2 October, 2020

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Liberals can always be counted on to do the wrong thing. This is why they should not be allowed to hold public office, or teach children (or have children for that matter).

Recently, the Left began legally euthanizing elderly people in Scandinavia who were no longer “useful.” Yep. It’s legal to kill Granny in Denmark now. Old people are afraid of being installed into rest homes there, for fear of being “offed” soon afterwards — a reasonable fear. And now this. There seems to be no end to the Left’s moral degeneracy. (Leftists are currently wishing for Trump’s death from Covid-19, just like I knew they would. Nobody is more cruel than a leftist, despite their claims that they’re “tolerant” and “easy-going”).

You know, the idea of 10 million American leftists crammed into “government re-education camps” in the Nevada desert just feels right. It feels wholesome and good. Don’t you think? No?? Oh. Never mind, then…

1 October, 2020

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Ha, ha! The media need not worry about the KKK (yeah, all 40 members of it, including the 15 federal informants and the 12 undercover cops). They never mention the Jews. I subscribed to a big Klan newsletter, published in the middle South in a state just below Missouri, for 2 years, and in all that time, it never mentioned the Jews once, which I found very odd. Blacks? Yes, it mentioned them. Mexicans? Yes. Fags? Yes. But it never mentioned Jews. So the press can stop moaning about the Klan. The Jewish media bosses have nothing to fear from it.

1 October, 2020

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Re: the new book “The Tyranny of Merit” by Jewish author Michael J. Sandel; [Here].

What does merit mean? Well, for example, hiring by merit means “hiring the most-qualified person for the job.” In other words, not hiring negroes. But that’s a bad thing now, since all humans are equal. Ask Manny Celler.

(Question: does Israel have Affirmative-Action laws? Answer: Actually, it does have a limited, just-for-show, Affirmative Action system in some of the universities; it’s an odd system that, very importantly, is not race-based, so nobody can track admissions-by-race. Clever! It selects by “disadvantage” only, and the Jews decide who is or isn’t “disadvantaged”).

For years, the Left demanded that America get rid of the merit system, since Blacks cannot compete with Whites on a normal playing field [1]. So America did get rid of merit: in 1964, “we” (meaning various Jews) created Affirmative Action, which amounts to “forcing White people, by law, to hire less-qualified Blacks and Browns.” But apparently, that wasn’t enough! Now, it seems that America “must” remove all forms of meritocracy in order to make things even more “fair.” Holy Christ. How much more “fair” can we make America? And why should America (a White Western country) bend over backwards for non-Whites anyway? If they don’t like America, they can leave. We’ll even help them pack their bags, for a fee of course.


[1] the political Left in America is more-or-less a Jewish creation; as only one example, the NAACP was created by Jews, not Blacks

30 September, 2020

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Here’s a quote: “Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast, a Never Trumper, concluded that Biden “won the debate” but added the caveat: “If Joe Biden were looking for a pretext to skip the next two debates, he found it.” If the candidate you support won the debate, why wouldn’t you want them to participate in the remaining debates?”

That’s a great point: if Biden won the debate, then why doesn’t the Left want him to continue debating Trump? The truth is, Biden came across in the debate like a tired old man with no good, or original, ideas. He changed few minds last night. Trump, on the other hand, for all of his bluster, seemed energetic and in fighting mode. Trump won the debate.

Speaking of the debate, read this about Biden possibly being wired for sound. Big money says he was. Isn’t that called “cheating”?

29 September, 2020

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I’ve said before (granted, so have many others) that liberals are children in adult bodies. But they aren’t sweet, innocent children. They’re dangerous, deadly children, like Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist movie.

Surely, it must be a federal crime to install someone into the Oval Office who you know isn’t mentally qualified to be president. The crime? I don’t know. How about “knowingly compromising the Executive branch of the U.S. government”? No doubt, such a law must exist somewhere. Or, how about “treason” or “sedition” or similar?

Consider it: What if Joe Biden became president, and then, in March 2021, he had to make an extremely serious military decision involving China or North Korea? Or worse, involving nuclear weapons? What then? Could Biden make a good, logical decision? It’s doubtful.

Every American is in danger if a mentally unqualified man becomes president. But the liberals don’t care. They’re children who treat national security as a game. Indeed, security is like sandbox play to the liberals: the Bill Clinton Administration hardly ever vetted White House visitors. As one guy said, “the Clinton White House was more like Animal House”) [1]. Really. If you wanna get scared, read this book about the Clinton years.

Will Donald Trump have any liberals arrested for the Big Biden Election Fiasco after he (Trump) wins the election on November 3? Let’s hope so.


[1] “Since stories of its campaign finance improprieties first surfaced in the fall of 1996, the Clinton Administration has been forced to acknowledge again and again that it was inappropriate for particular unsavory individuals to have entered the White House or to have attended outside political functions involving the President or the Vice President. The repeated instances of White House failure to weed out problematic prospective invitees in advance of their arrival suggested at least the existence of a fundamental deficiency in the White House’s vetting process. The Committee has determined that the problem was, in fact, even more severe. Testimony of individuals familiar with the White House’s creation and evaluation of its guest lists revealed that a process for vetting proposed attendees was essentially nonexistent. [Here].

