15 March, 2018

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That’s funny: Brooks doesn’t look like a Jewish, UNESCO-sponsored race-hustler [1]. Maybe I’m missing something.


[1] “There is no race but the human race,” declared Otto Klineberg, a Jewish “race expert” and a buddy of the famous Jewish fraud, Franz Boas, in 1935. Klineberg also said, in his 1935 book “Race Differences,” that “the human race is one” (this is, of course, absolute baloney as anyone who has observed negro and White behavior can attest to)

13 March, 2018

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Teacher: “So, 4 + 4 = 36, right?”

Student: “No.”

Teacher: “What did you say???!!”

Student: “Uhhhhhh, I mean, uhmmm, that’s correct.”


11 March, 2018

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“Toxic masculinity”: that’s the latest popular propaganda phrase (but it was apparently not coined by feminists). But, regardless of who coined it, as it’s used today, “toxic masculinity” is bullshit for a couple of reasons. Today’s men are wimps and they have little testosterone to poison their minds with. They’re afraid of snakes, few of them hunt or fish, they drive tiny Japanese cars, they eat salads (because they’re watching their cholesterol intake) and they drink white wine, and they strictly obey their wives (in other words, they’re pussy-whipped girly-men: “Yes, honey!” “No, honey!” “Right away, honey!”). More importantly, and in this case, the fact that mass shootings are a recent phenomenon (beginning in August 1966 with the University of Texas, Austin, sniper shooting) suggests that “failing to properly vent male emotions” or “affirming masculinity” have nothing to do with causing mass shootings. There are other forces at work.

You want to talk about dangerous and destructive behavior vis-à-vis the sexes? Let’s talk about toxic femininity (I’m hijacking that term just for simplicity). That’s a whole different story, and it’s a huge and completely ignored story. Women have “become men” in so many ways, to the point of ridiculousness and dangerousness. Women have literally conquered every part of American life: police departments, fire departments, the big corporations, the military. They have even conquered the rough-and-tough U.S. Marine Corps. And women now control the majority of American households. Who wears the pants? They do! Is that normal? Nope!

Toxic femininity is poisonous. It short-circuits women’s brains and causes them to act unnaturally, causes them to act more like men; it came from feminism and to a much lesser extent from modern technology. In fact, the entire Western world has been feminized to the point of saturation. Why isn’t anyone worried about that? (Fact: women didn’t create the West. Men did. Women are usurpers, in other words, backseaters who hopped into the front seat circa 1972).


10 March, 2018

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The Jews and the leftists say, “diversity makes our country better!” No, it doesn’t. Diversity leads to tension, arguments and eventually to violence.

“First came the racial integration of blacks and whites, cultures with virtually nothing in common. It worked as well as was widely expected. The two differed sharply in manners, morals, attitudes to education, dress, and acquiescence to law. The result was the disaster we see daily in the news.”


5 March, 2018

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Mexico is a shithole and anyone with half a brain knows it. Mexico is a dysfunctional nation and it’s actually a failed country since the majority of the 31 Mexican states are no longer controlled by the Mexican government but are controlled by violent narcotics cartels. America’s curse is having this horrible country right next door to it. (By the way, you can tell a lot about a people by the way they treat their animals: Mexico is notorious for animal abuse [1]).


[1] Mexico has millions of wild dogs roaming sick in the streets because canine population control via spaying and neutering is — surprise! — not practiced very much there

4 March, 2018

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“In view of this queasy multiculturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race, and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor.”

— author, writer and firearms legend Jeff Cooper (1920-2006), in Guns and Ammo magazine, August 1995, page 105

3 March, 2018

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Newbies, if you still feel guilty about slavery even after the O.J. verdict, Michael Brown, Black Lives Matter protests, etc., then keep reading.

We Whites hear all the time from the media about how rough the Black people have it in America. But they don’t have it rough. At all! White racism against Blacks hardly exists anymore, aside from the occasional comment by a drunk White guy. And Blacks not only get six different kinds of welfare now, but they get special treatment when it comes to getting hired or being admitted to college (this federal law is known as “Affirmative Action”). America is a paradise for Blacks. It’s Whites who have it rough: they must avoid certain neighborhoods in the cities, they must buy burglar alarms, dead-bolt locks and guard dogs because Blacks are violent, predatory thugs, and furthermore, Whites are over-taxed to fund the billions of dollars paid yearly to Black welfare recipients, and Whites are also over-taxed to fund America’s huge jail and prison system which is, of course, full of Blacks.

Did Whites abuse Blacks during the era of slavery? Probably. But Blacks have paid Whites back in spades (no pun intended) for any such abuse. On the other hand, Blacks today routinely murder, rob and rape Whites – it’s a daily occurrence. (By the way, White slave traders and owners, as a rule, did not kill or injure their Black slaves, since dead or injured slaves could not work).

The Blacks have already paid Whitey back 20-fold, at least, and they’re still getting payback, with no end in sight.

Newbies, we owe Blacks nothing today. Nothing. If Blacks aren’t happy here, then they should quit bitching and pack their bags and leave. I hear Africa has a nice climate.


28 February, 2018

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If you’re a gun owner, it’s not good to live in NoJoyZee. In fact, the entire Northeast is bad for anyone who values their freedom. And, what’s with that yellow-star-thingy in the photo? What’s the point there? Is that some sort of reference to Florida? Or…what? I’m missing the symbolism.


28 February, 2018

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Newbies, did you know that Africa (the continent) was, at one time, run by Whites? Yep, and it worked great [1]. And now? Now Africa is run by Blacks, with horrible results, and things will only get worse because the stupid negroes in South Africa just voted to steal land from Whites, which will severely hurt the economy. The negroes desperately need the productive White farms and other businesses but they’re too stupid to realize it. (Whites make up about 20% of South Africa’s population and most of the tax base because South Africa has the world’s most progressive tax system, i.e., Whites get taxed heavily while Blacks pay far less and some pay almost nothing).

[Article] and [Article].

[1] e.g., Britain controlled Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Kenya. France controlled Chad, Cameroon, Mozambique, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal

27 February, 2018

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“Oliver’s writings have been collected in a book called America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative, which I found useful reading. The book was published in London in 1981. It was never published in the United States, likely because what Oliver had to say in the book was unacceptable to the publishing industry in this country.” (Some of Dr. Oliver’s works are available online, e.g., here).