15 January, 2021

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Jews have led the entire “remove Donald Trump from office” movement since Day 1. Here’s an example:

“Three of the four Democrats leading the charge to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time are Jewish: David Cicilline of Rhode Island, who is the lead sponsor, and Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Jerry Nadler of New York, who are among the three lead co-sponsors.” — from an article titled “Three Jewish Democrats are leading the House impeachment charge” by Ron Kampeas, The Jerusalem Post, January 12, 2021. [Here].

15 January, 2021

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How did Donald Trump “encourage insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6, as the liberals claim? He pointedly told his followers to be “peaceful” during his speech to them! It was leftists (who were posing as Trump supporters) who caused the violence — which was apparently planned weeks in advance to discredit Trump. The real Trump supporters were peaceful and merely walked around inside the Capitol after being let into it by cops/guards.

The Jewish psychoanalysist, Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), was a fraud and a creep (“you hate your father because your mother wears red shoes!”), but he got one thing right: people who have low self-esteem often “project” their bad behavior onto others (i.e., they accuse others of bad behavior which they themselves are guilty of). For example, liberals accuse conservatives of advocating riots and violence, when they themselves spent most of 2020 encouraging rioting/violence by leftist antifa thugs in Portland and elsewhere! Indeed, liberals are the kings of projection! Liberals have low self-esteem. They hate themselves. They are perpetually unhappy people, hence they are mentally ill. They often come from broken homes and often were molested by their too-liberal, dope-smoking, anything-goes parents. They are sick people who should never be allowed to hold positions of power/authority.

14 January, 2021

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Jews have a unique talent for being involved in things that are harmful to the Western world: the liquor industry, porno, trying to legalize illegal drugs, gambling, etc. In fact, the mafia in America was, at first, Jewish (e.g., Detroit’s Purple Gang, Dutch Shultz, Arnold Rothstein, Mickey Cohen). But then the Italians overtook the Jews in the mafia via their vastly superior numbers (30-to-1 easily). (Who do you think built Las Vegas? Jews, such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, with Italian mob muscle behind them when needed). Hitler observed that “unique Jewish talent” way back in circa 1910. Scratch a problem and there’s usually a Jew underneath, smiling up at you, saying “What?? I didn’t do it! I would never, ever do such a thing!”).


14 January, 2021

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Joe Biden: “And if I’m elected mayor of Cleveland, er, uh, Phoenix, I’ll be a one-trick pony soldier! What? I was elected president of the United States?? Really? I don’t remember that. Well, then, I’ll be a two-trick pony hamster! Giddy-up! What was that? China? Oh, don’t you worry about the little chinks, those guys are our best friends! Really! They always tell me that when we meet in my basement every Friday, er, Tuesday, er…what was the question again? Huhh? I’m not supposed to say ‘chinks’? Why not? Come on, man! The Italians are our best friends! Put your jumper back on, Sarah, good grief, I’m half-Iranian myself! And my dad was a full-blooded Puerto Rican!”


14 January, 2021

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Whenever God’s Pets start getting nervous, horrible things happen (like World War II, for example — a war that was almost solely created by the nervousness/paranoia of two powerful Jews: Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermyer) [1]. It’s a real quandary for the self-chosen: Donald Trump is the best friend Israel ever had, so the Jews should support him, but, at the same time, the Jews are paranoid about Trump’s millions of followers, who they see as rifle-toting, “anti-Semitic” neo-fascists who live in trailer parks in the Deep South.



[1] Adolf Hitler had just been appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933 when Untermyer announced a full “economic war” on Germany, which led to every Jew in the Western world — especially in Hollywood and the American media — fighting against Germany; president F.D. Roosevelt took orders from Baruch, not vice-versa; upon Baruch’s advice (“Bernie raised me from a pup!” — FDR), Roosevelt told Poland to reject any diplomacy with Germany and to instead resist Hitler vigorously, even though Hitler had the legal right to reclaim Danzig and the Corridor, which were stolen from Germany in 1919 via the fraudulent Versailles Treaty; even British Prime Minister David Lloyd George admitted that the treaty was bogus

13 January, 2021

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You want real cheese? Good luck finding it in the “socialist paradise.”

