5 July, 2019

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It’s great being a Holocaust survivor. Why? Because you’re not just a person. No. You’re a god. You’re holy. You can walk on water, like Jesus!

Why are there 530 million “Holocaust survivors” today? And why does that number keep growing? Because the Jews — eager to “milk” the Holocaust for every dime they, and their ancestors, can get — define “Holocaust survivor” very, very broadly. Almost anyone can be a Holocaust survivor. For example, if you lived in Spain during WWII, you’re officially a Holocaust survivor, even though the Spanish leader, Francisco Franco, was not a Nazi. Franco was, however, friendly with Hitler. That alone makes you a Holocaust survivor. Ditto if you lived in Italy or even Norway. If you lived under the regime of a “Nazi collaborator” — such as that of Norway’s leader Quisling — you’re a Holocaust survivor. That’s right. Even if you never saw the inside of a fascist jail cell, and even if you fled Europe before being turned into a lampshade, you are still a Holocaust survivor and therefore one superior human being! But wait, it gets better: there are now “2nd generation Holocaust survivors” and yes, even “3rd generation Holocaust survivors,” most of whom never even lived in Europe but suffered because, well, just because they did. Don’t ask any questions, you anti-Semite.


4 July, 2019

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On this Fourth of July, an especially important ADV radio show/essay:

by Dr. William Pierce.


“Did you ever wonder why the Jews are such great proponents of democracy?
Whether in Indonesia or Pakistan or Serbia or you name it, whenever there is some threat to universal suffrage, the Jews are ready to send the U.S. armed forces in and bomb and kill until everyone is permitted to vote.

Why is that? Why can’t the Indonesians have an Islamic theocracy if they want? Why can’t the Pakistanis have a military dictatorship? Why can’t the Serbs run their own country the way they prefer? What is the appeal in making sure that people whose minds have been wasted by Alzheimer’s Disease vote?

Well, let’s not beat around the bush: the appeal of mass democracy lies in the fact that in essentially every country in the world today, the number of persons unable to think for themselves is substantially larger than the number able to make independent decisions. Those unable to think for themselves have their thinking done for them by the people who control the mass media. Which is to say, democracy is the preferred system because it gives the political power to those who own or control the mass media and at the same time allows them to remain behind the scenes and evade responsibility for the way in which they use that power. And the more inclusive the democracy is — that is, the more Alzheimer’s sufferers and Mongoloid cretins and paranoid schizophrenics and people who live in empty packing cases in alleyways and Jamaican immigrants and football fans are able to vote — the more certain is the grip of the media masters on the political process.”


4 July, 2019

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Illegal aliens drag their children hundreds, even thousands of miles in order to sneak into America (granted, often the children aren’t their children, they are simply “borrowed props”). Nonetheless, the long journey to sneak into America is full of peril. Consider it: they walk for days or even weeks across the hot desert to get to the U.S. border. Along the way, there are poisonous snakes, bandits, child molesters, diseases, heat stroke, lack of food and water, and so forth. Bringing small children — whether they’re your children or not — on such a journey is felony child abuse, pure and simple.

Their attitude about children says a lot about Mexicans. Why on earth would we want these animal-like “people” in America?

2 July, 2019

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Everything in the Western world has been liberalized. Every law, every idea, every trend. Why? For one thing, liberals control the Western media. The media sets the trends and the styles. For another thing, liberals, being more emotional, fight harder in order to cause the political and social changes that they want. They simply outfight conservatives.

Anyway, in 1975, these “voluntarily homeless” people would have been arrested for vagrancy. But not today. Now, the “homeless” are a protected species with more rights than you have.


1 July, 2019

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Somewhere in America, 1965:

Police: “So, Mr. Jones, why did you stab him, decapitate him, cut him up with a chainsaw and then feed his remains to the alligators?”

Mr. Jones: “H-H-H-He told me that he was a fag! I-I-I-I panicked! He looked at me real funny, and then he licked his lips and smiled at me! I mean, he was wearing pink leather combat boots, for God’s sake! I was scared shitless!”

