10 March, 2019

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Jewish gun-grabber #1: “Oy, veh! The goyim are starting to resist gun controls. This could lead to another Holocaust!”

Jewish gun-grabber #2: “We may have to flee to Tel Aviv! It’s a good thing that we have dual citizenship!”


9 March, 2019

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What we Americans can look forward to in 10 years, all in the name of human equality:

Example #3: Blind firefighters (because blind people are just as equal as sighted people!).

Blind firefighter: “I know there’s a fire around here somewhere, because I can smell it!”

9 March, 2019

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What we Americans can look forward to in 10 years, all in the name of human equality:

Example #2: Midget cops (because short people have just as many rights as tall people!).

Midget cop: “Sergeant, I can’t reach the gas pedal of this police car! Don’t you have a smaller car?”

9 March, 2019

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What we Americans can look forward to in 10 years, all in the name of human equality:

Example #1: Blind cops and security guards (because blind people are just as equal as sighted people!).

Cop: “Excuse me, uhh, sir or ma’am: which way did the robber go?”

Robber: “He ran that way!”

Cop: “Which way?”

Robber: “He ran to your left, towards that building way over there!”

Cop: “Thank you, sir! You’re an upstanding citizen!”

Robber: “Glad to help you, officer!”

8 March, 2019

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The Holoswindle: it’s basically a 1960s-era Jewish weapon for silencing and guilt-tripping Whites: when Whites show signs of nationalism, the Jews just invoke “Auschwitz,” “death camps” and “gas chambers” (oy veh!) and then they watch the Whites bow theirs heads in shame and apologize for their “Nazi-like anti-Semitism.” (Newbies: you know those grainy old photos that you have seen of hundreds of dead bodies of “Holocaust gassing victims”? That’s death-by-starvation due to the ‘allies’ cutting off all of the Germans’ food supply lines during WWII. In other words, the ‘allies’ inadvertently killed most of the various camps’ inmates. Interestingly, the “Holocaust gassing hysteria” didn’t begin until 1967, about the same time that the Jews attacked their Arab neighbors and stole their land — that must be just a big Cohencidence! You’d think that the Holocaust gassing hysteria would have begun in 1945 or 1946) [1][2].


[1] 1950s-era American encyclopedias don’t mention “The Holocaust” or gassings; that only started in 1967; see Chapter 23 of David Duke’s important 1998 book “My Awakening”

[2] in June 1967, Israel started a war (the Jews always start wars) and during that war stole the Occupied Territories from Syria/Jordan/Egypt; Israel also attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 U.S. sailors and wounding 171 of them

7 March, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The Germans were the one people in Europe who had pulled the Jews’ fangs
from their necks and were booting them out of Germany, and so we destroyed Germany for them. And then we turned Poland and the Baltic countries and Hungary and Serbia and half a dozen other European countries over to communist rule for 50 years. Every one of those countries behind the Iron Curtain was saddled with a government bureaucracy swarming with Jews, and they sucked the blood of the people for half a century, until there was almost no more blood left to suck, and the economies had been dried up. Ten years after the collapse of Jewish communism every one of those countries is still dirt poor, still trying to rebuild itself. And the Jews still are sucking blood from Eastern Europe, by forcing tens of thousands of young Russian and Ukrainian girls into the White slave trade, making them work as prostitutes for their Jewish slave owners.”


7 March, 2019

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(As Ronald Reagan): “Well, that’s White people for you.” [Article].

6 March, 2019

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Childhood used to be a fun, idyllic, innocent time. But it isn’t anymore. Cultural Marxism and Judeo-leftism have ruined childhood forever. If you’re a kid today, the world must seem terrifying.

“Active-shooter” drills, “global warming/climate change” hysteria (e.g., “the earth will end in 12 years!”) and scary-looking “drag queens” giving “tolerance lessons” to kindergartners — all of this in the public schools: that’s child abuse. Yes. Scaring children daily is indeed child abuse [1]. And, the Left is creating an entire generation of defective adults by default. Look for depression, anxiety, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence and suicide rates to skyrocket in the next 20 years. Leftists are destroying America’s future and they should be arrested on child-abuse charges.

[1] for example, Texas has a law prohibiting any adult from causing “mental or emotional injury to a child.” So when will leftists in Texas schools be arrested? Anytime soon?

4 March, 2019

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(Above: “Sandy” Berger)

Who made China (a communist country, remember?) into a global powerhouse that can threaten America both financially and militarily? Surprise! Jews in president Bill Clinton’s administration played a huge role in doing that [1]. Almost every person involved in the administration’s “let’s grow China like a weed” strategy was Jewish, especially Clinton’s national security advisor Samuel “Sandy” Berger, a former lobbyist for China and a guy who was caught stuffing classified documents into his socks (that must be a “Jewish thing”). Here’s one news quote about Berger: “He drew on his experience on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress to allow China into the World Trade Organization, part of a big gamble by the Clinton administration” — from an AP article. Here’s another news quote about Berger: “In the way of background, according to the New York Times, Berger served as ‘the point man for the (Clinton) White House’s China policy.'” Allowing China into the World Trade Organization was critical to the outsourcing of many millions of American jobs to China. A “deal” (law) that Bill Clinton signed said that, if China joined the WTO, then permanent Most Favored Nation trade status for China would follow (despite the fact that China has murdered and oppressed millions of its citizens). It did. That, in turn, led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs to China, because greedy U.S. manufacturers were emboldened by China’s new, permanent MFN trade status, which previously had to be renewed yearly. Mind you, this post doesn’t address many other serious issues with the Clinton administration vis-a-vis China. Do web searches for “Clinton + China + supercomputer technology.” You will be shocked and angry.


[1] Bill Clinton’s administration contained a surprisingly large number of Jews — probably the most Jews of any presidential administration in U.S. history; see “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court”

3 March, 2019

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RAMZPAUL wrote: “Mainstream Conservatives focusing on evil ‘socialism’ is a cope. If our people are replaced, the economic system won’t really matter.”

Point taken. But America is already 75% socialist, thanks to welfare, heavy taxation, federal civil-rights laws (e.g., the Fair Housing Act), ridiculous mandates on private employers, etc. The “conservatives” couldn’t even repeal Obamacare when the Repubs controlled Congress! (although they did weaken it). All that remains for America to turn completely socialist is for healthcare to be totally government-controlled, which will happen when leftists and Brown people control Congress in 10 to 12 years.