28 March, 2006

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[Gang-rape is all but exclusively black-, Mexican-, or Asian-on-White. The exceedingly rare time the opposite is found it becomes a national story. Jews have trained the public to hate Duke, as it is attended by a lot of rich, white kids. The type that we know from a million Hollywood productions are vicious, racist hypocrites, and the real source of America’s problems.]

At the vigil, held in front of 610 N. Buchanan where the alleged attack occurred, about 75 people held candles and sang “Amazing Grace” in what organizer Janene Tompkins called a “show of support” for the victim.

Alleged gang rape of black girl by whites prompts vigils and hand wringing. What is now a big story on The Abrams Report (3/28/2005 on MSNBC) will probably be covered on all the networks.

“I can’t even repeat the vile, despicable things that were said to the victims,” wailed one Jewish guest on The Abrams Report.

Funny, I can’t recall any such vigils for any gang rapes of whites by blacks. Isn’t it documented in The Color of Crime that over 1000 such gang rapes of white girls by blacks occurs year in and year out? Isn’t that over three per day? But virtually no white gang rapes of blacks? But not once is it ever mentioned in the Jew controlled media?

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28 March, 2006

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Hitler’s Plans for Berlin as New ‘Eternal City’

Adolf Hitler intended to recreate the Vatican’s St Peter’s Square in the centre of Berlin to honour his ally Benito Mussolini, newly discovered documents have revealed. Albert Speer, the fuhrer’s chief architect, was commissioned to draw up the plans, which have been discovered by historians examining his papers. …The plans for a new, Germanic version of St Peter’s Square – complete with a giant statue of Mussolini – in Berlin have astonished historians. Article.

28 March, 2006

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Most Israeli Jews Would Refuse to Live in a Building With Arabs

…The survey revealed that 68 percent of the Jewish public would not agree to live in the same apartment building with Arabs… Article.

Poll Shows Widespread Racism Among Israel’s Jews

A poll of attitudes among Israel’s Jews towards their country’s Arab citizens has exposed widespread racism, with large numbers favouring segregation and policies to encourage Arabs to leave the country. Article.

28 March, 2006

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A Look at The ‘Powerful Jewish Lobby’
Mark Weber

Today the danger is greater than ever. Israel and Jewish organizations, in collaboration with this country’s pro-Zionist “amen corner,” are prodding the United States — the world’s foremost military and economic power — into new wars against Israel’s enemies. …To sum up: Jews wield immense power and influence in the United States. The “Jewish lobby” is a decisive factor in US support for Israel. Jewish-Zionist interests are not identical to American interests. In fact, they often conflict. As long as the “very powerful” Jewish lobby remains entrenched, there will be no end to the systematic Jewish distortion of current affairs and history, the Jewish- Zionist domination of the U.S. political system, Zionist oppression of Palestinians, the bloody conflict between Jews and non-Jews in the Middle East, and the Israeli threat to peace. Article.

28 March, 2006

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A newly discovered, 1940-printed English-Russian phrasebook suggests Stalin planned to doublecross  Hitler.

Here the facts you won’t learn in school about the motivation behind and timing of Operation Barbarossa.

28 March, 2006

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[Only in AmeriKwa, where fear rules. Like corporate employees mutually celebrating how hard they work, Americans celebrate their freedom. Note the use of ‘appropriate.’ This is a word beloved of the spineless, who also employ ‘respectable’ to the same end – dressing up cowardice.]

Things get worse for St. Louis radio host who used racial epithet

Stern calls him, gets suspended from other job

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28 March, 2006

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by Mike Meehan

Many White Nationalists make a point of describing themselves as White “separatists� as opposed to White “supremacists.� A separatist believes that all races have the right to survive, flourish, and pursue their own destinies, and this requires that each race exercise political control over an exclusive living space, a racial ethnostate. The supremacist, however, believes that his race should rule over other races.

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28 March, 2006

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From a Harvard student’s review of “V for Vendetta.”

The parts of the movie that dealt with the stifling woodenness of totalitarian vocabulary, the weariness bred by constant exposure to lies, and the indestructibility of human dignity were extremely well done, but were in many ways superceded by the childish desire to score cheap political points against Bush.

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28 March, 2006

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Some I know are emigrating, leaving the United States; some have already left. The favored destination is Eastern Europe. These emigrants argue Eastern Europe is safer, cleaner, and has an authentic White culture, as oppossed to the Negrified and Judaized US. These White emigrants are fleeing the land of their birth. They are leaving the soil into which their ancestors are buried and then flying over their ancient ancestral lands in Germany, the British Isles, and Italy, putting down in Eastern Europe.

“Folly,” I’ve often replied, “how can some little country in Eastern Europe survive the forces that are toppling the United States and Western Europe?” Some respond by conceding it is only a matter of time before their redoubts in far away Europe are overrun, but they want to have a family and live in a White society free from Mestizos and Blacks. I can’t be angry at them for that. I confess my own brother lives in New Zealand, so sick he is with the American trail mix.

Clearly, after yesterday’s mob action in Los Angeles and the subsequent amnesty vote in Senate – events alarmingly similar to political upheavals of the late Roman Republic – America is ineluctably becoming a despotic, corrupt, and violent Third-World state. Fleeing seems a viable option.

Those staying confront two options: 1) surrender: have brown grandchildren, adapt to a culture of violence, windblown garbage, poor sanitation, ethnic strife, and corruption, or 2) prepare to fight: learn the lessons of insurgent warfare as practiced by the winners (if they can be called that) in Vietnam(1965-75), Afghanistan(1979-89), Iraq(on-going) , Somalia(1993), and Algeria(1954-62).

Prepare to be an insurgent.

28 March, 2006

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[The FBI tried for a very long time to railroad an innocent Aryan for what it knows is the work of a jew.]

Justices: Suit Against Times Can Proceed

Associated Press Writer


The Supreme Court refused Monday to block a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times over columns that linked a former Army scientist to the 2001 anthrax killings.

Authorities have never solved the mysterious mailing of anthrax-laced letters that killed five people and sickened 17 not long after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

[Not true. They know who did it, but because it’s a jew, they won’t prosecute.]

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