13 February, 2007

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Tory men and liberal principles, as they said in the old days. So it is with modern cuntry. Same old Jew York Agenda, sluice it e’er so mellifluous from the lips of the uncouthest jerkwatery pluckerin’ hick. Ah, who’re we kidding? We’re all actors nowadays. Empty heads, but damn they look good. We say all the right things, on cue, perfectly. Player people, we’re. AmeriKwanus Sovieticus, to be linnaetically correct.

Montgomery Gentry is not a toothpaste but a pair of faux Southron good ol’ boys who jimmy jam and crock out like nobody’s big business. And you know what? These boys ain’t afraid to take a stand, all Rebel-like. Well, sort of. These neo-rebels are against paleo-rebels. Against their own kith and kind. Just ask them. They’ll sing you their answer.

His old man was a rebel yeller,
Bad boy to the bone, he’d say,
Can’t trust a color’d feller
He’d judge em by the tone of their skin,

He was raised to think like his dad,
Narrow mind and full of hate,
On the road to nowhere fast,
Till the grace of God got in the way,

Then he saw the light,
and hit his knees and cried and said a prayer,
Rose up a brand new man, left the old one right there

Ain’t that purty? Naw. It doth stinketh of taint. Maybe that old rebel yeller hoped his son would grow up to be a man. Maybe he’d seen more than one Channon Christian in his day. Do you know what happened to her and her date? Not if you watch Kinky Kikeman’s Globorap. If he hoped for something other than semitically correct cowards in his sons, that poor old rebel yeller was disappointed.

“Some people change” has got to be the most puke-inducing rerecorded song in recent history. You know what doesn’t change? The jewish mass media’s need for Aryan sellouts to put a White head on a black sepulcher.

13 February, 2007

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Isn’t he the cutest little neo-Namian you ever did see?

Don’t you want to take him home and feed him butter?

For every zig in “our” foreign policy, a failed alt-rocker is detailed by Cuntry Command Central to pen a zig in our popgeist. Latest on cunt-front is whining about Iraq’s underappreciation of our American-delivered liberation. Those dirty Iraqis just don’t care anymore, whinges Whoreley. Maybe they’re too busy burying their dead family, Douchebag Darryl, you self-involved Patrio-putz. He just came back from a war, you see. AmeriKwans are not to be judged by any objective standard; they’re AmeriKwans – whatever they do is good, helpful, liberating, and desired by all those who know what’s good for them. And the rest are terrorists. Does this make sense? Not to me, but I’m a member of that rarest group, the Adult-American.

Read these lyrics:

I said, “I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for;
A land where our brothers are dying for others who don’t even care any more.

Now do you understand what I say when I talk about how Americans have come to think like jews? This lyric is about as clear a representation of the I-can-do-no-wrong mentality as you’ll find. Two million Iraqis dead, what’s that against vets with hurt feelings?

Cuntry war profiteer Worley is perhaps fourth only to Israel, Halliburton, and Toby Keith, as beneficiary of our ongoing disaster in Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran? A few years after 9/11, he came out with “Have you forgotten?“, no dry hole, to be sure.

13 February, 2007

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Here a chronic not-getter attempts to shame the NAACP. Great strategy, bozotarian. Yeah, that’ll work. Niggers can’t remember what they did, let alone why. You’re not going to guilt them like white suckers. The nig in the case you cite was defended by the NAACP not because he was innocent but because he was black. Which is the same reason the NAACP goes after the innocent Whites. Itz GOOD FOR BLACKS. It is a white principle that the innocent should go unjailed, not a nigger principle. Niggers don’t have principles, they have kinky hair. The nog you cite’s innocence was just a good way to defend him, as white suckers seem to care about that stuff. But the minute nigs have power, then any stick is good for beating whitey, whether he’s guilty or innocent. Appealing to the rationality of the nigger makes sense to christians and libertarians, but humans reject this course as a childish approach, to be put away in favor of fresh mountain REALITY.
11 February, 2007

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Show Concluded.

