26 December, 2018

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“The Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act passed final votes last week in the Senate and the House of Representatives.”

Uhhh, let me get this straight: legislation designed to prevent genocide is named after the people who invented, and who advocate, genocide? Okay. Suuure. Riiiggghhtt.

25 December, 2018

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Some food for thought here. You can also use old refrigerators, freezers, etc. for gun safes. Further, I’ve seen people make hole-in-the-floor vaults out of concrete and rebar. The possibilities are endless. Think outside the box (pun intended).


25 December, 2018

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24 December, 2018

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VNN Forum member Ironguard1940 wrote: “If getting the wall built is the ONLY thing Trump did in his four years in office, he would be re-elected in a landslide.”

That’s exactly right. Donald Trump, are you listening to the citizens? It seems that you are listening to the citizens, kind of. But we citizens want full, 100% funding of the border wall, not just partial funding of it [1].

[1] according to this article, Trump can fund the border wall by using his executive privilege

24 December, 2018

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Great news: VNN Forum moderator Jimmy Marr has been released from the hospital after being attacked by leftists in Oregon. Welcome home, sir, and a Merry Yule to you.

[VNN Forum thread].

23 December, 2018

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Dropping a bowling ball from 165 meters up, down onto a trampoline. [Video].

23 December, 2018

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Gee, what’s the matter, France? Globalism and green Marxism ain’t working out for ya? Too bad. It’s your own fault. An “international” future for Europe, without any borders or any sovereignty, is doomed to fail sooner or later. (How can France, for example, sit on the UN Security Council when France doesn’t exist? In other words, if borders don’t exist, then countries don’t exist. If countries don’t exist, then they can’t belong to the UN Security Council, can they? They also can’t pay UN dues! Heh-heh-heh. They also can’t have standing armies. Or courts. Or police. Think about it. Globalism, however you look at it, is a stupid, doomed concept. It’s unnatural. It violates sovereignty. Look for another Third Reich to pop up somewhere in response to globalist ideologies [centered, maybe, in the Hungary/Poland/Romania area; wonder if Putin will support that new Reich?] and then the paranoid Jews will probably instigate WWIII in response).

[Article] and [Article].

22 December, 2018

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The female vote makes up 55% of the total American vote. In other words, it’s the biggest single voting bloc. That’s power. That’s why “conservative” politicians don’t want to address the abortion issue [1]. This is what happens when you give up your power, White men. You fools. (Abortion is directly related to female “careerism”; the two go hand-in-hand).


[1] the power of the female vote is also why Congress won’t overturn the horrible, unconstitutional 1996 Lautenberg domestic-violence gun control law

21 December, 2018

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Newbies, the more you study the Nuremberg show trials, the more Jewy they become. Here’s a quote mentioning F.D. Roosevelt’s powerful Jewish adviser, Samuel Rosenman, and his role in creating the Nuremberg show trials. The whole Nuremberg thing was one big bar-mitzvah from beginning to end. It was a Jewish construct of hate and revenge. The 13 “trials” conducted against the Germans from 1945 to 1949 weren’t trials at all, in the legal sense. They were clever dog-and-pony shows designed to make the Germans look evil and the “allies” look saintly (e.g., normal rules of trial evidence were thrown out at Nuremberg and hearsay evidence was allowed. That’s incredible).


“Recalled from his diplomatic mission in London to impose an American style war crimes policy by the unexpected death of President Roosevelt, Sam Rosenman continued refining blueprints for what became the Nuremberg Charter in a series of informal negotiations at the UN San Francisco Conference.” — page 434, near bottom, [Article]. (Newbies, imagine members of an illegal, criminal state [i.e., the Soviet Union] sitting in “legal” judgement of members of a legitimate, lawfully-created government/state [i.e., Germany]; Hitler was appointed legally, but Stalin wasn’t because the Soviet Union was created illegally).

21 December, 2018

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Alex, Monica and Jan on the radio, recorded Dec. 13th. [Webpage with audio; duration is 1 hour, 43 minutes].