In Cuba (called “Cooba” by the locals), the communist government’s “cheese” (known as “melt”) is not real cheese, it’s a cheese substitute made from fat and coloring:

“Many times what is distributed under the name of processed cheese is actually a substitute made from fat such as sunflower oil and butter, salt flux and coloring,” explains the merchant who, before selling pizzas, made a living as an employee of the Ministry of Internal Trade. “It smells like cheese and may taste faintly like cheese, but cheese it is not.”

Cuba: a country so crappy that you can’t even buy “cheese food” (cheap sliced cheese with extra, non-cheese ingredients like you see here in America at the discount food stores).


13 January, 2021

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Collier was a well-known leftist in the 1960s and was closely associated with David Horowitz.

The Jewish Marxist, Herbert Marcuse, was the godfather of the New Left — which gives you an idea of the severeness of its goals and aims [1]. In the 1960s, the New Left basically “declared war” on traditional America. That’s what we are seeing today as well, with the war on Donald Trump and his followers. Very little has changed since 1968!

Marxism is like alcoholism: it’s very often genetic: if your dad was a Marxist America-hater, the chances are good that you’ll be a Marxist America-hater, too, and so will your kids. Notice how the speaker says that the 1960s ideas continued from one generation to the next. This is what I meant when I said that “the 1960s ended but the ideas and values of the 1960s didn’t end.” In so many ways, America didn’t survive the 1960s. The counterculture “poison” never left the American body. It remained within it.

Isn’t it funny how Marxism pretends to be a “liberating” movement? It says, “we are going to save you from Western culture! Peace, stability, security, beauty, logical thinking — we are liberating you from those evil, White things!” They’re saving us from goodness, stability and decency! Gee, thanks!

The New Left was mostly 1960s-era Jews pushing “racial equality” ideas onto White Americans whether they wanted them or not (they didn’t want them). In contrast, the Old Left, circa 1935, was mostly about economics, labor, improving the lives of factory workers, and so forth. It wasn’t about race like the New Left was. (Allow me to insert here one of my favorite quotes about the Left: the Jew, Claude Levi-Strauss, developed/galvanized the concept of the ‘bad’ White world vs. the ‘good’ non-White world, which author Norman Cantor calls “the cardinal doctrine of all leftist-leaning thought since 1960”).

One final thought: America was the freest, strongest White nation in history. Yes, in history! And the Jews led the leftist movement(s) to kill America. And they have gotten away with it. Completely.

[Video; duration is 55 minutes].


[1] Marcuse’s book “One-Dimensional Man” (1964; a .PDF file) is considered to be the bible of the New Left

13 January, 2021

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Seen on the web: someone saying that the 25th Amendment could be used to remove…Joe Biden from office! Yes. How ironic.

12 January, 2021

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Liberal, British writer Jonathan Cook wrote:

(Using fake racism accusations is) “a deeply ugly, deeply illiberal, deeply manipulative, deeply dishonest tactic. But it is also brilliantly effective. Which is why nowadays rightists and centrists use it at every opportunity. The left, given its principles, rarely resorts to this kind of deceit.”

Principles?? Huh. Given the fact that liberals are the most dishonest, deceitful, cruel, hate-filled, vengeful people on earth (next to the Jews, who are even worse), I really must wonder how Cook could make such an amazing statement. Who boldly stole the 2020 election, and then boldly lied about the theft? Not the Right.

After hearing about the “kind” and “tolerant” and “peaceful” Left for many decades, I finally realized that that label was totally false and that, instead, just the opposite was true (yeah, I know, I’m kinda slow). Indeed, most political violence in the world comes from the Left, not the Right (for example, 1970s Italy and the ultra-violent Red Brigades, or, 1970s Germany and The Red Army Faction).


11 January, 2021

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This footage takes you back to a time and a place (granted, that wasn’t the best time, usually at least). I like how she brings the fans up onto the stage during the second song. (Did you know that there were two Janis Joplins? The first one was Janis and the second one was Robert Plant. Heh-heh-heh). [Video, 33 minutes].