2 September, 2006

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[Up until about a decade ago, it was unheard of to name girls “Alex.” But of course it is in keeping with Semitical Correctness to make every name epicene. Congratulations to Linder, who is certainly an attractive young woman.]

Not just a pretty face
By Jennifer Mann
Thursday, August 24, 2006 – Updated: 12:47 PM EST

It was classic Cinderella with a contemporary twist.

Arlington’s Alex Linder didn’t quite fit the mold as she took her first stab at a beauty pageant, arriving at the Burlington Marriott with a $100 dress, a cream-colored conservative number from Lord & Taylor with spaghetti straps and clean lines across the chest and hem.

The other girls’ dresses featured “plunging necklines and huge slits,” she recalled, juxtaposed with her own, untrained approach: “I went really simple through the whole thing.”

Linder’s mother, Jocelyn Siccone, watched girls trailed by personal hairdressers as they paced the halls of the hotel, calculating what it would take to become the next National American Miss. These were prima donnas who had been groomed for pageantry – this being just another platform to prove they’ve got “it.”


2 September, 2006

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[Reader writes:]

I would have never thought George Carlin had this much sense!(adult content)


2 September, 2006

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[Includes follow-up, Just say “Yes” to Liberals. [Downloadable audio file of The Axis of Hubris.]]

by Edgar J. Steele

September 1, 2006

“It turns out that we were misled into the war, and not only that, but that, since then, the war has been badly bungled because of hubris, unwillingness to admit mistakes. And we find ourselves in a situation where many, many smart people believe that our very presence there makes things worse… I think it’s very hard to trust this administration in anything they say about the war.”
— Al Franken, speaking on Scarborough Country (12/7/05) (Why do I have to resort to a quote from the otherwise execrable Al Franken? Because no conservative will say this sort of thing, that’s why. It’s enough to make me think I might be a closet liberal. -es)

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2 September, 2006

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“It’s not surprising that the Anglo Saxons have developed the credit/debt system of banking. They’ve always been this way. In history, the Anglo Saxons are the chief plunderers of the world.

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1 September, 2006

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Regarding Pluto debate, Joe Sobran complains about Copernicus-biased media and schools. Very anti-Christian of them, not to accept the Bible view that the sun revolves around the earth.

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1 September, 2006

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Saw this on Fox News for Children and Jackalopes a couple days ago – Bill O’reilly interviewing Kirk Cameron.

Cameron, as you may or may not know, was in a popular sitcom in the eighties. Shortly thereafter, he came down with the Jeboo, a big, bad case. He promptly peckered into parasimilitudinous existence six (6) presumably white kids! Way to go, Kirk! He appeared quite happy with his decision, and only partly in that eccentric, floaty way that Christians are happy.

Anyway, I was flipping by, not watching this. But God decided to gift me a Moment I Could Use. Even though I don’t pray to him. Kirk, who is known these days for his role in the “Left Behind” movie series based on the million-selling books, said to Bill that a Hollywood acquaintance said to him, shortly after his conversion, “Boy, you sure picked the wrong religion for this town!”

Somewhere shy of a nano-second later, O’Reilly responded, “He was joking.”

Cameron started to laugh – then realizing Bill hadn’t said quite what he thought, but trying to be diplomatic, said, Well yes, and no.

But of course the guy wasn’t joking at all. And Bill O’Reilly knows he wasn’t joking. But Bill O’Reilly is a cunt. A jew-fearing, ZOG-shillin’ caesarstein-salad-tossing 666-carat male cunt.

And that is the moral of this tiny tale.

31 August, 2006

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Mom Accused of Helping Sons Make Their Mark — on Buildings

Police say an Echo Park woman drove five teenagers around so they could spray graffiti. About 100 sites were hit, authorities contend.

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30 August, 2006

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By Andrei Kievsky

I see that many New Hampshire politicians have bowed out of this event, after our little gathering was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith as a quote unquote “extremist event.”

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30 August, 2006

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Like, for example, the people of Massachusetts in general, and Boston in particular, who have turned their state into one composed almost entirely of government employees and government spending, who send the same kind of idiotic ethic to Congress in the forms of the repellent Ted Kennedy and the equally loathsome John Kerry.

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30 August, 2006

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Organizing a lobby (CAIR) to contest the jews? If its effective, it’s anti-semitic. If they can frame you out of the game, you can’t win. Being called “anti-semitic” is a sign that you just might be headed in the right direction.

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