12 April, 2022

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Poetry by Joe Biden

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Putin stole my brain,
and I like liverwurst!”

12 April, 2022

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Poetry by Joe Biden

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m kind of crazy,
and so am I!”

12 April, 2022

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(Above: “Greater Israel” as envisioned by the Jews. How would the Jews control all that new territory? With America’s help, of course! Ever since the Sinai II agreement of 1975, America and Israel are “partners in Zionism” [and in crime in general]).

So, Israel wanted to take Syria by force in order to expand Jewish territory, but it couldn’t, because Russia was protecting Syria (Russia has two military bases in Syria) [1][2]. Hence the reason why Israel would be very interested in the fate of Ukraine (because Ukraine could serve as a jump-off point for “regime-change in Russia” carried out by NATO/America). So, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was bad news for Israel. It probably set Zionism back 20 years.

[Article, a .PDF file].


[1] the Jews have long wanted to increase the size of Israel (drastically) by invading various Middle Eastern countries. This would create “Greater Israel” and it would require annexing (stealing) all, or parts of, 8 countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait and Turkey. Wow! Good thing the Jews aren’t greedy! If Russia tried to annex 8 countries, or even thought about it, WWIII would begin immediately if not sooner. And you thought the Jews were aggressive! Shame on you, you anti-Semite. How dare you accuse the sweet, innocent Jews of aggression.

[2] Quoting the .PDF file: “According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

12 April, 2022

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An imaginary game show on TV:

Host: “Frank, you’re dangerously close to winning $50,000! It’ll be yours, Frank, if you can answer this: name a major ‘gay-rights’ activist who isn’t a Jew.”
Frank: “Uhhhh…wow!…let’s see…uhhhhh….hmmmm….well….that’s a tough one…”
Host: “Six seconds left…”
Frank: “Uhhhhh….hmmmm…that’s a hard one!…I can’t think of one…”
Host: “Ohh, Frank, you came so, so close! Maybe next time, Frank!”

Consider this: while leftism on the whole is very Jewish, the “sex related” movements of leftism (homosexual rights, trannyism, “second-wave” feminism circa 1963-1980) are particularly Jewish, to a severe degree. A list of major activists in those movements would reveal them to be 98% Jewish. (The only major “queer activist” who wasn’t a Jew was Harry Hay, but nonetheless he was married to a Jew at some point in his life).

“Bolton opens by taking aim at de Sade and Freud, identifying the latter as “one of the primary influences of the modern epoch. …Freudianism, combined with Marxism and heavily revised (i.e., Cultural Marxism), has been a lethal formula for deconstructing the primary customs, ethos, traditions and faith of the West.” In fact, “the Freudo-Marxian world revolution has been more enduring and encompassing than Bolshevism, while ‘conservatives’ were worried about a ‘Moscow plot.’” In Bolton’s view, the clique responsible for bringing Freudo-Marxian thought to America is the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research.”


“Much of this control was to be achieved by tackling what Erich Fromm called “the pathology of normalcy.” Bolton writes that the Frankfurt School advanced the idea that the way to mental health was to cut the individual from the ‘primary ties’ and set him adrift to pursue what in the parlance of the allied field of humanistic psychology becomes self-actualisation, regardless of where that leads, as in the self-actualised examples of the Marquis de Sade, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones; all paragons of liberalism. Should the individual become unhinged, the therapeutic state would be there to offer — or impose — the direction needed to reach the nirvana of ‘freedom’ and ‘happiness.’”

[Book Review/Article].

12 April, 2022

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“After the Second World War the rise of feminism and so-called “women’s liberation” also took their toll on marital stability. The feminists asserted that women were essentially the same as men, except for a few minor anatomical details, and that women didn’t need men in order to live a complete and fulfilling life. They insisted on being treated just like men. And of course, their cause was taken up by the government and by the Jewish media, which resulted in their doctrines influencing many otherwise sensible women.”


11 April, 2022

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Old saying: “if it’s global, Jews pioneered it.” (Vhy, vhy vould dey say dat, Moishe, vhy? Dey hate us, Moishe, vhy? Such hate, Moishe…vee must flee to Jerusalem, Moishe…).