6 PM EST: Music – Blues without Niggers
7 PM EST: The talk begins.

We have a special guest on Monday’s VNN FTL: Bill White with ANSWP.

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11 February, 2007

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Neo-HIV is here, and it’s not taking any prisoners. Two months from blow to go. Be warned, gluticians, eminent and mothballed. [H]ealth officials in New York [are] try[ing] to locate as many as 100 sexual partners of a man in his mid-40s, who was the first person found with what may be a new type of HIV. Oh whee, a brand new Gaetan Dugas. You never heard of ol’ Gaetan? He was a homo steward /homo who had a gay old time spreading AIDS through North America. The faggots at Twinkipedia use this classic line: Dugas was a prominent figure in the early development of AIDS research. Guy spreads AIDS to hundreds and they call him a “prominent figure in the early development of AIDS research.” He gave his bunghole, that others might live. What a hero. I mean, WTF? I guess in a world where good guys like those who bring you Free Talk Live and Goyfire are called “haters,” that makes sense. You see, in the wacky Wiki world the guy spreading the disease is actually an important researcher. In the wacky world o’ Wicki, there are death-spreading queers and there are homophobes. Which camp are you in? Here on brothers on the down low.

11 February, 2007

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Where the Rockets Come DownThe lesson of Wernher von Braunby Chet Raymo

In July 1943, rocket scientist Wernher von Braun traveled to Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters in East Prussia to brief his Fuhrer on the A4 Wunderwaffe, or wonder weapon.

Von Braun launched into his spiel: “The bird will carry a ton of amatol in her nose, but will hit the ground at a speed of over 1,000 meters per second, and the shattering force of the impact will multiply the destructive effect of the warhead.”

Hitler interrupted: “I don’t accept that thesis. It seems to me that the sole consequence of that high impact velocity is that … the warhead will bury itself in the ground, and the explosive force will merely throw up a lot of dirt.”

Von Braun returned to the rocket research facility at Peenemunde and ordered a study of the problem. He later recalled: “I’ll be damn if he wasn’t absolutely right. Hitler may have been a bad man, but he surely was not stupid.”


10 February, 2007

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by Max Hadden

Griffin on Tyranny in America

Staunch anti-Communist G. Edward (Ed) Griffin describes in this clip from 1968 how tyranny comes in many forms and is imposed by Jewish Marxists and Communists via smear tactics and economic pressures for those who don’t toe the party line (political correctness) just as surely as if guns were pointed at them.

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9 February, 2007

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Show Concluded.

Join Dietrich tonight .

7 PM EST: Music and selected audio cuts.
9 PM EST: The talk begins.

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8 February, 2007

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28 JAN 07. Dear [ ]: […] I was surprised to see all the Polish job applicants in Limerick. If I were an Irishman, I might think I’d come to Poland by mistake. Then to find a Black presiding over my local post office would tend to make me wonder what brand of whisky I was drinking which was giving me such hallucinations. As I wrote to X, the USA’s present is Ireland’s future, & Ireland is changing for the worse quite rapidly. I’m sorry to learn of some snivel servant denying your female friend a visa. What is going on when it appears that any nig-nog & golliwog can come to Ireland, but a pretty Russian girl cannot? Maybe she should have daubed her face with Kiwi shoe polish of the ‘politically correct’ shade of darkness, before applying for her visa. The drug culture you describe is the bane of political activism. The jew, “Lenin,” called religion “the opiate of the masses,” but today, opiates are the religion of the masses. One observer of the Hippie Era noted that the drugs seemed to neutralize the political radicals of the time. Not only wree the drugs potent time-wasters, but they came in the touted guise of an “alternative culture/society.” Thus, one could choose from politics, drugs &/or drug-induced religious experiences, as if they were all on par as being important for human progress.

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7 February, 2007

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ftl_02_05_07_p1.mp3 : News Roundup
ftl_02_05_07_p2.mp3 : Alex Linder, WM4WL
ftl_02_05_07_p3.mp3 : Special Guest Robert Wewelsburg
ftl_02_05_07_p4.mp3 : Special Guest Robert Wewelsburg

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