Police: “Good heavens!! Pink leather combat boots??!! Well, Mr. Jones, your account of the murder sounds perfectly logical to us. Heck, we would have panicked, too! You’re free to go, Mr. Jones. Drive home safely!”

Somewhere in America, today:

Police: “So, Mr. Jones, you gave a gay man — a noble and proud gay man! — a rude, unfriendly look??”

Mr. Jones: “I-I-I-I didn’t mean to do it! Honest! I-I-I-I didn’t even know that he was a fag!”

Police: “The correct word is ‘gay,’ Mr. Jones. ‘Gay.’ And now, you’re under arrest for aggravated felony gay-hate! That carries a 20-year prison sentence, Mr. Jones!”

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that would bar people who attack or kill a gay person from arguing they panicked over their victim’s sexuality.” [Here].

30 June, 2019

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This is an absolute, over-the-top-insane idea. If all illegal aliens get “free” healthcare (paid for by Whitey’s tax dollars), every Brown and Black person in the world is going to try to sneak into America. My god, what a nightmarish, “Camp of the Saints” scenario. Wow! Trump just won the 2020 election.

“DNC Chair Perez defends free healthcare for illegal immigrants: ‘This is not a handout’”


30 June, 2019

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North Korea’s leader, Fatboy Kim Jong Un, doesn’t know it, but he’s practicing a Jewish ideology that doesn’t work (i.e., communism) and isn’t even supposed to work! What a cruel fool is Fatboy – I say cruel because his people are starving while he gets fatter and fatter. If it weren’t for massive aid from China, North Korea would have collapsed years ago. China, while still technically communist, wisely adopted a form of “state capitalism” and became rich.

Anyway, none of this stuff with North Korea would even be happening today if Jews hadn’t helped China turn communist (they made two big attempts to accomplish that, with the last one succeeding), which led to a communist North Korea, and the Korean War, and the current sticky situation with Fatboy Kim’s weaponry).


29 June, 2019

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Hate is a powerful emotion. Therefore, if you commit a “hate crime” you are committing an “emotion crime.” A powerful emotion is difficult to control (it’s nearly impossible for some people to control: just look at liberals!). Therefore, jail terms for “emotion crimes” should be less severe, not more severe, than regular (i.e., non-emotion) crimes. The current “justice” system has the whole thing backwards. (Who’s going to take that idea to the Supreme Court? Anybody?).

29 June, 2019

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(I find it very ironic that all of the White Western countries signed the 1948 U.N. anti-genocide convention, called The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, pledging to prevent any and all attempts at genocide. Yet now, all of those countries are allowing the slow-but-sure genocide of White people! Slow or fast, genocide is genocide. Idea: send this article to your friends and relatives).

“The White or European peoples are being removed from the future by a process that will be referred to here as the “White Replacement and Destruction Movement,” abbreviated as WRDM. If this movement runs its course the White race will have no future, and the future will be without the White race. This removal by replacement and destruction of the most dynamic, creative and advanced major branch of humanity is a development on a scale unparalleled in human existence, yet it is never discussed, acknowledged or recognized, and the great majority of humanity, including the European or White peoples themselves, seem to be totally unaware of it, lacking all knowledge of it, to the extent that if someone informs them of it they do not believe it, and react with total incredulity.”


28 June, 2019

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Oh, boy! Thousands of negroes from the Caribbean came to a White country between 1948 and 1971. Now there’s something to celebrate! Crack open the champagne! (Trivia: British police, who never carried handguns previously, began carrying them in 2000 as a result of Caribbean negro drug gangs terrorizing England) [1].



[1] British police didn’t routinely carry handguns until 2000, when, in response to “Afro-Caribbean” drug gangs such as the Jamaican Yardies, they began carrying pistols: “Operation Trident, or simply Trident, is a Metropolitan Police Service unit originally set up in 1998 to tackle gun crime and homicide disproportionately affecting African-Caribbean communities following a series of shootings in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Brent.” — Wikipedia.

“Nottinghamshire Police introduced regular armed patrols to the St. Ann’s and Meadows estates in Nottingham, in response to fourteen drug-related shootings in the two areas in the previous year.” — Flickr quote