9 April, 2006

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File this under: How jews do it.

I find it astonishing that jews can find a way to worm into the power structure even when they have no obvious access to their traditional means of manipulation.

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9 April, 2006

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Saturday, 8 April 2006, was the debut of the Savitri Devi Archive (www.savitridevi.org), an online repository for writings and documents related to the philosopher and religious thinker Savitri Devi, born Maximine Portaz (1905-1982). The Archive will eventually make all of Savitri Devi’s writings available. In addition, the Archive contains information and documents on Savitri Devi’s life, as well as works of secondary and collateral literature that illuminate her life and work. The Archive hopes to collect and preserve for posterity fast-disappearing documentation of Savitri Devi’s life, thought, and influence. Our success depends on those who hold such documentation hearing about the Archive. Please disseminate this announcement as widely as possible.

R.G. Fowler,


9 April, 2006

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[He was just trying to raise consciousness. That’s the real story here.]

Evil White Men in Sheets

The mother told News Channel 8 her son was while walking home on 4th Street when he was picked up by several white males dressed in white robes and masks, and taken to Linette Park where his face was sprayed with a flammable liquid and the males ignited it.

Evil racism at Duke, and now this?!!! As a white man I feel ashamed to show my face in public! How much can I contribute to the NAACP? Would they even take money from a white man? It’s tax deductable, isn’t it?


Boy falsely reports racist attack in Ansonia (CT)

(Ansonia-WTNH, Apr. 8, 2006 11:20 PM) _ An Ansonia 12-year-old is in some trouble tonight after he claims he was abducted and assaulted by White men in robes.

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9 April, 2006

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[List of salivating headlines, followed by link to info about the apparent accuser.]


Look at this list of actual Headlines and see how bad the media wanted it to be true.

The Devils at Duke
White boys Wilding
Racism, Sexism, and priviledge play roles in scandal at Duke
Black Students rally around Duke Rape victim
NC Central Chancellor: The alleged victim has our support
Duke lacrosse team out of control
Duke lacrosse allegations fit mold
Committee to probe Duke Lacrosse culture
Duke Season cancelled due to bad behavior
Duke Team incident merits punishment
Duke Lacrosse case somehow gets uglier
Duke Lacrosse team had a reputation for swagger
Threats made against Duke Lacrosse team
Duke’s lacrosse team incident has hate crime written all over it.
Duke Lacrosse team in trouble before
Duke games called off amid team sex scandal
Duke Lacrosse Rape claim spurs outrage
Duke Larcosse Rape scandal; accused players revealed in victim’s statement
Duke Lacrosse Players may be charged for failing to stop Gang-Rape
Grusome Duke Lacrosse Details
Duke Lacrosse behavior unacceptable
Advantages of the privileged Lacrosse sect
Truth is worse than fiction: Duke Lacrosse
Player threatens Strippers in E-mail
The Devils came out in Durham
Duke Team exposed
Male violence against Women at Duke
Sounds like Hate
Duke players afflicted by sense of entitlement
A call for outrage
Fraternity of Silence
Hundreds join rally for victim
Professor wants team to be disbanded
Knowing White from Wrong
Code of Silence harms integrity
Another Reason to Hate Duke
To Hate like this
Take back the Night against Sexual Assualt at Duke
3 miles and a World away, a vigil for the accuser
Sex crimes awareness vigil at Duke
NCCU students march against assualt at Duke
Day 3 of Protests at Duke
Crowd gathers to protest Lacrosse team
Speak out against team scandal
Search warrant reveals plans for another team party
NAACP weighs in on rape case
DA confident Gang Rape occured
Dancer tells of Duke Rape
Victim reveals details of ordeal
Duke should do the Honorable thing
NAACP meets with DA in Duke Lacrosse case
DA stands behind rape charge
DA: Rape may have a racial angle
A pained community gives love and support to victim
Duke saga shows athletes can’t be allowed to think they are above the law


Freepers believe they have uncovered the rape accuser’s identity: Crystal G. Mangum (d.o.b.: 07/16/1978, female, black). The criminal report certainly echoes the crimes of car theft, etc. ….  race, and age, etc.

Additionally, it’s clear to defendant’s attorneys that the caller of the initial 911 call was the other stripper/escort/prostitute, “Kim”. That, despite media disavowals to the contrary. They asked her a couple of questions which match the voice in the first 911 call.

