18 January, 2020

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(Above: the Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles).

World-famous architect Frank Gehry (real name Goldberg) is worshipped in America, and in Europe as well. He’s also a Jew. Must be just a Cohencidence.

18 January, 2020

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Leftists are so obsessed with human equality that they can’t see anything else around them — like crime, for example. A big part of leftism is manufacturing, and then fighting, imaginary “–isms” (which are usually “committed” by White males, e.g., ageism, ableism, languageism, lookism, heterosexism, sexism, racism, speciesism, foodism, etc.).


18 January, 2020

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“The most notorious – and the most destructive – act of Christian cultural genocide was the deletion of Archimedes’ mathematical treatises. In their place was found a Byzantine liturgical manual. This is known as the famous Archimedes palimpsest. The most important of these manuscripts, the Method of Mechanical Theorems, reveals that Archimedes had a rudimentary understanding of the integral calculus; he was the first to calculate the area and volume of solid geometric figures using infinitesimal magnitudes. This was some 2000 years before Newton and Leibniz, the modern discoverers of the integral and differential calculus. If Christianity had not retarded scientific and technological development in ancient and medieval times, mankind would be far more advanced than he is now. Christianity was the single greatest impediment to material progress in the history of Europe.”


18 January, 2020

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Stupid White Female, at a bar: “Look, a couple of nice, manly, very hot Afreaking AmeriKwan men! I think I’ll chat them up!” (later) “Ohhhh, I think they like me! I’m getting so horny! I think I’ll go home with these two manly, vibrant, diverse Afreaking AmeriKwans and screw them both. I’ve always fantasized about doing that! What could possibly go wrong? Diversity is so cool!”

(Much later):

Stupid White Female, standing outside the Pearly Gates in Heaven: “OMG! I’ve been murdered! How did this happen?? Who could have possibly foreseen this??”

Saint Peter: “Any human with half a brain could have foreseen this.”


18 January, 2020

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As you may know, previously, I had used the term/meme “horsejews of the apocalypse” (borrowed from Albrecht Dürer’s 1498 woodcut “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”) to describe the key Jews who pushed America into WWII, the most deadly and destructive war for Whites in history. That war ended the lives of at least 65 million people worldwide.

But, that meme was limited, since it really only referred to America (and somewhat by extension, to Britain and France, too, the key players in the creation of WWII, due to Jewish pressure). And it also only referred to a war. But what about everything else surrounding Jewish nation-wrecking: the endless political turmoil and the endless social unrest that helped wreck the West from circa 1850 onward?

What was needed, I realized, was a more-universal meme for the Jewish nation-wreckers, one that summed it all up in one neat, easy-to-grasp, easy-to-repeat package, one that answered the question “who sacked the West from Ireland to Norway to France to Spain to Canada to Australia to America?”; a meme that can be used today in Ireland, or Greenland, or Denmark, Spain, Canada, Germany, etc. Worldwide. A meme that would better highlight “the Jewish nation-wrecking of the Western world”. Not just a war.

Then I realized: I should simply take Albrecht Dürer’s famous Horsemen woodcut and alter it slightly, to include into it the facial images of the most important of the Jewish “political revolutionaries” whose ideas sacked the West: the Four Horsejews of the Apocalypse: the founders of communism, socialism, and leftist ideas in general: the people who “made leftism and human equality a global, quasi-religious movement”: Karl Marx, Moses Hess, Ferdinand Lassalle and Eduard Bernstein. Put photos of their heads onto Dürer’s four horsemen, in his “apocalypse” woodcut, via modern computer wizardry! Rename the woodcut, logically, “The Four Horsejews of White Genocide.” One graphic saying it all, so to speak.

So, I hope that someone in the WN movement — someone good at computer graphics — can re-create Dürer’s woodcut with the heads of those four key, world-wrecking Jews placed onto the original horsemen, and retitle it as noted above. (Idea: label each Jew by name).

17 January, 2020

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The first world rule for gentiles: “If we (Jews) like it, it’s allowed. If we don’t like it, it’s not allowed. No exceptions.” This refers to humans, too.

The second world rule for gentiles: “Anything connected — no matter how remotely — to Nazism is forbidden. No exceptions.”

(News quote: “Brazil’s culture minister fired after paraphrasing quote by Nazi propaganda chief Goebbels”).


