30 July, 2020

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Did this guy actually commit a crime? Or were his “dangerous” online comments just hyperbole? Let’s see his actual comments, verbatim. Another question: how come antifa/Marxist thugs are never red-flagged for making threats or for “impending violence”? Red-flag gun laws (which are recent, liberal inventions) are unconstitutional because, under them, a person is guilty until proven innocent.

29 July, 2020

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(Above: General Augusto Pinochet of Chile, circa 1973)

Will America soon experience a “Chile moment”? It could, if the Marxists continue acting up.

By the way, what’s the favorite word of Marxists? It’s “democracy.” They love that word! They toss it around like confetti. They did it in Chile, in Spain, in Cuba. They do it in Seattle and Portland now. Here’s the funny part: liberals actually believe that “communism” is a type of “democracy”! Yes. In the tiny minds of leftists, communism is actually democracy since, under communism, “peoples’ committees,” which are made up of “the little people” (and not the rich, greedy, “fascist” bourgeoisie) run the government. So, in other words, under communism, “the people” are running the government! [1][2]. It’s bullshit. Liberals are insane jerk-offs who should all be jailed worldwide.

Anyway, regarding Chile: I’ve heard this narrative for years: “the evil general Pinochet launched a coup in Chile in 1973 to overthrow democracy! How dare he! Chile would still be a democracy today if Pinochet hadn’t stepped in and stopped Allende (a Marxist)! Down with fascism and the evil bourgeoisie! Allende was democratically elected!” (yes, he actually was). But by Sept. 1973, Allende had destroyed Chile. In response, the Chilean military launched a coup on Sept. 11, 1973 (!) and removed Allende from power. For that good deed, Pinochet has gone down in “mainstream history books” as a “Nazi.”

[Video, with subtitles; duration is 1 hour, 35 minutes]. [Part 2 is Here].[Part 3 is Here].


[1] for example, the Soviet Union had “people’s commissariats” for justice, internal affairs, social security, education, agriculture and public health.

[2] “Officially, Cuba is a people’s democracy” — Wikipedia, July 2020. Can you imagine?? Cuba has been a communist country since 1959!

28 July, 2020

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“Peaceful demonstrations that have been taking place in cities in the US, such as Portland, really must be able to continue without those participating in them – and also, the people reporting on them, the journalists – risking arbitrary arrest or detention, being subject to unnecessary, disproportionate or discriminatory use of force, or suffering other violations of their rights” — a quote from the UN “Human Rights Office,” July 24, 2020.

“Peaceful demonstrations”? Really? Just the other day, 59 cops were injured at one such “peaceful demonstration” in Seattle (just one demonstration!). If that’s the leftist’s idea of “peaceful” then I’d hate to see their idea of “violent.”

One White guy nailed this matter a few days ago: he said “leftist ideology is based solely on lying.” Yes. Recall that liberal president Lyndon Johnson first got into the U.S. Senate in 1948 via vote fraud, a leftist specialty.

27 July, 2020

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The practice of slavery is very old. The Arabs practiced slavery since nearly the time of Christ! [1][2]. The Jews were practicing slavery in the Middle Ages in Poland circa 1200-1300 AD and many of their slaves were European women. But White people came into the slavery game later than anybody else (in circa 1600). So why are Whites so often mentioned regarding the evils of slavery, but non-Whites are never mentioned?? It’s simply part of an endless, anti-White narrative by the media, the schools and Hollywood. Here’s more media propaganda about slavery:



[1] “Slavery was widely practiced in pre-Islamic Arabia, as well as in the rest of the ancient and early medieval world. The minority were European and Caucasus slaves of foreign extraction, likely brought in by Arab caravaners (or the product of Bedouin [nomadic Arab] captures) stretching back to biblical times.” — Wikipedia, July 2020

[2] “Despite years of Black History Februarys, many know little to nothing about the vast role played by Arab and Muslim slavers in the African slave trade. The practice began centuries before Europeans slavers bought and transported slaves out of Africa and continued well after European slavery ended.” — article titled “Black History Month: Why Don’t They Teach About the Arab-Muslim Slave Trade in Africa?” by Larry Elder, at www.realclearpolitics.com, Feb. 20, 2020

27 July, 2020

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(Above: Boris Karloff as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster circa 1931).

Coming next: 6-foot-2, 300-pound female swimsuit models who look like Bela Lugosi. It’ll happen. Leftism has no brakes, because it’s infantile, so “human equality” schemes have no limits — just ask Lenin, Stalin and Mao. (How ironic that, not only was communism obsessed with human equality, but so are the democracies today! Everybody’s doin’ the equality shuffle! It’s, like, contagious! And to think, no two humans are equal. Indeed, human equality is impossible. Even with cloning, it wouldn’t work: you couldn’t have 12 identical people; think of the problems that would cause!).

[Here] and [Here].

26 July, 2020

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“The one thing that you simply have to remember all the time that you are there is that Hollywood is an Oriental city. As long as you do that, you might survive. If you try to equate it with anything else, you’ll perish.” — Olivia de Havilland. Back in the 1930s/1940s, Jews were often called “Orientals.” She left Hollywood due to its Orientalism. [Obituary].

26 July, 2020

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Newbies, all leftist movements are adversary movements against White Western culture. Period! They seek to destroy White culture. Are you a leftist? Then you seek to destroy White culture. You are a danger to White Western society. You should be arrested. That’s right: handcuffed and jailed. Destroying a culture is a crime: it’s genocide, which was outlawed by the UN in 1948.


26 July, 2020

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“In most mentions, the reference is to how whites are better off at the expense of others.” [Here].

People X are better off “at the expense of others.” No way. That’s left-wing “zero-sum” baloney. Limbaugh used to talk about that in the 1990s. Zero-sum-theory goes like this: “If a White person gained $20.00, then somewhere a Black person lost $20.00.” Liberals have been saying that for years. But it’s total bullshit. Our economy doesn’t work that way. Our economy is constantly moving, like a fast-flowing river. It’s not at all stationary or static, as the zero-sum theory implies. The money pool expands or contracts as cash is injected into, or cash leaves, the economy (and, as endless truckloads of money are siphoned out of Whitey’s wallet in order to fund Black welfare payments!). If Person A gains, Person B doesn’t automatically lose. Money is like water through a garden hose: the flow increases and decreases, over and over again. Our economy is “alive” in a sense.

26 July, 2020

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This information dovetails with what I’ve long heard: that a large percentage of antifa thugs are either queer or tranny. It seems that antifa groups attract lots of very “fringe” people (drug users, alcoholics, trannies, queers, the mentally ill, animal-rights wackos, green Marxists, people who worship Tiny Tim, etc.) [1].


[1] see also the Blaze TV online video “Antifa EXPOSED: White and Disproportionately Trans?” Jan. 13, 2020

25 July, 2020

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[Documentary video about Adolf Hitler; duration is 6 hours, 30 minutes].