not due to Covid-19. The deceased people died from other causes (e.g., heart attack, stroke, cancer) but they had Covid-19 in their bodies at their time of death, so they were listed as Covid-19 deaths. (In Wisconsin in September 2020, a rare, honest TV news reporter said on the air that “if a skydiver jumped from an airplane in Wisconsin, and his parachute didn’t open and he plunged 15,000 feet to his death, he’d nonetheless be listed as a Covid-19 death if the coroner found any Covid-19 in his body”. That’s how “Covid-19 deaths” are found and listed in many states).

Bottom line: this baloney about 7.5 million people in America having been infected with, and 200,000+ dying from, Covid-19 is pure propaganda worthy of the Soviet Union circa 1930. Total infected = probably 3 million, tops, and total deaths = probably 70,000, tops.


[1] in Manchester, Vermont in July 2020, dozens of people were tested for Covid-19 at a clinic and were told that they had Covid-19. They were then re-tested by the State of Vermont, and it was discovered that only 4 of them had Covid-19. The same thing happened in Utica, New York in September 2020: 15 people received false positives for Covid-19.

7 October, 2020

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Are the Greek communists (called the KKE) also labeled as criminals? No. In fact, the communists held 15 seats in the Greek parliament in 2019. Notice: most political violence in the world comes from leftists, not rightists. So why is Golden Dawn being singled-out? Because, since WWII, there is a global war being waged on the Right, thanks to the powerful Jews, who greatly fear the Right. The Jews tolerate some rightists, sometimes, as long as the rightists show no hint of “anti-Semitism” and as long as the Jews can benefit from the rightists, e.g., Pinochet. Chile was already in the toilet by 1972/1973, so the Jews no doubt said to themselves, “why not support Pinochet? What do we have to lose?” They had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Re-building Chile required vast amounts of money, which the Jews provided at hefty interest rates, and with strings attached, no doubt.

7 October, 2020

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(Above: Rene Cassin, the globalist Jew who coined the ridiculous term “human rights” — as if you have certain rights to life and limb simply because you were born human; tell that to any bear or cougar who ate a human and watch him laugh loudly).

This article by Peter Beinart is bold, to be sure. It is titled “America May Need International Intervention” (in the form of the United Nations Humans Rights Council; notice that “human rights” is a totally meaningless term that was coined by the Jew, Rene Cassin).

As if the UN (which was founded in 1945 by Jewish communists) has any authority at all over U.S. elections! As if! What exactly would the UN do? Roll some tanks down the streets of America’s major cities? What? What would the UN do? The UN has no tanks (it’s NATO that has the tanks) [1].

About the article’s author: “Beinart was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1971. His parents were Jewish immigrants from South Africa (his maternal grandfather was from Russia, and his maternal grandmother, who was Sephardic, was from Egypt).” — Wikipedia, Oct. 2020.


[1] The UN is an illegitimate “global parliament” founded by Marxist Jews, such as Leo Pasvolsky, Harry Dexter White, Harold Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Victor Perlo, Solomon Adler, David Weintraub and Abraham G. Silverman. The UN violates the idea of natural sovereignty, which all countries have — or used to have, anyway. Trivia: guess where I learned about sovereignty and the natural rights of all countries? In college, many years ago, where my PoliSci teacher was a Jew. Yes. Surprisingly enough, he was a good and fair teacher — that’s shocking, I know. Most Jewish teachers aren’t fair at all and are biased to the core. The first thing we learned, on Day One, is that “all countries have natural sovereignty, even countries that you might hate, like Iraq and Iran.” How, then, can America legally sanction Iran??

5 October, 2020

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A slogan:

“We tried. They failed.”

We White Americans bent over backwards to help the Blacks “integrate” into White Western society beginning circa 1964: we gave Blacks welfare payments (federal and state), food stamps, rent subsidies, Affirmative Action hiring, anti-“hate” laws, grade-inflation at the universities, and so on. But it didn’t work. None of it. We tried, but they failed to rise up to our level. It turns out, race really does matter. Imagine that! Sixty years — and many billions of dollars — later, most Blacks are still worthless.

It’s time to stop spending billions of (White) tax dollars trying to turn Black people into White people. It’s not happening. Let’s move on.

5 October, 2020

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Jews and labor unions go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Negroes and rape, like Portland and antifa. I’ve previously mentioned many of these Jews (e.g., Sidney Hillman, David Dubinsky). Note the mention of the labor-union movies “Norma Rae” (1979) and “Salt of the Earth” (1954). Every communist in America loves the latter film especially. It really is a Marxist standard.

