27 July, 2019

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I hate it when hateful White supremacists — hopped up on hate — leave hate outside of your office! Don’t those haters know that America is, historically speaking, a Black country? Just consider one of America’s most famous founders: Mr. Jefferson. Yeah. Blind Lemon Jefferson.


27 July, 2019

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Let us end that old “melting pot” lie before things get any worse. It’s a lie that was created and spread largely by two pro-immigration Jews: Israel Zangwill and Emma Lazarus. (It was Lazarus who wrote the clever poem “The New Colossus,” which contains the famous lines: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Of course, that poem is found at the bottom of the Statue Of Liberty, which makes people think that massive, third-world immigration has been official U.S. policy since the Founders’ era).

“Go back” is a rejection of the nation as a melting pot; a condemnation of one of America’s founding values – E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, one).” [Here].

27 July, 2019

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Human blight #1: “I have a human right to run naked in the street!”

Human blight #2: “I have a human right to molest cats!”

Human blight #3: “I have a human right to play loud music at 3:00 AM!”

Human blight #4: “I have a human right to live my life as a hamster!”

Normal people don’t need to hide behind fake, Jewish “rights”; only Brown people, Jews, freaks and weirdos need to do that. (The fact that Canada fell so hard for the Jewman Rights racket says a lot about the Polite People up north; I think they’re way too polite!).


26 July, 2019

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News report: “US building coalition to protect ships crossing (Persian) Gulf”

Where, oh, where have I seen that sort of headline before? Oh, yeah! In 1941, just before president F. D. Roosevelt started WWII by issuing “shoot-on-sight” orders for German ships during “protective convoying with allies”! It seems that protective convoying can lead to war. Yeah. That’s what that “coalition” idea for the Persian Gulf is. Sooner or later, some imaginary Arabs/Persians will “attack” an allied ship in the convoy, and then presto! Instant war, for Israel’s benefit! Trivia: FDR’s convoying was done under the previously-illegal-by-law, Jewish “Lend-Lease” program [1]. That shoot-on-sight order was a de facto declaration of war on Germany by America, since, sooner or later, U.S. ships were going to see a German ship…I mean, it kinda goes without saying that they would see a German boat sooner or later, ya know?



[1] just before WWII, the U.S. military was in Greenland to protect convoys of boats shipping Lend-Lease material to the “allies.” America regularly escorted convoys of Lend-Lease ships to “allied” nations with her big battleships, e.g., the USS Texas. In Sept. 1941, a false claim was made by the U.S. government that a German submarine attacked and tried to sink the USS Greer near Iceland. (The Germans had no need to attack the Greer since the U.S. was officially a non-belligerent country at that time). Roosevelt used that false claim to justify the shoot-on-sight order

25 July, 2019

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American Liberal #1: “Just because White people invented everything, they think that makes them special! That is sooooo not true!”

American Liberal #2: “Right! I mean, we don’t actually need democracy, electricity, light bulbs, cars, clocks, watches, TVs, weather reports, computers, and airplanes! Heck, I don’t mind working in the dark, and I can swim to Paris any time I want to!”

American Liberal #3: “Yeah, that’s right! White people are sooooo arrogant! How dare they eat our food and drink our water! They have to get permission from the UN and Barack Obama to do that!”

American Liberal #4: “Brown people rule! They gave the world so many important things, like…like…uhhhm…uhhhhh…hmmmmm…well, at least they gave the world tacos!” (okay, I’ll give them that one).


25 July, 2019

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Boy: “Daddy, why are there so many Holocaust survivors?”

Father: “What do you mean, son?”

Boy: “Well, weren’t all those people sent to Nazi death camps? Why are they still alive years later?”

Father: “Good point, son. You’re a smart boy! But don’t mention that to anyone, or you won’t get into a good college.”

(Mr. Albin was at Auschwitz for a whopping 2 and 1/2 years and was still healthy enough to escape?? Wow. That’s some “death camp.” The Nazis must have fed him well. By the way, did Mr. Albin immediately tell the world that “thousands of Jews are being gassed at Auschwitz” after he escaped it? Fifty bucks says “nope.”). [Article].

25 July, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“Last week we spoke about the growing trade in White sex slaves in Israel and the reaction — or lack of reaction — to that trade in America. I read to you from the June 16 edition of one of Israel’s major newspapers, the Jerusalem Post, in which two Israeli feminists reported on the luring of Gentile girls from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, and other eastern European countries to Israel with the false promise of high-paying jobs as secretaries or teachers and then the grabbing of these girls by Jewish slave dealers as soon as they land in Israel. The girls are raped, beaten, and terrorized by the Jewish slave dealers to make them compliant, and then they are auctioned to the owners of brothels and sex clubs, where they are kept in locked apartments and forced to work as prostitutes. The Jerusalem Post article also reported that the reason Israel is the center of the international trade in White female slaves is that in Israel it is perfectly legal to buy and sell human beings and to own slaves, provided they are not Jews.”


25 July, 2019

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It mentions Weissmann and others. [Article].

24 July, 2019

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Seen on the TV: an eye-opening conversation. Texas congressman Louie Gohmert said on Fox News With Tucker Carlson (Wed. 7/24/19) that, re: the Robert Mueller congressional testimony about the anti-Trump Russia hoax on 7/24/19, “it was also clear from the hearing today that Weissmann must have been the driving force in all of this.”

Was Gohmert talking about Mueller’s special counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann? If so, oy veh! In fact, that’s a double-oy-veh! Wait, no, that’s a triple-oy-veh!

24 July, 2019

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Liberal #1: “(*sob*) We spent 2 and 1/2 years trying to remove Donald Trump from office with a big phony investigation about ‘Russia’ and ‘collusion.’ But now, it’s all over and we have nothing to show for our efforts. The Great Russia 2016 Election Hoax fizzled out like a wet firecracker.”

Liberal #2: “(*sniff*) And now, populism and nationalism will seem more legitimate than ever before! That could lead to another Hitler! Or at least another Mussolini!”

Liberal #3: “(*sob*) Fascism is coming to America!”

Liberal #4: “(*sniffle*) I’m moving to Vietnam, where they believe in justice, freedom and democracy!”

Liberal #5: “I’m moving to Cuba, where they believe in justice, freedom and democracy!”

Liberal #6: “(*choke*) I’m hiding under my bed!”

Liberal #7: “(*sob*) I hope I don’t end up in prison with large negroes!”