7 April, 2006

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by Geoff Beck

Pest Control and 500 Years of the Mestizo Menace

Read or listen through this link.

7 April, 2006

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Feds Seek to Seize Gold Caps From Drug Dealers’ Teeth

April 7, 2006

By Associated Press
TACOMA – Talk about taking a bite out of crime.Government lawyers are trying to remove the gold-capped teeth known as “grills” or “grillz” from the mouths of two men facing drug charges.


7 April, 2006

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[While the jewmedia speculate about a rape that most likely wasn’t, they keep within a fifty-yard radius reports about real crimes, real NIGGER ON WHITE MURDERS, like this. We call them hush crimes for that very reason. If you’d like to help the White cause, spread the term. It fits neatly in the ear of your unawakened neighbor. Note this is one of those Circle of Death cases. White woman taught by jews to seek out niggers ends up murdered by one. Jews suppress the news, keep pushing their poison on innocent White girls. DEATH TO THE JEWS.]

damegolee.jpg [White] Woman Found Dead In Chapel Hill Apartment

[Nigger] Charged With First-Degree Murder

UPDATED: 5:03 pm EDT April 7, 2006

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A young woman was murdered in her own home, allegedly by her boyfriend, in the 12th domestic murder in North Carolina this year. Ironically, the victim’s mother has worked tirelesssly against domestic violence.

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7 April, 2006

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cynth.jpg Alex:

The sophomoric Washington Post goes on at length, and length, about the nigger McKinney’s nigger hair.


Didn’t we once live in a country where nigger hair was something we laughed at, instead of wrote about in exhausing and loving and respectful detail in a prominent national newspaper? Do we need more gauges of our decline?

Alex, I’m sick of nigger hair. In fact, I’m sick of niggers, period. They’re subhuman fools whose antics a sane nation would suppress, not elevate and discuss as if they were aberrant white behaviors. Niggers breathe ridiculousness, stupidity and violence. They’re kept aloft by indulgent gentiles and scheming yids. They’re an entire goddamn race of ever-children, never progressing much past 10 or 11, mentally. Actually, a lot of white 10-year-olds put niggers to shame. Pull the plug, and they’re back to where God intended them. Cynthia McKinney is fit to scrub bathtubs in the South or suckle niglets to a droopy tit while balancing a basket on her head in deepest darkest Africa. Putting her in big people clothes and making her a Congressperson is a fucking farce. Positively a sin against nature, as Uncle Addy might have put it.

Where is that butch bitch with the blonde hair who screamed “Stop the Insanity!”?

Douglas Wright

7 April, 2006

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[Kids are shipped in boxcars to concentration camps in which minds are murdered. Ostensibly schools teach students; actually they adjust attitudes and condition to apathy. They waste years and brains – that is their purpose. It is conservative gullibility to say they fail in their mission. The following from Sweden is merely a bit more overt than what we see in America.

Note this statement:

“We have freedom of speech and we’re careful about applying it. But we are also careful about how we treat others.”

Women and democracies always end up smoothing over differences by pretending contradictions don’t exist. We can eat our cake and have it too. We can have diversity and high standards. We enjoy free speech alongside censorship.]

School to fail racist pupils
Published: 29th March 2006 19:21 CET

Pupils at a junior high school in Kungälv risk being failed in social studies if they sympathise with racist or neo-nazi organisations. The National Agency for Education has reservations about the school’s initiative.

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7 April, 2006

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File this under: Rest in a vat of boiling excrement, Jewish diversity advocate now peacefully resting in bed he made.

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7 April, 2006

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[The truth about the alleged ‘victim’ of the alleged ‘gang rape’ at Duke begins to come out, no thanks to the jews at ESPN who need no Chapstick because their lips never dry out, what with all the nigger come on them. Fact the first is the coon cunt’s a car thief. Fact the second, the coon cunt is an attempted murderer. It is now reasonable to speculate that this entire thing was a setup.]

Stripper previously involved in car theft and attempted manslaughter

New information about the victim has been divulged, concerning charges arising from an incident that occurred several years ago. According to a 2002 police report, the woman, currently a 27-year-old student at North Carolina Central University, gave a taxi driver a lap dance at a Durham strip club. Subsequently, according to the report, she stole the man’s car and led deputies on a high-speed chase that ended in Wake County.

Apparently, the deputy thought the chase was over when the woman turned down a dead-end road near Brier Creek, but instead she tried to run over him, according to the police report.


7 April, 2006

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Dear Mr. Jacoby,

Isn’t it interesting that you send your child to Hebrew Day School for safety’s sake, while your fellow Jews such as Esther Brown in “Brown versus Board of Education” forced Aryan children to go to “integrated” public schools with violent minorities who have been Jew-trained to hate and attack those same Aryan children?

One standard for God’s Special Pets, another for everyone else.

Imagine if we had an Aryan Day School? Oy, the HATE!

As my friend Alex Linder says in his goyfire broadcasts, which you can listen to at www.goyfire.com, “The Jews mean us harm.” Indeed. You created HELL for White Gentiles, while using the money you JEWS STOLE from us, keep your Chosen Children safe at Hebrew Day School.

Andrei Kievsky

7 April, 2006

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[The jews don’t like people talking about or taking pictures of what they’re doing to the Palestinians. If they feel like it, they simply shoot these people. They know Israeli courts let jews off since jewish doctrine is that non-jews have no rights and are literally animals, jews being the only humans. Mention any of this online? Why, those tolerant, ethical jews will try to drive you offline. They’ll wank on about anti-semitism. There is no word for the hatred jews feel for non-jews – until now. That word is loxism. Loxism is ubiquitous.]

JamesMiller.jpg British cameraman murdered by Israelis

Israeli soldier murdered Briton

Reuters Thursday, 6 April 2006 / 3:19 PM BST

LONDON — An award-winning British cameraman shot dead in Gaza by an Israeli soldier was murdered, a London inquest has found.

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7 April, 2006

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KARLSRUHE — Germany’s highest court yesterday outlawed a planned demonstration in support of former Toronto resident Ernst Zundel and other far-right activists accused of denying the Holocaust.

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