[Article, a .PDF file].

5 October, 2020

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News quote: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ president issued another plea for members to help end racism, saying Sunday at the faith’s signature conference that God loves people of all races equally and that it pains him to see Black people suffer prejudice.”

Communism is the denial of race and creed. Christianity is also the denial of race and creed. Indeed, communism and Christianity are strikingly similar. And both were founded by…wait for it…Jews! [1]. Must be just a Cohencidence.

How ironic: up until 1978, the Mormons rejected Black members [2]. However, I do admire the clannishness of the Mormons. They really stick together.

Maybe if Blacks stopped committing murder, robbery, burglary, rape and other crimes, Whites would view them more favorably?

Also, how come, whenever people speak of “racism” you know they really mean “White racism” only? That’s very odd because non-Whites are actually more ethnocentric (i.e., racist) than Whites are.



[1] Jews wrote the Old Testament, and, Jesus’ mother was a Jew, making him a Jew under Jewish religious law.

[2] “As early as 1908, a church publication stated that blacks could not receive the priesthood because their spirits were less valiant in the pre-existence. Church leaders used this explanation until 1978, when (church leader) Kimball publicly refuted it…” — Wikipedia, Oct. 2020

3 October, 2020

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A very interesting essay. While I disagree with it on a couple of points, on the whole it’s an important food-for-thought essay [1].

I want to make two general, historical points here, for newbies:

1. The stupidest thing White men ever did (and they have done some dumb things!) was to allow The Other/The Outsider to gain social/political/economic power in the West. Giving Blacks/Browns/Jews/women/Marxists/queers/trannies the power to vote, hold public office, etc., etc. is literally killing the West. Remember: Western culture is White male culture. Period. In fact, you could argue that the West is no longer western anymore. It’s now diverse. It’s run by “fringe” idiots who hate White men due to envy. Look for White men to be killed off soon by the always-angry loser fringe.

2. The Others are not nearly as capable as White men. There’s a reason why White men invented the world! No amount of fancy “fringe-‘splaining” can change the embarrassing fact that White men, if left to their natural talents only, and unhindered, will always dominate the world. Question: why is China a superpower now? Why has India risen so high lately? Answer: lots and lots of outside help from the West! After all, who shipped all the White jobs and White money to China (besides the Jewish Clinton aide, Sandy Berger, I mean)? Without a giant “leg up” from Whitey, the non-White world would still be a third-rate loser today (as Jim Carrey: “Looo-hooo-hooo-hooo-zer!”).


[1] for example, I don’t agree that the 1917 “Russian Revolution” was a remarkable feat. All it took was A) Jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff funding it, and B) the czarist government being asleep at the wheel — it surely could see the revolution coming, especially after the 1905 attempt at revolution, duhh!, mentioned in a major magazine in 1907 [here] and [here], (a revolution which was also driven by Jews)

2 October, 2020

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Gee, why would the Soviets want to do that?

A top communist figure in America, the Jew, Alexander Bittelman, writes as follows, concerning Blacks and communism in America (note: the Comintern was a global, Soviet, communist party entity; note also that the Soviet Union was Jewish-created in 1917):

“Once more came the ‘outside’ influence of the Comintern; and what did it say? It said that the struggle against discrimination and for Negro rights is a revolutionary struggle for the national liberation of the Negroes, that we must fight for complete Negro equality; and that in the Black Belt the full realization of this demand requires the fight for the national self-determination of the Negroes including the right of separation from the United States and the organization of an independent state.” — from “Milestones in the History of the Communist Party” by Bittelman, 1937.

2 October, 2020

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They’re sending a rocketship, with humans in it, into space on Halloween? Not a good omen. Bad karma coming!

Isn’t that a diverse space crew? Who picked the crew? A lesbian, mulatto Marxist at Berkeley?

Anyway: I say, if you’re gonna send a Black astronaut into space, he (or she) must have a suitable, pre-flight gear checklist. How about this one?:

— 6 large watermelons

— 15 boxes of extra-extra-extra-large condoms (if a male astronaut)

— 3 cartons of menthol cigarettes

— a pistol and a ski mask (you never know!)

— marijuana

— 20 pounds of fried chicken, pre-cooked

— a dozen gangsta-rap CDs

— an English-to-Ebonics dictionary

— Black Lives Matter literature