22 February, 2017

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(Above: Max Horkheimer)

“Transgender” and “gender identity” are part of Cultural Marxism (hereafter, CM). CM was designed to wreck traditional White nations. Here’s an easy way of thinking about how CM (also called Political Correctness) works: by using various methods (e.g., university and grade-school instruction, government mandates), you make abnormal things seem normal (e.g., “gay marriage” or “women in combat”). At the same time, you make normal things seem abnormal (e.g., the traditional male-dominated family, or masculinity). In other words, you turn society upside down. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right; up becomes down and down becomes up. (Other people have called CM “criticize and replace”). Anyway, who would want to wreck White nations, you may wonder? People who hate traditional White Western culture: Jews, liberals, feminists, queers, New World Order types, Blacks, Browns. CM is especially found in the universities (in fact, CM came from a handful of Jews based at Columbia University in the 1930s [1]).


[1] known as the Frankfurt School, those Jews included Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Leo Lowenthal, Otto Kirchheimer, Franz Neumann and Erich Fromm

18 February, 2017

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White men gave the world to human-kind, and no one even said “thanks.” Hey, brown people, how could you make drug deals without cell phones and cars? How could you wire money every month to your 23 children down in Mexico without phone lines? How would the media cover your silly political “protests” without TV cameras and electricity? Hmmmm? We’re waiting for you to show your gratitude, brown people. In fact, someone should start a movement: the “When Are Brown People Going to Thank White People?” movement. How long will we have to wait for their thanks?

Here’s a list of some of the important things that White men gave the world:

Wrist watch
Printing press
Light bulb
Lawn mower
Steam engine
Gasoline engine
Chain saw
Electric saw
Electric drill
Democracy (bad idea)
Indoor plumbing
Air conditioning/heating
Space travel
Eye glasses
Map making (i.e., modern Cartography)
The textile industry (i.e., textile machines)

17 February, 2017

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Four comments about the article:

1. America’s 2016 election wasn’t hacked. (Ballot/poll computers weren’t hacked, in other words).

2. Israel isn’t a democracy. It’s a Jewish state founded on terrorism and built on land stolen from Jordan, Egypt and Syria in 1967.

3. The Jews have been at war with humanity since at least the time of Christ (e.g., see the Roman-Jewish wars), yet he wants Trump to “save the Jews”? Why would Trump want to do that? The Jews are a race of swindlers and con artists whose religious books and teachings celebrate genocide.

4. Israel is a “friend” of America? Really? Do friends spy on you and point nuclear missiles at you? (See “The Samson Option”).

[Article]. More [Here].

17 February, 2017

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It’s possible. There are so many people in Washington DC (on both the Left and the Right) who don’t want Trump to succeed. His agenda scares them and angers them. They’ll try to block his plans at every turn.

[Article] and [Article].

15 February, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Despite this reality, of a Jewish killer and a partner who raved on the Internet about wanting to “rip the arms off” racists, the Jewish media bosses were able to use the Columbine High School tragedy to fool a substantial part of the public into believing that the two killers were White racists and “neo-Nazis.” They were able to fool the public because they already had fooled the public so often in the past that they had the public conditioned to accept anything which fit the notion that White racists and “neo-Nazis” are dangerous and are likely to kill their neighbors, and that when someone does kill his neighbors, the chances are that he is a White racist or a “neo-Nazi.” That’s why we need more laws to keep guns out of the hands of White racists and to keep “neo-Nazis” off the Internet.”


15 February, 2017

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau objects to Donald Trump’s brown immigrant ban. He said that “diversity is our strength.” Is diversity really Canada’s strength? Let’s consider that.

Canada and America were not diverse in 1955. They were mostly White. So, that means that America and Canada were both weak countries in 1955, right? Because they weren’t diverse. Right? Is that true? Of course it’s not. The opposite is true: Canada and America had far fewer social and criminal problems in 1955 than they do today (Canada currently has a serious non-White street gang problem [1]).

“Diversity” is simply a code word for “fewer and fewer White people in the White countries.” “Diversity” celebrates White genocide. Trudeau isn’t bothered by that, I guess.

[1] in a major 2002 Canadian police report, Whites made up only 18% of street gang membership in Canada (that percentage seems high), meaning that the majority of street gang members were non-White

13 February, 2017

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That’s a very amusing claim, considering that Blacks suffer from many more diseases than Whites per capita, including sickle cell anemia, higher rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, AIDS and other STD’s, and also, injuries due to general Black carelessness, like from drug overdoses. Furthermore, the idea that Blacks get more diseases, or die earlier from them, due to “White racism” is baloney. There are free health clinics in every Black neighborhood (paid for by your White tax dollars), and Blacks are eligible for free health care under a wide variety of state and federal government programs (if you doubt that, do a web search: type in “free health care” plus your state, e.g., New Jersey. Some free health care programs don’t even ask about your immigration status! It’s great to be brown!).


12 February, 2017

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What bullshit: the queer lobby keeps adding letters to their acronym to make it seem like lots of people are queer. That’s false: only about 1% of the population is queer, if that many. Their acronym used to be LGBT. Now it’s LGBTQIA+. It keeps growing! Next it’ll be LGBTQIA+WTNMWKLFRBZSDPYTA. By the way, newbies, the queer lobby is overwhelmingly Jewish: almost every queer leader is, or was, a Jew.


11 February, 2017

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Sounds like a pretty good film, but one thing: the word “hero” is used much too freely in our society. Very often, “helping/saving people” is in the job description of whoever is being called a “hero” (e.g., cops, firefighters, paramedics, security guards, etc. Even airplane pilots have a duty to try and save their passengers if they crash).


10 February, 2017

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Socialism (like communism, a Jewish ideology) destroys entire countries, only not as fast as communism does [1]. America could become a socialist country within a few decades: today’s young people (most of whom are idiots) will be tomorrow’s leaders. Won’t that be fun! [2].


[1] socialism was founded by two Jews: Ferdinand Lassalle (1825-1864) and Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932)

[2] Left-wing socialism is not to be confused with National Socialism, a different ideology