15 May, 2006

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By Michael O’Meara

A year from now, the French will go to the polls to
elect their next president. This will not be a normal
election: Not just because all the totalitarian forces
of the Judeo-liberal system will be mobilized against
the one man who embodies the hopes of the French
nation; but also because it will determine if the
European heartland is to remain European.

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12 May, 2006

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The 15th episode of The Truth Is No Defensive is available for download. This episode is entitled: “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the earth. The trajectory to war, famine, and economic ruin.�

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11 May, 2006

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All submissions for VNN’s Mexican flag desecration contest have been judged. The details of the contest are here:


Recall, the rules stated

The contest is not limited to just Mexican flag desecration, but defilement of any national symbol of Mexico, or the Mestizo race itself shall be considered.

And so, we have a winner!

The presentation is entitled “Mexivasion:”

The artist wishes to remain anonymous.

Thankyou for your creativity and contribution. You’ve well earned the $100 prize.

9 May, 2006

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A new Truth Is No Defense is available for download. The Marginal Benefits of Crime and Propaganda & Michael Collins Piper are discussed in this broadcast.

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6 May, 2006

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A revised version of Awaken and Avenge is now available. This video documentary, produced by a white nationalist, surveys the events of September 11th. The download site is here.

6 May, 2006

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[From Fools’ Names, Fools’ Faces, by Andrew Ferguson, review of Donald Trump’s book…]

“Look,” I said to this editor, who is brilliant and back with whom I go way, “there’s one problem. The book stinks. It is a menace. Spend twenty-five minutes with it, and you find yourself thinking and talking exactly the way this man thinks and talks: self-congratulatory, dissembling, superficial, and periphrastic, which is a word I happen to know of which the Donald has never heard.”

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4 May, 2006

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by Eric Thomson

No matter how often lies are repeated, they remain lies. Despite all the ongoing jewish effrontery, slander and maliciousness regarding the so-called “Holocaust,” the jews and their Allied accomplices should be confronted with the following facts:

All German concentration camps had cafeterias, cinemas, theaters, orchestras, sport facilities, swimming pools, bakeries, vegetable gardens, tailorshops and shoe factories. There were also bordellos to prevent homosexual behavior amongst the inmates, unlike American and British prisons, where young male inmates are frequently raped.

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3 May, 2006

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pag2.jpgby Alex Linder

(Break, Blow, Burn by Camille Paglia; Random House: New York, 2005, 247 pp.)

This is an unobjectionable but also unremarkable treatment of 43 poems by Camille Paglia, or a language-arts teacher renting her name. It is nowhere near as interesting as her essays or breakthrough work, Sexual Personae.

At her best, Paglia jumps between disciplines and centuries with erudite ease; she’s that rarest of rara avises, a labia licker who likes men and eschews fashionable ideology for facts. She’s humble enough to admit that although she felt her graduate training in New Criticism juiceless at the time, experience has revealed the explicatory approach the proper grounding for larval scholars. Giving students the marxism, post-structuralism or feminism today passing for literary criticism equals giving theory hangers to students without fact clothes, as she has famously said. Menticide is another name for it. You kill people’s minds when you teach them they’ve mastered an idea or argument by discarding/classifying it. ‘Sexism,’ ‘racism,’ or ‘homophobia’ may function as arguments now that their detonators control the parapets of academe, but they aren’t. Someone has to keep the flame alive, and that’s me and you reading this, and in her own ways La Paglia.

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3 May, 2006

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[Britain’s fear and jealousy of Germany led it to work with the Judeobolsheviks to destroy it, which in turn destroyed the British Empire, and finally Britain herself.

Conservatives acclaim Winnie the man of the milennium, too stupid to see him and his produce for what they are. The same people preaching prudence and moderation celebrate the drunken mass-murderer, showing themselves for what they are, small curs following bigger ones.

Only the jew won World War Two… All children should be taught this ditty. There really isn’t much more needs known.]

Goering’s Last Letter to Churchill

Herr Churchill!

You will now have the satisfaction of outliving me and my comrades in misfortune. I do not hesitate to congratulate you over this personal triumph and the delicacy with which you have brought it about.

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29 April, 2006

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A new Truth Is No Defense is available for download. This broadcast discusses the thought of Hans-Herman Hoppe.

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