29 October, 2018

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Was this (alleged) attack on a synagogue by a White man surprising? Not if you know anything about Jewish history; actually, the surprising part is that these types of attacks on Jews happen so rarely [1]. After all, the Jews have been “at war” with the White, Western world since at least Roman times [2][3][4]; the Jews have been preying on Whites for centuries, all the while posing as innocent victims of “anti-Semitism”; for example, Jews were trading in White female flesh at Oswiecim, Poland (a.k.a. Auschwitz, how ironic!) back in the Middle Ages; Jews were brutal tax collectors in the same era, e.g., Jews were “tax-receivers” in Portugal in the 14th century.

Furthermore, look for the Jews to milk this Pittsburgh incident for all it’s worth: unconstitutional “anti-Semitism” laws will surely be introduced in Congress soon, and also in the UK as well.


About Gab, the alleged synagogue shooter and the pro-White movement.

Also: Jews make demands to Donald Trump.


[1] the last domestic attack on Jews before this one was, I think, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr.’s in Kansas in 2014

[2] Jews appear White but are not genetically White

[3] a mention of “anti-Semitism”

[4] a great source of information about the Jews, from a historical perspective, is the 1994 book “A People That Shall Dwell Alone” by Dr. Kevin MacDonald

28 October, 2018

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At about the 2:30 duration mark, a small-town White guy talks about city life, and how, in the city, nobody knows anyone else and they don’t want to know anyone else. Yep. As city life slowly replaces country life, this will become the norm: an America full of big-city strangers living next door to each other. Just what the cosmopolitan Jews want: alienation and distrust among White people.


28 October, 2018

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Charles Russell, titled “In Without Knocking” (1909)

20 September, 2018

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Reviewed: “The Myth of the Blood: The Genesis of Racialism” by Julius Evola.


“The Myth of the Blood is a remarkable book in several respects – as a historical artefact; as counterweight to modern scientific racialist thought; as an example of radical anti-egalitarian thought; as a contribution to the discussion of the Jewish Question; as an influential and consequential riposte to strictly Nordicist visions of European civilization (in the past, present, and future); and even as an important development within Evola’s own oeuvre. I can say with some certainty that no-one will find agreement with everything that Evola has to say in the text, but I can equally say that no-one will struggle to find significant value in it either.”

[Book Review].

20 September, 2018

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“In fact, to hear a liberal or a Jew talk about it, you would believe that “freedom from hate” and “freedom to feel good” were what the Founding Fathers really had in mind when they drafted the Bill of Rights. To the liberals the so-called “freedom” of a homosexual not to be offended by the remarks of someone who considers him a freak ranks right up there beside freedom of speech and freedom to keep and bear arms — in fact, a bit above freedom of speech and way above the freedom to keep and bear arms.

These new “freedoms” that the liberals have invented — freedom from oppression, freedom from bad vibes, freedom from hate, freedom from being offended — have been given an enormous promotion during the past decade or so.”


19 September, 2018

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Years ago, I had a high-school basketball coach who told me: “you must completely understand and master the fundamentals of the game, from the very beginning: how to hold the ball, where to place your feet when you jump, etc. If you don’t understand and master the fundamentals, you’ll never be a good player.” He was, of course, right. With that in mind:

This tale about Derek Black seems odd to me. If a person really knows and really understands White Nationalist philosophy and Western philosophy, such ideological “turning” or “flipping” (by a White man) would not happen. What I mean is, “hearing the WN words” is not at all the same thing as “understanding the WN words.” If you have kids, you need to make sure that they totally and completely understand what Western culture is and why it is superior to all other cultures. In fact, ask your kids basic questions from time to time, such as: “What is White Nationalism?” “What is Western culture, and why is it better than other cultures?” “What is a Jew?” and so on and so forth. Make sure that they clearly understand the fundamentals of WN from the very beginning. (Ironically, a good book for learning about WN was written by Black’s godfather, David Duke. It’s called “My Awakening.” I keep waiting for Alex to write a book; maybe he’ll write one now that he’s more able to).


18 September, 2018

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It’s unknown if the Feds are going to file federal charges or not in this case. Sometimes they do.

Regardless, let’s take a look at what Orwellian “hate crime” laws are about. Let’s say, just as an example, that Joe dislikes Black people (smart guy!). That’s Joe’s right: he’s allowed under constitutional law to dislike Black people [1]. Let’s say, again just as an example, that Joe punches a Black guy based on the fact that he doesn’t like Blacks. How can Joe receive more prison time (and possibly a federal conviction and sentence) for that crime, compared to if he punched a Black guy because the Black was simply being a jerk? Either way, it’s the same crime: an assault (usually a misdemeanor, unless it’s “aggravated”), and a local charge as well. Only idiots, liberals and Jews believe that you can have different punishments for the same crime [2].

Trivia: the first “hate crime” law was a law banning “anti-Semitism.” It was created by Jews in the Soviet Union in 1918.


[1] the First Amendment protects freedom of speech including in writing, in speech and in other forms of communications

[2] the idea of punishing the motive for the crime could be applied to so many crimes. Should a speeder get a bigger, or smaller, fine based on why he was speeding? (This is not to be confused with, say, the penalty for hot-blooded murder vs. cold-blooded murder, that’s a different thing. Planning a murder days or weeks beforehand is different from committing a spur-of-the-moment murder or a heat-of-the-moment murder. A person not having the time to think about committing a murder vs. him planning a murder long beforehand is a legitimate legal consideration re: sentencing since sudden passions (e.g., sudden anger) can momentarily override logical thought and reason)

15 September, 2018

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For all of the talk in the MSM and social media about Nazism/fascism and Trump-supporting “Nazis” who are “terrorizing America”, you never actually see any brown-shirted, swastika-wearing thugs, do you? Nope. Not at the supermarket. Not at the mall. Not on the main street. Not at the diner. You don’t see any Nazis anywhere. Why not? Because real Nazis don’t exist, that’s why not (okay, maybe there are a couple of them in Florida somewhere). This “resurgence of Nazism in America” is a paranoid fantasy.

14 September, 2018

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With judge Kavanaugh nearly confirmed for America’s highest court, it looks like the horrible 1973 Roe v. Wade decision – the biggest Jew-turd ever to be shitted out by the U.S. Supreme Court, next to Brown v. Board of Education – could be overturned, and Jews like Senator Dianne Feinstein are really worried and so they are acting really predictably.

13 September, 2018

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How come music from 1974 sounds good but music from 2013 sounds like shit? Well, basically, there’s no artistry or originality in today’s music, e.g., the sequences of the notes are nearly the same in every song; modern musical “compression” makes all the songs sound muddy and too dense, and lyrics repeat themselves endlessly; also, many “hit” songs were written by the same person, no matter which “artist” is singing them. Today’s music is a “product” designed for mass consumption by retards.

[video, duration is 20 minutes].