22 June, 2019

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Newbies, here are several important points about this article:

1. Jews are not genetically White, and they have a peculiar worldview that is not compatible with White Western culture [1]. There’s a reason for VNN’s slogan “No Jews, Just Right.” That means, among other things: White people should not allow Jews into their political/racial organizations.

2. Only Whites can lead nationalist movements in the Western world. Western culture is White and only White.

3. The greatest enemy that White people have — both then and now – are the Jews. Blacks are trouble, yes, but they have no power. Jews have incredible power.

Remember those things above and maybe, just maybe, Whites will have a chance at saving the Western world from extinction by 2050.

(Note: Hazony and Brog are both Jewish)[Article].

[1] “White” means “White European” (e.g., British, German, Swedish) and Jews aren’t

22 June, 2019

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Feminist #1: “First, a Supreme Court justice hints at the coming end of abortion, and then, Missouri virtually ends abortion! [1][2]. My God! Women might actually have to…use their wombs!”

Feminist #2: “What’s a womb?”

Feminist #3: “Can you believe it??? Women might have to stay at home and…raise kids!”

Feminist #4: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!”


[1] the Black justice Clarence Thomas said recently that 1973’s Roe v. Wade ruling is among the Supreme Court’s “notoriously incorrect decisions”

[2] Missouri and abortion: [Here]

21 June, 2019

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(Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, silence, please. The great magician, The Jewish Culture-Master, will now perform amazing feats of illusion to entertain you and destroy your nation!”)

The Jewish Culture-Master: “Pay close attention. I will now perform an amazing cultural feat! I wave my magic wand and…(*poof*) race is important. I wave the wand again and…(*poof*) race isn’t important. Again, (*poof*) race is important. Then, (*poof*) race isn’t important. Back and forth it goes (*poof*), back and forth it goes (*poof*). Each time, a different reality for race, altering from one day to the next! Only I am capable of this! No one else on earth can do it!”


21 June, 2019

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“America should abandon its Western heritage and become a multicultural democracy of equality, a place where negroes, Mexicans, Jews, Chinese, Pakistanis, women and homosexuals run the government!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Allowing negroes to vote will make America better!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s allow Marxist and socialist Jews from Europe into America — that will make our country better!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s allow millions of Mexican immigrants into America!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s allow emotional, micro-thinking women to vote and thereby help us decide the future of our republic!” [1]. Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s allow women to become police officers, firefighters and soldiers — they’re just as physically able as men are.” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Homosexual people are exactly the same as heterosexual people, except that they prefer same-sex romance!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s pretend that men can become women, and vice-versa.” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“America fighting endless wars all over the world? What a great idea!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“America should support and protect Israel at all costs, even though it endangers us, causes us endless political problems, and alienates the rest of the world.” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“America will be better and stronger if it accepts more Black immigrants, more Brown immigrants, more Asian immigrants, and more Middle Eastern immigrants!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“America should allow Jews to control the media, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street investment banks and U.S. foreign policy.” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s allow ‘big business’ to have unlimited power and influence over Congress.” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

“Let’s fill up the U.S. Supreme Court with Jewish, Black, Puerto Rican and liberal judges. That will help the court make good legal decisions!” Said No Normal, American Citizen, Ever.

[1] as opposed to macro-thinking men

20 June, 2019

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(Trivia: guess what a lawyer said to me one day? He said, “I hate lawyers.” True story. America is in trouble when even lawyers hate lawyers. Of course, let’s get to the nugget of the problem: to quote a Jewish author, “law is the house specialty” of the Jews [1]).

by Dr. William Pierce.


“I also know that the legal profession as a whole has become so corrupt that it is a threat to our race and our civilization. The judicial system in America has become one of the most destructive weapons in the hands of our enemies. And it didn’t begin with the O.J. Simpson trial. Two hundred seventy-three years ago the English writer Jonathan Swift described lawyers as — quote — “men bred up from their youth in the art of proving, by words multiplied for the purpose, that white is black and black is white, according as they are paid.”


[1] “Law is something of a Jewish calling, in a sense, the house specialty.” —- from the book “Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality” (New Haven/New York; Ticknor and Fields, 1982) by Jewish author Gerald Krefetz (1932-2006)

19 June, 2019

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Here are the two future options for America regarding its Black population:

Option 1: The U.S. government continues to tolerate thousands of murders, shootings, stabbings, rapes, armed robberies, assaults, burglaries and thefts per year as committed by Black people (who, for whatever reason, are especially crime-prone). Plus, the U.S. government (i.e., White taxpayers) continues to spend billions of dollars per year on welfare payments and other social expenses for Blacks — in other words, the U.S. government continues on America’s current, ridiculous, dangerous course regarding Black people.

