3 August, 2006

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July 2006 Dear [X]:

… You mention the Mexican invasion and its attendant evils. Here in the Cape we have an invasion from Central Africa and an internal invasion from the Eastern Cape. Since there is little work in Cape Town, one wonders why they come here. It must be much worse over there since there are more niggers in power. And of course when coming here to “enrich” us, they want all the amenities, free of charge, of course. I asked one if he paid anything, he said No, because Mandela told them they could have everything they wanted for nothing. The council just built 700 flats, but cannot find tenants as they cannot pay $40 per month. There are 260,000 on the housing list who wants free houses, free water (which comes from heaven), free electricity (from the outside pole), free sewage (which they clog regularly). They have not asked for free trash removal as they just throw the trash in the street. And of course, they “demand” a job and want a salary connected to the number of relatives they have to feed. By job, I do not mean “work”, that would be too difficult. A job is passing the time from 8, 8.30 or 9.0 or later, when we can come around till about 5 pm when we can leave. And of course, at the end of the week, there is some money for spending the time in the job. Work is a totally alien concept.

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3 August, 2006

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on Free Live Talk your were talking about Gibson’s wealth. His bio page on the Internet Movie Database says he is the wealthiest actor in the whole world:

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3 August, 2006

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by Michael O’Meara

On July 30, I wrote “Guillaume Faye and the Jews,”
which was posted at VNN on July 31. This short
article was based on an interview that Faye allegedly
gave to the Zionist site “France-Echos” and which
appeared on the web in the forum of subversive.com.
The latter is an unreadable site I never visit, but it
was announced at and apparently vouched for by the
credible AMI France (fr.altermedia.info). Based on
these sources, my article reported that the ardent
anti-Islamism of Europe’s foremost ethnonationalist
seemed to have morphed into an equally ardent form of
Zionism, for in the alleged interview Faye not only
depicted the Hebrew state as Europe’s geopolitical
pivot, but the Jews as an integral part of Europe’s
biocivilization. Such a stance constituted a flagrant
contradiction to everything Faye had previous stood
for and was a shock to myself and to all who saw Faye
as our most brilliant light.

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3 August, 2006

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Like Lady Astor said to Stalin, “When are you going to stop killing people?” This is the first interview we’ve seen in which an interviewer — apparently British, to give credit — actually presses a hate hebe to explain Izzy’s murder as SOP.


2 August, 2006

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By George Lenz

Today I am starting bi-weekly economic and financial commentary, presenting important current events, commentary and analysis from a White perspective, updated each Tuesday and Thursday. On Friday – weekly news, important for nationalists, patriots, republicans, conservatives, and fundamentalists. I am a 25-year-old professional with a degree, certification and experience in the field, living in Europe, White Nationalist of national-capitalist and republican beliefs, interesting in reaching out White Nationalists in the United States. I believe the U. S. is vitally important for White Freedom and White Victory.

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2 August, 2006

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[Reader writes…]

This is the most incredible event I’ve seen in a long time.


American Scholars Symposium – 9/11 Truth Discussion Panel

2 August, 2006

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Hypocrisy is like spackle. It smooths over chinks well enough, but where there’s a bigger gap between reality and pretense, the problem needs to be dealt with directly. When hypocrisy explodes into full-scale religion, innocent people get crushed. Was your retarded daughter gang-raped by equals today? “Jim’s” was.
2 August, 2006

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VNN presents the re-broadcast of ‘FREE TALK LIVE’, tonight August 2nd, 2006

Showtime: 10:30 PM EST

Featuring hosts Alex Linder & Stan Sikorski

This is the re-broadcast of the August 1st show which includes calls from Babycakes, Bud White, Theseus, Geoff Beck and others. Topics include: the attack on VNN by Canadian opposition, the Israeli genocide of Lebanon, contact numbers for White patriot Tomasz Winnicki, TWLP distribution and the Campbell family support by VNNers, other subjects and music.

More information at http://goyfire.com


Due to technical issues the re-opening of VNNForum has been delayed. If we get a lucky break it might be live in 24 hours.

2 August, 2006

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Folks, it doesn’t get any jewier than this. A neokikess neocanting on video. I…it… Just watch this thingess in action.

1 August, 2006

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Where we stand:

LIVE Tuesday night, 9pm central!

– check goyfire.com for jew-truthin’ and anti-loxist innoculation

– the forum is coming, have patience