17 January, 2020

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White man #1: “What did you say? They’re erasing my White culture?? I don’t care, as long as I can watch my favorite shows on cable TV!”

White man #2: “Hey, as long as I have my beer and my porno, why should I care if America is being flooded with illegal aliens??”

White man #3: “I get stoned and watch videos on the internet all day long. Nothing else matters!”

White woman #1: “I have plenty of credit cards and a new SUV! Who cares about anything else?”

This is one reason why America is in deep shit (and how “strange” that Jews are heavily involved in the porno, liquor, banking and TV/entertainment businesses. Must be just a Cohencidence!).

16 January, 2020

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(Above: Jewish communist Laurence “Laurie” Aarons, the National Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia).

Wait a second: “Criminals”?? Nahhh. Don’t they mean, uhhhm, “social reformers”? “Revolutionaries”? “Progressives”? Communism (“Russians” here) in Australia was heavily Jewish — big surprise, I know [1]. Lots of Jewish names in [Here, a .PDF file].


[1] key Jews in Australian communism included: Peter Simonoff/Simonov, Soviet representative in Australia (1918-1921); in October 1920 Simonoff/Simonov was a key figure in the formation of the Communist Party of Australia; also, Boris Taranov-Skvirsky, CPA co-founder Alfred Tennyson (Bob) Brodney, real name Brodzky; CPA co-founder Sam Wyner; and a whole Jewish group of communists: a Stalinist organization called The Gezerd, said by the Jews to be a “Social Democratic organization”); also Bernie Taft, the three Aarons brothers (Eric, Sam and Laurie [Laurence]), Bella Weiner, Charles Aizen, Saul Factor, Sam Goldbloom, Sam Cohen, Walter Lippmann (aka “The Jewish architect of Australian Multiculturalism”), Alick Mushin, Norman Rothfield, Isaac Gust, Amirah Inglis and Judah Waten

16 January, 2020

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News quote: “Virginia passes Equal Rights Amendment, becoming 38th state to approve landmark resolution”.

The Virginia state government is now 100% leftist top-to-bottom. That means anything can happen in Virginia now, no matter how crazy it might be! The Speaker of the Virginia House is a Jewish woman, Eileen Filler-Corn. And to think, Virginia was a Confederate state! Look for scary political things to happen in Virginia now.

For example: The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)? Why are we still talking about a failed, fraudulent constitutional amendment written by left-wing socialists (i.e., written by Paul and Crystal Eastman and Alice Paul) way back in 1923?

There’s no such thing as human equality. Is a 5’2″ Black woman with an IQ of 90 “equal” to a 6’4″ White man with an IQ of 140? No. Human equality is bullshit. Yet, the Left keeps hoping that humans can become equal if only America can pass enough laws or, in this case, enough constitutional amendments. It’s all Marxist baloney. Here’s the sad news: women already have so-called “equal rights.” It’s already illegal to “discriminate” against women in any way, shape or form, thanks to various federal laws and mandates, e.g., the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and especially the more-horrible-in-many-ways 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act. So why are they even bothering to talk about the now-dead “ERA”? Screw the ERA. Bury it already.

(Here’s a great quote from somebody: “Women think equality is a buffet. They pick and chose what they want and turn down the rest.” This is also known as: “having all of the equality, but none of the responsibility” [like going to war, or fighting off a burglar]).


15 January, 2020

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A good list of Jewish communists, with photos (but subtract two of the names: Nikolai Bukharin and Salvador Allende, who weren’t Jews). And to think, the Jews still claim that “communism wasn’t Jewish.” Really?? If, out of 100 top communists, 96 were Jews (not even including the king Jew, Karl Marx himself), what more evidence do you need? Notice I said “top” communists. And don’t forget Marxism’s better-looking sister, socialism. It was founded by Jews as well (i.e., Moses Hess, Ferdinand Lassalle and Eduard Bernstein). Have Jews ever paid for founding and guiding those horrible, anti-White movements? If they have paid, when and where did they pay? Considering that both communism and socialism have murdered roughly 100 million innocent people since 1917, have the Jews really paid for all those murders? What I mean is this: Even if Hitler “gassed” 6 million poor, sweet, innocent, angelic, wonderful, beautiful Hebes, what about the rest of them?