20 August, 2018

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(Above: the White-built city of Johannesburg, South Africa)

“It comes as the South African government pushes ahead with plans to amend the country’s constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.” Yeah, that’s called theft. Ya know, stealing. Apparently, it’s okay to steal land from White people.

Newbies, White people built South Africa: the roads, the bridges, the ports and harbors, the power plants, the railways, the airports, the hospitals, the courts, the police agencies, everything. South Africa wouldn’t exist without Whitey. But now, the amazingly stupid Black government of South Africa is going to seize White-owned farms, and the global response will be silence unless White people make noise about it. But let’s get to the real nugget of the matter: who put negroes in charge of South Africa? Who gave Blacks political power back in 1994? That’s right: the usual creeps did it: the Jews.


19 August, 2018

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Seen: two White women talking to each other on a TV talk show. They seemed very smart judging only by their conversation. In fact, they seemed like they could possibly design rocket engines. Of course, they couldn’t.

Newbies, this is a great time to school you on something that isn’t talked about much. Men and women have different types of intelligence. Women are geared heavily towards verbal communication. Men, on the other hand, are better at, for example, fixing a leaking faucet without needing an instruction book.

I once said that “women seem smarter than they really are” and while there is some truth to that statement, I should have said “men and women have different types of intelligence.” That’s more accurate.

Anyway, due to the female brain being “hard-wired” differently than the male brain, women should not be put into leadership positions in the Western countries. Women should assume their traditional, historic roles.

Here’s an online book about the differences between men and women.

Dr. William Pierce on the feminization of America.

18 August, 2018

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(Above: the Earth’s moon)

A parable: Many centuries ago, Black and Brown people walked out of the bushes and onto the beach for the first time. They stood and looked out across the ocean, shrugged, and then walked back into the bushes. Later, White people walked onto the same beach, looked out across the ocean, built a large boat, and sailed off to explore the world. See the difference between Whites and non-Whites? Whites were born to explore, to reach for the stars, to always improve their station in life. Black and Brown people were born to eat and fuck (and rob people).

[Twitter post plus comments].

16 August, 2018

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(Above: one of the godfathers of leftist socialism, the Jew, Eduard Bernstein)

Newbies, left-wing socialism has one main root, or taproot: the Jews [1]. It’s funny how nobody ever mentions that fact when they talk about socialist countries, like Venezuela, that are falling apart.


[1] Socialism is more-or-less “pre-communism” or “communism lite.” Karl Marx, of course, founded communism. Various “types” or “flavors” of socialist movements have been founded and dominated by Jews, even though those movements included gentiles. Re: communism vs. socialism: socialists wanted victory via politics, but communists wanted victory via violent revolution (even if they publicly denied or downplayed that fact)

14 August, 2018

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“In a world bent on unity through totality, it is necessary for the New Man to tempt or force Traditional Man to loosen his roots. For like a tree, a man divested of his roots falls the easier, or having lost support, will grab at whatever is offered in the way of alternatives.”

— Brian Bradshaw, article “Communist Infiltration of Western Culture”

13 August, 2018

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“Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: a Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me” by Dietrich Eckart (a .PDF file, here).

12 August, 2018

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Indeed. Without strong borders, countries and cultures disappear (and that’s the whole idea. In other words: one world, one people, one currency, no races, no genders, everybody is equal, etc. Also known as Marxism, global citizenship, world citizenship, or The Coming of Universal Brown Man) [1][2]. Good slogan/meme. [Here].

[1] “Our schools are controlled by the government and our ZOG has no intention of allowing the proliferation of factual material in regard to the races. This would counter their “one world” and universal “brown man” fantasies.” (Remember the old FAEM website? It is archived, see below)

[2] FAEM website

11 August, 2018

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“White supremacists and white nationalists heading to Washington, D.C., for Sunday’s second Unite the Right rally may have trouble finding a way to get there or a place to eat, according to reports.”

What, pray tell, is a “White supremacist”? Isn’t that like saying “cold ice cubes”? It sounds stupid. Newbies, think about this: if Whites aren’t supreme, who is? We created the world. We even gave the Brown masses “democracy” and you can see what the Brownies are doing with it.


About the lies surrounding last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville: [Here].

10 August, 2018

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New writings from VNN founder Alex Linder. He is reviving Kirksville Today.

10 August, 2018

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There’s a hidden lesson here. Always be able to defend your ideology. In our case, in just a few sentences, you should be able to explain why you are a White nationalist and why you believe what you believe. (For example, I believe – in fact I know – that Western culture is White, and only White, and therefore non-Whites don’t belong in the Western world. That’s a good one-sentence answer that covers a lot of issues).