29 April, 2019

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About 95% of the “homeless people” in America are “professionally homeless.” They’ve been homeless for 20 years, moving back and forth between a dozen “homeless shelters” getting free food, panhandling daily and drinking wine for breakfast and vodka for lunch (or maybe shooting meth). Sometimes they assault people who don’t give them enough money. Yes, they could get jobs, but why would they want to?

Why are there so many “professionally homeless” people around? Here’s a big reason: Using their domination of the media and Hollywood, Jews created and glorified the 1960s counterculture, which led directly to America’s current “permissive” society. Vagrancy laws? America doesn’t enforce those laws anymore — they’re too “Nazi-like” [1]. We won’t tolerate Nazism! Even the words have been changed by the Jewish media: the “homeless” used to be called “bums” or “transients.” But “homeless” sounds so much better, doesn’t it?


[1] “vagrancy refers to the offense of persons who are without visible means of support or domicile while able to work”

28 April, 2019

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Many people are asking why a synagogue in Southern California would be attacked by a White gunman. But that’s the wrong “why” to ask. The “why” that should be asked is: “why are the Jews still in America? Why weren’t all of the Jews expelled by the U.S. government decades ago?”

Jewish ethnic behavior in America has been so incredibly harmful to our country that it’s amazing that the U.S. government didn’t kick the Jews out of America after World War II. (In fact, Dr. Revilo Oliver once predicted an enormous backlash by the American people against Roosevelt and his Jewish cabal after their involvement in pushing America into WWII came to light. But that backlash never happened [1]. Many “conservatives” knew the truth about the Jews and WWII, but, fearing Jewish power and retribution, they said nothing).

Besides WWII, here’s another example of harmful Jewish behavior in America: Jews built the political Left [2]. That fact should be enough to give any “conservative” some pause about why the Jewish presence is still tolerated in America.

[1] see Revilo Oliver, “What We Owe Our Parasites”

[2] e.g., Jews founded the modern feminist movement, the NAACP and the communist/socialist movements

27 April, 2019

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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, “Portrait of Hippolyte-Francois Devillers” (1811)

27 April, 2019

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(Above: the South African communist Jew, Joe Slovo [left] and the South African communist sorta-Jew, Brian Bunting, give the Marxist salute; Bunting’s mother was a Jew, making him legally Jewish under Israeli law; like Slovo, Bunting was expelled from South Africa for being a communist, but he later returned after the Evil White Nazis — in other words, the normal White people — lost political power in South Africa)

Freedom for who? Not for Whites! Since 1994 (actually 1993), Whites have been under siege in South Africa, thanks to the Jewish activists who dismantled apartheid and paved the way for Black rule. By the way, Whites built South Africa (i.e., the British and the Dutch). It’s a White place, not a Black place.


26 April, 2019

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You figured that the Leo Frank case was Jewed. Now you know it’s true.


25 April, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of the 1967 hippie anthem “San Francisco”)

San Franqueersco

If you are going to San Franqueersco
Be sure to have many condoms in your jeans
If you are going to San Franqueersco
You’re gonna meet crazy people there
For those who come in San Franqueersco
Summertime will have some gonorrhea there
In the streets of San Franqueersco
Drunken people with insects in their hair
All across the rectums
Such strange vibrations!
Fisting in motion
There’s a fool generation
With a stupid explanation
Pooping in motion
Pooping in motion!
For those who come in San Franqueersco
Be sure to wear some rubbers on your dick
If you come in San Franqueersco
Summertime will have some hepatitis there
If you come in San Franqueersco
Summertime will have some rectal rooting there

24 April, 2019

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Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)? That’s already a thing. How about Whites Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)? In other words, White people dropping out of society altogether. Sort of like what the hippies did in the late 1960s. Can the Western world function without Whites? Betcha not.

24 April, 2019

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Given the horrible multiculturalism in America today (which of course has been caused by immigration), how is a White person, who is accused of a crime, going to get a fair and impartial jury to judge him at trial [1]? In fact, the bigger the city that a White person lives in, the less likely it is that he will be judged by a jury of his “peers.” The American legal system was created by White people. Blacks and Browns taint and skew America’s legal system.

[1] the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to “an impartial jury.” How is a jury full of Blacks, or Browns, sitting in judgement of a White person, “impartial”? The jury will naturally have inborn biases, despite the use of the voir dire process

23 April, 2019

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I have not heard any expert yet tell the whole truth about the anti-Trump conspiracy: that the concerted attempt by Jews, leftists and neocons — probably involving up to 200 people — to remove a sitting president (i.e., Donald Trump) from office based upon fake, manufactured evidence (i.e., the Steele dossier) is sedition, which carries serious prison time: up to 20 years, plus hefty fines [1]. (The Trump Administration is the government, and Trump is the leader of it, so the charge of sedition would apply). Other felony charges, such as manufacturing evidence, lying to federal investigators or juries, etc., would also be likely. How are all those people who conspired against Trump going to like sharing prison cells with hulking, sex-starved Black men? Not much, I’m guessing.


[1] (Conspiracy to commit) Sedition, definition: “If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States…they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

The charge of treason would probably not apply, since the legal definition of treason is surprisingly narrow

23 April, 2019

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Let’s look at the facts:

1. Israel hates Iran. In fact, Israel wants to destroy Iran.

2. For years, the Jews of the world have been trying to force America to wage war on Iran (in other words, “a repeat of the 2003 Iraq War”), but so far without success. For Israel, these sanctions are the “next best thing” to war (note: oil is Iran’s main export, so these sanctions are severe — in fact, some might even call these sanctions “a de facto declaration of war” since history has shown that severe sanctions can lead to war, e.g., America’s oil sanctions on Japan just before WWII began).

3. This matter has nothing to do with America per se. It’s all about pleasing Israel and world Jewry. America is world Jewry’s attack dog.