6 March, 2019

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Childhood used to be a fun, idyllic, innocent time. But it isn’t anymore. Cultural Marxism and Judeo-leftism have ruined childhood forever. If you’re a kid today, the world must seem terrifying.

“Active-shooter” drills, “global warming/climate change” hysteria (e.g., “the earth will end in 12 years!”) and scary-looking “drag queens” giving “tolerance lessons” to kindergartners — all of this in the public schools: that’s child abuse. Yes. Scaring children daily is indeed child abuse [1]. And, the Left is creating an entire generation of defective adults by default. Look for depression, anxiety, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence and suicide rates to skyrocket in the next 20 years. Leftists are destroying America’s future and they should be arrested on child-abuse charges.

[1] for example, Texas has a law prohibiting any adult from causing “mental or emotional injury to a child.” So when will leftists in Texas schools be arrested? Anytime soon?

4 March, 2019

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(Above: “Sandy” Berger)

Who made China (a communist country, remember?) into a global powerhouse that can threaten America both financially and militarily? Surprise! Jews in president Bill Clinton’s administration played a huge role in doing that [1]. Almost every person involved in the administration’s “let’s grow China like a weed” strategy was Jewish, especially Clinton’s national security advisor Samuel “Sandy” Berger, a former lobbyist for China and a guy who was caught stuffing classified documents into his socks (that must be a “Jewish thing”). Here’s one news quote about Berger: “He drew on his experience on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress to allow China into the World Trade Organization, part of a big gamble by the Clinton administration” — from an AP article. Here’s another news quote about Berger: “In the way of background, according to the New York Times, Berger served as ‘the point man for the (Clinton) White House’s China policy.'” Allowing China into the World Trade Organization was critical to the outsourcing of many millions of American jobs to China. A “deal” (law) that Bill Clinton signed said that, if China joined the WTO, then permanent Most Favored Nation trade status for China would follow (despite the fact that China has murdered and oppressed millions of its citizens). It did. That, in turn, led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs to China, because greedy U.S. manufacturers were emboldened by China’s new, permanent MFN trade status, which previously had to be renewed yearly. Mind you, this post doesn’t address many other serious issues with the Clinton administration vis-a-vis China. Do web searches for “Clinton + China + supercomputer technology.” You will be shocked and angry.


[1] Bill Clinton’s administration contained a surprisingly large number of Jews — probably the most Jews of any presidential administration in U.S. history; see “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court”

3 March, 2019

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RAMZPAUL wrote: “Mainstream Conservatives focusing on evil ‘socialism’ is a cope. If our people are replaced, the economic system won’t really matter.”

Point taken. But America is already 75% socialist, thanks to welfare, heavy taxation, federal civil-rights laws (e.g., the Fair Housing Act), ridiculous mandates on private employers, etc. The “conservatives” couldn’t even repeal Obamacare when the Repubs controlled Congress! (although they did weaken it). All that remains for America to turn completely socialist is for healthcare to be totally government-controlled, which will happen when leftists and Brown people control Congress in 10 to 12 years.

2 March, 2019

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Jewish history is a giant web of lies spun by “court historians” who are friendly with (or, more often, afraid of) Big Jew. Nonetheless, careful studies will reveal the awful truth of Jewish involvement in radical political movements [1][2].[Article].

[1] e.g., see these photocopies of a May 1907 article in National Geographic magazine titled “The Revolution in Russia”; this refers to the 1905-1907 revolution, which was a prototype for the 1917 revolution; these pages are under the subheading “The Vengeance of the Jews” on pages 313 and 314; in those pages, the writer, William Eleroy Curtis, mentions that Jews led the “revolutionary” (i.e., communist) movement in Russia:

[2] http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/2018/07/more-about-communism-the-roots-of-it/

28 February, 2019

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Well, it’s a start, at least (and a rather novel use of the Jew-created Civil Rights Act of 1964. Whites can use it, too!). Cultural Marxism should be banned by federal law. So why isn’t it? By its very nature, CM is toxic and it destroys Western culture, the bedrock of America. [Article].

27 February, 2019

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(Food for thought: this “interdependence” that Pierce talks about could be called “geographical Marxism.” Meaning: using “free trade” to make all countries dependent on, and therefore equal to, each other, politically, economically, militarily, etc. This is a twist on regular Marxism, since it does not seek to overthrow governments, but instead seeks to work with existing governments of various political persuasions).

by Dr. William Pierce.


“We are now, however, seeing one of the pitfalls I warned against back during the debate over “free trade.” We are seeing what “interdependence” really means. “Interdependence” is one of those very trendy concepts which is fashionable among air-headed liberals and also is being pushed very enthusiastically by hardheaded Jewish media bosses. The idea is that no country — with the exception of Israel, of course — should be independent and autonomous. Autonomy has been given a nasty flavor by these people. To them it is a Politically Incorrect concept. It is a bit like fascism or racism, they would have us believe. What we should have instead of independence and autonomy is interdependence: that is, all of the countries of the world dependent on each other to such a degree that no country can act unilaterally on any matter, but must first obtain the consent of all of the other countries on which it is dependent: like a big “family of nations,” a very fashionable idea in this feminine era, a very warm and fuzzy sounding idea, the sort of idea in favor with the Clinton crowd and with air-heads generally.”


26 February, 2019

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“Hate speech” laws are unconstitutional. America’s founders would not have tolerated any type of “hate speech” laws. Neither did New Jersey in 1947 (back when NJ was White):

The New Jersey Constitution of 1947, Article I, paragraph 6:

“Every person may freely speak, write and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right. No law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press.” (“No law” means “no law.” As in, zero laws. Zero. None. Like, as in, none. Not one).

But yet, despite that, we hear this from town leaders in New Jersey today:

“The Bloomfield Police Department is actively investigating this (White nationalist flyers) incident, and takes all forms of hate speech and hate crimes extremely seriously.” [Article].

26 February, 2019

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Custom knifemaking (as opposed to factory-made knives), which began to rise in popularity in the 1980s. It is almost exclusively a White/male art form. Some custom knives are “user” knives, while others are artsy wall-hangers/display queens.

Some examples of custom knives:







[Video about custom knifemaking, duration is 1 hour].

25 February, 2019

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Reminder to newbies: Cultural Marxism (CM) is much more dangerous than regular Marxism. It covers more social and political territory because anybody can practice it (even cops, priests and bishops! Your grandmother may be pushing CM! Yeah!), and it seems less totalitarian and more gentle than regular Marxism. CM is a mixture of Marxism and Freudianism; CM must be fought by all means available, using federal government resources whenever possible [1].


[1] consider the case of America: we fought Marxism in Korea and Vietnam with Army soldiers toting machine guns; yet, we allow Cultural Marxism to thrive in America, completely unchecked. Why?

24 February, 2019

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Yeah, then I can adopt a cool name like “Gonzales-Rodriguez-Hernandez-Gonzales-Garcia-Rodriguez.” Anyway, you’ve heard of Charles Dickens’ “The Artful Dodger”? Well, she’s “the Artful Lodger.” Get it? [Article].