1. The question “is Klaus Schwab a Jew?” (but apparently he’s not) has been rendered moot. “Two Jews” beats “one Jew.” (But no, I have not forgotten about Schwab’s Jewish sidekick, that Israeli fellow, Harari).

2. It seems that the WEF (World Economic Forum, founded in 1971) wasn’t a European creation, as we thought, but was a North American creation, “philosophically built” if not physically built by three men, two of whom are Jews:

— Herman Kahn (Jewish; 1922-1983; he pioneered “scenario planning” [the backbone of WEF planning], which began in the military in the 1950s and then spread to the corporate/political world).
— Henry A. Kissinger (Jewish; 1923- ).
— John K. Galbraith (White; 1908-2006).

(There’s a funny joke in the 1987 comedy movie “Back to the Beach,” paraphrasing it:

Man: “Did you just throw a thing?” (out the window)
Woman: “What thing?”
Man: “I saw you throw a thing!”
Woman: “I thought I saw a thing, but I don’t know what thing I thought I saw.”
Boy: “Gee, this is like a conversation at the Kissingers, isn’t it?”

[Article], [Article] and [Article].

11 April, 2022

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Re: yesterday’s post, titled: “America Today: Full of Adult Children”:

Here’s a vital documentary, titled “Vaxxed 2,” that shows the hazards of vaccines. Unvaccinated people are healthier and more robust than vaccinated people.

[Video; 1 hour, 37 minutes]. Another link to it: [Here]. (view in full-screen mode to avoid pop-up box)

11 April, 2022

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I was watching a TV sitcom and I wondered aloud how much of a role TV has played in the death of the alpha male (an alpha male is a manly, rugged, Steve McQueen/John Wayne type who drinks whiskey straight with no chaser. A leader, and full of testosterone and courage). (U.S. Marines are, by default, alpha males…unless of course they’re…uhhh…women. Then they’re not).

Here’s the difference: An alpha male: “I’m gonna kick your ass!” A beta male: “Please don’t hurt me!”

Every man on TV is a wimp. Especially on the comedy shows (sitcoms), which feature this type of stuff: Husband: “Yes, honey. Whatever you say, honey!” Wife: “Good boy! Maybe I’ll let you have a strawberry daiquiri later.” Husband: “Really?? Gee, that would be swell! Can you put a little umbrella in it??”

Not only are TV men wimps, but they’re stupid. The husband is dumb and clumsy, but the wife is smart and always right. That’s “the standard situation” on TV sitcoms. What message do you think that sends to American men? A bad one.

The death of the alpha male is serious, and is actually dangerous. It means that, at crunch time (e.g., during a disaster), there’s no capable man around who can step up to the plate and take action. There’s no leadership. Just wimps sitting around asking, “gee, what should we do now? Wait for the Coast Guard?”

10 April, 2022

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(Sung to the tune of the 1967 hippie anthem, “San Francisco”)

San Franqueersco

If you are going to San Franqueersco
Be sure to have many condoms in your jeans
If you are going to San Franqueersco
You’re gonna meet crazy people there
For those who come in San Franqueersco
Summertime will have some gonorrhea there
In the streets of San Franqueersco
Drunken people with insects in their hair
All across the rectums
Such strange vibrations!
Fisting in motion
There’s a fool generation
With a stupid explanation
Pooping in motion
Pooping in motion!
For those who come in San Franqueersco
Be sure to wear some rubbers on your d*ck
If you come in San Franqueersco
Summertime will have some hepatitis there
If you come in San Franqueersco
Summertime will have some rectal rooting there

10 April, 2022

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Seen: “The Monterey Pop Festival” (film), 1967, which basically amounted to one big, long rock concert, but which included a sitar solo (a sitar is like an Indian guitar). The hippies in the audience seemed to dig it, man! “Groovy! Far out! Pass the L-25, dude! Is that purple fur on the balcony?”

What kind of a freak do you have to be to enjoy the thin, tinny sound of the sitar? It sounds like there’s an insect stuck in your ear: “doctor, I think I have a cricket living in my ear!”