23 January, 2007

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23 January, 2007

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Reviewed by Cowboy Zeke

As one VNNer put it this could be the most important film of our time. “Idiocracy” is about the future of mankind which is not bright, both in terms of optimism and intellectual terms.

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23 January, 2007

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Just in case you missed it. Also I love how milktoast CNN is…describing past Israeli leaders as conspirators in “financial misdeeds” HAHAHAHAH Thats one way of putting into context the jews’ complete domination of all things monetary. The main article just talks about the current president of Israel being a grab-ass and a rapist (suprise suprise).

Also a few VNNers picked up my post on the forum about the blog I started up. Its for White college kids like myself and any other WN’s that are interested. I’ve received some great feedback.


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23 January, 2007

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[Located at Toledomudd.blogspot.com]

Drugs for sale

At a Town Hall meeting, Toledo’s Mayor revealed that he plans to save the City money by closing a police sub-station. He was met with opposition from the residents who live near the sub-station. The residents want the criminal activity shut down and that would take strengthening the police force. The disconnect between the people and the government just continues to grow wider.

Toledo Drug Dealers and criminal activity aren’t all that difficult to find. Ask anyone who lives in Toledo, and they know exactly in their neighborhoods where the carry-outs, barber shops and car washes are set up, owned and run by drug dealers as a front for their drug dealings.
The carry-outs offer drugs to anyone who enters. The carry outs are generally open by 10a.m. and stay open until late, sometimes after mid-night.
The barber shops have more people coming and going than the carry outs. If all of the people who entered the barber shop paid for barber service, the owner would have the most popular and profitable parlor in town! Yet, drugs is his mainstay and profit maker, not hard work and dedication to his community.
The car washes/ detail shops have cars pulling in and pulling out, without even one car being washed. Most respectable car washes are open from morning until about 5 in the afternoon. These particular car washes generally open around 3 in the afternoon and stay open late into the night. They operate on Thurs-Sat and have a steady stream of ’85-’95 model cars with radios blaring cRap music, newly painted with high gloss paint and extremely large tires.
All of the areas are marked with gang graffiti, that would be easy to spot by a police officer patrolling in a vehicle.
Toledo does have a tremendous gang problem, with Crips, Bloods, MS13, Surry and Ovey marking turf with symbols and fighting for that turf. City halls’ attempts to pacify the community and issue public service announcements and programs such as ‘Erase the Hate’ and ‘Taste of Diversity’ is failing. The mayor even passed an Ordinance creating a Commission on Disabilities. Apparently, the Mayor feels that Diversity is a disability. His new ordinance has a paragraph that states the city’s plan to
“Develop, organize, promote, and sponsor activities and programs to promote an inclusive approach for the persons with disabilities, and highlight the benefits of embracing diversity within the community.”
This Ordinance only promotes the activities most residents want to see put to a stop. It diverts money from the police department and gives it to promoting the criminal element in the city.
Gang riots at the mall are so common place that white flight takes place around 4:00 daily from the malls, when those rowdy youths are release from school and head for their place to socialize. Weekend trips to the mall are risky for anyone who dares that sort of adventure.
The Toledo police department is grossly understaffed by approximately 100 full time officers. The officers currently on staff have been with the department long enough that neighboring police departments use them as examples of job burnout. The Toledo department is usually referred to by other surrounding police departments as “I. D. GUYS” That stands for ” I Dont Give a F—, Guys ” Toledo officers who have put in enough years that they can retire with full benefits, just don’t care about their duties. If they are given an order that may be dangerous to their well being, they provide minimal effort toward carrying out that order. If they get fired, they don’t care, there is no price to pay, they will still draw full pension. If they get shot, they do care as that is a price to pay. The city does not want to dismiss the senior officers, because the cost of the pensions is greater than the cost of hiring fresh officers.
What a mess we live in, here in T-town!

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20 January, 2007

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Tune in for the Monday edition of Free Talk Live with host Geoff Beck and special guest.

Show begins at: 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST / 23:00 GMT

Preshow: 6:00 PM CST

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20 January, 2007

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Christ, that rancid blob of corned beef ‘n’ cabbage Hannity spread its gelatinous buttocks Liffey-wide for Lord Hyman tonight: Comfortably ensconced was one Neal Sher, former head of both AIPAC and the OSI mob of kike shyster/thugs who hound old German gentlemen whose asses they are not worth to lick. Clearly Jimmuh Cahtuh’s recent testicular discoveries have thrown the tapirs into a bloodthirsty rage, because Sher was kvetching that during his administration, Mr. Peanut had tried to intervene on behalf of a “Nazi war criminal” Sher was then trying to run out of the country on a rail.

Naturally, kahnslurpative super patriot Handjobbity was making all the rhythmically-correct mewls ‘n’ whimpers of accompaniment – even though kike Sher has been disbarred for purloining the shekels of sainted Hollowco$t “survivors” to the tune of 136,000 simoleons. And even though he tried to murder John Demanjuk, having had in his possession exculpatory evidence for over a decade. And even though the late Elliot Richardson, cabinet member for both Nixon & Ford, made the explosive allegation that under Sher’s aegis the OSI had a covert assassination team that skulked around snuffing Americans considered a threat to the interests of Shmuel International.Harken ye as a long-suffering humanity demands with one roaring voice:

“Zhid-specific dirtnap viruses NOW!”

N.B. Forrest

18 January, 2007

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Show concluded. 

Join Dietrich for a Friday edition of Free Talk Live at 8 PM CST / 9 EST.

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18 January, 2007

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aka What Makes Sammy Run? Jews

[Fatty Buckle’s friends up top, Victor Gerhard’s email exchange with the obese fool at the bottom.]

This new piece on Sam Francis will accomplish much for those of us interested in promoting Sam’s vision and values; there are serious problems with the essay (Sam is described as “hostile” to blacks/hispanics, etc.), so I encourage you to note your comments/suggestions to the author — this guy is a young mover/shaker who already has some clout inside the beltway.

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18 January, 2007

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VIDEO: ‘Marvels of Modern Africa’ (Col. Kurtz’s latest)
AUDIO: jewish racism – father objects to daughter dating Italian
VIDEO: Mystery movie – watch at own risk
VIDEO: Freakin water hole cam (jungle sounds ‘n’ pics)
AUDIO: traditional Catholic speaks about preaching outside NYT bldg (MSM insights)
MOVIE: ‘Africa Addio’ (the film discussed on Coon Day FTL 1/15/07)

18 January, 2007

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Interesting linguistic data from the dark continent:


Listen to the samples. I swear this is not a hoax. If my momma named me “Nnn(click)unkoi” that would pretty much set the stage for a lifetime of useless niggerdom.

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