28 August, 2017

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About a week ago, just before the Stormfront forum was shut down, there was an interesting thread posted there. It was about flash rallies for White nationalists/Alt-Righters.

As most of you know, every time there is a White nationalist/Alt-Right rally, mask-wearing, left-wing “antifa” thugs show up and assault people. Why do the antifas assault people? Apparently, they don’t like free speech and freedom of association.

Anyway, the concept of flash rallies is to avoid the usual violence that happens at pro-White rallies. In other words, the idea is about peace (some of you remember peace: we used to have it in America).

From what I understand, a flash rally is basically this: it’s just like a regular rally, except the location of the rally is kept secret until the last possible minute. Only a few people know the exact location of the rally beforehand. Potential attendees are carefully chosen beforehand, and code words might be used as well, to avoid any snitching to the antifas by informers. The media is notified about the rally at the last minute, for publicity’s sake. Then the rally starts. In theory, by the time the rally is over, it’s too late for any violent antifas to show up.

Would flash rallies work for White nationalists/Alt-Righters? I don’t know. To my knowledge, they haven’t been tried.


27 August, 2017

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I don’t know much about this web host, but it might be useful to some people: [Webpage].

26 August, 2017

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The last time I checked, White men gave Americans something called the First Amendment (i.e., free speech). Has the First Amendment been voided by the U.S. Supreme Court? As far as I know, it has not been. Speech is legal except when you incite imminent violence. Did Stormfront incite imminent violence? If so, when? Is there a quote somewhere?


25 August, 2017

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Seen on the internet today: “The WaPo Op Ed was particularly striking. Its premise was that liberalism has failed to deal with racial injustice in the U.S.”

Never mind who wrote that, because it doesn’t matter. Here’s the point, newbies: You can’t have liberalism in the U.S. or in any other White country. Liberalism cancels out Western culture. Just like pizza and donuts cancel out losing weight. Just like loud music at 3:00 AM cancels out a good night’s sleep. You can’t have a healthy Western culture and liberalism in the same place at the same time. It’s impossible. It’s time to toss liberalism into the trashcan of history. Not just part of it. All of it.

24 August, 2017

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Heard on the TV: the way-too-common accusation of “homophobe.” (You’ve heard it: “What? You don’t love ‘gays’? You’re a homophobe!”). No, no, normal White man, you’re not a homophobe. You’re a virusphobe, and for good reason: homosexuals have much higher rates of many diseases, including Hepatitis and AIDS. (Hepatitis damages the liver, meaning that a homosexual’s immune system is usually weaker, i.e., he has a greater risk of getting any disease. “The liver is a member of the immune system“).

23 August, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“I’ve explained this before, and I’ll explain it again: the outcome of this war to take Kosovo away from Serbia is important because it is a new kind of war, which will help to establish a new principle if it is successful. That new principle is that the New World Order, as embodied in NATO or the United Nations or whatever other supranational body the board of directors of the New World Order chooses, can tell any country in the world how to govern itself and then destroy anyone who doesn’t obey. It will mean an end to national sovereignty. it will mean an end to national independence. It will mean an end to freedom.

Now, I know that there are a lot of liberal nitwits out there who think that will be just wonderful. Sovereignty and independence are bad words to liberals. They believe that interdependence is much better than independence. They believe that everything will be much nicer when there are no more sovereign nations and the whole world is ruled by a committee: no more rich and powerful nations, no more poor and weak nations, everyone equal.”


23 August, 2017

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Q: Why does the Alt-Right/White Nationalist movement exist? [1].

A: It exists because, as judge Robert Bork said, American culture must remain Eurocentric. Our White European culture must be preserved. American culture is White European, or Western, culture.

Q: Why is it important to preserve Western culture?

A: Western culture is, according to many different measurements, the greatest culture in history [2][3]. Western culture, which began in ancient Greece, gave the world democracy, for example, and the universities, and science, and electricity, the light bulb, the automobile, the airplane and the telephone, and the concept of free speech, which dates officially (governmentally) from 1789. The U.S.A. was founded by White men, and so were Canada, England, France, Germany, etc. That’s all Western culture, and Western culture is under constant attack today – which is hard to fathom, because White societies are safe, stable, free societies, while Black and Brown societies are much less safe, stable or free. Are people trying to move to Zimbabwe or Pakistan or Nicaragua? No, they’re trying to move to America or England or Germany (i.e., White countries)! There’s a reason for that.

Q: Are people in the Alt-Right movement racists or haters?

A: No. There’s nothing hateful or racist about preserving your heritage and culture. Strangely, when Blacks or Mexicans try to preserve their heritage, it isn’t called “hate.” Why are only White people called racists or haters?

Q: Is the Alt-Right violent?

A: The Alt-Right isn’t violent. In fact, at every Alt-Right rally, it is the left-wing “antifas” who start the violence (the same goes for Klan and neo-Nazi rallies). Amusingly, the antifas make the claim that White free speech is, by itself, “violence.” As if free speech itself can be violent, without any action. How ironic: White people gave the antifas free speech! Also ironically, when antifas attack White people, they are committing hate crimes — the very crimes that they always accuse White people of committing.

Q: Does the Alt-Right want to oppress Blacks and other minorities?

A: No, it doesn’t want to oppress anyone. Blacks and others can do their own “thing”; such “things” aren’t a problem as long as those “things” aren’t harmful to American culture (one could make the argument that parts of Black culture are harmful to American culture, e.g., “rap culture”).

Q: What does the Alt-Right wish to accomplish?

A: It wants to preserve Western culture as much as possible under the present circumstances, those circumstance being massive non-White immigration, rampant multiculturalism, overwhelming media bias against normal White people, etc.

[1] “Alt-Right” and “White Nationalist” are used interchangeably here for simplicity’s sake, although some Alt-Righters are not White Nationalists

[2] those measurements include: low levels of crime and corruption (compared to non-White countries), economic stability, political stability, safe food, water and generally excellent public safety, reliable transportation systems, competent law enforcement, etc.

[3] see the October 2001 article “Lost in the Swamp of Modernity” by Peter Watson, in the New Statesman magazine, which mentions 20th-century White/Western achievements

21 August, 2017

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Oy, veh — in fact, double-oy veh! I detect some serious ethnic jitters here. Gee, if I were a Jew, I’d buy a one-way airplane ticket to Israel. That’s one-way. As in, no return flight. As in, staying in Israel and not coming back.


21 August, 2017

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Accurate? Not accurate? Anybody know? [SF thread].

21 August, 2017

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Alex Linder on the radio: [Audio].