23 February, 2019

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[Article] and [Video].

23 February, 2019

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Psychiatrist: “According to this report, you called Mr. Johnson a ‘goat-fucking fascist’ and a ‘Nazi child-molester’ before you beat him up. You broke both of his arms, his jaw, and eight of his ribs. Why did you do that?”

Leftist: “Because he voted for Trump.”

[Article], [Article], [Article] and [Video].

22 February, 2019

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It snowed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas on Thursday and in Tucson on Friday. So much for “global warming.” Ha-ha-ha-ha. If the earth really was warming, that would not happen.

22 February, 2019

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Black mathematician #1: “I’s be countin’ to nine, usin’ ma fingers!”

Black mathematician #2: “I’s be countin’ to eleventeen usin’ ma fingers an’ ma toes!”

Black academic: “I’s be usin’ kemmostry to make malt likker wit’ nun o’ dem little bubbles in it — den you kin drink it waaaay faster! I’s be a geenius!”


22 February, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The old saying that suffering is good for the soul really applies in this case. The German and Russian people have been paralyzed by the same Jewish poison which has paralyzed us — but the souls of the Germans and the Russians are being improved by their current economic situations. If they are lucky, their souls will continue to improve long enough for their patriots to wrest political control and media control away from the traitors and collaborators.”


21 February, 2019

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The political Left already controls many of the “big-electoral-votes” states [1]; just a few more states and they’ll own American politics for the following 50 years. Beginning circa 2028, liberals will rule American politics via electoral votes in the national elections. Despite Donald Trump’s election victory, it will happen, barring some freak event.

Here are the five remaining states that the Left needs to politically “flip” — via Mexican immigrants voting — in order to win every national election and therefore control America for the following 50 years: Texas, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio [2][3]. Such flipping will likely occur within about 10 years [4]. Are you ready for socialism, open borders, UK-style Orwellian “hate speech” laws, various anti-White mandates, gun confiscation, private-property confiscation as payment for “slavery and racism reparations”, and sky-high taxes? [5]. Those things are a given when the leftists take over America.

[1] the big-electoral-votes states are: CA., TX., FL., IL., NY., Penn., GA., OH., MI.

[2] Mexicans (and Blacks) usually vote Democrat in order to secure all the “welfare freebies”

[3] Texas and Georgia are the only remaining “conservative” big-electoral-votes states; the rest of those states are either moderate or liberal

[4] it’s likely that Donald Trump will be the last “conservative” American president to hold office

[5] remember, leftists are famous for ignoring the Constitution and inventing non-existent “rights” (recall Chile circa 1973, when the leftist leader Allende went on a disastrous and scary political rampage)

21 February, 2019

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Recall the quote about the nature of Marxism that I posted on Feb. 18. Think of another ideology that that quote might (almost) perfectly describe. Can you think of it?

Here are some hints about both of those ideologies to help you:

— both are of Jewish origin
— both are universalist and egalitarian
— both are religions (in the minds of their adherents)
— both are international/global in scope
— both will deliver salvation and/or utopia (in the minds of their adherents)

You guessed it! Marxism and Christianity are virtual twins. So why do they claim to oppose each other? Why do communists hate Christians, and vice-versa? (With Archbishop Oscar Romero, they were the same thing!)

20 February, 2019

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In America, we’ve got fake Congresswomen, fake weather, fake heroes, fake news, and now, fake nooses! It’s like living in Wonderland and we’re all Alice. [Article].

19 February, 2019

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A quote seen on the web (paraphrasing):

“Why is it that, when Whites immigrate to Country X, it’s called “evil colonialism,” but, when Blacks/Browns immigrate to Country X, it’s called ‘progress’ and ‘a great thing’?” [1].

(The answer, of course, is that charges of “colonialism” are simply anti-White racism based upon racial jealousy and envy).

[1] the explorer Christopher Columbus could be called a “godfather” of colonialism: a White man who came to America and “oppressed” Brown people

19 February, 2019

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Zounds! “Federal charges” await this mysterious letter-sender? Sounds really juicy and all, but smart money says that “whoever” sent the letter will not end up in federal prison (unless the “whoever” is a Super-Evil White Nationalist Nazi. In that case, he’d spend 60 years in federal prison).