1 April, 2006

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[Smirking Bushington Worthless the II calls Americans who resist Mexi-merging ‘vigilantes.’ He ought to stand trial for treason, be found guilty, and shot. He is a fool, a tool, and a traitor.]


“We Have Got to Eliminate The Gringos”

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1 April, 2006

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[Kike kiking kikily on kikes. Thank god the campuses are finally opening to intellectual diversity. Our stellar Hebrew says earlocks should hang 8 and 3/4. Your putrid sheeny says 8 and 1/2. Let us throng the goyim to the Irving Shmalz-Himmelmann Metatorium and ratiocinate lucidulously.

Discourse in AmeriKwa is so many yiddles nattering amongst themselves, uniformly agreed that the only thing we have to fear is Iranti-semitism – ie, goyim uncaged like they were niggers. Itz mourning in AmeriKwa, for the early nerd has gotten the worm.]

How to express ‘intellectual diversity’ at Ithica?

Balance Al Franken with Jonah Goldberg.

[Why not balance him on Jonah Goldberg? That would be the first funny SNL skit in twenty-five years.]

As a direct result, Johan Goldberg was brought to campus last spring. His dinner bill absorbed most of the student-activity fund, but [Cont’d]

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1 April, 2006

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mudgabe.jpg [White zoopremacists and people with eyes refuse to believe in yooman igwality. There is nothing Whites can do to avoid being hated by coloreds. Grant them rights-to-feed, disappear from the face of the earth – no matter. They hate us because we are superior, and nothing will change their hate or our superiority.

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31 March, 2006

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jewvrba.jpg “He had what’s been described as a photographic memory. He was able to recall the numbers of those who were killed. He was able to give eyewitness testimony that was unshakable, and he played a pivotal role in Zundel’s conviction. . . . He was able to tell the story with such clarity that people were able to understand the Holocaust.”

Ridiculous! In the Zundel trial he admitted under oath that he never saw anyone gassed as he indicated in his book. Vrba is a total fraud!

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31 March, 2006

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Making the World Safe for Christianity

Rep. Ron Paul

The top Neo-Con of the twentieth century was Woodrow Wilson. His supposed idealism, symbolized in the slogan “Make the world safe for democracy,â€? resulted in untold destruction and death across the world for many decades. His deceit and manipulation of the pre-war intelligence from Europe dragged America into an unnecessary conflict that cost the world and us dearly. Without the disastrous Versailles Treaty, World War II could have been averted — and the rise to power of Communists around the world might have been halted.

http://www.house.gov/paul/congre c/congrec2006/cr032806.htm

31 March, 2006

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[Jew traitors are rewarded with jobs; Aryans who tell the truth about jews are fired. This is dictatorship. DEATH TO THE JEWS.]

Spy’s Handler May Get a Post

WASHINGTON — The surprise showing of the upstart Pensioners’ Party could mean a Cabinet post for Jonathan Pollard’s spymaster — and the reopening of painful wounds from a case that deeply damaged American-Israeli relations two decades ago.

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31 March, 2006

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I’ve read VNN off and on for a few years. The articles & writings were an eye opener, although it does seem like there are a lot of divisions within people that are racially aware.

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31 March, 2006

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[Jew loxists have their way one more time, and America learns again that only White Nationalists dare to speak the truth to and about jews – they are our enemy, in fact our only enemy.]

The firing of Dean Walt is an outrage, one that should be met with a storm of indignation. That the Amen Corner would even attempt it – let alone go on the record as taking credit for it – is a testament to the Lobby’s enduring and unchallenged power. It shows how the Lobby operates, and why they must be stopped before any real debate over the foreign policy of this country can be conducted.

Who lied us into war? For whose sake did 2,300 American soldiers, and tens of thousands of Iraqis, die? Whose interests were served?


March 31, 2006

The Lobby Strikes Back

Harvard study of Israeli lobby’s influence costs the academic dean of the Kennedy School his job

by Justin Raimondo

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31 March, 2006

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Good stuff from the Griffin files (that’s Robert, not the walleyed sellout Nick). Article.

Let’s be clear on something: nostalgia is not the White man’s friend. What is destroyed is done with, it can never be rebuilt. The genius of the White race lies in its intellectual fearlessness. What do we do from the situation we’re in?

The Constitution and American history have nothing to do with what we see before us today, better seen as the start of a new era than the closing of an old. The type that produced the constitution no longer exists. How do we get from where we are to where we need to be? In general terms, there is no way but reorienting our lives around race, and recognizing that we are in a winner-take-all struggle with our only true enemy – the jew.

31 March, 2006

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Telling great truths now illegal

Telling lies about whites required


Professor Andrew Fraser’s Letter to the Parramatta Sun Unlawful

Andrew Fraser, March 31, 2006

In a stunning blow to freedom of expression in Australia, the President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Mr John von Doussa, QC, today declared that a letter to the editor written by Associate Professor Andrew Fraser and published in the Parramatta Sun on 6 July 2006 was an unlawful breach of s 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

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