5 April, 2006

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[From New Order]

Smoking Gun on Plans for IRAN

The Jewish decision on Iran and America’s assigned role in this coming conflict was taken

in 1998, over eight years ago and well before 9/11 and the current Zionist escapade in Iraq. 

Here is the smoking gun:  http://ADL.cc/iranr453.htm. 

While gentile politicians are unable to see beyond the next election, Jewish strategists are busy calculating their next move years ahead—just as they were when they plotted the First World War and the death of millions at the Zionist congress of 1897 in Basel, Switzerland.

A lesson for the goyim.

5 April, 2006

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Pianka.jpg [A reader writes…

“Defend your people’s living space and you’re a devil. But if you are on the Politically Correct side, you can be as bloodthirsty as you like. Here Dr. Pianka talks about killing 90 percent of the world’s population by the gruesome Ebola virus, while the camera is turned off.”

This sentiment is fairly common on the left, particularly among self-styled environmentalists. They can’t be satisfied with simply measures such as preventing California from taking on another ten million Mexicans, but they have no problem preaching speciescide minus them in private when they think no one’s listening.]

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4 April, 2006

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17 MAR 06. Hail [X]! Greetings, also from [Y], who sent me a copy of your letter & your great rendition of “The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich,” by the jew, Shirer, who made lots of anti-German propaganda during World War II, followed by “The Rise & Fall…” Shirer was author of the “carpet-chewing myth”. This is German slang which would translate as “climbing the walls,” which sounds equally grotesque & insane if the English expression is translated, literally, into German. In proper English, both slang terms mean that one is “extremely anxious,” as Hitler was, according to Shirer, over the Czech crisis. But Shirer suddenly ‘forgot’ his German & used the idiomatic expression in literal English. That was Shirer’s technique: Make Hitler out to be a nutcase, & the Germans hardly any better. When a talmudic twist of words would not suffice, Shirer had no scruples about omitting facts & telling outright lies, as with the “gas chamber” hoax, which was written after Germany could no longer defend herself.

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4 April, 2006

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[Chavez keeps talking and preparing against the Yankee, and rightly so. Here he takes delivery of the first of 33 helicopters from Russia, will also buy 100,000 Kalashnikovs. He claims the U.S. is spreading rumors about his going after Dutch Antilles. Here gWaPo on the seizure Cienfuegos analyzes below; here overtly marxist view of the ‘Bolivarian Revolution.’]

“The Bolivarian Revolution”: President Chavez
expropriates French and Italian oil fields

by Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California – April 4, 2006 – (ACN) Venezuelan Minister of Energy and Oil Rafael Ramirez Carreño announced yesterday that state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA had taken control of French and Italian oil fields in his country. The oil companies affected are the Paris based “Total SA” and the Italian “Eni SPA” which together were producing about 117,000 barrels of oil per day. The oil fields expropriated are the “Jusepin Field” and the “Dacion Field” that were under the control of Total SA and Eni SPA respectively.

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4 April, 2006

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Good Afternoon, Mr. Linder

I don’t know who tossed a copy of “Aryan Alternative” on my from lawn this morning. At first glance, I was horrified -shocked. But after a few minutes of close reading, I finally understood and so agree with your “message.” Thank you for waking me up!

Your prose style, illustrations, photography, layout, and overall concept are worthy of high praise. Never have read such well-wrought biting, incisive, and scathing satire…you recall the irony of Swift, the vulgarity of National Lampoon, the childish worldview of Mad. Brilliant! You have truly created something special. I will keep this issue forever!

I now see bigots and other such deluded morons in a new light. While I once thought they were dangerous, you have a rtfully shown beyond a doubt that the “White Power” (or whatever ridiculous name they choose to call it) movement is populated by a enclave of brain-dead zealots no more concerned with the truth than they are of their own image. Such groups can pose no more threat to America than the inmates of an insane asylum. I plan to double my support of the ADL and ACLU to further your cause of exposing these idiots for what they really are.

Bravo! You have performed a great service to America.


The Good Ol’ USA

[email protected]

[Your effort belies your point, slick!]

4 April, 2006

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See more of what the Beautiful People are wearing.
4 April, 2006

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[Meet Wrench Hagee, a no-neck leader of dirt-eaters. What do you need a neck for if there’s nothing in your head but Izzy’s fetid lies? As one of Twain’s characters said, and the jews can take a dubious solace in, “Hain’t we got the fools in town on our side? And ain’t that a big enough majority in any town?]


New Christian pro-Israel lobby aims to be stronger than AIPAC

Ha’aretz, Tel Aviv Tuesday, 3 April 2006 / Nisan 5, 5766

NEW YORK — Televangelist John Hagee told Jewish community leaders over the weekend that the 40 million evangelical Christians in the United States support Israel and that he plans to utilize this power to help Israel by launching a Christian pro-Israel lobby.

The lobby is slated to launch in July, during a Washington conference in which hundreds of American evangelicals are slated to participate, Hagee said at a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which represents 52 national Jewish groups. He also discussed the lobby with Israel’s consul general in New York, Aryeh Mekel.

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4 April, 2006

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An Open Letter to Ruth Bader Ginzburg on ‘External Citations’

Author’s introduction: I do not know whether Ruth Bader Ginzburg is the worst of a bad lot on the Supreme Court, inasmuch as she has such stiff competition for the position. I do know, however, that her logic, such as it is, not only seems clearly intended to undermine the US Constitution — the document which she swore to uphold in her swearing-in ceremony — but that it is an excellent example of reasoning that seems far more intended to propel her to pre-ordained conclusions than it does to reach fair and reasonable decisions that are in the interest of the American people.

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3 April, 2006

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“Rudolf Vrba”: The Holohoax in Person
by Eyewitness & Survivor Eric Thomson

jewvrba1.jpg I, Eric Thomson, was among those who witnessed and survived the First Great Holocaust Thought-Crime Trial in 1984 through 1985, under the Zionist Occupation Government of Soviet Canada. The victim of this lengthy and costly (to the Gentile tax-payers) jewdicial persecution was and still is, at the time of this writing, Ernst Zündel, who is the only man on this planet who risks going to prison for discussing World War II. What this proves, to the knowledgeable observer, is that World War II is still going on and never ended in 1945, as we have been misled to believe by the jewsmedia and goy stooges of our respective Zionist Occupation Governments.

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3 April, 2006

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[Long article on free speech and the war against in Europe. Turns out jews are victims of this war. I was surprised myself. I thought jews invented the concept of hate speech, bribed goyim to pass laws against it, and founded leagues against racism, racism defined as white people who persist in existing. But I was wrong. It is always good to be straightened out. I only hope the martyrsteins can hold out against the goyo-muslimic red tide.]

The Long and Growing List of Things You Can’t Legally Say

By Gerard Alexander
Posted: Monday, April 3, 2006

The Weekly Standard
Publication Date: April 10, 2006

On February 20, an Austrian court sentenced the notorious British writer David Irving to three years in prison for denying in a 1989 speech that Auschwitz contained gas chambers. Many American observers had mixed reactions. They saw Irving as a loathsome anti-Semite but were uncomfortable with the thought of a person serving time behind bars for something he wrote or said, no matter how noxious.

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