10 January, 2007

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[It is absolutely jaw-droppingly astonishing and horrifying that Stormfront refuses to disassociate itself from admitted pedophile Kevin Strom. VNN cannot recommend too strongly that any honest, sexually normal White Nationalists still remaining withdraw from Stormfront and pedophile Kevin Strom’s group National Vanguard in haste. These sickos and sicko-defenders are going down, and they are going to take many with them. Get out now.]

Stormfront Will Eat Itself
The Failure Of Philo-Stromatics

1/10/2007 6:53:40 PM
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Bill White

Commentary — I’ve been watching the developments in the National Vanguard – child molestation ring case very closely, and I’ve seen a lot the past few days that very sincerely disgusts me — and for good reason. There are a lot of pedophiles in the Stormfront / National Vanguard camp whom the FBI has not yet put into prison, and they are all making a last minute push to try to win white nationalism over to Kevin Strom’s defense. They are arguing with the passion, intensity, and irrationality of men about to be executed — and I think, at least in a sense, many of them are.

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10 January, 2007

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Hysterical jew insists that Carter is bought. Of course, when Carter and we point to the purchasers of Congress, we’re anti-semites. Having everything both ways is pretty much the essence of judaism, a religio-racial scam.

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10 January, 2007

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– E. Michael jones on jew Krauthammer and disproportionate war. Good stuff, despite EMJ’s biology denial.

– “Africa Addio” – Africans aren’t human

– morgue video of hussein

– simian performing for our amusement: descrip: [Reader:]
Talk about TNB, this video is priceless. It’s about a simian who was trying to steal metal off a house to sell it for scrap. There’s a lot of that going on in Toledo now. This rocket scientist actually knocked out the metal support holding up the porch roof while he was standing under it. The whole damn thing fell and crushed him. You can hear his family whining that THE HOUSE shouldn’t have been there in the first place. It’s the city’s fault. I smell a lawsuit.

– on Pierce (Don’t worry, the pedoStrom/pedo narrative lasts only about a minute)
– another video by same guy

– the neocon agenda

– real facts about Saddam’s supposed gassings: he talks about the two facts that are never mentioned in the media when they talk about the gassing of the kurds in Halabja. 1) it was during a battle 2) the army intelligence report at the time said it was the iranians who gassed them.

10 January, 2007

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By George Lenz

George Akerlof

Since the 1960s many Western institutions of political, economic and social life were deconstructioned. The institutions that were once close and helpful to the people suddenly became alien and hostile, even though they often look the same and were staffed by the good-meaning and hard- working White people. As the result, political, economic and social life seized to function effectively, and Western standards of living declined with no end at sight. The most terrible thing that happened to the people within those institutions were that no matter what they did and what policy they tried nothing seemed to work and only made things worse: they were helpless.

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9 January, 2007

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James Hawthorne and Lee Gardener return to discuss topics relevant to White Nationalists.

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9 January, 2007

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Who Is Planning Our Next War?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

As George Bush reflects on his legacy, an urgent question must be pressing in upon him each day.

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8 January, 2007

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Following are sites currently linking to us.

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8 January, 2007

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Mr Linder,

I ran across this in Der Spiegel and thought you should see it. The director, one “Dani Levy” doesn’t
get it. Whether you reguard Hitler as a great leader or the devil incarnate (I belong in the former category) nobody thinks he is funny. This Levy is like some tone deaf person trying to learn a musical instrument. It’s typical of a jew to think you can make vulgar kitsch out of something fundamentally unfunny.

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8 January, 2007

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By Antonio Fini

All the shots I take; what difference do I

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his
life for his sheep.


Does Yale University’s notorious Skull and Bones
Society covertly rule The United States?

Is the CIA run by a bunch of ivy league frat boys who
join a secret club by wrestling naked in mud?

Beats me.

But these are questions we should all ponder.

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7 January, 2007

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