29 September, 2020

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In 1975, your right to own a gun was secured by the 2nd Amendment.

But in 2020, it’s a whole new ballgame: thanks to “red-flag” gun laws, your right to own a gun hangs by a thread. All it takes to void your gun rights forever is a little phone call, to the police, from your wife/girlfriend/aunt/boss/mother/neighbor, alleging that you are acting odd, and/or threatening, and that you own several scary handguns. Then, poof! Your gun rights are gone. Welcome to America in the 21st century.

The federal ATF “form 4473” (which you must fill out when buying a gun) asks you if you have ever been committed to a mental institution, psychiatric ward, etc. If you have been “Baker-Acted” in Florida (other states have similar laws), then you must answer “yes” on the ATF form, and then you cannot buy a gun, or own a gun, ever again. Period [1]. Mr. Parscale has now (apparently) been committed to a hospital against his will for 3 days under the Baker Act. Bye-bye, gun rights!

A news quote: “As previously reported by Fox News, a police report indicated that about 10 firearms were confiscated from Parscale’s house on Sunday, after law enforcement was called over an argument between Parscale and his wife.”

Oh, of course! An apparent argument with his wife set the stage for him being Baker-Acted. This is common. (Also, notice how they tackle him when he’s unarmed — why not just cuff him quickly?).

Another news quote: “Parscale’s wife had called police to their home after her husband showed signs of emotional distress, according to Trantalis. She claimed he had weapons in the house that he had threatened to use.”

He was “red-flagged.” It’ll happen to you, too, White man. A word of advice: develop super-tight lips. Don’t argue with anyone. Just walk away. It takes two people to argue. And especially don’t fight with the wife/girlfriend/etc. Keep your mouth shut and get away from any argument. Go downtown and play pool or hang out with your pals. Don’t get trapped into losing your gun rights by engaging in a heated argument that will only become hotter and hotter by the minute as wifey/girlfriend starts emoting into your face.


[1] unless the gun is a black-powder, cap-and-ball gun

27 September, 2020

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Seen: Blacks, Browns and Marxists calling Donald Trump’s new U.S. Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, a “White colonizer.” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Fools! The Blacks and Browns should be thanking White people for colonizing the New World. In fact, Whites gave the entire world to mankind. Do they ever thank us? Nope.

[a .PDF file].

27 September, 2020

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These people (liberals) must lie awake in bed at night thinking about abortion; they’re obsessed with it.

(A news quote: “A major concern of those on the left with Barrett is her position on abortion rights. A big fear is that she will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that says the Constitution protects the right of pregnant women to choose to get an abortion, thereby overturning states laws that made abortion illegal.”

Of course abortion is all about feminism. How can Cathy CareerChick work 12-hour days outside of the home when she’s burdened with a rug-rat/curtain-climber/carpet-gopher/ankle-biter? Right. She can’t. Abortion = feminism, pure and simple; granted, abortion has terminated many negro babies, thereby preventing lots of future crime, so it isn’t all bad).

By the way, abortion should be a state-by-state issue, not a federal issue (see the 10th Amendment); Roe v. Wade was a brazen over-reach by desperate liberals and the liberals know it, hence their fears that Roe will be voided, and it just might be [1].


[1] two Jews, the writer Lawrence Lader and the doctor Bernard Nathanson, could be called “the godfathers of the abortion movement/industry.” Lader was quoted nearly a dozen times (!) in the Roe v. Wade decision

27 September, 2020

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Why was America in the ridiculous Vietnam War? Oh, yeah, that’s right: because of the Jew, Walt Rostow. I’ve always been mindful of what George Lincoln Rockwell said about Vietnam: “why did America send troops 12,000 miles away to fight communism in Vietnam when communism was already thriving 90 miles away from America, in Cuba?” Also, the 1961 U.S.-sponsored Bay of Pigs incident was a deliberate farce; it wasn’t meant to succeed. (I feel sorry for our brave Marines: they’re always the first to die for someone else, e.g., to die for the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Kuwaitis, the Afghans, etc. They never actually die for America. That’s really sad).


26 September, 2020

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Video: at about the 5:00 minute mark, she’s basically talking about communism even though she’s actually talking about leftism. My point: leftists use the same tactic as hard-core Marxists: pitting Person A against Person B, and magnifying tensions between Person C and Person D based on personal (again, personal) issues, such as race, sex/gender, income levels, class status, etc. [1]. In other words, leftism, like Marxism, is about “making them all fight” and then waiting around to take advantage of the aftermath. There was, and still is, lots of money and lots of political power available to people (usually Jews) who are always “putting the chip on someone’s shoulder” (e.g., Blacks/Browns/women). Just ask any civil-rights organization: some of them rake in many millions of dollars per year. Stirring up racial/sexual/class tensions is big business.


[1] “Internally it (the communist party) thrives upon promoting clashes: Between employer and employee, landlord and tenant, white and negro, native-born and foreigner, Catholic, Protestant and Jew; between the America people and their government, and within every non-communist organization.” — U.S. Senate report on American communism, 1956