Additionally, it has been reported on Fox (tonight @ 8 p.m.) by an anonymous caller named “Mary” that the DNA tests have come back negative. That, she asserts, may be rumor but it’s what has been told to her. Now Fox commentators are beginning to ask the relevant questions but are still pretending her past criminal record is ancient history and that people are forgiving.

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8 April, 2006

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From a National Alliance broadcast,

There is nothing to be gained by having any Mexicans in our country. The millions of jobs that they have taken from White workers is a crime in itself.

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8 April, 2006

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The double standard is laughably employed here by Suckpoop Joe, shabbos goy nonpareil, appeaser of Ashkenazis without equal, in his lead in to a story about kaffir patrol in Russia.

Jews are great fans of assassination – when it comes to critics of  Israel or opponents of loxist tyranny. When it comes to jews as targets, eh…not so much, as their wit Stewart hams it.. Neocons are particularly enthusiastic about murder because it is inconceivable to them that their side might be the victims rather than the perpetrators. They appear to believe their decades of lies have done the job in exterminating white racial consciousness, and that no organized, determined body of men can rise against them in the way that Muslims do.

They appear to believe that Whites, unlike Muslims, will simply sit back and accept their shuttering the First Amendment, snuffing the Second Amendment, completing the melding of our nation with Mexico. In short, they think their Aryan slaves are tight in the harness.

Jews believe they can do whatever they like to Whites and suffer no consequences.

What do you think White man?

The jews and patriotards laugh and circulate jokes when the heroes of Israel blow up a withered “terrorist” in a wheelchair. Perhaps they do not see that someone could show up at Charles Krauthammer’s house to debate foreign policy with the wheelchair-bound warmonger just as easily. Someone like a friend or relative or avenger of the poor fellow below.

Resistance to tyranny is not just a right, it’s a duty, as both Hitler and Jefferson agreed. If Krauthammer and his fellow jews aren’t tyrants, then words have no meaning.

8 April, 2006

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8 April, 2006

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8 April, 2006

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[You can pluck the coon from Haiti, dip it in lice-killer, send it to a fine hyooman institution, elect it to the poobahcy first ballot, pay for its eatings and snoozings, its bookings and crewzings, but in the end the organ grinds for you white man, for you are the monkey who could be a man. The coon has no choice.]baptiste.jpg

Duke students arrested in assault

Alleged victim attends NCCU
By Tania Kelly
Echo Staff Writer

DSG President Joshua Jean-Baptiste
Duke Student President Joshua Jean-Baptiste was charged with assault

Early Sunday morning, Rashan Crumpton, an NCCU junior, escorted his girlfriend, Duke junior Crystal Russell, to her dorm when they ran into three Duke students.

Senior and Duke Student Government President Joshua Jean-Baptiste, junior Michael Mitchell, and senior John C. Njoku were allegedly waiting for Crumpton after a step show/after party in The Great Hall on Duke’s West Campus.

At the party, Crumpton and Mitchell had been involved in a pushing and shoving match. Crumpton was escorted out of the party and decided to drive his girlfriend back to her dorm.


8 April, 2006

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VIDEO: Bush Waves The Mexican Flag

Alex — this man is a traitor! He should be swinging from a lamp post with a noose around his neck. Christ, this makes me sick! Anyhow, feel free to post this story on your blog and spread the word. The link is given below. Incidentally, it is from a leftist web-site that will become evident when you read the highlighted caption below. Please take care and accept my very best wishes with success on your current and future endeavors. PS: FUCK THE GODDAMN KIKES! – CJM

bush flag

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets all across the nation to protest right-wing immigration proposals. As Media Matters has documented, the fact that some demonstrators carry the Mexican flag has elicited the ire of conservative pundits. For example, Robert Novak has said:

I am no hard-liner on immigration who wants to expel 11 million illegal immigrants, but flags are a symbol of national identity. The student brandishing the Mexican flag signals divided loyalty or perhaps loyalty to a foreign power.

But President Bush himself has publicly brandished the Mexican flag. ThinkProgress has obtained a copy of a five-minute ad that the 2004 Bush campaign distributed to Hispanic supporters. In the ad, Bush can be seen waving a Mexican flag while embracing a young girl.

What Novak and others fail to understand is that carrying the flag is not a sign of divided loyalty but a demonstration of an American value — understanding and appreciating immigrant culture.(Unfuck’nbelievable!)