Option 2: The U.S. government braves accusations (mostly from leftists and Jews) of “racism” and “cruelty” by expelling the Black people from America using several different methods over a 20-year period, e.g., revocations of citizenship, deportations, incentives for self-deportation, etc. This option can be summed up as: “Black integration didn’t work out, so let’s try something else.” (Even president Abe Lincoln considered this option).

It’s easy to guess the outcome of a vote on the two options: America’s 1000 smartest citizens would overwhelmingly choose Option 2 if given the choice and if they were allowed to vote on it anonymously and didn’t face repercussions from it. Smart people know that Blacks are a very heavy and very unnecessary burden to America (fifty percent [50%] of the people in jail or prison are Black, despite Blacks comprising only 13% of the U.S. population. The rest of the Blacks have much lower IQs and much lower impulse control [1]. The Black race is basically a substandard race).


[1] the average Black IQ is roughly 15 points (i.e., one standard deviation) below the average White IQ. Average Black IQ is 85-87. Average White IQ is 102

18 June, 2019

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I’ve heard the cheap excuse many times: “But-but-but, he works in a job where the public must fully trust him; if he’s a racist, how can the public trust him?” But low-IQ negroes and angry Muslim immigrants also work in such jobs. Can you trust them? Whether this White guy is a jailer or not makes no difference. He has constitutional rights just like everyone else [1]. If he were a Marxist — and Marxism is a creed of hate! — no one would say a word about it. [Article].

[1] The U.S. Supreme Court has already addressed this matter: “Legally, the freedom of association is considered to be a fundamental right protected by the Constitution. In the Supreme Court case of N.A.A.C.P. v. Alabama (1958), a unanimous Court ruled that the NAACP did not have to reveal to the Alabama attorney general the names and addresses of the NAACP members in the state because it would violate the NAACP members’ freedom of association” [Here]

17 June, 2019

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For some reason, the negro pilots of Kenya Airways failed to get clearance from the air-traffic control tower before take-off, and, they failed to notice that the plane was banking severely. The plane crashed after take-off. Duh. Next time, hire real pilots. [Short Video].

Trivia about Brown-operated airlines:

1. For safety reasons, airplanes from four countries are banned from entering U.S. airspace, and all of those countries are non-White: Ghana, Bangladesh, Thailand and Curacao. In 2006 and 2007, airplanes from Indonesia were banned from U.S. airspace.

2. Airplanes from Africa are six times more likely to crash than airplanes from White countries — maybe you should rethink that vacation to the Congo.(Questions: how many U.S. pilots are Black or Brown? Do U.S. airlines hire via Affirmative Action?)

16 June, 2019

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(A parody, of sorts, of a scene in the 1978 comedy movie “Animal House” starring John Belushi):

A man who looks like John Belushi: “Okay, I’m asking good people to join me in wiping out slavery in Africa once and for all! It still exists there today! We can’t allow that! I’m asking you people at the UN, at NATO, and you California liberals and you Bilderbergers, to join me in my anti-slavery effort! So, let’s all go to Africa and wipe out slavery! Let’s…gooooooooooo!!!!! (He runs out the door quickly. But no one follows him). (He returns to the door) “You hear me??? I said, let’s gooooooooooooo!” (He runs out the door quickly, again. But again, no one follows him).

(He returns to the door, winded). “One more time: I said, let’s goooooooooooooo!” (He runs out the door again. Still, no one follows him).

(He slowly returns to the door, dejected). “Okay, I think I understand now. ‘Moaning about slavery’ isn’t about ending slavery or even caring about slavery. It’s about sticking it to Whitey, yet again, by billing him for slavery reparations!”

16 June, 2019

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Here’s one big reason: liberalism. For example, parents don’t properly discipline their kids anymore. They don’t spank their kids when they misbehave. So the kids grow up to be defective people; some become really defective people. In the case below, a German airline pilot committed both suicide and mass murder in 2015 by deliberately crashing a commercial airplane into a mountain in France with 150 people aboard it. If he was feeling so bad, why didn’t he simply kill himself instead? What an asshole. It didn’t help that the murderous pilot was being treated for depression with powerful anti-depressant drugs, which often worsen mental problems. And, thanks to liberal liability laws, German doctors were reluctant to inform the airline that the pilot was mentally ill; they feared possible prosecution for breaking liberal confidentiality laws. [Video of plane crash, animated, duration is 14 minutes].